Star Alliance

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Star Alliance
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User Reviews for Star Alliance

0 out of 5
0 Ratings
4 months ago, Remanman
What happened?
Can’t search for lounges anymore. Can’t log in or set up an account unless I already have an app from a relatively obscure airline. United has an app, as does ANA. Why aren’t they included on the list? Why must one use an airline app to login at all? Why doesn’t this app work unless one creates a new account? What happened to your app. In the past it was actually useful.
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1 week ago, Canids minor
Doesn’t read passport
I feel like there was a early version of this app that worked well. After changing to a brand-new iPhone 15, it is asking to rescan and create the biometric profile. After numerous attempts on multiple days, it still cannot read a standard brand-new US passport. Absolutely ridiculous.
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12 years ago, Uagsds
Ok but more needed
App works ok but would be nice to be able to sort results by arrival departure or elapsed like oneworld's app does Also and more importantly we really need the choice to be able to download the entire flight database to use in offline mode while in flight. In planning for delays or the next leg of a trip, this often happens while on an aircraft and it's not enough to rely only on the recent searches and just make those available. If my flight is late arriving and I'm going to miss a connection, I want to be able to know my alternatives before I land so I can get right to work on them. This function existed in the now-defunct PalmOS app so it should not be too hard to re-create.
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2 years ago, ikediamond
Good but could be better
It’s a good app but I feel like if United airlines (one of your members) re-did it, it could be so much better. United has such an amazing app and convincing them to do it wouldn’t be that challenging. It also is a bit behind competition such as oneworld and skyteam. And it could use features like telling you what you need for lounge access and maybe like a personal IFE that has all the movies from your members?
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2 years ago, JWH CP
Wish it worked
For the Star Alliance Biometric registration everything works except the passport scan. I get either a “retake”, “invalid” or just an error when using the camera to scan my passport. It will actually successfully scan the top section above all of my personal information (then gives an error since that’s not the correct section), but then it won’t even scan the bottom with all of my personal information. This makes the app completely unusable and unnecessary since any other information can be found in their airline partner apps.
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2 years ago, thenewcolossus
Don’t bother — Can’t Read Passports
This app says it can register you for biometric airport control, but when you try to add your passport it will bounce back and forth between “hold the document steady” (even if you’re holding it perfectly still) and “avoid glare on the document” (no matter how much light is or isn’t on the passport). Tried for 20 minutes to upload my passport photo and just kept getting error messages. Just let people manually upload a photo of their passport! Stupid waste of time! Skip this app.
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2 years ago, ads1126
It actually worked
After reading the other reviews I was skeptical, but I was actually able to scan my passport with the camera and then place my phone on the passport data page to scan the embedded chip and register for Star Alliance Biometrics. Now we’ll see if it actually works the next time I fly.
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11 years ago, CommentNickname
I'd say its pretty good. Checking flight status is pretty straight forward, getting airport info is also pretty good. It gives interesting facts about the city and such. WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: less loading time when app is launched, add a map view for the airport with GPS, add flight check in for most airlines. These are the things we want. Just a little more work for you guys. Interface is good.
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5 years ago, FrequentOof
Needs more
This app needs a lot more to be useful. It would be a LOT better if it had the ability to have check in for flights, a place to load boarding passes, and a place to store frequent flyer cards so you don’t have to download each airlines app. Other than that, it’s a good(ish) app. (It would also be good if you were able to get a Uber or Lyft sooner.)
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12 years ago, leechambliss
Lacking useful piece
There is one piece that would make this a more useful app. That is, the ability to download a copy of your boarding pass. Compared to Delta's app. With Delta, I can download my pass, show phone to TSA and gate agent, and never have to keep up with those pesky paper tickets. It is a real convenience, something Star Alliance lacks
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2 years ago, aa-to-zzz
Unable to scan passport
The UI is poorly designed and does not give sufficient guidance, or feedback, as to why it is unable to scan a passport. There is an unhelpful icon that suggests you should move the phone around while it is “scanning”, although sometimes this is accompanied by instructions to put the phone down on the document. The software appears to have been released without sufficient testing.
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10 years ago, Shara G
Good app... If you know what it is!
To those who gave bad reviews because they couldn't book flights, etc... Star Alliance isn't an airline! You should know what you're downloading before doing it and don't expect it to do things it's not supposed to do. Good for what it is designed to do.
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4 years ago, Chicago_Monkey
Functionalities missing
Some functions most of the individual airlines apps have, and this one not: 1) login only seems possible if you use Lufthansa or Swiss with Biometrics. 2) You can’t add my trips with last name and reservation number. You must enter origin, destination, airline, flight number and date. 3) you can’t make any lounge your favorite.
