Solar System for iPad

4.2 (21)
1077.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
NatureGuides Ltd.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Solar System for iPad

4.24 out of 5
21 Ratings
10 years ago, MK5080
Solar System Review
This book is an example of a superior ebook and can be useful to everyone. The rating would have been 5 star except for inclusion of warnings about "man-made global warming" which are not supported by scientific facts, even those within the book itself.
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3 years ago, Milkyway100kly
Needs imagery update
I like this app. It’s really nice, the layout is wonderful, it’s easy to use. I was so excited when I finally saw an update for this app. However, none of the imagery was updated. Pluto is still pre-New Horizon’s picture. We have so many beautiful images of Jupiter now with the Juno spacecraft as well as many other bodies in our solar system. For the price, this app should be updated regularly to keep up with the information. Wanted to use it for teaching but unfortunately I can get better images off the web. Would give it five stars if there is a major imagery update.
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7 years ago, CountSut
Nice, but needs an update
For the price, this app really needs new content. I would expect information and imagery from New Horizons, Rosetta, Dawn, and possibly Juno. The lack of new content at a $10 price point makes me feel ripped off. That said, I found the layout great. With more up to date content, this would be an easy 5 stars.
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2 months ago, solar planets
Pluto & ceres texture change update
You should change the textures of Pluto & ceres new horizons spacecraft have a close up texture map of Pluto and it as a moon called Charon & close up photo of Pluto & Charon
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4 years ago, Rad Robb 74
Needs major update!!
I’ve had this app since it came out and they are horrible!! For updating data. Better apps for wayyy cheaper. Look at Pluto!!
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3 years ago, Keolumike
Disappointing imagery
However great the data in this app the imagery is so 10 years ago. Poorly spent money.
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4 years ago, Lng1982&@
Amazing but where’s Eris and makemake
Cool but where’s eris and makemake I guess there in Oort Cloud
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7 years ago, Jerry Applehed
Needs An Update
I like this app, but it’s in severe need of an update.
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12 years ago, awadulcecity
The concept is awesome but it needs a lot of work, it's just v1.0.0
I think it needs an update now, it's been almost 2 years…you guys have had enough time to enhance the app. You are not featured anymore in any apple event or anything, other apps have surpassed you in being the focus of attention. The app is very good, I love the Orrery, it's just awesome, it's the best part of the app. You get to see the solar system spin from every angle as the planet you selected also spins around the sun. However, ipad retina came out….you owe a retina update as you owe The elements a major overhaul and all your other apps. I think you already updated Barefoot atlas for retina…although the drawings are still not-retina. Please update the graphics and resolution. I would like the planets to spin as they normally do in their explanation page. You can then touch them to stop them, move them around zoom in and out and then just do a quick flick so that they go back to spinning at their normal pace. That would be cool. The same way that in The Elements you don't keep the Nitrogen still, the vase is evaporating and fuming. I think that would be a good addition.
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7 years ago, Oinmartini
Freezes constantly
So this freezes constantly, and I mean constantly. It doesn't run for more than visualizing one or two planets. I have deleted and reloaded it multiple times without a fix. When it does work, it is completely silent, even the song. I assume they're supposed be some sound here. I'm not running it on old machine, this is an iPad Pro. As others have mentioned, there is been no new content added for probably 10 months (judging from the dull yellow/brown fuzzball they use as a model for Pluto). This wasn't exactly cheap as apps go, certainly not in the same league as Elements for quality. I would get my money back if I can figure out how.
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11 years ago, rockykay
Just amazing
This app is amazing. The picture quality and interactive elements, the information, it can keep you glued to it for hours at a stretch. I have to admit, I was a bit leery about buying this. It's not cheap, and the only reviews up at the time of my purchase were complaints about it no longer being useable on the iPad 1. I took the leap, and I'm glad I did. Yeah, I'm a big old space nerd, but I really don't think that's a prerequisite for enjoying this app. It's gorgeous, it's fun, it teaches. I'm long past school age, but I can't imagine a better tool towards getting the kinder interested in space, to give that little nudge towards really enjoying astronomy class in school. This really is worth every penny.
