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The Kroger Co.
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for Smith's

4.78 out of 5
87.2K Ratings
3 months ago, bbc3341
The best delivery service in the game
I got the Boost membership for the free delivery and it’s fantastic. I get the same things and a similar order on Uber Eats was $9 more IN FEES! and $4 less in item cost… I like how the estimated time is ALWAYS met, on other services they say “15 to 25” but it’s usually more like 45-50 minutes Smith’s has figured out hope to over deliver (pun intended) without under selling what they offer. I thought I was saving a ton of $ with my regular Smith card but in the App they tell you if what you’re buying has a coupon available and I’ve prob saved $50 that way alone - the Boost thing isn’t expensive and pays for itself even if you never got food delivered but the free same day delivery on $35 and up is amazing and they don’t try and ram rod you into a 20% tip which I like, let me make that call, for delivery I have my own tiers like minimum $5 on any order $10 for more than my personal food and then $15 and up for bigger orders it usually works out to around 15-18% - a 20% tip on a $200 order makes zero sense to me … ok that’s it!!
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9 months ago, >lunchbox<
I’m super busy with work so I have my groceries delivered often and it’s just ok, not great. The reason is because it’s way too easy to get groceries I didn’t want. For example, if I order 60 items the default setting is for the buyer to pick something else that is similar. You’d think the buyer would make better decisions in this realm like if I selected a 12 pack coke-a-cola they pick a 12 pack vanilla coke-a-cola which there is no way I will drink (disgusting)! Why no get two 6 packs of coke? Or ever a 2 liter? Now they are supposed to message you and double check if you are ok with the switch but it’s a flawed process. Sometimes the messages comes through, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they come through all at the same time as the check out message so I never get the option to approve or not. To be fair, I could program all my preferences in the app with those 60 items, but the bulk settings are not friendly and it’s time consuming. So I’m starting to get quite a stock of food that I wont eat because its a bunch of flavors I don’t like as some stranger made decisions for me that I didn’t have the opportuntiy to agree with. Waste of money and a big flaw. Seems like the app is designed more in the best interest of SMITHS and less in the interest of what works for me, the customer.
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4 years ago, ted_hess
This app is way too complicated
I have never had so much trouble trying to order groceries online. Somehow when I went through the first time selecting items to buy for a pickup order, it created a list instead of actually putting the items in my cart to buy. After wasting several minutes searching the app to find the actual shopping cart, I had to go back and individually click on each item in my “list” and add it to the cart. Then I lost the cart again (why is there no obvious “here is the shopping cart” icon on the main page? And why did it default to making a list instead of putting stuff in a cart?) and had to search around to find it to check out. For some reason two of my items were in a shopping cart to ship items to my home, while the rest of the items were in a shopping cart to pick up from the store. I never saw when selecting items where I apparently chose one option or the other. I wanted to rip my hair out in frustration by the end of this experience. I have never had so much trouble just trying to buy groceries. Please make the actual purchase of groceries more straightforward and hide away all the other functions (like making lists) somewhere where people who don’t care about them won’t accidentally stumble upon them when trying to actually buy items.
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6 years ago, MaddyCee
Pretty Awesome!
I work full time and am a single mom and this concept is brilliant! It’s easy to order and easy to pay. After my first initial ordering the app saved my most ordered items for me to refer back too- I use to do 100% of my grocery shopping at Safeway but I completely do my food shopping at Smith’s - Safeway will definitely need to step it up. For the most part there has been no issues when I revived my order- with the exception of the items they didn’t have which you can substitute. When your order is ready you simply park in the designated area- give em a call and they will literally load up your purchase without you ever having to leave the car. I guess this will jeopardize me meeting the love of my life in the produce isle but it’s worth the risk. Small tip- you need to give them time to get your order together as well as other orders so you need to order a few hrs ahead to get the time you want- I usually order 1/2 day to a day ahead of time. Give them a try- the first 3 orders are free and after is about a $5 fee.
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2 years ago, JECM7
Need phone # in app description
Your app update text shows this: “We value your feedback. If you have a suggestion or need assistance, please contact our Customer Service Center at [INSERT SUPPORT NUMBER]. “ So could you please insert a support number? thank you. P.S. I use the app almost every week to build a Pickup shopping cart, i REALLY like the convenience. My only two (2) suggestions: 1) I am trying to reduce my plastic use so I followed an employee’s suggestion and updated both my first and last name in the app to add ‘NO BAGS PLEASE’. But they still don’t see it. I really do not want the bags, i keep my own tote bags in the car that i put the groceries in when i arrive for my Pickup order. What other method can i use that they’ll see when shopping my order? 2) On the app cart list, it’s still too easy to accidentally delete an item. When I’m scrolling through, if i accidentally move a little too much to the diagonal, it deletes. Can you make it a little stickier? Thank you.
