South Shore

4.2 (228)
88.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bytemark, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for South Shore

4.21 out of 5
228 Ratings
3 years ago, fflowerdogg
Needs better biking info
I went from Chicago to Indiana dunes for the first time. At 5PM, I went to Beverly shores to hop on the train to turn back to the city, only for the train conductor to tell me that they don't allow bikes to be onboarded at that station. I wish that the app would inform me of that so I could plan to bike to Dune Park instead. There are also trains that do not take bikes. I was at Dune Park at 7pm and the train conductor told me that this was not a ride that takes bikes and I'd have to wait till 10pm. I wish that the app would have a simple logo like "⛔️🚴‍♀️" for example. Great and simple app tho. Booking and confirmation was simple and does the job well.
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6 years ago, Kyboy123
Great app, even better service
I was planning a trip to chicago with my girlfriend for a concert, and was thinking of taking the train. We bought tickets without realizing that the last train back home is before the concert ends. This was a problem, so we ended up driving. A few days later i called their service to request a refund and with no issues or problems, got the refund. It took literally one day for the refund to go back into my bank, when most others would take “5-7 business days.” Now as the app, its great to use. It lays it out easily so theres no confusion or uncertainty. I highly recommend downloading this app if you’re thinking of taking the train or if you already do.
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5 years ago, Cybernettr
I tried purchasing and presenting a ticket in-app and it worked fine. I like the train tracker feature; I just wish it would show next to the train icon in which way it is moving, and when you tap on it, whether it is moving westbound or eastbound. You can tell by looking at the stops list but not at a glance.
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7 years ago, Gruder T
I don't normally take the time to review apps but they rly did a nice job w this one. It never crashes. The servers are always online. And best of all its free to use. The only thing that i dont like and its not rly a big deal (which is why im still giving 5 stars) is that the actual aesthetic design of the app is very plain and very boring. It looks like an app from my first gen ipod. But when you go to activate the ticket, tight when i push the button that says 1 adult. The design is suddenly gorgeous. Like wth why is it only so good in that one specific spot lol
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6 years ago, metrocard1
Train schedule
The train is very convenient for me I write it four times a day the only problem I have is most of the time I don’t make the 710 train because of work are usually missed it by about 25 minutes so then I have to wait until the 910 train I wish they would add one train 810 this way I wouldn’t have to wait almost 2 hours for the train but other than that it’s great I purchased a one-month pass every month employees are friendly and professional very seldom the train is late this is why I prefer taking the train over driving I know I will be there at a certain time thank you collise rodriguez
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6 years ago, MissileChicago
Somewhat Improved
The latest version of the app has some really nice new features and a nice clean look. However somethings have actually been made worse. Such as the schedules. Now it is very difficult to read them because it’s a lot smaller than it was before. The old schedule listing was much easier to select and view. The text for the schedule now is probably about 80% smaller than what it was previously. It would be nice if you could incorporate the look and feel of the old schedule from the previous version into this new version of the application.
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5 years ago, tiger buttz
Lack of communication
The south shore is shut down for what I’m guessing is probably weather related circumstances... but it would be great if you sent notifications to your app users when this happens. Just wasted two hours commuting only to find the station was closed, and now I’m scrambling to find other means of transportation. Annoying. Also, why do the tickets bought through the app only last one hour? Sometimes the attendants don’t check your ticket until you’re almost at your destination. That leaves little room for error. Could be improved.
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6 years ago, __nell
I can not describe how disgusted I am with this update— they advertised more efficient use and this has resulted in the exact opposite. I understand a need to modernize, but as far as user friendliness, they’ve taken giant leaps back. I hate how the schedules aren’t as readily available to see and when you do finally access it, it’s just a screen shot of the chart on line that is terribly confusing to read, especially when you’re on the go. I have half a mind to delete the app and go back to a paper timetable and cash. no longer worth the space on my phone.