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2 years ago, ebarham2
Not Usable
If the apps reads an error on trying to upload your passport, the app is unusable. After researching more this issue is common and I’m surprised a fix hasn’t been implemented. If you have an older passport picture, which is common, the app will automatically error cause the selfie you have to upload is current and of course does not match perfectly to the passport picture.
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2 months ago, tws4ghz
RFID NFC scan instructions unclear
taking user’s photo to enable login as well as taking photo of passport were straightforward. Locating and reading RFID chip proved more difficult. READY TO SCAN screen without message PLEASE WAIT is confusing. Worked after few attempts.
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11 years ago, Turdferguson01
What is this app supposed to be for? Airline apps should be able to do 3 things: book flights, mobile check-in, track points/award status. This doesn't even attempt to do any of those. I don't care where lounges are located in airports, which seems to be the primary function of this app. Also, it takes a really long time to load, especially for an app with no functionality.
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11 years ago, jeb1969
Buggy, issues, unreliable
SA needs a new IT team. First, I never received a update notice in my App Store. Second, after finally figuring out the previous version wasn't working properly I decided to delete and re download. This is when I found out their was a new version released over a month ago. Third, this new app version doesn't work either. Continually tied up in 'Please Wait' mode. Your OUT!!!
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13 years ago, Bluebird85
Some bugs
Some bugs-the flight status doesn't update when you reload but remains. Via a laptop the data is more accurate. Perfectly comes the airport map and the scheduled flights of all Staralliance members. So: improve and it'll be fine!
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13 years ago, ah-rock
Off to a good start...
I can never remember which airlines are in the Alliance so this app is helpful from that perspective. Also helpful is the flight status and lounge info. I was really hoping to see flight pricing information (and helpful filters like kayak has). Perhaps in a future release??
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6 years ago, AndroidExpatriate2015
Not as useful as the airline apps (United, Air Canada)
Doesn’t really do much. Would be nice if it could automatically load flights based on confirmation and or booking number. Even better if it could cross reference frequent flier programs across the Star Alliance- i.e track my United miles when I fly Air Canada.
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2 months ago, Harpman65
Don’t waste the phone space
The biometric passport scan must be a cruel joke the developers came up with. You scan, it fails. You try again, it fails. You try to eliminate glare, it still fails. I wandered all over my house trying to make sure a glossy page has no glare. After 10 or 15 tries, I decided I was on a fool’s errand.
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4 years ago, John B 2773
Biometric registration went smoothly
Registering my biometric profile was quick and painless. I am looking forward to using it next time I fly from Frankfurt or Munich. Well done, Star!!
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3 years ago, BestMe1
Biometric input is great…but only two of the 26 partner airlines are available. You can’t register with the site for ff members to keep track of anything; you can’t book flights; where lounges are??? You might as well locate bathrooms: never experienced a problem locating a lounge or a bathroom at any airport in the world. So what’s the point of this app?
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13 years ago, Scotticus326
Good Framework, Premature Launch
I can see the start of what could be a useful app, but the content isn't ready -- under airport info, for example, not even all of the major alliance hubs are loaded. This app could be good, but it launched way too early in its development.
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13 years ago, Clubworldgamer
The app works like a charm... Until now i cant find any bugs. Well Done and keep making this app even better.
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3 years ago, OperaSwain
Worthless app. Unable to register
The registration process freezes when you are asked to scan your passport. The scan brings up the details of your passport and asks for verification, then freezes. Rescanning does not provide different results. The app is essentially worthless.
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2 years ago, FenerCo
Impossible to scan passport!
Tried at least couple of dozen times under optimum lighting conditions with latest model iPhone. There is no was to successfully scan the passport. Yes, I wish it was working too. Such a shame for the developer and waste of time!
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13 years ago, MarkusWayne
Don't waste your time
This App is a total waste, too down load.......... Had the wrong data for my flight and in general is just not a good app for the function it is suppost to provide, guess I will have to buy flight tracker, which is what I though I was getting, but just for Star Alliance.....Delete, delete, delete
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3 years ago, tommack
This app does not take input very well. None of the scan features actually work and everything has to be done manually. Maybe an update in the future may solve it but as of right now the app is useless
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13 years ago, MYK0
What's the point?
Not much different than Safari without being able to login to your rewards account
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2 years ago, Bethesda12345
Buggy — Buggy — Buggy
Trying to register an account on this app is like trying to nail jelly to a wall. Nothing but one error message after another. Tech support isn’t much help — it just spits out a canned one-size-fits-all blurb that’s utterly useless. Nice idea but a total failure in execution.