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2 years ago, disneylandin2weeks
The app glitches often. I have to update it all the time and yet glitches still happen. You should be able to update your order until the evening before, but if something is out of stock it freezes. It won’t allow you to take the out of stock item out if your cart, so you can make changes to your order. Your order is stick as is even 4 days before. No changes can be made. It’s hard to leave notes for the shoppers that they can understand. They told me What it looks like in your screen doesn’t look the same in their screen. For example if I want rolls, but would like to specify that substitutions are okay, but not a specific kind like dinner rolls. I can’t just write it that simply. I must spell out that I in fact want rolls and maybe not noodles. I thought it would be more intuitive that the notes were fir the item in question.
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5 months ago, Revwado
Works great on my phone but not as well on iPad
I have had it on my phone for quite some time, and it’s been very useful for my purposes, which is in-store shopping. I just downloaded it on my iPad, though, and it’s not functioning exactly the same. It probably has the same information, but it doesn’t structure it the same way (eg, my phone says there are 142 coupons, my iPad says 45). I’ll probably just delete the iPad version. Pet peeve: the app used to give me a fair number of coupons “personalized for me” that were for things I actually buy. This week’s is like all the recent ones: it gives me ten coupons, six of which are for things I have never bought and don’t intend to buy; two of the others are for pickup and delivery, which I don’t use (I tried pickup twice and found it didn’t work well at my store, and as far as I know there is no delivery in my very small town). So, what’s the use of the “personalized for you” category? They might as well delete it.
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1 year ago, kdnhs
Online pickup total is deceiving
For the most part I really like this app. It makes finding coupons and deals easy so I can shop smart and saves my preferences so I don’t have to think about it. However, I am disappointed in the online order self pickup portion of this app. I made my order on a Tuesday and went to pick up my order the next day and most of my savings was gone because the store discontinues its weekly sales on Wednesdays. The part that was frustrating was that the app still said I was going to get my weekly sale items at their discounted price. There wasn’t any notice letting me know that these items weren’t on sale anymore and I ended up bitting the bullet and paying the extra money cause I had already strapped my kid in the car and drove the 25 minutes to Smiths when the nice girl dropping off my groceries confirmed my bill.
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2 years ago, Captainteancum
Savings program
The one thing I HATE about smiths is the cupping hoop jumping. Clip this, digital that, buy 4, buy 10, it’s one reason I don’t like shopping at smiths. I am a 38 yr old house wife who loves to cook and I shop and price compare a lot and your sales system stinks!! It’s so frustrating to navigate it all. If it’s on sale just put the sales price period. I don’t even mind my phone number attached just don’t make it such a Circus to try and get the sales price that you are advertising with the fine print. It is a huge turn off to me. And older people certainly cannot navigate the digital world. If it weren’t for that I would always shop at Smith’s but because it is such a headache many times I avoid your store. Other than that you have nice stores and great products.
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5 years ago, DRA12345678
It’s ok
Sometimes the food selection they pick is not good even when you leave special specific instructions. Last time I ordered I had to go back to return bad spinach. It was slimy and withered (soaking wet!)I couldn’t believe someone thought that was ok to eat! A few other times I selected sweet potatoes and the picture also shows a orange sweet potato and I would get white ones! Even after leaving instructions saying I don’t want those ones or not allowing substitutions! I don’t like how they only put one item in a plastic bag so then you end up having a hundred plastic bags when you get home. Also is there a way when you order online if you can say you will bring your own bags? I will say every time I do go pick up my groceries they are polite and quick to my car. I feel it’s ok to order here when your in a hurry and don’t have time to do grocery shopping but it’s just been really bad for me the last 2 times so I’m giving it one more try.
