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User Reviews for SketchUp

4.48 out of 5
11K Ratings
2 years ago, 1ofakindwork
Can only wish for a better product from SketchUp.
I have been a SketchUp Pro user for many years. I’ve taught myself how to efficiently use the desktop version over the past 15 years. In the recent years with everything going mobile and to tablets, I have considered switching to Shaper3D. My only hang up was having to learn a new process of creating efficient design for my customers. Right when I was ready to switch up and give Shaper3D a year of my time and money. SketchUp announced they where working on an app for the tablet. This kept me in their corner, at least until it was released about 8months later. Each day I would log on to see if it had been released, waiting patiently and eagerly for the familiarity of what I was already using. After the long anticipated wait, it was finally released. I logged in and quickly realized this was a baby version of what I had already become so familiar with. The process has been revamped and only a small percentage of the tool I use on a daily basis where available at my finger tips. I could only image creating a very simple and limited product with this newly released product. Unfortunately, when my SketchUp Subscription expires, I want be renewing it. Instead I will be trying my hand at a program that was designed around mobility and tablet use, or at least feels that way. I hope SketchUp makes this app a front runner in tablet use, at least one day!
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5 years ago, RB0226
Just what I was looking for 👏🏻
I more or less stumbled on the app after a Google search for “SketchUp iPad.” I got it from the App Store and I was able to use it with no trouble. I had previously put my drawings in PDF files so I could look at them without my MacBook. Needless to say, that didn’t work too well! Now I can access my models in several ways. I don’t need to edit files on my iPad, so this app does everything I need. Draw me happy 😊
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1 year ago, Osadezu
Impossible to use
It’s great that SketchUp came to iPad but it is impossible to use with pencil, very unintuitive and finicky, and even if you learn the new way to use the tools it’s a pain to draw anything but the most basic things. Some tools are tap, some tools are hold, half the time you don’t know what the next step is for the tool you’re using, half the time the tool workflow ends by touching with a finger or the pencil hovering near the wrong thing, it’s insane. Then the tooltip menu to enter dimensions follows the pencil on hover, meaning you can’t use it because it keeps shifting and shaking. It’s ridiculous, I don’t think anybody in this company has actually tried to use this app. Am I using it incorrectly? Probably! Are the help videos or documentation useful? Not at all! They describe trivial steps and don’t clarify anything that helps make this usable. Forget it if you’re a power user looking for precision, your best bet is to get a mouse and keyboard for the iPad, which means just keep using it on your laptop…
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2 years ago, SuperSpenceDuper
Very Imressive
Having SketchUp on an iPad has definitely been an idea in the minds of a lot of SketchUp users for quite some time now. I have struggled with the various ways that people navigate SketchUp, from the trackpad, yuck, to the cintiq pen on Wacom, super clunky and not efficient. Once I heard that SketchUp was released on the iPad I immediately thought what have they done to overcome the clunky way that a pencil is used and finger gestures. To my immediate surprise after diving into SketchUp on the iPad, I found myself feeling like I had rediscovered SketchUp for the first time back in 2001, AMAZING!!! SketchUp on the iPad happens to be a legit additional way to work, offering such power in the most sleek portable device. No more lugging the heavy laptop around to do on-site tasks, smaller meetings, and family show & tells 😁
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2 years ago, tonejac
Awesome Experience
I’ve been a long time user of SketchUp since it was owned by Google. I’ve never been a pro version user but have been a prosumer type user over the years, designing furniture, interiors, and small construction projects. This new version of SketchUp on the iPad, incorporating the Apple Pencil is a game changer. It is a whole new experience but has all the familiarity of the regular desktop version. It mentally changes the whole feel of everything. It’s like it has opened up a low friction pathway for imagining ideas and just drawing them on the screen. It’s early days for the app, and I’ve encountered a few bugs a missing functionality, but it’s quite awesome. I’m sure Trimble will fix all the issues in upcoming app updates.
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1 year ago, Bruneauinfo
Good for Designers, Engineers, and Contractors
This tool is easy to learn, and easy to use to communicate design ideas between designers, engineers, and contractors/fabricators. It’s models can be extracted to create Autodesk level precision in Autodesk with their software suite. It’s models can be easily created by designers to share ideas with engineers and contractors. And it can be used by contractor/fabricators to create models that help the contractor communicate more clearly with both engineers and clients. It is so power and yet intuitive to learn while indicating enough precision to effectively used by anyone along or at either end of the product design and production process. I highly recommend this product. It will easily pay for itself in a short span of time.
