Slim & Skinny -Thin Face Photo

4.6 (31.3K)
64.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
立明 张
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slim & Skinny -Thin Face Photo

4.57 out of 5
31.3K Ratings
4 years ago, anygirlsnams
Finally one that works!
I got at least 5 other apps that were supposed to be able to manipulate your pics so that you could make someone’s body thinner or fatter, their breast larger or smaller...but none of them worked. They tried to force you to buy something or pay a monthly subscription fee or they did nothing at all and I was about to give up when I found this and it’s exactly what I wanted.
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2 years ago, Mariah Zoë
Why does this app exist?
The fact that this app exists is sickening I’m so many ways, and from reading the reviews about the ads that people have seen doesn’t make this app sound any better. When someone gets a editing app to look skinnier, imagine how they feel. Imagine the person is already insecure about their body and then to top it off they get this ad. I tried this just to see what it looked like on me (pretty skinny) and I looked extremely unhealthy, almost bulimic. Also, think of children who are unsupervised and are downloading apps like these, no matter the age, they are learning from this app that in Order to be pretty or handsome they have to be skinny.
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3 years ago, Yasmine54321
Perfect app!
So many times I take pictures and I have to ask “I don’t really look like that right ?” Lots of my pictures make me look much bigger than I am not sure why the camera adds 20 pounds to me instead of 5 lol but this app comes in handy to fix my “picture” ginormous arms or if my hands looks deformed super helpful app
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5 years ago, Izabella83
Not worth the upgrade
Have been using app for a while now every time I tried thin head or face it would show as “undetected” so the only option I had was manual or full body. Which sometimes made you look really disproportionately odd. So I purchased the app thinking that would help with the face mode. Now it doesn’t work at all! Once you choose a pic it and select face you still get the “undetected” and it just freezes. So you cannot go back to make another choice or safe the pic. I have tried numerous pics and nothing! Now i can’t use the app at all! DON’T PURCHASE!
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6 years ago, bshotti
Easy to use, I love it!
Sometimes you see a photo of yourself and think, 'wow that's a bad angle' or 'I hate how fat that picture makes me arm look!' I love that I can use this app to make small tweaks and turn unflattering photos into gold. The slim tool can be a little tricky to maneuver, but I like that the app has 'strength' settings and I love the manual option for targeted areas. So awesome!
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5 years ago, kay22445566
Great app!
Easy to use! Love it! Sometimes a picture doesn’t always turn out the way you would like it to, but this app allows yo to edit the photo to look the way you intended it to look. I would definitely recommend downloading the app and trying it out for yourself. I never seen another app that allows you to edit your photos like this out there some I’m glad that this exists!
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3 years ago,
The app is good BUT…… they have added this new algorithms of games and ads that stalls you & holds you hostage in the ad while you’re editing. It wasn’t like that before. You should get rid of that feature. Aside from that big FAUX PAS the app easy to use and user friendly- this is soooooo important!!!!
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12 months ago, Dafawn2003
This app has been flawless for yes ; however, now the ads are overtaking the app! The ads run 50 secs and longer and immediately goes into another ad! Please make it stop! There are tons of app creators that would love our business! Please fix!
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Great app
I love this app! It makes all your pictures look sooooo good !!! I think especially when someone gets your wrong angle and you need to fix the face to slim it down. I highly recommend this app more than face tune!! I also don’t know how much more I hve to write to have this to post!!! I can’t say much more but it’s awesome
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5 years ago, Kitkattaytay
I have tried many apps like this just to touch up a few pictures I don’t feel confident about and none have compared to this one. It is super easy to use and it gives really realistic effects. Definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, Caburkes
PLEASE FIX the issue not being able to SAVE or EXIT
WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM??? Or GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK???? I've been using this app for about a month dealing with the ads and finally decided this morning I would pay to have those pesky things removed so I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore while I edited my pics. Now that you got MY MONEY, the app is USELESS TO ME. I can not save my edits nor can I exit because now the picture is so big it covers up the check mark and the "X" button which prevents me from saving or exiting!!! PLEASE FIX THIS OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!
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1 year ago, Jenilane
This was my favorite app but it either hasn’t been updated or is spam not because uploading a photo to it has not worked in a week just blank screens
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3 years ago, FIONA70
The best app In the business . I’ve used it so many times. I definitely recommend it. Although there’s so many advertising games one has to wait a bit to save the pic. Otherwise it’s okay.
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2 years ago, Sofine4321
Fix this app
The free is full of ads. When you buy it, you cannot save any pictures. It has been a few months and it still do not work.
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3 years ago, MyGirl!
Despise the game ads now!!!!!!!!!
I don’t play freaking games! I absolutely hate them!!! How did they come up with the analogy that anyone interested in photo editing loves stupid games? At least offer something related, if you need ads. They hinder you from any editing, soliciting you to play and buy for long period. Utterly annoying and intolerable. I used this app for years and now need to delete. Please let me know if you recommend a better one.
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5 years ago, ilovegamesluchia
It works pretty good and it’s free
None of that subscribe stuff and monthly pay. I took a few pics of me and my mom and we looked a lot skinnier it made my mom kinda happy to see her old self with just a few touches of an app. And I looked way less chubby. So this app works.
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2 years ago, JNeedels
Works well.
All of the features work properly and are fairly easy to use. You have to watch the background to make sure that it doesn’t distort when you are using one of the features.
