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User Reviews for Skyscanner – travel deals

4.8 out of 5
440K Ratings
6 years ago, sweetntart_
Anytime & anywhere feature is back!!
UPDATE: you changed it back! Must’ve been doing A/B testing or something and I got in the unlucky group. Back to 5 stars! . Latest update killed off the best part of the app. When you select “explore anywhere/anytime” it gives you a list of prices to several locations, but then no longer brings you to those flights. If I see a $99 flight to Denver for example (after using the anytime/anywhere criteria) I used to be able to click on it and see the exact dates that $99 flight was for & then browse other dates with low prices to that destination. Now, I’m brought to an info page on the city with a button to “find flight deals” and the date is arbitrarily filled in and it’s not even the date with the cheapest prices. Please go back to the previous version! I would honestly use that feature to find my next destination! Just find a cheap flight to someplace I hadn’t been to without having to spend hours browsing and looking for a good deal.
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4 years ago, iam_conqueror
Priceline has better deals unfortunately
Initially I got great deals through this app. That’s how they lure you in. I have used it now for 2 years and I can honestly say this with confidence. The first 2 flights I booked I got great deals! I literally got 2 round trip tickets for $40 each traveling to different locations. That was within months of each other. After that the luck was gone and I have never had such a deal since. It’s been about a year and a half and I have yet to buy another flight using this app. I spend lots of time comparing flights and you can get better deals on Priceline after your 2 “lucky” flights. This app usually has the highest prices compared to any of the others out there. Use for your first 2 flights then delete it!! It’s not worth it. Download Priceline and thank me later!! ;) Also the new version has started linking to third party websites once you get to the dates and flight you want. The third party sites are screechy to say the least. Once you choose the flights you want the price increases and you can’t get back to the original price. This was once a great app but has now lost all cool points. I haven’t used it in a year and a half since I’m finding the best deals on Priceline or going straight to the business site for rental cars. Once you buy your flight through Priceline they will send you codes for better deals on cars/hotels. Thank me later ;)
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5 years ago, Christianissimo
Great app, but needs work with some accessibility features for Voiceover users
Great and useful app. It has a lot of different airlines available to you, including Jet Blue, Spirit, Frontier, United, Delta, American, etc. that I've seen so far. I'm not sure if they have Alaska as I haven't looked at enough flights to fully be aware. The things Ive noticed, though, in terms of accessibility are with the calendar, and also with looking at further flight details. The date of departture and arrival get lost a bit, and it's not entirely intuitive when you're trying to sort out what's what. When you're entering in departure and returning dates, the months are labeled, but the actual days are blank buttons. It's doable since you can just count in your head, but it's a little irritating. That said, plenty of other airline apps are way worse with their calendar accessibility. So, that said, this isn't horrible. When you're booking a one way flight, though, Voiceover responds beautifully to the calendar and suddenly reads the numbers and days of the week on the calendar. Bizarre, but I'm not complaining. Just wish it could also be sorted for the round trip calendars.
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4 years ago, KC clan
2nd review...just as bad as the first
Initially a 1 star review bcz everything I tried to look up for flights from Oregon to California would only show up in a different country matter what I set my acct or preferences to....Made zero sense! Fast forward a few days and I get an email from Skyscanner about how to fix that...although the app had already fixed itself by then, so I’m assuming it was a glitch occurring on the particular day I was trying it out... (shrug, don’t know) However their email did get me thinking about tickets again, Tuesday’s being a good day to buy tickets and such. So I did a search and every single flight this app finds is anywhere from $40-$220 MORE than what I am seeing right now on my desktop computer when I look at American or Southwest or Alaska Airlines websites... So again, back to poor stars and I still see zero use in the app at all. I have no idea how other people think this is a great concept unless maybe it only actually saves money on flights to other countries cuz it DEFINITELY doesn’t save anything within the US/short distance travel. That also would explain why most of the airline company options are all overseas type companies.... Why not just change the name of the app to something that represents Discounting Overseas Travel??
