Sprouts Farmers Market

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Sprouts Farmers Market
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sprouts Farmers Market

4.72 out of 5
74.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Abymacs
A suggestion for solution ...
Do what my favorite competitor of yours does ... connect customer phone number to the app and the register. Customer enters phone number on pin pad at the beginning of each sale and all list items, digital coupons, Fab! 5, $5 Friday savings go straight to their purchase when it’s scanned at the register. I’ve never missed any discount with their app method. Just a moving forward suggestion; I shop my Sprouts regularly as well as my Albertsons. I know my stores and product locations. On a lazy day, I can browse and take my time at either store. But when I’m in a hurry? My Albertsons app is a much better tool for getting me in and out of the store in a timely manner with all my savings guaranteed. I really, REALLY love Sprouts; I prefer your brand products, produce and meats but in reality? A much more progressive and user friendly app will make Sprouts my #1, instead of my #2 grocery provider! I’m looking forward to a much improved Sprouts app future.
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2 years ago, Lost_anjali
Terrible platform
I’ve tried many grocery shopping apps and this one is by far the worst. When something is out of stock it simply disappears from your cart, no notification whatsoever. So you may think you’ve got all the ingredients for your meals that you’ve added to the cart throughout the week, only to discover that over the days or hours before you placed the order, several things that you KNOW you put in the cart and saw in the cart for days, are simply not there. I’ve had too many incomplete meals and missing much needed items due to this issue. Also this app moves VERY slowly. So it takes an eternity to create a full grocery order, and you have to wait for a long loading period after adding each item to the cart. It takes SO much longer to use this app than any other I use. This has nothing to do with my internet connection and it’s been an issue at every location I’ve used it in, in different cities and even states. Also there are many times that after this extremely long loading period, the item simply fails to show up in the cart, so there I am thinking I’ve already got ____ in the cart, when it actually never went into it at all after adding it. SO frustrating. This is very unfortunate because I have been doing 100% of my grocery shopping at Sprouts over the last several months, but I simply cannot tolerate these issues any longer. Sprouts will be losing my business in favor of one with a much better app due to the crappy Sprouts app the developers created.
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2 years ago, i.like.short.shorts
Very glitchy and often unusable
This app is great when it functions… the problem is it glitches and bugs constantly. I was invited to join the monthly freebies program but am unable to get the app to work in order to click on the coupons. Today I made sure my app was updated, signed in, and sat by my router right at 9 am so I could add the coupons, but the app took forever to load and then just kept giving me errors and signing me out for the next 20 minutes. Then it finally started working, but it was too late. All the deals were gone. In addition, the app doesn’t work well on a regular day either. I’ve had items disappear from my cart when doing an online order. It takes forever to find things and add them. A lot of items I know are in the store don’t show up on the searches and I have to manually search through all the departments in order to find them. And again, the app frequently kicks me out and gives me errors throughout this. I’d rather not deal with it most of the time. It’s been like this forever and the developers or company don’t seem to care about fixing it. I love sprouts and have been a loyal customer since the beginning. The in store experience has always been great. If using the app had been my first experience with the store I don’t think I would have ever gone back.
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6 years ago, Mrs. OIII
What does this app do?
We have a new Sprouts in my area- I’ve just left from my fourth visit. The first time, I found out at the register that I would have paid less if I had downloaded the app. The second visit, I found out that I had downloaded the app and nothing I purchased applied to the discounts. The third time I deleted the app and was told that with Sprouts bags I would have received a discount and that the reason I didn’t get a discount last time was because I hadn’t created a list in the app. This fourth time I took the time out to scan every single item in my basket on the app, then proudly had them scan my barcode as I waited for the prices to tumble. Imagine my surprise when absolutely nothing changed. This time they told me that I had created a shopping list, rather than clipping coupons. Now I will need to go through the store’s inventory on my phone to clip coupons for the items that I may or may not want to buy, then walk through the store and go through the store’s inventory to find the items. What on Earth does this app actually do? Why would I follow through on this process? This is not the way I shop. Unfortunately for those of us without time to peruse the store’s inventory online, then battle through the tiny aisles to hunt for the bargains, it looks like we’re destined to overpay or go to the grocery stores with loyalty cards.
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6 years ago, PassedMyPrime661
Found a couple bugs
I’m an employee of Spouts and every so often we’re given mobile coupons for free items. Normally after we clip the coupon and have received the item through check out the coupon is taken off of the app. Recently that has not been the case. The coupon remains in my list as of it hasn’t been used at all. The other bug I have discovered is again in the mobile coupon part of the app. When clicking at the bottom of the page to go to the next page it only refreshes the first page. I figured leaving a review was the easiest way to let you, the developers, know of these issues as I see that you’re fairly good at responding to those who have left a review. One suggestion I would make is that you include the location an item could be found within the store. It may seem like something redundant to include but the way Sprouts chooses where to stock some of their items is really quite out of place for most things and a lot of customers have difficulty finding stuff most of the time. It might be more trouble than it’s worth on your behalf but it’s just a suggestion.
