SNIPES: Sneakers & Streetwear

4.8 (4.4K)
23.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jako Enterprises LTD
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SNIPES: Sneakers & Streetwear

4.79 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Brand new Newby
Easy to use
Snipes has great options and I always seem to find my size when other sites/companies aren’t available. The App is easy to use and all items are easy to view. Quick tip- Sign up for push notifications so you never miss a sale or launch!
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1 year ago, KingGuttaBoi
Shipment packaging was terrible.
Ordered my first pair of New Balance’s from Snipes USA because they had a style I liked. Was really happy to see they would arrive a day early. Little did I know they were packaged by someone with tape as fingers. There had to be 8 rolls of clear tape on this box. The box in question was also big enough to fit 4 pair of shoes in their respective shoe boxes inside of it. When I got the box it looked as though it had been thrown off of a building(shipping woes I guess), and the shoe box inside looked like it was in a mosh pit. The shoe box itself was damaged, the shoes where not inside the box anymore due to the massive size of the shipping crate, I mean box. All of the contents of the box were everywhere, there was about a paper towel roll of extra shoe paper in the box still folded and not around the shoes. The saving grace of it all is, it doesn’t seem like the shoes themselves are too damaged. All of this is odd to me because this isn’t the first time I’ve chosen Snipes USA to pickup a pair of shoes from. I’ve never had any issues like this, but this one time, I got the disgruntled employee packaging plus, and I definitely didn’t order it.
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2 years ago, beenerbenzorbently
Terrible customer service
Their phone number nobody ever answers or nobody ever gets back to you on and also their emails nobody ever responds to or helps you. For instance, I placed an order where I got the wrong size tracksuit I had a 2X in the hoodie and the one X in the pants I needed them to fix it to a 2X in the pants but they did not so I ended up having to re-order another pair of pants and now I’m going to have to return them. Oh yeah, I also bought other stuff which I didn’t need to buy. Also, I could have the free shipping because it cost under $100. Fix your customer service it’s terrible. Also answer emails in a timely manner.
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3 years ago, dq613
Love the new features!!
I just downloaded the new app and I love the new Cop or Drop feature!! Also having the ability to join an in store raffle right from the app is a plus! The app overall is very user friendly and makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.
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1 year ago, 1 is God
Fancy customer
Snipes has been having a lot of nice things those including sneakers, clothes boots you name it for all ages you won’t regret one of my favorite places to shop and the workers are very nice and always feels welcomed.
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3 months ago, Shababy66
I just this app once to order shoes for myself an my daughter an let me tell you never again! The boxes come messed up, open my kid shoes laces were out the box of the shoes. Mine box was open as well box look like it been broken into also! The box itself wasn’t take down good at all like it was done from home to insure no one could get in! An tbh shein have there package tape better than them for sure! My shoes did coke unharmed to bad fair as I know but I wouldn’t use them for shipping purposes
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4 years ago, Royalty👑👑
Don’t waste your time and money
They are the worse to shop with online I recommend you find a store than buying what you want on this app. They don’t give you a tracking number. I got something from them it took a week for them to tell me they cancelled my order and they still never refunded my money I’m still trying to connect with the customer service but no one is answering all I want is my money, never shopping on this app again.
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1 year ago, Rkoach
Customer service is horrible 🤬
I’ve been waiting 3 weeks if not longer for my sons shorts everything else came but them an I can’t get in contact with no one. It makes me skeptical on even placing another order it’s so hard to pass up great deals but if im not going to receive my merchandise or have an issue an I cant contact anyone I’m just throwing away money and can buy the item full price somewhere else an get what I paid for.
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4 years ago, Dose ackies
The app is trash
The app is never working properly it crashes all the time . I have downloaded and deleted this app over 5 times and it’s still not working so then I go to the website to purchase some things and the website is telling me Oops something went wrong with your payment try again, I did that twice before I said I’m not putting my card information in after 2 times . The app and the website is in dyer need of some help
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3 months ago, 610LV
Excellent experience but it would be some much better if you guys accepted Afterpay as well. I would have purchased 3 times the amount. All in all a great experience though!
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11 months ago, Verbenak
!!Buyer BEWARE !!