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1 year ago, apacrytgon
Needs major improvement
I wanted to like it since there is finally a competitor on the iPad against Shapr3D, unfortunately it is lacking way to much. 1. Limited file types, I would at least like 3mf added. 2. It is not very intuitive and does not display axis well making it difficult to sketch on desired planes. 3. If you are going to offer double/triple tap settings, they should have more than the “selection” tool offered. 4. When drawing lines it does not give an option to easily display lengths, to set parallel/perpendicular etc that I could find. The only feature it has that I love that Shapr3D doesn’t is the free draw option. Beyond this the app is severely lacking and in need of ui and capability updates, but I’m glad they have something to start, and hopefully by the end of the year they have a product I’m willing to pay for.
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3 years ago, pizza_dough
Projects missing
I logged into this app and the one project I created is nowhere to be seen. Instead I see a couple sample projects. I used the free web version of Sketchup to create the project. If this app does not show projects for non-upgraded (free) accounts, that should be readily apparent after logging into the app. It should present a listing of your projects, with some copy stating that you'll need to upgrade to view them in the app. There is no mention of it if this is indeed a limitation. If it is NOT a limitation, the app is just broken from a usability perspective. It makes no sense that you can create & save projects while logged in on web, then log in here and see nothing you created. If if IS a limitation, though, that is pretty ridiculous, because I can view my project with mobile Safari. There's a fine line between "extra features" (in the context of deciding whether to pay for software) and "reversing bad decisions" aka "making things less evil". I usually get angry about the latter things and don't end up paying for the software. I don't know why. Sketchup is obviously very useful. And I usually pay for useful software that I want to use. There must be some psychology behind it & some way for developers / product managers to optimize better for conversion. 1 star because this is basically useless as-is.
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2 years ago, ColinKM
It’s not the best
I’ve used SketchUp for years and I find the solutions they came up with for the mobile version are unintuitive in relation to the original computer version. Separate tools need to be selected for nearly every modification or addition, planes will move unexpectedly while selecting them, it’s not easy to select and delete segments…basically, the feeling is that I have to work extra hard to use this on my convenient tablet. Maybe I need to integrate a keyboard into the process, but then why wouldn’t I just just the full version? After waiting for a long time for this to arrive…I am now on;y going to use this as a viewer, and will continue to hope for a better alternative or some REALLY intuitive updates to this one. Until then, it’s just not a good companion to the full SketchUp App
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6 months ago, bri.gui
Good, but endlessly frustrating
I really want to love this app. And it does many things very well. The potential of designing in 3d on an iPad with pencil is all that. But in practice, every time I use this app, I’m deeply frustrated. Tools seem to randomly switch to bizarre modes. I’ll select an object , choose the move tool and constrain to an axis, then start to move it, only to find that it’s decided I’m trying to rotate my object. Or I pan back a bit too far, and suddenly, I’m stuck “in” a wall and can’t pan or zoom back out. Things like this happen all over the place. So I give this an honest 3 stars. At the end of the day, it’s better than the alternatives I’ve tried, and it gets the job done. But man, it’s just never easy or fun to use.
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6 months ago, kirk491
I am new to 3d modeling in general. So far I love Sketchup for iPad and will be getting pro for pc very soon. It is relatively easy to learn the basics and the support staff is always quick to respond with any questions or problems I have. I cannot compare to other modeling platforms because I don’t have the knowledge or experience to do but I have tried a couple others and Sketchup has been the least frustrating to learn and one of the only ones I have been able to get a response from in a timely manner. Definitely recommend trying if you are looking to get into 3d modeling.
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3 months ago, Bijnaam Nickname
Good app
So I have to say that to show you this sketchUp is not what it says it is need to pay to play anything you could walk around and one of the places they mean you can’t interact with it a good game that’s 3-D like this one but is real is 3D modeling app so I will try that instead of it because I did a different review to and because I put one star on it it doesn’t show it to anybody so I take my advice and use the 3D Modeling App so you can actually do something instead of having to pay money. Thank you have a good day bye. This is what it looks like I suggest downloading this.
