Skiplagged: Flight Booking

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Skiplagged LLC
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User Reviews for Skiplagged: Flight Booking

4.83 out of 5
302.8K Ratings
2 weeks ago, Reeme92
Absolutely love it
I’ve been flirting with Skiplagged for almost 3 years now and I can honestly say for affordable flights, ease of app use and features, and flexibility when booking this is the best app I know about and been put onto hands down and what even more to me is the fact that I’ve never seen an advertisement for Skiplagged on tv or the radio or anything (because of course the app users, I,e, us, would experience higher surcharges and fees due to them paying for advertisement and radio adds etcetera)so to me that makes Skiplagged even more valuable because they value the customer not the dollar $$$ and I’m a firm believer in “a wonderful product sells itself and gets around by word of mouth “👄and to me Skiplagged is a great testament of this motto because it is indeed filled with wonder since I’ve been able to on numerous times been able to use my travel credits (which are gained from simply using the app ) towards free flights and hotel stays when ever I had gained enough credits to do these things and I even gained more travel credits for booking a flight through the app using travel credits like how awesome and wonderful is that lol haha I can go on and on about Skiplagged as one can see but all in all this is a great product and service and I will keep using this and spreading the word about it even long after I’ve become a successful and famous recording artists lol 😂😂😂
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7 years ago, FAlways253
Loving & Forever.....
Using and cherishing because when you’re in a crunch and looking for a cheap flight along came Skiplagged and boy was I glad. In July 2017 I was looking for a one-way flight to Dallas so my sister could return home. After a three-week driving vacation she needed to return home as soon as we could find a cheap flight and the cheapest we found was between $178 and $400, which was a bit out there for her. She suggested Skiplagged. We really did not know how this app worked, but I booked the next morning returning home flight at a 58% savings and waited. I was happy to pay for her ticket 15 minutes later she received confirmation of a purchased ticket and she was packing her bags to leave the next morning. Thank you for inventing this app and I still use this for other people; such as a RT ticket to New York for only $58 is a steal. So again, thanks and soon I head off to Hawaii twice.
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3 years ago, Ashley16!
Buyer Beware
1st time using this app all I can say is you get what you pay for. Not all the websites they offer tickets are legit. The first ticket I bought went without a hitch. The second ticket back is where issues came up. I’m just going to go ahead and name it if you see EDream as an option STAY AWAY it’s not worth it. After I got my ticket I noticed I got charged twice. First from the airlines-understandable, and the second by the website I got the ticket from. Unfortunately they only had a chat bot to help and even when you “talk to an agent” it’s still through the chat room. They said it was a duplicate charge and they would refund me for it. However, that meant that my flight would be refunded entirely. So I’m pretty sure I haven’t been refunded for the first charge let alone I had to buy a NEW ticket for the same flight I was initially getting on. Was there a lot I could have done differently, absolutely this was an expensive learning experience for me. But I hope my story helps someone make better decisions than me when using this app. Can this app potentially save you money, yes. But if they are using sketchy sites for flights then do you really end up saving money? Very questionable. Skiplagged please vet for more dependable sites or else you are going to lose the trust of the ppl you are initially trying to help.
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3 years ago, elsie076
Do Not Book Through This App
I recently purchased 3 tickets to Alaska. We looked for hours to find the perfect flight, only to check out & have only 1 of the 3 flights go through at the price listed, the other 2 tickets went from $270 to $1,200 and I was forced to return the ticket I had purchased and start the whole process over. After finally finding a flight that worked, I paid an additional $70 per ticket to ensure that my friends and I would spend the 9 hour plans ride sitting next to each other. When I received my tickets 24 hours prior to my flight, June 11, 2020, we were all placed in different seats 4-5 rows apart and due to the flight being full, the airline could not do anything to accommodate us. Skiplagged also does not have a help call center and only communicate through email, so I was not able to handle this issue until after arriving in Alaska. They also do not keep itemized receipts of any additional costs paid including service fees, seat fees, etc. so when I called to get a refund for the fee I paid for the seat selection, they claimed there was nothing further they could do. Would not recommend booking through Skiplagged, if you do keep your own receipts and documentation of all purchases and communication to hold them accountable.
