Spin — Electric Scooters

4.6 (426.8K)
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Current version
Skinny Labs Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spin — Electric Scooters

4.64 out of 5
426.8K Ratings
5 years ago, sdmapril
Kept charging!
My first experience and I found it too be too fast for me, but my son has no problems with it. I rode about 4 min minutes and decided to end my ride and the darn thing would not stop! The app that went into a perpetual downloading mode and the time continued on! It’s Saturday and I called the number on the scooter itself, in addition to two other customer service numbers from the internet and no one picked up bc business hours are Monday through Friday. When it was all over it had been 35 minutes and now I had to find a valid parking spot. I checked the requirements as listed on the app and still it took a total of 4 minutes to get it in the exact spot! Omg! I was charged for 39 minutes for a 4 minute spin!! I am so disappointed! Well, looks like I owe Spin scooter an apology...I WAS WRONG!!! Apparently, these guys do work the weekends. One of the calls I made allowed me to leave a message. I explained my issue and left my email address and phone number. After being home a little over an hour , I again checked the app , and to my surprise, noticed my account had been refunded! I had a missed voicemail from Phill with Spin support advising me that he had located the scooter and my activity and refunded me. It WAS THAT EASY!!!! They jumped right on it and resolved the problem. I AM SO IMPRESSED! THIS IS EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you and I’m amazed at your professionalism and quick reponse.
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3 years ago, Spenceshep
Great Customer Support
I recently used the spin scooters in Orlando. Make sure you go over the options carefully in the app especially if using Apple Pay( the 20$ is security deposit doesn’t mean it’s the day pass). We had a great ride and they are accessible scooters anywhere downtown. The scooters feel very safe and only allow you to go 10 mph. I had a few issues with understanding the costs when we finished and realized how much we ended up spending over the 3 hours.(we accidentally paid by the hour) Make sure you buy a day pass or hour pass so you’re not paying by the minute(my gf and I made that mistake). I was able to talk to a customer support rep , Lisa, and she couldn’t have been more understanding and helpful. I had no problem accepting the fact that we probably made a mistake, but Lisa showed genuine compassion and detailed how the system works and the best options going forward. She gave us both significant refunds and understood our mistakes. I only to want use Spin electric scooter now because of her service skills and compassion. We have several different brands in Orlando and I’m so glad that I was able to talk someone who really understood the problem. I look forward to using Spin in the future. I always applaud and recognize quality customer care! Thanks again Lisa!
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4 years ago, kmichael93
Genius.. but
It was ALOT of fun. The scooters were quicker than I thought they’d be. I also like the fact that they’re providing a service that helps give people easier and perhaps more accessible or efficient means of transportation. Whether it’s a daily commute to work across the city, getting to your next class across campus or just a fun cruise around the town with friends, this is a quick and budget friendly way to do so! It’s pretty straight forward to start your ride but if you run into an issue like I did midway through my ride. Which brings me to my conclusion this probably one of the worst customer service/help set ups I’ve ever came across. I happened to run into an issue on my first ride and I ended my ride early which prompted the app to ask for a photo of where you parked it and thinking I had to reload my account with funds to ride longer I “parked” it in a non parking zone to quick reload and hop back on but ended up being locked off the scooter a mile and a half away from my vehicle. Also mind you that it states you can be charged a penalty fee if left outside of a designated parking zone and these things are locked and too heavy to just walk it to a parking zone. Their only means of support were sending and email and waiting for a reply or calling a number in which nobody picked up and it went to a generic voicemail to leave a message for a call back. I received a call two hours after the fact I and a email reply probably 4-5 hours later. Could be 4 stars?
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1 year ago, Editorika
SO much fun!
We ride from downtown Portland to the airport. Bike lanes and greenways the entire way, using the bike navigation on Google Maps. Took about 55 mins and was such a great way to end our weekend trip. Car traffic is polite and patient. We chose this scooter over the competitor for one simple reason: a small hook that we could hang our bags from. We had daypacks on our backs but 2 cloth shopping bags full of Powell’s that would have been super frustrating to carry. We never noticed them hanging from the hook, and it never threw off our balance. One small hope for change: they should make a contract with PDX for an official drop-off spot. PDX operations was super accommodating and told us we could park there, but even they said they wish there was a contract in place so there could be a dedicated return space.
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5 years ago, NewKreature
Huge design flaw...
#1 A cell phone holder would be great so that we can use google maps for route guidance while riding and not have to stop so much and pull out our phones, reopen the map app, wait for it to orient to our new location, etc. #2 Design Flaw: I was riding along the sidewalk when I realized I was about to ride off the curb. I quickly jumped my feet off the board to bring myself to a stop, but my hands were still gripping the handle bars and therefore the throttle. You would probably think it’s easy to let go of the throttle, but when you are riding as fast as the scooter will go and then take your feet off in order to stop the thing, your grip becomes tighter because it is the only thing keeping the scooter to you. You are wanting to come to a quick and complete stop, not launch the scooter down the street or off the curb. Anyhow, this is how you see people stumble-running with a scooter. It’s because your body doesn’t let you release your grip (and throttle) and so the wheels keep spinning, so the scooter keeps going. The Solution: there should be a weight sensor in the foot board so that as soon as there’s no more weight on the board the [motor] acceleration stops. Again, as soon as a person steps off of the foot board the motor cuts off. You don’t have to apply the brakes—stopping the motor’s acceleration should be enough help to prevent someone from crashing or stumbling when trying to quickly stop.
