Star Market Deals & Delivery

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Albertsons Companies, LLC
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User Reviews for Star Market Deals & Delivery

4.77 out of 5
14K Ratings
12 months ago, Charlettes Webb
Very convenient and fast!
I placed my order a little after 12pm and I received it exactly at 3pm and everything I received was correct & exactly what I ordered & the person delivering was nice & handed me all my items. I definitely will recommend using this app/service to others especially if you don’t have time or transportation to make it to the store at the time. 👍
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4 weeks ago, Johnny Burnsides
Time Saver but Inconsistent Order Fullfillment
I’ve used this service for about 2 years now and it saves hours of time a week I would spend shopping in person. The app functions well and makes finding savings and price comparisons easier than wandering around the store. The feature that lists your most frequently bought items is probably the best part of the app. The downsides are that delivery windows of 1 hour (ex. 5-6PM) frequently are either delivered exactly as the window begins or up to an hour later with about 10 percent of orders never getting delivered for one reason or another. Additionally, products listed as available at the time of ordering can be out of stock by the time the order is assembled in store and substitutions are frequently doubly expensive. About 80 precent of my orders have at least one item out of stock despite being staple items like rice or chicken. Overall, a time saver but the headache of managing repeated delivery mistakes and fulfillment issues has me looking at other delivery services.
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1 year ago, ssarah2323
Pickup/delivery options don’t indicate when items are removed
The app definitely helps me find good deals on food and nice coupons and discounts. However, it doesn’t tell you when an item was removed from your pickup/delivery order. I planned a grocery list for the week and was notified of substitutions for a few items, but didn’t see any kind of indication to show what was taken off the list altogether. I didn’t get the chicken breast or meatballs I ordered and I only know that because I went through and screenshotted everything in my cart before I placed the order after this happened before and had to guess what was missing from a large order. Very frustrating when you go to cook something a few days later and don’t know an that ingredient won’t be there. Please fix this to show that the item was not filled as part of the order. Also, there should be an option for “in-person pickup” for people who are not driving to the store and won’t use the parking options. Thank you
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3 years ago, Nanotube
New UI makes Just for U deals useless
I used to use the app every time I shop to store the items from the weekly flyer that I want to buy, and it’s been a great shopping list. Well not anymore. It’s near impossible to find items to add to shopping list anymore. Including the advertised just for U deals that literately requires you to clip the coupon in the app to be effective. A million items now shows up in huge fonts and it took forever to locate the item I want. And why would the list only fit two and half items per screen? There is so much white space surrounding each item now that it feels less like a list and more like a card. Worst of all, I used to be able to check off each list item I put in my cart while walking the isle. Now the list no longer allows that and becomes a shopping cart for online ordering. I can either change quantity or remove an item but not check one off.
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3 years ago, 555alto
No live tracker of order on app, or access to a customer service rep
Second time I used this app, text message told me my order was going to come that day. For the next 12 hours no order came. The chat link on the app was clearly automated and told me to check my messages for alerts about my order. As I had no new text messages, this was unhelpful. There was no way to contact someone about my order’s status using the app. Finally someone at the store noticed my food sitting there and texted me, not through the app at all. The app is not set up to work the way the other food delivery apps do. A live status update would have been able to tell me that my food was sitting at the grocery store waiting for someone to deliver it.
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1 year ago, Don912
No real time updates while shopping. Sloppy experience
When an item is out of stock or can’t be fulfilled, you should let the customer know while the shopper is shopping. That way I can make necessary adjustments. I don’t want to find that out after delivery. If I’m buying several items that require each other to prepare a meal, if the main ingredient is not available or out of stock, I no longer can use other items and would be a waste. Today I used star market app for the first time and I had to alter my plans significantly because it didn’t let me know that something wasn’t available. This is gonna be the 1st and last time that I use tjis app. Sorry for mentioning a competitor but Instacart is much better in their real time updates to item availabilIty. Disappointed
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4 months ago, DMSO84
This app is maddeningly slow. The Search function either can’t find what I’m looking for or buries it amongst dozens of other products that I don’t care about. While at the store, I tried getting a digital coupon. It took nearly two minutes to launch the app, search for the product, and add the digital coupon. Tip for management: provide QR codes for applying digital coupons, instead of downloading this awful app. I’ve left the store in frustration without purchasing anything. This app makes the shopping experience worse. It doesn’t help you locate products in the store. It doesn’t tell you when items are out of stock. It doesn’t make it easier to find other products that you’re interested in. And it’s really slow.
