SNCF Connect: Trains & trips

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SNCF Connect
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3 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SNCF Connect: Trains & trips

4.79 out of 5
32.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Makanda2
Book a train trip?
Booking a train trip does not seem at all possible, if, say, I need to go out of France, on any day but today. Keeping my expensive senior card in the memory of the app seems impossible (isn’t that why we have computers?) as I’ve had to re-enter these excessively long numbers over and over each time I try (and can’t) book tickets. App doesn’t recognise cities located outside of France. Since I don’t carry my computer with me everywhere, the inability to use any one of the FIVE APPS to book a ticket is a serious inconvenience. The privatisation ISN'T WORKING. This will influence my vote in the forthcoming election. French/American citizen. EDITED—-The retention of data appears to be FIXED and getting better. In addition, local data has been added. If there is local data added for all France, then this will be the BEST app for getting around France, from any POINT A to POINT B. Amazingly includes local buses, TER, and TGV. I eat my words above. Thanks.
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9 months ago, TheKevinish
Really the gold standard for train travel. Airlines have really been way ahead in the past for functionality, ease of use and performance, but this app has virtually everything you need to manage your travel, from search, purchase, track and status. And considering French isn’t my first language (évidemment!) the ease of use is more impressive. The only knock would be it doesn’t seem to be offline-first design; could be a bit tighter in terms of network vs local data. Still, great app, and a real lifesaver for traveling in France.
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12 months ago, TalesfromtheBigTomato
Perfect for up-to-the-minute train updates
If French comprehension is not your best skill this app is invaluable for up to the minute updates. It saved us time, confusion and anxiety on figuring out why our train was not showing up in the board, or when we had to got off our train and switch to another at the last minute. It sends you English text updates so there’s no panic with what’s going on.
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6 years ago, JonRaphael
Beware using an American credit card
I bought a train ticket using this service, which worked fine until my plane was delayed and I had to exchange my ticket. I tried exchanging it about 10 times and it never worked, I saw multiple errors, such as "transaction errors". However, even though the app never exchanged my ticket, I was charged 4 times for the exchange fee. I ended up cancelling and buying another ticket instead, with a different credit card. I had issues with this one too and tried to exchange it again and had the exact same issues with the other credit card. I had to spend 20 min on the phone to ask for these charges to be refunded, which they said they will.
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2 years ago, Alibi
SNCF oui
We’ve been booking through the app and the website says 2016. The improvements have always been helpful happily we have not had any errors or problems with our tickets when we buy in the United States and then collect them in Paris. so far I love the app it’s easy to book easy to find my trains and then review and decide what routes and times to take. well done to the SNCF staff!
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1 year ago, theinternationaltraveler
Fix the time zone & exchange error issues
I am shocked to see so many high reviews for this app. I often book my tickets from different time zones than France and the app converts the train times in the search results to my phone’s local time. This is a classic issue of not thinking about your customers - not a single well respected travel app does this as the booking should always be the time the train leaves. This makes things incredibly confusing and difficult to book. Secondly, the ability to exchange tickets doesn’t work - it errors out and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Pshaw!
Totally Unusable
This new SNCF app is totally unusable. Couldn’t possibly be a worse upgrade from the last app, which I never thought I’d say I missed. Honestly, given the prominence of train travel in France, it’s a national disgrace. It needs to be completely re-thought from the group up. I don’t know anyone here in France that finds this app anything but purely awful.
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6 years ago, Juweee
Nice app, cannot create account because of international phone number
That’s a big flaw. Hopefully you can fix and make more friendly for foreigners. This won’t let anyone with a North American phone number create an account because of the validation rules on the phone field. Also consider labeling your fields for dates. I know you enter date/month/year in France, but in USA it’s month/date/year and it’s not unusual to see year/month/date in Canada. So it’s a bit of a guessing game without a label.
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1 year ago, L201097
Not an official SCNF app
Do not be fooled- this is NOT an official app for SCNF. The company is called Ouigo, masquerading as an official SCNF affiliate using SCNF Connects for its name .If you need to make any changes or cancel it is virtually impossible, and not all options that are on the SCNF schedule show up. You cannot may any changes to a Ouigo ticket at an SCNF office. If you need to call them, you cannot use WhatsApp. And if you want to email them- there is no way to actually do that. The option to email is just a dead end. I do not recommend this App at all- you are better off going to the SCNF offices or train stations to buy your tickets .
