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User Reviews for Sparkle, Visual Web Design

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4 years ago, imransharif
To date? the best app
I do not know these guys anymore than I know any Martians. And I have played with other website buiders enough. Sparkle is the BEST. Their support and honesty is the BEST. They are not the ideal WYSIWYG but it is close enough. They do not shower you with templates, but there is enough you can download from ,their website (and it is not just a templte. It is a full website). Look, if your website revenue is less than $10 million or $20 million, you can use Sparkle and absolutely no problem. If you are just an individual, you have nothing to compalin. Really nothing. I have spent 10 or 15 hours a day working on Sparkle and I can tell you this. I really hope that they keep adding more features and keep their good attitude. And I fear that like many many other companies, they will get fat and happy and start being Martians. I hope that they do not. What else can I say. I did not give them five star because I want them to work hard and be better than what they are today. If they are really famous and still have the same attitude, I will come back and give them a five star. Not today. Keep at it Sparkle boys and girls. Make us happier - please!
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6 months ago, stuartgelin
Pick a Pricing Model and Honor It
It's fine if you need to switch to a subscription model to be profitable, but I bought this app a while ago with the intention of it being a one-time purchase and it feels like every feature needs an upgrade. There are apps like Affinity by Serif that charge to upgrade but they're VERY upfront about that when you purchase. Also they release major updates pretty rarely so it's not very often that you need to deal with it, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, if I'm still on v1.9, I can have v1.9 downloaded on my computer. I'm not constantly clicking on features that I don't have access to and being prompted to upgrade. Now here we are all these years later and I'm not going to pay the "one-time-fee" to upgrade to version 5 because I have absolutely no reason to trust that you won't release v6 in a few months leaving me to deal with the same thing. This had all the potential in the world to be a really useful app but the pricing model feels confused and disjointed. Just decide what you want to do, stick with it, and honor the commitments you made to people who purchased your software in the past. That means if you're not willing to maintain a separate product for people on the previous version, then the proper thing to do is grant lifetime license holders a license to the current software, not make it unusable by stuffing in new "premium" features that are basically unavoidable.
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6 years ago, Kyriba
I’ve been juggling a very demanding full time job, and a hobby that I love and get paid for, for 40 years. I am a professional salesman, and on the weekends, a professional children’s entertainer. I AM NOT A WEB DEVELOPER. I need tools that are powerful intuitive and easy to use. When I need help, I NEED HELP. I’ve been using Sparkle for a couple of years now, and every time I’ve needed help, their SUPPORT team has been WORLD CLASS. My day job is selling technology products to Fortune 500 companies—and Sparkle’s SUPPORT team is on a par with any of the SUPPORT teams that I’ve ever worked with, and I’m comparing them to teams that support mission critical multiple million dollar investments in infrastructure. In particular, Duncan Wilcox is amazing! He is responsive, tenacious, and competent. I don’t even want to say how far and above the call of duty he will go, because I don’t want to set the bar TOO high for him and Sparkle, but what he did for me today was very, very impressive. He’s an inspiration for how I want to treat my customers in all of my endeavors. The product itself is great. But if you’re going to run a business, small or large, and count on the product, YOU NEED GREAT SERVICE—and Sparkle delivers!!!!
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5 years ago, TryingOutApps
Outstanding Value
I bought Sparkle after reading the good reviews, taking a chance it would be an acceptable substitute for iWeb, which I used to build my sites long ago. It IS--and it's even better. I've managed to make a really creative website that gets lots of compliments, thanks to Sparkle. I also love that there are built-in animations I can add to certain elements on the site (making a certain object shake or bounce, etc.) which is cute and eye-catching, perfect for my "brand." Visitors always comment on how they "love" the "interactive" quality (by which they mean something animating when they scroll). All I did was drag and drop and assign an animation, and re-tool a bit! So easy. It's worth noting that I did have a couple of questions, particularly when I was first uploading my site onto my server. I couldn't quite get it going, so I contacted customer service to ask. They walked me through the process and have helped me ever since with various aspects of site-building, without complaint. Outstanding level of support. Cannot recommend this software to Mac web builders highly enough.
