Student Beans: College Deals

4.9 (12.7K)
74.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Beans Group
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Student Beans: College Deals

4.87 out of 5
12.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Jasmin dior
Great App
This application is really effective for students who are in collegiate classes such as myself . Any discount makes shopping a little more worthwhile. Before I make any purchases I come scan through the app to make sure there I’m not missing out on a coupon out there .
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6 years ago, emilyrose🌹
Great app, students discounts really work but needs more stores
This app is a blessing I went to so many stores and they said they didn’t have a student discount and that it’s against their policy but if you order online then the discount 100% works anytime, all the time and on whatever you buy. Even just 10% helps knock the price down during checkout. A lot of the coupons on here are 50% off or 20% off which is a good amount!! I recommended Student Beans to all my friends and got them hooked on it! The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because they need to get more stores especially book stores like Barnes and Nobles and more popular clothing stores such as Forever 21 or American Eagle or Zara. Lush would be great too or even grocery/convenient stores. College students could REALLY use that! Otherwise, Great app! Get it!
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10 months ago, Idnica
16 and Older...
The 16 and older is a little upsetting especially since the age rating is 12+. As a high school student who works close to minimum wage, shopping is problematic because of budgeting. I was excited to see I could get a discount and was super relieved at first. My bank also recommended it and they are 13+ with parental permission and overview. I come to sign up and I put my age and says 16 and older. I purchase my own personal items pretty frequently as to be more independent and to learn how to save and budget. Whenever I see that I can save I take the chance because anything helps. I know in certain states you can be hired as soon as 14 so for this to be 16+ is frustrating to say the least. Hoping this can change to accommodate younger students and to help them out.
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5 years ago, Kaylee the best
This looks great if your school is on the list
I have had so much trouble looking for my school. Also I’m literally 1 month away from my 16th birthday. I think they should allow students who are 15 because I have to work 2 jobs I don’t have money either. But back on track, there are zero schools from Hawaii and when I tried to “add a school” or whatever, doesn’t work. I have written a request but I haven’t heard anything yet. I need these deals. This is how I plan on buying Christmas present for my family
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4 years ago, bware12
Absolutely one of the best deals
Had to put a nice compliment where it belongs- thanks in advance..( see if you can work deals a bit more to save more... I’m sure ALL. Will be happier and will have all 5 StAr ⭐️ reviews!! Add a military discount as well- for family of or someone with their active time served ... much appreciated!!
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3 years ago, jacd432
Didn’t work
I copied and pasted the coupon codes like it said on both PrettyLittleThing and Winky Lux and neither of them worked so… And both items I tried to use it on weren’t sale items so it should’ve worked
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4 years ago, Squeevs Inc
Awesome money saving app!!
I have zero complaints about student beans. They’re easy to use and offer awesome discounts to students like myself. I also use UNiDAYS and both apps are equally awesome in my eyes, though they sometimes will have coupons the other one doesn’t.
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6 years ago, carzypan
Great App!
This app has great discounts and has saved me alot of money! I never realised some of these brands had discounts....I mean who knew Google had a store! I am addicted! I’m pretty sure I have bought the whole of Topshop by now. Definitely recommend if you are a bargain hunter like me.
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4 years ago, KelciieBaee
Sister bean
This is the best app that they have made for students. We already spend a lot of money being a college student... I am glad someone made this app for us! Thank you for making this app.
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2 years ago, Sikaba ceil
Don’t get it
None of the coupons works not even one. I I tried 3 different coupons from 3 different stores and none of it seem to work. Either it applies and not take anything or says you don’t meet the requirements. I mean if it says the minimum $ is 99 for the coupon to work and you buy something for $140 and it still tells you you don’t meet the requirements then what’s the point?
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4 years ago, Musicalprincess26
Great app for students!
I love it and sometimes I forget it’s available to me... it has great unexpected deals and I would encourage any college or uni student to use this app (to make life just a bit better)
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5 years ago, zuibb
Useful App
Definitely think this is an app that all students need to have. There are a lot of good discounts on many different things. Some of the things they offer discounts on our travel and shopping.
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5 years ago, $penderBener
Student Beans is SUPER easy to use, and makes things more affordable. I wish there were a few more clothing stores, but they hit the big ones!! I am so glad I found this app and have recommended it to all of my friends.
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3 years ago, Melany.pinky
Invalid student email
Everything is fine when it comes to verifying that I’m a student until it came to the email I entered my school email and it says it’s invalid. I meet the age requirements and all but it isn’t allowing me. The help button doesn’t do anything and I can’t get customer service. But it looks like it works for others.
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3 years ago, Nadzpotts
Another woke app that discriminates by forcing you to choose a pronoun option even if you prefer not to say. These discounts are pretty much the same exact thing original websites discount so you’re not getting any better of a deal than if you were to go to the website and sign up for their student discount. I get it that it’s convenient to have all websites in 1 app but they aren’t even that great.
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2 years ago, CrazyCathi
basically no real discounts
Half the discounts can’t be combined with other promotions the website is running and then all the websites are always running “$$” off basically leading you to not be able to use the discounts. Pretty much false advertising. If you want to help students out how about codes that will work with most products and not the other way around.
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5 years ago, MoneyMaker4
Great stores and the discounts are amazing
Thank goodness for Studentbeans. I’m not going to be able to get the discount on the stores that I love, with the other apps. Who doesn’t love BeBe??!! I don’t know why I didn’t find this sooner but I’m glad I got it now!