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6 years ago, Mean_Cake
Some QOL improvements needed
This app is ok - a HUGE improvement over what it was a year ago. Love that the coupons tell you if you’ve got the item on your shopping list or not, and that you can add the associated item to your list from the coupon screen. However there are still some things that aren’t super convenient. There’s no way to clear your whole shopping list at once. Each item has to be tapped individually, twice. Once to delete, and again to confirm the delete. That’s 50 taps to get rid of a 25 item shopping list from last time, just so I can start the new one. Just no. It’s enough to make me not want to use the list. As for making a shopping list, being forced to choose how many pounds I’m picking up of individual produce is irritating. Just give me a button to “add to list,” default it to 1 lb (with ability to change it if you want to) or qty 1. Basically as a user you want to have to touch an app as few times as possible to get your task done, and in this area they’ve missed the mark. A couple hundred taps just to make a shopping list is A LOT. I’m sure it’ll get better with future updates.
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3 years ago, pb and cacao mom
LOVE it so much but it’s slow to open when at the stores, especially store 234 on Genessee in San Diego. I’ve had TONS of customers wait while they try to open the app in the store and then just decide to forget it. They lose out on coupons and the store reps that promote the app look bad. Some people that downloaded it have told me they’ve deleted because they are frustrated with not being able to use it. It makes me sad to see people missing out on savings. Please work on making it more accessible and also have the stores upgrade wireless. The digital coupon section is underrated, it’s full of great deals in addition to the weekly sales. I highly recommend opening the weekly sale section while preparing your grocery list and clipping coupons from the digital coupon section while at home. Then, save your barcode to your apple wallet or take a screenshot of it. This way if you have trouble opening the app at the store, you can still use your account at checkout.
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10 months ago, 18rolltide
I LOVE shopping at Sprouts. Especially produce when on sale. Also sometimes looking at meat, y’all sometimes discount prices without them being on the weekly ad. I’m on an extremely tight budget so I go through ads and so my comparison. With summer coming to an end it’s going to cost more for most produce. I live in a different county but if I have to go to Hoover I’m especially looking forward to going to Sprouts. As money gets tighter I don’t know if I can continue buying there but if there’s any chance of finding some deals I’ll always stop in. All of the employees from the fresh meat dept, produce, or any of the departments I may have questions about your employees are always friendly, helpful, and respectful. That speaks VOLUMES to me. I’ll go as long as I can. Thank you, Barbara Hunley. Helena, Alabama.
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5 years ago, yeetleyeet
Visual Design and Accessibility
I love what the sprouts app does, but I don’t I don’t really love how I have to get there. It’s a little difficult to navigate. Design really should be reconsidered. No drastic change to the concept, just maybe more easily discernible buttons and tabs. Also having to scroll to the right to get to the digital coupon button is slightly annoying. The side bar is a little strange because you could easily put all those options on the front. I would highly suggest if you did place all buttons on front for the option to be to scroll up and down not left to right. This is what most people are used to when using the most frequented apps like Facebook and instagram. Lastly, the handwritten-like font is not quick to read. I get the whole farmers market vibe, but for an app it needs to be something a little more simple to the eye. As far as use, it’s kind of awesome. I definitely find myself looking for and using new coupons and the hello savings offers. Never use the grocery list option though. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
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3 years ago, c-19 exausted
Sprouts Great Instacart is horrible
I recently started using Sprouts which is great. Friendly team. However the Instacart system for pickups failed. Instacart at first offered to deliver for free but I did not want to put someone out when I just wanted to run down and pickup. I did not know the system was failed. Later when the second pickup windo failed to show. I called the store to find out Instacart system failed. Realizing that delivery was by outside shopper I called Instacart back all they could do was cancel the order when I asked about free delivery too much time elapsed and wait 3 to 5 days for the hold charge on my card to be refunded. But I could re-enter the order as delivery if I wanted. So I did. Then the app informed me delivery was not avail to my address. So I have put the order as pickup again. And I will wait until I get notification the order is being filled or will cancel when I have to order somewhere else. Sorry Sprouts would like to buy from you vs Whole Foods who now provide pickup orders from the discarded fruits, vegetables and out of date meat and fish.