I suspect a ton of fake reviews, this company is a complete scam, they give you fake tracking numbers, then they offer a phone call that never gets answered, when you realize you've been scammed, you try to contact online customer service, they tell you they'll communicate with you via email, but nothing happens.. I had to get my money back through the help of Paypal...this company makes me sick 🤢
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2 years ago, Bucky 999
Online shopping
Hey I am old school and don’t really like shopping online I hope everything goes well so I Conan continue my relationship with SNIPES’s thanks for letting me work with me today
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3 years ago, Mr. ESPN89
App not working or showing items
The app is not bringing up photos of the items. It shows the amount and name of item but theres no thumbnail to show what the item is or looks like. Hope this gets fixed Soon. Cuz I like SNIPES
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7 years ago, DJ Mikecool
Free shipping + user friendly
Free shipping and user friendly to navigate through products. Smooth interface. What more can you ask for?
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12 months ago, jfsfromthe215
I ordered a pair of shoes and size 15 isn’t the easiest size to find and i get the shoes and it looks like someone just fixed a car and then handled the shoes. Their is fingerprints that wiped off parts of the shoes but then the laces were disgusting some of the canvas was touched by whoever bery disappointed in the quality of the shoes so i will just return to using nike app and footlocker app n spend the extra $5-$20 if needed.
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1 month ago, Stan41179$
Sold out
I never get 2 catch a deal and the same deals been on there sold out if it’s all sold out why still there just to make people upset scavenges out there
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5 years ago, CR3190s
Had a lot of trouble logging in & Purchasing products
I have an account with KicksUSA and was not able to sign in even after resetting my password TWICE! Not to mention, once I finally made a new account it made me verify my address by saying “Select a state”’when my address had already been confirmed. Just an over terrible experience on the app and mobile website!
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5 years ago, natalie.x497
these people are scammers! I ordered a jacket on the 15th of this month and never got an email confirmation or anything and the status on my order said “ waiting for shipping “. I called and asked them why haven’t I got a conformation and I have them my email, name on the order and the order # and they said there was nothing. This is the last time I’m ever shopping here. They didn’t even give me a refund. Bs.
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3 years ago, BLH722
This App is Amazing
This app is great! It’s user friendly , and very easy to navigate! The apparel new arrivals options keeps me up to date on the current fashion. I love it!
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1 year ago, nicolemj
The updated pop is amazing. It is easy to shop, cop or drop interactive feature is great and helped me find some things I loved super eas🔥🔥🔥
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2 years ago, rod sur
Snipes app
The app is cool. Happy they fixed the big that left it blank for quite some time. However, the releases section is a little different from the online site.
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4 weeks ago, Sharper731
I wish that you would send my purchases in card board boxes instead of a plastic bag This packaging damages my boxes
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5 months ago, JKAPS612
I like the snipes app it’s easy to use and navigate thru. They always have great sales and good customer service I will definitely be a long time loyal customer. Thanks
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2 months ago, 2_z0nes
I love snipes
I’m from Newark and I now live in Minnesota these mf out here ain’t got no style .. snipes keeps me fresh and mf stay asking where I get those.. I say snipes.. they like who I’m like nvm..
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2 months ago, 𝕝𝕠𝕟𝕕𝕪
They have very good shoes and nice quality definitely recommend… Don’t use fake apps !!
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1 year ago, sakamototnagasaki
For snipes
I need this app to take out the press and hold button it is annoying and it keep asking every minute to press and hold. I’m trying to buy some shoes and the press and hold not letting me. It keeps saying press and hold, I do it and it comes back again and again and again
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6 years ago, Big Ry
App isn’t updated as often as it should be
The app doesn’t have the same merchandise as the website. So it doesn’t make sense to take up space on my phone if I can just go to the website.😕
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2 years ago, Makestardom
Customer Service The Worst!
If you have a problem or question dont try to contact customer service because there are none! The phone number does not work, the contact us now on the site doesnt email you back, and the online chat is ALWAYYS offline!
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12 months ago, John Carlis
Great Service
I find a lot of great deals and bargain at stores or website…. Top remarks to the company
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2 years ago, Bruce1397
5 starr
Excellent application to shop on, easy to use and some firee product
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4 years ago, Charliesalsero
Great store!
Its my second purchase.. No issues whatsoever! My items arrive on time and in great condition! A def alt to shop!
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1 year ago, Jerry Attrix
Images to products don’t load
It’s hard to shop when you can’t see what your buying. Just a bunch of products with descriptions and prices. No images whatsoever.
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7 years ago, Farmerz_Finest
I cannot select a payment method
I'm trying to buy stuff for my daughter and I cannot put in a payment method. Y'all have to hurry up and fix this missing out on business.
