Slickdeals: Deals & Discounts

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Slickdeals, LLC
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11 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slickdeals: Deals & Discounts

4.77 out of 5
83.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Oreste191
For you section needs work
Edit: there is a setting in menu to pick k default tab. Updated rating. The “for you” section needs work. It doesn’t make sense that the “Front Page” tab is the second tab on the app, yet, it’s the only tab that automatically refreshes and lets you know that there are new deals since the last time you launched the app. Ideally, the “For You” tab will also have this feature but it doesn’t. You have to scroll all the way to the top and drag down to refresh which is an inconvenience. Either create the feature for this tab or make the “Front Page” the landing tab again as it was in the past.
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5 years ago, maggivisakh
Very good app, but....
I'm using slickdeals for years and have saved thousands of dollars.. Daily I'll have a chrome tab opened in my work PC for slickdeals to check every once in a while when I get a break.. The app is really good, but has some issues like.. When trying to upvote or comment on a post, it'll say "sorry you must be logged on to do that".. When the app is killed and launched again, this gets fixed.. Also most of the times, when trying to create a deal alert with a valid keyword (I was trying with 7 or 8 letter keyword) and got the error "user with this ID is not found : 0 " I know the dev team watch this space for feedback and continously work on fixing them.. Hence leaving this review with lots of hope.. Anyway I'll continue to use the app, and will keep recommending to my friends to try as well.. Keep up the good work and bring us more good slick deals.. 👍🏼
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2 years ago, BrianFromCali
Negative Helpful?
How can something be negative helpful? If a comment is helpful to one person but not helpful to someone else, does that mean it cancels out and the comment was not helpful at all? What kind of logic is this? Yet here you will see these negative helpful comments throughout slickdeals. This results in a community that uses the helpful buttons to essentially downvote anyone not telling a joke or telling them how to get something for free. People downvote friendly input and upvote jokes and snide remarks. Just look at any post in the app and you’ll see. I get more pop-up ads from this app than any other app because the ads load after the rest of the content so your finger might be resting where an ad appears and it’s ultra quick to load them. The app also asks for an explanation if you downvote a deal but not if you upvote it. It’s an unnecessary step that should be omitted.
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5 months ago, pumpkinwhite
Needs dynamic text support
Most apps that display a lot of text support dynamic text support. Which means you can change the size of font using the font size slider in display settings. iOS allows you to change font size with at the global level or at an app level. However, the slickdeals app does not honor those settings. There is no way to change font size. This is inexcusable for an app that is primarily based on displaying large bodies of text. As I’m getting older I’m finding it more difficult to read threads on the slickdeals app. Disappointing that they do not have any way to change font size. The only way I found is to change to zoomed view at global level (that is a different setting than font size) but that changes the entire OS experience. App needs to support dynamic text or have a way to change text size within the app.
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2 years ago, Davyyyy D215
Makes my pants a little Tighter
You will all understand from the second you sign on until you force yourself to log out that their is NOTHING BUT DEALS!!!! #1 rated relationship Saver for Men with how much more you are able to buy your lady or even just that one thing she wanted, and the “ same goes for women “ saving $$ an buying their man’s real name products cheaper then the knock-off’s!!! If you don’t have this APP then you need to make the First Step in Recovery to a better life of recovering all that money back in your savering pockets. Psssshhh MEN, FYI- you’re guaranteed to see new tricks performed for u at home if u keep finding those deals which then you can give her double the presents….
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3 years ago, CurtisDFogle
Nearly Unusable
At its current state, this app is nearly unusable. Every couple seconds of scrolling, you will get an ad pop up between your deal list. This would be acceptable if that was it. But each time you get one of these ads (very frequently), your scrolling position on the deal list will be moved seemingly at random. The worst of it is that it can send you all the way back to the top of the page (good luck reaching where you were just at with the bombardment of ads on your way back down the list). If you’re looking for an incredibly frustrating experience, then this is the app for you in its current state.
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6 years ago, JLad10687
Alerts are broken for me
UPDATE: The developer got back to me, apparently you get front page deal alerts by default. I was looking at the alerts I set up to turn them off but you have to turn them off in your settings. Not sure what's going on with this. I got the app so I could be alerted to deals for a few specific things. I set up alerts for those items but I get bombarded with alerts all day for random things. It's so intrusive and it seems to be either all alerts or none. I'm choosing none and uninstalling the app. Otherwise works great as an alternative to the site but what's the point if the alerts don't work, I'll just check the site when I can.
