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The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
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User Reviews for Stop & Shop

4.33 out of 5
23.6K Ratings
3 years ago, MyEarlyBirdy
Very useful upgrade!
This app is tremendously more useful than before. It reminds me of the Wegmans app before Wegmans ruined the app in every conceivable way. The new Stop&Shop app may actually turn us back into Stop&Shop shoppers (bye bye Wegmans and your stupid app). A few suggestions for Stop&Shop on their new app: (1) it would be very helpful to be able to pinch and enlarge the pictures, (2) please add a button on the home page to bring up a default shopping list with a single top - just like there is for the cart, (3) please save last-used sorting order for shopping list, (4) fix glitch in shopping list that requires reversion to sort by description to actually show items on list if the app is closed with the shopping list in any other sort order, (5) please add swipe to delete items from shopping list, (6) please enable more than one device to be signed in to the app - so that, for example, I can add more items to the list when my husband is also signed in on his device. Thanks!
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2 years ago, TK8098
Delivery Charging System
You know how when you purchase several items online and they charge you? And then one of the items they send is the wrong item, or it arrives damaged, or it ends up being out of stock so they issue you a refund in the amount of that one item? Reasonable right? Yeah that’s not how Peapod works. So my guy was sick, and he usually takes me grocery shopping, so I decided to do peapod so we could stay home and he could rest. I made my selections, got a delivery time, and paid. Total charge $115 and change. Cool, cool, cool. Well a few items were out of stock and one arrived damaged so I reach out about a refund and check on my final bill, $77 even. Cool, cool, cool. Then I want to make a purchase, but it’s a significant amount and I think, we’ll after bills this week I have a little over $200 left, so this should be fine but let’s check in on the account to be sure. Ummmmm that doesn’t seem right, I barely have $100 in my account. I start looking at charges. Instead of keeping the original $115 and change, and issuing me a refund for $39 and change, Peapod kept the original charge and then charged me again for the new lower actual cost of my groceries. So now they have $193 and change of my money, and I have $77 worth of groceries. So I call, oh no worries the first charge will be refunded in 3-5 business days. Excuse me?!?! You just stole $115+ from me but it’s okay because I’ll get it back in 3-5 business days?!? How is that logical or legal!?!?!?
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1 year ago, The Real Piglet
It’s OK
I use the app for savings - coupons, points rewards etc. But I have 2 complaints. First - there should be a better way to get to the digital coupons. Only some come up at the beginning of the coupon listing. Maybe have a separate section for the weekly digital coupon specials. Very annoying to be in the store and see a digital coupon special and have to pull out my phone and find it to load it to get the savings. Second - I have always had a glitch when going through the coupons. App will just shut off and boot me out. Then I have to start scrolling all over again. I thought maybe it was just my phone, but it’s happened even with my new phone. (and yes - I do update the app on a regular basis) Between the hidden digital coupons, and glitch that shuts down the app on my phone it’s almost like they’re trying to discourage you from searching for savings. Nobody has time these days to spend an hour scrolling through coupons and weekly ads trying to make sure you’re able to take advantage of special offers. Grocery shopping isn’t that exciting that I want to be glued to this app for an hour.
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1 week ago, Marsfrog
Useless once again
Update. There was developer response and a new update. Today there were no available scanners so I decided to use the app thinking it was fixed. I was able to scan three items before the app shutdown and then would not reopen. I had to turn off WiFi on my phone to get the app to respond. Fortunately there were now available scanners and I was able to retrieve one. There was no record of the the items already scanned and in my cart! I had to rescan the items. So sad to see how incompetence seems to be the norm these days. The app was fine after prior uselessness updates that were finally corrected. We all had maybe a month or two of functionality. What is the purpose of regularly breaking your own employer’s app? The app shuts down in the store, logs off the user and then states the login credentials are invalid when the user tries to log in again. Upon leaving the store the login credentials are once again valid. I’m shopping less at these stores and spending less due to the endless frustration. The only thing that works are the in store scanners. If there are no scanners available I now just exit the store because I know the app is ONCE AGAIN USELESS!