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4 years ago, Heese99
Do not use Skiplagged! We tried to save $ and were intrigued with the cheap fares. It worked fine going to NYC, but the airline canceled our return flight and we weren’t notified by Skiplagged or the airline. When we showed up to check in we were informed our tickets were canceled due to “non payment.” We had to purchase 2 additional tickets on the same flight we booked AND PAID FOR on Skiplagged for an additional $700!!! DON’T BOOK HOTELS THROUGH SKIPLAGGED EITHER -We paid Skiplagged a deposit and the hotel NEVER RECEIVED OUR PAYMENT so we had to pay them in full as well!!! Plus booking directly through the hotel is cheaper - Skiplagged’s rates may LOOK better but they will charge you a “service fee” so the hotel’s rates are actually cheaper. Lastly Skiplagged has NO LIVE PERSON CUSTOMER SERVICE OPTION. When our flights were canceled we tried to reach out to Skiplagged and could only send a feedback email to which we’ve no response. I read another review who claimed Skiplagged is run by 1 person - the founder - who just processes payments and offers no guarantees - I believe it. I wish we had read their terms and conditions - will never use them again!!!
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5 years ago, Karnivalle
Terrible Booking Service
Absolutely the worst booking service I’ve ever used in my 15 years of flying. I had a conference in San Jose and my companion attempted to book on two other sites and for both after receiving a confirmation email I received an email saying my ticket had been cancelled, so I decided to give this a try and booked JustFly through Skiplagged. Same flight number as the original booking so everything appears in order, then I get to the airport and discover my booking was for a month after the date I needed. I tried to talk to customer service and not only do they not allow refunds or rescheduling, but when I shared my disappointment and asked to cancel the wrong flight I was told “you have to cancel 24 hours before the departure” even though it was an entire month before the flight. Then they said “you won’t get a refund for the flight” and again suggested that I take the flight a month later. I explained that I would not even be in the country to take this flight and that the incorrect booking does not suit my needs so I’d rather refund it, in response the agent hung up on me. Absolutely the worst booking service I’ve ever used.
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5 years ago, TeD2D
Works - if you’re careful
There ARE deals on this having used it a few times but it takes work and it’s not like Expedia or the other booking Apps, it’s really best using as information and guidance. I’ve booked flights not through this, but off the airlines own sites, but use the information in the App to figure out the correct times and flights. So basically, I have the App open on my phone while booking on the airline’s websites on a laptop with different windows open. I don’t trust the 3rd party no-names this App links out to. And another warning - don’t tell the airlines that you’ve used skiplagged AT ALL. They will immediately get irate and will not be helpful. Again - use this information and book on the airlines own website - you’ll save yourself the headache.
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4 years ago, Half Blood Princess 1988
They didn’t book my flight home w/ airline
I used this once and it will be the last. The reservations were made but my flight wasn’t completely booked because this agency FORGOT to finish it by actually purchasing the tickets. I received confirmation e-mails that the flight was booked. I was not notified that there was any issue with completing my flight back or that the tickets weren’t actually purchased even though there was a reservation made. I received confirmation e-mails and receipts for the cost of the flight and trusted that this agency did their job correctly. I therefore have to drive back from Vegas to Olympia, WA (18 hours) and miss work because of this agency’s mistake and inability to correct it as I sat at the airport unable to fly home because they NEGLECTED TO PURCHASE MY TICKETS even though they made a reservation. (YOU HAD ONE JOB!) I called the customer service line and was told a supervisor would call me back within a half hour to resolve the issue and I have now waited an hour and a half with no call back. Worst booking agency ever i will never again use this app.