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2 years ago, artMonster
Keeps getting better (and better)
Do yourself a favor and spend the money on the Pro version. If you are familiar with Apple apps like Pages, or you miss iWeb and where it could have gone, then you will love Sparkle. The developer is very committed to this app and is very responsive. They have been deliberate with new features, taking the time to get things right. The tools are here to be as serious or whimsical as you wish, all you need is imagination. Decided to update my review. Over time many apps are neglected and stagnate. This is not one of those apps. It is constantly updated and the developer listens to feedback. It is ideal for artists, cartoonists, and photographers, easy to focus on the work and not the complications of the app interface or design. It's a good development tool for those that create websites for business owners who don't want to deal with that side of things. I've used this since the start, and it is only one of three apps I can say that about after many years. Just excellent.
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5 years ago, JohnH987
I have a simple website that I made years ago with iweb. When iWeb was discontinued, I switched to Freeway Express, which was discontinued a few years ago. I recently decided it was time to update my site with a new app. I really like to be able to start with a blank slate, rather than a template. I tried WordPress, but it only uses templates, and if you want to start with a blank slate, it adds a lot of complexity. Almost all other web design apps make you use a template. Sparkle is a gem in that you can start with a blank slate. They also have templates if you want. They have a very nice feature where you can import an existing website into it. This essentially means you can use any website as a basic template if you want. Once I got used to it, I started to really enjoy the simplicity and creative process. I also emailed Duncan for some questions I couldn’t easily figure out, and he responded quickly. I’m so glad I found Sparkle!
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5 years ago, ciscotraining-author
Sparkle is how I want to edit HTML on the Mac
I'm cabable of editing basic HTML by hand. But that's not how I want to do it on the Mac. I want to drag and drop content where I want it and have the editor handle the precise HTML. Sparkle lets me do that. I also don't want to use a "template" where my website has to fit the way their professionals set it up. Sure that makes for a decent website. But I want to control the horizontal. I want to control the vertical. I want to put my image here, my text there, and so on. One other feature about Sparkle is the easy support of different website layouts based on the client screen width. Sparkle's manual reports this is necessary to get an optimal Google search score. Sparkle makes this easy. You layout your content in one screen size. All your content is automatically added to the other screen size. You just need to go to each screen size and move it around to the correct position.
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7 years ago, Adfsljlkdfj
If you want to sell items or have a login this isn’t for you
I’ll start off by saying you can create very nice looking websites very easily. However, this app is missing major features. Who do you you know that wants to just create a website without having forms to sell items, have registration or login features, or the ability to have small pop-up windows for additional information? This builder doesn’t even give you the option to add simple tabs to bring other information to the foregound without loading a completely different page. If you are looking for a truely functional ecommerce website builder this is not for you. A represenative informed me to add a shopping cart, I would have to use a 3rd party system like Shopify! Who wants to pay $80 a month to carry a few items? They are reasonably simple forms to add and create I’m supprised they left them off of this web design. I truely regret spending $79 dollars on this. Do yourself a favor and just learn wordpress.
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5 years ago, kirkrr
Awesome Web Dev Tool
I own at least a dozen web development tools - and they all have come up lacking in some way or other. In many cases, it is just the cumbersomeness of doing a task that makes them problematic. Sparkle suffers none of those afflictions. It is fast, capable, and extremely easy to use. Having the abililty carry forward sections of a page to a set group of pages automatically - basically a PowerPoint template - is a great timesaver. This is not the typical inflexible template, but is a developer defined point and click placement of objects you want to carry to a set of pages. That alone, makes it worth the price of adminssion, and that is just one of a multitude of groundbreaking aspects of Sparkle. The deceptively simple interface, hides great power, only introducing what you need, when you need it. Don't be put off by the apparent lack of tools; the interface will morph to give you what you want, need and can do, when you are working with the right objects. Smart design! Web sites that used to take days to put together, now takes hours. Recently I put together a web site for a financial services company, interactively, over the phone / screen share in just under 90 minutes. They were impressed (as was I !!!!)