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6 years ago, Always Chilly
Could be improved
The system used to find products could be better. Maybe I just don’t know how to use it but, if not, it’s not a user friendly app then. I’d like to be able to shop for products per department so it would be nice to be able to browse, say, everything in the dairy department just as you would while walking up and down an actual isle at the grocery store. Also, the search bar needs work. When you click on it the actual bar doesn’t show up. You have to scroll up to see it which is an unnecessary step in the search process. The other problem is that it keeps your prior search in the search bar. Normally that would be fine if there was an easy way to delete it but there’s not. I have to either highlight it and delete it so I can enter a new search item or I have to backspace it out. That may seem nit-picky but when you have to search for multiple things it becomes a huge pain.
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6 years ago, Terluvsdarin
4.9 Stars only cuz there’s one issue
I’ve spent at least 5!hours total on my phone making a clicklist 3 different times. So when I go to my cart and hit checkout, it consistently says error occurred please try again later. So I try a million times and same message just keeps appearing. So the only option I have is to get off the app and when I come back to it, either it still says error occurred try again, or else if I close the app and reopen it, my cart is always empty. I would really appreciate a couple things that would make it so much nicer for those of us who don’t have time as a luxury. I’d like to see us be able to save the cart items, not share, but be able to SAVE everything in the cart so if this happens I can just re add them. And/Or I’d like to be able to keep the stuff in my cart til I either purchase it or remove it on purpose. Other then that, I’ve always loved the app and use it almost daily!
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6 years ago, Aawr2303
Wishful click listing
Placed an order for pickup at my closest location, unfortunately it doesn’t participate with clicklist. Instead of warning me of this my order went through to the closest location that does participate (6 1/2 miles away). The original charge to my bank account went through immediately after placing the order. Called customer service to try and get the location changed but the poor guy was no help, even mentioned locations in a state I’m not even in. Picked up my order, the lady was amazing, order was correct. Only missing one thing because I opted out of any substitutions. Completely pleased. BUT check next day to see if the amount charged was changed to the final total and it wasn’t but they did put through a second charge of the correct amount. I’m sure tomorrow the original charge will be gone but I can’t afford to pay twice for groceries even if it gets corrected a few days later. Coupons and app are awesome but they need to make some changes on how clicklist works.
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4 years ago, las vegas eastsider
My review
I am a busy parent. It took me just as long to shop on app as it would for me to walk into the store. The app really is not user friendly. For example, I just wanted to buy rice. I was hoping all types of rice would pop up. But no, I had to search in the correct category for rice. I wanted to buy Jimmy johns breakfast sausage. Could not find it. Because of that I did not buy breakfast biscuits. You lost two items I can not buy. Don’t get me started on the coupons. The customer has to scroll for 15 mins plus looking for what they want. Plus if you try to look up “what you want” you can’t tell if there’s a coupon or not. I feel like I’m missing out on the deals going on. This was not a pleasant experience on my end. Unfortunately I don’t have a answer to my rant. Oh by the way you lost another sell because I could not find my brand of laundry detergent. I can only use All clear and free. I didn’t even care if it was on sale or not. I just need it. I never could pull it up on app. Thanks for listening. I hope I helped IT with how they can improve the app.
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4 years ago, Kimster61
Weak WiFi
I do love the Smith’s app - I especially like to use it for keeping a grocery list. It’s nice and convenient to know what aisle my items are in. It’s ESPECIALLY great to have store coupons attached to my list and then, ultimately, to my Smith’s account. However, the one thing that really frustrates me is when I’m in the store and trying to access my list but I can’t because the WiFi in the store is SO weak. It’s equally annoying when I’m trying to use my phone to text, call or access the internet (as it’s related to my shopping) but I can’t because, again the WiFi is too weak. I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth because I know the WiFi is free. Unless the stores can beef up their internet connection, I don’t think they should even offer it.
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3 years ago, Permagiggle
Best online grocery shopping!
The entire team at the Provo location on freedom blvd is amazing. Everything is always the right temperature when they bring it out to you. They best produce is always picked for me. If any substitutions are needed I am always contacted and if it cannot be substantiated or if the substitute is just not right when you are going over the order they are polite and kind and just remove the item from my order. When I have had unforeseen life circumstances that I need to change my pick up time it is just a quick call. The best service their is even when you need a delivery always the most wonderful people to work with. The digital and paper coupons are so easily applied to your order!
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6 years ago, celtuser
Great for oishopoing, not for lists
The app insists that you select specific brand product. This works for online shopping, but I often just want a generic list and I can select the specific one at the store when I see the option. I can’t just put in yogurt, or milk or 12 cat foods, or 6 TV dinners without selecting the specific brand and product/flavors in the app. I can’t see a list of generic names that could put 10 on a page, but must see the entire product entry, so only 3 items per page. I can’t even add “prescriptions”, because there is no such option and I can’t add a customized item. In addition, half the locations are wrong or in useless places (like dairy at the back wall, showing up at the end of the list when they were half a store behind me). Needs generic items, custom items, configurable locations, and a condensed list view.