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2 years ago, LizzyOM
I need support
So, every time I want to use the app, there’s a glitch. Like now I tried to contact app support it says site temporarily down. So I’ll gripe here. Every time I open the app a pop up appears asking if I want push notifications. This is annoying for two reasons 1. I am vision impaired and all my settings are for large text, when this notification request appears, I can’t decline it as the text is so big I can’t access or scroll down to the no thanks section of the request. It’s also annoying because if I want notifications, I know how to get them you don’t have to ask me every time. I am requesting a reasonable accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act that you simply remove that pop up about push notifications or make your app more usable to the low vision community. I’m sure The Carroll Center for The Blind Technology department can help you figure out how to do that if you don’t already know. Thanks. When will the app support page be up and running so I can complain there as well?
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1 year ago, bje5656
Why does it crash so much?
The app setup and layout is fine. Easy to use. No trouble finding what you’re looking for. Manage rewards. Great! But why when I go to add on to whatever the wife already has in our basket, say 8-20 items, does the app just shut? No warning. Doesn’t freeze. Just closes. Click on the icon and it’s back like I hadn’t opened it yet giving me a time I can shop to for current order. It’s annoying. I know first world problems But it happens 5 - 6 times while adding mentioned items and looking. Also could you have it run through items to be purchased that have the “substitute with” on? Too many times one of us forgets to check if there’s an option for a substitution and end up getting something we didn’t want. Just a final pop up or step that says hey your about to update your cart and these items are going to be substituted if not available. Is that what you want? Just an idea .
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6 years ago, Alkel
Great App!
I shop at Stop & Shop weekly and go through the coupons on the app weekly. Not sure where other reviewers are going wrong using the app. The coupons get loaded onto your Stop and shop card. If I load a coupon and use my card to buy that item, my sales receipt shows the discount. The cashiers do not have to apply any type of discount, etc. It won't show right away when I scan the item, it comes off once I start the check out process. Some people probably have an incorrect Stop and shop card loaded on their account. Not sure but it always works for me. My only problem with the app is that the coupons aren't always the greatest. They do put a lot of coupons for free items too. Which is great to try something new. This app is definitely worth a try if you shop here.
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2 weeks ago, Sentry :)
Poor quality app redesign
Didn’t update the app for a while, and finally did yesterday. The search FILTER options are very in depth. However if you don’t know what exactly you want, you won’t find that item and you’re not gonna find any similar items. You need to type in roundabout terms to find what you’re looking for. Yes, they’re available, you just need to try 5 different terms to find it. Apparently “digiorno” and “pizza” are two different things, and to get every “digiorno” item you will need to type in something other than the brand name. Blueberry muffins from the bakery are practically nonexistent when it comes to shopping mobile. App used to have a very functional search option that let you explore- now that’s impossible. This was an extremely useful feature for someone like me who struggles to walk, struggles to get to the store to shop without an aide. In-store pickup has been our go-to for a year now. I very much regret updating the app. I might try switching to only using the desktop version, if it’s not any worse.
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4 months ago, ex cf
Absolutely Outstanding
I cannot say enough good things after being a continual repeat customer of Stop and Shop’s PeaPod Delivery Service for a good year now. I am a very hard nosed person who doesn’t take this amount of time to offer praise so it’s well deserved indeed. They run a great service that has employees with superb commitment and communication qualities that clearly show how they care about demonstrating a “first in class” work ethic. This service of delivering groceries and supplies has been the best decision I’ve made in years that directly makes my life so much easier and less stressful in ordering via an on line app and choose delivery times and days that fit nicely into my life’s schedule. Thank you everyone involved at Stop and Shop for this great assistance and kudos to every employee directly involved with ensuring a seamless positive experience every time!
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3 months ago, Former 40 yr customer!
The only reason I continue to shop at your store is for the gas miles. Before the last store renovations I almost exclusively shopped at S&S. Now your prices are too high, you no longer have store brand cereal, you discontinue products to make more $ on higher priced items, you no longer provide your flyer except on line or at the store, when it conveniently use to arrived in the cape papers. There is nothing extra special about your products. You have eliminated butchers that served their customers and this app is not that friendly to use. Your competitors provide most of these things you have discontinued with lower prices!!!! Where would you shop, if you where a senior on limited income, if you were a family of four or five looking for real bargains, your store no longer carried items you buy weekly, and the other store puts their advertising in your mailbox? Money doesn’t grow on trees, but common sense is readily available from the customers you are loosing! I hope my message strikes a nerve!
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8 months ago, calliope1975
Digital coupons fail 50% of the time.