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5 years ago, ReyDrey97
Customer service and lack of user friendliness
I really do enjoy the spin scooters, I do, however today I ran into an issue with the scooters which took me 40 minutes to solve. I was riding the scooter back from my university gym when I had to stop by a local grocery store to pick up something’s so I locked the scooter. Little did I know this was out of campus, which means I cannot park there. When I got back and tried to unlock the scooter, it did not allow me. I got a message telling me to move the scooter back to campus but every time I tried to move it, it made a ridiculous sound. I tried calling customer service but all the representatives were busy and I needed somebody to tell me what to do so the scooter would stop charging my bank account. There was nothing I could to unlock the scooter, which is a major flaw considering the app keeps telling you to move the scooter into campus to unlock it. In the end I had to carry the scooter back into the campus grounds despite the awful sounds it made. This was probably the most annoying experience I’ve had with Spin and I hope this is fixed. I understand that the mistake was mine however the app charged me 5 dollars and didn’t even let me unlock my scooter. This is absolutely ridiculous. That’s 5 dollars down the drain for nothing! I was just standing there trying to figure out how to unlock the scooter and i got charged for it! I always loved the Spin scooters but this left me quite disappointed.
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2 years ago, Weaverboyfloyd
Was fun but needs improvement
I rented two scooters in Pittsburgh the first complaint is I think there should me more discounted options for group rides second complaint I understand there is no parking zones however if there is a charging station in the no parking zone you should be able to end the ride and put the scooter on charge, I found this frustrating as I stood for 10 minutes trying to figure everything out and had to drive the scooters 2 miles out of the no parking zone to end my ride which was very frustrating because it was extra money spent that didn’t need to be, and that far out of the way of the charging station I noticed no one wanted to walk them back to the charging station to get the dollar off a ride. The solution to that is either offer a higher discount for the return to a charging station or make it to where you can end your ride in a no parking zone in the event of the person putting it back onto the charger. Which would also help scooters be charged constantly and more people wanting to ride without worrying of the battery dying. Other than that we found it very fun riding on the scooters and how nice they are, I’d definitely recommend to friend if the company is willing to offer group promotions and or being able to end the ride in a no parking zone in the event of a charging station
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5 months ago, Concrete Kirk
Can’t ever end a ride. Please fix this annoying bug
First off I would like to say that Spins customer service is exceptional, which in part is why I think this review will be read and acted upon because it seems clear that Spin is very interested in their customers satisfaction. Lately however my experiences have been brutal and agonizing. I can’t go into all the problems that have resulted in the app not wanting to work properly anymore. Idk if it’s because I recently switched to an iPhone or not but this is what happens: I rent a ride and when I’m done I hit end ride and the screen pops up asking me to park legally and then snap a photograph. After I snap the photo it ends there. I can’t submit. Or I submit it and it locks up. I can’t remember exactly the point where it locks up but i just get this spinning timer indicating that something is loading but it never does. I can’t do anything at this point. If I take a ten minute break and want to ride again too bad. Sometimes closing the app and reopening will work but in any event when I am allowed to rent again I get a message telling me I didn’t submit a photo. I couldn’t . It’s really annoying when I get stranded because of it Please fix this bug. I can’t be the only one having this problem. I’m using the latest update and I’m on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.
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4 years ago, WWRisingIzBad
Kinda Weird I Guess
My family and I decided to go for a ride, but the scooters kept acting up. They deactivated in the place where we found them. At me point, my brother’s scooter stopped when he was cruising at max speed. He immediately fell off and onto his face in the cement. On one other occasion, everyone else in my party had their scooters deactivated when we reached the no-ride zone, but mine didn’t. Then, later, when we reached the reactivation zone, my scooter deactivated and I was left behind. All these things happened, but there were some other problems as well. One of the dividers between a no-ride and ride zone was literally a lamppost in the middle of a parking lot. A warning would also be nice before you get to a no-ride zone. My group was just cruising on our local bike path when we apparently reached the no-ride zone. By the time I realized that we had somehow crossed the line, I was at least 40 feet past it and had to drag my scooter back. Payment was another of many problems we encountered. My mother was paying for the rides, but couldn’t pay for all three of them. Instead, my brother and I had to download this clearly flawed app and enter the information ourselves (and you know how kids can be when they get their parents’ credit card info). All around OK, but you’ve clearly got a lot of bugs to work out.
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4 weeks ago, Zalasis
Group outing ended in failure and a card fraud alert
Was looking to rent three e-bikes/e-scooters for a bicycle outing with friends visiting from out of state. While I was able to add three vehicles on one account, it some time to find ones which were actually charged as the app indicators were completely wrong. One of us wanted to use a scooter rather than a bicycle because of a knee injury (a disability in legal terms). Attempting to begin our ride we encountered our vehicles locking up at random occasions, particularly the scooter, apparently because of very poorly implemented geofencing restrictions. Part of the trail we were on (Mason) requires using sidewalks to cross a busy arterial street and railroad, and for this crossing some vehicles stalled atop the railroad or on the sidewalk. To top it off, the payment processing methods used by Spin prompted a fraud alert on my card further locking me out from any further use. I wholeheartedly want to support alternative mobility but when it is implemented like this in Fort Collins it is nearly impossible to use, especially for anyone looking at Spin for a daily commute. I have sympathy for anyone visiting attempting to use the Spin system and attempting to understand every single restriction which might ruin reaching your destination. Neither Spin nor the city of Fort Collins seem invested or interested in making alternatives to cars viable.
