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User Reviews for Stop & Shop SCAN IT! Mobile

2.05 out of 5
239 Ratings
2 years ago, Hvfsrgnk
IF it worked, it would be great
Often will not connect with the Stop & Shop Wi-Fi. I have also recently been having an issue where I have scanned items, and when I get to the register, they show up as not scanned. The first time it happened, I thought maybe I had just missed something, but when the cashier scanned the “missed” item, it popped up as being scanned twice…so it WAS there. Unfortunately, having missed an item triggered audits for the next 10 times I went to the store. Today, I went again and neglected to double triple check that everything I scanned was listed before clicking “check out”, and another $.99 item popped up as not scanned, so I will now be audited AGAIN for my next 10+ visits😡. The app is just not worth the pain in the neck of its inconsistency.
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4 years ago, JLoBello0216
Saves me time and frustration
I have been loving this app for the speed and convenience. I have very limited time to get through the store, and hate the experience of waiting in line with my two young kids grabbing at everything and making a fuss because shopping is boring (I don’t blame them, it totally is). I scan as I go, just put my stuff back in my cart, I have my coupons pre-loaded through the app, and I just walk up to a self scan and go. I don’t need to bag anything at the register, I just keep my own bags in my car, and I load the bags how I want. It is SO much faster, and I can look at my past purchases easily to track my budget. What I REALLY REALLY wish Stop and Shop would do, is integrate all of their apps into one, and PLEASE PLEASE let me create a grocery list that I can share with my husband. I hate switching back and forth between apps to see my list. And the WiFi in the store works fine for the app, but I can barely get any calls or texts through, so our shared grocery list doesn’t always update in real-time. ALSO, would love it if the scanner would stay open so I don’t have to keep clicking on it. Otherwise, I really like this app, though it could be a bit more user friendly.
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2 years ago, Sara8968
Used to be a great app
I used it for two years straight with no issues. Was able to scan, bag, and pay for my groceries really quickly. A few months ago it stopped letting me use Apple Pay through the app to pay and collect my receipt so I would have to scan the barcode at self check, which wasn’t horrible but just an annoying loss of functionality. Then the past two weeks it flagged me for an audit 4 out of 4 times using it. The managers are always saying it’s because I voided items but I never do that because I was told many years ago when the handheld scanners first came out that voids can cause audits, so if I scan it, I buy it. While I waited for the audits last week other customers who used the app were also waiting around for audits. Please fix this. Is this because of a rise in crime and theft? I shop at stop and shop almost exclusively because of this app, I’m considering taking my business elsewhere where I may have to wait on line, but not get treated to an audit every single visit.
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10 months ago, woobster99
Was 5 stars until the last 2 months
So for the last couple years I was using this app, loved it. Occasional audit is annoying because then you had to go get one of the store devices. They should figure out a way to do it with the app. Those were pretty rare though so still loved the App. Starting about 3 months ago the app started having major issues shutting down after every 1-3 scans. Literally just crashing. I erased from my device, and redownloaded it. Didn’t help. Then for about 2 weeks it worked again. Figured they updated it and found the bug. Last two times crashes each time I scan something so it’s useless. Would give this version a negative two if I could. Find the problem and fix it people
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5 years ago, sandandjohn
Very Frustrated
I’m not impressed. I was recently asked why I still use the scanner and not my phone. My answer was easy, I had tried it but my shopping list is on my phone and I didn’t want to keep switching between the apps. I decided I would try it again. My phone case has a cover so scanning was a two handed operation, not easy when you’re trying to hold an item to scan. I was extremely frustrated. The only positive thing was checking out on my phone. My last two visits I tried opening the app so checkout would be easy but was unable to. I kept getting a message saying I needed to login to the Wi-Fi. Couldn’t do it. I even accepted the terms and still nothing. Now I have deleted the app, reinstalled it and can’t sign in to my wallet. Even tried to reset password but it is asking for a security question that I have no answer for. I’m giving a big thumbs down and giving up.
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4 years ago, Reggie295
I always used ScanIT in the store using the handheld scanners to save time by scanning and bagging my groceries and zooming through self checkout. I had no idea there was this app until the cold cuts section of my store closed down (Pandemic) and required ordering deli meats through the regular Store app. When I saw ScanIT listed as an app I couldn’t believe it! No more worrying about all the people who previously touched the Handle on ScanIT because now I’m using my own phone. It works great - I have no idea why so many people rated it one star. Today I just learned I can save a payment method in the app via ScanIT wallet and no longer need to touch the checkout touchscreen at self checkout! What?! Awesome.
