StudentUniverse: Cheap Travel

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User Reviews for StudentUniverse: Cheap Travel

4.82 out of 5
26.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Mathew18474822773
Had to take taxi from SJC to SFO
I don’t remember this being in my itinerary when I purchased my tickets. It costed an extra $100 just to get from one airport to another. Not very efficient, and when you add on the amount I spent to get from San Jose to San Francisco, it was no deal at all. I could have purchased tickets elsewhere for the same price and saved myself the inconvenience. Very annoying to say the least, especially after a 20 hour flight back from Thailand. I would just book straight through the airlines, or use another company. Very disappointed in the hidden cost I had to pay to get from one airport to another between flights. Will not be using StudentUniverse again after this trip.
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4 months ago, L.25E.
Terrible customer service
My flight was canceled due to the 737 groundings and the airline texted me to notify me of this and said I would receive an email with more information about next steps. I never received such an email from the airline. 4hrs later I received an email from student universe notifying me of this change, asking if I wanted to accept the absurd new flight they booked me on. This was after I had already tried to call the airline about the absurd new flight (2days after my original departure date and an 18hr layover), and called student universe to try and get a better flight. I thought this issue was handled after I spoke to the second student universe representative - the first one had no idea what he was doing. I rebooked a flight on a new airline, as I was told I was getting a refund, only to learn when I landed, that they still had not contacted the airline for a refund, but had instead booked me on yet another absurd alternative flight. Just absolutely horrible experience. I thought student universe was a great company for the prices, but their customer service is not worth the lack of price. They will not be in any way helpful if any thing happens to your flight. You can tell them what you want to happen, that you cannot add 2 days to your trip, that you want to decline the offered alternative flights and just get a refund, but no. They don’t listen and don’t fight for you as the customer
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1 year ago, Ruchi2011
Studentuniverse is the worst!
I had a horrible experience from airport staff and contacted studentuniverse but they were unresponsive. I tried contacting them multiple times. I contacted my bank and the airlines directly who gave me the refund for $1700 for the inconvenience. But these crazy people, not only did they rebilled my account after4 MONTHS with $1700 again, even after telling all the details what happened, they as a merchant straightaway lied to the airlines to finally rebilling the amount from my card again. This is the worst website you could choose for getting $10 bucks of discount and then you’re going to suffer later and you could never expect any help from them. Studentuniverse are very active only when it comes to sucking money out of your pocket. They told the airlines I cancelled the ticket, but in reality I was talking about the one way ticket where i experienced this whole situation, not during the return ticket which I cancelled later. (For which I never received the refund btw) I would never ever recommend anybody to book from this website it’s a total scam they don’t care about the passengers at all!!!
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4 years ago, okayineedanickname
Best & easiest sight for students & youth
When I first started traveling at age 16 I was in over my head with 1 million different sites in 1 million different prices and none of them being verified I stumbled upon student universe in my life got so much easier I was able to book amazing flights are cheap easy my itinerary was always on my phone so I could see yet got updates and could see what baggage I had and when my flights were literally saved my life as a team traveler and I took it into my adult life took booked so many flights with us and hotels this site makes me so happy and makes my life so much easier highly recommend
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6 months ago, Don´t waste your money in it
Disappointing Experience with Airline and Student Universe
I recently had a frustrating experience with an airline and Student Universe. I opted not to take the initial leg of my flight and used alternative means to reach my destination. However, to my dismay, the airline cancelled my return flight without offering any compensation. This left me with no choice but to purchase a new return ticket at additional cost. When I reached out to Student Universe for assistance, they were unhelpful, citing a clause in their contract which states that if a passenger does not use the first leg of their journey, they forfeit the entire trip. This policy feels quite unfair and was not adequately highlighted at the time of booking. The lack of flexibility and support in this situation was disappointing, and it’s important for potential customers to be aware of such policies and the implications they might have on their travel plans.
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4 years ago, Bihbhjbhj
Be careful
I fly a decent amount, so I consider myself decently good at hunting for prices but I missed the ball using student universe. Apparently they booked me two „one-way tickets“ instead of just a connecting flight. Because of this, I have to pay two bag fees, check my bag in twice and go through security twice. I called the airlines asking if they could do something but they could not since I booked it through a third party. No fault of the airlines since they had no idea, but if i wasn’t proactive I wouldn’t have known and my bag would be left at the airport. I had never heard of anyone booking tickets like this so if you are going to use Student Universe be wary of just weird issues. My attempt to save $70 ended up being a lot more work and I had to pay the amount in fees anyways because of their weird booking.