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6 years ago, kmichalec
Fix the Back arrow in the BF section!!!
Update: Devs listened to my bug complaint and fixed the issue i mentioned below. The app is once again usable and reliable, and it’s one of the only BF apps that allow me to set up my list for BF on my iPad, and have that list sync up with the app on my phone without having to re-enter the list. Updated review to 5 stars now! Great job! ————- Once you get into an add scan in the BF section, the back arrow doesn’t work to get back the main BF page. You need to exit the entire BF section completely and come back in. Also, if you click down to an item from an ad, to add it to your list, you can’t exit back to the ad scan via the back arrow there too. All the back arrows are broken in the BF section. Please fix this ASAP, otherwise, this section of the app is useless. Response: No. Back arrows and links stop working. The only way to correct it is to kill the app from memory, and restart it. When you do that, it works one time, but when you try a second time, it stops working again.
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3 years ago, Σωκρᾰ́της
Just an ad platform now
The last few updates, but especially the most recent one have really shown how this app, and the site itself, have just become another advertising platform. Most of the deals are lukewarm at best, and you can’t trust the amount of thumbs up at all since they are very often gamed by fake accounts (or you can probably just pay the site to get a bunch on your deal listing). Also there are a ton more ads than ever before and they’re all extremely sensitive to your finger being anywhere near them, if I scroll through the front page for a minute or two I will have at least 2-3 pop open in safari because I let my finger rest on them for longer than 1 nanosecond. Sad to see this site go the way it did, but people aren’t allowed to have useful tools that make our lives easier anymore :(
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4 years ago, am110901
No reason not to use it.
If you wanna save money on some items, and your ok with being patient, then use slick deals. That simple. No fees, no subscription, nothing stupid just make an account within a minute and start looking for a deal of an item you might want. Super simple to navigate and again there’s no reason not to use it. Edit: I have found a small issue with this. When I’m scrolling through the featured tab it will constantly tell me “you’ve reached the end of the deals thread!” In the middle of the screen. It’s a little annoying but not a big issue. Just wanted to let you know so you can fix it.
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3 years ago, Jimschoice
Something’s wrong
Had an issue where the deals were jumping back to the top when scrolling, but Dev responded quickly ash’s patched the issue. I enjoy having the app and find lots of deals on things. Guess where I find the deals on this iPhone, or my Galaxy Watch, or just about half the stuff in my house! I don’t like the personalized deals at all. I loved SD because I find stuff I didn’t know I needed, or gift ideas for family. If the deals are “personalized”, then how will I find new and different deals. I would much rather just see everything!
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5 years ago, Rangersin7
Alerts going bonkers
I’m not sure what happened in the last week or so, but I get way too many alerts by email or push notifications. I changed it to just emails, and the alerts are out of control. I deleted a lot of my alerts, and they are still sending me way too many about things I’m not interested in. You need to have a break down to how to get the most out of your alerts, what all the ratings mean, i.e. front page, popular, any thread, etc. I had to turn off all alerts, because it’s just too many. In addition, most of the alerts in my email are coming in twice per alert. What the heck is going on with this app? ** After the most recent app update, I’m still getting bombarded with emails for things I’m not interested in. Some alerts, instead of double emails, I’m now getting triple emails. This is absurd. I’m ready to delete the app.
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5 years ago, GdsmithTX
Was perfectly fine; latest update broke it
I have used the Slickdeals app for a couple of years and it was perfectly fine on my iPad. But the May 3, 2019 update completely broke it. It is so incredibly slow, and so incredibly unresponsive, that it is absolutely unusable. Even trying to use the apps feedback feature took 7 to 10 minutes to get to the field to type in your feedback, and then Each letter that you typed would take a minimum of 30 seconds to appear. Hopefully, they’ll fix with a later update What they broke with this one.
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2 years ago, UCF Striker 22
Ads and “articles”
I’ve been on Slickdeals for over 10 years and all I have to say it’s gone progressively worse experience. First, they are now putting in line advertisements in the app that actually encroach in real listings in order to force click ok advertisements. Now, they are writing articles and forcing that into the deals list - which are just at its core more advertisements. Not to mention all the paid post and shill posting, trust me you’ll recognize it immediately- Front page 1 comment. Overall, I hope they go back to their old ways, I know they were insanely profitable before, these quality of life dings with predatory ads just makes the overall experience 2 thumbs down.