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4 years ago, dancebarns
Most frustrating app ever
I have tried to use this app twice. Every time I go to a new page I am told I need to sign in. I started shopping and hadn’t signed into the app. There was a coupon available and when I tried to use it I was instructed to sign into the app. I signed in, and my shopping list was lost. I started the shopping list over, and I was able to select items I had purchased before. I selected the items I wanted, and went to the SHOPPING section of the app so I could add to the list. I was now instructed to sign in again with Instacart. I can’t seem to get in there, and now I don’t know where my current list is. I give up. It’s a shame because I really like Sprouts but with COVID only do store pickup and since I can’t seem to get the app to work I will just forgo shopping here. Also, the last time I was actually able to finish shopping-it took at least three tries then too-I found the search engine extremely difficult to use. One time I could find the Frozen Foods search area, but later when I tried to find it the app wouldn’t go back. So disappointed because I really love Sprouts selection.
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3 years ago, Smithh00016
Small fixes that could be done!
I work for sprouts and all the customers say this app is hard to use. I find that ridiculous because it is fairly simple. I got used to it within 5 minutes of exploring it. There are only small inconveniences that could be fixed. 1) when clipping the coupons, the ones you recently clipped will go to the top. Sometimes I don’t want to see those anymore because I don’t want those items. I press the “clipped” button to try and “un-clip” them but they won’t go away. 2) customers constantly complain (Daily) that there is no “clip all” button. I tell them to take a minute in their car to clip all the ones they want since there are usually 2-3 pages worth of coupons. They get upset and say “THERE NEEDS TO BE A CLIP ALL BUTTON.” I try to tell them there is nothing I can do but they storm out. 3) lastly, after a coupon has been used, it won’t disappear, making it look like you can use it again. I’ve learned not to trust it because I have tested it out and the coupon won’t be used again. Customers lie and say they never have used the coupon before, when they did, and that’s why the coupon is still there. So now the company loses money because of an app not being able to take down a coupon that has been used. This one would be the most important to fix. Other than that I think the app functions well enough and is great for looking at products.
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5 months ago, munstar777
One of the worst grocery store apps
This app doesn’t work properly. At least not on iPhones. It only shows you the Scottsdale Arizona location and I’m nowhere near there. When you try to view deals for your actual location, it automatically opens the website in a browser. Unfortunately the website doesn’t work in Safari, which of course is the default browser for iPhones. This is the reason I had downloaded the app in the first place. It’s absolutely pointless. The only way to view the current sales is to go on a computer with Google Chrome as your browser, and who wants to use a browser that actively steals your personal info? Therefore your only way to actually see current sales is to drive all the way to the physical store location and hope they have an ad available. At that point, so much time has been wasted, it’s better to just shop at Raleys. I’m done shopping at Sprouts. They clearly don’t want customers or else they wouldn’t make it so difficult to view their current sale ads from iPhones and Apple products.
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1 year ago, Cfatnip
Pretty good!
I use the Sprouts app once a week and I’ve found it to be mostly easy to use and effective. The exceptions being: 1) every now and then, when ordering for pickup, items that I know I put into my cart will no longer be there after checkout and 2) the app will suddenly shut down and I have to go back in. This second one is really not a big deal because my cart is always saved! I’ve never had to redo an entire order due to losing my progress when it shuts down. The first one is more annoying because when I forget to double check, I sometimes come home from picking up without crucial items I needed. I can’t complain about this too much when I am benefitting from the truly amazing service of someone else gathering my groceries so me and my four very young kids can get a full load of groceries without leaving our car! Overall: great store, good app!
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6 years ago, aprkasinova
Lots of improvements
I feel like the app developers are really listening to its users. It’s much more effective and easier now to navigate through the weekly ads, and the “Home Store” feature no longer asks me what my preferred store is every time I revisit the app. Still not in love with every flavor of every everything listed one by one...it’d be great to have items with multiple flavors perhaps listed on a new page or pop-up window, if you were to click on that item, if that makes sense. Since I know absolutely zero about app development, that very well could sound ridiculous. Also...I usually don’t need to know how many pounds of anything I’m buying, so I wish I could avoid adding the quantity when populating the list. It’s a nice feature to have and I can see the value if you do need a specific quantity, but it just adds extra work to the task so I’d love to see it be optional. Still, great job! Thanks for listening to us.
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2 years ago, Kittiane
Most worthless app
I’ve had this app for maybe a year or two… maybe used it twice or three times… oh, I’d use it more if I could load it in the store. Waiting and waiting for it to load as I stand in an aisle watching my ice cream melt. Never mind, because the employees never even remind you to scan your barcode. As I write this, I’m sitting in my home office literally next to my router and I still cannot get the app to load. It’s saying there is an error. Worthless. I’d give it ZERO stars if I could. Maybe learn from the Target app development team; I use that app all the time and even though my savings are low, it’s something. This Sprout’s app can’t even pull up when you need it. They now have a “freebie” program and I cannot even navigate to where that is in the short moment that the app is working. And whenever I try to log in, it always resets my location so I’m having to change it from Scottsdale, AZ to my local Sprouts. By the time it updates location, the app has had it and needs another nap. What’s the point?!?