Despite the fact that I click my digital coupons the day before I shop, Stop & Shop fails to apply them to my purchases half the time. Part of the problem is that even when you enter your card info before starting to scan, the register doesn’t apply coupons in real time. They get applied at the end so there is no time to review the screen before paying. What a waste of time. Make customers do all this extra work only to then deal with cashiers who can’t do anything to resolve the problem. This is just more corporate garbage where customers end up bickering with non-empowered employees who are given no ability to correct errors. People should report this behavior to their state government, as there are laws in place that require supermarkets and other retailers to honor coupons as well as posted prices. People get mad if you hold up a line to get the prices you are promised. Doesn’t happen at Star/Shaws with their apps. Just Stop and Shop.
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2 months ago, MWSPBS
New Version of Stop & Shop App
The new version of the S&S shopper’s app is unnecessarily more complicated and less user friendly than the previous version. I should not have to jump through hoops as a weekly loyal customer to find coupons, weekly ads, manage and earn points, etc…. Additionally, the last 4 weeks at least, both the old app and the new version I see today, have had very few options to earn GO points, maybe 3-4 possibilities at most. And those have almost entirely been something obscure that I would never buy, so no additional points. It used to be at least 8 options, and I was using at least half of those. Like I referenced above, I am unlikely to continue playing the S&S games for a less positive and rewarding experience. I have not liked Shop Rite the few times I have shopped there, but friends/neighbors say it is almost always cheaper across the board. I do not know if they have a like points system like S&S. But if the S&S experience continues to devolve, I may have to look to change my allegiance.
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2 years ago, JimJay111
A few bugs
It’s convenient enough but I can’t get through placing one order without the app crashing/closing several times. It’s super annoying. There is supposedly an option to remove items from the past purchases feature only it doesn’t work. You can hit “remove” (trash icon) till you’re blue in the face but it won’t remove the item. Also annoying. Makes scrolling through past purchased items that you will no longer want, very tedious, not to mention the app crashes midway through and then you’re stuck starting all over again from the top. When you place 2-3 orders a week that’s a lot of scrolling! The app could really use sone major upgrading. That said, I’m grateful to be able to order online and do contactless curbside pick up considering covid. But if you’re going to offer a service I would think you would want some kind of quality attached to it.
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3 years ago, 57889993
List Envy
Developers need to implement the list system the last version had, specifically the ability to add custom items to any list. It’s great that I can “browse the aisles” virtually and add a specific brand of butter. But sometimes you just want to add “butter” to a list and get on with living your life versus scrolling for 2 minutes through pages of butter product and still not find the one you’re looking for. The old feature, allowing you to tap/circle a weekly flyer item and have it automatically populate your list was fantastic. From what I’ve read in reviews, that’s missing from the new version as well? I will comment on one positive feature, being able to look at your shopping history and add previously purchased items to a list for re-purchase. But the list system is broken by contrast to the old app and competitor apps. Feels like a lazy job overall in that the app is basically the existing website ported over to mobile. It all looks new and slick, but if you can’t manage a simple list function with the new system, then I have no use for it.
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1 year ago, Angelica23
Stop & Shop Cohasset shopping carts
I don’t understand why Cohasset S&S puts all the smaller shopping carts at one end (entrance), when the self checkout is at the other end. When I do a large shopping, I use the large cart and regular checkout but more often, I use the smaller cart and self checkout. With only a small amount of items I prefer to use self checkout. That means I can either park at the side (entrance) to pick up the smaller cart or park at the side near the checkout for the closer exit. Why can’t they put the smaller carts on both entrances? Why is it that if I have a smaller shopping list, you make me walk the entire store?
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4 years ago, LisainCT
Time consuming, faster to look through the flyer
This app would be nice if it worked well. Problems: You can’t walk in the store and select coupons as you shop. You have to select them the day before in order to be sure they will be in affect by the time you get to checkout. Coupons are listed in any old order so it’s difficult to find any without viewing the entire list. Olay coupons are nestled in with Tide and Prego, come on developers, at least list them in some sort of order—all the Tide products should be listed together—this week we see a tide product listed every 5-10 items. Alpha order would be helpful if you can do departments. A dollar amount of “expiring soon” is on the main page. I believe it’s the total amount of all coupons that will be expiring “soon”. I don’t find that particularly helpful and a waste of prime real estate on the screen. Tell me details about my gas point expiration.