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3 years ago, jenae williams
rip off
I bought 2 tickets on august 5th for me and my boyfriend to go visit a friend oct 5th-10th (about $1000 because they were all one-way tickets, but still pretty cheap!). Unfortunately I had to cancel all my flights yesterday (sep 23rd) because the friend I was visiting and her husband tested positive for covid & even after informing skiplagged of all this… they could only give me credit towards another flight??? I would much rather have my money back because I know (and told them) that I don’t travel often and wouldn’t be able to use them by the time they expire. I wasn’t going to leave a bad review but after all the trouble I just went through only to be told I would just get credit… is extremely frustrating. Don’t recommend. Just buy your tickets from the airline or go through a travel agent that openly states that you’ll get your money refunded especially if it is for a reason out of your control.
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1 year ago, Sustraveler
Wow - what a relief!
After hours of looking at Google flights and other sights, I happened to find a review of this one. In less than 10 minutes, I found what I needed (leaving from my small but growing airport in the east),on a tight 14 day trip with little leeway in dates, arrival early enough to drive the 3 hrs from the Seattle airport to my destination, to my not too long layover on my one stop, and ample time to travel back the three hours to the Seattle airport and to enjoy the United lounge before boarding my red eye flight back East. Booking took only moments, totally impressed. Only complaint is there was no place to enter my TSA-Pre #, so have to make sure I call both airlines to assure it gets on my boarding passes. 5 stars!
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6 years ago, seafreak7
Life Changer
I can’t say enough how much I LOVE this app! I was introduced to it a couple years ago from a friend who used it. I’m a bit of a skeptic so if she had not purchased flights off of it before I would think it was too good to be true. I live in Hawaii with family in TX and AZ and I travel a lot outside of the states. I have bought every single one of my flights on Skiplagged since I downloaded the app 2 years ago! I have saved hundreds of dollars and even done the hidden city flights a couple times with no issues. Just yesterday I purchased a flight to Brazil for New Years for only $1800. The cheapest price we found on all of the search engines (travelocity, Priceline, Expedia, google, etc) was $2200. I HIGHLY recommend this app!!
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7 years ago, Ycjessie
Def 4 a traveler- But be wary of fine print
I could almost give this app 5 stars but I have to give it 4 ONLY b/c you have to, HAVE TO check out the bag policy for the flight you have chosen. A good friend of mine recommended this app & until I find a better one, this one is still my go to! If you read the other reviews, you can kind of see what I’m talking about baggage issues but, like any other 3rd parties you get flights from, you just have to read the fine print. Maybe adding banner in red letters saying “double check the baggage disclaimer in full” in stead of “check baggage details (link)” which you can get you lost & confused by the airline website sometimes kind of derails you from purchasing (you should always carry your passport when you fly anyways, just my opinion). Best deals tho!!
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6 years ago, Christian Gillespie
Skiplagged looked out for me in a major way
I used Skiplagged to book a hotel room on a Friday night. I decided that I wanted to book another night. So the next day (Saturday Morning) I booked on Skiplagged. When I got to the hotel reservation desk to confirm the reservation associate wouldn’t process my reservation and told me I couldn’t stay Saturday night. So I stayed at the hotel for a while going back and forth and decided to leave. I wasn’t going to call Skiplagged customer service at first but a week later I decided to call Skiplagged customer service to explain what happened. Skiplagged fully refunded me my money. I recommend Skiplagged to everyone. It’s a really awesome service. They really look out for their customers. -C. Gillespie
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7 years ago, ohkevinmichael
Someone actually made it easy!