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4 years ago, Wowzas15
Good with Room for Improvement
I like this app for the most part. I really like that I can search based on nutrition, brand, and department. I also like that I can sort results by relevance or alphabetically. Here are some areas where I think the app can be improved: • Allow users to upload and use the coupons we receive in the mail from Kroger and product manufacturers. • Allow users to sort their *shopping cart* using various sorting and filter options, such as: - Type/category (e.g., produce/fruits/vegetables, meat, beverages, alcohol, cleaning supplies, baking, etc.) - Department/aisle at the store - Price (high/low vs low/high) • Allow users to request the store location carry a specific product through the app. • When searching for groceries, allow users to sort results based on price (high/low vs low/high). • When searching for groceries, allow users to use multiple features at once. For instance, I’d like to search for a brand and sort them high to low or alphabetically. • Instead of allowing users to move all items or none at all from the one shopping cart to to another, allow users to select one, more or all items to move to another cart or to their shopping list. • Allow users to donate to a cause during checkout.
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4 years ago, Alyna M
Fast and friendly
I have had to resort to pick up rather than going in and shopping myself because my husband is at work most of the time and I have a 5.5 month old who tends to scream and cry when in the car seat to long. She’s not sitting up by herself yet so I can’t sit her in the cart. Rather than get judgemental stares from people while she cries I just to do pick up today. Everyone that has brought my groceries out has been super fast and nice. There have been times that I’ve pulled up in a spot and seen all the pick up spots full. I have literally waited until some people left before I call for my order so they don’t get overwhelmed because I felt bad. But definitely an awesome service. :-)
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4 years ago, Palonya
I have always shopped Smith’s for the past 45 years, and although I am sometimes unhappy about them taking away items I love, I am mostly satisfied. My husband does not like Smith’s meat however. This review is in regards to my trying to use pickup service and finding it unfriendly for the first time user. My biggest problem was not finding information on whether and how you could add on items to an order a day later. I finally tried it and found that my order was kicked to a day later, which causes me a major problem as I needed items to use for a meal I was dropping off to someone on Saturday and I can’t get my order now until Sunday. If there was a help button or questions button in the main menu it would have saved me this problem.
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2 years ago, Big Cami D
Why would you shop at any other grocery store?
This is the response I say to every cashier when asked if I found everything! I love Smith’s! I love the product, the service and the convenience of using the app and inside the store shopping. I am never dissatisfied nor disappointed in my experience. Remember to think ahead for Christmas shopping and purchase your gift cards either at your closest location or look to see if you can receive them via email. You will be thrilled at the convenience of the gift card and the gas fuel rewards will add up fast! Who doesn’t want up to $1 off each gallon of gas? Happy shopping fellow Smith’s customer!
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4 weeks ago, IMMackeyLin
Slow and hard to navigate
Cool, I can log in now. Glad that the developers answer quickly when I have a problem. But now that I can use the app, it is so hard to navigate it. I wish the look was more condensed and there were more links to see things like my rewards card number. I had to tap on so many places before I found my rewards card, add my credit card onto Kroger Pay, and now I’m stuck on loading to add a new card… It’s also frustrating to change my email address to the account. What should’ve been a 2-minute process had unclear instructions on whether to type in my old or new email, AND it’s taking so long to go back and forth between my email and the app that I simply just quit trying to change it. I could have been shopping already instead of trying to work with this app the whole time.
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6 years ago, Fishoutawater
New to this but...
It’s a little confusing. I just attempted to place my first pick up order. I think it took me longer to figure out the app than it would have been to go shopping with my four kids! I hope not gets easier. The thing that was most frustrating for me is that you can’t go to coupons or ads and add a specific item right there to your cart. You have to go back to the cart and search again for that item (hoping you get the right item you just clipped a coupon for) and add it to your cart. Then go back to the ad or coupons sections. The constant going back and forth and not having them work together was time consuming and frustrating. I pick my order up tomorrow morning so we shall see if I got the correct items I clipped coupons for or not.
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4 years ago, frncine
Pretty convenient except for rotten lettuce & other..