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5 years ago, ERIC A BOY
Super helpful+saves
To be completely honest, I really do like this site, and being a student, it’s nice to get the discounts. The overall layout of the app is super friendly, the deals are actual deals compared to other such sites (but you usually have to book farther out). I also love the way they organize the trips page based on the tickets+lodging. It’s very neat, and very user friendly. Students don’t usually make high income so it’s always a big help to cut travel cost to and from places, especially if the student is going on an exchange across seas. Highly recommend for students to take a look at.
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7 years ago, slp6373
This app has changed my life! I am a peer mentor at my university as well as the sisterhood chair for a sorority, and I recommend this to all new students, transfer students, anybody at all that doesn’t know about this app and who has access to it. I have become the traveler of my dreams due to the easy grid view with flexible dates and prices to help me find the lowest for hotels and air traveling! This app lets me easily access my bookings and keep track of my life and stay organized as well. Highlyyyyy recommend!
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4 years ago, KatrinaHooker
not prepared for emergencies
once i knew that i would need to change my flight coming home ( due to corona), i immediately called student universe, while my parents called the airline. i opted to have my phone number be in line and they would call me back. in the mean time, my parents were able to change my flight through the airline, perfect! i had planned on telling su once they called me back, but they didn’t. I assumed the airline had communicated with SU and let them know, but that is simply not the case, as i am currently stuck in an airport as ‘no ticket exists due to the travel company’. there is nothing they can do, as it is a problem with the travel company. please, save yourself the trouble and just book with the regular airline. the money saved is not worth the anxiety attack and the hassle of being on hold for hours
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4 years ago, ankur bhowmik
Don’t trust this agent
I book my flight 25 days ago before departure date and before 7 day of departure my flight got cancelled and they rescheduled my flight 4 time and even after this they told me that you have to pay extra because your flight got canceled or get the flight after 16 day of actually departure date or get refund if I tell them to get refund they told that it will take up to 6 weeks .right now I am fighting for my ticket .please book you ticket throw airline because in this corona pandemic this type of agent doing business and getting you money and use it and few day before departure they will tell that your flight got canceled and pay the extra charges or get refund safe and be aware of these types of agents
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5 years ago, Liz Wojo
Absolutely worst customer service ever!
I paid for an upgrade that was offered through the app, this was suppose to include a checked bag and a choice of seat, I was unable to do either of these things and when I learned about this I called to ask for a refund and was told sorry about your luck but there is absolutely no way they would issue a refund so having also paid for price drop protection I asked them to match the ticket my travel companion had purchased the same day again they refused so I ended up paying twice the amount as my travel companion for the exact same ticket. The service I received from the manager was deplorable, I have never had someone make so many excuses, I will never be using this app again.
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2 years ago, XueruiWang
Love but
I have been using Student universe for a long time with no problem. They always have good deals, even cheaper than buying directly from the flight’s own website. Now it showed on the app that I needed to verify my student account, but whenever I hit verify button, the app close off itself no matter how many times I tried. Please get this bug fixed!
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3 years ago, mgsjscyu
Flight changes
My flight date changed and I was not made aware of it until I went back and checked my flight info myself, a whole month after booking the flight. I needed to change flights after finding this out and there wasn’t any way to do that or try and figure out how to navigate my planned trip. If that wasn’t bad enough, one of the connecting flights got canceled and so I was trying to find a way to change that as well and there wasn’t one. Customer service and the help page did not answer my questions or help me at all and now I am stressed as I am one week away from my flight date.
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4 years ago, Vic25787
Best travel agency for students
I have been using studnetuniverse for almost 4 years now ever since I needed to find a cheap last minute ticket. The app is soo easy to navigate and while sometimes their prices maybe the same as the airlines there are other times (especially with last minute bookings) where Student Universe will have AMAZING deals that make a last minute trip possible! 10/10 would recommend
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3 years ago, SUniverse User
Bug accessing app
Hello StudentUniverse Team - I just updated my student universe IOS app to the latest version 5.10.0, but now I’m having trouble accessing the app. It keeps on asking me to update the app and there’s no way I can skip past it to use the app. Can someone please help me understand if I’m doing something wrong here or if this is a known bug. Thanks!
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3 years ago, maddyg_7723
buggy and slow
Good deals... but the app is slow to load between screens and often times freezes before i’m able to even book anything. also, I dont think there’s a feature to search a specific hotel just general locations - which makes it very difficult when going to a huge place like NYC and wanting to find one specific hotel, only having to scroll through ALL of the hotels in New York. Having trouble booking hotels through the map view too, that’s when I find it usually crashes.
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5 years ago, Mia aleah
Looks great until...