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2 years ago, braylennn
Jess F
A worker or manger actually called me to review some items that were not in stock and to offer me alternatives. My fresh groceries such as green leaf lettuce, bananas and avocados were chosen well and all were in beautiful condition. Groceries are not put in paper bags, which I love (earth friendly)!!!!! They were also packed nice and neatly and were organized. I felt like as compared to before, Stop and Shop has really stepped up there game with this on line grocery thing. I was impressed and very pleased and how much time it saved me. Also the young man who brought my groceries to me in the spot provided for pick ups was a sweetheart. I have no issues and will continue to use this service as long as it stay as great as it currently is!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, DEP845
Horrible, virtually unusable
You should look at you competitors apps. Have you tried looking at your flyer on a phone. There should be the option of looking at a list by departments, and not take you to the flyer page. Also the main thing you sell is groceries, so that is all just 1 category. I want to see canned goods, meat, breakfast, etc. I end up giving up and waiting to find a flyer. The only use I have for it is coupons and my card. You can't scan smoothly. I drag on the screen and get all the way to the end of my travel before it starts to move. It doesn't scan 1-1. One full swipe and you get may 1/3 scan eventually. It isn't smooth I go to my shopping list and can't see my coupons. Look at Shoprite's new and old apps. The old is great for a quick scan for sales by departments. The new is fantastic for coupons and items because you can select them and see just what the sizes and what items they apply to are.
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2 months ago, accountlynn
New Home Screen awful
The Home Screen no longer has our stop and shop card on it. It takes so long to check out now having to search in menu screen. Also-I liked when you could look at all the digital coupons. I see it in the ad, but not one I wanted was in the coupons to be clipped. Also could not find via searching item. Customer service couldn’t find it either. Have to have cashier override every item for digital coupon savings. Again, has slowed down checkout tremendously. Reward points much easier to use though. I love stop and shop and hope you can fix the digital coupons and put our card back on Home Screen where it belongs. I’ve always loved using the app before this latest update
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3 months ago, SmokyOni
Lowering in quality. Feedback
i'm glad you can make an account and save without using a phone number- A lot of stores don't do this. •When you zoom into the Weekly ad, small text should clear up, instead it remains blurry and can be hard to see. •If you leave to view a products info from the weekly ad, instead of where you left off, you're dragged back to the top. •Foods, mostly baked goods, often have no image or have an incorrect image to portray the product. ie: Cookies in title, two halves of a sandwich in a plastic container in the preview image. •The bottom of the screen comes up when you scroll down in the weekly ad. The hotbar is also zoomed into instead of exclusively the Weekly Ad. Or if you go up, the search bar and the rest is too. It basically remains unfocused. Most of the app moves when you scroll as if you were on the mobile website. Not as easy to navigate as it somehow though. •Offered the option to add clipped coupons to shopping list- Not seen as clipped. It says you can turn this off in settings but said settings is hard to be found. App really needs work.
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4 years ago, not so valued customer
Valued customers?? I don’t think so
My entire family has been stop and shop customers all of my life (54 years old). If I’m such a “valued customer” why do I have to jump through hoops to get coupons or sale prices? The idea of the app is great but it seems every time I use it I get so frustrated that it isn’t worth the money I’m saving. Why can’t “valued customers” automatically get sale prices like every other store does? I go through the trouble of selecting the coupons I want to use and after I check out I realize that I didn’t get credit for any of them. I got a notification about a free Friday item , went to the app and spent 10 minutes trying to find it and load it to my card. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I didn’t end up getting the free item and wasted 10 minutes getting frustrated for nothing. Maybe it’s time to find a supermarket that is less stressful
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3 months ago, echotest2112
App is a now worse for coping digital coupons
Last update seems to have broken the functionality of clipped coupons and no ability to contact anytime through the app. For coupons the default is now ‘recommended’ which leaves many coupons off the list. Trying to filter or change the sort produces an endless spinning circle. Definitely clipped what I thought were all available coupons only to find out in the store that several were not selected or even presented in the list. This has now happened for the past two weeks. At least the service counter was good about it and said the app is making it difficult to see and select all coupons.
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9 months ago, JBMBW
App is absolutely trash and never works!!