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6 years ago, potential rider
More trains
For the most part South Shore has been doing well. Cars are clean. Their on time rate has improved. However, their schedule needs improvement. When I ask people from the area how they commute, the biggest setback against South Shore is their schedule. Between 7:30 AM and nine they could use some improvement and between 5 PM and 7 PM they could use more i cars Yesterday i had to stand all the way to Chicago along with many others
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6 years ago, SF-lawyer
Update killed its previous great design
The update ruined this app. The schedule is now buried two layers deep, and they’ve taken away the ability to reverse your route with a single click. The schedule that it generates is in tiny type and can’t be zoomed. You can’t even easily click to buy a ticket from the schedule you’ve generated like you you could in the prior app. Instead, you have to back out and put in your origin and destination a second time. Sorry for the bad review, but this update is TERRIBLE. Poor app design!
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5 years ago, pixiefood29
Alternative Payment Options Please
This is a very user friendly app with good features; however, it would be great if Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal were available for payment options
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5 years ago, ChakMe'ex
The app’s user interface leaves a lot to be desired. Entering destinations/points of origin is unnecessarily difficult as the fields void on their own, there are too many separate internal linkages that make the app tedious to use, and when you activate tickets the screen of your phone (iPhone at least) brightens fully, so you have to adjust it again manually. Small issues, should be easily addressed.
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6 years ago, Ford Wyatt
Easy to Use, Great Customer Service
I bought tickets using this app and found that I no longer needed them. I reached out via email to the South Shore Line to see if I could be refunded, and they refunded me on the next business day no questions asked.
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5 years ago, Jcrusor
Good app, could be better
The new app is much better than the original app. It would be a much better app if I didn’t have to enter an origin and destination each time I purchase tickets or check a schedule. Please allow users to save origins and destination to reduce the amount of interaction for purchasing tickets and viewing schedules.
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7 years ago, BoyneGirl
No More Rushing with App purchase
Just bought a ticket from the train vending machine after realizing they have a more convenient way of purchasing it. Will use the app on my next trip forward.
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7 years ago, Bullweilerx2
Train ride to Chicago
Took the train the first time last year and loved it and doing it again because it's cheap and fast and didn't have to worry about where to park in the city
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7 years ago, (GameStop)
Great app!
Love it, so easy and convenient to use for purchasing and using tickets! The only improvement would be to have information regarding delays easier to find. Thanks!
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6 years ago, glamgolfgirl12
Two times now I’m just about to show the conductor my ticket and it logs me out, when I was just logged in for god knows how long. Very inconvenient but other than that, it’s good.
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5 years ago, angrybeave
Automatically Shows Schedule in Local Time!!
We're in EST. Looked up the schedule. Got times. Bought tickets. Showed up to find out the app automatically converts the schedule to your local time. So if you're in Eastern Indiana and subtract an hour figuring you'll drive over the line, you're going to miss your train by an hour. Next train is 90min away. Looks like we're driving to Chicago.
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3 years ago, lucysmainman
Mixed emotions
I do believe this app is very easy to use, but i just hate having to go on it because it reminds me that i have to leave my girlfriend. She makes my life so much better but I know I have to leave when I buy my ticket. Other than that, the app works pretty well.
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7 years ago, Julie L P
Easy Peasy!
Makes life so much easier using the app! It's already stressful trying to get to the train. Now, with the app, one less thing to worry about!
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6 years ago, mreese1955
1st time
Today was my first time on the South Shore. Great experience, people were great, and the conductors were fine. If there’s anything good like quick trip to the city.
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7 years ago, designeire
Really easy to use
Can purchase ticket after I have already caught the train. Love that the schedule is so easy to review. Well designed app.
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1 year ago, Fettts
Schedule doesn’t work after 6 months
You can do everything else just fine, but the train schedule is broken. App was last updated 2 years ago so it may be abandoned.