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7 years ago, Yo solita juego
Incredible tool!
Fantastic tool, well thought, well organized, well designed, with all kinds of built-in info on how to use it, works always, intuitive, incredible support. I love this program, not only because it does all I thought it would, but for all the things that I discovered it also can do. I put together a series of webs designed as platforms to deliver information within a framework that allows the users to understand how the information is organized and how and when to use it, and it worked like magic - I never worried about the program, it was just there, ready to do what I wanted it to do and more, allowing me to concentrate on the design of the webs. It is like driving a great car - you do not worry about the machine, you just enjoy the ride!
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2 years ago, orbit122
This App is THE BEST
I have only been using this app for less that 2 weeks and have been able to almost complete 4 sites. This app blows anything like it away. I have tried to many to count apps that promise to make it as easy to use as this app but fail way short on that promise. This has everything I need plus some and provides it in a friendly UI that is super intuitive. I own several micro businesses that don't make enough for me to spend hundreds of dollars a month to pay a developer to maintain or create a website but this app has put the power I need in my hands to do it myself. Don't bother looking further, this is the app you want if you need an easy website builder.
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5 years ago, RedheadedCyclone
Get this, you'll thank me later!
First off Sparkle is one excellent app! I was using iweb and it went bye bye and Sparkle took it's place. It's pretty much WYSIWYG and it's super intuitive. I've needed support 4 times in my setups for my webpage, and Duncan and the Sparkle team have been nothing but stellar! I'm an IT person and getting help over email with some companies is a crap-shoot! But not with Sparkle. Each time it's been within and hour if not minutes! Amazing. Each time they had the answer and geve me perfect instructions on getting my issue taken care of. I use this for 3 different web sites and the versatility and customization for each is astouding! Absolutely the best software purchase I've made in the last year! You will not be dissapointed.
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7 years ago, Joshuaengler
A Great Basic Web Dev App!
Sparkle is fast, and intuitive. Very easy to use, and mostly pretty powerful considering all things. Naturally, it does lack some more advanced features, but none being more noticeable than the very basic “full-screen background photo” ability being omitted from the program. Every other basic web editor and tool on the market allows this, it’s really the one feature keeping me from a 5 star review. Other than this frustratingly simple missing feature, Sparkle has everything else I need within reason. I hope it’s updated very soon to include this. I’ll update my review when/if it’s added. Until then, Sparkle is a great option, just don’t expect to be able to use photos as a background!
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12 months ago, S11Gjazz
Revised my review - turns out a lot of those bugs were user error
So in my previous review, my frustration with my own urgency and lack of skill got the better of me. This is a gooid program. Many good features. I am stil getting the hang of it, and I couldn't give it 5 stars because a couple features i was really counting on I haven't been able to get to work yet (like privacy policy page, so I can track visitors). And also because it is not quite as easy to use as I had hoped - but that's because there are many good features. So there is a learning curve. Support is good and patient, but you may have to email them directly instead of using the form on their website.
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4 years ago, Acada
Great App!
The app is great and perfect for functional and great looking website. I have used it to design many sites and counting. Make it mobile devices friendly and get the full 5 Starts. Please, keep up the good work and I am waiting for update with more features and tools even if to pay bit more. Thanks.
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2 months ago, TexanInParis
Perfect for simple sites
I needed to replace my old business website that was created with WordPress now that I'm retired. Just something simple with three pages, no blog, not user messaging, nothing to sell. After getting over a small learning curve, it took me about 30 minutes to rebuild my site with custom graphics and the same "look and feel" of the old site. It looks like you can get a full webkit if you're willing to pony up extra, but I didn't need anything other than the basic single-user license that was a fraction of the cost of a similar full kit from folks like Adobe. Highly recommended.
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3 years ago, w-2-o
Wow! Fast, easy to make a clean, beautiful design
I may have hand-coded my last static website. Sparkle takes care of technical details and lets you focus on making something that looks good and does what you want it to do. It's about as easy as laying out a document in a word processor. Sparkle has a lot of great built-in features. It is flexible enough to give you full control over your design and opinionated enough to nudge you towards making something that will look really good. This app has been thoughtfully designed not just to make your web design task possible, but to make it easy, to help you along the way.