I have been fed up with travel sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, and Priceline for years. It became easier to deal with airlines directly again, so I did. A friend turned me into this app to use Skiplagged and it’s the only way I book. Most of those aforementioned sites don’t do anything but put all available flights in a pile for you to sort through. Skiplagged gives me a visual map of fares and; and I swear I get my flights at least $20 cheaper than any “best price” I see elsewhere. Booking is also a snap. So streamlined I end up re-checking my flight info about 20 times because it seemed too quick and easy, there had to be a mistake right? Nope. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Jerzeemodel 👠👠👠👠
Slow response team to travelers problems
I’m a little disappointed that the app does not have a contact phone number to speak to someone and you have to leave an email so if you have an emergency do you have to wait for someone to get back to you via email?. This really seems like a cheap customer service and the unwillingness to assist customers in the moment. I’m not sure if I’ll use this site after this experience but I booked a ticket for round-trip and the app has me going out twice in one day from the same location at the same time. As I’m trying to correct this issue no one is getting back to me in a timely manner nor is there a phone number I can call and reach out to someone. The airline that you’re flying on tells you to go back to the third to deal with it or you’ll be charged an additional $50. And I can’t get a hold of anyone at Skiplagged
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7 years ago, Xtallcutie511
The best but there’s a bug
I’ve relied on your app a lot this year. It’s saved us over $300 on one flight we needed immediately to Miami and got us a Cancun flight for $300 less that Skiplagged in Miami. You made me a travel hero to my husband. Bless you Skiplagged. However Recently, with your new update no airports can be found. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling your app. Entering all Los Angeles or just Los Angeles or LAX and neither is found. I’m searching for flights from California to Portland. My husbands app works great on his Apple phone but not on my Apple phone anymore? What could be the cause of this? Please help I’m the travel arrangement specialist for our family and borrowing his business cell doesn’t help him. Lol
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5 years ago, rosedani ortiz
I stay booking skiplagged
I’ve now flown via skiplagged all of 2018 and have had 0 hiccups. Also, might they add, they were all domestic flights and I went just with a carry on most of the flights- but no issues whatsoever. My flight even cancelled once, and I was rebooked along with being given a travel voucher 4x the amount of money I originally spent on the ticket via skiplagged. I’ve worked in the airline industry prior to coming to this app. You guys, you ALWAYS have to read fine print with ANY airline purchase. It’s not just with this app. This app works wonders, bc of it I’ve flown more outside of the airline industry than when I still worked in it!
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6 years ago, kqb2
I’ve used the Skiplagged app in the past to book decent flights and have NEVER had any issues until now. I found a great international flight for two people and I booked my flight and received the confirmation number for the expected cost. A minute later I received an email stating that the cost had doubled and the company needed to charge my card for the additional cost! I called customer service to report the issue and they searched my account and never saw my actual flight confirmation and tried to process the additional cost. I then attempted to cancel my flight and they wanted to charge me $150 to cancel because I supposedly “never selected the cancellation policy” which was NEVER given to me as an option when I booked. This app may have been my go-to for flights in the past, but NEVER again. I was scammed and will never book with Skiplagged/JustFly again.
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2 years ago, blblbl25
Unbelievable cheap price. But be careful
Have been only used it once. booked direct flight from Chicago to New Orleans, the flight is already cheap but somehow Skiplagged makes it even cheaper. $75 roundtrip whatttttt. I already had confirmation from the airline so now it’s all set🤞 To make sure, check your reservation on the Airline website✅ make sure you receive email confirmation from the Airline ✅ I didn’t receive email from the Airline 3 hours after I booked through Skiplagged, so I called them and made sure my reservation went through. Flight is in 3 weeks, so far so great!
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6 years ago, Jessiej37
Do not use this app unless your prepared to have lots of issues. My daughter and I booked our flights to Hawaii through this app. My flight back never showed up and I didn’t catch it until I was in Hawaii. Had to do detective work to find it. Tried to contact Skiplagged but all I received was an email inferring it was somehow my fault. (There isn’t a contact number that I could find) Called multiple airlines until finally finding it myself with the help of the airline. My daughter arrived at the airport to leave and they told her she couldn’t receive a boarding pass without her passport. Skiplagged had booked the flight to Cancun as the final destination. Which we didn’t catch and there was no warning she would need a passport. We had to call the airline and cancel the flight and buy another ticket! It was a terrible experience! Will never use this app again!!