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10 months ago, Curiouser
Amazing! …when it works
I love this app and have recommended it to everyone….until about a month ago. I’ve been to the supermarket three times (including this week, after the latest update) and the app continually crashes! I scan one item and the app closes. I have to reopen if, wait for it to load, then choose ‘resume’ (vs. ‘new shopping trip’). I scan one item and it crashes again. And then one of the times, my shopping trip was audited! Probably because the app was wonky—it may have been the reason it alerted the system that this might be one to audit. But I scan every single item every single shopping trip, and if I get dinged because the stupid app is nonfunctional, I’ll head over to ShopRite instead.
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3 years ago, Ronwass
Works for things but doesn’t work for things.
It scans well enough, and gets you through checkout, but doesn’t let you pay through the app, pie zi couldn’t get that feature to work, necessitating a disjointed trip through the lane. Also, tried to load some of the many coupons they offer, but you have to sign on to retrieve them. Was prompted for account and password, but the app doesn’t recognize anything, nor does it give any reset or password recovery instructions. Actually, I have no idea if I even have an account other than my loyalty card number. Tried that. Tried an email. Tried an alternate email. The app leaves me hanging in frustration.
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5 years ago, Hacksawjd99
Works great until checkout time.
I downloaded the app and connected to the store’s WiFi network without a problem. The app scanned all my items quickly and flawlessly. Then came checkout time. Not so good. They wanted to perform an audit. I was told I needed to go and get a store scanner. Unfortunately, none were available. The alternative? Remove everything from my bags and scan them at the self checkout. So much for saving time! I will not be using the app again. In fact, I will not use the store scanners either. I will use a regular checkout with a human cashier. If they were really serious about people doing their own scanning and self checkout, they would make them work flawlessly. And they would give a discount because it saves them money. I won’t help save them money if they won’t bother to get this right.
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8 months ago, Medsq
Great idea. Terrible execution.
The app constantly has issue. When it works it’s great. I Love using my phone to scan items and being able to checkout and pay right on the app. The problems is there are issues 90% of the time. The app regularly closes in mid use. If I try to click the coupons tab, the app just closes. When I am able to load coupons they are not applied so I have ti go to customer service afterwards to get reimbursed. Again love the idea but the app is very glitchy and not very user friendly
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12 months ago, ATB67
Time Saver
App works great, although not every store allows it and there has been a recent bug where app keeps shutting down. Hopefully a delete and reinstall will work. Overall it Makes checking out at self checkout quick. Can bypass the scanning gun in store. My primary Stop and Shop finally opened a dedicated scan-it self checkout, so I get the reward of not having to wait for others who self scan and bag at register.
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1 year ago, WhyCantIJustTalk
Impossible to get promised savings
I would love this app if it was honest but it makes your jump through way too many hoops to get the savings that the store advertises. You think you have converted your point to groceries dollars and then they are not applied in the app. You load digital coupons and the discount is not applied. I have shopped here my whole life and now Im taking my business elsewhere because this app has made me so angry. I should not need to spend hours on my phone only to get gaslit about what my groceries will cost. Do better.
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3 years ago, Ted Fruz
Customer service couldn’t even figure out how to use it
I was excited to be able to use my iPad as a scan it device because you can store your credit card info. The only problem is that you need to connect to the store’s guest WiFi. That’s not the problem. When you try to scan something, when you hit the scan button it tells you there is a network error. The worst part is that I didn’t have my stop and shop card nor my debit card with me because I was planning on using the fancy app. What a waste of time. They should at least have one person in the store that knows how to use the app.
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4 years ago, Bethlynn3333
What happened to the Wallet feature???
I used to be able to check out using this app, but the Wallet feature is no longer working. I keep re-trying to “set up” an account (even though I already have one, and I get an email telling me to go reset my password, even though the email is supposed to help me reset my password? I would love to be able to use the Wallet feature again to just check out and go, especially when I’d really prefer to be touching as little as possible in the store.
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2 years ago, Varess
Worked Great
I was reluctant to even try this app due to the low star rating, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very easy to use especially if you are already used to using the in store scanners. All you have to do is use the instore WiFi and your hood to go. Definitely give this app a try. I will be using this instead of the instore scanners going forward.