This is a pretty convenient app. Used quite a few times. Mostly very good results. Super since it’s free during Covid. Once I got lettuce that looked okay at the top but as soon as it was out of the bag the ends were brown even up the thickened part. As soon as the tie was off it started falling to pieces. Luckily I had taken it back to the store because I was so appalled. Grabbed a man coming out of the office and he was alarmed too. Thankfully he ran it to produce and that man replaced it plus asked if I needed anything else in produce. I was given a free bag of grapes. Produce man was apologizing like crazy. Then October 20th I ordered 3 boxes of Kroger brand tissue 120 count. They were out of stock. Yet they say out of stock items will be replaced with equal or better merchandise. Well it was replaced with 3 boxes of Kroger tissues of 80 per box. I called and spoke to the woman. She said they were out of most tissues. I reminded her of the “replace with items of equal or greater value.” She said I’d get 2 boxes of free tissues. One time the containers broke through their bags and I had 4 busted bags of groceries. Dang It’s a drag to have to watch so closely. Would love to use coupons. Also sorting is not by price. Grr... Could improve. However it is very convenient.
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5 years ago, zickerVW
Trying to be Walmart
The Smith's in West Kaysville is marvelous. I never had to wait to check out, and there were checkers and baggers. It is worth the extra cost over Walmart. In Layton, it's like checking out at Walmart, except you pay twice as much for everything. They have taken out all the lanes and replaced them with a huge self check-out area, which is pointless for people who buy a cart-full every trip. If you need a person to check you out, you wait forever, because they only keep one lane open. Consciously or not, the Layton location is discouraging people who buy a lot from shopping there. I really wish they'd build a nice Smith's marketplace in northeast Layton. It's just too far now that we've moved. :(
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5 years ago, sunbaby13
Used to be better
Revised!!! I am soooo dense! I now shop from the list which lists items by aisle. Sure took me long enuf to figure this out although it did used to be available in the cart choice. It was so nice to create a cart, go to the store and shop by aisle. They’ve taken that away from the Smith’s app. The Kroger app still has it, but not Smith’s. I used to be able to even help other shoppers find items with this feature, but now I won’t be able to find anything. You’ve had 2 updates since the aisle feature was eliminated and I get all excited that you’ve brought it back but no, you haven’t. Really sorry it’s gone... might as well just hand write my grocery list like the old days.
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4 years ago, JonB boy
Thank you
Instead of whining about something taking a full extra 3 minutes more than you thought it would, try being grateful. In some of the most difficult times ever, all retailers are scrambling to stay open and safe, yet most of the reviews I have read.... you people should be ashamed of yourself. So, Smith’s, Walmart, Albertsons, I say thank you. No, I don’t work at a retailer (I’m in banking), though I do have a friend who works for a grocery. Thank you to all the people who are trying to keep us safe (even if I don’t agree with the methodology or politics). Thank you everyone who’s not complaining and just doing their very best. Know that I’m not alone in my appreciation of you and all that you do.
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4 years ago, KSundt
Needs to be Updated
I can’t find a lot of things on the app for pickup like I can at the store (such as Boar’s Head turkey or mustard which I’ve bought at our local store many times). You also can’t adjust items like deli items (I.e. I had to buy 1lb of deli turkey - there’s no option to adjust it to be a smaller or larger quantity like you could in store. I don’t always find the prices to be the same or all sales reflected on this app as in store. I appreciate waiving the pickup fee until 2020 but I think $5 is ridiculous when Walmart is free and generally items there are cheaper anyways. I also was very frustrated when things were out of stock (like buy 3 sodas and you’ll get it for $3.50 each instead of $5.69 each if you just bought one, so last time I bought 3, but 1 was out of stock and they didn’t honor the discount or try to substitute with another soda so I paid the $5.69 for the 2 that were in stock so then had to park, go in and return the sodas once I saw that because I wouldn’t have bought them without the discounted rate for 3. I should have been notified by the app or the person delivery the groceries to my car that that had been done.
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5 years ago, eddiehou77
Put back the Aisle location/sort function on “Cart”
Dec 2019: Why oh why can I now not add items into the cart?! Why do they keep updating this app only to make it worse each time. It was fine as it was a couple months back. Leave it alone already!! Original: OMG bring back the aisle locations of products on the shopping cart!! I have a full shopping list of 249 items on the app that I buy frequently. Each week I take items off that list and add them into the cart, using the cart as my actual weekly shopping list when I visit Smiths. The latest update has removed the ability to sort the shopping cart by aisle and worse yet, the cart list no longer visually shows what aisle the product is in! Dec 2019: Why oh why can I now not add items into the cart?! Why do they keep updating this app only to make it worse each time. It was fine as it was a couple months back. Leave it alone already!!