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5 years ago, dmorgenthaler
Has not yet worked seamlessly once (in 4 attempts)
Attempt #1) Pre-Original scooter ban circa mid-2018. I signed up, deposited $5 into my account, because unlike the other services in SF at the time, Spin required a deposit. When I got to the point on the map where the Spin a scooter was supposed to be, it was nowhere to be found. Fooled me once, shame on you. Attempts 2 & 3) Twice in the past month, I have arrived at a Spin scooter ready to hop on, only to discover that due to my owning an iPhone SE, the Spin app literally would not allow me past the page where I have to check the boxes where users must attest to not riding on sidewalks and wearing helmets... the issue is that that page has one more checkbox attestations that must be completed than can fit in the screen of an iPhone SE (with its smaller screen) and yet, inexplicably, will not scroll to allow me to select the final necessary checkbox so I can submit and move on. Fooled me two and three times... shame on me. Attempt #4) Upon hitting the “ride” button, the scooter never unlocked. Then when I went to end the ride, first the app said it couldn’t lock the scooter (which never was unlocked to begin with) and there was a server error that prevented me from ending the ride, so I was incurring Billings long after I rented a Jump scooter instead so I could get to my train on time. Fooled me four times... we won’t get fooled again.
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6 years ago, k9kathyli
Enjoyable, but not dependable at all
On my college campus these bikes are super convenient and fast, but only when everything goes right. It can be very difficult to locate a bike- more times than I can count, the bike doesn’t exist where the map says it is, which is a huge pain when I’m trying to find one to get to class on time. When I do actually find a bike, sometimes the bike doesn’t unlock but the timer begins- making it impossible to find another bike if you’re short on time. Using Bluetooth to lock or unlock a bike is also quite fickle when this happens. Sometimes the app asks me for my payment information again, even though I already have money loaded on my account. I would say that about 75% of my rides have gone perfectly fine. They are not dependable at if you are in a rush to get somewhere, and oftentimes when something goes wrong, it can take longer to fix/look for another bike than if you had just walked to your destination in the first place. I do have to commend the support team, who usually fix any problem quickly. One time I accidentally forgot to lock a bike after a perfectly fine ride, and they refunded the whole ride to me. The bikes have adjustable seats and the step-through style are really nice.
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5 years ago, MAEman18
Multiple issues
What should have been a 5-minute travel turned into a 40-minute nightmare. First, a scooter showed on the map that was available somewhat near my home. Not there. Reloaded the app, still showed that the scooter was there and fully charged but I was standing in the location with no scooter. I made the 10-minute walk in the opposite direction to the next closest scooter. This scooter randomly shut off on me 3 times. I had to go through a process of ending the ride (can take a minute to do so) and rebooting the ride in order to get it to restart. After 20 minutes of this adventure, I was no closer to my destination and even further away from the bus to be able to change modes of travel. So I decide to walk. I park it in an eligible parking space. It does not end the ride and starts sounding an alarm at me. So I ride around, pushing it manually, (alarm still going) to park it near other scooters. Doesn’t stop. Finally after restarting the app and trying to find support, I was able to get the scooter to successfully reboot with the power button and stop the alarm. I was extremely late for my commitment despite giving myself extra time to find a scooter. If it was just one glitchy scooter, that’s understandable, but with the second glitch of expecting to find a scooter some place and have it not exist is just enough for a 1-star
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5 years ago, Lemonachi
App is garbage and constantly freezes ride is fine
I’ll preface the only reason I chose this over Lime was the handle bars were lower and not as intimidatingly high. Of course unlocking is fast and they make you rate the parking beforehand 🙄. Each of my 3 SHORT trips (less than 20 minutes) I’ve fussed around with trying to end the ride for several minutes adding onto the $0.27/min premium in PDX (which is on the more expensive side compared to other ones!!!) because the app won’t register what I’m trying to do. Thus I have to restart the app repeatedly before I even get the option again to end the ride! It freezes then FINALLY it registers while continuing to tick away. Just using up the initial balance as much as I can and abandoning the rest probably. This is honestly MORE EXPENSIVE than public transit when you factor in all the time wasters like the super glitchy app. Even toggling the menu it will freeze up. Now I’m in a slight negative balance. I attempted to submit a complaint but it did not go through. Also there are a few different designs of the e-scooters out there... where you have the pull down throttle for stop/break or a manual hand one vs. foot one on the back. Is there a way to incorporate that into the app???
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5 years ago, ryangera
Walk. Avoid spin scooters. Look for lime/bird instead. Terrible!!
I rent scooters fairly often. Lime and bird are both good choices. Recently, spin has been very available in our city. Now I know why. Their parking and locking system is terrible. If you try to end your ride and happen to be in an area the app thinks is inappropriate, the scooter will in fact lock, but not end the ride and you will continue to be charged. Parking zones are not shown on the in-app map. We rented three for an hour. We parked them exactly where we had unlocked them originally. The app kept saying that we needed to find a new, approved zone. When we picked up the scooters to move them, they make a terrible alarm sound and tell you to unlock them before you move them. This is not possible as the app is still charging you for the ride, but you cannot simply keep riding anywhere. It took us an extra 20 minutes if walking around our park, trying to find an acceptable parking zone with three scooters yelling the whole time. This ruined our night, was exhausting, and embarrassing. The app also will not work unless you allow them to know your location even when the app is closed. Both Bird and Lime allow location setting to be active only when the app is active. This is the worst choice by far. I’ll never use spin again. Worst scooter service by far!!
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2 years ago, Boo, Vudu!
Use any other company
Riding the scooter is fine, no issues there. The issues come with the buggy app and trying to end the ride. App charged me money twice after it had told me that there was an error and they payment didn’t go through. App constantly loses track of where you are and does things like tell you that you’re in a no parking zone even when you’re trying to park your scooter next to 20 others. Speaking of no parking zones, they’re everywhere. Anywhere you try to go, you have to drive an extra 5 minutes and walk an extra 20 because the entire block you’re trying to go to is probably a no parking zone. Example, I was trying to go to a museum. Right in front of the museum was a bike rack with some of every other brand scooter you can think of parked at it. But guess what. Not Spin scooters. I couldn’t park there because I guess the entire face of the planet is a no parking zone. Had to drive 50 billion miles to a spot I could actually park the little orange headache, and by that time I had spent twice the money I would have on a cab and ended up walking further than I would have if I’d not used the scooter at all. So take the name as a warning, and if you see one of these scooters, spin around and walk the other direction.
