Steve Madden

4.9 (1.1K)
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Steven Madden Ltd.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Steve Madden

4.89 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
9 months ago, FAKENEWSpolice
All of my favorite shoes in one app
Since watching those crazy commercials with the bug eyed girls with the stellar shoes when I was a little girl on tv. Steve Madden had stayed truly the one time favorite!! I love all the shoes and the website was designed to make the shopping experience truly easygoing and enjoyable. And now having it in this app just made it even better. Truly from MaddenGirl
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8 months ago, Amarrisupper
I am a very honest person and for this to be my first time having this app I love it Steve Madden most definitely have so many choices for so many looks I most definitely do honestly recommend !!
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2 weeks ago, what ever:(
Website is Spazzing out lately!
Not sure what is going on with the SM site but it’s super slow, constantly spinning/loading. And when I delete stuff in my cart same items are still in there, even though deleted them more than a few times. Can’t even place an order. This is going on for about a week or so now. Even went to the store to purchase but the item I wanted they did not have In stock yet. Hope it gets resolved soon.
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2 months ago, elhoom
Your app is full of bugs. When I scroll down, instead of loading new columns and rows, it goes up and gets refreshed. Also, it's good to have the option of adding to a wishlist in the categories next to each product, instead of opening the product page, waiting to load, and looking for the heart button.
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9 months ago, Dawn RB
Comfortable Shoes
I have been a fan of Steve Madden shoes for a long time. I can wear the shoes regardless of the style all day without the shoes ever hurting my feet. Steve Madden will be m forever go to when it comes to stylish and comfortable shoes.
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7 months ago, Tinibellini
Super Sexy Shoes!!!
I love how many options there are for a single lady like myself. From leathered and buckled, to strappy and sparkly, I can always find the perfect shoe to complete any outfit. Wish me luck out there ;)
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5 months ago, schoolte
Perfect boot
I love these boots. The heel is perfect and they fit my calves perfectly. I usually have problems getting boots zipped because I have large calves.
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5 months ago, umm hi om bge
never got my item
honestly I don’t trust their website or app.. I my order on Nov 9th and it’s Nov 22 I never got my item after yall said business days will be 3-7 days ? I also can’t see my tracking number , I also want a refund and never got one so I will like to try , in person is better honestly
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5 months ago, Equonna
Equonna’s Review
The Steve Madden app is trendy and up-to-date with fashionable, quality clothes that I do like.
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9 months ago, FbMcA
Hard to Order
I tried to order a pair of shoes, they showed all these different sizes. I picked the size. Would not let me order. I re-sign into my account and tried again. It would not let me order. Very frustrating.
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3 months ago, Madaboutbookingfee
App glitch
I love SM shoes. However, shopping for them online or via the App can be extremely frustrating. Whenever I got to the App or online I select the category that I wish to shop in. It may filter 300 items but amount that loads is significantly less. Very annoying.
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7 months ago, Cjml2
No category for men’s boots
The redone app doesn’t have men’s boots as a category anymore and I don’t get how are they going to sell them if they don’t let us access them directly. They have all the shoe categories for men’s shoes just no boots hope they fix that
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2 weeks ago, Wofjsn
The app is full of bugs. It doubles my purchases in my bag by itself, it won’t let me remove anything from my bag, it doesn’t let me tap half of the time, most of the time it has me on the loading screen
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3 months ago, ElizabethLynVargas
Excellent navigation
Great shoes & great website navigation
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8 months ago, Chloe2010!
My Bag
I Love ❤️ Your Products Steven Madden , Absolutely Excellent 10 Stars, 100 💯 Percent
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9 months ago, Riki yo guap xD
Bad service
Buying with you online is the worst experience I've had to go through, they don't help the customer at all, don't buy Steve Madden, lousy service and lousy quality.
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5 months ago, jeann m
Ez site
Simple and user friendly to use
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2 months ago, kenisha💗
My bag was beautiful
I love it so much 🥰
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2 weeks ago, brittjasdiapr
Cart won’t refresh
Shopping cart won’t refresh after 20 tries on website and app
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4 months ago, mystery_re
App doesn’t load
The app will not load. Deleted it and reinstalled. Still not working. Please fix it soon
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2 months ago, Ccrose1028
Beautiful, in fashion I love them
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4 months ago, MBrothersMother
They said I could use the discount for my first purchase, but the text said 20% off of my next purchase.