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3 years ago, marksj6
I was told to use this site for cheaper fairs, which it was slightly cheaper than other apps. However, I booked a flight for a specific day and it wasn’t until I got the confirmation email that they changed the date. I tried canceled my flight within 24 hours as instructed though their website. I even spoke to their “customer service” who I trusted me to cancel it through the airline. Come to find out I can’t get a refund from the airline since it was booked through a third-party and to get the refund from Skiplagged. After multiple days of calls, of them just not answering the phone, and emails to Skiplagged I got a voucher and was told, if I called within the 24 hours of booking my flight I would have gotten the refund. Amusing. If I could give them no starts I would. DON’T USE THEM, it’s not worth it.
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3 years ago, oEternity
The best 3rd party flight app
I’ve used a number of 3rd party apps for flights (Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity) and absolutely none compare to the prices I get through skiplagged. I’ve also personally never had an issue with my flight not being booked or anything of that matter. The hotel deals unfortunately aren’t ever as great as the flight deals but I have other resources for hotels. One thing I will say is while it isn’t illegal, airlines DO NOT like you skipping flights. I would keep that to a minimum but as for finding flights, this is the absolute best app I’ve used. It’s been probably 3-5 years and I won’t use anything else.
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6 months ago, Knuckles049IH
Forced app tracking
This used to be one of my favorite apps, but the latest update isn’t “bug fixes and enhancements”; it’s forcing users to permit additional data collection and tracking. There is no option to opt out of this. There is only the option to press “continue.” I do not want additional tracking, even if they claim they won’t sell my data. I have serious concerns about privacy as well as price manipulation (a strategy used by some airline websites, using cookies and similar tools to show higher fares to users who have previously searched for that flight). Even if Skiplagged isn’t doing this, I find the forced additional tracking to be extremely disrespectful to users who value privacy and autonomy. I regret updating the app and wish I could revert to the old version.
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4 years ago, AsianInvasion 2
Gamechanger for Travelers who pack light.
If you don’t need to check a bag, you can book a flight out of Chicago to just about anywhere in the country for ridiculously low rates days before departure. There’s nothing more demoralizing than a freak winter storm at O’hare grounding your flight to Miami you booked three months ago. With skiplag I wait for a weather report 4/5 days out and book non stop flights for same cost as if i has booked weeks in advance. I’ve dodged two major snowstorms and payed a fraction of the price doing so. Thank you skiplagged. You’ve opened up the entire country to convenient cheap air travel.
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2 months ago, 47Orchids
Beware: Exorbitant Hidden Service Fees
The service fees are getting ridiculous. My round trip had to be purchased in two separate bookings for some reason. The first service fee for departure was $20, while the second service fee for the return flight (nearly half the price of departure) was $70. In total, I paid $90 in service fees alone to Skiplagged — so much for the incredible savings. It is important to note that the amount of their service fees were not disclosed at any point during the transaction. The only price they showed was what they billed the airline for, so I didn’t see the cost associated with their fee until after the purchases had been made. I will discontinue booking through Skiplagged from now on due to their shady business practices.
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12 months ago, Kinkyslut69
I’m a travel agent & this app is the best for finding the lowest airfare
I’m an experienced travel agent, airline reservations employee and airfare enthusiast who goes to extensive lengths of finding the cheapest airfare for myself and my clients & this app is hands down the best app for finding the best options for airfare, especially at the last minute whether it’s international or domestic. I saved $800 for a last minute flight from San Francisco to Chicago on Christmas Eve. I’ve also reserved hotels here and paid almost 75% off for a St Regis property, along with fantastic deals and high end properties over the years. I always recommend this app to my friends looking for a great deal. This app is the reason why I’ve been able to make so many last minute trips! (No this is not sponsored, I’m not being paid to write this, I love love this app and if you’re not using it, you’re missing out). I’ve never once had an issue with this app or checking into a hotel.
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6 years ago, Renik T
Super cool app for last minute flight ticket
The way it works is by giving you a multi stop destination ticket where you get off at the layover stop (which is your end destination) therefore only paying only a fraction off the full flight ticket cost Very cool and legal way to get affordable tickets for last minute getaways (it’s not standby tickets ) Hypothetically If the airline have suspicions or not okay with getting you in at the gate with a one way ticket like this (meaning they want you to have a round trip, just get a refundable return flight at the counter desk and cancel it after u get off the plane )
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3 years ago, Shabrese
Saved me so much money over the years!
