Sniper for eBay bid auctions

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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sniper for eBay bid auctions

4.82 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Zoe'💋
Amazing, so far…
I’ve always been curious how I was outbid within the last second of an auction despite making great attempts to prevent losing- now I know :) I haven't lost an auction since I began bidding through this app! I can determine ahead of time exactly how much I’m willing to spend so that I don’t overspend last minute. You simply enter in the amount your comfortable with- follow the setup guide and then forget it. This app will handle the rest! I did read some of the suggested tips out of boredom but found they were actually helpful in my new found success. I couldn’t be happier with this app. My only concern is I’m not sure how to pay for the points that are required. You receive free points when you register your account and there are a few other ways to gain more free points but I’m running out of those and not sure what to do. It says very clearly that the price is 1-2% of the amount of the item bid- and so far, Ive saved more than 1-2% just by using this app ,not to mention how much more fun and easier my whole eBay experience has become; therefor, paying is. It a problem if I just knew how. Thanks!!
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2 years ago, JoAnnaDuBose1984
A Genius Virtual Bidder that Keeps Me in Check!
I love this app! Placing automatic bids for me frees me from having to keep up with auction ending dates and times. Perhaps even more important to me is that it keeps me from overspending. Watching an item that I really want being bid up drives me crazy, almost making me want it even more. With the clock ticking and seeing the price go higher than my initial limit, I usually don’t have the self discipline to walk away. But with this app, I can work out the numbers, choose the highest I’m willing to pay, and then walk away. Later on, if I see I didn’t win, I feel good that I stuck to my limit and didn’t go over budget. It’s a genius little virtual assistant bidder. 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Jackclar
Seems sketchy, I know, buts it’s NOT
When I first downloaded this app I was concerned, it does look sketchy and outdated and foreign. But after giving it a try and having this app place a bid at the last 1 second of the auction resulting in me winning, I will always use this app to do an auction. I would 10/10 recommend this to anyone trying to get something off of ebay. I will always be using this app. The app gives you free points to use, each auction you snipe uses 4 or so points and after you run out you have to pay for more points but it’s overall worth it if you’re saving money on an eBay lot because you sniped it.
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4 years ago, Word game lover zxcv
Pricing is needlessly convoluted and poorly explained
This app works wonderfully! What an amazing tool. It’s worth paying for as well, but alas, they have crated a system so complex, both in the structure and the explanation, that you will need a white board, a slide rule, a mathematician and some time in order to figure out just the basics of what it will cost to have the app make automated bids for you, let alone trying to figure out if it’s worth the time. They don’t charge a flat rate or seemingly even a flat percentage for auction. It’s very hard to understand even how many “points’ it will cost you. Then the points are purchased in advance, and there is a scale of cost. The entire system is so frustratingly complex and difficult to understand, which is ironic for an app that so wonderfully makes your life less complex and simpler. As our clown of a president would say: Sad.
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9 months ago, christaannbryantate
Awesome App!
This app saved me so much money on my bids and I’ve won every single bid so far! I kept missing auctions at the last minute until I downloaded this app. It’s super easy to use just put the auction number in and the highest bid you want to pay and this app does the rest. You can adjust the time that you want to enter the bid I leave mine set at 4 seconds to closing. I’ve used other apps like this and they all didn’t come close to the success I have had using Baytomat.
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7 years ago, ukstairs
Simple to use, if it works
I was expecting a flawless process given the universal 5-star reviews. Set up was easy and after signing in I set up a pair of important auction bids that I wasn’t able to be present for. I lost both despite bidding more than $20 above the winning bids; the reason given was that I needed to “verify my identity” as the bid was being placed through computers I had not signed in from before. Frankly, if I was not verified beforehand, the Baytomat software should not have confirmed that my auction bids were successfully set up and ready to go. Deeply disappointing. I have had better success from desktop based apps without such teething problems. I suggest new users test out the app on an unimportant auction beforehand.
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6 years ago, Paintjesdeye
Good app unethical company
The only reason this app has close to 5 stars is because they try to bribe you to leave a 5 star review and if you don't this annoying popup keeps coming up that you can't get rid of. It works ok, works but it's expensive. And after you have used it for a few days there will be an annoying popup that asks you to go rate the app and give it "5 Stars." However, if you don't do the review or give it 5 stars then the popup won't stop and you never get your 5 free credits. When you actually compare the price of the app to what eBay makes on auctions it's clear that the app try's to make as much or more than eBay does. More expensive auctions "cost" more credits to snipe so they can make increasingly more money on more expensive auctions.
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2 weeks ago, Whistle_Mew
5 stars!!