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6 years ago, Rock star;)
Great app for finding cheap flights - wish notifications were better
I use this app to find the best prices for flights and it’s great. I love that I can subscribe to flights and be alerted when the price changes. However I get too many silly notifications because any change triggers the notice. For example - I get notified when the price changes by $1 which is a waste of my attention. In addition if I subscribe to more than one flight the notification becomes generic and I have to open the app to see which flight changed. I wish I could control the limits of my notifications (like only tell me when the price drops by more than $30, etc) and that notifications were more clear - especially when subscribing to more than one flight. Keep up the great work! This app is powerful.
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1 year ago, RamblinMan007
No I do not work for Skyscanner, but I might as well because I tell EVERYONE about this awesome app! I have used it so much over the past few years, especially for international travel. I flew back and forth from the U.S. to Europe over 10+ times in the past several years only because of the dirt cheap price options on the app and NOWHERE else. I could have never had that amazing, unique experience that I will never forget, if it weren’t for Skyscanner. Right now I’m looking at trips to Japan from the U.S. on the app and seeing some really amazing price options, which prompted me writing this. I’m only going there because of this app and making it affordable to me. Helping me live life. USE THIS APP! Thank you to the people of Skyscanner who make this app possible. LET’S GO TOKYO!
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3 years ago, Mr102
Worst company ever and this stupid app won’t help. I booked the flight, I got travel insurance and the flight time changed. Called to get help and waited 4hrs for help. They pretended to help and then after saying they could change it, changed their minds and said I had to cxl. So I went to the flight insurance company and they said that they aren’t the ones I get a refund with. I have to go back to travel2be and they said they don’t do refunds and will also charge me $30 to cxl even though they don’t actually cxl the flight and the flight insurance does but who is the flight insurance if not who is listed on my flight insurance? Drop this app!!! Don’t use it! They are no good.
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6 years ago, jaimemarie23
Lost the best part
I’m also disappointed with the changes to the “explore” portion of the app. That is the main reason I used this app over any other airfare app. Being able to pick a destination and have the app tell me all the cheapest dates to travel to that destination, was extremely helpful for a flexible traveler like myself. Now the app fills in one set of random dates for that destination, and I can no longer explore and compare different dates without having to type in each date, look at price, change date, look at price, change date, look at price, etc... PLEASE update the app to have the explore option how it used to be. It really set this app above the rest being able to explore different locations or dates based on what is cheapest at the time. It was so helpful when I don’t have a specific destination or specific time frame I want to travel, I just know I want to go somewhere and have it be as cheap as possible. I’m not sure I have use for the app without that feature.
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3 years ago, ijalin
Beware of booking via SmartFares!
As the title warns, DO NOT book via SmartFares. They are a massive scam and will charge you more than the price quoted which you won’t discover until after the payment is processed. I was charged for a flexible ticket which was an additional $70 on a plane ticket that was only $79rt! Fortunately, I used my credit card which will refund and dispute directly with the scammers. They do worse things than that which you can discover by searching Google for reviews. Skyscanner, I am a backpacker. I don’t have time to sort through scamming sites on your site. Your service has been great up until now. Please block them from your airfare results so that others can book with ease and not be scammed like so many who’ve booked before me and will continue to until you remove them from your platform.
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5 years ago, HerFuzziness
The bait and switch, switch...
Up until this year (wait, Kayak beat out Skyscanner in September when I booked a trip to New Zealand), Skyscanner was my go-to for finding discount flights. A few years ago, I stopped using Momondo because it would advertise flights for one price, THEN raise the price AFTER you input your credit card information. Skyscanner isn’t that bad, but for the last month, every time I’ve checked a price for the EXACT same flight for the EXACT same date, it advertises the same “bait” price, then after clicking on the adjacent link, the price doubles, then triples. Not sure why you’d advertise a one-way flight for $254 FOR A MONTH, but then increase it to $720. Shouldn’t you stop the BS bait price on the unpteenth search? Should I blame the cookies? And you must realize that customers can actually search a plane’s seat availability, so the claims that the seats are limited is tired, not just dishonest. So, way to go, Skyscanner. You’re just as useless as Momondo now.
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1 year ago, Don’t use this app 01
Took my money.