I have had this app to redeem my points and do grocery pick up. EVERY SINGLE TIME I try and use the app it crashes, says that "an error has occurred" and as soon as you click "okay" it boots you back to another screen that says "session timed out". On top of the annoyance of the app not working, trying the website does not work either. It’s been MONTHS since it’s worked. I’ve reached out multiple times to the company and nothings changed. To add on to that, I’d spend and hour or two adding groceries to my cart, and as soon a so try and check out and click a time for pick up it shuts the app down and clears my shopping cart. Needless to say after 6 times IN A ROW of this happening, I am officially done dealing with the business’ failure to work on the issue. Find a different shopping center!
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3 years ago, Stonefish1
Does the trick but is slow
This app does what i need it to do - order groceries online - fairly well. The problem is that browsing the aisles is a chore. When you tap a selection when browsing aisles, the app takes a few seconds to respond. In that time, there is no indicator that you actually made the selection, so you might be inclined to tap again or put your finger on the screen and slide to make sure it was still responding. But the app did register that you made a selection, and now it has registered that you made a selection (now, two selections) and ignores the first. So you go back and try again, 5-10 seconds to respond to each entry. Then once you finally get to the “frozen blueberries” subsection, nothing loads. Blank! Frustrating.
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1 year ago, 88unlearn88
I’ve had three brand new phones since downloading this app and it has never worked right once. Constantly shuts off while you are in the middle of shopping, and if you click on an item to see the description you can’t get back to where you were, it takes you to the home screen. There is an “option” to delete items from your past purchases, it does not work. The prices for produce on the app are significantly higher than the price is in the store. For instance, Fuji apples in the store are X dollars per pound, on the app their X dollars EACH. Imagine paying $1.99 for a single 6 ounce apple when the exact same sku in the store is $1.99 per pound. This has been like this for years. As soon as Whole Foods opens up right down the street from my Stop & Shop, they will lose me as a customer.
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2 years ago, Roberta Lipp
Still has things to work out
It needed me to update my card information and it took me literally 15 tries between trying to find it, having it accept the entry, at one point I changed it to my bank and it wouldn’t retain that, it just went on and. Today I have an order delivery and a five hour window, and I received a pop-up notification that the window had tightened, this wasn’t a text it was a pop-up from the app, but the app continues to tell me only of the broader five hours. So I look for some kind of contact or help and all I get is a virtual assistant which as we know is not any assistance at all. Still can’t find a phone number or a help or a contact or anything. Not great, Bob.
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1 year ago, dddddddddd23
Glitchy app
Whereas the app’s concept is good, the performance is ridiculously frustrating. - Energy draw is massive - Battery drain is very rapid, phone gets quite hot. I can’t keep the app open during duration of my shopping visit as I’ll drain 75% battery life during my ~1.5 hr shopping excursion. - Frequent app freezes when scrolling through coupons, offers, prior purchases, generally site-wide in other words. Then reboot. Will work correctly for a bit then rinse and repeat with crash/reboot. - App freezes often when scrolling what turns out to be a long list of items for a given offer - click the show more button and app often just clocks out. Force quit. Reboot. Get CRM error. Reboot. Grrr. - UPC Scan feature inconsistent. - Inaccurate aisle locations for some items. Inventory accuracy generally pretty good fortunately. I use the app to plan my family’s shopping and meal planning for the upcoming week. Due to the instability and flakiness of the app this process takes far longer than it should and is a highly frustrating experience that need not be. Hope you all are able to fix the app and improve the customer experience.
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5 years ago, kurtispj
many obvious small fixes needed
Cant see coupons by date added is the big one, but other problems include: “Load Coupons worth $100’s of savings directly to your Stop & Shop Card -Hundreds of coupons, no clipping required.” There’s totally clipping required. You have to select what coupons load when you scan your phone. Also, you can’t remove a coupon you don’t want to use anymore until it expires. This expiration date is sometimes months later, I don’t need an accidental $.30 off coupon for a seasonal misclick staring me in the face constantly Guess I shouldn’t complain about money saved. They have a decent selection and nice people, so you’d think stop n shop could make better than this .... slopp app, but said British so it rhymes with itself and stop n shop
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3 weeks ago, lilliebrooke
Horrible service since changing to instacart for delivery
I used to like the stop and shop/peapod delivery service for groceries and used it frequently. They have since changed to using instacart to fulfill their orders. I’ve had nothing but problems since the change. I had fully defrosted frozen groceries delivered and orders that were never picked up. I’ve received calls from stores asking me to come get an order I paid to get delivered to me! The substitutions are also atrocious. They used to give you a preview of what the substitution was on a given product. Now it’s just a toggle on/off if you want to allow substitutions and it’s a crap shoot if you even get a similar product. I’ve received coffee creamer instead of iced coffee. Like what? I won’t be ordering again. I would not recommend this to anyone.