I am a frequent traveler, domestic and international. I have use this website for years to save tons of money. Especially living in a city with a hub it’s been super helpful on return flights. You do have to be somewhat of a savvy traveler to know how to use this method of travelBut the website makes it super easy for you. I have to admit I use the website to find the deal and then go directly to the airline so I feel bad the company doesn’t get credit but it’s a great tool to use to save money
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2 years ago, robotseverywhere
Definitely download
Best app by far! Thanks for the savings! I love how I can look at the calendar and compare prices and switch cities so easily to find better deals! Not sure if it’s possible but if a list of shuttle services in destination city could be added in some way, that could be useful for those flying into the more major airports and needing to shuttle to surrounding cities, but other than that you guys do it all! I’ve even used the hotel portion and I have stayed in some really nice rooms for great deals so again thanks;)
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6 years ago, espronslayer
Best app for casual and avid travelers
I love this app and I’ve been using it for some time now. I appreciate not having to go through other sites such as Expedia, which by the way Expedia and other travel sites raise prices for your travels after they see you’ve been searching. Skiplagged, however, is reliable and to the point. Most of the services will be booked through other sites such as official airline sites. The app simply searches for the cheapest possible combination for you. 10/10 would recommend for finding cheap flights and hotels.
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5 years ago, gixxerchik17
Unless u want ur money stolen!
Normally I don’t write reviews, but today I figured I’d make an exception. Yesterday I went to use my return flight only to find out that they (Skiplagged) cancelled my flight back bc I didn’t go to the final destination! After hours of being at the airport trying to get this sorted they said this is the real reason airlines hate Skiplagged bc they get people stranded and take their money all the time. So now I have to pay 500 dollars that I really don’t have on top of the 160 I paid already so I can get home tomorrow and that’s with an 18 hour layover leaving today. So today should be fun >< I can’t find a phone number to reach anyone and I emailed them and haven’t gotten a response back! I want my money back! U can’t just cancel someone’s flight, leave them stranded, and take their money!
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6 years ago, The 649
Awesome App with excellent UI
After using this app in the past, it was excellent. Now it seems as if you can’t purchase a roundtrip ticket together anymore, even if it’s on the same airline. Why should I have to buy two one way tickets on American Airlines? It's so good to have a slider that will give you the best day(s) to fly. The big airline industry and other online travel sites dislike this App, and I can see why. The secrets are out, no more paying for over priced flight. I would not change a thing. Please keep up the great work.
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3 years ago, NicElisabethhh
Customer service for Changes/ Cancellation
As part of someone who has used this app pretty frequently to plan trips, I had a change a few days before my flight and needed to have the original flight changed or cancelled. The automated customer service line would hang up every time I called saying only call if it’s within 72 hours of your flight. I called every single day for the last 3 days all the way up until the 3 hours before my flight and still was unable to actually speak with representative. The flights prices are great and the app is easy to use but for customer service is where I have to rate it because I’ve never dealt with such an unresponsive customer service line in my life.
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5 years ago, Northeast Road Warrior
Not Cheaper
I got this app and checked flights from Portland, ME to Chicago for a week in April, one month from now. The lowest fair was $60 more than Southwest. ADVICE: ALWAYS FLY SOUTHWEST AND BOOK ON THEIR APP! I also check hotels for the same week. I always stay at Hilton brands at a corporate rate. Skiplagged‘ state was $20 cheaper for the same hotel, same dates. BUT once booked you owned it - you cannot cancel or change dates; you just lose the money. This is also true for the higher priced rooms shown on Skiplagged, which were more than my regular corporate rate. ADVICE: JOIN A MAJOR HOTEL CHAIN’S MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM, CHECK FOR CORPORATE CODES AND BOOK ON THEIR APP! Hilton is pretty good but I’ve heard Marriott is good also. If you do the cheaper hotels, some Choice brands are OK (Comfort Inn) but watch out for low quality and beware of cancellation fees with Choice brands.