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3 months ago, Meg-8076
Kind of a sneaky app, but necessary for deals
The app isn’t too bad, definitely something you need to get the best deals at star market. But it’s a little sneaky - make sure deals are clipped, otherwise they don’t apply. And if you sign up the day you go grocery shopping, beware. The app doesn’t actually work until 24 hours after sign up, and doesn’t give you any sort of heads up on the delay. The app is more of a necessary evil to shop at star market than truly helpful. It’s coupon clipping with additional personal information collecting and more marketing. But it does help you save money.
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6 months ago, rhodes808
App No Longer Works
For a while I enjoyed using this app. It was easy to clip the exclusive coupons and have them apply at checkout using my phone number. Then, after some update a couple months ago, the app completely stopped working. Nothing loads. The Home screen doesn’t load. The clipped deals screen doesn’t load. I see some deals but it looks like the items from months ago, and I can’t interact with anything. It’s a real shame because these coupons were one of the main reasons that I went to Star market. I stopped going to Star market when the app broke, because I couldn’t get the deals.
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3 years ago, Thericepat
Bring back the old design!!!!! :(
Old version: one of the easiest apps to use, intuitive, simple, clear, easy on the eyes as well, no need to think, and nostalgic This new version: So difficult to navigate, crashes, can’t find anything, have to think too hard before even being able to look for deals, nothing makes sense, feels all over the place. I used to look forward to go grocery shopping. Now, this app makes things way too difficult and takes the fun out of it all. Why would you change something that was working perfectly? Not all change is progress.
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6 months ago, Cayde6-17
Payment would not work
I was trying to do an order as they had some great deals going on. I tired for three days, multiple times a day, but the app kept telling me payment failed and to try again. All the while i was still getting the penny authorization charge from star. I contacted their support who said the issue would be forward to their IT department and it would take 24-48 hours. They did fix it, but by then all my offers and coupons expired.
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1 year ago, coupon iasues.
Star App
I like every thing about the app itself especially how easy Toni’s to navigate and order on line. My biggest issue tho sometimes it doesent recognize my coupons at the store. That is a major hassle. Not getting the sale price on an item especially in todays world with inflation and being price conscience.
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1 year ago, Freeatlast65
Search in app not working
I have an iPad Pro OS16.1 the search feature on the app hasn’t worked for weeks, I keep getting an error message that Sorry we are working on…. Not having a working search feature makes it impossible to add items if you want to edit an order that was already submitted-you have up to 12 to add/subtract items. I have to use the website. I love the app but this ‘missing’ feature is annoying.
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3 years ago, EQuizzle
Features removed
I used to love this app but I can’t imagine why you took away the ability to add weekly deals to your shopping list. I can only browse but can’t keep track of them? Clicking on a deal just views it on a bigger screen with no saving feature. Makes no sense
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3 years ago, Soitsme
Omg horrid
The fact that this app still hasn’t addressed the issue I mention further down, shows you don’t want my money. You shouldn’t let customer get used to a new routine and a different market. It’s your loss. Ps Your automated cookie cutter response fails to understand that I can’t communicate through the app. —- Updated review to refer to the latest update. You fixed the crash but still can’t get past the four intro screens. I’m under the impression there must be a ‘skip’ just below the screen I can see or reach. I’m using an iPhone 6s. It needs to be formatted for the smaller screen. Hire some competent people to do this! —- This has to be the biggest blunder of any app update. You open up app it shows you four pages of what it’s supposed to do and crashes. That’s it. Garbage! Where’s anything now. Talk about a deterrent to shopping there. I’m off to another market.
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3 years ago, AppleFanBoy10305
Update was a big disappointment
The new UI was overall very disappointing. It is now extremely difficult to search for a specific items and add things to a shopping list quickly. Even just typing something specific like “Cape Cod Chips” into the search bar brings up way too many results. Clipping coupons on the app is also extremely difficult. Whereas previously I can search for a specific coupon, the new search feature returns way too many irrelevant results. Just very bad and confusing UX design.
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7 months ago, angry12@12
Star market pharmacy application is horrible.
I have been using this application for a long time but even though I updated to the new application it no longer works. I have deleted and downloaded many times and the following message: Application error a client side exception has occurred.
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3 years ago, Boston Romeo
Meat Counter
It’s like having my own neighborhood butcher shop..The Quincy stores meat manager is very helpful, thoughtful and has a great sense of humor..I’ve been a stop & shop customer for years ..came to Star after your recent redesign liked the total vibe and decided to cash each week using you app.