I don’t even know how to express this. I tried booking a flight on skyscanner and it shows the airline so I know they tried to book it on spirit airlines. I tried paying for the flights and it kept telling me to refresh the page that the ticket is no longer available. I did it 4 times until I gave up on this ridiculous app. I went to spirit directly and tried to pay and they said insufficient funds. So now I have 2 flights paid for under skyscanner with no email no proof that I bought a ticket. I called spirit airlines they said they have no card number no name or email of mine to show it was booked. Where is my money skyscanner ? This is literally an ongoing issue literally right now. Worst of all there is no phone number to call skyscanner the emails say to contact the airline. Did you guys just rob me ?!! I’m furious I need to get back into the states and this is what you guys do to me.
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5 years ago, GummyMelanie
Explore Feature is never accurate
Using Explore was the highlight of using this app for me. However, now that I’m searching for flights to Spain this summer, if I “Explore” this location, it shows me a series of longer duration flights around 450, but when I tap on it, it’s nearly double in the 800s, an entirely different price. It does this for nearly any location and date. Overall I’m very disappointed with the inaccuracy of prices; it’s deemed to be nearly useless unless I’d rather search it date by date instead. With this in mind, I hope the developers will consider shining a light on this issue and improve the searching feature.
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2 years ago, AhmadSafin
Very bad experience with Skyscanner.
Yesterday, I have booked rerun trip to Jordan using one of their agent told Travelgenio. Because I used to travel using Skyscanner application since long, I was no under intention because I thought this organization is sheeting their customer and they are protecting them from any miss behavior. Any way, I went through all details being provided and reviewed all details however, every thing went fine completed with final payment. Later on when I received notification of tickets been issued, I have noticed that the luggage been given for me and my family are o kilograms. I was then very angry and I have sent many emails to Travelgenio and requested them any contact no. to reach them however, without any response from their end. I went direct to the airline to sort the issue with and reach to any conclusion however, what they offered me is costing me double of cost all tickets to gather. In addition, I understand that Travelgenio is charged me 50 % of all tickets where I understood then why this happened and what Travelgenio is did to get what they want ignorant the trust they need to build with customers. I acknowledged it is my mistake and from today onward I will delete Skyscanner and Travelgenio app from my phone forever.
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5 years ago, Luleelemon
Go to App to search flights
Skyscanner is TRULY my go to App for looking up & booking flights. You can search for a flight and if you are undecided just “save” it and come back later. See whether the price dropped or increased on that route. You can also “set a price alert”, so I have already set my alerts for 9 months in advance and monitor when cheap flights come up for upcoming holiday trips. It's easy to use, easy to navigate. Its' simple design and clean graphics make the information clear and straightforward. It scans multiple airlines and seems to offer better pricing for flights and connections than some of its rivals.
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6 years ago, Neupaneaj
Shady travel agencies it recommends!!!
Nothing wrong with the app itself. The problem lies with the shady travel agencies it suggests - a lot of them operating from either Eastern Europe or India. And that’s for regardless where the flights are to and from. I am never going to use this site or app again after having had several issues with the travel agencies it recommended while purchasing ticket. When the call is routed to Eastern Europe you know that any changes to the ticket whether airlines charges or not they want hefty change fees. And if the it’s an Indian agency they want to “verify” your credit card even after the ticket issuance by having to divulge credit card and passport info again (usually by sending actual pictures of the stuff) - archaic and obnoxious!!! Screw this - buy from the airline site directly - prices are lower or at worst the same - who need this app!!!
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6 years ago, Xsan-MarX
App is super trash. Prices are SUPER inconsistent. I once saw a $4 ticket to Cancun. FELT LIKE CLICKBAIT. When you do find low fares, the availability or connection wait times are god-awful. I once saw a connection wait time of 30 hrs for a 2 hour flight. Are you transporting me on someone's back(with paper wings attached to their hands)? So let me tell you about the price chart: don't use it. It's there for asthetic pleasures. Bet the developers are padding each other for that one. App is so bad not even Jesus would use it. Use Hopper instead(this review has been paid for by the false hopes of many poor suckers) Use app at your own risk 🤬🤬🤬
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4 years ago, chrstopher1011
**They do not take responsibility for the companies they partner with. I lost over $100!!
I booked a flight through SkyScanner for Vayama airlines to get a flight in the Spring bc I had to move. Vayama charged my credit card but never sent me my flight information, ticket or confirmation. No one from Vayama has reached out to me to this day about my multiple complaints. I reached out to SkyScanner to ask for a refund and they REFUSED to even give me a credit or any kind of compensation. They would not take responsibility and said it was my own liability to book with one of their partners. I told them then that they shouldn’t be promoting companies that are taking money without giving them the plane ticket promised, and AGAIN SkyScanner said it was not their problem. Disgusting...