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3 weeks ago, Tamika Nicole
App and Website Just Spins
I unable to purchase any item from the App or Website.
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4 months ago, DKVizsla
No photos
Not loading photos
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4 months ago, ccccc86
Still haven’t received my order
I placed an order on November 28,2023 and my item still have not shipped.
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4 months ago, Adirth
Good grand
Steve madden very good and top brand in footwear.
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2 months ago, Bathrook
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4 months ago, i.zzzzzy
Doesn’t load
Wittetallt doesn’t load
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4 weeks ago, Mae1220
every time i remove an item from my cart it disappears and then pops up right before i check out. it’s very frustrating
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6 months ago, Sylvan Whisperer
Terrible Performance
The app is really slow for a brand like Steve Madden.
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2 months ago, TheMooMooGal
very laggy every time
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2 years ago, Tameika Smith-Burden
Ordered a pair of shoes from this site. Paid $75 for them. Shoes run small so I tried too return them for a larger size, only to find out that due to the shoes being on sale at the time of purchase a refund nor an exchange could be given. Ridiculous!!! Seems like a for sure way too rip off customers! I’ve ordered several shoes from this site as well as purses. Needles too say that I will not be patronizing with this site ever again! It would help too make customers aware of this shady deal before purchase!!
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2 years ago, Maj1772
Unbelievable crap Service and the Worse made shoes
I was a solid SM customer with many pairs in my closet. My last purchase will probably be the last I ever make with them. My sandals that were “in stock” took over 10 DAYS to be delivered. When the sandals FINALLY ARRIVED I wanted to cry. Gold leaf tissue paper looks better than the crap I purchased (the gold snake gladiator sandals). So, so, so cheap looking that they look like a $10 pair I could buy at a flea market not from Steve Madden. To add insult to injury, I put them on and not even an hour later, the left sandal strap completely broke off!!! I can’t believe I wasted all my time, energy and money on this junk. I’m not bothering to return them because at this rate, I will never get a refund with their crappy customer service. All they do is give the run around!! I’m sorry to stop being a customer but I’m not going to waste my time and effort on a company that 1. Sells absolute crap at exuberant prices and 2. Treats their customers like they do. Deceptive sales and practices??? Check!!!
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3 years ago, kristol89
Wrong size shipped
I ordered two pairs of shoes and the one pair was in a size 6 box but inside was a size 9. I called the very next day after I discovered the mix up as it was after business hours. The lady I spoke with was very nice and immediately did a new purchase to replace my shoes and sent me a return shipping label. I packed up the shoes that were sent to me and took them to the nearest fedex to return them as I was given a deadline to ship them back. After shipping me the wrong size there was no urgency on your end to ship me the correct size. So now almost a week later and they still have not shipped. I had to call again to be told that they will ship them the next day and now I will not receive them in time for the event that I ordered them for. I informed the customer service assistant that I was speaking to about my frustration and that I was displeased and there were no attempts to make things right. Terrible customer service on how my order was handled.
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2 years ago, squeakscc05
Stressful exchange
It was definitely my fault the I selected the wrong size,I opted to pick up in the store and didn’t notice till it said order was delivered. I called the store to make sure that I could exchange for the correct size and was advised I could. When I got here I was told I couldn’t exchange in the store and had to but the shoes again and wait for the online app to process my refund. Why?! Just give me the correct size Called the customer service to assist and the initial rep was extremely rude. I requested to speak with someone else who could help explain things to me because she was telling me to go to fedex to return the shoes while I picked them up from the store. The supervisor was extremely helpful and so was the store manager in the end. But the whole issue could have be resolved so simply it was to exhausting. The last 2 people I spoke with was the reason I’m giving 2 stars.
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3 years ago, Marbleheader88
Steve Madden app is worthless!