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3 years ago, MovieMist
Cant get beyond the holiday offerings page
What happened? This app (and the website) worked pretty good until the holiday offerings were added. Now I'm perpetually stuck on that page. Try to search an item? I get the holiday offerings. Click on department? The holiday offerings. Click on my cart? HOLIDAY OFFERINGS. I tried to just log onto the website on my computer... same thing. Even tried on my work desktop computer... same. Basically the app is no longer useable for shopping and the same issue is happening with the website. I have to do my orders directly through instacart but instacart does not seem to recognize sprouts coupons. Hope this gets sorted out soon. Welp. Here we go again. When the app works its pretty decent. But every time there is an update, it seems they do not run beta tests to make sure it's still functional on all platforms. I've been trying to check out for 5 days and nothing. Just an endless circle of errors every time I try. Guess I'll be going to Whole Foods and Safeway.
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4 years ago, Me hashtag
Hard to use
I really want to love this app. I love sprouts but I have a newborn and two toddlers so i love the convenience of grocery pick up. However the app is almost unusable. I’m not able to use the search bar to look for what I’m specifically needing. It’s just too hard to add stuff to my cart. I literally have to click “departments” in order for the search bar to work. It takes forever! Also, it would great if you included more pictures of the products and more information. I want to add pitas to my cart but I can’t read the bag to see how many pitas are in the package!! It’s very frustrating. I’m probably going to go back to Whole Foods until the app is improved. Another problem I’m finding as I’m using it more: the buttons to choose departments don’t work either. I’m trying to just view the produce department but it isn’t working.
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2 years ago, AHGIFT
Plant-based Heaven
I have never used something like this before…. I am antiquated. However, I just love this app and I absolutely love to be able to create a shopping list that I can print up and take with me so that I don’t forget to purchase the item that I really want. It takes me 55 minutes to get to the sprouts store on the weekends so the shopping list is very helpful!. I will say that with regard to the coupons…I might spend anywhere from $250-$300 and I am disappointed that I only save about four bucks at the most with the coupons. I wish there were something that could help me save more money at the sprouts store. I won’t be deterred I will just continue to plan ahead as much as possible for savings.
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12 months ago, ryrymurr
Surprisingly Bad App
For a store that tries to brand itself within the top tier of grocery stores, this app is a big reminder that Sprouts is not at that level. The app is very poorly optimized and not user friendly at all, I legitimately think they just tried to port their website directly into the app. This as you may expect causes a frustrating and tedious mobile experience for a multitude of different reasons. Some of which include clicking through endless tabs, the app randomly refreshing the page and making you start from the top again. Accessing the weekly or monthly ads is particularly annoying. Oh, and there is absolutely no reward or loyalty program to speak of. Every grocery store worth the time of day has one nowadays, and you would think that a store this expensive would have a way of thanking their customers. Nope. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this app, unless you’re somebody who enjoys the feeling that you get from slamming your head into a wall repeatedly.
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2 years ago, Veronica Combs
Pickup time issue, old fashioned
Both on the browser and within the app you cannot change your pick up time. It picks an automatic time for you and of course you can view other slots but when you select to click a different time nothing happens so it’s kind of frustrating because I need to pick up my items at a very specific time but it’s not letting me. Thankfully I downloaded the Instacart app and ordered my sprouts items there, it was easy and let me pick my delivery time! The Sprouts app looks sort of old-fashioned so I prefer ordering on the browser or on instacart which is sleek and modern. The overall search bar on the Sprouts app was hard to find. It’s the little magnifying glass on the top of the page. I needed a magnifying glass to see it. Of course if any of these things are changed I will give it more stars. I love Sprouts though, it is a great store, with good quality products, so my rating is only a reflection of the app.
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4 years ago, MimeX2
Digital Ad link not working
Normally this app works well, a little glitchy sometimes but does what I need by pulling up a digital weekly ad and I can create a shopping list easily from it. The last 2-3 weeks, the digital ad link has not worked regardless of the device I use (iPad 6thgen or iPhone XR both running up to date OS). Also tried taking the long way by using the regular ad, clicking on an item to get to the digital ad button there but an individual item’s digital ad button is also not working. It appears the digital ad hasn’t been loaded at all. I would like to see the digital ad be a default setting and/or a choice to automatically display. Couldn’t care less about seeing the regular ads since it takes multiple steps from there to add it to a shopping list. Hope the digital ad gets resolved soon or I will likely skip my regular trips to Sprouts. I do my shopping lists religiously to prevent over/under buying and this is a deal breaker for me.