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3 years ago, Markbelanger
Good deals and forums, app sometimes fails to launch
Updated review: occasionally stutters but now mostly launches and delivers great content. Old review: Initially the app failed to launch, so I gave it a few updates in hopes of a fix. Finally uninstalled and reinstalled, it worked once - and now as before - fails to launch, crashing before getting to the main deal / app home screen. I’m on iOS 14.1. I’ll update my review if the app starts working again but for now I am using the web page on the occasions I would have used the app. For what it’s worth, the notifications still fire, but the app won’t load from them either.
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5 years ago, Ana Pesina
Coincidence? I have no clue.
Okay so basically my boyfriend owns a pretty old Mustang GT, and the ignition coils are starting to go out and it’s causing the car to die at random times since it’s a manual. WELL BASICALLY, he wanted to purchase new coils for $200 from Autozone and right now that’s a pretty big hit for us seeing as we’re just two teenagers. But this morning I got a notification from SlickDeals saying there was a 20% coupon from Autozone off of a $100 or more purchase. So thank heavens I got this app because my boyfriend would have had to wait another week for his coils if it weren’t for the coupon! (:
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2 years ago, TheSaint609
Love Slickdeals But…
I love Slickdeals but why does the app refresh every single time I switch to a browser or another app and switch back? That is so frustrating, I have to go find where I was again and again. Perhaps this is an iPhone limitation but for the love of everyone please fix if possible. Also, when posting deals form the app it shows price as “optional”. If you dare post something without the price then you have nothing but downvotes and negative comments.
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3 years ago, TheDonAndMikeShow
Thank you for ruining the app! I don’t spend money anymore!
I am never on a PC. I only use the app. For years I have told at least 100 people how much I love slick deals and how it has save me so much money. The app is now worthless. I don’t know exactly what they did to make it so unflattering on my iPhone but it now feels or seems like just a bunch of barely visible pictures of product that just look like advertisements and not posts of real, curated from a forum set of wonderful deal finds. I have no issues with alerts or any of that other stuff that might require minor tweaking I just don’t find deals anymore on the new app nothing stands out.
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4 years ago, virtualshift
They stop the Trump ads!
Update: The next morning after leaving a one star review about the Trump ads, they took them all down and replacing with normal Google ads. Other than that, I can only say that I really enjoy using this app and I’m glad that they listen to the customers. All of a sudden I am seeing a ton of Ads promoting Donald Trump, and ads that are anti-Joe Biden. If you’re taking money from Donald Trump, then I want nothing to do with you. That man is a lying racial tyrant who deserves to be investigated for all the crimes he has committed.
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4 years ago, t welc
Slicksdeals went downhill
I’ve used slickdeals for years. It feels like the traffic on the app has subsided, where the amount of deals have decreased. I used to find great deals on there all the time. Now whenever I go on, almost everything is expired, the deal is not really a deal, or there are no results. Very disappointed. Use to be on here all the time. Could find almost anything. I’ve also noticed that the front page is almost identical to the popular tab. Front page used to be unique and hard to obtain. It seems now that if it’s not on the front page it’s not a deal that works at all.
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6 years ago, T_W__
Current version won’t launch for me
Update: developers got back to me. I would have been happy to help debug, but I already removed and reinstalled the app and it’s working now. Thanks though. iPhone X, iOS 11.2.1. Displays the splash screen and just sits until it times out and the app seems to relinquish focus. It still shows in the application switcher, but repeats the timeout/relinquish action if it is selected. I can use the web site while this happens so I think my connectivity and credentials are ok. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Pastorlarry
Much More Than An App!
Slickdeals is a community of deal seekers who joined together to stand in unity under a banner which reads: “Refusing Retail Prices to the LAST MAN!” The Slickdeals Community works diligently to find the absolute BEST deals the world has to offer. We do not always see eyebrows to eyebrows, but we are seriously dedicated to paying low prices for whatever happens to strike our fancies at the moment! The Slickdeals app is THE BEST place to find the deals on the products you desire at prices you will not get thrown out of your dwelling for indulging in! With personalising features, deal alerts, and diverse opinions from other seekers...quite simply, it is digital perfection! Come be a part of the Price Revolution with a purpose. Add your distinctiveness to our own today. Slickdeals Savings: Resistance is Futile. Quit reading the reviews and start saving today! See ya in the forums!