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3 years ago, xturgorex
Critically buggy
If you edit and update your SketchUp model this app will not retrieve the up-to-date model. Even after deleting the model from viewer, clearing it from recent apps on iPad, renaming the model online, then downloading the model with the new name, the old version of the model persists. I had to completely DELETE THE APP from my iPad and re download to retrieve a new version of the model for viewing. After searching the SketchUp forums I discovered this has been an issue since 2018. The latest response from the dev team, which is a year old as of Jun 2021 does not offer a working solution and says they’re working on it. I can’t understand how something that is the most basic of functionality can take this long to fix. Clearly they don’t spend much time working on this app.
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10 months ago, Irn mn
Why this is one star
I want to be able to make my own creations at the store at least two so that you can try it out but no you just have to give them some thing that they can’t build their own thing on so that they can try it out and do it on the road I’m giving this one star I wish I could give it a zero or half a star I want to be able to create my own build then see if I want to do more as a test to figure out if I want this app or not so if you want me to buy this app you better give it that one maybe to try out of your own free build so you can figure out the controls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤🤬😤🤬😤🤬😤🤬😤🤬😤😡😤🤬😡🤬🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🤬🤬🤬
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4 years ago, karpisi
Not quick or intuitive
I have a SketchUp Pro subscription and only tried out the app for the hope that it would let me do basics without opening my laptop. But from the get-go this app wants you to download any models uploaded to the 3d warehouse in order to open them. Why would I want to download a giant model onto my phone? Streaming the model should be a basic. Just like all models on 3D warehouse can be previewed without download. Also why would I upload my client’s confidential models to the warehouse? My projects are saved on Dropbox and there is no way to connect Dropbox to this viewer (not there in the cloud options). Please update app to do these basic things and while you are at it, make sure I can measure some distances on the model as well. Sort of like DWG Trueview!
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12 months ago, justsomechick1
This company is a joke
The browser version of Sketchup hasn’t been working for weeks. I thought I was going crazy but I found comments from other people complaining on Twitter as well. The web page where you’re supposed to log in literally just doesn’t work. It never loads the actual login part, so when you try to use sketch up you just get sent to a blank web page and can’t actually use the product. If this is how bad it functions why would I ever upgrade to the paid version lol? It’s been weeks with no fix. I’m surprised more people aren’t complaining. The one other person I saw mention it on Twitter pointed to a bunch of JS errors but never got a reply. Unbelievable
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2 years ago, Rachel Lang
Viewer great, now terrible
The SketchUp viewer was great. Now the app is super hard to use. I’m an artist and I build 3D environments to use as backgrounds for a graphic novel. I draw on my iPad so I used to be able to create my scene on my computer and then open it in the viewer, rotate and move around to the view I want, and then save a screencap. Now the move/rotate tools are barely functional. A slight movement zooms me way out or to a totally different area of the map - it’s incredibly difficult and time consuming to use. Worst of all, the camera depth option is gone. That was one of the most important features. I searched the help topics, which provided no useful options. I sent a message to support asking for help and never heard back.
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1 year ago, Beachy_14
Way beyond expectations!!
When I heard SketchUp was coming out with an iPad app I remember thinking “that’s never going to work right.” Not having a mouse and click option makes 3D anything nearly impossible. But wow has it so exceeded my expectations! You move with your finger. You draw with your pencil. It’s that simple. The double finger to undo is also an ingenious feature and I love that it’s synonymous with other drawing apps like ProCreate. Not only can you do so much with SketchUp in general, but now you also have a hand sketch option too. Which tends to give a more personable feel. All wrapped up in something I can throw in my purse and get on the train. All in all, I’m sure there have got to be bugs within the app but I have yet to find them. If you’re skeptical about an iPad CAD app I would encourage you to give it a try.
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1 year ago, LAMF
Useless unless you have the latest IPad Pro
Nothing is more impressive then trying to show a clientele a rendering and have it crash constantly. Worse safe the long conversations online on people frustrated with crashing and no answered except “You need the latest iPad to work, then its doesn’t whorl all the times anyways”. It’s a useless program to rely on. If you have a tiny model you need to look at, it will work sometimes.
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3 years ago, Crystalstreak
Good but…
I really just need a viewer app for SketchUp files to get some background scenes for making a webtoon. However, the files I wanna use are often city scapes over 500mb, and this app won’t open them without crashing since they’re so big. I’d love if this app can open those giant files on my iPad, honestly I’d pay for an upgrade even if it means I can view them on my iPad easily! This is literally the only thing I need before I’d consider this app to be perfect at what it does, so I’ll rate the app 5 stars when I can do so (and of course I’ll buy the upgrade immediately).