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3 years ago, Kim121819
The app has potential but needs allot of work
Started using the app for things like pick ups, over my time I have noticed issues after a handful of problems when it comes to using the app. #1 if there is any items missing in a pick up, there is no way to go through the app and inform the store or anyone for some kind of refund or credit. #2 when I tried to come in a resolve the issue, the workers had to guess and figure out what to do. We basically had to exclude the app and guess our way from there, which was a hassle for everyone involved. #3 The app is also pretty crappy on anything involving the aftermath of placing your order, you can’t add onto your order (even though it says you can), you can’t tell the store when you’re on your way, and it is difficult to find any customer service number. #4 when they text you about updates the only way you can respond is through A WHOLE ‘NOTHER APP. Like why do I have this app on my phone or why are they texting me if I can’t even approve replacements? Like I tried responding and I got an error telling me if I want the message to follow through that I have to download instacart.. great. #5 (more of a complaint than it is an issue) they started charging for purchases over 30$.. if you are charging people for a service that is free EVERYWHERE ELSE (grocery store related) then you should probably have better recourse for problems like these.
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1 year ago, SauceySweater
Unclear benefit to Typical Shopper
Never seems to process clipped coupons at register even when MyBarcode is supposedly scanned. Receipts used as household reference points never reflect most shopping trips. Staff, management included never know how to properly apply fully functional account, simply repeat generalized statements and when they can neither address the defect, they tell you it doesn’t do anything for you anyway, you can get the sales without it. Staff views this app and program as a complete incumbrance and waste of time, looks at you as you as a nuisance even when you try to address the malfunction while NOT IN LINE to avoid impeding anyone’s time or space. I can’t get it to “work” half the time, staff says there’s no point, I’m failing to see one myself and it just ends up embarrassing me like I am trying to make a useless store program work when everyone knows it pointless….so, I guess it must be, I probably won’t try again. (It functioned flawlessly 3 times of 28).
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5 years ago, 2YZ2 Play
Missing Data
Well, I can always ask the long-time help where things are so I don’t miss the isle #s. But I fail to get your app to run on my iPhone 7 while I am in your store so I work at home saving my list as screen shots. Please advise, thank you. Well, that didn’t happen. I can get my Albertsons app to work in your Lake Mead store, but even your staff say that the store’s Net works badly. Today I had an 11 dollar and change shopping list but could not show what to buy. Is your business that well off that you can keep it difficult to do 21st Century shopping?? But that was last year. Now: Well, I tapped on my shopping list and the program opened with Rate Us. Bad idea. But I’ll tell you what, just because organic food has less of a chance of poisoning us, it shouldn’t cost more especially since live customers buy more than sick or dead customers. Does that make sense?
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3 years ago, nacawa
A few software issues that need to be improved
I love sprouts, but the application needs improvement. I would like to see these improvements: -One of my biggest issues is that the cart does not notify you if something is removed after you have added it. -Another feature I would like to see added is the ability to add items from the pdf ad, or show all ad items within the digital ad. That option seems to appear and disappear on the digital as side by only showing “front page” item. Issues I have encountered are as follow: -items that are added do not appear in cart, but are shown as entered in the shopping window (shows as plus +1, but is not in the cart). This typically happens when I use the “buy it again” shortcut. -the search feature permanently stay open and interferes with being able to use your he menu options at the top. The only way around this is to click on “search” again, which temporarily closes it, only for it to show up again once the next page loads. -not being able to click on links that should be functioning - this happened from time to time and is not specific to one thing. It varies widely and can be the weekly ad link to going back to the front page.
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6 years ago, Khamarupa
Could be much better
Updating my review after the nice response from the developer. I’m hoping the shopping list portion of the app will be improved in updates to come. There are many things I like about the app and I look forward to the improvements. Original review: My biggest complaint is that the shopping list is very inconveniently designed. I wish it would allow me to only show checked items so that each time I visit the store I can uncheck once I pick up the items I need. As it is it shows me the entire list and I have to scroll back and forth constantly to find what I need. It’s time consuming and hard to follow when in the store. There aren’t sufficient organize/display options for the list so it can’t be used efficiently as my weekly shopping list. I hope updates will make it better!
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5 years ago, Appreciative music lover
Absolutely the BEST food store shopper app!