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2 months ago, Jen6996
They changed their policies, app layout, and vehicles keep breaking down
I’ve been using this service for almost a year, and I’ve had nothing but great things to say about them until the past quarter. In winter quarter I kept having technical difficulties with their new updated app (the original was amazing, and now it’s awful). I used to be able to filter which vehicle type I could see and now you can’t do that. Then, I started having issues with the bikes and scooters themselves, they wouldn’t unlock or lock back up way more often then it should, or the app would take forever to load and would then cost me more minutes because “I’m still using the vehicle.” I’ve had to call the customer service team way too many times for comfort, but they’re always really nice and helpful. And now my biggest most upsetting issue… I’ve purchase the same spin pass for the past year, and now they’ve changed their policy to where instead of getting to unlock the vehicles for free, I have to pay each time, AND I can’t use the bikes?! Only the scooters. So yea, I’m out $70 and transportation because of all these changes and they won’t refund me either, very unfortunate. They were a great company until they weren’t.
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2 years ago, Jeff 3892
Onboarding is hostile to travelers, feedback not accepted for app or service
This review is about the poor sales and onboarding experience and the hostile approach to customer feedback, not the scooter service which I haven’t tried yet. I just want to decide if I should sign up, and the app and web site provide no help. There is no way to check the presence of scooters in another location. I want to get a feel for the presence and distribution of scooters in my desired location on the West coast where I am headed. But there is no way to check, except to try scrolling the zoomed in map across the entire country from the East coast, and then the app crashes after I get to Kansas. When I tried to leave feedback for the app, the Contact Support page allowed only feedback regarding the scooters, and does not accept any feedback about the app or service (denied without a valid scooter ID number). This passive aggressive posture towards users is a bummer. I’m turned off about using this service and I haven’t even seen one of the scooters in person yet. Update: the feedback attempt generated an email response, but it came from a noreply address… passive aggressive once again.
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5 years ago, (_8^(|)
Great scooter experience, terrible in-app support
I had a good experience with the scooter and app, but when I parked and attempted to take a picture of my parking job as the app instructed, it got stuck on a loading screen. I tried to go back to the previous screen, but the app wigged out on me and ended up failing to load the picture and charged me $5 for not uploading the picture. I went to the FAQ/help section to submit a report, but the app would not let me select a location! Every time I tapped an option in the drop down bar, it would close the menu and leave the spot blank. I tried to submit a report for roughly 15 minutes, restarting the app several times. I called the support number and was on hold for another 10 minutes or so. I was finally prompted to leave a voicemail, which I did. It has been two weeks and I have not heard back from them. I will be disputing the charge through my credit card company if this isn’t resolved soon. It’s a shame, because it was working so well for me until then! I would still recommend this to people, as nobody else I’ve talked to has had this issue. I’m pretty sure it’s not a common problem.
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4 years ago, Whyyyy did they do this
Fraudulent app
App locked my scooter after i clicked end ride but timer didn’t stop and said could not end ride, contact customer support. Tried reaching out to them numerous times to find out it took and additional 30 minutes to end the ride and they charged me for the full time. No one rides scooters for that long the battery wouldn’t even last 30 minutes, not to mention they forgot to adjust the time. After the fact they sent me and email saying I parked in a “wrong zone” when I didnt even ride the scooter on a street and parked it next to other parked scooters. I was with my friend who parked his scooter next to mine and he did not receive the same email. the email also stated that normally it would be a 25$ recollection free but they would “let it slide”.app is a total fraud out for people’s money with horrible customer service and slow scooters. If you’re looking for an app like this I would highly recommend bird as they have no bs parking rules, good customer support, scooters that actually go fast, and a reliable app. I hope others that see this do not get the app so they don’t have to deal with the fraud I did.
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5 years ago, OG $tackz
Cheating you out your money
Scooter was very raggedy and Wobbly also unstable shimmer with a lot of shimmy Spin Scooter The scooter is a nice ride it’s self but The spin app has a Lotta flowers and flowers in it it overcharges you for your scooter it turns the scooter off in the middle of your rental I have been over charge each time I rent the scooter the scooter is supposed to be $10 to ride until the battery dies without turning it off once you turn it off and the battery is not dead you cannot ride rad off a bed saying $10 if you turn it off you have to re-rent the scooter which is fine with me but if it’s $10 to ride until the battery dies why am I being charged 1650+ a dollar and some change for the school 3×. Times I have been charged for the scooter at a rental price of 1650 and a dollar and some change has been taking out of my account for the rental of the scooter when it should’ve only been a flat $10 also when you call the customer service number it’s always a recording Bryce sell them you get lucky and are able to talk to a live customer service person
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6 years ago, Zzzzzzuehrhrja
Lots of bugs and issues
I’ll start by saying I fully support anything that gets more people riding. That being said, after using the service for a month I finally called it quits after all three bikes in different locations I tried to use today were either “currently on a trip” or “in need of repair”, according to the app. Before Spin I used my own bike, but for bouncing between buildings at my university I figured Spin might be more streamlined than locking and unlocking my own bike with a U lock. In practice, I’ve found the experience to be extremely buggy, having to force close and open the app again almost half the time (I have an iPhone X, so not an old phone issue). In addition, I’ve had 2-3 trips continue after locking and parking the bike (true to their word, I wasn’t charged, but still stressful). After a month, I would venture to say that at least half the bikes in my city are in disrepair. I’ve opened at least a dozen support tickets this month... support has been prompt and I appreciate that, but I can’t justify spending money anymore on this service.