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3 years ago, chaya
My new favorite software
Sparkle makes creating complex, interactive page layouts a breeze. Not only can you easily design pages, it seamlessly blends the pages in to a cohesive project. The interface is (almost) totally intuitive if you've ever used any other design software. When it's not, the documentation is clearly written and well organized, with a search that makes it easy for you to find what you need. I'm not just using Sparkle to make traditional web pages - I'm also using it to create an interactive art project. I've been looking for software that could do this easily (without coding) since Macromedia Director went away, and now there is something so much better than Director ever was. For me learning new design software is like learning a new language - once I've got it down, I start thinking in the app's language. Only 2 days in, and I'm already fluent and rethinking the approach I was taking now that I have a more powerful tool. Upgrading to Pro was a no-brainer
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5 years ago, pinheiros
Blown Away
I have an optional site at work to support my college teaching efforts. I was satisfied with my previous software until it became buggy--I think because the developer did not keep it up as MacOS has progessed. I knew I needed to do something. I reluctantly changed software. I read about Sparkle online. I took a leap of fatih and was amazed. Within about a day, I was skilled enough to have crafted a basic site. Now, a few weeks later, I continue tweaking the site. I wouldn't go back to the previous software--even if it was brought up to date. Sparkle is fantastic!
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6 years ago, sf_erikheath
Easy and Flexible Web Site Creation / Maintenance
My needs are very straightforward - professional looking web site, easy ability to manage content updates, easy to publish to a server, easy to add twitter and LinkedIn, works in an Apple-like way. Sparkle delivers on all of these. It’s not quite as full-featured as iWeb but of the various options, it delivers consistently. You definitely should watch the videos and read the documentation to get the most out of it, as many features are built on a specific series of actions that aren’t immediately obvious.
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5 years ago, RCobb
Very Sharp!
Like every other App on the market, the process is constantly growing. This app is very usable right from the start and I am sure that as each member of the Sparkle team is able to add greater clarity and functions to the program they will have updates. The Web is such a fluid thing, it is constantly changing, what was hot for the last ten years has changed drasticly and I can see that Sparkle is capaible of bring us a new way to think about the Web. I like it and I use it for many different purposes.
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5 years ago, Mr. C.
I Am Thrilled!
I never write app reviews but in this case it would be irresponsible if I didn't. This app is hands down the easiest to use web editor I have ever used. It is well worth the money, superbly supported and always getting better. What's not to like?! You start with a blank page and let your creative mind run wild. Whatever you want to do on a web page, you can do it with this app. Best of all? You don't have to be a coding geek; it handles everything for you. Buy it. You will not regret the purchase.
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3 years ago, LAwomen
Absolutely Fabulous!
I really wanted to write this review for this amazing product. Sparkle has brought back creativity to web design for non coders! Websites have become so borring, all looking the same! I wanted to find software to help me bring back graphic design into websites, and Sparkle was perfect. Easy to use, a wonderful community of support and sharing and Duncan is so personal, kind, patient and above and beyond helpful! Get this product, you wont be disappointed!
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1 month ago, Alan of Montana
Best Web builder app!
Not an expert at design or the workings of the web. But I've been able to easily and intuitively design a good looking site. Lots of compliments. I did have a problem recently. Publishing did not work. Talked to Duncan (who is a genius) at Sparkle . He found it was a problem with the domain, even noting the date in which a change had been made! All fixed now. If you're on the fence about a web buiding app, I highly recommend Sparkle.
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6 years ago, Tam2718
Best Website App Available!
I could not be happier with this program especially the technical support from the developers! He worked with me until the website was up and running! He deserves a trophy for his patience and steadfast spirit plus technical knowledge! I enjoyed creating the website using this program. It was fun, intuitive and artistic. I’ve only used iWeb before to create a website. I found this to be so much easier from beginning to end!