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9 months ago, Ritardanjo
Almost Perfect
I live using any of the Kroger family of stores apps, clipping digital coupons being able to click on the ad to go straight to those items when shopping online! Kroger pay at the pump makes getting gas easy when I forgot my wallet!… the one thing is in my area delivery is done by a 3rd party (instacart). Both Kroger and Instacart fail at integration fully with each other. When placing these orders we have to deal with a stripped down web app version of instacarts app. I wish the link would take us to the app and populate the order there or that Kroger would find a way to make the chat, status updates, and substitution approval work right in their own app!
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5 years ago, ACArcano
Shopping has Never been Easier!
Once Smith’s started their click list pickup option I immediately had to try it. I have been using clicklist for over a year now and I am a lifelong supporter. Robert and his team at the W Tropicana location have never let me down. Freshest produce and never had short expiration dates on product. I have never waited longer than 10 minutes after letting them I have arrived. I have 3 children and work full time and having the option of clicklist is a game changer! No more tantrums in the store shopping for 30-45min and this also keeps me within our weekly budget! Thank you Smith's for this great service to your customers!
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4 years ago, Bikerk
Time Saver!!!
When I first opened the app, I thought “oh this is going to take forever”, but being in a high risk Covid-19 group, I pushed on. The interface is clean and clear with products grouped by dept, like deli or beverages. I actually forgot FEWER things than if I wandered around the store. I have always been a meal planner and list maker. In 15 minutes, I’ve filled my cart and checked out. Pick up was AWFUL at the first Smiths I tried. ZERO thought was put into the flow of traffic. I was almost hit. Cars were backing up, heading in. It was chaos. Placed my order today at a different Smiths. Their pickup looked to be on point. All in all, I like this app and will probably always do my shopping this way.
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4 years ago, bemywolf
I received an email that asked me to approve or disapprove substitutions by a certain time, which I completed within the parameters. When I arrived the substitutions I disapproved were in my delivery. The young lady delivering my items said not a big deal my order had not yet been charged. On my way home I received a call that my card had been charged, they couldn’t refund my card and I would have a credit at the store in Los Alamos which is kept in a notebook. Why ask for approval or disapproval if Smiths isn’t going to look at it. Also a substitution of cherry tomatoes for small potatoes is not a good substitution. Keeping credits in a notebook is not efficient. I now have a $25 credit that I can only use in Los Alamos and that’s if the notebook isn’t lost. The credit should be applied to my online account and there should be a process to refund money.
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5 years ago, gingerator
I’m a huge fan of grocery pick up! I’ve been ordering from Walmart for about a year and now have a Smith's Marketplace that does the pick up. I’m a Smith's shopper anyway so I’m trying to switch, but the ease of finding products on the Walmart app is SO much better than this Smith’s one. Items that I know Smith's has won’t even show up as an option. The most random items do pop up when searching that aren’t even relevant to what you’re looking for, making it harder to find something as simple as breadsticks. The filters aren’t great, on Walmart I can filter by brand and narrow it down making my search super simple and fast. You can’t save frequently purchased items to your “favorites”. I do like that the coupons are right on the app so I guess that’s one plus. I’m just super disappointed and will continue my shopping through Walmart until Smith's can make some much needed improvements.
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4 years ago, Nina.Shafto
Easier than I thought
Initially I was worried about not being able to locate the items needed. The app makes it very simple to search or search by departments. I also had concerns about having an associate picking out my groceries. However due to our current life style changes. It’s best that we stay home. We are not out getting the associates sick. We are doing what has been asked of us. We don’t know who is a carrier and who isn’t. This way we are keeping ourself safe as well as keeping them safe. This was a very simple seamless way to shop. Thank you
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5 years ago, 21136978
Several difficulties
This app was very difficult to use. Items I know the store carries are not found on the app. The categories are not helpful and the searches do not show all items. I had to use several different searches to find a single item. The app kept defaulting the store to Wyoming and I live in NV, even after I changed it back to my store -twice, I was lucky to have caught it before checking out. Also, there is no way to find out that delivery is not an option until I spent over an hour to get 15 items and was checking out. Then I was able to choose pick up as an option, but it had changed my store to WY again! My pick up time is not until tomorrow, so I guess I will see then how that goes. I regularly use the Walmart grocery app and this is so much more difficult... chances are, I won’t use it again.