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1 year ago, LineSync
Does not work on Google Drive in iOS
Mobile skp is a wonderful asset but needs work to validate Trimble claims as follows: 'When installed, the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app will register itself with your device’s operating system as an app that is intended to be used to open files with the *.skp file extension." * NOT TRUE: Google Drive does not show up. 'So anytime..." * NOT TRUE: see complaints logged since oct'16 on Trimble web site "’re browsing apps on your device and come across a SketchUp model, whether it’s attached to an email," * NOT TRUE: does not open in 3 top email apps. "...or whether it’s in a folder of files in your Google Drive app," * NOT TRUE: does not open in GDrive. ' can tap the *.skp SketchUp file, then press the Open icon, and choose the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app from the list." * NOT TRUE: does not appear on any list.
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2 years ago, Watson Design
Not the old desktop app
It could be a feeling of nostalgia, but this is definitely not how I remember sketch up 5-10 years ago. Even though intuitive, it’s not nearly as efficient as trying to use AutoCAD or MicroStation for basic 3-D models, and at times I found it frustrating compared to a mouse and keyboard to the point where I would rather have a laptop and mouse, or track ball with a copy of autoCAD or microstation. Unless I was being required to use it I cannot justify the price, this just isn’t for how are use 3-D modeling CAD. It is great that they have a one week free trial, but I wish it was longer so I could play around with it more.
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2 years ago, GrandValleyDave
As it Should Be!
I have been using Sketchup since the very earliest incarnation (pre-Google). Where once it was amazingly innovative and accessible, it has felt kludgy and long in the tooth on a computer. Now on my iPad Pro, it feels again like a natural, powerful, transparent design tool. As it was originally. As it should be. What a wonderful surprise! And the best thing is that all the skills, techniques, etc translate over to the new interface. LayOut next please!
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1 year ago, Bad Kitty
Huge SketchUp fan, this one not so much
I am a longtime user of SketchUp, since around 2007, but over the years I have tried to find alternatives. The main reasons are that they switched to a web-based app (not a fan), I really detest subscriptions, and the implementation of the iPad version leaves a lot to be desired. For any 3D printing projects, I use Shapr3D on the iPad because SketchUp on the iPad is just not fun. I would like to be able to use the same shortcuts I use on my Mac. Things are just different. I wish Trimble would look at the implementation of navigation and drawing on Shapr3D for tips on how to make SketchUp better.
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2 years ago, DO00ood
Game Changer for me
I've been an artist starting with iPad drawings and finalizing with separate Sketchup computer CAD drawings for years. After 15min playing with this new iPad version, I am thrilled with what I see. Most of it is very good and usable, and I am able to make simple models with no additional learning/researching required. I am sure this will continue to improve. And this will obsolete my need for the iPad drawings. Great first effort Sketchup team! Thank you
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3 months ago, CatHerderJ
Unable to display tool names next to the tiny icons.
The icons are so small they are hard to discern on my iPad Pro 10.5” display. When I paid for a year long subscription a month and a half ago, I figured it would be easy (or at least possible) to turn on labels for them, but since then, the only reference I was able to find said that option is accessible from a menu (under the VIEW sub-heading) that is not visible on my screen. Nor have I found any help reference for how to enable it. I have used multiple CAD software package for years as a chip designer and professional engineer. This one is not working for me at all.
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2 years ago, Mariposa 2022
Happy with SketchUp App for iPad
We just started using the SketchUp App for our site assessments. the SketchUp App allows us to easily create basemaps as we collect site measurements. Using an iPad instead of a laptop is much easier. I’m still learning all the gestures and tools as they are a bit different without a mouse, but overall it was an easy transition from the desktop to the iPad and we are overall happy with SketchUp for the iPad.
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2 years ago, RMLGent
Wish there were other pricing plans
I am a woodworking hobbyist. With my day job, I only build one on two small projects a year. I can't use software that charges me $119 a year when I might only use the tool five or ten hours a year for my simple table on cabinet designs. Perhaps you could charge a fixed fee for each drawing, or allow one free drawing. As it is, much of my time would be spent just learning the tool. My recollection is that Google allowed some free drawings. Too bad that's gone away.