So I was extremely excited when I found such a great price and the flight popped up for the perfect times! (I also found the same flight on hopper the night before but the same thing happened for this flight) I call customer service because after I put in my card information to submit my purchase it told me to call customer service to finalize. The lady told me the flight was no longer available but maybe I should just keep checking and hope it shows up. How am I suppose to do that when the listed flights are not correctly updated? Customer service did not help. Very upset.
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1 year ago, Ders 2k20
No add to calendar option but can book based on Zodiac sign
Just there was an easy way to add trip details to my calendar. I have to do it manually. And when I share my trip info with my gf, she says she has to enter in my email address and confirmation number to view the itinerary—so many unnecessary steps. Product owner needs to ask themself why they chose to implement the ability to explore next trip based on user’s zodiac sign over the ability to add to calendar. Bad choice IMO.
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3 months ago, bennymyboy45
Do NOT use this site
I booked a flight one night for $344, which was then cancelled because “The price went up as I was purchasing the ticket”. I checked the next day and it was the same price. I called and asked why I’m not able to book the next day after checking and they said “It’s unavailable” so I asked “why is it still in the website” and the lady kept putting the blame on me and avoiding the question and told me “You can pay over the phone the higher price and a $10 manual payment fee”. Absolutely ridiculous. You’re better off using Expedia
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6 years ago, Emfnt
Great customer support!
Sometimes, when attempting to book outside the US, it seems like everyone is working against you. Just try to get someone from Google Flights or Expedia to contact you, let alone actually help you. The staff was in constant communication making sure that my flight was booked properly. My new flight app!
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4 years ago, tghkkljf
Do Not Use Student Universe
If there is a pandemic and the airline cancels your flight beware of using Student Universe because they will do everything in their power to NOT refund you your money. They claim to be student friendly but this is a lie! They hide behind rules and policies to serve their own interests. Will never purchase from student universe again and will never purchase a ticket directly from a third party source such as student universe. Called them over the course of 3 months to get my refund and I kept being diverted and finally was lied to by one of their agents. Very unprofessional service and til this day I have not received a refund.
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6 years ago, Kimbodear
Please fix this bug!!
I’ve used student universe for years and the app is usually great, but for the last few months, every once in a while the departure date gets frozen in the flight search and I can’t change it no matter if I restart the app, look at different cities, change from one-way to round trip, etc. The only way I’ve been able to fix it is deleting and reinstalling the app, but it’s super annoying doing it every week :/
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1 year ago, dgarmo7
Haven’t been able to use it
A friend of mine told me that this was a good app to find good prices as a college student. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see if it’s as great as she told me because it wouldn’t let me confirm my student status, and I’m scare of but the tickets without doing that first because what if they raise my prices last minute because of that? What if they end up charging me more claiming that it’s because I never confirmed my student status? If anyone can help me with that I’ll be more than thankful and happy to change my review
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6 years ago, Rushi Gopinath
Double booked the room - Scam ?!
I like the good rate they offer for students. I really appreciate that. But Me and my friend have booked a room for our vacation. The app magically booked two rooms in the same hotel on the same day with the same names. But our app showed only one room. when I was checking my bank transactions I found about the payment being made twice. By the time I realized and called them they said my free cancellation time is over and now I get only 50% of my money, which is really unfair. Because the app didn’t even show the second booking. Really disappointed.
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5 years ago, dmelso47
I was weary at first because the app boasted cheaper flights on popular airlines. I used this app to book a last minute flight to Phoenix, so that I could help my buddy move back to Philadelphia. It booked me the same flight for $200 less than the airlines cost, and I had absolutely no problems. Will never use another booking site again.
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2 years ago, ineedresponse
No email sent
I am trying to cancel my ticket as there was a change in time and I had an appointment for the same. I called the support team of student universe but then they didn’t provide me any proper support. I called again but again they didn’t provide me proper support. I will wait for 4-5 days if they don’t refund me I will escalate this issue to the supervisors of student universe. The team needs to be improved please help us to solve the problem instead of avoiding it.
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5 years ago, sexayladayyyyy
Best travel app for students
I travel very frequently, and have found that most travel/airline sites are overpriced and also frustrating to navigate. The Student Universe app is SO easy to use and has always given me the cheapest flight prices available to save me the most money. Highly recommend for all students!!!!
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2 years ago, cel22mo
Highly Recommend!
I love Student Universe! I book almost every flight with them because they have great deals and I’ve never had any problems. They also have very friendly, quick, and helpful customer service representatives.