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2 years ago, star market failure
Systemic failures
I consistently do not get my clipped deals applied. When I call I get different explanations 1. Our system was down when you checked out. ( clearly no way for cashiers or customers to know this) 2. Your app isn’t updated ( I can show the clipped coupon on my phone) 3. You have multiple accounts (Even after merger still not working) 4. The Star mkt system upgrade is not compatible with iPhones pre iPhone 12 (Why wasn’t I notified or why aren’t store employees aware of this?) 5. Understaffed at stores who closed Customer Service so you can’t resolve it on site. 6. Lost ability to clip on the app —iPhone 11–and adds an extra step which also hasn’t worked. It is extremely frustrating to shop at Star unless you have time to deal with their failure to honor the deals you clip. Maybe it’s time to find a new grocery store?
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7 months ago, MaxInSD
Atrocious app that doesn’t work.
When I scan the barcode per instruction, it does absolutely nothing but take me to a coupon to clip, which then takes me to the online shopping checkout despite the fact that I’m there in the store. No associates working knew how it worked either and said it’s a terrible app too. What an absolute joke-now I’ve arrived back home with ice cream that I wouldn’t have purchased in the first place without the deal that didn’t work despite what the cashier told me. Enough to make me want to shop elsewhere.
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5 months ago, Scooter_McGavin87
Decent but needs work
The app doesn’t always work correctly. It’s missing a lot of features and glitches out a lot. It works pretty good for ordering food but some items aren’t visible even though you can order it. Dark mode would be nice as well
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12 months ago, Mom loves this game!
Best Grocery Store, App & Organic Selections!
I find that Star Market/Shaws is the best large grocery store for many reasons- 1. Best organic produce selection 2. best prices and deals 3. best App experience-easy to use; the Offerings are amazing; it remembers my last purchases and will recommend coupons based on this and the gas rewards are unparalleled.
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2 years ago, InTerNaTional XL
MR. REAL Estate
Had the app for a few months and I didn’t even know that I can order and have my groceries delivered to my house. 🏠This is a game changer!🙂🙂 The app works very well and remembers all of my previous purchases so it makes shopping seamless. Let’s see how my first delivery goes!
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8 months ago, JAM_03
Used to be great
I used to love this app - so many opportunities for deals, with special “items you buy frequently” notifications, and an easy way to earn rewards just for shopping! However, for the past month at least, the app doesn’t work at all. I’m always receiving “service error” messages when I try to clip the deals or use my rewards so I’m not able to get them at check out. And the rewards expire so then I lose them. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, MizzleThaDon
Terrible update
The previous version was so much better! The worst part about this one is the deals on the weekly add DO NOT show up. You cannot use them. They are specific deal that you must use the app to take advantage of (“U” deals) that simply don’t show up on the app. This is causing me to not shop at star anymore. For instance, a lot of time 12pk coke products will be 4 for $10, only through the app. Otherwise it’s $6 each. Please fix. Or I just won’t shop here anymore.
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7 years ago, Bed Bug Eddie
Coupons download
It takes forever to find coupons. Why can't I just download all coupons rather than find and select as it's hard on a phone. Also you never have coupons for produce. Most of your coupons are for crappy unhealthy foods. Thanks!
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2 years ago, mamajama!
Alex saved the day for me trying to use my I phone!!!! She was professional and compassionate! She even got me to see greatest sales at star market with touch of hand on phone! Just like your entire staff! All are the best! Love Maryann in pharmacy, I stay at this pharmacy just because of Maryann!! Tonight’s gentleman at pharmacy made me feel like family too. I wish I got his name! He fills in for pharmacy team and did 100% Thank you star market💫 You always make this old school senior woman feel as I am a star whenever I walk through the door!💫💫💫💫
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4 years ago, cherli1
Rewards malfunctioning
I get up to 100 points and instead of getting 1 reward the counting just starts again. I deleted the app and then reinstalled it same problem—no Reward Points is a HuGE problem! Anyone else having this issue????
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2 years ago, Klipf-ud-Jae
Doesn’t work more than it does
Many, many times I open this app and it won’t connect. Your deals are tied to it, so I cannot access them. Store managers say it’s my technical problem and won’t simply over-ride and honor the discounts but I’ve got a new iPhone and 5 bars and/or wifi. I just got back from a wasted trip to the market, where I had to put back half my cart because I couldn’t access the savings. Really frustrating.
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7 years ago, Nanabupa
On line coupons
Each week I clip the electronic coupons and when I go to the store, I put my cell number into the card reader and the coupons are never taken off my order. This is a great idea but it doesn't work
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5 years ago, Anda1a
Annoying and basically useless for iPhone
I don’t get why this app has so many stars, it’s one of the most annoying apps I’ve ever used on my phone, it’s virtually impossible to see any of the flyers, I keep accidentally clicking things when I try to zoom or scroll, per item is not any better because it’s so hard to go back to the previous page and it keeps jumping back to the beginning. Yes the coupons are great but man this app makes me want to throw my phone at the wall.