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6 months ago, Knockout28
Still needs so much work!
Your app and website need A LOT of work!!! Why can’t I change my store on the app? I have 2 stores in my town and I go to both depending on where I’m running my errands. I like to use the app in store to see which aisle an item is located since both stores are set up differently. I have made comments about this issue in the past but nothing is done about it. The only way I can change it is if I sign on on the desktop site which is extremely inconvenient especially if I’m on the go. And where has all of my past purchase history gone?!? I’m not a new customer and I’m not using a new loyalty card. Very disappointing and inconvenient. You’re not a little mom & pop supermarket. Invest some money in technology!!!
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4 weeks ago, DavinaMtScepter
Bad update
First let me say I love grocery pick up and this app has been so helpful and convenient. However, the changes that were made in the last few updates are terrible. The app is slower than ever. To add an item from my shopping list, I have to: tap (wait for it to load), add to cart (wait), it automatically takes you back to the list (wait again), and if I want more than one of that item, I have to go back and do that AGAIN, just to say “quantity 2”. Why?? I should be able to set the quantity before it forces me back to the shopping list. I timed it… it literally takes 25 seconds to add one item to the cart. Tbh that’s a very long wait for an app. Please fix!
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3 years ago, Alli4NF
The worst
The old version was bad enough In that you had to load coupons a day prior and spend time going through tons of coupons to fix the ones you want if they are even there - who has time for that. Now with the new version, you have to clip coupons but then how do they get applied. It seems like it is for ordering online and picking up your order only. How about a tutorial on how to use the new app. No one in the store knows how to get the coupons. It’s ridiculous waste of time and extremely frustrating. They probably make it so frustrating so You end up paying full price. I’ll just go to shop rite instead. It’s out of my way but I rather just use my card and get the price adjustment without all the hassle. Make it easier for customers stop and shop not harder. Been a customer for 20 years I’m done.
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1 week ago, Purucas
Stop & Shop Great Experience
I refuse to go to any other supermarket. S &S customer service is the best. The store is always well stocked with Fresh meats, produce and Dairy. The baked goods are fantastic. The deli products as well. No matter what I need for dinner it’s available. Customer service are kind professional and helpful. I ALWAYS refer friends and family to shop at Stop & Shop. I shop at the Darthmouth St New Bedford store but any S&S I go to I get the same satisfaction. Get the app very beneficial to stay updated on the sales and deals not to mention the points. Go Shop at Stop &Shop From a loyal customer.
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2 months ago, dpansire
It is faster, and for that I am grateful. The things that I don’t like are: 1. I usually shop from past purchases. It’s hard to remove items that I never intend to buy again, so I have to scroll through 495 items to find a 50 or so that I want. 2. when I scroll through past purchases, it rolls me into ‘suggested items’, and I have to figure that out and get back on track time and again 3. I tried to go back in and apply my rewards points for grocery dollars and it said success, but I can’t easily tell if it’s applying it to my current order or my “next” order.
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3 years ago, suzutzu
upgrade no good
pls go back. this new app is horrible it is not intuitive it take triple clicks than before to add somethg to a list - and so many other negatives that i would be glad to share feedback with someone. it seems to be heavily based on the ONLINE shopping experience as opposed to the coupon, list “in store” experience. which is what i do. which is why i think it now stinks. it’s as if you took peapod and joined it with the old st n sh app, u get a glorified peapod under a new name but all the ease of use of the original st n sh app is completely gone. so disappointed. you're loosing a regular customer in this because acme just updated their app and it is so much better and easier. i have both stores equal distance from me and honestly i find myself going there more now. again i’d be happy to go thru my thoughts in detail with someone.
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3 years ago, Niwrik
Very Good
It’s extremely useful to be able to pull up previous purchases when making shopping lists. If it were possible to sort shopping lists in order of location in store, that would be huge! I realize that may be impractical with every store carrying different stock and being physically layed out differently. I manually sort my list, having shopped at the same store for the past 20 years. However, if it were logistically possible for the programmers to include such a feature (even if it wasn’t 100% accurate), I think it would help keep store “traffic” in moving one direction during the time of COVID-19.