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1 year ago, Jesspompom22
Love it.
been using this for a couple years. the outlines they give you to slim you don’t don’t really work and you can tell it’s edited but the free hand slimmer is amazing and i use it all the time
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3 years ago, gingerboo99
Pop up games
This would be a great app if it wasn’t for the pop ups game ads! It’s extremely annoying to try to hurry & edit a pic & then you have to sit through two game ads prior to editing and then two more AGAIN before you can save your edits. Even worse when you have a lot of pics that you need to do😖Get rid of the game ads!!
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6 years ago, MaDom26
Not really a 5 star
The only reason why I’m giving them a 5 star is because in order to keep using this app I have to rate it. I thought that by having to watch all the ads was enough. Anyway!
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3 years ago, tribbdhk
I was wanting to take a Valentines picture for my boyfriend cause he’s in prison. Well he didn’t know I had gained like 40 pounds so I downloaded all kinds of apps to make you look skinny and none of them worked untill I came across this one! OMG This app dope!
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3 years ago, Pblevins
Best App that makes you look good!!!
This app enhances what you already have - you’ll love the options to choose from that will make your pic better.
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3 years ago, Svzam
To many ads
Love the app, too many ads and games. Takes 2 seconds to edit the photo but 2 minutes to try to save it because of the ads. Imagine trying to edit 5 photos, instead of taking 2 minutes ends up being 15 min
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6 years ago, ice_lab13
I purchased this app
I have been using this app for couple years and loved it, so I decided that I should just buy it and remove the ads. I did and now I'm unable to check off the finished picture because the picture itself covers the check sign and the ads are still there...
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4 years ago, Jenn diamond
Easy to use
Very easy to use, and makes it look realistic. Only problem is that it makes the photo a bit blurry
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3 months ago, Jessybird03
This is funny
I tried to do it and it just didn’t work for me but then I tried and my face turned into a blob that’s about to swirl up into a roll and I was laughing a lot so I just kept doing it
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1 year ago, Justintmelissa
Love it
I honestly don’t use it too much on a photo but the little that a use makes a huge difference. It’s the best one out there
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6 years ago, 🍑~•EunseoLee🍑
In real life I look thinner than my photos and this app helped a lot! I find manual the easiest mode to use because having to line up the thing is kind of hard so yeet.
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5 years ago, TCWMe
App not working
I purchased this app and can’t do anything once I open a photo except close the app. Each time I try, the same thing happens. It’s annoying!
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5 years ago, slimandthiccc
Always use this!
I literally use this app for every picture before I post it! Call me fake, but it really just tones certain parts of my body I need! I love it so much
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5 years ago, Neenza_bell
Does the job well!
After downloading and trying a lot of apps (only for me to get rid of), this one was a keeper. Easy to navigate, and gets the job done!
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3 years ago, Maof01
Great app! Great for covering those things you just don’t want other to see when posting a photo of yourself. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Sj_193
Forever good.
I’ve used this for years and it still does a great job. I’d rather do this than lose weight any day !😂😂
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3 years ago, thinkthinTX
This app is amazing! It allows me to thin out my arms and body. This app gives me the confidence to actually post pictures again.
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7 years ago, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏I love god
Best 'skinny' app!
I've tried and have even purchased several other apps promising to help you shed the 10lbs. That the camera adds, this one really does the trick!
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4 years ago, Cbeachum
Love it but could be better
This use to be a favorite or mine, however it now glitches. Once phone is complete, app gets stuck before it can be saved and you have to start over many times
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3 years ago, Thoyopatubbi
Best app ever!
Super easy to trim a little here and there to get the perfect picture without the shame and judgement! Changes can be slight or drastic! Thumbs up and 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Paulatiketytok
Works perfectly
Great app it does a great job the only thing I don’t like is the lengthy ads you have to watch between every edit you do.
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2 years ago, jlynn0529
Super easy to use!
Super easy to use and doesn’t look touched up. Would recommend
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5 years ago, its_Renata
Easy to use
Pretty good app. Gets a little blurry where you use the slim effect, but that can be sharpened again in other apps.
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6 years ago, Mpena219
Love it
It has saved so many ugly pictures of me. Now I don't even think twice when I take a picture 😂
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2 years ago, annoyed2743
Obligatory review
The App is making me review them in order to use one of their features.
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2 years ago, Mattiematt01
I love this app
This app is so good, easy to use. My pictures always come out amazing and they don’t look distorted.
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5 years ago, Deejb10
Easy to manage app
I like this app because you can do a lot with it. It’s very user friendly and easy to navigate
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2 years ago, 10 outa 10!
Works way better than other apps
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3 years ago, BLisaLisa
Don’t ever go away!! I LOVE this App! I can’t take a picture of myself without it! Thank you for creating this magical App!
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4 years ago, ellie1933
User friendly
So quick and easy !! Highly recommend you use it!
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6 years ago, jinky1010
Very useful app!
It's very easy to use plus it has many options to choose from. Great app to edit your pics!
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5 years ago, Jenny Theo
Not worth an upgrade especially when they are many defects and bugs and this app
Not worth an upgrade especially when they are many defects and bugs and this app
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6 years ago, ccoco555
Doesn’t work can’t get help?
iPhone 7 Plus app not working photo imports in way to large can’t click the check mark to save as pictures cover it / attempted several different pictures several different times restarted app tried to get help even the help goes to a wrong unworkable link??? Please advise- and I paid for app! Thanks best to all -
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