Loaded with shopping features that do not exist on other food store apps. The Shopping List is the best. You can keep your weekly routine food purchases stored there and Sprouts revises the price if its on or off sale- now that really works for any dedicated shopper. If so easy to search items, individually or in each department. This allows you to shop sections in the store and no exactly what is available and on sale. Super easy and amazingly cost efficient. No other food store app (conventional or healthy focused) offers these features This app clearly show Sprouts shoppers that the Sprouts coronation cares enough for their shoppers to provide them with a great shopping app. By the way - I was not paid or do I work for the company.
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5 months ago, Keohns
Items don’t match what’s on the menu.
Not reliable enough for someone who can’t make it to the store in person. Your at the mercy of the shopper that is picking your items. They don’t always grab the best looking items and if they forget something there’s no repercussions just a refund. So if they forget something you have to place another order and then get charged for the delivery fee since it’s under the minimum amount and wait for hours to get the missing item. Also when you pick your items and they don’t have them you get left with the options that are close to what you want but not what you need. It’s more reliable to go in person so if you can’t go, I wouldn’t be able to trust the quality of choices as well the people picking your items.
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2 years ago, love Sprouts, but
Many times there is not clear communication messages from Sprouts
I love Sprouts, also before it was called Sun Harvest with very friendly atmosphere. Currently, with Sprouts I experienced that many good products were discontinued - like buckwheat grain was previously available in bulk, or greek food “Taramasalata” also was discontinued. Also many times there is not clear communication messages from Sprouts. Recently Sprouts sent info about free products, there was incorrect email sent to me first, then email with correct link was sent with description of products was sent to me - however none of the products were available in my Sprouts app. Finally, after I complained, Sprouts customer service explained that since information about products was sent to me at the end of month, there were too many “clicks” for those products. That is why these products were not available to me. I am very glad they explained these circumstances to me. However, I spent around three hours in total on these issues. This approach from Sprouts feels like big disrespect to me. I work full time, and this problem could have been avoided if Sprouts would send me email about free products only in the beginning of a month.
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3 years ago, zanyt222
Love Sprouts!!
I’ve shopped at a lot of online delivery grocery stores since the stores onset of COVID. While I haven’t had delivery from Sprouts yet, I have ordered for pick up because, why not? It’s so darn easy! They pack it very well, not using one bag for one item. They’ll even use a box which can be so much better! The food itself is ALWAYS fresh! None of the produce comes brown or with bruises, the organic milk is always 4-6 weeks out in expiration (which is very important to me). I even got a bunch of bananas and not one had even a small bruise. I seriously think my husband gets annoyed with me because Sprouts is all I talk about for a full day after shopping there. I just love it!!
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5 years ago, Devil's Wife
Ridiculous waste of time
Time consuming, difficult to navigate, frustrating, can’t find half the items I want and know are in the store. Took me 2 hours to make a list I can’t figure out how to use once I get to the store. This app desperately needs a tutorial that a user can refer back to every time the app is opened. Go to pay and nothing works so all that time was wasted. I could have made my little scrap paper list, driven to the store, picked up everything, checked out, put the purchases in my car, driven home, unloaded the car, and put everything away in less than half the time and with a ton less stress than attempting to utilize this app that everyone who works at my Sprouts store says I have to have. Definitely didn’t save me any money as my time and sanity are worth much more than 3 coupons (even if I could use them). The idea of this app is good - now make it user friendly.
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3 years ago, EllieK5
“Save for later” doesn’t work right
For one thing I can’t view the list I save things to. And now somehow my entire list is gone. The only thing I can think is that it has to do with “transferring” my list to my cart so I could place my order. Which for some reason you have to do rather than just be able to view your list and add things from it. Also, there are way too few filters. How is it that I can filter by “keto” but not “vegan”? I’m attempting an elimination diet and it would be really nice if there were filters like “soy free” and “nut free”. Especially because so many dairy free products contain nuts. It’s a nightmare to try to find snacks on here if you have a nut allergy. The reason I’m giving 2 stars instead of 1 is because it’s nice that Sprout’s even has an app and it seems to be pretty accurate about what is or isn’t available in the store.
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4 years ago, ellie28472949582
Other grocery stores need to take note
I’m guessing that the app has gone through some improvements based on older 1-2 star reviews, but for me the ease of use and convenient list making and offer finding capabilities is what I wish every other store was using, to be able to easily browse sales and special coupons to double my savings without me having to search around and combine them myself, PLUS the subtotal feature on the list page is divine, don’t ask me why but I love seeing my total (sans taxes and others) before I shop. I don’t write reviews that often but this app is *that* good, you’ve converted a new shopper with an amazing app experience and great prices.
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4 years ago, SGal67
Overall good but could use another feature.