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4 years ago, Woody3rd
You can Create a Beautifully Designed Website, Easily
I have designed two websites with this AP with very little experience. Their whole site is beautifully desinged unlike other web design programs. The support is amazing. They normally get back to you within the hour. I used iWeb and being Apple their sense of design was top notch, but because of the old technology everything came out pretty low res. With Sparkle the results are large and very sharp on all formats.
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3 years ago, iflyby77
I have been looking for an App like this for years!
For years I used Dreamweaver professionally to maintain several large websites. I have been looking for a decent alternative to do only my personal website since Adobe switched to the subscription model. I refuse to use anything with a subscription model. Sparkle is not yet perfect but it is getting there update by update with the combination of the Developer Tools.
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5 years ago, Bonnie Prancer
Website Creation Made Easy
Sparkle is a pleasure to use. It gives me all the features and functionality to design websites that are easy to navigate and work on any platform. I appreciate being able to design my site and then check it on the various device sizes and make adjustments as needed. Each site looks great no matter what device you are using. The Preview feature lets me know the site will work before I publish it and find glitches.
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4 years ago, Robbdev
Finally there's a better Muse solution!
I've been looking everywhere to find a substitute for Adobe Muse and Sparkle is IT. Not only that, but it is waaay btter in its user interface. One of its great features is importing an existing website in case you want to save time gathering all the various components - super useful! I watched the first video tutorial and decided to just kick the tires - I found it very intuitive and got going right away with very guesswork. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Sparkle. Period.
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2 years ago, deuce4
Best tool in the toolbelt.
Sometimes you just want a simple strightforward computer tool that works the same year after year. This is one of those tools, though the support and updates are also invaluable. If you want the new version, it is affordable and seamless to install. But the older versions also run well. If you want a great tool to create stand-alone HTML, ready for any server, this is a great one.
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4 years ago, KenWithAnOpinion
Just what I was looking for
Sparkle was just what I needed to create a simple web site fast. I basically don't have a clue what I'm doing but I was able to figure out menus, headers, footers, using styles, diffeerent device layouts, etc. Then used FTP tp upload the site and boom, there it was... live. I'm pretty sure I just scratched the surface of what Sparkle can do but it had what I needed. Also, I contacted Sparkle tech support, probably more than was polite, and they helped me every time.
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7 years ago, 4historymom
Easy, intuitive program. Superb support!
I looked for a long time for a program I could use to make a website. I tried the trial version of Sparkle and was immediately impressed with how intuitive and easy to use it is. I’m not a tech, and I stumbled on a couple things and emailed their support. The response was nearly immediate. My questions were quickly answered and problems solved. Very very pleased with both the app and the support.
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6 years ago, MuraliKThalluri
Sparkle is AMAZING
INCREDBLE App. Has tiny limitations but now I’ve been using it for two years I’ve seen the developers fill these holes bit by bit and have watched it become a robust and powerful app. Whenever I’ve had trouble and e-mailed the developer’s I’ve gotten a response within 24 hours. This fills the hole that iWeb created but obviously iWeb was canned years ago, so this one is much more feature rich and tailored to the modern day. Bravo! Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Moradali
Not as easy and simple as I thought
I purchased Sparkle a while back and started to build a website! Soon I realised that this is going to be a lot of work!! because software does not automaically resize the design from desktop version to mobile version. You need to manually adjust for each page and that was not what I expected. Creating a responsive website with Sparkle is a lot of work. EverWeb software does it easier but it is a bit buggy. Also image gallery in Sparkle is very limited specially for a photographer!!
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6 years ago, jsputmd
Good app, Great support
I’ve been using this app for a few weeks to design a pretty simple web site. They have some great templates to use which really create a great use. I plan on using it to update by business website since iWeb is no longer updated. Regarding support, they have been AMAZING. I’ve run into two small snags and each time, my email to supprt was answered by Duncan very qickly and he helped me solve the issues.
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7 years ago, Card back
Great Product
This is the best web design program ever. It is so easy to use. Customer support is amazing. I had an issue with updating. Through a series of 5 emails, we realized it is my webhost that was the problem. Never a complaint about wasting their time. Just happy to help. This company understands customer satisfaction. I was using the free version. I immediately purchased the full version.
