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User Reviews for sliBuy

2.13 out of 5
112 Ratings
2 years ago, blocko312
Inspected items
I buy here and there once in awhile. They just need to improve on inspecting items and taking pictures. You buy stuff that says shelf pull or new but sometimes it’s either it’s missing parts or it doesn’t work. Pictures sometimes doesn’t even show anything. Shows 2 or 3 pictures and then when you get it has crack or missing parts. They just need to improve on customer service. Inspecting for more details on the actual list. Returns would be great. They use to have inspect it before you leave the building. They took that away.
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2 years ago, DHarp23
Hidden Gem
SliBuy is hands down best online Auction out there! The staff online and in warehouse are phenomenal!! Kinda shocked that there are any bad reviews of the company!! The company, website, and staff are ALWAYS transparent of their company and Auction rules. If their is an issue the staff is beyond helpful, honest, and kind. The products are what is always pictured, how they are described in description too, and the def don’t “scam” you whatsoever. The warehouse is gigantic!! With how much work, and stuff they have to go through, and the staff and company are still quick and organized, it’s truly impressive!! The type of product, quality of products, are in amazing condition sometimes even better than the retailers! We’ve spent a good amount here but no where near the amount we’ve saved with SliBuy. My fiancé and I are grateful and thankful for this Hidden Gem!
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1 year ago, 27GL9BH2
Returning Items
Great concept, great employees that work there, but trying to return items with missing parts, or returning items that are broken can be a hassle. I was told the last time that I attempted to return something that wasn’t what was advertised (parts missing), the clerk at the counter told me that I was only entitled to what was listed in the picture shown in the app - even if the parts that were supposed to be inside of the unit were missing. Don’t get me wrong, I have had way more good luck than bad luck with my purchases, but I’ve ended up having to throw some of these purchases straight into the garbage because they were so damaged. - also, FYI - be careful of anything that requires you to have it shipped to you.
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1 year ago, Sarah D VT
Garbage app and no guarantee you will get what you bought
The app is poor, it frequently glitches and will automatically bring you to the top of the list when viewing an item. As for the items themselves… yes, it has the disclaimer there is no refund and no guarantee the items are described. But, when they post items of a box, and not the actual item inside, that should have been a red flag. I ordered a new baby food processor and steamer. What I got was a used food processor that wasn’t even the correct item. It was a different model and much older than what I was trying to buy. Avoid this app, it’s not worth it after the shipping costs anyway.
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2 years ago, MJAL4054
Bad angle photos
I’ve purchased from them because you can find good deals. I would be Leary of any item that they only have one photo or they say new item or shelf pull. I creep shot every purchase I make and any item I’ve purchase that had a defect and it was obvious. The pictures taken by them deliberately took an angle that didn’t show the defect. Also I’ve purchased cooking items marked nee that came with unclean parts, clearly show prior use. Their customer service is terrible. That being said you can still get good deals.
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6 months ago, ADTerry
Big Boy
This app is and site are pretty decent. I have won bids on items that I have literally thrown away but on the flip side the items I bid on I know full well what to expect. I really have not spent high dollar amounts to be safe but have gotten great items. PA system lighting microphones all in excellent conditions. Read descriptions completely. Understand if it’s pick up or shipping only first this is important as I learned the hard way but did get a good price.
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2 years ago, foxnewsucks
It’s 90% Trash
I am fully aware of the disclaimer on this app and the auction, i understand what I am bidding on and the reality of what this app provides. That being said, the absolutely pathetic picture quality for their listings is really indefensible. The reason I bring that up is if they used cameras from the early 2000’s you would get a better idea of what you are bidding on. This alone would provide better protection for the bidder, simply because they could SEE what they are bidding on. They take deceptive pictures and list trash, literal trash, almost all the time. Save yourself the time and don’t download or buy anything from this app.
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4 years ago, DesignerRB
I bought over 20 things. One item never showed up. Three others were missing so many parts that they were unusable. One would not turn on. The app does not warn you about payment until they ask you to pay reactivation fee. The day the send a invoice is the same as when it freezer. I finally gave up for the app kept spinning and not allowing me to pay two different times. When finally would work, I had a payment fee to reactive. After $45 in fees, lost items, and useless items, I said enough was enough! BUYER BEWARE!
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1 year ago, YankeeZulu83
Saved so much money
I have saved sooo much money with using this app. So much I haven’t spent a dime. Something happened and I just deleted the whole account so I could start over. I can’t even remember what the issue was but it seemed the easiest way was to start over. I deleted it and went back in to make the new account and it wouldn’t let me bc it said I already had an account with that phone number. So I tried to log back into my old account and it said it was deleted. Until I get a new phone which is not in my future plans, I won’t be using this app
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3 years ago, grandchetokee
Ask lots of questions
Last year around Christmas time I bought a 9 x 12 swimming pool that was listed as being new in the box. It’s now June ..I opened it up only to find that it was moldy and had holes in it .I was offered a credit but I don’t see it anywhere. I guess it’s bad on my part that I didn’t inspect it when I received it but being new in the box I didn’t feel there was a reason to ,obviously because of the fact that it was moldy it had been used and had holes.