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13 years ago, T H M
This app is missing info on major Star Alliance hubs. It is free, and you'll get what you (don't) pay for. Best part of the app is the splash screen. FlightTrack Pro, iFlyPro, and BoardingPass are miles better. Granted, this was released a month ago, but you don't publish a 300 page book when only 100 pages are written.
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4 weeks ago, World_Resident
Lacks synchronisation to pick up booking from respective airlines app. At least it did not do that from Lufthansa. Did not open camera or ask permission to do so for the biometrics which completely failed. Cannot it piggy back on biometric face from Apple?
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2 years ago, ZilbermanZilberman
Simply doesn’t work
The biometric registration sounds promising but after 20+ failed attempts to scan my passport, I had to give up. Other reviews suggest I’m not alone in this. A major rehaul is needed before this app can even begin to function as intended.
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2 years ago, rswrdn
Shockingly bad
Can’t even select dates beginning next month - it’s not possible to view the calendar for June. This is the buggiest, most ridiculous app I’ve ever experienced to do something that 1 million apps have sorted out how to do: book travel.
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8 years ago, Asconaut
Needs lots of improvement
Don't understand what this is supposed to be for... Can't do anything but check flights (randomly listed) one can achieve much better results with other travel apps. Come on Star Alliance... You can do better than this!
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11 years ago, TWYang
Worthless App
Totally worthless app... What purpose does this app serve?!?!?! What value does it add to my travel planning?!?!!! Advice to Star Alliance: Fold the app and start over again. The day that your app actually support fare search and purchase across the airlines in your alliance, that's the day you should re-release this app.
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13 years ago, DeltaDriver254
Not FTP, but it works
By no means is this FlightTrack Pro, but that isn't what I expected. This is free, FTP is $10. My only problem is that multi segment flights show up as single flight (CO flight TLV-EWR-LAX shows up as TLV-LAX).
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3 years ago, Noladelhipraha
Needs work
The biometrics are not able to scan US passport due to glare even when there is no direct lighting. App does not seem to link well to the airline or miles and more app. Flights appear to need manual input.
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9 years ago, Crewjboy
Worthless for searching for airline lounges
Search for any major city airport and click on lounges: no results found. SFO, JFK, LHR. This is one of the reasons I've given up on going to Star Alliance Lounges which are free with my Lifetime United Club membership. I use American Express even though I have to pay for entry.
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2 years ago, Tls12274570
Biometric Profile Doesn’t Work
I tried to do the biometric profile and it keeps going in circles from the Star Alliance app to the Lufthansa app and back again and does nothing else. It doesn’t work at all, piece of crap.
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9 years ago, MaterAirways
App is good for basic information and that's about it, in which case Google can be used... So app is basically useless. Seriously needs an update in multiple areas, including but not limited to ascetics, information, and speed.
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2 years ago, profB
Zero functionality
The only thing that semi-works on this is the lounge look-up. Otherwise, does nothing but take up space. Extremely poor execution.
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11 years ago, roadreview check..1-2
What's the point ?
With The other airline apps - u can load your FF info- have access to your accounts- change seats , and mange reservations. This thing is a pretty weak attempt . It's nothing more than general info u would find on an airport monitor .
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13 years ago, cmron
I LOVE my Star Alliance Gold status, but this APP is just plain terrible. It's out of date, serves little to no purpose, and is very slow. I hope they put some money into this soon because it could be a great tool. As is, I just won't ever use it.
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4 months ago, Mehran8
The worst
Not only the worst app in the category, it’s the worst app out of all. Useless! What is the point of having an app if there is no information and cannot login into the star alliance account? What a waste!
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12 years ago, de--
Actually very good one!
I like the lounges info section. Just what I wanted!
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11 years ago, SubRGC
The worst APP I have downloaded in a long time. HORRIBLE!!! Take a look at the UNITED app. I just want to track my flight by reservation number and get my BOARDING PASS...oh and TRACK MY FLIGHT!!!! Did you know UNITED has a USEFUL APP??? Delete this immediately and save everyone the time and energy.
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2 years ago, Tired of multiple downloads
Biometric Profile is a joke
Multiple attempts to upload my Passport. Passport image captured, but never able to scan for the chip. Constant error and fail messages. This can’t be a real app, can it?
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1 year ago, Desertkatz
Does not work
Went through process but fails when scanning my biometric-enabled passport. Great concept, would be great if it actually worked. Disappointed.
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