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1 year ago, jxfalkland
It’s okay, but not great
For a store with such great products and employees, this app doesn’t live up to your brand. With the coupons, I have two major complaints. First - the layout doesn’t allow you to either see the image of the product and the title of the items is always cut off. So I can see Kroger Brand T…. But then I have to click the coupon to see what it actually is. Second - when I’m in the store, if I scan the items barcode, the coupon associated with it doesn’t pull up. Instead it just gives me the order picker or store location option. Might I suggest that your software engineers download the Target app and give it a try and take some notes. Bring your app up to the amazing brand standard you have created in the stores, please.
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1 year ago, Kyr96
It’s great when it works
When the app is functioning it works great! I love the list feature and moving everything to the cart is super easy. It’s not always the most intuitive but I’ve been able to figure it out pretty well. However, more often then not the app is unusable with an error that says “An unknown error occurred. Please try to view this feature again in a few moments.” But the feature is just the entire app. It’s most frustrating when I’m trying to find an item in store or when I’m trying to add an item to my list before I forget. I’ve also often had problems viewing my pick up order after I submit the order. The app as a whole is very glitchy and I wish whatever bugs there were could be fixed.
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1 year ago, Sandly W
Do not use Smiths app to order anything!!! I ordered some soda and a toothbrush and it arrived fine, but the next day I realized I had been charged $210 for that, and when I looked at my order on the app they had marked that they hadn’t given me my items but instead substituted the items with over $200 dollars worth of “substitutions” that I never got. Then when I called them I got fed through a stupid automated system that wouldn’t let me talk to an operator, gave me $5 credit and hung up on me and I had to call back again to get ahold of someone who could actually reverse my order and get me my $200 dollars back. This whole experience was an absolute joke and makes me not want to even shop there in person anymore and I have been going there regularly for a long time. Do not trust the smiths app under any circumstances!!!!
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5 years ago, veebee1221
First time trying out delivery
So I was really excited at first thought this whole delivery experience was going to be great but it was the complete opposite first the shopper stopped responding to everyone so they were going to issue me a refund that would take 3 business days then she shows up with an attitude drops my stuff at the door and leaves I see in the app she purchased food and other items that I got charged for and I had to call both instacart and Kroger to settle this and they both were apologetic however they basically said there’s nothing they could really do but issue me a refund of the amount missing which is not fair I don’t care about that as much as I care about getting charged for all of her items. Makes me never want to use this service again let alone shop at smiths if this is how they handle things.
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4 years ago, Meg Mtz
Normally love click list
Click list is great when they don’t make you sit and wait for 2.5 hours! The last 4 times have been bad experiences but before that I had been doing click list for over a year and loved the convenience. Now that I’m pregnant durning this pandemic I try to avoid going into the store, if it weren’t for that I’d probably just give up on click list but I keep trying hoping for a better experience! Last time I complained nobody contacted me back, very frustrating. But I think they’re understaffed and hopefully have fix that issue since I tried last.
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5 years ago, Zxcvbnm84
Dumb update
I have this app to shop in store (and ocasional pickup) for a while but the newest update makes it so much more difficult for me. The list option is really flawed so I’ve always used the cart, but now you’ve removed aisle numbers from the cart. Also any time I click on an item the pickup pop up widow covers the “add to list” button. I’ve already said I’m “shopping in store” so why does that pop up window come up on every item?!?! This was a really useful app for me and my husband to build our shopping list and now all it does is give me a headache every time. Make the lists more user friendly and easier to access or just please put aisle numbers back in the cart! Oh and the coupons don’t load correctly most the time either. Worst update ever!
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5 years ago, mamaloves2sew
Love it!
My husband and I use it to coordinate our grocery list. We both log into the same account on our two phones and he can see exactly what I want with a PHOTO and what aisle it’s on so he can find it easily! And I LOVE click list WAY TOO MUCH I add things to my cart all week and then order once a week. It’s great; I spend less money, get what I actually need and don’t have to go in! They are also amazing at their substitutions! Nobody else does it like them. They always size up or find something nicer than you actually ordered and price match it to what you picked. Amazing. Five stars all the way.