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13 years ago, Crash Browser
I expected so much more for the price. The experience of this app is very similar to a glossy DK science book. There are very few animations and interactive activities. I am a teacher and considered this app for my classroom, but I will not use it because it is little more than a glowing encyclopedia. I do not consider this to be harnessing the power of technology in the classroom, except for perhaps the wow factor involved with holding an iPad. Students need to engage with the concepts, not be passive receptacles. The power of the iPad is in the ability to have dynamic content, not just a book that you press a button to turn the page.
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13 years ago, astroclubguy
This is the future of textbooks
Hopefully, this app represents the future of interactive books. The only annoyance I've noticed is that you must have a network connection to bring up information on solar system bodies. Otherwise, the app crashes on my iPad 2. Other than that, I highly recommend this work of art!
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11 years ago, DalenPendragon
Many reviews are disappointed about the lack of iPad 1 support. The problem is that Apple should never have brought out and advertised the iPad 1 the way they did. [Not including the memory, etc. at the time was a sign, as it does make a difference.] The iPad 2 is really what the iPad 1 should be, and probably will be the one to last the longest in future updates for various apps. Though with the retina display etc, it to will have seen its days. The problem is not as much the developers of the app, for what it is they are delivering, but the makers of the tech and what they choose to release and how it is advertised/perception of capabilities.
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13 years ago, Nina aka the Lunar Lady
Solar System is truly out of this world!
What an incredible experience! As an amateur Astonomer I am completely thrilled with the awesome photos and background information. We are using this app in our Astronomy group workshops and tossing those old fashioned star charts that simply put folks to sleep.
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11 years ago, Cwcv
I will attempt to describe how phenomenal this app is! It is gorgeous, extremely user intuitive, and hard to put down. I am a homeschool mom, so I am constantly looking for educational information that captures students and draws them in. This app is a win from beginning to end. Well done!
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7 years ago, tonkinite
Amazing Solar System reference, But needs recent data
Allows you to view the bodies of our Solar System, with pages of text and images, with an incredible Solar System model in 3D that can be expanded, shrunk, sped up and slowed down. Every bit as good as the author's reference on The Elements — However, data in the App (recent images of Pluto come to mind) really need updating.
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13 years ago, Zero Six
5 stars all the way
This is one of the best iPad apps, hands down. Superb information and imagery. Worth every penny. All of the less than 5-star reviews clearly don't understand what this is supposed to be. It's amazing and a masterpiece.
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11 years ago, Kenneth Margulies
Absolutely beautiful!
The app is beautifully done. Informative and elegant. Please note that those giving one star are disappointed that the app no longer works with the iPad 1. It works beautifully with later iPads, though. Very cool.
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11 years ago, tpjm
No support for iPad I
I have 230 apps on my venerable iPad I. Many of them astronomy apps. Only 4 developers out of 230 apps have chosen to abandon the original iPad. None of those are astronomy apps. Like other reviewers, I paid fair money for your app, with the reasonable expectation that you would continue to support it. it is disappointing to find that you have abandoned that platform so quickly. Will you do the same with today's latest iPad in a couple of years?
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9 years ago, CarbineFoX
Five Stars Once Updated
Please update w/modern Ceres, Pluto, and Charon images...not to mention Pluto's other newly discovered moons (yes we know it's classified as a dwarf planet). Everything else is quite enjoyable. Thank you!
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11 years ago, Marty's Genius
BEST of the BEST!!!!
I have decided this app and your BAREFOOT ATLAS are the VERY BEST apps available, and I own about 800 apps. GORGEOUS graphics, and the best Solar System app I own. I own about ten. I will buy anything historical or geographical you develop. I hope you will develop a comparable app on American and world history. PERFECTION!!!
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11 years ago, GenaMarie117
iPad 1 update
We love this app! I am a pre school teacher and use this app when we have our solar system week. I wish I could update with the new info. Other than that it is a great and informative app!
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9 years ago, Fione88
Informative and Beautiful
Really worth the money because it is intuitive, very attractive graphics and packed with information.
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13 years ago, Timbo@M
Solar System out of this world
Great graphics and depth of information and organization. Fantastic app - it's what interactive publications should be like for the iPad. Nice work!
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9 years ago, MCXfinity
Great app... It crashes frequently throughout my experience.
Very good detail, enhanced graphics, I love it! But I can't work the kinks on the crashing problem.
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11 years ago, Kiosa
Do Not Download!