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2 years ago, Parky1101
No integration with Apple features
It's 2022 and you can't get the train ticket onto Apple wallet... Which means having to unlock your phone, open the app and navigate through it which is a pain. If you buy a discount card, you can't put it onto this app either, you have to show (or print) a PDF to the person who checks your ticket. No option to export the journey onto my calendar either. They inverted first and last name because, typical for French people, they're bad at English. This garbage app is exactly what you would expect from the stupid government bureaucrats that made it.
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4 years ago, bertrandine1
Hello stupid
Sncf if you wish to sell a ticket from a foreign company like DB In Germany make sure you give the customer their boarding pass. Advising them to retrieve a ticket at the station like Frankfurt it is not only a waist of time but absurd and stupid. If you cannot offer this service please direct to the link like DB. A simple gesture to make you intelligent.
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10 months ago, B3degree
Easier to use after trial and error
As a first time user this was a little difficult navigating when I began searching train connections for an upcoming trip to France. However, once I got the hang of booking train tickets for the first leg of our trip the last two were much easier. Like most everything, time and patience when learning something new.
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1 year ago, Raman Pfaff
Mostly useful, phone number issue
I’ve used this app to book several trips with no problem, but it just won’t take my phone number (I’m American +1). I select US, start typing, and after several digits it starts cutting off digits and changes my country. Oh well, created account and just get email alerts. Still very good app for planning trips in France.
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5 years ago, Commuter bookie
Worked well for me in US
Not sure why so many net reviews and comments about American cards - maybe developers fixed all the issues I. No problem setting up account. For US you do need to put the +1 in front of your phone number as indicated by format. 2. Took my US Chase card no problem when manually entered. It could not scan the card, but that’s no big deal 3. I was unable to add someone as my “travel partner” - it said something went wrong. But I could simply add another passenger and it promoted me for name info later which worked fine. 4. I used the SNCF first to find what rain I wanted. When i said “buy” it flipped me to this app - not quite sure why i needed SNCF at all - but maybe easier trip planning
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2 years ago, MikeMSY
Be careful of purchasing more tickets than you intend to purchase. If you do, you are likely to find no recourse either online or in person. Dispute with your credit card company of course, but it’s a hassle. Better if SNCF actually empowered employees to act on customers behalf. Next time, I’ll likely skip the app and revert to purchasing in person. The underlying issue is that the app is simply confusing…in any language.
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2 years ago, Lisette Riveron
Easy and I could do it in English!
This app is user friendly and available in many languages. This made the purchase of my ticket really easy! And even if you make a mistake the personal are able to help you in your language! Merci to all the wonderful employees who help me and so many!
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5 years ago, Timmerbee
Doesn’t work. Repeat, doesn’t work.
This app doesn’t accept American credit cards. It just doesn’t work, don’t waste your time trying. Update: tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Still will not process a purchase. Tried 3 different credit cards, all of which are valid working cards.
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2 years ago, sapai72
Ease of use and convenient
I used the app from India before my trip to Paris. Well designed site and payment gateway options. Very clearly stated Cancellation/Change policies. Tickets bought from other sources can easily be imported..
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5 years ago, vpbird
Horrible online system
This service is highly rated because they don’t ask the right questions ! Impossible to change round trip tickets online unless you change BOTH trips. Then you try to do it at the station (after a long wait) and they tell you it must be done online. Then your train leaves and you’re out the money. Kafkaesque and really expensive. I have been using the sncf for 25 years and the online system represents a huge degradation of service—less flexibility and many many more headaches.
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12 months ago, MikeRozanoff
What is the next step?
I have purchased 6 round trip tickets from Paris Montparnasse to Bordeaux, paid for the tickets and would like to know what the next step is. I was expecting my tickets to arrive into the wallet of my I-phone. I got an e-mail from SNCF. The app is very vague in this manner should be more specific as to what is going to happen.