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3 years ago, RN10583
There’s no way to view the weekly circular unless you switch to "in store” shopping. Unfortunately when I do that it takes me to a page that shows items that need to be deleted from my cart because my "in store” shop is different from my pre-designated delivery fulfillment shop. I didn’t choose my fulfillment shop, you did. It’s not the same location where I shop in store. I can’t proceed to look at the circular without deleting those cart items. What a waste of time. And there’s hundreds of items you need to add to available items. 75% of your offered coupons don’t have the items as part of your app to purchase. I’ve gone back to Shoprite as they have literally thousands more purchase options. And yes, I’ve repeatedly "requested” specific items through your app to no avail.
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5 years ago, bitchinmona
Needs execution enhancements to be competitive
I actually downloaded this because I wanted a store-specific list manager, as I have to shop for groceries at multiple stores. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the clip-free coupons, but disappointed that there’s a ‘lag’ between when you add it and when it is reflected to your card. Most disappointing, however, is the list management. I should be able to specify a store and be presented with items available *in that specific store* to add to a list. I should be able to scan bar codes to add to a list. I should be able to designate certain items as ‘favorites’ so I can easily add them. I should be able to have multiple lists. It’s got potential, but when compared to competitor apps, it’s woefully inferior.
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1 month ago, Donna1960@
Stop and Spend, Richmond, RI
Stop and shop in Richmond is horrible! WAY over priced because no other options are available! But guess what, people are driving a little further out because they are sick and tired of your prices being 25% plus higher than other stores. You can’t even get lunch meat in the bin unless people want a pound plus. Guess what S&S there are people (especially the elderly) that can’t afford a pound of lunch meat so they have to wait in line at the deli to get what they want and can afford. My post means nothing to the greedy corporation.
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3 months ago, Modeen13
The Best Around
Online shopping at stop and shop blows shop rite out of the water. I know some things may be more expensive but the sale prices are great and when they don’t have some thing you want in stock they replace it at the same price! That other store says “we don’t have that bread In stock for 1.99 but can substitute it for this one that 7.99.” No thanks. Plus the people are so nice and pick up takes, no lie, 3 minutes. I picked up at shop rite a couple weeks ago and it took 40 minutes! I could have gone in and shopped myself!!
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2 years ago, jdhndnjdjdnhdhjdjdjjdxkeos
Single worst app in the store
Set aside the fact that the people in store are grossly incompetent (I was scolded for using the app to say I was there rather than calling the store) and the fact that they clearly use the pickup or delivery option to dump the produce that nobody would ever willingly pick (out of what is the worst quality produce of any store of any major grocery chain), and you’re still left with a buggy app that recognizes your login info only sometimes, randomly changes your pickup store to halfway across the country, randomly deletes items from your cart, and very often just won’t load at all. When it’s faster, more convenient, less confusing, and less frustrating to actually go into the store and fight the crowds you know your app is a complete and total failure.
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3 years ago, VALVNY
Not Happy.
The other app was very user-friendly for making a Shopping List. Circle Weekly Ad items, and they stayed circled! So you could see what you already had on your list. You could also enter your own items or notes on your Shopping List. Don’t see that here yet. I know it’s new, but these are pretty basic things. Did you ask any users what they LIKED about the other app before you changed it? I’m guessing you made this new app for online shopping and Peapod customers, because it’s very easy to add items to the Shopping CART. I’m going to delete this app if it doesn’t give me the option to stay signed in. I’ve entered my email and password twenty times since downloading the new app last night!
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2 years ago, scrumpy7
Needs better iPad support
I’ve been using this app for a few years, and it has definitely been improved over the past year. For the most part it’s pretty intuitive, and useful for mobile shopping. Two things keep this from being a 5 star rating. First, it occasionally still crashes at random times (although it’s more stable than it used to be). Second, although there’s an iPad app, it only functions in portrait mode. It would be so much better to make a grocery list in landscape orientation, with support for an external keyboard.