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4 years ago, FinGriffey
SKIP the other flight apps!
Great app. I see complaints from people using this and having issues — well all I can say is clearly people don’t know how to read and/or are incapable of operating within the World Wide Web lol. These are the same people who miss a CC payment and are perplexed as to why they were charged 20% interest. I’ve had nothing but successes with Skiplagged and have never had a single discrepancy. Keep up the solid work and thank you very much!!!
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2 years ago, godD4ddy
Decent but pricey compare to others
Had this app for awhile now and decided to give it a chance. When I saw a “deal”, I clicked on it to try to book that deal and as I was processing my purchase, I get a notification that it jumped up over $30… as it was processing. I said ok, then I saw a $35 service fee from the app which I must’ve missed somewhere during the processing after completing the purchase. It was like, surprise here are our hidden fees. So now I’ve paid nearly $300 on a 2 hour one-way flight, and I passed on other apps that would’ve save me money with the final price, even their fees are cheaper. Will be my first and last time booking with Skiplagged.
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2 years ago, LB_TX
I used Skiplagged for the first time on an AA trip DFW to DEN with a stop in MSP. My destination was MSP. My return trip was the same MSP to DEN with a stop in DFW. However, I was unable to check in online for the return trip and required to check in with the service desk. Upon checking in I was asked about my intended destination. I was then advised that if I failed to continue to Denver from Dallas, I would be placed on the No Fly List. I asked the agent what my options were (the jig was up) and was advise: 1) continue on to Denver or 2) pay the nonstop fare to Dallas. My final destination was Dallas- so coughed up $287 in addition to the $211 I originally paid which brought my total to $498 for a one way ticket to DFW. This app should be wiped from the App Store.
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7 years ago, Blahjsjodh
Always A Supporter🙌🏼
Skiplagged has been my go to for about 7 years now! Back when they were just starting, having the big legal battle, and weren't sure if they were ever gonna be around much longer! They've stuck with it, I've stuck with them, and they've stuck with me. Amazing deals impossible to find elsewhere, and from my experience a kind and responsive support team. I've promoted them to all my loved ones, to spread the love near and far through affordable travel! Thank you Skiplagged:)
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4 years ago, AfFord JD
I fly weekly- best app - all others deleted
After hearing the amazing story of the founder of the app, it’s a pure delight to support this people’s champion. The app is easy, straight forward, accurate, and even allows users to book flights that can’t be accessed on common carriers websites (for a stupid-cheap $5 fee). As the primary travel guy for all of my extended family, not to mention friends and colleagues for every occasion, I can confidently state: you cannot do better than this app, period. Stellar app. Thank you for making it!
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6 years ago, MickZak
Horrible customer service
Found a price for a round trip to Montreal from NY After I booked the departure found that the return flight is double the price on the website Contacted support (email no phone number) and explained that I had better offers for the departure form NY but chooses Skiplagged because it was less expensive and asked them to offer a discount but they didn’t even answer me ! They admitted having a mistake on their website and never got back to me ...disappointed !
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5 years ago, Sav_bino
Customer service
Honestly it’s a pretty solid app, until you need help from customer service. There isn’t a number so you can only contact them by email so the response is extremely inconsistent. I spoke to several people in attempt to get help after picking the wrong hotel and eventually they just stopped replying. The hotel I booked can’t do anything regarding a switch so it’s frustrating trying to receive any kind of assistance. At this point i’m stuck with the room and it’s in a completely inconvenient location. It’s no ones fault but my own for picking it however I’d expect to receive much better service while attempting to right my wrong. Unfortunate.
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2 years ago, under75iscold
How does this app have such high reviews??? If you read through the 1 star reviews you can see that their coders clearly have no idea what they are doing. Grossly negligent errors. Hiding the breakout of fees on the “confirmation “ and they have removed any mention of a support number to call. I paid for seats and luggage on this app but when the reservation transferred to Priceline (why???) it came over as just the total cost of the flight and I had to buy them again. I guess I should be grateful that I didn’t get stuck somewhere like some of the other reviewers. Interesting that the “developers “ only respond to the mild cases here. You should not be in business.