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2 years ago, matopp1
Doesn’t work!
I would give this app negative reviews if I could. I tried to unlock 4 scooters for a group, and with the third one, we couldn’t get the lock off of the parking spot, but it kept charging me as the minutes went by. I eventually called the company to ask them to stop my ride and refund my money, since we hadn’t even started riding anywhere. The man told me that “it’s hard for first time riders who don’t know what they’re doing” and basically told me I shouldn’t bother with it. So we tried one more time, despite his advice, with another group of scooters. I was immediately charged $75 at the beginning of the ride, for some reason, although I didn’t find that out until later. We rode the scooters for about 20 minutes, parked them, but the app wouldn’t let me end the ride. Again, I tried calling customer service, and no one answered. As I write this, the clock is STILL running on my time, over 2 hours. The company emailed me and said they would refund any overcharges. So we walked an hour back to our hotel. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THIS APP!!
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5 years ago, Person2242145
Frustrating App - Good Scooters
I have no idea how this app has a 4.5 star average. I’ve never used the app without issue. The screen freezes and the app begins my ride without telling me. It has too many buttons to press and has 10+ second lag times for the prompts at the end of the ride. Currently, my app has been frozen for over 10 minutes on the screen where I took a photo of my parked scooter. In the past, I’ve simply not been able to submit photos at all because of the slow prompt issues and essentially not realizing that more prompts are coming. Then the app tells me I will be penalized. Customer service response emails seem canned and robotic, and don’t address all issues. On the other hand, the scooters themselves are pretty great. They’re placed in locations where Bird and Lime scooters are not, and they make a cute droid noise when they’re activated. Throttles are positioned a little too low to get a solid, steady push with my thumb, but I have that problem with all of the scooter brands. I like the handlebar height and base width too.
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5 years ago, use a different app bro
Read before scooting
Nothing compared to the pure joy I experienced scooting through the night life of the city. The exhilaration of whipping past pedestrians was a feeling like no other. At max my scooter reached speeds of 16 MPH, I was Usain Bolt. I’m not kidding when I say this was one hour of nonstop, continuous, constant, unrelenting fun. Unfortunately the app was trash. Slow, hard to navigate and ultimately did not allow me to end my ride. My anxiety soared as the timing meter continued to tick higher and higher and higher. Will I be able to Uber home after this? Do I have enough for a bus ticket? I found myself in the trenches of customer service. The phone number was buried deep within the folds of the gruesome, dark pages of their website. Ultimately I was put on hold and no one ever picked up. I resorted to sending emails- which they responded to in 20 minutes promising a refund of the time I spent trying to park and end my journey. While email was the most effective tool for ending my ride and getting a refund there were other scooter options that have better apps.
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1 year ago, Sasssafrazzzzzzzzzzzzzz83
Spin scooter rides
The scooters are very light weight and narrow… which causes them to wobble (warble as I call it!) the battery seems consistent at least but it’s very small battery life, good for recharging but bad for the consumer and their tasks at hand. In the rain the device fishtailed a bit, to the new consumer that yer aiming at that’s a error they might not know how to fight. With scooters there is little/ no room for error… and you guys are aiming at the jovial Everyman consumer that just wants to have fun… I’m glad you have some check marks to ride but I myself have endured a brain injury riding/ living my life on these things. Again, there is little to no room for error… part of being a business is knowing your consumer and tailoring it to the consumer… not just being a cashgrab… that kind of mentality will be what’s getting you guys sued.
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2 years ago, Brag Nasty "Daniel"
Charged me unlock fee twice
After I paid $5.99 for 30 days of no unlock fee. I get charged $2.00 directly after! Watch there going to tell me I had to wait 30 min for the $5.99 to be applied when it sure didn’t take any time coming out of my bank account instantly! Can you guys fix this. I have a photo to prove it. I want my $2 back. What was the point of paying $5.99 to not get charged that $2 so now it’s costed me $8 in total to drive the bike for $4.50 which is a 10 min ride. Crazy! Last summer you guys had deals where you could pay $30 and drive the scooters all week as much as you wanted with no unlock fee. I guess you guy got smart and found ways to make more money. Fun shouldn’t cost so much especially when you don’t have a car.
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1 year ago, bcjajshx
Stranded me
This app played me y’all. I bought the spin pass to use these scooters to get to and from school. Today was my first and last day. I get the scooter perfectly fine, no extra fees and $0.39 and minute, go to park I owe $5 which is whatever I had my card linked and paid. I go to get on a scooter to ride back to my car (around 2 miles away from campus) and for some reason it tried to charge me an unlock fee. Not only that I find out that they charged me 15 extra dollars and won’t allow me to use my card to rent another scooter. Even though I have more than enough money in my account for another ride even after the 15 extra. The spin pass was supposed to help me get too and from school without any unlock fees. That clearly isn’t working that’s just another $3.99 wasted and not once did they tell me about the extra 15 dollars either. Why don’t y’all put all of this up front instead of doing it behind my back like college ain’t enough stress on my back account now I got y’all robbing me too.
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9 months ago, Elias1625
Used to be usable.
I live downtown, I have no car because overall it’s just a greater expense. I’ve used this app for years and it’s been great. Well, recently the quality of the scooters has drastically degraded, speed falls on any incline, can sometimes slow to a stop. Sometimes they’re fast but it never has anything to do with the battery percentage so there’s no way to guess. Other scooter apps would comp the bill if you ended the ride within the minute, in case the scooter is faulty, Spin does not. Now this wouldn’t be the biggest issue if they didn’t DOUBLE the rate. So you end up taking double the time to go the distance at double the rate. It is cheaper to take Ubers and tip. I have completely uninstalled the app and will likely never use it again. I’m writing this negative review giddily, hoping that it will prevent at least a couple of you from giving this company money. If you have other scooters in town I recommend using those. Spin is the only scooter company in my town, and I’m passionately deleting it.