This app is amazing! It is very easy to use and makes bidding so much easier for me!! I have been using it a lot recently to bid on pokemon cards and have saved over 10 dollars so far! You get free points to use for bidding to start off with too! But beyond that you’ll have to pay for more points to bid. It can be worth it though because I would have saved more money using the app and spending on points than just regular bidding!
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5 years ago, Farrss
Unforgivable Error
It actually pains me to write this review. I have used this app successfully in the past however today I found an item on eBay that I had been looking for for a long time for a good price. I set up my bid and the program accepted the bid and then DID NOT execute it. When I checked there was an error that I wasn’t logged in. How could the program set up a bid if you’re not logged in. Unforgivable error. I know this app has five stars, but I also have noticed people have noted this problem in the past so it still persists. I give 3 stars because I have used it successfully in the past but today was a big disappointment.
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5 days ago, E l
When you need a fair price on something you want
I have used this app three times to purchase something I really wanted an upper hand on. Set it and forget it all three auctions I won allowed me to purchase at a price lower than going price provided you get it before it goes to high and with the last second bid placement your almost guaranteed a win. So don’t use it unless you truly want the product. Its that good
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1 year ago, ItsCupquakee
Haven’t had the luck like most of these reviews…
There were a few items I really wanted, but knew I wouldn’t have the free time around the last few minutes, so I figured I would try this out. I was able to win one item, maybe because there wasn’t much interest? And I ended up losing out on two completely different items, from two different sellers, on different days; both bids with 3 seconds left. Either this app isn’t that proficient, or other buyers have a wayyy better system they’re using to snag something that much quicker.
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7 years ago, Scrotal Tongue
No longer need to set personal alarms to snipe auctions
This app is excellent at finding exactly what I have in my list of following items. Then adding in a sad time of exactly when I want to snipe on that item as well as the amount. This makes it so I don't have to set personal alarms to stop what I'm doing and Snipe auctions that I want. Also the software is very user-friendly. The presentation of their software isn't super fancy/hip, but it gets the job done and that's all I care about.
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5 years ago, Rusty_Sedam
App didn’t work
Have used the website many times over the last decade or so but decided to try the app since I was away from home. I signed in using my eBay info, found the auction, and set my max bid. The next day hours before the auction ended, I double checked the app to make sure all was still set and it was. When the auction ended I couldn’t check my phone but the app had notified me that it needed my eBay password and since I didn’t see the notification in time, I missed the bid, which I would’ve won easily. Why did it need my password again when I just entered it the day before and checked the app again earlier in the day? First time I’ve lost a bit using bid slammer.
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1 year ago, Matt9k
Great app
If you're an avid eBay user who loves the thrill of the auction game, you know how important it is to stay on top of your bids. That's where the MacOS eBay sniping app comes in. This app is a game-changer for anyone who wants to increase their chances of winning an eBay auction. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful sniping capabilities, the app allows you to place bids at the last possible moment, ensuring that you're the highest bidder when the auction ends.
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3 months ago, jademnm
Set and Forget the easiest way to shop on ebay
I love this app! It is so much easier than setting a timer and watching the items I want to win. It keeps me on budget as well during the last bidding moments. The only suggestion I would have is that it is expensive. I buy a lot of $5 items and $1 for a bid is just more than I can justify. But it is great for those larger purchases.
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1 year ago, Jvalllll
It Works time and time again!!! Highly recommend
This app works, as long as the seller doesn’t have this app blocked (which is highly unusual). I have won 95% +++ of my bids. I don’t even have to keep an eye on them or let anyone else know I am watching the item. I’m interested in. Keep in mind there is a buffer period. I love this app. I have used it for probably a decade on eBay! Highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Dickson
3 business days after the cancellation you'll be receiving an email notification including the shipping label, the one you can use to return the equipment, since you have 60 days to return it, keep in mind label is coming from FedEx not from Google Fiber, you can print the label themselves or take a copy of the email to FedEx and they will print it.
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8 months ago, jessversus
Worked great for a while, now completely bricked.
Loved this app for a month or two, and after taking a few weeks off from it and coming back, it just keeps giving me the same error message with zero support available online or in the app. I have 4 credits left and it won’t let me place bids for anything. I’ve logged out of my account on Baytomat AND ebay and logged back in again. Guess i’ll try a new bud app, oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If they fix the bugs and update the help info I might give it a couple more stars. Skip this one.
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3 weeks ago, Diablo696
Just speechless
The best app I’ve ever used anybody who uses eBay definitely check this out. It is 100% the best thing to ever happen to me for auctioning. I probably saved hundreds of dollars using this honestly it’s not one of those rip off things that you see all the time this is the real deal, I hundred percent rated five star every time and recommend to everybody.