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2 years ago, Bring back old version
Issues with new app release.
Several issues with your new app release. The background for search field is black and your font is black. You can’t see what you type. Once in a search, if you click to see the pictures or see an item. When you X out, it takes you back to the first item in the search, not back to the item you just looked at. Super frustrating when you are in a large item search. Haven’t yet tested to see if the sale timer issue has been fixed. You need better QA before you release.
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2 months ago, Anon117654
2 stars because..
When i was first introduced to this site which was only less than a month ago. Things are going good. The items i had ordered came in a timely manner, but I won three pairs of headphones and only received two pair. I’m beyond upset. Other than that, everything else that I had received was fine. But I was still like my headphones that I paid for given that they don’t offer any type of reimbursement.
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2 years ago, ehamill
Used to be good. Lately it’s a scam
Last few items (I bought a lot) have not matched the description. Either missing pieces, damaged, broken/unusable, not the quantity that advertised and in one case (mini 3d printer), not even the item in the title (was not a 3d printer). Pictures are taken to avoid showing damaged items…causing you to either eat the loss or spend money to fix. “The cheap comes out expensive” is true with this app! Lastly, they claim I didn’t pay for an item and want $25 to reactivate my account? SCAM! Do not use!
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6 months ago, Angry exbuyer
Don’t let them fool you
In the beginning you’re gonna think it’s a great website and that you are being so lucky that you’re able to purchase all this great items at that price. Think twice! they don’t care about what they ship you they don’t care about how they ship it and ultimately they don’t care about anything. They are just there to collect your money and sell stuff that most likely has broken parts or it’s a total different thing than what you pay for. Good luck!
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9 months ago, flash6389
Good and bad
Bought a few things turned out just as stated now bought some others that said new/other and I got it home looked at the box it legit said faulty does not work none of the picture showed this side of the box gray concept they just need to be better at taking pictures and detailing if it’s really shelf pull, new/other, used, or salvaged and now all of a sudden it won’t let me back into the app please fix
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10 months ago, ZHelen87
Bad app
It doesn’t work correctly! I didn’t get any email notification after I bought a stuff and the button “ask questions “ doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t respond! So how can I pick up my lots ? If I can’t even write to support?
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4 years ago, GM RETIRED
Quitting this seller
Site is now selling junk not returns. Scrapped two chairs this year broken into pieces. I have two items paid for but never shipped. They have no reply to that one. I have broken item in garage which included a note saying it was sold twice before. Also have two items with missing parts which will probably prove too expensive to replace. DO NOT BID ON ANY ITEM WHICH SHOWS ONLY THE BOX. This is how they hide items that are basically worthless!! They have lost a good customer. Thinking of contacting Attorney General Office in Illinois.
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12 months ago, Nurkowski
Buyer Beware
Spat of bad luck recently. Broken prop on drone, broken wire on Karaoke machine, broken leg on bed, display not working on a weather station and an air mattress different size than stated. I managed to correct some but was told out of luck on others. Sales are as is! There is no guarantee that any purchase will work as intended. Buyer beware and keep in mind that your purchase will not work when bidding.
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3 years ago, loulew28
The site says you may be buying used items, what it does not say is if you win an item marked new/other that you will get an item that is so used that there is a hole on the middle of it so large that it is nothing more than garbage. I am thankful that my trust in this company only cost me $26 but I see other items selling for hundreds of dollars. If they won’t provide you with many clear pictures of what you are buying from all angles, don’t bid.
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1 year ago, scubadavid
Be aware. The units are mislabeled more often than not. They will label things that are clearly used and label them new/other. They will mislead you with their pictures and omit things that are broken and the company will say they can’t look over everything and still label it new. Won’t use this anymore until they change their deceptive practice.
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7 months ago, secrguvdr
Fix bugs
FIX THE APP. When you are back out from looking at a picture of a listing it will take you all the way back to the top. Do you know how aggravating that is!! It Makes me not want to use the app at all!
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2 years ago, Surfer4all
Be aware
I bought my first item, paid shipping and +++ membership, item arrived broken and not as advertised. Watch out when it says "power on" after I write a review somewhere else, my account was suspended. App constantly crashes, can't give you option to cancel orders or even update your own information.
