Smart Traveler

4.7 (1.5K)
5.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
US Department of State
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Smart Traveler

4.74 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
2 years ago, running_jennifer
Great visual ratings for each country!
Not sure what reviewer Xxxxxx€£¥%:( is smokin’ but the country rating system is obviously and clearly displayed. Some people just like to troll. Anyways, I’ve been using this app off and on for years and the most recent update really modernized it and made it easier to use. As a matter of fact, the rating system is really neat (especially in the Advisories section) because you can clearly see the number of countries belonging to a specific rating. I just hope our government keeps the app updated all the time because it really is useful.
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4 months ago, goldwing2005
Traveling to Europe
I’m an experienced traveler, but at 63 I prefer to use a tour group. All my needs are met and I fill safe . This app gives me peace of mind when traveling to Europe. Just knowing where the alerts are on any given day.
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3 weeks ago, 703TSH
DoS: Please update
We appreciate this app and that the Dept. of State gives us a venue for logging our whereabouts while traveling abroad. That said, everything about this app seems precisely the same as it did when we first used it in Autumn 2017. Visually it is extremely bare-bones. It forces you to re-type absurd amounts of data. It doesn’t allow you to access a pull-down menu of previous travel companions and their data. I understand that DoS often operates on very thin budgets, but something should really be done to get this valued app a mid-life upgrade.
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4 months ago, Dfoleyram
Good thought, but needs more frequent updating
The title says it all. I love the idea, I also love the ability to get an idea about the safety of a country that I’m thinking about visiting. However, they need to update these ratings more frequently. As an example, the war in Israel has been raging for over a month now and it still says that it’s a two on a scale of one to four to travel to. Which is exercise increased caution. This should be a four at this point.
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3 years ago, AppAddict21
Doesn’t scroll
Useful app, just wished it would scroll properly. If I click in a country for more information, I can see there is a bunch of info; however, I cannot scroll passed what fits on my screen. If I do just a little bit, when I try to scroll more, it just resets to the top of the page again. Hopefully there will be a fix for this at some point as this app can be extremely useful for those that travel overseas frequently.
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2 months ago, Nubbz likes lego
Account access
I can’t access my account I created from My laptop to my iphone. The Apps is no use at all for any emergency or updating account . It kept asking me my security password with my same answer it has no other option to open my account. Then in my laptop, the security question keeps rejecting my answer but when I tried to create a new account , it just suddenly opened in my laptop screen. It’s very slow !
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2 months ago, Yakupjan108
Let’s enroll
This is very useful app for Americans while they are traveling they can have their itinerary in the app and I also find useful information about the countries they visit. It is usual app.
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6 years ago, C.h.75
App isn't working
This app has provided great information in the past. But I just noticed that some of it isn't working. Clicking on a country gets you to one more screen, but clicking on choices at that screen doesn't have any information. You can't see consulate information or visa requirements or anything else.
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6 years ago, Mdhhmd
Needs Editing
Fairly simple app to use but is sometimes cumbersome when you need to add information to the STEP area. Unfortunately, cannot access information on Israel as it gives information for Iceland the same that is included in the Iceland tab.
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7 months ago, Odessa #A Minor
Don’t leave America without This App
I have been a user of this app since 2008, and rely on it for travel information. It is a great tool.
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5 years ago, Dor on NJ
Lousy app
Previously was a very good app but now it’s as if they don’t want you to have readily available information. Everyone wants to know about SAFETY! Why are we directed to the web page when it is not formatted for your cell phone & so you can’t read the giant text. You have to click all over for information. What a joke trying to read the world map with the color coded legend. SEROUSILY!!! Hit DELETE everyone. I will get info elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Tangothedon
Needs work!
The app actually had the info you need inside of it but like someone has already mentioned, you cannot scroll down to read all the information that’s given. The app can be useful and a great app if someone actually took the time to fix it so it can work properly.
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1 year ago, RangerDanger2021
Love the update!
App is so much better now. Solid information, and super helpful when traveling.
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4 months ago, Fernan4497
Filling safe
Great app. Make you feel safe that when in a foreign country you will be taken care of by your government.
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3 years ago, Kahlil Gibran
Updates? Not working correctly
Are there any updates for this App? Love the app but does not scroll all the time and not updates to current situation all the way.. Would be super easy to pull up the app instead of having to go trough the website..
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1 month ago, NH Bob
Vital When Traveling in Tense Places
And potentially useful wherever you are outside the US if you experience an emergency.
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4 years ago, Unsure about UnSync
It’s the webpage in the app
This isn’t anything beyond the DOS webpage. In fact, it’s less than it. I thought this app would be useful to sign in or sign up for stays in a country, then to receive alerts (push notifications) from the embassy for updates and warnings. I shouldn’t complain about a free app, but it costed me time and taxes. So it’s pretty expensive and disappointing for what it is.
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3 years ago, Victoria Woodhull
Impossible to Scroll!
This app is so 1990s - oh, wait, there weren’t any iPhone apps in the 90s! Well, that explains why this app is great in theory, and awful in practice. Ideally, app developers who understand 2021 app technology would work their magic on this app, and make it what it could and should be.