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5 years ago, Bangbangbarbie
Unable to do two rides on one phone with the app, have to use work or student email, clock and money starts running as soon as you hit submit... not when you get on the scooter and turn the go switch. There is no navigation on the app, which makes no sense considering the scooters can and are left anywhere. The scooters are not given an exact location on the app, we are meant to be on the lookout for them as we are driving whilst we have put in the directions for the cross streets to find them in the first place. The battery percentage is made clear on the app before arrival which is nice, but if the scooters aren’t solar powered and can be left anywhere and there isn’t anyone policing them up on a daily and recharging them, then 🤷‍♀️. Also to have this many mis-steps for a company that is so established, the pricing at $1.00 to activate and then $0.29 a minute isn’t going to work...AT ALL!!!! Good concept...needs more work, also absolutely no advertising. Wouldn’t have known about this unless I happened to see a few people scooting by on a whim.
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5 months ago, crusussy
Don’t get me wrong, this app is useful in so many different ways. I do enjoy the rides and stuff. BUT my one biggest problem with this app is its inability to track properly. I took a ride down to target, with the scooter a 4 minute trip, nothing too bad. But parking was absolutely horrendous, eventually I did find some but it was a good distance away from the designated parking spot. I brushed it off, nothing too concerning same old same old. However on my way back, the same 4 minute trip TURNED INTO A 23 MINUTE TRIP AND 19 OF THOSE MINUTES WERE TRYING TO END THE RIDE. I could not for the life of me get the app to properly track where I was. But no matter what I did, it did not let me end the ride. All because the app thought I was up the street still and not im the allocated parking spot. Eventually I was able to end the ride, charging me 10 dollars. Get the app if you must, but be warned, the tracking is horrendous and you might be overcharged for a short ride.
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11 months ago, kari ♥️♥️♥️
Use a DIFFERENT service!!!
Unethical!!!!!! I will never be using Spin ever again! First of all their GPS within the app does not work for sh_t. I can’t locate myself on the map, so how am I supposed to know whether or not I am in a no ride zone if I can’t use the GPS?!? FIX THIS! Because of this issue, the scooter turned off on me in a no ride zone where there were no other scooters around that had any battery to them for me to get back to my car. Also when I contacted them by email and I told them of this issue, they responded once and told me standard stuff but they never responded to my response! Another email came to me stating they hope that my issue was resolved. I emailed them back, letting them know that my issue had not been resolved and they never got back to me either…. I cannot even re-contact them again through the app because it defaults to a promo screen and I can’t do anything within the app all! So I can’t even contact support because their app doesn’t work properly.
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11 months ago, Frustrated Cannon Captain
Worst scooter App I have ever used
The Gutur app did not indicate that a lot of scooters were parked in a no ride zone. I started the scooter. It started charging me, but it would not work until I pushed it out of the no ride zone and it didn’t notify me of this before starting to charge me. And then, when I got out of the red zone, it’s still would not start. I ended the ride expect a full refund because I’m entitled to one and then restarted the ride to see if it would work when it was finally out of the park area. But of course because this app is horrible, it’s still did not rush start writing, but it started charging me money for a ride. It wasn’t giving me. And then I walked about a mile tried another scooter because I’m dumb on this app, it started and then it notified me about a half a mile into my ride that I was in a no ride zone and I had to after it was late notifying. I had to push it back into a ride zone which was not even marked on the map. I just had to guess. Worst scooter, ride app ever.
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1 year ago, AppWasDowngraded
They steal your money
NEVER use “spin.” I was using spin in Phoenix for the first time and loved it. But I only went 3 blocks back to my hotel, and then tried to end the ride. (This seems to be a reoccurring issue). I spent 30+ minutes trying to end the ride, I was in a parking zone and even tried a second one a block over, I tried to call-no answer, I filled out their forms-2 weeks later still no response. The GPS still had me in a no park zone but that wasn’t even the block I was on. I eventually just had to walk away because it was so late and I couldn’t get hold of anyone. The “ride” didn’t end till hours later when it wanted to steal MORE money. This was a very frustrating experience and I will never use spin again. However, there was another one called Lime, and they were amazing. I rode those several times that trip and never had any issues. They were even sturdier and more balanced I think than spin was. Choose any other one than spin and you’ll be glad.
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5 years ago, Samdisel
The first impression was so bad and not lucky
I get out of the metro station and I was looking to find a scooter to ride home never found any of Lyft and lime around so I found only Skip, I downloaded the app and I tried to use it, the scooter started with the problem on the app and I rode the scooter and was very slowly 5-7 mph, the battery was flashing then I arrived to home and the app was messed up and the scooter never turned off, I parked in front of my house, so no one can steal it, and I am sure there is someone took it or steal it. Btw you should buy the balance $5 to start riding the Skip Scooter, others Scooter providers are free signing up fees!!! I will give them one another chance and I will edit this review after or I will keep it the same its depending on the service I get. Sami
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5 years ago, Joeblow43
Not a fan
We have Lime and Bird scooters galore in Salt Lake, and these orange ones just started popping up. Why not, give it a shot? First impression, it won’t let me get anywhere in the app without giving it permission to know my location “always” instead of just when using the app. (iOS user) All the other apps don’t require this and work fine, including Uber and lyft. I don’t think that some company knowing my location at all times is necessary like that, so that’s my first issue. Secondly, I can’t even use the service without providing a picture of my drivers license in a form of a photo. It’s reasoning for this, it says it’s state law that you need a drivers license to drive the scooters. It’s simply not true, and it feels like another way to poke into ones personal privacy and give them all of your personal information with a photo ID to boot. I know the laws here in Utah and you can drive an electric scooter legally without a drivers license. Summary, don’t bother. Lime is my first choice, and Bird second. I’ll just walk if there is only an orange scooter sitting there.