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2 months ago, Kllkkkkkkkkk
Never works
Every time I want to check if I clipped any coupons or I want to look at the ad, it says that is not working. There used to be an incentive to shop at Stop&Shop because there were about 8 name brand items that would earn you points to use for gas or groceries. Now you get 3 store brand items that I never ever bought before, not even name brand. Twice I bought Stop&Shop grocery and cooking items - the cookies had mold on them, and the chicken thighs made me so sick I almost had to go to the ER. Also your store brand is priced higher many times. You no longer care about your customers. Your store brand items just aren’t good quality to justify throwing money away.
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3 years ago, hotlikemexico
Bring back the add to shopping list from weekly ad feature
I never write reviews, but the new update is so awful, I have to. We shop weekly, sometimes more than once a week, at Stop & Shop. One of the most useful features of the app was the ability to browse the weekly ad, tap on an item/sale, and add it to my shopping list, right from within the weekly ad itself. Now, you are only able to add items/sales to your “cart” to purchase online. This serves me no purpose. I don’t want to buy the item online, I want to add it to my list and be able to check off the box on my list when I physically add the item to my cart in the store. I have had to resort to taking a screenshot of the weekly ad and circling the items I want within the screenshot, then saving the pics to my camera roll, and having to pull up the pics and search in store that way. No ability to check off a box when I pick up the item, though. This takes significantly more time. I did it twice and have no desire to do it again. We have moved our weekly grocery shopping elsewhere until this is fixed and the stop & shop app is useful again.
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5 years ago, Ringmastr1
Digital coupons are great, shopping list feature is useless
I love going to the store and shopping there. I load any digital coupon available for items I usually buy or might buy at any time in the future. I often see the unexpected coupon savings on the receipt but I don't closely track that. My biggest issue with the app is the shopping list. I don't understand why it doesn't have even the most basic categories to organize the list. (Produce, Deli, meats, cleaning products, paper products, general grocery, pet products, frozen). Ideally, I would also love to have a simple checkbox that I can check if I have a coupon for the item so I can look at it in the store. For now, I'm using another app for my list.
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2 months ago, AMVAB
Stop& Shop App
I hate Stop & Shop because you make it so difficult to access savings. What is the purpose of clipless coupons? Why not just tie all savings to the card?I have better things to do than scroll down trying to find the coupon when I'm in the store. The app routinely isn't working correctly. Plus you've changed the app so now it appears I have to sign in every time. Your employees hate it also. More and more, I am going to smaller local stores, where, although I may pay a little more, the experience is not infuriating, as shopping at Stop & Shop invariably is. I wish the worst on the moron in marketing who came up with this and, quite frankly, if I ever see that the store is going bankrupt, I'll think you deserved it.
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2 years ago, Lizbeth luvsya
If I could give negative stars I would
Stop and Shop took over the Peapod app, which worked like a charm, and ruined it. I can’t get through one shopping session without half a dozen crashes. Filtering options are less convenient. I just tried to browse by aisles in the produce section and it came up with Boars Head turkey. Endless frustration. I’ve taken to shopping with Instacart more and more because this works so badly The above was my old review. Nothing has improved in the latest update. I just got a pop-up when using the app with a questionnaire about how I like the app. The app had already crashed once during this session. Now it crashed a second time, while I was trying to fill in the feedback about the app! Truly unbelievable.
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3 years ago, kathyweha
“Go Rewards” Needs Work
Gas rewards used to be automatically loaded onto the Stop & Shop Card. It’s great that points can now go toward groceries as well as gas, but now we have to manually designate where the points should go. Too much work! There should be a setting that allows automatic crediting of rewards. Additional Comment after using Go Points in store for the first time: The word “redeem” is confusing. I thought it meant I needed to tap “redeem” at checkout. Turns out it takes about 15 minutes for the points to be credited to my card. “Send to Card” or “Load on Card” would be better. Still wish I didn’t have to designate where points should go every time.
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2 months ago, Fight Pass Fan
Easy Refunds
The great thing about this app is that you will so often receive someone else’s order that you’ll get some new recipes ideas. If you actually want the food you ordered, you’ll probably get it, but you’ll be stunned how often you don’t. I tried to log into the app to get a refund. It said my password was incorrect, so I reset it. Then it said that password was incorrect. I called and they refunded the missing items with no hassle. Unfortunately, I think that’s because they know they constantly eff up orders. Most recently, half my order was missing. Another time, they put my order in someone else’s car. Update: I just used this service again for the first time in months. Guess what? Four items missing.
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