I do like the way the list sorts by category unlike some other store shopping apps. Like the recipes too. It would be nice to have an option to go back and add items from the buy it again list one you start a shopping list. Now I can get to buy it again before I start my list but can’t figure out how to go back. Need easier way to delete bulk items with selected weight or multiple quantity if I change my mind. Also, sometimes it wants me to log in even though I have been logged in and shopping from my list. Getting better but it still could use some improvement. I do like the large pictures in the departments. Good to add items I recognize based on the picture.
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2 years ago, TrishG78
Our friendly Sprouts
My family loves our Sprouts in Folsom, CA! Our Wellness person Ron is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful! All the employees are helpful and willing to go the extra mile to answer our questions, direct us throughout the store, check for stock in the back of the store, and also let us know when to expect an item in the store If it’s on back order. Checking out is generally a quick process and they open more registers if checkers are available. Our Sprouts is always clean and organized in an efficient manner to shop quickly and thoroughly. We love our Sprouts and regular staff know us by name!
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11 months ago, Loyal Customer 00
Sprouts Changing?
I’ve shopped Sprouts weekly for years and no issues until recently. Notable changes: overly-sensitive new self-check terminals that randomly double charge, extremely rude cashier, store staff/assistance very hard to find, no plastic bags offered at meat displays, empty shelves on advertised items, no coupons printed on receipts (I now have to check with manager before checkout to redeem), online acct no longer shows my purchases and keeps asking me to create acct when I already have one…. At Sprouts’ prices, asking customers to pay ten cents for bags at checkout seems petty—something I would expect at deep discount stores. Sprouts is my primary grocery store but seriously (sadly) considering switching to another market for health food. So disappointed.
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2 years ago, Pzyk06a
Everyone should at least give Sprouts a try
Sprouts consistently has better produce at prices equal to or less than other grocery stores. They always have berries and a good array of fruit. The packaged salad greens are always fresh last at least a week in the fridge. The meat is very good also and the hamburger seems to have less water than other stores. They have prepackaged bison and other interesting meat. The packed veggies at the back of the store have some very good and easy to cook stir fry. Some other items are more expensive but Sprouts has sales every week. They will even honor last week’s sales.
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5 years ago, MomWasRight
This iteration has improved functionality and stability, thank goodness! One more improvement I would suggest is to fix the app asking me for my local store whenever I select my shopping list from the menu. Also, I would prefer to have the weekly ad in digital format by default so I can start adding items to my list more quickly, and the main sale categories should be available when scrolling through the sale pages, to make it quick to bypass things that I don’t use. An oddity that I would like to change is to take all of the boxed teas out of the bulk food section, too; it makes scrolling through that category very time consuming. Thank you for continued improvement of the app!
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3 years ago, pat-sl
Has to be one of the weirdest and least user friendly apps out there. Doesn’t have a simple place to check your account. Doesn’t seem to save your local store. Just signed up and even that was hard to figure out and once I did it doesn’t appear to have saved my info anywhere. Didn’t even add my password info to my keychain (apple user). I did this as they ask for this every time I’m at the store checking out so let’s hope it’s more useful than the ones from traditional supermarkets (read: a complete waste of time). At least it appears I’ll be able to order for delivery, but after setting up an account I wasn’t asked for a CC or anything that would apply payment or use a local store. Just weird 🤷🏻‍♂️
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5 years ago, Mimi100000000000
Better than nothing
This app initially was great. Realizing a great grocery store has an app is always a plus, and is definitely better than nothing. With this app, you have access to the ad, coupons, your own personal list, etc. However, this app does not have a feature where you can scan something and see if it has a special/coupon, and you must clip the coupon separately. If you’re trying to make a quick grocery run and just want to scan the things in your basket and scan your barcode, you’re out of luck. You must prepare beforehand by going through many coupons to see which you’d use, or just not get the deal on your items. Also, there is a bug where screens don’t pop up quickly and there is initially an error message.
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3 years ago, aliattitude
No PO Box on MobileApp
I have a PO Box which I use for privacy and security since we have had mail thefts in my neighborhood. The mobile Sprouts Farmers Market app absolutely would not allow a PO Box input. I even input the physical address of the local Post Office with my Box as #…. I had been personally advised at my local Post Office that this is acceptable. The mobile app would not accept this either. I finally went to your web site on my main desk computer and input my address there correctly as I want it. That worked. The zip difference between my mailing address and physical address doesn’t matter because it is the same local area. I checked and the same Sprouts store came up for both zip codes. Please improve this for those of us concerned for our privacy and security. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Sosososo3
I have been enjoying the app and love sprouts! I have a couple of issues that there may already be a solution to, but I can’t find them. 1. I add items to my cart throughout the week and then make a pickup every week. But when I go back to my cart, some things have been removed (I’m assuming due to out of stock items). I honestly can’t remember everything I’ve added all week so it would be nice if you got an alert for things being removed from the cart. 2. It says you can add/edit items after you’ve submitted your pickup order but I have yet to find how to do that (user error I’m sure, but with it was easier to find). Thank you!!