The latest upgrade to this app only supports Apple IOS 6. If you choose to keep your device running on Apple IOS 5.1.1, this app will not allow you to upgrade and it will not function at its full potential. This developer has chosen to abandon everyone with an iPad 1 and everyone that has chosen to stay away from Apple's IOS 6.
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11 years ago, Wizardljj
Could be nice if it worked
Hard to judge if this app is any good since it fails on starting. It is basic that an app should at least run. Touch Press usually does good work (such as Elements) but to release an app that can't even run on a 64GB iPad with iOS 7.0.3 doesn't say much. Hopefully they will fix this problem soon.
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9 years ago, madman31
Great app...
...but would like to see an update with new discoveries and updated pictures tied to Pluto and Ceres.
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11 years ago, AskEuge
Updated App Crashes Making the Previous Experience Horrible
This was a cool app until the most recent IOS6 update. Now the app doesn't work on my iPad2 3G + wifi. Even after updating the app it still crashes. Hopeful a fix is in the works or this app could be deleted soon.
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11 years ago, REALLY FUN!!!!!!!
Won't let me open Uranus…
It might make me close inside Uranus, but now it won't let me open it!
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8 years ago, Flyingfar
So, no more updates to content? - Way behind
I like the interface for walking students through research methods. It's cleaner / faster than a full up 3D interface on the iPad and a big screen. But if you're not going to keep up with the rapidly changing local universe...
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11 years ago, Plcarr
Superb interaction
Seeing the planets and their moons in orbit is awesome. It brings it all the planets into perspective for young and old alike. There is a lot of information on all the planets. Great app.
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11 years ago, BPWaldo
Do not download this app!!!!
I paid for this app and loved using it, especially with my kids. Now they won't support us suckers with the iPad1. That's a lousy way to treat customers. Don't become a sucker, find another app that offers continued updates and respect for paying customers.
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9 years ago, sino8r
Needs update
Pluto and Ceres updates needed. Info is rather limited in general. Visually pleasing though. If it wasn't on sale and I purchased... I'd be somewhat disappointed.
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8 years ago, K. Bobby
This app worked fine before the latest upgrade. Now it won't even open. The upgrade reaches about 20% then freezes permanently. Reinstalling the app won't work either.
Show more
11 years ago, Brick140
Solar System for Every iPad except iPad 1
Is there anyway that Apple can stop pushing an upgrade on me that my iPad refuses to handle? I don't have iOS 6... Can't run the upgrade for Solar System. Even still, it won't leave the App Store upgrades section...
Show more
12 years ago, FromIraq
Great imagery. Full of opinion.
Basically. This app has great presentation. But when you dig in the writing is a long winded diatribe on the 'settled science' of global warming. Boring! I would have bought Al Gores crap if I wanted to hear that. Get a brain and write some original Fiction!
Show more
12 years ago, Aermale
Used to work great!
Excellent book prior to last update, now it won't even open on my iPad 2. Please fix these crashes!!
Show more
9 years ago, Boereraat
Still my favourite app.
Show more
13 years ago, BKBobbyDigital
top space app
best app in the category of science or space. file size is large but totally worth it. hours of fun.
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11 years ago, jhemp
Disappointed with new update
I am disappointed that the writers of this app have chosen to abandon the ipad 1 with the new update. Please reconsider. I have enjoyed this app greatly, traveling and learing about our solar system.
Show more
12 years ago, BostonSocks
Usually great but now crashing
Crashes on iPad mini. Tried restarting as instructed in the update but that didn't help.
Show more
11 years ago, Siyman4
Very disappointed
I am VERY disappointed with the fact that I spend $10 on this and can't even get any more future updates for it because I am on an iPad 1.
Show more
11 years ago, Anna Davis
Use to be a great app now a big waste of money
Please make this work for iPad 1. I loved the app before and now it won't work because of the decision to not let iPads update.
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13 years ago, -rjk3-
Pretty awesome
Needs some work, but it is purely awesome
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11 years ago, union jack<3
Why would you do this??!!
I'm kind of upset that this app no longer works on the iPad 1. I spent a lot of money on this and am pretty peeved that it no longer works.
Show more
11 years ago, Katerin1224
Don't update something I bought that I actually can't update!
Show more
12 years ago, Premo123456
Crashes on iPad 4 as soon as you open it
Show more
11 years ago, 3cockers
Bad Update
No longer opens. Please fix, great app when you can open it.
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