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3 years ago, The Bubbe
Star Stores
I do like Star Stores very much. The store is always very clean. The staff is very friendly, helpful and courteous. I just wish the prices were a bit lower. I find places like stop and shop are a bit lower.
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2 years ago, Louie 1111
Manager IAN
It is a pleasure to work with theManager that is supportive and friendly with you I’m extremely happy that I’m working with the company looking forward to make our customers happy and satisfied thank you
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4 weeks ago, Anon.1616
No longer works
This app no longer works as it used to. It’s too slow and I get errors when I try to edit my order after submitting. I cannot sort deals by newest. Searching for items brings up a bunch of very expensive “Star Market Marketplace” items that I don’t care about. I want to see only what’s in my local store, not $200 eggs.
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3 years ago, Gwine21
Make being able to return something more convenient.
It’s a little inconvenient when I can’t return something at any time especially if the mistake isn’t on my end.
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6 years ago, GerhardM
Fix functionality please!
When you click on details for a coupon, and then click back to the list, it resets at the top instead of where you were. Adds tons of repeat scrolling! Very annoying
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1 month ago, Tiger1846b12
The good and the bad. .
The prices are mostly good. They run out of specials and sale items quickly. Staff at the Customer Setvice desk need training. They usually don’t even speak. Just hold out their hand. Surly at times and argumentative when presented with errors in pricing.
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2 years ago, Bestest bingo
Wish all coupons would just go directly to card
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2 years ago, Rbrantg
Horrible delivery service
I was told 2 hours before my deliver that many items were no longer available. After several calls and texts I thought that was resolved. Then the order never showed up. It took another 30-60 minutes to get a refund. No dinner. No breakfast. And I wasted at least an hour of my time for nothing. Maybe I get my money back in “3-5 days.”
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4 years ago, ndv123ndv
Works great, saves money
I haven’t had any issues with the app like the other posters, and I’ve been saving a solid amount of money with it still buying the same groceries I usually would
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11 months ago, Snsethy
Stop the autoplay videos
What kind of loser grocery store puts autoplay videos in their app? No one wants or needs to see this nonsense when checking the sales flier. It’s enough to make me stop checking the sales, which will, in turn, make me stop shopping here. I’m sure some “marketing genius” thought this up, but usually they are the type of person you would be happy to watch get hit by a semi.
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3 years ago, the original dizznee
Where did my free items go??
Nice update? However all my free items I won with the monopoly game disappeared in the wind which didn’t expire yet .... figures. Had quite a bit too
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2 years ago, MC-TC
All at once
I wish you could hit a button and select all items on the sale list - please - thank you
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3 years ago, *FLynn
Star Chestnut Hill Ma
I feel very safe with the covid protocols they have in place. The store is very clean. More importantly the associates are very helpful and cheerful. They get many difficult customers but somehow the associates stay positive and happy.
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3 years ago, jknowstravel
Joan Dikibo
Star Market on Morrisey is the only store I shop at in Dorchester. It’s clean, the produce is fresh, they carry what I’m looking for and the employees are very nice and professional. Also shop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for items I can only find at their stores.
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3 years ago, West 2 weite
Once the cashier hits total you’re screwed
Unlike literally every other store rewards app you can’t scan at the end without rescanning your entire purchase. This app is a waste of time adding all the stuff up yourself, and the. To have them incapable of adding in the card. Maybe instruct them to ask customers upfront. I have tried 3 times at 3 stores to use your stupid app without success and it’s not me...
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5 years ago, Silvrday
Doesn’t work anymore Updated
For about the last month or so, the app briefly opens for a second and then won’t stay open. I deleted it and re-downloaded it and now it seems to be working fine.
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6 years ago, Puggeroni
Bring back the flyer!
The redesign offers some improvements, such as the search feature and segregating the coupons into a separate list from your actual shopping list, but I want to be able to browse a digital version of the same paper flyer that is in the stores. Scrolling through a long list of everything that is on sale is inefficient and unappealing.
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3 months ago, Trying2B healthy
To use the app
The app is not user-friendly. It used to have the deals upfront and now you have to search for them. It’s a matter of fact I got an email that I had a free item, crackers, but I cannot find how to download that on the app.
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1 year ago, KB Cambridge
Terrible app
I hate this app. It mysteriously doesn’t work when you are actually in the store, even if you are on the store’s WiFi. Then, you only have once chance to enter your account number at checkout and once the cashier hits a button you can’t enter your number anymore and can’t get the deals if on the rare occasion the app works.
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