I downloaded the app and ordered myself some shoes. I liked it because I could get an extra discount with the app. Well, my daughter wanted two pair, so I went back on the app to order them. My card was declined multiple times! I contacted customer service who told me to use Pay Pal. I don’t have Pay Pal! I also had 100x the money needed for my shoes in my checking account. I also tried a credit card and it wouldn’t work! I wanted to give up, but I promised my daughter the shoes. I went on the computer website and ordered them. By then, one color was on back order, as this was about 24 hours later. Also, I could not get the app discount, so I paid $20 more. The customer service did not understand that it was not a problem with my card, but with their app. I will be deleting this app, as it is worthless.
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2 years ago, Ajiako
Love the shoes hate the app
I love Steve Madden shoes but this has got to be the worst app ever. For the chose to be the price they are, it should be affordable to hire a better app designer. It is not user friendly and if you try to update your information or go back to edit an order, you are just out of luck. If you want to see the clearance items, once you click on one to see, you can't back out and go to where you left off, you have to go all the way back to the top and start all over, every time you click a shoe. I pressed the wrong size and didn't see it until I paid but there was no option to edit the order on the app or over the phone with a rep. The only option was to cancel the whole order. The app needs to be way more user friendly. You have to check out just to apply your discounts. It's a mess
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5 years ago, <3 sparkles
No different from mobile site
I got this app because I thought I might be able to add my preferences to my profile because the link is broken off the email they send me. The app is no different from the mobile browser experience. It’s not smooth to work with either. I’m really excited about the rewards program but I think they need to optimize their website and app to make it easier to use, flow better and informational on your personal account. I work in e-commerce and with app developers so I definitely understand how slow things can be but I think I’m going to step away from the Madden program and try to mention it when making a purchase. Meaning: the functionality of the online program is not encouraging me to buy anything but I will utilize it when I buy shoes on a need basis.
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3 years ago, Cee Dub2
Highly unsatisfied! Lost me as a customer!
I purchased black Maximus sneakers with the matching handbag for my vacation. The shoes arrived on time, but the handbag was delayed. I called customer service on 9/22 and the rep assured me that my package would arrive the next business day. Well it did not! I received an email notification that the handbag would arrive on 9/29 (well after my vacation), only to receive another notification saying it was pushed back to 9/30, then purchased back on 10/1, and again another delayed date of 10/2. I called customer service to inquire and was told if it didn’t arrive on 10/2 to call back on Monday. No explanation or attempt to keep me as a customer! When the handbag finally arrives, I will be returning both the handbag and shoes and taking my business elsewhere! I am very disappointed!
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2 years ago, Shanna1993!
I absolutely love Steve Madden shoes. So it’s no secret why for my promotion at work I had to be in their shoes. Well I ordered their shoes on 3/24 in hopes to have them in time for my party on 4/1. They did not make it on time and I’m heated. They’ve been stuck in California for days. No updates on the tracking number. After realizing they weren’t going to make it on time I went to dsw and got another shoe but it was twice the cost of the original shoe I wanted. I’m upset and disappointed. This is apart of the reason why I don’t like to shop online. When I make my purchase I want my product. I’m going to cancel my order seeing as though I have another shoe. The app is no longer needed on my phone because you lost a customer. Let me try and get my mood together so I can try to get ready for my party. Shoutout to DSW THO!
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3 years ago, adriifromda559
Horrible ordering and delivery experience
Hello I have reached out to customer service a few times now in regards to my beige maximas that I never received never got a tracking number for never received any type of email confirmation for as well . I spoke with customer service rep last week they stated that my shoes have not been shipped out yet and that for me to give you guys a call back on Monday so I returned the call back yesterday which was Sunday and that customer rep that I spoke with had told me that my items were shipped to me on the 25th of July and that my case was under investigation . Every time I call I get a different answer so at this point I would just like my refund back . This is by far the worst customer service ever and I will not be ordering from Steve Madden again .
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3 years ago, ANOYED20
Complete Garbage
I’ve been shopping here for a long time and the app has always been garbage. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it numerous times. Don’t even bother, ITS GARBAGE! It crashes every time you go to my account or my orders. It logs you out every time it crashes or you exit out. It doesn’t save your favorites. The coupon codes don’t work. When you click back it just takes you to the main menu instead of the previous screen. The filters don’t work. It doesn’t count your reward points when you shop. I don’t even know if they got rid of the reward points all together?!? I haven’t had reward point in like 2 years when I shop here every few months. The entire user experience is completely trash. They might as well get rid of this stupid app all together.