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5 years ago, WendySnap
Used to be great
This used to be my only travel app and I travel constantly. However, I tried to book a flight yesterday and was directed to a third party website for purchase. I then got an email from skyscanner saying that company needed more information. The company also sent me an email saying I had to call them to verify my credit card. I was skeptical but did so and answered some questions. I then got a message that my credit card couldn’t be verified and the transaction was declined. So I rebooked using a different credit card and also got a message that the card had to be verified. I have an excellent credit card and the bank says there is no reason for them to be doing this and there are no problems with the card. I will be looking for a different app now.
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3 months ago, choiceweb0pen0
Useful but could use updates to add a basic economy filter
Skyscanner is useful as one way to research ticket prices to a destination. However what is labeled as economy for some airlines and tickets ends up being basic economy which can be frustrating to only learn by going to an airline website. We also had some issues in the past with a travel website linked through Skyscanner issuing a refund after a flight was canceled by the airline. We had to dispute the charge with our credit card company after the travel website was difficult to contact and in no rush to refund our money. Hopefully this company is no longer listed on the app.
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5 years ago, Terrifying 1
Wow! Wow! Wow! Check SkyScanner first every time!
I was hating to book Southwest Air with a 3 day notice from LAS to SMF(Sacramento) when the twin grands are born cuz it’s around $300 each way. Ugh... Driving is 9 hrs and $200+ for just gas! Ugh... I saw Sky Scanner in my apps so I took a minute to peek. I’m so glad I did! It showed me Frontier flew that route nonstop daily for $30-$40 each way. Today I booked Round Trip tix for an 8 PM to 9:30 PM flight in 3 days for only $71 including all tax and fees! Checked bag- not needed by me - is $30 each way extra. Wow! Wow! Wow! I saved $530 because I looked! I can’t wait to meet the new grandkids! I’LL CHECK SKY SCANNER FIRST EVERY TIME I TRAVEL FROM NOW ON!
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6 years ago, Adamsfjoann.
Low rating carrier and unknown sites
I am disappointed with Skyscanner because I actually never got a flight through the app. Also, the carrier in the search results are frontier and spirit. These carriers do not add seating or baggage prices to their total price. Their goal is to provide options for their guests. This would not apply to me. Also they both are known to have late arrivals and departures time with poor customer service. In addition, there are booking site most people are not familiar and thorough research has to be done before booking. Skyscanner is not an app for last minute trips. Trips need to be planned in weeks or months in advance. Lastly, I do not like the calendar or chart feature. It display a cheaper flight price than what the results display. Hope the review helps.
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2 years ago, Kjb0409
Missing a few needed features
With the advent of “Economy Basic,” there needs to be a filter option for it. Too often I get the end of my search and am about to book, only to realize it’s Economy Light/Basic and have no way to change the cabin. Additionally, I really want the ability to select my flight there and *then* select my return flight. Enough of this scrolling through to find the exact combination you want. This is made even more difficult by the filter only allowing you choose to “leave after” a certain time from your departure city. What if I want to leave *before* a certain time? That needs to be added in.
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6 years ago, Alphonse_de
Worst App Ever
My wife booked a flexible airfare through Skyscanner, and paying more, just in case we needed to change dates. As it turns out we do need to and Skyscanner denies any responsibility saying they are only a search engine, our tickets are actually with Tripsta, and we need to deal directly with them. I’ve called both Athens, Greece and Auckland, New Zealand, and messaged them several times, all with no success. Now I’ve been told they are in reorganization and we are authorized to deal directly with Japan Airlines, who say it’s not their problem and won’t even discuss with us any changes. As I have to stay several more months in Thailand I will be forced to forfeit my return flight, and the money involved, all due to “Skyscammer”! This is outrageous, a total ripoff, and I would suggest that no one ever book through this company again.
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7 years ago, ChrisPlz
Love this app
Only 2 reasons why I can’t give it 5 stars: I wish it had finer grained control over notifications (I want to see if a flight I’m interested changes, I can’t stand random notifications asking if I’m “still interested 👀”), and also, I can’t seem to find a way to set a watch from the app. If I set up a watch on desktop, I get notifications for price changes, but if I save a flight on the mobile app, no notifications, and appears under “saved” instead of “watching.” Maybe I’m missing something somewhere, but if so, wish it was easier to find.