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6 years ago, TheRealTomRose
Worst app experience of my entire life
Holy crap. I tried this app because I saw a bike that said I could ride for a dollar and it seemed like an awesome idea. I got the app, put my credit card number in and loaded the number of a bike to see what would happen. Before I understood what was going on, a timer started indicating I was on a ride and there was NO way to get it to stop. I was on my way somewhere and got trapped at this stupid bike worrying that my credit card would be charged or that someone would steal the bike. In a panic, I read all the FAQs and submitted a bunch of support requests, and nothing could get this damned thing to stop. (Its still running right now while I’m writing this.) I honestly don’t know what to do other than to just cancel my credit card and walk away. There is no way to get someone on the phone in support. When you are trying to submit a support request it says “DONT PANIC”. This must happen to people all the time.
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1 year ago, FabulousRice
Absolute garbage experience
I just used two spin electric scooters in a row and both of them gave me the worst experience I’ve ever had. The first one stopped working after a few seconds couldn’t go faster than 3 mph and I had to end the ride. The second one worked OK, but I went into a restricted zone and it stopped working immediately while making the most atrocious alarm noise blaring in a peaceful neighborhood where people didn’t deserve to hear this nuisance. Since the app is extremely badly done, there is no way to know which areas you’re not supposed to ride into. And it glitches frequently. I had to backtrack by foot of course until I could hook the scooter away from the no go zone. When I tried to lock it, the app was extremely glitchy and only allowed me to start a ride until I saw a screen that said unlocking your ride which would stay on for several minutes. Also the scooters were dirty and had paint on the LCD screen which made it even worse.
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5 years ago, andrew moski
I urge you to try anything else
I have given this app the benefit of doubt over 5 times. It a single good experience from costumer service to the hardware to the software. Finally connected to a scooter and honestly wish I never did. Despite its 82% battery reading, it died on me twice. The first time it died was in the street while moving. Not fun not safe. I really needed to get home so I I tried to reconnect but it said I wasn’t close even though I was touching it. So I had to end the ride after the app and scooter crashed so I was charged an extra dollar for a scooter I had already unlocked. The brake button was getting jammed and some notification about Bluetooth came up. Throuout the past couple weeks I have emailed them twice asking for some sort of explanation or at least my credits back since I haven’t been able to unlock any scooter until now. NOT A SINGLE REPLY. So overall everything has sucked from customer service to its actual use. I’m giving up on this. Try anything else but skip. They’re garbage and they don’t care.
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2 months ago, Jd1903
App is mid, bikes are trash
The app is okay but not good. I don’t recommend it and wouldn’t use this again even if I had to. The bikes are the worst I’ve ever used. I travel the country with work and have used everything you can rent on the street from coast to coast. I am currently in State College PA. And I will be petitioning with the local government to get them banned they are that bad and unsafe. The condition of the bike is to be expected for a street rental. Ruff, seats are bent up and adjustments are possible but won’t hold or last. The wireless charging does NOT work on any of the bikes I tested and everyone I asked. The “eletric assist” is just gear changing and does not help with motion. But makes it much worse as the gears are non controllable. I litterly fell off the bike when it felt I needed the hardest gear possible to up hill. Nearly getting hit by a car in the process. If it was possible to press charges I would. These are a saftey hazard and the reason you will NOT see anyone ridding them. Is because they are that bad.
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5 days ago, Asurdovel
Does not allow you to search bikes vs scooters
I used to love spin, it had its terrible customer service issues and broken bikes but it used to be worth it. But now they have taken away the feature / ability to search for bikes vs scooters. This is terrible and inconvenient, the bikes are much faster and more comfortable in Providence which is very hilly. Now I need to go and search for a bike in person to avoid adding extra time to my trip, I cannot plan to just go to the nearest signal. They have also taken away the monthly membership so you need to pay 1 dollar to unlock every single time and the rate is now up to .39 cents a minute now which adds up in a spread out city. Why would you remove such a helpful feature, and there is no way to reach out to customer service other than to submit a message, I have had live issues where bikes wouldn’t lock. This seems like a big issue, I am not sure why they do not hire actual call center workers.
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5 years ago, Nois88
Cheaper for college students, and better quality scooter, with some bugs
The main advantage is that there is a 50% student discount. So long as it is offered I will prefer this over uber scooters or lime. Some other benefits include: - you can’t prereserve scooters, unlike some of the other apps so if you see one it’ll be available for use. -the scooters themselves are pretty high quality and comparable to the uber scooter, except I think the speed limit they have built in is higher. This makes for a really smooth and stable ride The main drawback is the bugs. There are a bunch of bugs with locking/ ending your ride. -One time I got a confirmation that the ride ended and everything but then apparently it didn't work. I was charged for an absurdly long ride, using up all my balance. -locking the bike and uploading a picture each can take a long time. This shouldn’t be that way, because the other companies’ apps don’t take so long. Also if I have to wait next to the scooter for two minutes like an idiot because the app is taking its time to lock the scooter, it defeats the purpose. People who need to use it for short trips will migrate to an app that doesn’t have that wait period at the end. Fix this please. Overall the app is good, and the company’s service is good, but their engineers have kinks to work out.