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2 years ago, Arnaud19855555
Not even able to log in or to create an account…
This app is terrible. Log in page is blank and to create an account there is error. I’m supposed to “come back later”. What if I need to book a train today?! Honestly voyages sncf was great. You have to change stuff all the time. Spend so much money for something that doesn’t even work. Such a shame. I booked tickets 4 times through omio before even knowing now it’s sncf connect. You’re not even in the first results on google.
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3 years ago, AnneeD
Great app, works well
I am 67 years old and was able to do advance reservations for train travel in France before arriving in the country. I created a profile and had no difficulty paying for my tickets! Smooth.
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8 months ago, PeterButterPants
Makes it a lot easier
It’s been a few years since my last trip to France The SNCF app makes planning, paying for, and executing your trip sooooo much easier… especially for non-French speakers
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10 months ago, IsA 2019
Such a bad app and awful service
20 years ago it was easy to book, exchange, cancel trips It’s now outrageously expensive (everything else cheaper car, flights) and If you changed something they keep 40 euros of “fees” even if because their own train was 30min late. You can’t see anyone at the station or talk to anyone who can help. A shameful ripoff which deserves competition
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4 months ago, Wackyrudder
Very smooth and intuitive app
The app is fast and very well organized. It is like having a web browser of information at your fingertips.
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2 years ago, aztigram
I did not think it was possible, but they made the last app much much worse. They make it difficult to retrieve your itinerary. And the homepage actually makes it difficult to find out how to even buy a ticket. This website is going to create a lot of problems for people. These people who designed these apps actually try to use them? Complete joke. And very frustrating
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3 months ago, HollyberryCA
I didn’t believe this app could be as bad as my husband said, but then I downloaded it myself. Sheesh. It’s like someone wrote a slick interface / advertising front end onto a very clunky app. We managed to buy tickets with it, but not straightforward at all. We’ve just come from the Netherlands where their train app was super easy to use. Maybe SNCF should have a look there.
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5 years ago, j-cducanois
Tickets don’t go to Wallet
As many times I have tried to delete and download again, the tickets never make it to wallet and freezes the app. The latest version 63.1 is supposed to have fixed this. IT HAS NOT.
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9 months ago, Wannawonk
Frustrating UX, opaque errors and unhelpful support
The app is pretty, but the User Experience is very frustrating, especially when you have to deal with nebulous errors. My partner’s Carte Avantage number stopped working and now we just get an “unexpected error” message during checkout. Support has been incredibly unhelpful (en français). Will be booking tickets from 3rd party apps whenever possible
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2 years ago, mpstaton
Zero support, less than zero
They have a “chat” support that might as well tell you to buggar off. There’s no way to get help. There’s no way to rebook. If you miss a train eat it. France at it’s finest. Why pretend to have an app and customer service when what you really want to do as an organization is make people wait in a never ending queue and tell them you can’t help them get to see their family? Rinse and repeat.
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6 years ago, banifa
Buggy UX
The app freezes on search. Switches between French and English, and is buggy. Please do more Q&A before releasing. The point of a mobile app is to use it while moving and book a ticket efficiently. The app currently is slow and creates frustration. I had to use a laptop with full web experience to finalize. But lost the next train I wanted to get.
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2 years ago, SeaLoon
Excellent app for all ground transportation
Easy to understand. (English version). Easy to navigate and make reservation. Also extremely easy to make changes and get refunds.
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6 years ago, Ninijee
A bilingual option would be helpful! Also not user friendly
There should be a bilingual option with English for tourists. Secondly when you change a search it is not very intuitive that the previous search has been saved and you need to delete it before you check out or you will have to pay for it. Confusing
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5 years ago, TangoUnited
You should be ashamed of yourselves
This app is completely non functional throws random errors left and right. Was this ever tested outside of your office? Do you know there is a few more countries in Europe? Can you support more payment methods if you’re going to give different errors for all the credit cards in the world? Stop spending money on a custom .sncf domain name that is so confusing to non french and get your basics together! Try the german app for example. It works flawlessly!