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6 years ago, crazyski79
Super Awesome
I’ve been using Skyscanner for many years! I love it because I can search most airlines at once and find the best combination of travel dates to save money by day, week, month, and year. We used Skyscanner recently for our trip to Australia and New Zealand because I found a super cheap time to fly for our family and changed our previous destinations. The search functionality by month and year is particularly useful when you are not stuck in flying a certain time of year or day and just looking for cheapest travel times. We LOVE Skyscanner!
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1 year ago, J'vian's mom
This is the 2nd time I use the app and purchase tickets through United. When you get tickets with United airlines there is a difference between economy and basic economy. Biiigggg difference. I thought I chose the right one second time around but nope confirmed with United it’ basic economy. I now have to pay for a CARRY ON, when all it says in this app is economy. It doesn’t tell you if it’s basic or not when searching. Things like this should be included because it becomes a hassle later on. Thanks a lot !
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7 years ago, Sraye19
How I have travelled the world!
Updated review from 2017: I'm sure I sound like I'm being a tad dramatic, but this app is literally life-changing! With its help I have successfully visited over 17 countries across Europe and Asia. My most recent trip was to Thailand for a little over $500 round trip. Thank you, Skyscanner for making continued world exploration possible ❤️ Original review from 2014: I am 23 and with the help of sky scanner have been blessed to be able to travel! Milan Italy round trip for $800? You're joking! Iceland for $99 bucks?! This app has literally changed my life.
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4 years ago, (Fast Eddie77)
Skyscanner review
My Skyscanner App is NOT letting me pick separate flights to complete my round trip!! It’s NOT helpful at all to present both outbound and inbound as a take it or leave option. Can’t stay with you guys if this doesn’t change!! Hey, Guys!! I got a response from you on my Apple phone asking me to further qualify my response here. So here goes! Simply put, give the customer the choice to pick individual flights for both outgoing and incoming flights in order to complete the roundtrip flight. You can’t do that now on this App. You offer just a complete roundtrip trip, take it or leave package, that doesn’t allow for time choices and preferences. Many of the other flight apps offer individual flights for both ways that makes it much easier to choose from!! Thank You!!
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6 years ago, ghayass.ali
Needs a bit of improvement
Skyscanner is a really good app to use for flights, but i dont like some things of this. The flights they show are not always THE cheapest, you can still find aome cheap deals before that and what i mostly dont like is how that when we select a date from the charts if says that the cheapest flight is of $300 but when we go to select a flight it is no where near $300 but its triple the price so it is like clickbait that the chart tells another price and we get something else. That is really confusing and frustrating. I hope this gets fixed or the problem gets solved.
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6 years ago, Drae1985
I looked up flights under the "explore" section. I saw all these inexpensive prices for the select dates that the app provided but then when I click on the price to explore what flights were available for that price there was always nothing available for the price that they advertise. I'm assuming the inexpensive flights were sold out but if that is the case, don't advertise them as if they are available. I used the "back space" button to go back to the previous page because I thought maybe I just saw the price incorrectly but I didn't. Everytime I went to the original page that showed all the available inexpensive prices, the price increased every single time and the inexpensive price that was originally advertised was gone.
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5 years ago, ksbdjcisnebesjdns
Incorrect or deliberately false. No idea
Three days I got quotes and immediately tried to book. The prices suddenly shot up al three days by the same amount. I guess their data from the airlines is inaccurate or they are deliberately posting false information. I travel the world. I need reliable prices where i can immediately book and get confirmation. When I tried to complain they ask you to wait 7 days. Obviously works for some people on some airlines, but maybe they need more or in Asia, or maybe integrity training. THREE days of false information. Sorry better apps out there. I usually only write good reviews but was so disappointed and felt so cheated thought i should share. Be prepared of prices increases in a matter of seconds.
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7 years ago, Richie Moody
This is how I (we) roll!!!