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7 months ago, kristyinapror
Glitchy and buggy
Update: it’s been two weeks and the website and app still do not work. I can’t even clip my digital coupons anymore. Apparently it’s because of excels web traffic? You’re a $4B/year profit company and you can’t fix your website and app? I’ve used pick up every week for two years. With the new app update none of the images will load so I don’t even know what I’m trying to shop for. My payment information disappeared and it won’t allow me to add anything to my wallet. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app three times and its even worse now. If my payment information isn’t safe and I can’t use the app for pick up then I have no need to shop at smiths anymore.
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6 years ago, FitgurlLife
ClickList Delivery Service is Exceptional
ClickList is so helpful for me especially with my busy life. I love that I can be at home checking for what I need instead of writing a list and risking forgetting something, just to have to go back to the store a second time. I also appreciate that I get a text message from the driver when my groceries are on their way and how long before I can expect them to show up at my front door. I was amazed that my produce was incredibly fresh- much fresher than what I would pick out in the produce section at the store. The driver Nikki was nice, pleasant, and very professional.
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5 years ago, Aja2227777
Needs much better UI/UX & Search
Your app is probably one of the worst I’ve ever used in online shopping. I could go on and on with issues your app has, but I’ll just start with a couple of quick fixes that’ll make your online shopping app 50% better: 1. clicking on an item within the weekly brochure should send you to that item whereby if there are multiple choices of that product to fulfill the coupon, it lets you choose from a pic list showing all the items. Ie: 2 for $5 - M&M’s Sharing Pack (Assorted flavors). 2. All items should be grouped by products of same kind and size. Not scattered all over. Include a link to all the other flavors within each product. I could go on and on!!! If you wish people to use your online app, you need to totally redo your app. People will only use online apps if the apps are extremely easy to use. Today, when everyone is looking for faster time saving chores, your app needs to make shopping as easy as walking down the aisles of your store and just picking off the shelf, but much much faster! I hope you will share these suggestions with your IT Department ASAP!
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9 months ago, LaurenW155
Awful, haven’t been able to shop through the app since I got it.
It cannot find a store near me for whatever reason. However, on the Home Screen of the app, is has the exact store near me! But when I go to check out it wants me to change my store location then claims there isn’t one near me at all. I go to their customer service: nothing helpful whatsoever. Their live chat agent ended the chat immediately after entering it (before I could even type anything), their phone number has nothing for this type of issue, and I’ve been waiting for over a week to get an email back from them. Which will more than likely just be another bot. My suggestion? Just go into the store. It’s not worth the aggravation of trying to use this stupid app.
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2 years ago, monkeywraith
Items disappear from cart, unreliable stock, nearly useless search
Items randomly disappear from the cart when switching devices. I just had a delivery with half the things I added missing, because it turns out $90 worth of items are missing from the receipt. On top of that, they apparently can’t keep things in stock or inventory up to date, it does not save substitution instructions on regularly purchased items, and the search and categories are nearly useless. Good luck if you want to filter or search for vegan options, specific bakery items, or anything specific or niche; and it seems the very thought of having perhaps a phone, tablet, and computer or wanting to let other people add to the cart is incomprehensible.
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3 years ago, Rebecca 2584
Special instructions details
First off I want to thank the employees who do take the time to read special instructions. We are a household of 2 people and it’s important that we receive the longest expiration dates possible. I do note this on items like milk etc. However for quite some time this request has been ignored. It’s the same exact wording on all items that are important in the comment section. It’s mostly impossible to purchase produce for pick up because special instructions are hit & miss. I don’t appreciate receiving squishy cucumbers nor when I request 3 bananas the person has separated each banana. Or I have requested greenest possible and I receive brown spotted bananas. I realize interrupting the comments correctly can be an issue but I’m generally pretty clear. Please know I appreciate this service and want to Thank everyone. However it’s important to share this information so that improvements can hopefully be a made. Warmest regards, Rebecca
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6 years ago, Jdyhxwj
I love the ability to order online and find the click service from my local store to be fabulous. However, this app has a way to go as you are not able to order delivery since it’s provided by a third party. Also, the most significant feature for myself is the recipes which is not yet available on the app. Unfortunately you have to view recipes from computer and add ingredients to a list. Which is another glitch that needs to be fixed... the ability to add ingredients straight to your cart instead. Summary.... many bugs need to be fixed. Overall, I’m happy and will continue to use in hopes that this app will come out of what most would consider a beta phase.
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