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7 years ago, Pilon99
Great to use
Only downfall is it would be nice if the app was updated when there is a change of schedule.
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6 years ago, Sunny T. Jones
Been riding the South Shore for two decades and enjoy buying my ticket on the run. Very easy to use and clear information.
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5 months ago, mykaesia
The app is terrible
The app glitches I had tickets already paid for on my account and it logged me out of my account and it won’t let me back in customer service doesn’t answer the phone and takes hoursss to respond through email
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6 years ago, Lissa9784
Was great, recent update lost good features
Miss the home page which saved your home and destination stations with upcoming times and easy swapping back and forth. Now have to pull up very specific schedules and it’s extremely tedious and annoying. Why ruin a great app?
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6 years ago, ChicagoMaroon
Streamlined and simple
Kudos to the web team, the app does exactly what you need it to with no frills or fuss. Buttons are responsive, menus are intuitive.
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2 years ago, ****milk
Had some trouble with login and accounts. Amy from Bytemark support was so helpful and dilegent. Contact them for app support not South Shore. Thanks Amy!
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8 years ago, Ers1071
Good app
South shore app is good. I had some problems in the beginning but they seemed to have fixed them. Very convenient and easy to use.
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4 years ago, Stg man
Awesome all around
Here’s an update from my last review: they fixed the issues I had. Love south shore!
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7 years ago, Lour33
Never wonder when the train leaves or buy a paper ticket again. This app is great!
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5 years ago, Ajeter
Worst App Ever
The app doesn’t tell you what schedules are in effect that day. The app looks like it was designed in the 90s. It also lags and crashes all the time. Truly horrific design and setup. Also doesn’t tell you which days the trains are operating on a holiday schedule. Tells you zero information.
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2 years ago, Ploughjogger
When you tap ‘Schedule,’ the app crashes
Otherwise, works fine.
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7 years ago, frustrated with ibank
Nice app
Appreciated the service updates. Easy to buy tickets. Glad I have it for easy trips to Chicago
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7 years ago, Bakeswwwww
Nice app. Easy
Interface is simple and elegant. Easy to set up and use frequently.
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5 years ago, NikaoMatix
Recent update is terrible
It takes me much longer to check schedules and always forgets my login. This app is useless now. The older version was easier to use and quick with information. I will go back to paper tickets.
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7 years ago, Jrutkows645
Nice app
I'm actually surprised how well made this app is. Simple, easy to use, and convenient.
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7 years ago, DublinGal98
Great app!
Super easy to view schedules, buy tickets, and get service updates.
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7 years ago, CoachSood
Super Convenient
Saves time schedules right there easy to use.
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6 years ago, patt-g
Excellent option
While I miss the ticket agent in the stations, taking the South Shore to Chicago is the best way to go.
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4 years ago, PaulFGO
Tell me when children ride for free
then tell me that I shouldn’t buy or use a ticket for that child before I spend for or use that ticket.
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7 years ago, Chamberchak
So great, Easy to use
App works well and is easy to use.
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1 year ago, Pepper_123
Schedule app
You can buy your ticket on the app, unfortunately the schedule is NOT accurate and you need to look at their website, I only learned that from a conductor.
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6 years ago, dwood6523
New update
While it is still convenient I think the new update and format is not as good as the old one.
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4 years ago, logsdonl2004
The app is currently unusable. As soon as I log in, I get an error message saying “the time on my device is incorrect, set the correct time”, then it immediately kicks me out. The app is simply not functional a with this bug.
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1 year ago, David Tribby
Train schedule consistently wrong. Trains listed that don’t arrive. Trains just disappear off the real time tracker. I’ve waited for multiple trains that never showed up that are on the schedule.
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6 years ago, Brooke232323
Hate the new update
The new update is too hard to use & is awful at tracking “real time” I wish it would go back to the way it was before it was “improved”.
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7 years ago, Mr Kopp
Easy to use.
This is a very well done app.
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