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4 years ago, Th3DrJFever
The Real Deal!
This app gives you the ability to create an astonishing web presence almost effortlessly. Once you learn the nuances of the program, creating appealing websites is a breeze. I deffinitely recommend this for those just learning and to those seasoned developers that are just wanting a way to build striking websites in a small amount of time and with minimal effort.
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2 years ago, SBCpp
Simply amazing!!
This is by far the most intuitive, flexible, and simple software I have ever used to build a website (and I have used many). It keeps improving with each update! Support, when needed, has been fast and very helpful. I find it a much beeter tool to build websites than WordPress.
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6 years ago, iPodre
Excellent app, excellent templates, outstanding support
Have used the App for about a month. Easilly had my site up in days, but had videos that would not play on the iPhone. Sent a message to Sparkle Support and LITERALLY had a reply in 10 minutes. Strongly recommend for easy of use and support!
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7 years ago, crunch
The Best
I have tried all the different apps and on line web design tools, and this is it! I published my first site on iWeb, and was in desperate search of an easy, intuititve web design and simply could not find one until Sparkle. The developer seems to be very on top of the app and support is great.
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2 years ago, R22545
Inability even in pro-trial to import a basic webpage makes this useless.
Got developer response.. My page was handrolled with no active Java/JS and they claim no one else can imort it either. I do not accept that importing a simple HTML 5.0 compaticle non-active page shouldn't be a STARTING POINT for any editor. If I wanted to be locked into some system that holds my webpage design efforts hostage, it will NEVER BE SPARKLE. If I can't import a page this program just wasted 20 minutes of my time. Yes, I tried the 14 day pro trial run.
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5 years ago, rlherman
I was looking for a program to replace MUSE since Adobe has said it will stop supporting it. I LOVE Sparkle and won't miss Muse at all. Thank you so much for such an easy to learn program. The only thing I would suggest is to make your help system online searchable. Other than that - perfect.
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5 years ago, mcsandberg
Good web editor - not so good documentation.
The only limitation that I’ve run into thus far is that you can’t do is embed your own HTML tags. However, the documentation is lacking and downright odd. To share things you go to the Arrange tab and in the Visiblity section are the sharing controls. The fact that you can put a PATH into the folder on the page tab isn’t documented everywhere. This means that you can create very large web sites without an unmanageably large number of files in a single directory. The image handling is really great!
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3 years ago, Raisin
If your looking for a webdesign app this is it! This App is great for those who are looking to get into webdesign quickly. The templates are a great starting point. The drag and drop designing is just as you would expect.
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2 years ago, Wm.
Frustrating Broken App
So you download the free version to see how it works. You expect to be able to wysiwyg edit things in one of the web sites generated from a template. Nothing seems editable and you don't know if it is because it is "demo" or it is just a bad interface that has crazy constraints on how to edit. After tryhing this demo, seems the app is very poorly designed, nothing works intuitivally. Time to look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Bittner of the Alps
Sucking My Drive Dry
I really like this app but can’t use it because within a few minutes of starting it my drive starts to shrink – I can actually watch the space disappear as the minutes tick away. If I shut Sparkle down I get the space back. The app is so easy to use and the sites look great but this one problem makes it useless to me.
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4 years ago, Ben5339
Great App
I have to write this review aand give theme 5 stars. I had a misunderstanding and probably a glitch during the upgrade that caused my website to load incorrectly. I've use this app as my prime website builder and it is hands down the best.
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6 years ago, Goodamin
Amazing Program
I am very new to website design and this program is very easy to learn with a high quaility product. Many thanks and looks for your updates
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4 years ago, runredpig
Finally Something That Works Well
This is the best app for building wesites and believe me I have tried them ALL. This is the best so you can stop looking now and just buy it already.
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2 years ago, Brentlk911
Keep removing functionality
I bought a Sparkle Basic license back in late 2021 and now every time I launch the app to make updates to my website, there's a new function I can't use without upgrading my license. It's fine to charge for new functionality, but honor the licensing you sold to your customers in the (recent!) past.
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