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3 years ago, Gabester445
I just wish it worked better
It seems like the information is good but i can’t scroll down any of the pages to read it. Seems to be a lot of bug overall. They should hire someone to actually make this app functional
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3 years ago, dmpyron
Would be useful if it was ussble
Given how long the scrooling problem has been around it’s clear noone at State uses this. Some information is 3 or 4 years old and others in conflict with different parts. St. Kitts is either Level 2 or Level 4, etc. All in all a good idea but not much effort put into it.
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3 years ago, EJR2003
Useful if scroll would work
This app was so helpful in the past when it scrolled properly. Please fix this issue so we have access to this important information when traveling abroad.
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4 months ago, Acoustic version
Great APP. Getting travel information quickly
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6 years ago, Lemint
Worst version yet.
In this version, the country section links are scrambled. Click the button for ‘Benin’ and you get info for ‘Brunei.’ Click the button for ‘Togo’ and you get the info for ‘Tonga.’ And on and on. Bugs like that don’t leave a traveler feeling like the app is exactly reliable for security- related functions like the STEP program. Bad, bad, bad.
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1 year ago, HarborCreekDave
Great app
Good info, occasionally a little out of date , but excellent background !
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10 months ago, Earthrover
Good information. Please it would be better for updates on a weekly basis.
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3 years ago, Joe2002612
Okay could be better
It’s a good app but it needs to be updated. Some things I can’t see because it won’t allow me to go down the page more
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3 years ago, Michaell S
Scrolling issue
Unable to scroll down any of the pages, thus all of the information is useless below what you can see initially on the screen.
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5 years ago, Sweeneymom
Won’t let me sign into STEP
The app offers a link to STEP. It tells me I have exceeded the attempts to sign in and blocks me for 30 minutes. I only entered my name/PW once and it was correct. This is also happening on the direct STEP site so perhaps it’s a STEP issue??
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6 years ago, Jimbolayaa
Unreliable app & wasting my tax $
How can an app designed to keep US citizens traveling abroad safe be riddled with bugs and not work? I tried to access the STEP function from within the app, but it crashed, followed by “error in server” message. Then I tried to used the scroll though and use the search function to look up a country. I click on Germany, but the result reveal Gambia instead. I hope someone reads these reviews and fixes the bugs. Otherwise, please save taxpayers money and delete the app from the App Store.
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4 years ago, Js19670102
Useless app
This app is not informative. Very generic information. With entry requirements changing every day and alerts, you would think that this app could help keep you informed. Not. I would not recommend this app or even tell them where I am traveling. We are all in our own.
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2 years ago, Klutzez
All the info you’ll need…
Superb app for traveling to all countries. Great update!
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4 years ago, Jeanlorent
Where to find Level 4 declared Mars 18, 2020
I am looking at many countries in level 1 or 2. But I heard that yesterday the State has raised all travel out off the US to level 4. Why cannot I find anything about level 4 on this app?
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4 years ago, jdadavis12
App works as intended. No issues here.
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6 years ago, PowerSchool messed up
Need to maintain up to date information
Yesterday (10 July) travel to Haiti was changed to Level 4. The app still shows Level 3, last updated 5 July. This is not helpful to anyone. Please maintain the app properly. We can’t even trust the information on it.
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4 years ago, Gio TW
App isn’t up to date!
On February 26, 2020 the US Department of State added the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) under Level 2 alert for Italy; however, the app was last updated January 20, 2020 so it’s not showing the virus alert.
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2 years ago, Xxxxxx€£¥%:(
Useless app.
This app. Stopped rating all countries from 1 to 4 levels which makes this a total waste of time. Looking for another way to get information out of our corrupt U.S. government.
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3 years ago, FarDev
Doesn’t Scroll
Wish I could read an entire page
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3 years ago, mskitcat
While retrieving a forgotten password I was caught in a loop of emails that never sent a temporary password (although the email stated it was in said email) frustrated!!
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6 years ago, Jasmer
Update for iPhone X screen
I mean cmon. You’ve had 6 months and it takes an hour max. I’ll be happy to change my review when you’ve joined the present. Thanks.
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3 years ago, NY-JP
It doesn’t scroll
A great app in theory, but since you can’t scroll past the beginning of any page, it’s virtually worthless.
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2 years ago, The Dude Abides Again
Login does not work
I can login on my computer but not on this app. It continually tells me my password is incorrect. Don’t know what else to do.
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3 years ago, Mr. 4B
Doesn’t Scroll
Someone tell someone who can improve this app. Useless if you can’t scroll to read info.
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6 years ago, Charlottan999
STEP not accessible
I always register with STEP before traveling to a foreign country. It has stopped functioning on iPhone X. Not sure if it’s a bug which needs an update
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3 months ago, The Mean Mama
Step program is down for weeks???
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3 years ago, realPM95
Needs to be updated
I’m unable to scroll through pages
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3 years ago, ?!JJ
App is trash
I can’t scroll on any pages. No updates have been made.
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3 months ago, Don’t need site
This site was last updated Oct 3. Iceland is in a state of emergency and this site has no up to date news?
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4 months ago, TravelinJam
Completely useless
The information is not updated very often. Right now on November 6, 2033, the recommendation for Gaza is “2 - Exercise Extreme Caution”.
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4 years ago, Firsttime critic
This was an outstanding app but it’s broken. Is there a point of contact I can send my data to since I am traveling to japan.
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4 years ago, qsvyeshure12574
In today’s world - This app should be up to date. It doesn’t have the latest COVID-19 countries up to date and don’t have any thing on their site newer than Nov 19.
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