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2 years ago, Lise P.
18.3.1 version search function works again
Glad they fixed the search function so the app works better. That being said the app still regularly logs you out. I logged in when before I started shopping and when I went to check out 30 minutes later it had logged me out. Talk about frustrating! Also this app should let me know if products are IN STOCK at MY STORE. It does me no good to look up a product to price it against other stores in the area only to get to the store and they don’t actually have it. The app should provide aisle numbers for products. Not all products are obviously placed at Sprouts. Also they don’t always remain in the same spot! For example: Sprouts Organic Michelada Mix has been found in the juice aisle, the pop aisle and also by beer/wine. All within a two month time period. So aisle numbers should be provided since the stores move things around and when you ask an employee they are just as puzzled unless they were the one to move it. Sprouts needs to make this app competitive with other grocery store apps. When I make my list on the app it should show aisle numbers so I can quickly get in/out of your store.
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5 months ago, America revolutionary war
An Expression about Growing
I’ve shopped everywhere. I could name stores in Florida and southern Illinois an New York and North Carolina too. So how is the Sprouts experience helping me grow to be more concerned about the environment and the changes in myself I’d like to make. It provides kindness to a person who has experienced social troubles and disappointments. Which encourages me to think about my choices. Sometimes changes are harder to do but the Sprouts approach to going to a farmers market is where my family started in Rhode Island in 1690s. His name was Samuel Frances Colegrove and he was a sixteen year old farmer in the new world.
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3 years ago, Roccy O
App not working & coupons not consistent
App not working. I updated it, still didn’t work. Then I deleted it and redownloaded it and it still doesn’t work. Error message says “Invalid Session: Your session could not be created, please reload and try again.” Reload button reloads page to the same error message. My past review was deleted, so wanted to note that coupons haven’t consistently worked. Now you need the items added to your online list in addition to clipping the coupon, but this direction isn’t given in app or in store. Also even when you do this, the coupons still don’t consistently work. So you have to make sure you know exactly how much $ is supposed to come off your total so you’ll know if coupons actually worked...very inconvenient and way too much work, likely by design.
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4 years ago, ELJACKS2
Okay - but not up to industry standard
I like that I can view products and prices. That’s the most useful part of the app. However, this app is missing several key features that other grocery apps have. This app doesn’t allow you to view live inventory. There’s no way to place a pickup or delivery order directly from the app. They’ve taken away the ability to see the total price of items added to the shopping list, so now you can’t even estimate what you’re grocery bill will be when you do shop in store. So the only thing the app is useful for is checking sale items and searching for products.
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6 years ago, MammajammmaDewdrop
Inconsistent and often incorrect
Frustrating and often incorrect. In many instances I can search for a product in the app while in the store and it is not found in the app even though I am clearly looking right at it! And the opposite is also true: the app will show a product as available but it is not in the store! Many times when checking with staff about these missing issues they will diligently search for me and find that the product was discontinued by their corporate office and doesn’t even have a possible location on the shelf. Would like to be able to create accurate shopping list based on products in the app, but can’t trust it. The store staff is excellent at assisting, but I feel like I am often sending them on wild goose chases! Coupon clipping is good, however.
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3 years ago, Jane85044
Excellent Service & Products
I’ve been using Sprouts Store #20 Pick Up Service for almost a year now & I can’t say enough good things about it. Dave, Their Supervisor for Curbside Shopping is an expert at being very courteous, skillful & careful with every order. I’ve always received all products in excellent condition & he makes sure he picks the products you ordered & is very accommodating if there is an issue with a product not being available. After so many issues with other Grocery Curbside & Delivery Services ~ I am so pleased to finally have trust in Sprouts #20 store & their employees!
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3 years ago, Shirn
Doesn’t work as well as Instacart
It’s powered by Instacart so why doesn’t it work? I’ve wasted so much time figuring out how to leave notes on substitution on item chosen for curbside pick up. At the check out once the order is placed the items show allows sun when I didn’t even choose that! I tried to modify it there is nowhere to modify or even leave the shopper notes this is the ONLY reason I pay for Instacart instead of use this app. I can give the shopper much better instructions and if it doesn’t work out I can just click “report an issue” button instead of having to call in. I keep trying to like this app and not having to pay for Instacart account on the side but it’s just too frustrating to navigate due to the lack of these very important features also there is NO ONE to contact for technical help. I hate this!
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