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5 years ago, TrevorXII
Good app but won’t very my email
I keep on sending verification emails to my college email account and everytime i press the link, it goes to safari and then says “open in app?” and after I do so, it bugs out and doesn’t verify my account. I emailed the verify email address from my college account and nothing either.
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4 years ago, Was a berrrry good app
Great App
I am a poor college student (please send money lol) anyways, this app really gives great deals. I enjoy shopping for clothes, jewelry, and other things us poor people need to avoid. This app helps with that a lot.
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4 years ago, 1day.U2willpay.4awl.Udun.2Me
Almost justification for taking 7 yrs to earn a 4 yr degree...
It’s “bean” great! Easy to use , no hidden upsales, and a surprising amount of organizations/retailers participate, across a wide array of product categories. PLEASE keep up your efforts to source more partners!
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4 years ago, Dee.202
Great app!
Before buying something for the full price I go to the app and there is usually a discount for the items I want. So happy I found this app. Great for students who are in a budget.
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5 years ago, JJV_1
Great app! Has tons of different discounts and customer service is great and responds quickly! Would definitely recommend to any students in high school or college!
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4 years ago, SLIMCUTE510
I hope this will help me because I believe that when I post this message that my five star beam wasn’t for nothing cause I don’t like lies and I don’t do them.
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4 years ago, best student app
I love this app
This app helps me find without having to search the web for student discounts.
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5 years ago, Terrilashea24
Love this App!
It’s fire, I never took advantage of getting student discounts because I didn’t know all these places offered it until I started using this app.
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5 years ago, woodcider
Much Needed Discount
I wear large-sized shoes and I only have a few places where I can find them. And because they have a pretty desperate clientele, they rarely have sales and all their shoes are overpriced. So the 10% discount is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you Student Beans!
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4 years ago, khrystalg
Love discounts
This app has helped me saved some money when ordering online esp with being a student and mother with other bills to pay! I LOVE ONLINE SHOPPING. So thank you for the student beans😆
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4 years ago, salty mcdougal
It’s very nice to have a little financial help when you’re paying for school and trying to make ends meet!
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3 years ago, YouTuber2015
Great idea, but stop sending me deals not available to me!
This has happened time and time again. I’ll get a push notification and/or email saying there is this great deal only to follow through and be told it’s no available in my country. If you know what country I’m in, why send me deals I can’t use?!
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3 years ago, Mindy Pearce
I think it’s disrespectful to automatically choose someone’s pronouns and put them in their bio for them. I do not follow any pronouns and you have choose to select one for me and put it in my bio without my consent. That’s disgusting. I can’t even opt out of any of the pronouns you have listed. You cannot choose that for someone and I’m not okay with it.
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3 years ago, BJC.3
Great app not anything better
One of the few sites I have gotten fantastic products at significantly reduced prices.
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4 years ago, oliviam123456789
amazing deals
GREAT APP!! so many useful discounts for college students who definitely need them! highly recommend if u are a college student downloading this app!
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4 years ago, sadanapper
Students need a break
This app is amazing. As a student I’m always looking for ways to save money and it’s amazing there’s options like this out there
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4 years ago, Ghdshh
I wish more stores were included. Overall it’s great that these discounts are created for students! Thank you
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3 years ago, jiggboy_lynn
Never would’ve known it existed if it wasn’t for my girlfriend. Good to see an organization helping students with lowering their daily acquisitions. We’re plugged as students now days! Sweet!
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4 years ago, Annaxx7327
Room for improvement
Enjoy the app I just wish I could go directly to the website by click on a link from the app.
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4 years ago, _itsme
Love student beans!!! Always some type of coupon to do a little shopping, definitely makes me want to shop more!!!
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6 years ago, 516384m
What a great idea!
This is a great way to find student discounts! It’s a little confusing during set-up, but after that it made my life so easy!
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4 years ago, Julio ツ
Love the discounts
Really like the app super easy to use good deals for having student discounts hope they add more discounts in the future !
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4 years ago, jozzo90
I love to shop I’m always looking for a coupon and on student beans I’m always finding one;)
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6 years ago, lebosilebosi
I like the app a lot! I wish there were more discounts for things I personally use on a regular basis but it is a fantastic app for any college student trying to save some money.
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4 years ago, Happycustomer(A)
Great app
Great app! Let’s you know any and everything you can get a discount on! I would recommend for every student!
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5 years ago, sarah.a.s
Easy to use, great discounts!
Easy to use, easy to search for vendors and stores. Easy to find discount codes! Saves students money!
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5 years ago, FrostySkate
Why aren’t you using this?
If you’re a student and not using this app, why? This app saves you a lot of money period.
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5 years ago, vintagewoe
So thankful
This app is like UNiDAYS but more user friendly. It’s got everything I need with great discounts, and it shows me some sites I’ve never heard of
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4 years ago, Olisa09
Loving this app
Paying full price in 2020??? Lol that’s so 2019. I don’t remember the last time I paid full price for anything since Student Beans entered my life
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4 years ago, Bella Hunter 22
Seriously the best!!!
Wish I knew about this the entire time I’ve been a student!!! Amazing deals. So grateful for this company.
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5 years ago, alj_2
Won’t let you log in or make an account
The app shows a bunch of discounts but won’t actually let you log in, and when you try to make an account to fix the issue it still doesn’t work and keeps failing. Just a waste of space until something is fixed.
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4 years ago, KPV20011
Many different discounts with no catch!
Many different discounts with no catch!
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12 months ago, Unknown1112233
Doesn’t let you log in
Literally tried signing in like 10 times. It showed a check mark saying my college is confirmed but when I click continue it goes back to verify your college over and over again
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