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4 years ago, Pastor AAJ
Works for me pretty well!
I always enjoy my shopping experience if there are really good deals, but also if there is a better way to check out at the end. When ready I can usually (about 95% of the time) press “check out” as I pay via the account I set up, and then proceed to a special receipt print out machine in an aisle so designated, take my receipt and walk around the long line of the regular way and on out to my car! 😷😅♥️
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6 years ago, gavparkour2018
Scan it mobile for Apple devices like iPhones, iPod touches
This app does not work because it tells me to see an associate at costumer service to fix this problem but if I go there it would be the same problem. Can you please fix this app so it would make it better to use on my iPhone also I’m connected to my stop and shop guest network, and it doesn’t even work if I press the scan button on the app.
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2 weeks ago, jlwc3
Love it, but the wallet does not work on Apple iPhone or iPad
This was my favorite app. Loved checking out with the scan it wallet until I changed from my Samsung to an iPhone. The app connects to my Stop n Shop card but it will not recognize my scan it wallet account and it will not allow me to create a new wallet account. I have to use my old Samsung if I want to continue using wallet. Seems like a bug that should be fixed. Or please offer a solution.
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3 years ago, BobbyGWhiz
Works well for me
I’m not sure why this gets such bad reviews. I’ve used it for years and it always works well. By the time you come to the register everything‘s been scanned. Then I use Apple Pay and I’m checked out in a minute or two. Very convenient. I have no special technical powers, but there’s no issue with the app for me
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5 years ago, PatR8LI
This app has a million glitches, starting with registering at the very beginning. Asks if phone number is mobile. I clicked no but the yes button came on. I clicked no repeatedly to get it to switch back but it would not! Had to delete my home phone number and enter my cell so it would match my yes. The glitches continued throughout registration and when I finally finished and hit Done, it abruptly logged me out and when I tried to log back in using my newly (and painstakingly) created account, it had no record of it. Wanted me to start from scratch. What a waste of time and aggravation.
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2 years ago, bogusoperation
I had the same experience as the reviewer of June 7 th! Selecting items and asked to sign in,(I had JUST set the account up!), and my password/email was not recognized! No recourse to check or change my password! It’s bogus! Shaw’s U program is infinitely easier and all I have to do is select my U deals from the weekly email and still only enter my phone number at check out! Boom! Done! I like shopping at S & S but if their discount program doesn’t work - what good is it to shop their digital coupons if you can’t sign up for them! 4/15/‘22.
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3 years ago, tkdlethal
Love and Hate It
Love the ease of use when scanning items and self packing as I go. Hate it because it doesn’t have its own shopping list and even worse doesn’t pull in a shopping list from Stop and Shop Website, the rewards card in the app isn’t shown as a barcode which means can’t be used at s&s gas station or if for some reason can’t connect to the WiFi at the store, doesn’t allow Face or Touch ID for login.
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1 year ago, WDWApp
Great when it works
There are many times when I just need to buy a few items, and when the app is working I can be in and out of the store in less than 30 minutes. But recently I have been having an issue where the app just closes itself randomly and it is a crapshoot whether your items stay in the cart or not.
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5 years ago, fhhffxgfds
Completely unreliable
One of the reasons I shop at S&S is for the quick and convenient use of the app. When it works, it works great. I’m in and out. But that’s when it works. At a minimum of 50% of the times IT DOESN'T WORK!!! Despite a successful connection to the “S&S Guest WiFi” scan-it will not work. It keeps a telling me to connect to the “S&S Guest WiFi” - which it is!!! This problem with S&S makes it to be just another supermarket. I could easily shop somewhere else; which is what I’m doing. The convenience of the app no longer exists and thus nor does the incentive to shop there.
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10 months ago, THXXX1138
No longer works
When it was working, the biggest problem was when it mis-scanned something, it called it a “Set-aside item” which could not be deleted. Then I would be forced to use the very long self checkout line. They came out with a new version last week, and now the app closes after every scan, and if I try to login to my wallet it says “User account does not exist. Please try again”. If I try to create a new wallet it says “Sorry! We’re unable to create your wallet at this time. Please try again.”