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9 months ago, Does the nickname matter 1897
Misleading and predatory
This app makes you with up for an account so they can sell your data and then says their product is not free or doesn’t have a free version all while never being upfront about it on AppStore. The only thing you can do without paying $12 a month is view files. You can get the free trial but it will auto charge you after 7 days. I am not against having to pay just be upfront about the cost and don’t make me sign up for an account just to figure this out. Now time to try to find out how to delete my account so it isn’t leaked in the next data breach.
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2 years ago, Tsao Tsao
1) the navigation tools you show on the download page of the App Store simply don’t exist in the app. I can only rotate around the center of the model and pan. No way to “stand somewhere and look around”. The navigation button that you show on the download page simply doesn’t exist on the actual app 2) same with the AR function. It’s there on your screenshot of the app on your App Store page. Just not on the actual app. I have a sketchup pro account. So let’s say maybe this is me being stupid and these things exist but I simply haven’t found them. Ok. Fine. But that’s then a problem of a confounding and incomprehensible user interface which is completely different from what you present in the App Store. I’m deeply unimpressed by sketchup viewer and will probably simply migrate back to Home Design 3D which is less powerful but has functional and comprehensible navigation tools.
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5 years ago, deisterhold
Almost a great app.
The app works great for the most part, my only pet peeves are that you can only use the app in landscape on iPhone (even in the file picker) and that the UI for managing files is difficult to understand. For example, if I open a file from Trimble connect, do I need to delete and download again if I make changes to it? I would prefer to have the files as either a list/table view with swipe to delete/info/redownload or a collection view with a edit button in the top right that allows models to be deleted.
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2 years ago, Neberheim
I’m not sure what the issue is, but the app is functionally unusable. It takes 2–5 attempts with an apple pencil before the action will register; trying to draw a simple rectangle becomes a 2 minutes exercise in frustration and misshapen rectangles, as the tool will decide to suddenly place the edge of the rectangle halfway through my stroke. I have generation of the iPad Pro prior to the M1, so I can’t see how the iPad is the issue, and my pencil functions flawlessly in every other app. I hope the bugs get worked out, because it would be worth upgrading from free to paid to be able to sketch with my pencil.
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2 years ago, Slashcyclone
Waste of time
After two painful days, I have 2 rooms of a house done and spend most of my time screwing up my model trying to do basic things and hitting the undo button. It shouldn’t feel like a hard earned victory to get a rectangle the correct shape and size. I spend far too long trying to manually type sizes since there is nearly zero snap to grid functionality that works as expected. The camera is absolutely ridiculous and unusable for working inside of a room. I think Minecraft would be 1000 times better for architectural renderings.
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2 years ago, z00byd00
I download this app and it’s just a viewer???
I wanted to try this app. After I downloaded it, I found that there were two premade files. I did not have the ability to create a file of my own or to try the app. Every time hit the create button , it wanted me to fork over $119 for a subscription. This is ludicrous because I don’t even know if I like it. I wanted to “try” the free version firstBefore I had to actually pay for anything. IWouldn’t even have downloaded a stupid viewer. Also, while I’m on topic why don’t you guys have some sort of a basic tutorial either?
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1 year ago, GemGirl2009
I downloaded this in hopes of finally being able to do home design. Compared to the other apps/games, this one looked promising. I download it, make an account and I immediately get told that in order to truly use the app I have to pay $120 a year. Excuse me?! I would hope that for that much money the program is perfect. If it isn’t, I am sorry to those who have purchased this. I will never be able to find out though. ;-;
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3 years ago, Spitty Cent
Same issue as many others
I love Sketchup online but this important app for people like me who use an iPad to view models is pretty much useless. Does not refresh with latest version of my models, which I update frequently. The only way to get the latest version is to uninstall and reinstall. They’ve apparently been ‘working on it’ for years now, but it still isn’t resolved. They do still want you to pay for the upgraded version, however, which it is difficult to justify when the non-upgraded version does not work as it should.
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2 years ago, mpls55412
Must relearn Sketchup
Unsure I want to relearn the entire sketch up app from new. i’ve spent years slowly learning the desktop and web version. Do I learn a whole new version of SketchUp or learn a different app and different tools. At 120 a year, I’m going to pause, evaluate, and demo other offerings. Pencil support is a bit strange. I’ve been learning the Pencil for a few days and find it’s great for just drawing shapes, but if you want precision, hence the point of Sketchup, it’s not the right tool to use.