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4 years ago, Amlord1
Excellent set -and -forget tool.
One of the things about auctions is that they may not end at a convenient time. Another is that you may feel a temptation to increase your bid to win. This tool takes care of both of those. Set your max bid, and how long you want it to submit it before the auction ends, and let it do the hard work and the magic. Save time, stress, sleep, and money.
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4 months ago, I Like Muffins
It’s pretty good
It’s pretty good I have to say. I won a few lost a few reminds me of my old desktop snipers. Credit price seems a little steep but worth it if you really want auctions. I’ll probably pay about the time I find something else I want Lol. Higher priced items see more value with it tho because of fixed credit cost.
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6 years ago, eBay noob guy
Snipe stuff
Very good and works well. I first got it to win some eBay bids. At first, it was kind of annoying to set up bids. You would have to type in the item number, which was really long, but updates have been made and it has gotten easier to set up bids. It works well; I have won several items thanks to the app. I highly recommend it and really helps!
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4 years ago, Qcarter
Works perfectly, easy to use! You get a certain number of free points which are only deducted if you win an auction. When you run out of those you do have to purchase more, but the cost is definitely offset by the amount you save on the winning bid price. I shouldn’t have post this review because the point of a secret weapon is to keep it a secret!
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5 years ago, elyk1986
Excellent way to save money on desirable items
Can’t say enough good things about this app and the people running customer service. Well supported and works flawlessly. Paying a dollar or two to avoid bidding up items and saving upwards of 20% an item is well worth it to me. Works every time. Only loss when someone wants it more. ($) Keep it up guys!
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1 year ago, Theodore Blue
Works as expected
I recently downloaded this app and I have to say, I'm really impressed! The app works exactly as advertised and I've had no issues with it so far. The design is sleek and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate. Overall, I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a win.
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3 years ago, Imreallyourmomiknowright
Reviewing to get points
This bid sniper might be the best for being able to snipe at the last second but you can only have a certain number of auctions based on how expensive your bids are. Im writing this review because they offered me points. I use this as my main bid sniper and then bid slammer when it wont let me snipe any more here.
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4 years ago, Mickey JM
Works pretty well
Works pretty well! It is purely based on your overall bid total however, and does not give any options for multiple bids beyond in the last second. So if your overall bid isn’t higher than someone else’s overall bid, even in the let second, you’re still automatically outbid.
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7 years ago, AgentDanaScully
Highly Recommended...I’ve actually been winning my auctions!
I really like this app. I think I got one or two “snipes” for free when I downloaded it but then ended up purchasing a few more because I actually WON my auctions. It’s easy to use and imports your lists! I haven’t really gotten other “sniper” apps to work like this one, so I would definitely recommend it!
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5 months ago, Honest_Ratings_XXX
Loving this app!
So far, I’m really loving this app! Been using about 5 months. I’ve used another sniper tool for at least 20 years, but it’s only web-based and doesn’t offer an import all watched items option, so I like this one much better for these 2 convenience reasons! Thank-you!
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1 year ago, Artful Wins Again!
I’m I’m so pleased with this App. I almost 99% of the time Win Win Win!!! I really recommend this App! Don’t lose your favorite things anymore!! Easy to use, too. so pleased with this App. I almost 99% of the time Win Win Win!!! I really recommend this App! Don’t lose your favorite things anymore!! Easy to use, too.
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3 years ago, rmand32
Great app to win bids !!!!!
I am a shoe collector so I bid on a lot of shoes from various sneaker auctions. Sometimes I lose auctions by less than a nickel due to my decision making, but since I have downloaded Auction Bid Sniper For EBay I have won auctions on 2 pairs of deadstock shoes that I have always wanted. I recommend this app to anyone who is looking to win a bid the easy way.
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9 months ago, Gogo Jojo 1970
Great app and very effective
I’ve had this app for a few months and have already saved so much money. I love how you can choose the time remaining for your bid and the notifications if you’ve been outbid. Highly recommend this to anyone that is active in the online auction purchase game. 5 stars!
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1 year ago, michhhhfwl
Just Set And Forget!
This app is literally perfect. It links with your eBay account so you can see all of your saved auctions. You can easily reserve a bid of your choice and select how many seconds before the end of the auction you want to submit your bid. Saves you so much hassle, time, and money!
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3 years ago, TheRealSquirrelwhisperer
It works as it describes but have to pay for points. Well worth it though
It works as it describes. I have won many items thanks to this. Normally miss the last 10 seconds due to not paying enough attention and this solves that problem
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3 years ago, c70nosaint
Multiple bids? Lots ending at the same time? Inconvenient auction end time? This is the app for you.