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2 years ago, bk98dekb
Sometimes ok
Sometimes you get a good deal and sometimes you don’t and end up with damaged/broken items. Beware that they add a 15% “buyers fee” to your final price but don’t mention that until you get the invoice to pay. They usually ship pretty fast.
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1 year ago, scionXB1976
Cheaper than eBay
I like trying to win on here I get a lot of unique items I like the flat rate for shipping A+++ thank you
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4 years ago, chan Tell
Be careful
This place will allow you to bid on used or broken items and there are no returns so be sure you are prepared to fix an item. They have a surcharge for credit cards and they will suspend your account quickly for nonpayment .
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1 year ago, Hhhhaahbebd
App refreshes every time
Need to fix app so it doesn’t refresh after you look at pics or search the item. Sometimes the countdown clock is just gone.
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3 years ago, owes me money
So Far...not good
New customer-Bought a fan that arrived with the word BROKEN clearly written on the top they didn’t show in the many pictures. Won’t turn on. Bought 2 auto trash cans. Neither work. Parts missing and nasty inside. Be willing to eat what you spend. These items were returned for a reason.
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1 year ago, Iamthatguy2
New update does not work. Don’t download or update!
New update does not work. Don’t download or update! The update only shows 5 items for sale. The update deleted all my saved items and everything I was bidding on…….. probably detected my payment info …..
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3 years ago, ️Mags
Use caution/I would not recommend this app
Be sure to contact seller to have them either send pictures of what you’re actually buying. Sellers will post photos of new items but send broken and or used items without informing the seller. Their return policy is they do mot refund for any reason. BUYER BEWARE
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1 year ago, Justice1969
Needs work
Love this site but agree with other reviewers—the app needs work. PayPal crashes 90% of the time. Wish there was a way to make or change your pickup appointment on the app.
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5 years ago, Yajayra89
I can select any of the categories, plus it would be nice to filter through new or shelf pull items. App is super convenient though!
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1 year ago, cheetohallen
Buyer Beware!!!
Product pictures and descriptions don’t always provide an accurate assessment. Pictures are taken at angles which, in my opinion, could be construed as deceptive. I bought a product and got totally taken. I will be deleting the app.
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4 years ago, %errtyuu
Wish list
Fix wish list plz, work not correctly
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2 years ago, Yiriell
Bad service and product
This company is not say the true at all, they said they sell new item but there don’t know if that item are working or not there don’t verify.
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2 years ago, Blagblah13473
Search engine needs a ton of work.
Would be nice if you could actually word search items without matching the entire string… pretty poor!
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2 months ago, mollymillie9
Save your money
Wasted more money on products that were deceptively marked than actual products as stated. You’re better off looking elsewhere!!!!
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2 years ago, Jakes3478
Fix the app!
It’s constantly refreshing so you have to re go through every single listing to get to where you left off
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4 years ago, answer your phones
Terrible customer service
At pick up they lost my item. I have tried for two days to contact them for a refund but no one answers the phones or responds to e mails. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, Chloe43017
Be warned
I bought an ice maker ... looked very carefully at the 3 generic pics they provided and thought I got a great deal. Unfortunately they shipped it in the original box without bothering to add any packaging materials and the item arrived completely destroyed.
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1 year ago, Cgalagaza
Can’t login to my account, this app is now worthless. Needs fixed immediately
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4 years ago, cmb060819
Unrealistic descriptions
I purchased an item listed as “shelf pull” so should have been factory sealed and upon receiving it was in fact open, used, and damaged! Buyer beware of what you’re purchasing. Not worth the hassle.
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6 months ago, camaesga
Scammy site
They are not responsible for returns. So basically a gamble. I bid on a coffee shot maker and it cane in broken. So in essence they just sell junk that you have to take a gamble on. Return policy is none!
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4 years ago, more channels
False advertising
Slibuy should be reported the the Illinois state attorney general. Everything I’ve bought here has been used, damaged or missing parts, including their “shelf pull” items. Avoid!
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4 years ago, TeenaMarieMyers
App stopped working
This worked fine on my iPhone until today now it won’t open any more .
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4 years ago, Bachicha446
Buy at you own risk !!
They no check the items ,they no take returns,everything is store return for a reason, be Aware!!,you gambling!!
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3 years ago, rpetric
App doesn’t work!
Just downloaded the app, entered all the info asked for, logged in successfully (I think) and the app never loads/starts up. Useless
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3 months ago, T6waver
Shipping discount for 5 items went from 50% to 30%, not cool
Shipping discount for 5 items went from 50% to 30%, not cool
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3 years ago, tdiddyafg
Deliberately sell broken items. They hide the damage in the pictures.
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1 year ago, Houses for rent ruined app
Garbage broken parts missing parts rude stuff again garbage
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1 year ago, StarTaFight
New update broke the app
App is unusable. Do not update
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