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4 years ago, Brian17834
Slick Deal Addict
One of my coworkers first showed me Slick Deals in 2002. I’ve always been a bargain hunter but SD brought me up to the next level. My favorite aspect of SD are the comments, positive and sometimes very negative regarding a deal. What might initially catch my eye as a great deal, at times comes crashing down with a comment from the peanut gallery. Mostly, though, the deal is a good one, as are the comments. Spent a ton of moola and also saved a lot! Great site and great group of SD’ers.
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4 years ago, IStealYourSocks
Overall good with bugs
Good app to get and check deals on the fly. Lately, sometimes I would get a white box where texts would be, whether it’s in the description of the deal I’m looking at or in the comments section. I would have to scroll all the way up and refresh the page to make the white boxes disappear and texts reappear. However, even that most of the time doesn’t fix the issue. It’s like the app doesn’t load some of the texts on the page so it just displays a white box where the texts would be instead. Please address this issue because it’s very annoying.
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4 years ago, ARGinICT
Terrific for years, but now broken on iPad Pro
I love Slickdeals and have used them for years, but for the last 2-3 weeks, the app just doesn’t work on my iPad pro. It takes 30 seconds to load, and when it does, you can barely scroll for about 20 seconds and then freezes to the point I have to force close and reopen. Works great on my iPhone, and I’m still getting notifications on my iPads, I just can’t open the app reliably. I’ve uninstalled and re-downloaded but no luck... Hoping for an update soon to fix!
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2 years ago, s-2019
Great user community but dodgy company operating Slickdeals platform
The user community is excellent - real people who like to share deals. However, the company that owns the platform has unethical business practices. Several accounts are operated by their staff who artificially pump some deals, probably because these are paid for by sellers. Also, often deals posted by users disappear without explanation. When inquired, the company response is those brands are banned on Slickdeals. It is important to ask why not publish a master list of banned brands and explain why they were banned. Lack of transparency portrays the platform owners in poor light and makes one wonder about their lack of business ethics.
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3 years ago, theonlylars
Crashes on launch
Writing this to add another data point that this app crashes for me 100% on launch. I deleted and reinstalled and it worked for a bit but now just crashes immediately again after maybe 18h or so. Idk what other info to provide as those are the only reproduction steps. I hope y’all are working on a fix as I used to launch this app and browse stuff passively 3-4x a day. Now I’m starting to forget about it since I just know it’ll crash and it’s been almost a week. I’m on iOS 14.1, iPhone XS. I don’t do anything weird. Just launch to browse the home screen. Hope this helps and hope you figure it out. Sending good vibes.
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6 years ago, Gadget1117
Concierge Style Discounts
If you are the type of person who chooses to work extra vs spend time reading ads or trying to remember digital (i.e. Web, Radio or TV) then SD is for you! This awesome app gives me the ability to have it sit patiently and watch for the deals on products I want. Plus rather than scour the Web World for a good price - a 5-minute session via SD virtually guarantees my overpaying days are behind me. Awesome - straightforward App that 'almost can't - not save anyone money'.
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3 years ago, Hates Phillips Recorder
Don’t like the new look
Recently, they changed the screen layout of the app. Minor changes, everything is still there, but this new format is harder to use. Before, I could just skim the deals by scrolling through quickly and just looking at the image thumbnails. I rarely needed to read the description. Now, those images appear smaller (I think there’s more white space than before), and I find myself reading more descriptions just to discern what the deal is about. I get the desire for a fresh look, but the deals should be emphasized and easy to review—that’s what we’re here for.
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1 year ago, Sid_S
Designed to generate fake ad-clicks
I would be pretty upset if I was an advertiser on slickdeals. The layout and padding around the ads, registers a lot of scrolling actions as ad clicks. So even if you have NO interest in the ads, the app registers the vertical scrolling as an ad click. If you’re an advertiser, you’re paying slickdeals for all those false clicks. Even the vertical distance between the ads is designed in a way that matches the average distance between vertical thumb scrolls, so even if you intentionally skip the first ad, you invariably click the second ad. The ethics and legality of this is … highly questionable.