This app is a must have tool for a serious eBayer. Indispensable when bidding on multiple auctions, especially closely timed. Interface could be improved but it all works as designed. Definitely five stars!
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3 years ago, fsmly
Only Way to Go💯
Love, love, love this app! Bidding on “must have” items 💃is so much easier, and care free. Baytomat makes the bidding process a breeze. Transactions are less complicated when a before hand limit is registered on my “must have” item. Then Baytomat takes care of the rest, bidding only as high as the pre entered figure. Baytomat never forgets and bids wisely😉
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3 years ago, Jon C Pennington
Great Stuff
It allows you to set up last-second eBay bids, but unlike eSnipe, you can actually search for items through it. I’ve already gotten items through it I couldn’t get through eSnipe & it also shows how much money I save on my bids. I really like it.
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3 days ago, Nickman20
My Baytomat experience
If you are looking for an app that will win you any auction on eBay, Baytomat is the way to go. This app will help you win items without having to go through a bidding battle to see who gets the item. I would definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, Wickedevil8
Works as expected!
This app works! Enter the eBay item number, set your amount and it will automatically bid at the last 4 seconds (or can custom to any time). You don’t even need to be online when bidding happens, it will bid whether you have internet connection or not. Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, Rudy1337
Simply works
Works exactly as I expected. Good tool to avoid the ridiculousness of auction fever and pride from othe buyers, who just can’t lose regardless of the price. No interest from you is shown until the last few seconds and it bids up to your max as defined by you. “Tokens” is a bit hokey as a payment mechanism, but who am I to complain.
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2 years ago, Yeahjones
Great tool
I’ve actually use a couple of these and most of them when you get down to it charge you a monthly fee for how many you use considering I don’t do that many bids this is a great tool because you can buy the slots as needed if you run out
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2 years ago, nbcomics76
Solid functionality, UI could be better
Several bids won at a great price and no more getting beat at the last second! Very happy with the functionality, the UI could be a bit more clear though.
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1 year ago, Rhetth
Very Accurate & Reliable
Used the sniping program many times. It’s reliable, accurate, and takes the stress out of last minute bidding. I really enjoy it and have won all but 1 auction I’ve entered using the program! I highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Billy bag of laundry
Great app
This app allows the user to seamlessly bid on an item linked to their eBay account. I highly recommend using this app as it ensues the user can place a last second bid. The great part is the cost is only if you win the bid based on the credits needed. See app details for pricing.
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3 years ago, merc4hire.chris
Perfect for those hotly contested auctions
I almost never write app reviews, but this one has come through for me so many times that I just have to give it five stars. You probably don’t need these app for every auction. But occasionally, you’ll run across an auction where the starting bid is low and there’s no reserve… and a bunch of people are interested. This app will allow you to place a bid even closer to the end of an auction than most other apps… basically you’ll win when you need to. Definitely comes in clutch in those competitive situations.
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6 years ago, SpicyFood658
Excellent app great use and many options!
If you get a 'nickname already in use' error, change your nickname IN ITUNES as follows: Launch iTunes and go to Store>View My Apple ID. Enter your password. Go down to Settings and on the right hand side you will see Edit Nickname. Click on that to change your nickname.
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2 years ago, Ashley1254
Never lose I love this app!
I seriously love this app. It is my go to once I find something that doesn’t have a buy it now or can’t come to an offer agreement with the seller. Inhave only lost 1 auction & that was my own fault for being cheap! If you love winning, you need this.
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2 years ago, ThirstyDude32
Great app
This app is incredible. I wish it was bit cheaper for credits, as it can be harder to justify on low cost items. But it is 100% worth for more expensive items and will quickly pay for itself.
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2 years ago, rohas-monster
App conked out just seconds before the auction finished
First of all, the app wasn’t in sync with eBay since it showed the same maximum bid for hours even after it had changed on eBay. Secondly, just 10s before the auction ended, the app gave an error message that the connection to the server had been lost, so someone was able to put in a higher bid right before this app could place my bid for me. Not sure where all these 5-star reviews are coming from, but it’s a bit suspicious that the most recent ones all say they’ve had a lot of success and have won multiple auctions since they first installed the app and linked it to eBay. Your algorithm needs serious improvement. P.S. Calling this review “FAKE NEWS” only weakens your credibility as a developer, so good luck with that.
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1 year ago, Texas_Thomas
It saved me a lot of money!
Works great! Saves money on larger purchases. It lets you slip in a bid a few seconds before close. You set your max bid and it bids just enough to beat out the current bid. Definitely worth it on large purchases. It works.
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