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5 years ago, chicken nugget009
My dad works for this company he said I should download this app but I think you can have some improvement like say I want to design a house there could be a pice that I could just tap and it would make the front of the house and also can you add stuffed animals to design I know you probably don’t read every single one of these but please read the one that I made and I don’t get it I have to search it up to get to it
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2 years ago, burgs127
Workspace improvements
The app has improved a lot in the past few years, my only complaint would be that it should make more efficient use of the workspace, since it is on such a small screen. All of the buttons and tools should disappear until activated, since nobody is using this app to do major edits to a model
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5 years ago, Bw-photo
Forces you to make an account
All I wanted to do was simply send a 3D sketch up file to a friend. When I realized that they would have to make an account just to open I file whether I text it to them or Dropbox it. The makers of Sketch Up need to realize that the users of this app are not the same as the users who make 3D models in the desktop app. All they want to do is view a model and spin it around. That’s it! No making usernames or passwords or any of that. Way to make a very simple task into a pain. Now it guess I’ll have to do a screen capture video to show them the design. 🙄😡 Thanks for nothing.
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5 years ago, 1gnikniht
The improvements made to this version of SketchUp Viewer are great! With much improved stability, I can review my projects from my phone with great clarity and with the same options as if I were working from my PC, including measuring. The developers truly deserve to be congratulated on putting out a product worthy of the Trimble brand!
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1 year ago, G52_V
Monthly Subcription
I gave this app a 4 out of 5 only because there is not an option to do a monthly sub. I believe the company would make more money if this was a possibility. Customer don’t want to drop $120 dollars knowing they wont use it all the time. But if you gave customers the option there would be benefits to you and the customer.
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5 years ago, Mentor422NM
Fantastic app
Exception: As of updating my iPad to version 12.1.4, the app continually crashes. Developer needs to address this. I'm new to SketchUp and this app makes it possible for me to take and use my models wherever I go with my iPad. It works incredibly well and is kept up to date with the most recent version of SketchUp. Couldn't be without it.
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5 years ago, I don't want a Nickmame
Great app!
I’ve been waiting for this app a long time. It’s an excellent way to communicate ideas quickly in the field. My rating reflects that this app meets my expectations, which is strictly to show clients and colleagues ideas. I didn’t expect it to be able to do much else, but it has a few features that are a huge bonus. Powerful tool!
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2 years ago, Brad3000
Update removed critical functionality
It almost feels like the purpose of this update was to ruin the app. 1. No more search function within the app? Why would you remove this unless you were purposefully trying to make the app useless. It’s a model viewer that doesn’t let you search models. 2. I can no longer set focal length? Am I missing something? I’m a professional storyboard artist and use the app to build reference images for my drawings. Without the ability to change the focal length of the camera, the app becomes practically useless. I genuinely can’t imagine why they would do this unless they don’t want people using this product anymore. They say full SketchUp is coming to ipad soon - maybe they’re trying to cripple SketchUp viewer, so they can force everyone into a paid subscription on the full app?
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4 years ago, iamthaynes
Works great. Would be even better if you could view the Outliner list in the app. Also, when you select a component, it would be nice if you could read the whole ‘Definition’ section. When I create a model, I often name the components the dimensions, so when I’m in the shop, it would be great to be able to click on the component and see the whole line.
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3 years ago, CJABDEL
Great app but needs work
SketchUp is a great product but this should at least have some of the basic design functions especially on an iPad. Should be able to make minor design tweaks from the app rather than have to open up a laptop. Would be especially useful when presenting a project to customer on site. To be able to tweak a design in the field with customer.
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1 year ago, リリ〜さま
It looks cool…
I mean it seems like it could be a really cool app, but I can‘t sign in cos my ipad has restrictions on certain websites. I know it sounds like I‘m complaining about something you can‘t control, but I just want to be able to sign in without having to go on a website… It won‘t let me do anything without signing in so its kind of pointless for me to even keep it in my app library.
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1 year ago, Malatrixte
It is difficult to reach tech support. You have to go thru a long non-sence list of questions in order to reach them! The help search gives you all kind of non-related topics related to your search topic! The modeling app seems like is doing pretty much what was designed for.
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2 years ago, masq57
Works great! Some challenges going from Sketchup pro on laptop
Using it on a 12” iPad which is not bad at all. Not sure how easy it would be to use on a 10”. Finding functions I am used to on the laptop version is not too hard, but does take time.
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