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6 years ago, Sandlot1959
Worked pretty well for a while but then...
A few weeks ago I bought a treadmill through the app because it was offering $75 cash back if purchased online through Sears (1500 bucks) For two or three days afterwards it showed the $75 was pending in my Slickdeals account but then by a week later the money wasn’t showing up and the pending was gone as well. Contacted customer service and they said they had no record of it. Finally gave up when it was obvious they were not going to try to find out what the problem was. It was the MAIN reason I bought the treadmill where I did. Very dissatisfied.
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5 years ago, One OpenSource
Best Deal App by far
This app automatically find the best deals on the Internet and in stores and puts them all in one place for you. It also gives you the option to get alerts for certain keywords for company names or certain types of products. There is a writing system so you know whether or not the deal and a good deal still or somethings posted that it is expired or wrong. I’ve save so much money using this app.
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2 years ago, bahoolaboy
Predatory ads
I’ve been using this app for several years and have been able to find numerous great deals during that time. Recently, however, they have been ramping up what I consider to be “predatory” ads - namely, ads that are almost unavoidable to click on. These ads appear over the top of normal content and are WAY too easily triggered to open when simply scrolling past them. The ad forces a web browser open, then the AppStore. This needs to stop NOW. These ads are way too sensitive. Stop this immediately or I will be deleting this app.
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4 years ago, Kidzid
Notification arrives too late
The app notifies but by the time you get it it’s already too late. When I open up the app for a deal notification I see the timestamp on the comments and it would be hours ago so I’ve missed some really good deals... the app is good to check it manually but not to get notified immediately. This could be the best app if they fix this problem
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2 years ago, MMOHQ
An amazing app (if it didn't assume new alerts)
So I love this app, as I love the site, but there's one key flaw keeping it from being 5-star: if you click an alert for something on accident, it tends to automatically enable alerts for it. Have fire deal alerts on but you accidentally clicked on a kid's toy cause you were busy using your phone? Enjoy a spamload of kid toy alerts! Seriously, add a setting specifically to "Do not automatically add new deal alerts based on view history." SERIOUSLY, please make that a feature, as I don't know why the automatic alert adding is a feature itself.
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2 years ago, Ed shesh
Ads are automatically triggered when scrolling
If you even put your finger on an ad as you are scrolling it will take you out of the Slickdeals app to whatever the ad was marketing, you don't even have to click it... They sent me some copy and paste response saying they are "working on the issue but it's complicated" And this has been going on for months. I don't believe they're actually working on it and I think it is 100% intentional to get more money from advertisements so I uninstalled the app after having it for years until they fix this greedy intentional problem.
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4 years ago, Dipen26
Buggy with ads
I love this app but lately some of the ads getting annoying particularly TIDAL. Even if I don’t touch banner, it just opens and redirect to App Store. I understand that there are incentives for developers, but start paid app and costumers will have option to buy without ads. I have been using app from many years but it wasn’t like this before. Fix it or bring pro version without ads. Thank you
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2 years ago, RomanBuffalo
Amazing website, wonderful app.
Slickdeals is absolutely amazing and I have been on it for over a decade now. The app is fantastic with the frontpage and popular deals. Not sure about the ‘for you’ tab for it really doesn’t reflect what I usually look for. But the default tab can be changed to ‘frontpage’ through settings. Kudos to the app developers and the website developers.
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1 year ago, Richard.96417
Inferior to desktop experience
The app requires you to keep clicking to update front page deals, which is annoying. In addition, no ability to search comments for key words. Finally, a fault of both the app and desktop site is very poor overall search function and filtering. You literally can only search by key words with no ability to filter for categories or price range. The slick deals community are awesome, but the app developers really limit how you we can access all the community’s knowledge
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5 years ago, MrAckstar
App keeps logging out and notifications don’t work
In the latest version, opening the notification opens the deal but doesn’t show any comments or ratings. After half a minute, the app shows an error. Also every other time I open the app I need to relogin. Even when I open from a notification. Update: the devs got back to me and fixed this issue in the update
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8 months ago, spicyduck4u
Frustrating, stressful, annoying n old!!