I have been using sky scanner for a very long time! Been traveling across the globe - America, Europe and Asia and I’ve always use sky scanner to find cheap flights! Recently we traveled all over Europe (8 countries) but to get there, I found a round trip ticket from US to Switzerland for $550 a piece for a peaked season! From there the 4 of us, hubby and my 2 kids went around summer time and spent country hopping for 3 weeks! Keep checking! Keep looking! You’ll find the right price for you!!! Good luck traveler!
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6 years ago, greenebeans2
Inaccurate flight prices
I like to use the “explore” option from my closest airports. We are flexible with travel dates so this feature helps save money on tickets...theoretically. However, 9 times out of 10 the price is substantially higher than what is reported when you select those dates. For instance, when ‘exploring’ travel deals out of LAX it says tix to Rome are $360 for 2 weeks at the end of August. Awesome! Yay!! I select those dates and wait for the itineraries to load. The cheapest price is $604. Wait, what?! This has started happening so often I’ve reverted back to using good ol’ Google Flights.
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3 years ago, bama 0000
I guess new update created annoying changes
Love the app. Always my go to until now. Now when ever i search it gives me top 3 options and says click here for the rest of the results. Once you click it it doesnt carry over the search inputs. I have to reinput the TO location and the date and one way. Extremely annoying. Its like having to do the same search twice. Also sometimes the date changes to an arbitrary date. Luckily i caught the date change before i booked the flight
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3 years ago, JasmineNichole
Changed so much. Can't see price listing.
I've been using this app for over 6 years. It used to guve me the price of flights in 2 different ways as a bar graph or numbers under the dates. I no longer have any of those options. I have to choose my dates and hope I chose dates with low prices. There are no prices listed for me to compare the best dates to go. It's very frustrating. I've also been using Google flights because the fights are cheaper on there. Skyscanner used to have the cheapest flights I'd ever seen. It was amazing. But for the past year it's been absolutely ridiculous and high. I hope you guys bring back the price view options. It's very frustrating.
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4 months ago, FunTimesInJuly
Best flight app
This is my all time favorite flight finder app. I rely on it and I swear by it. I’ve been using this app for a very long time, maybe 8 years or more. It is easy to use, to create alerts and save trips. You can get as many or as little updates as you want. People are always amazed when I tell them what I paid to fly. I also love the option of fly anywhere so I can just pick a place to go based on the price.
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5 months ago, Coinstar takes less money.....
Used to work now it doesn’t
Setting price alerts is one of the main features on this app but when I set a price alert in the mobile app they do not appear in the “my trips” section to be able to go back and view them. Defeats the whole point of the app as it was one of the main reasons I used it. Still works for the most part to find cheapest flights but no good for monitoring the price fluctuations. Update: There is no option for “help support” in the app. There is a “support” button and within that a “find help” button that takes me to a webpage where I can search the apps website for answers to FAQs
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8 months ago, Pittmane
Love the ability to look for “anywhere” trips but…
It would be even better if I could save certain settings for the initial search. Specifically, there are certain airlines that I refuse to fly. Of course, whenever I see a great deal, it is usually for one of those airlines (cough, spirit, cough). Any chance there could be an update to the app that would allow for that? A way to save favorite airlines? That way I don’t get my hopes up when I see a super cheap flight that will just add on the fees AND give terrible service.
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7 years ago, engineer13
Jury is out on this
My barber told me about this great app that he uses to go all over the world. He told me that if you have flexibility on everything- departure, return, even destination- you can find some amazing deals. I downloaded immediately and it's not as easy as he made it out to be. I'm constantly on the help page to utilize this wonderful 'flexibility' feature (I'm still not convinced it's working) and see lots of comments from users not at all happy with the latest upgrade- this is what my barber had described to me. It is not that different from orbitz, travelocity, etc. I feel that I missed the boat.
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3 years ago, John atbwork
Use to love
I use to love this app. It use to let you book your flights with the actual airline that the plane tickets are being purchased from. Now it use some third party website. Some site I’ve never heard of before. I will continue to check flight prices with this app, but I will not buy a ticket unless it’s through the airline. That way you want get any of gotcha cost when you arrive for your flight.
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3 years ago, SusanBaldwin
Dependable Site
We have been using Skyskanner for years, to book our flights, hotels and rental cars. They are our go to site for domestic and overseas flights. We have booked multiple extended flight itineraries with them and have never had any issues. The site is very dependable and 95% of the time the flight, rental car or hotel will be available at a very reduced rate compared to going directly to the airlines, car rental place or hotel.