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5 years ago, Motherofallthings
Easy to book
This app made it easy. I have not flown much and get nervous about booking flights. Usually there is just too much information and it is too confusing. But this app made it so easy! I love the way the total price is what they show. There are no hidden fees that you uncover as you go though the process. The prices they are able to find on flights are the lowest I could find anywhere. Don’t know how they do it. But thank for making it so easy.
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7 months ago, Luis The Elf
When you repeat
The First time I booked with Skiplagged was a great experience, the app just made me feel comfortable during all the process.. so I didn't leave any review before because it was just a first experience so today I am just repeating with them, and when you repeat something that means it s great and that you like something.. Thanks Skiplagged in making a easy going experience, I will definitely be repeating
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5 years ago, Borndorsey
If you have a bad experience it really is a YOU problem
This app works amazing & gets super cheap flights. I booked a trip to NYC in February & everything went as planned. I even overslept the first flight and the airline put me on the next one out —no extra charge. If you had a problem with the airlines customer service why are you writing a review about this app instead of the service that was less than ideal🤦🏽‍♀️ That person who wrote the 1 star review must be brilliant 🙄🙄
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4 years ago, ShauM96
Great customer support & overall good rates
Have been using Skiplagged to book many last minute flights at cheap rates. In my personal experience, I can’t find anybody with cheaper rates, and a site that shows me all the neat airline hacks. Also great with hotels. Recently had an issue booking a hotel and reached out to their customer support team and they made sure I was situated with my hotel and were with me every step of the way. Thanks very much, Skiplagged.
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2 years ago, SugarfreeJTB
Double booked from Skiplagged with no support to fix
The website froze and said error processing request. Then in my e-mail are two bookings for the same flight. Two different confirmation numbers. Skiplagged stands by the fact I just engage the airline for a refund since all their app does is book through airline on your behalf. They don’t service any flights or ticketing issues at Skiplagged. So because of their website malfunction now I’m left to deal with an airline to get TRY to get a refund. If you look on Skiplagged a FAQ’s is stated not to share with the airline you’re using their service because they’ll be highly inclined not to help you. Aka buyer beware
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5 years ago, vatsav1989
Doesn’t make sense you send me mail after 12 hours on ticket non confirmed
I tried booking the ticket around 1 pm on Feb 19th 2019 and I have received a mail saying your ticket is booked and now in late night( around 1 am the next day) I have received a mail saying the ticket is not confirmed. This late night mail dosnt make sense at all. I had planned this trip and made all the other arrangements. To be frank I have my brother in Detroit and was planning a suprise visit on his birthday which is on Feb 23rd. You guys should have sent the notification earlier in such case. I kept checking the price till 2 pm and the price was the same. Now the flight price is almost hiked almost by 150%. This is a bug at your end.
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3 years ago, soul 2546
Be very careful using this app
I am a frequent flyer Be real careful using this app I found it very unreliable first time I used it to book a flight I went through right through booking process put in my payment details when it began processing the payment it notified me there was an error I tried again another error , so I book another flight through another app only to find 20 minutes later I was charged for the flight very very wrong I cancelled the flight through the airline not the app ! now I have waste my time and chase up a refund through the airline never again best to stick to tried and tested platforms.
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6 years ago, 🔷🔶🔹🔸🔹🔶🔷
Skiplagged is Dead, I’m Deleting It
This app used to save me real money on flights to overpriced airports like PHX. Apparently the developer sold out to the airline cartel and is now competing with Expedia, etc. as a 3rd-party booker of fake travel “deals”. Just look at the search results you get now- most of the flights shown are actually to the city you’re trying to get to, for $2 or $3 off whatever is considered the going rate. Then they throw in a couple skiplags that cost more than the direct flights. Please ignore the obvious shills raving about the current version. There’s nothing left about this app to make it worthwhile. Hopefully someone else picks up the ball and creates a skiplagging app that does what this one used to do.
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