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5 years ago, LittleCarrieBird
Total scam
My friends and I were parking Bolt scooters (which we use all the time w/o issue) when a Spin truck pulls up to unload a bunch of scooters. The guy says “Why are you riding those?” And hands us all the SPINFOR10 card that says “Enjoy $10 off your next ride.” So, we use them later that day. 3 of us got our scooters up and working, after putting in our ccrd info. The 4th in our group couldn’t get the app to read any of the other available scooters so, we all rode up & down the street waiting for his to work. After a few min we gave up, parked them and went back to our Bolts. 3 days later I see Spin has charged my CCRD $11 and in the app, used $5 of the SPINFOR10 promo. When I emailed them (because calling only got me to voicemail) “Belle” told me they don’t refund the $10 initial “credit” to my account so that “free” $5 ride cost me $16. No other scooter app makes you preload. You can’t even go in and remove your ccrd info without giving an alternate card. I won’t be using Spin ever again. They’re scammers.
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1 year ago, paperthinspoons
It started out great…
My first ride was uneventful. (in a good way because I just needed to get home quickly) My second however… it started off with not being in the place the map was indicating, then the lock was being glitchy and when I finally got to ride it, I only made it 3-4 blocks before it died. I went to the app to contact support, no phone number or email but list of things you can report on; I selected damaged vehicle because I found out the front was messed up, like someone tried to steal the battery? I sent the report and wanted a refund for the very short ride I took, it wasn’t worth the money but they have yet to reply to my messages. So I decided to just delete my account and get it over with, but hey look at that ‘there has been an error in deactivating your account, please contact support’ Great. Who the f am I supposed to talk to when the support doesn’t help???
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3 years ago, tally😳
Overcharged, still going
I take the e-scooter to work every day and park it in the same place, a parking zone where it says the scooters need to be within 10 feet of the post. Reliable and easy source of transportation for the most part. But today it was 2 min from my clock in time when I pulled into the designated zone and it said I couldn’t park there. I walk it around the zone and still nothing although the map has a slightly highlighted P indicating it’s a parking zone. 1 other Spin is there and 2 birds. I have to go clock in and the time is still running, it’s still going. I submit a report indicating the ID number and all, restart my phone, still not working, no response back from anyone. It’s a Monday, weekday in a work week I would expect customer service to be speedier. At this point I’m late to work and pretty sure I’m still being charged til this minute although it’s in the necessary area.
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3 years ago, Upsetlanya
Needs work
I like these better than the lime, they’re bigger and have a better ride but the software needs a lot of work. Trying to unlock these is a pain. I had 10 dollars in my spin wallet and it wouldn’t let me ride it without adding another 10 dollars. And then it just refunds me the extra 10 the next day. It happened the previous day too but it made me add 20 instead of 10 that is extremely annoying since I already had money in the wallet. Extremely annoying thing two is it’s shut off if you’re in a no ride zone and makes an alarm. We were cutting behind the sidewalks near a parking garage to get to the bike lane and it shut off and kept sounding the alarm. In downtown Ogden there isn’t always easy access to the road from the little shops people leave these at. I probably won’t ride them again because those two things are far too much of an inconvenience.
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6 years ago, kjhmc123
Location great; bike needs repair
I love the concept. We don’t own bikes so this was a fun Saturday experiment. Confusing that a family can’t share an app. We were all set to go, having put the app on my husband’s phone, and left everything else at the house, only to get to the bike site and not be able to unlock more than one bike. Maybe it is only intended for single people and not families? I know users need to be over 17. Then the pricing for the second bike was also confusing, one dollar for the first bike and five dollars for the second? We will do more research and I’m sure we will figure it out, and as I said this was an experiment. Definitely willing to try it again but seems a little hard to jump on and go. I do like the bike it’s self and it is easy to use. Mine needs some sort of repair because it squeaked with every rotation of the wheel, but the other bike my husband used worked great.
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2 years ago, Vay2
Honestly review
Hey, Me and my friends enjoyed the spin scooters last year definitely fun !! The only bad thing about it was that it wouldn’t allow some of my friends use they card sometimes, they would even use they other cards but it still wouldn’t work but the big issue is that when we pay for the 7 day pass for 35$-38$ ( which we loved them passes so much hopefully y’all put it back on here this year because the ones on their now is coo but not as good as last summer but when we would end our ride overnight the time would still be counting down which we all hated because we payed for 7 days but the countdown to end would still be going if we wasn’t riding. So hopefully y’all can change that part but we just recently downloaded the app again and starting to ride back on them tomorrow !!
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5 years ago, Scooterman6969
Garbage app and scooters
When you try to end your ride the app is constantly loading, regardless of your signal strength. So, it always takes an extra 30s-60s, meaning you always get charged too much. The other big issue is that the scooters stutter all the time because their speed regulator is so finicky. You’ll constantly get jerked from 15mph to a few mph lower, which causes a lot of instability. This even happens when you’re not at max speed. All the other companies manage to regulate the speed very smoothly, while spins just put you at risk of falling. They’re much worse on wet surfaces than any other scooter; a spin after a rainy day is suicide. They’ll allow you to unlock them even if they’re in need of a fix, so you get charged for a scooter with no motor. Lastly, they just randomly stop running sometimes mid-ride. Just use a lime/uber/bird. Only time to use a Spin is when they’re all that is left, which is quite frequent because everyone knows to use the others first.
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2 years ago, swaggyp907
A menace to society
I had only previously had positive experiences with spin scooters- I found them very fun to ride and they were convenient too. However, this changed for me after riding one that I think was defective- I tried to stop it and not only would it not stop but it veered sharply to one side as well. I fell off and landed in the middle of the street, and to add insult to injury, the spin had stopped entirely so I couldn’t even get back on it and ride to safety. Luckily the cars behind me had stopped at a red light, or that easily could have been a fatal crash. Afterwards, I left multiple reviews demanding to know what happened and not only did I get no refund but not even a response from the customer support. These rides are super expensive anyways- I highly recommend you just get your own electric scooter and bypass the randomness and potential to crash and burn on a random spin that is simply broken, only to get ignored by their customer support.
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