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6 years ago, Mztq
Was good
I have been using Skyscanner for the last 3 years and the app has saved me money on great prices with the alerts. The reason for the 3 star is that lately I have been searching for domestic flights and not airlines are shown for pricing. I do not like spirit or frontier and seems that is the only carriers showing up on the pricing. I like American Airlines and I know they have flights available for my dates but they do not show up on the list. Please fix
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5 years ago, Traveller1339
This WAS a very good tool for travelers.
Recently I’ve noticed that the link between SkyScanner App (on my iPhone) and the third party car rental vendor (I.e. CarRental8) has been broken. You see very low prices offered by CarRental8, but when you click to go to their site and complete the reservation the destination doesn’t have your search criteria (date, location,...). Worst part is; when you re-enter the SAME criteria you will get a MUCH higher rate from the vendor. It’s a total waste of time.
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6 years ago, WickedBossMan
Love it, but a couple issues
This app is amazing in so many ways. The amount of features is insane. There are just a couple of small things though. Sometimes when selecting filters for how many stops, it won’t let you scroll down to actually select anything. That ones small, but one I come across often is lack of pricing. I’ll be under the everywhere tab for a certain month and it won’t show any flights. I feel like it just shouldn’t show the country if there aren’t any flights. Anyway, great app.
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5 years ago, Jimmyodash
Important feature removed ? Why
This has been my GO TO app for years of flights and all the good points are well documented by reviewers already BUT I’m not happy with flight details being removed! Previously when you saw a flight that was a possibility, you could click on ‘Details’ and see connection stops; layover times and aircraft types. Now aircraft types have been removed. This is a very bad move as frequent flyers need to / want to see that information. I will not buy a ticket unless I see what type of aircraft is allocated to that service on that date (never).
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5 years ago, Colealexanderpittman
The ONLY flight app I use to travel
I LOVE Skyscanner, it is the most efficient, user friendly, and advanced, flight app out there, and has been for years. The way it lets you see prices for individual days, has literally saved me thousands of dollars over past several years. I wish more people knew about it. I promote it to all of my friends and family, and now it’s all they use too. Thank you so much for such a wonderful app, I love it so much.
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2 years ago, bobstong
Beware- Do Not book using this app
Skyscanner has great tools for finding multi-city flights (limited to 5) for travel with a variety of airline carriers. When booking, Skyscanner uses their independent “partners” who take your money and provide poor service. At that point Skyscanner is gone & users must communicate with the assigned partner. In my case, partner Jetabroad provided a bogus confirmation number that does not work & my flight bookings still do not appear on Skyscanner 10 days later! No possible way to contact either party & resolve without valid conf number. Hopefully others will consider my terrible experience & Skyscanner will be out of business soon.
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3 years ago, Williamsb7
The mobile app issues
The “anywhere” option for exploring is great, but if I use “anywhere” and it says a destination is $12 for a one way trip, two errors occur. 1. There is never an option that matches the advertised cost even on the IPad version which is less glitchy. It’s always significantly more. There are never filters turned on. 2. When searching one way trips on the iPhone app, it always shows round trip options for the same day. Regardless how many times I reboot the app or check to make sure it is updated, the one way tab doesn’t work
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6 years ago, EBDC87
One issue
STOP PROMOTING HOP2!!! Just stop. My boss booked tickets and tickets were fine then there was a charge of 3 person airfare going to Houston. Fraudulent charge. This is an ongoing issue with the company. If you look at travel boards this is a common occurrence with as soon as you book a ticket, there are fraudulent charges after. This company has also been reported to the BBB. Otherwise, I love the app. I have booked 7 international flights. Some with 3rd party some through the airline. It is my go to app, but for the love of **** get hop2 off your site.
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6 years ago, locnas Cruisnack
Only app I book flights with
Words can’t explain how much I love this app, if I could I would hug all the developers!! I have booked over 20 flights with this app in the past year and can’t even begin to think how much I save using this app. I love it’s everywhere function and have discovered so many new places because of it!! While this app hasn’t changed my life, it’s sure added an element of excitement to it, and saved me LOADS of cash!! Thanks Skyscanner ❤️❤️
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