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2 years ago, DeanDTSM
No longer works in my store
I’ve been using this app for years to scan my groceries. Now when I try to connect in my local Morris Plains NJ store, I get a message saying unable to connect. This has been happening for months. When I ask at the customer service counter, they say they know nothing about using the app. The hand scanners also no longer work in the store, and have not worked for months either. Luckily the Wegmans down the street has just released a similar scanning app, so I guess I will be going there now.
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4 years ago, Frustrated Excel User
Doesn’t Work! Can’t Even Scan!
I was so excited to see my Martins had this feature. I downloaded the app, and registered, but when I go to scan items it says I need to connect to the Scanit wifi. So I disconnect from Martins Wifi and connect to the only WiFi that says Scanit and I need a password. I ask customer service for the password and they tell me there isn’t one. I tried to call support, during the stated open hours, and no one answered. I clicked support from the App Store and it took me a different grocery store’s page. I really want this to work!! Please help me!
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5 years ago, Jackie chutes
Used to work WTH happened!?
I had this app for the longest on my phone. I used it religiously and NEVER had a problem. A few months ago it started It tells me to log into the guest WiFi network, which I do. Then I launch the app and press the scan button to start my shopping. The response I get is OOPS something is wrong log into the guest network and try again! I call BS!! I’ve tried everything. I even uninstalled the app and re installed it several times! Hey stop and shop! Time to get a new app designer cause this one is terrible. I’ve uninstalled it for the LAST time!
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11 months ago, Closed_Book
Crashes every time I use it.
It used to work perfectly, but now it’s constantly crashing. When I switch to another app and come back to it, it restarts, asking if it’s a new shopping trip or do I want to resume one I started. Whenever I use the camera to scan an item, it closes. I have deleted it and reinstalled it several times. I use it every time I shop and it’s very frustrating to have it function like this. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get any help for it.
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4 years ago, AngelaAnnT
Easy to use
I like being able to use my phone to see what I already bought/scanned, scan new items, bag them myself as i go, and pay online. I don’t have to touch dirty hand held scanners, and I don’t have to wait in line. Super quick. I have my weekly 1hr+ shopping experience down to 35 min flat.
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5 years ago, 123456789jade
Impossible to use
I’m a fairly tech savvy person and I have jumped through every hoop- finding time to confirm my card number with customer service, creating an online account, and attempted to sign in over and over. Nothing works, customer support can’t help, and the app is absolutely useless without going through all of the headache of setting up the account information. I wanted to save time and effort by having something like this to use but in the end it was a waste of my time and energy.
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3 years ago, Bitemeborb
Does Not Work - Waste of Time
The app is a good idea, but it does not fully work. Every single time I check out i am flagged for an audit. I complained to the local manager who says it is not the store issue but an IT issue at corporate. Stop & Shop says call the store. Just a continuous merry go round fro Stop & Shop. If i have to go through the process of scanning every item only to be stopped for an audit then get rid of trashy app or fix it. App developer or Apple should remove this app until someone owns up to the issue that it is so terrible.
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3 years ago, jR 814
Can’t load coupons
The app has coupons available but says I have to login to load them, then it won’t let me login! So frustrating!! Also makes you put in login info every time you use a different menu feature within the app. It scans well in store but if I can’t load my coupons the app is useless to me.
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4 years ago, Camptam
Complete failure
I had been using this app successfully for quite some time. Then Stop & Shop updated its regular app, now called GO, and this app has failed to work properly. In the 10 days since GO, I was able to shop and pay but my digital coupons failed to load. The second time I shopped I could not pay and could not complete the transaction as before. It was so frustrating that I abandoned my cart and left the store. Waste of time. Deleted the app.
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6 years ago, singhIsKing123
Shopping made easy
This app made my life easy while shopping, could add items and i could check price and totals at same time.. no more standing in queue.. just scan item pay with your mobile wallet. Super I like this app
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11 months ago, MusicMaven246
Scan and crash
Are used to use this app all the time, and it was great! It was the most frustrating customer experience with the app kept crashing after you scan an item. It would ask you if you wanted to start over or resume. Every time your resume it would crash. Will it take probably 10 minutes for several items to three times as long. IT DEVELOPERS: FIX THIS APP!
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3 years ago, Mrs.Woody
The worst, crashes all the time
This app is HORRIBLE. If you can actually get it to work and not crash right at start up, it will crash in the middle of scanning things or even worse, at the end when you try to check out after everything has been scanned and bagged and you can’t actually check out. Save yourself a whole lot of time and aggravation and don’t bother with this.