It’s become a chore for this to work anymore. The app is non stop glitching, freezing; I click on a notification n it literately blanks out my screen. I click on another notification n it’s like AOL death circle, I could go get water, come back n it’s still loading. Or I click on notification n it freezes the rest of my phone so I can’t check on emails, other notifications. So darn frustrating, stressful, annoying to say the least. I’m already to the point of I just don’t care anymore about this app n ready to delete. Just not worth it.
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2 years ago, Sinvayne72
Great deals
I’ve been using this app for a while. Probably look at it daily. You can find great deals on here. My only complaint would be that you can’t really post pics from the app. Sometimes I find deals in store that aren’t on the merchants website. Without photo evidence, no one would believe the deal. Makes sharing deals impossible sometimes. 5 star if that problem was fixed.
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3 years ago, Donnn1
Giant Ad App
Unfortunately slickdeals is no longer by the people for the people. Seems to be now more about promoting items that will be the slickdeals employees paid. Which is all well and good, but the deals aren’t the same as the used to be not even much more than a few years ago. I Used to visit the app daily for slick deals. Now find myself only going on once or twice a week. Thanks for the memories and all the money you have saved me, but I just done see myself coming back around to the way the app is ran currently.
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6 years ago, PunkRockJumpKick
Great app, missing a few something
Slick deals is great, there are a couple improvements I would make 1) sharing - if you share a deal, especially via sms, it just sends a link, without a preview or title. Either or both would be very helpful to improving the traffic 2). Expires deal - if you are searching for something, current and expired deals pop up. This is inefficient for searching for a deal. It should default to only current deals and allow you to unhide the expired deals if you want to. There could be 150 deals that pop up, but the majority could be expired. All for all apps, there should be a feedback link that is ready to connect you to product improvement link. I think the process would allow for much higher feedback
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4 years ago, lamqduong
Quality assurance team got back to me within an hour
App not working for the last week even after I downloaded the update today. I emailed the support team and they got back to me with in an hour and got me up and running again able access the App. That’s amazing service especially nowadays when all you have our chat it’s responding to your questions. Thanks SLICKEALS!
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5 years ago, Kplan23
Update logged me out?
I just updated again. 5.4.1. Let’s see if it got fixed since the last few updates had to do with logging in. I update a few days ago and still having the same problem. 5.4.0. ************* The latest update 5.3.1 won’t let me save deals. My Saved list won’t open. It says I’m signed out. I went to Settings and it says Log Out. How can I log out if I’m not signed in? My icon and rating is showing so how can I be logged out? My activity says I started a new thread 6 hours ago. That’s impossible because I’ve never started a thread. The rest of my activities are from 2015 and don’t look like items I would have commented on. Please fix this mess. ************* The only problem I have is my Saved list doesn’t alway show my complete list of saved items. The comments section which at times can be snarky but overall there are a lot of good comments that relate personal experience or offer answers to questions left out by the OP.
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1 year ago, Lumpen.
Cannot sort top rated deals
Poor control of sorting and filtering to browse good deals. I made browser bookmarks instead and only use the app for search or reading comments. I just want to browse hot deals forum sorted by rating and filtered by deal creation date. “For You” algorithm does not seem very good, and it’s unclear how it makes decisions. Popular and Frontpage are not good at surfacing hot deals. Stale deals keep showing up at the top when I browse. Website doesn’t sort comments newest to oldest, but the app won’t sort deals by rating.
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4 years ago, Tsx69
Deals are reals
As title says; the deals really are for real. Ive gotten a-lot of excellent deals thanks to this app and the users who make it work. If you have the app, but don’t post deals, I would encourage you too. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you get alot of thumbs up or if people talking vulgarly in your posts.... if you were able to save, thats is good enough. Im sold into this slickdeal community!
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4 years ago, steven sling
Almost Perfect
One of the most intuitive apps I’ve ever used. Navigation is quick simple and overall great. One thing tho... This is a big deal to me and many users. You need to include the dates for each item listing on the main scrolling page, just as it is on the website. When it comes to time sensitive deals, the posted dates help weed out really old postings when searching. Please fix this. Thank you.
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2 years ago, ddissett
Found some good deals among the sea of expired ones
I sometimes find some decent deals but you have to sort through a lot of expired ones to find them. There’s a setting to turn off displaying expired deals in the preferences but doesn’t seem to do anything. Some reviews comment negatively about the community. I found most people’s comments on deals to be helpful. You’ll find the usual brand bigots and dogma spouting drones but those exist anywhere.
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