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2 years ago, Boogeyman112
I need proof of travels for work monthly. This new update for the website and the application make it very very difficult. Almost impossible to get my invoice. Please fix this immediately as I don’t have all the money in the world and I need to get reimbursed. Or change back to do it all the way because this was an unnecessary update and now you’re just making people run in circles
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1 week ago, TobyNTrey
Excellent app. Worked great for our trip to Paris
We used the SNCF app during our trip to Paris. It worked very well. We used it daily and didn’t have any issues with trains.
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5 years ago, Tante bunte
Faster to go to the station to buy a ticket
The app does not work. You cannot dematerilizer your card. When you try, it just returns an error. When you contact customer service, they tell you to dematerilizer the card...after you just explained that is the problem. The app is bad, the service is worse. Just take it down and tell people to go to the ticket counter in person. The app is a total waste of time.
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5 years ago, Rescue Flyer
Works well iPad, odd on iPhone
Cascades reservations when you click for seat details so use cae to not buy 3x the seats you require. Stumbles badle in Orange LTE but is fine on wifi to iPad. Confirms via regisrered email with exticket. Write it down as coverage to show pdf in train station may not work.
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5 years ago, ArnoMary
Would be great if it recognized international mobile phones
The app is expecting only French mobile phone numbers. A lot of customers are international or French people leaving abroad. Please make the update.
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6 years ago, John Elkh
American in love
I love the SNCF app. I store my train tickets and use the app for the inspector while in transit. I can reserve train tickets. I have access to my VOYAGEUR account. Overall it’s a useful app to have if you travel on the French transit system frequently.
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5 years ago, jhiggi2
Name change
I was booking a trip for me and my husband and accidentally put my name for both passengers. Now that train is sold out and I’m being told the only way I can change the name on his ticket is to cancel and rebook. I don’t want to lose his seat so we will just hope it all works out I guess.
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6 years ago, JKerav
Feedback from first time user.
First time using it as an English speaker, all worked well, options presented simply for easy review. Picked my train from de Gaulle airport to Limoges and paid it, all very efficiently. No first time intimidation. Thanks.
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9 months ago, Darknessbear
Customer support non existent
Trying to do the most basic of tasks is impossible on this app. Their little support bot gets confused instantly and directs you to a French website… just have one question and can’t even ask at the train station because they are now Eurostar? Gah frustrating system
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5 years ago, WendyFarrell
Sometimes confusing when adding a companion it looks like you are adding more people’s than you are.
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12 months ago, kra
The saga of the SNCF online won’t ever stop I guess. This app is awkward at best. Just give people a regular search form, pretending to ride on the chat bot wave just makes things confusing and hard to browse. And it’s also oh so 2019, y’all are a few years late to that trend. The information hierarchy leaves a lot to be desired, voiceover support is less than poor, and the checkout flow is unnecessarily complicated. Let dark/light mode to the system, rather than force a dark layout on everybody. At least they support Apple Pay, so you can pay with a us card (which wasn’t possible on the website not that long ago).
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1 year ago, Admiral Daniel
Terrible App
This app used to be really great and since the update last year has been terrible. It frequently logs you out of your account for no reason. It doesn’t always register to train trips where my reduction cards are valid, and worse, has used my expired reduction card when booking a trip, leading to me getting a fine.
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5 years ago, Angie Verastegui
Needs a Little Work
The app is pretty average - does what it’s supposed to do. My biggest problem is that it won’t let me put my boarding pass in my wallet app. That’s where I store all of my boarding passes and not being able to do so with this app is a bit of an inconvenience.
Show more
6 years ago, Tankblack
Phone Number?
Very easy to use but no option if you do not have a french phone number (that I could see).
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6 years ago, rickitude
Do not use
This app and company does nothing when you have a problem. The night before my scheduled SNCF train that I booked through OUI, I received notification that the station had a fire. Not only did they not help me find transportation, which cost me 650 euros for a plane ticket, they didn’t have any customer service available at 9:00 to help me find alternate methods. How frustrating in a foreign country.
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5 years ago, Rap2k
Forced to update way too often!
You want to get a train ticket quickly? Go to the website! Here you HAVE TO update the 90MB maybe each month (no warning, and after you've entered all the details for nothing). How about do like all other apps do??
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