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3 years ago, Slipsibm
I like the app but the audits are ridiculous
I use the app to try and speed my trip and checkout. It seems like once every 10 times I use, it calls for an audit. Today I went in to buy 2 things and instead of breezing thru checkout, I got stuck waiting 5 extra minutes waiting for the audit. It took me longer to check out than to shop. Not a good experience!
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3 years ago, Marsfrog
Can’t sign in anymore.
This app has been non functioning for several weeks now. Impossible to log in. Can’t load cupons without signing in. Update review. Now I can sign in and load cupons. Once at the store and signed into stop and shop Wi-Fi. The app keeps saying to sign in to the stop and shop Wi-Fi. I am signed in and the app won’t acknowledge this. How does an app that worked well in the past become useless? Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Knockout28
Can’t get the wallet to work
The app works fine for me to scan items as I shop and then checkout. My issue is with the wallet. I wouldn’t accept my Stop & Shop password. When I attempted to reset it, the answers to my security questions were wrong and I can’t click on the forgot password link anymore. I get an HTTP status error. The app support link is broken too.
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4 years ago, site needs help
Terrible site
What happened to Stop andShop. Use to be easy to use your card. Now with this GO rewards site it w so confusing! Tried to use 700 points yesterday for gas after I redeemed them on THE SITE only to be told my card showed ZERO points! Lost $9.80 On my gas purchase. Would you please send me my $9.80. Gas station said it was your problem so please fix it!! Several other friends have experienced similar frustration with this NEW program.
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4 years ago, rljr51
Stole my coupons
I had quite a bit of coupons saved when all of a sudden they are gone. And it seems like every time I download some and turn off the phone, when I put it back on there gone again. Other than that, when I scan it okay.
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5 years ago, Danbo99
No support
App support link doesn’t work. The app has a wallet option that requires you to set up a new account and password. But it does not allow us to paste a password into the field. Come on stop and shop how can you be so dumb? If I’m connecting a payment source in your app I want a long secure password from my password manager, we need to be able to paste! I’m not trying to type in the same long password twice.
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11 months ago, Cmotts
Fix yourself
I was halfway through my shopping and the app just shut down on me. Luckily I reopened and my order was still there. BUT the app preceded to shut down every 2 minutes OR after I scanned a product until I was done. Talk about shopping anxiety. Come on, stop&shop, you can do better.
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5 years ago, Pandora081906
Grocery List
You need to add a grocery list function please. Also, it would be fantastic if it knew what aisle you’re in and would tell you “you need bananas, potatoes and onions from this aisle” etc. then as you scan those items, it checks them off the list. Only other reason to use this app is so I don’t need a calculator to keep an eye on what it’ll cost.
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5 years ago, jimcintosh
No Paste?
Really a very dumb app. Can't paste in passwords and so are forced to use a simple, easy-to-break password. Can't paste in credit card information so you'll have to type all the details by hand, wasting time and making errors. I don't know what else. I gave up, not being willing to protect my credit card information with such a simple password. I'll just use the little scanner in the store.
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3 weeks ago, DSS12
Good App Poor Backend
The app seems to work well until I get to checkout, when there always seems to be some sort of problem that requires assistance. Other supermarkets seem to have figured out how to make shopping by app more convenient, but Stop & Shop still needs work.
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1 year ago, CaButler
Random crashing
Hello. For the past 2 weeks the app has been crashing randomly. It is using the most up to date firmware but because it crashes I have to reopen the app and start over. Please look into this. Thank you. Matter of fact, it’s crashing almost every other minute during a trip. It’s gotten that bad.
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4 years ago, Car34bx
This app is terrible
Apps are supposed to make things more convenient but this one does the exact opposite. It asks you to register at customer service as opposed to doing it through the app, it asks for invasive information for password resetting and you have to log into the store’s WiFi for it to scan. Why would I go through all of that? It’s ridiculous. Don’t download this trash
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5 years ago, geoffreyalanholliday
Pay a real app developer
Worst app development ever. If you’re going to develop an app to make things easier, hire a real developer and, oh, make things easier. Even the simplest of things? Allow someone to paste things in text boxes. Not only did I delete the app, but I’ve bailed on Stop & Shop entirely for another grocery store that…wait for it…has an app that actually makes things easier.
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