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11 months ago, TreeTop1310
Can’t see images
None of the pictures show in the app. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling, putting a random item in the cart to see if it shows up and still nothing.
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3 years ago, China's Treasure
Love the new app!
I love the app update! Very easy to shop
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6 years ago, Encoun2er
Too touchy
Can’t use this app reasonably. Trying to scroll and it takes each tap as a request causing you to tap back. Back and fourth and back and fourth trying to navigate. Sensitivity needs to be taken down a notch.
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4 years ago, Justin Peebles
Do not use this company for shoes
Customer service rating is an F. I ordered a pair of shoes, no communication to me or alert that it might be delayed. 1 week later still no updates. I DM’d on twitter and got a generic response once, no other messages returned. Finally I just cancelled my order, deleting this app and never issuing again.
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5 months ago, iNexxFear
Contents and prices mismatch
Good app, but prices and stock do not match that of the website or offer options not available
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1 year ago, Triggggggggaaaaa
False advertisement
They often do raffles and drops for new releases but their website and app aren’t reliable enough to buy these even if you’re able to get through the waiting line
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7 months ago, Dusty4l
No pictures
Like a lot of the other reviews are saying, there’s no product pictures. I can’t see anything while shopping which makes it ultimately useless to attempt. 👎
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3 months ago, FactSpeakerSTL
They’re selling USED SHOES😡😡
Don’t waste your money with this app. Whoever owns this store is just honestly disrespectful. They’re selling used shoes. It’s almost like Nike gives them the shoes people bring back after they’ve worn them and they resell it. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
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3 years ago, ThisSucksAss00
Bugs fixed??
It say the bugs was fixed 2 months ago but I can’t even see the button options for the app. When I do click on shop now it sends me online 🤷🏽‍♂️
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6 years ago, Suszoeryan
Buy on the App !
Saved money on shipping and taxes since purchasing on this app. So happy to have downloaded the app :)
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4 years ago, Cwx1997
App won’t let me sign in or enter raffles
I’ve been trying to sign in but the app won’t let me. Also trying to register for a raffles and the app isn’t allowing me either.
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7 years ago, ovozoe
Won't let me purchase
Love the app but it won't let me select a payment method please fix!!!!
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11 months ago, Seasound apartments
Neglecting customers issues
I’ve made several attempts to contact snipes about my orders being stolen and I can’t get a proper respect or a refund extremely poor customer service
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7 months ago, MaleikG014
The app is super easy to use! Super simple and cheap prices!
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1 year ago, Jaxx0212
LUV it, but sometimes Ehh!
I started recently using the Snipes App in October of 2022, but have been a customer at Snipes since they opened. I didn’t know they had such Amazing Deals almost Everyday, but once I did I was hooked! It’s almost March 2023 and I’ve no joke ordered from the Snipes app at least 10 times maybe a dozen. I’m a bargain shopper and I’m a sneaker Freak so I cannot go a day without looking on the snipes app. My only suggestion is for Snipes to know how much Inventory they have because I’ve been let down time and time again because I bought something but they no longer have in stock. Now my complaint I have is that snipes will notify you sometimes weeks later about them not having whatever item in stock but then they deduct it from what you bought and often end up charging you more money for shipping! Because that item wasn’t in stock and now the order is less than 100$ which means I pay 💲$9.95 for shipping and I think that’s totally wrong, and Extremely Frustrating! It’s already disappointing to find out that the item you bought a couple of weeks ago was cancelled due to not enough inventory, but then to charge more money for shipping all because use didn’t do the inventory correctly and I’m Paying for it??! I Don’t Think so, and it’s about time Snipes Comes Correct, and does the Right Thing! Last but not least I think Snipes should have a longer time frame to return whatever you purchased from the app to take back in store or be able to exchange for at least 60days. Since the mail takes so long to get the orders we bought which is a couple of weeks if not more, then we should be able to return/ exchange them within 60days. Now if the mail gets it’s act together and isn’t taken forever then 30days is fine but until then can you please change your regulations to a 60 day window please ??! Besides that I Sincerely LOVE Snipes and Thank the Entire Snipes Team for their dedication and Commitment because use Rock!!
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4 years ago, ghokvbbhbbihuuhhb
I ordered ugg slides a month a go and still didn’t get them and then I look in my email and they said my order is delayed. They said it may take 21 to 31 business day like no if I don’t get them by the 10th I’m canceling my order.
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6 years ago, none12345689
Needs Improv
App is slow and app should process payments directly and not route you to a PayPal site
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