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3 years ago, Guerthy
The Best shoe store in the world
No matter how many times I checked Steve Madden app, I always find a great new style of shoes that I can’t say no and I buy them. Is the only shoe company that can grab me like that. Because in reality I’m not so much of a shoe person but with Steve Madden is hard to turn around and ignore their amazing style as well as customer service. I will always be grateful to Steve Madden for giving all of us the pleasure to find ourselves inside their unique styles that no matter how old they can be in our closets still have great memories inside that gives us joy in every shape and form.
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3 years ago, YaunaT
5 star company
The quality of the products are definitely worth the money. I’ve ordered a few different items over the past few weeks and shipping is fast, returns are a breeze. I had to contact customer service to track a pre-order item and the response was super quick! I sent an email and within hours I had a response. Not only that, the representative was knowledgeable of my issue. That is very hard to come by these days. Steve Madden has definitely gained a fan!
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3 years ago, tori41
Customer service
I waited over 40+ minutes to get someone one the phone, I finally get through to be be hung up on several times, I finally get through to someone to Someone to see if they can help me resolve my problem, they transfer me to a supervisor at my request, I explained the situation to her, she puts me on hold I asked her to cancel a specific item, to Find out after getting off the phone with her she canceled the wrong item, that I really wanted, I call back same process, waiting on hold forever, get someone else on the phone and again reassured that my whole order would be canceled, at my request. I was then told that I would receive an email confirmation that never came. The issue still has not been resolved!!
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4 years ago, desmonjas
Losing a customer
With the way people have smart phones, one would think you app would’ve been developed and ok’d by smart people. Obviously not....I used to shop the app all the times and then 2 years ago you updated to this terrible so called app. I have hoped, prayed, and wished upon a star, for you all to change this app back to the old version or fix it and you haven’t. In the meantime I haven’t shopped with you all since. At this point I am deleting this app and will only shop in person or in the website. Thing is I am in front of a computer all day for work so the last thing I want to do is shop from my computer. That means it will be extremely rare before I visit Steve Madden online to shop. Fix the app and make it user friendly as this is discouraging customers like me.
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12 months ago, veronikoco
Missing order
I ordered shoes and boots from them and it’s been 2 weeks they still have not shipped my items and haven’t given me any idea as to when they would be shipped. This is the worst customer service I’ve seen in a long time. They are very unbothered by the fact that I’m upset or that I expressed to them that I need the shoes by a certain time. They could care less. They did offer me a 20% off on my next purchase. While can you send me what I already ordered darn!!!
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2 years ago, shdjkrbehwjskf
Disappointing App
This app is very user UNFRIENDLY and makes it hard for customers to view merchandise and purchase merchandise. Firstly, when scrolling through, the app crashes and closes. I tried going on to the Steve Madden website on a google chrome browser page, which then rerouted me back to the malfunctioning app. Eventually I found the shoes I wanted and then I tried signing into my account to receive the coupons and it kept saying “internal error” when I would put my info. I then made a whole new account to get the discount, which worked, and I placed my order. But when I go to track where my shoes are it gives the same “internal error” message.
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2 years ago, DEEP3147
My Fav
I have been shopping with SM for sometime now. I started with them because I saw a shoe on someone and asked “Where do I get a pair” I don't know much about anything else. I do know that my sneaker collection is “Fabulous” I am still not comfortable buying his clothing. The one item I bought was ok, but the arm length is too short. I'll still give them a good rating. My only suggestion is “Do Not” go on awaiting list or pre-order out of stock . All my sneakers with one exception do not have his logo or any additional accessory added. I luv the purses for a great look.
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3 years ago, AppleLola
Needs so much improvement
I am a huge online shopper and this has to be the most not user friendly ap there is. Once you click on an item, you can’t go back to the previous page. You have to start your search all over again. When you go to customer service to contact them, it says live chat is at the bottom or top of header. Well it’s not there and there’s no way to do a live chat. I find myself always getting frustrated while using this ap. I shop online all the time and always download the Ap for my favorite retailers but honestly this has to be the worst. If your ap was easier to navigate that would make people want to use it more and shop more. Please fix it!!!!!
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