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6 years ago, LittleO619
Pretty good
I’ve used this app multiple times to purchase tickets for my travel. While sometimes it is overpriced, you can typically find good deals for your round trip. It’s, of course, not the fault of the app that tickets cost so much so you have to take that into consideration. I’ve also spoken with customer service before and it was a lovely, kind woman who assisted me. So far so good with this app!
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6 years ago, Mushily
I was very pleased with the app but as soon as I tried to book a flight an error message popped up. It said “the airline was not able to confirm that flight. Please select a different flight.” I think it’s fraudulent that Student Universe advertises affordable flights without being able to book a flight.
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5 years ago, annsleej
Easy Way to Book as a Student
Booked my trip through this app and it was a great experience. Received $20 off my tickets and everything went smooth. Can’t wait to use student universe for my next trip. I booked a trip from ATL to Paris and they saved me well over $400 compared to Skyscanner and Google Flights!
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5 years ago, MayaraMachoski
Just English Documents?? 🤨
An international app that doesn’t accept an picture of my student visa because is in Spanish or my University letter because it is in Spanish? Come on! I guess I will have to pay 500 dollars to translate my document and than be able to use the app and have 100 dollars student discount! Very smart!
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2 years ago, soflobrad
Wouldn’t recommend.
If it’s your first time booking flights don’t ever choose this place. I was supposed to return on the 27th of June and looked at the details of my one way trip and said I was supposed to arrive by 1:45 am so I specified it said the the 27th and then just for me to find out that it was the 28th. Called and tried to make the change for it to be the 27th and got charged for it. All these people will do is bully you out your money. New comers old comers, either way you’re getting fcked..
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2 years ago, nvemula2
Regarding my cancellation of flight and refund
The worst service provided. When I have booked ticket through studentuniverse why should I go and contact airlines for my flight cancellation and refund. Even though I called the airlines and asked regarding but they are saying to contact studentuniverse ehich I did a lot of times but till now I haven’t received any proper output from this. This is really frustrating. If this cancellation is not done properly and if I don’t receive my refund I will have to take necessary actions.
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3 years ago, J👌🏾🎧
This is is just AMAZING. This has helped me book many flights and hotels. I booked a hotel for me and my family not expecting it to work but it did including the flight we went to Florida. This was a very easy app to use for booking and I recommend you use it
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6 months ago, lelepins
Taking forever to verify my students status
I am trying to look for a ticket and it’s showing me prices but then it says the discounted ones aren’t available unless I verify my status and when I upload the document it just keeps saying uploaded and never actually finishes and I waited for over 10 minutes
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4 years ago, medstudent571
Excellent app for travel purposes
This is the excellent app which I use for my travels. They help me out from getting me the right price for the ticket, to getting the best offers in hotel bookings. I love this app a lot and I have been using this app since 2014. Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything.
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3 years ago, its__Cloudy
All around the best app for flights
As a student I have been using this app for about 3 years now and it has always gave me the best price on flights. Compared to other apps it is always the cheapest and it never fails me.
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4 years ago, lolololol50
Reliable and Convenient
Always do your research and never buy a plane ticket on a whim no matter what platform you use. But if you go ahead and use student universe after considering all of the options, then you should be satisfied!
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6 years ago, runangelrun
Great App!
I can’t complain, the app is easy to use and affordable for students. I have been using this site for 3 years now and booked more then 6 flights. Saved me so much money! The insurance part is crappy but it will do since Iam saving so much on the flight.
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4 years ago, obideb
Really good cheap flights
I always use this app whenever I need to travel for a good get away with just a carry-on! There is always a cheap flight available with the best times that I intended. I recommend to all my friends 100%.
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1 year ago, Fact checker 42069
No actual discount, actually more expensive.
i heard about this app and decided to compare air fares from google flights. i was able to locate the same exact flight on google and compared it to the one on this app. i found that google flights’ fare was 6 dollars cheaper than this app. if you want to verify this, just pick a random flight on google flights and look it up on this app and compare to see.
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4 years ago, hfghhjjvc
International name correction almost missed my flight
My boyfriends name was inverted on his international reservation. If I wouldn’t have checked The night before his flight, it would have been a big issue and time lost. He probably would of missed his flight. So upsetting they can’t get a simple name right, I had entered it in correctly and somehow it was messed up.
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1 year ago, Piker2nd
Great services
I’ve always had a lot of years of student universe. Their stuff are super helpful and quick to rearrange flight plans. Their app is easy to use and I love their prices.
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5 years ago, Broke college hupty
Great for college students
I’ve been using this App now for a few months and time in and out they allows supply me with the discounts that my pockets can afford. Now I will say if you do see a cheaper price look at the time line also. But I’m a people watcher so I like long extensive stays at airports.
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6 years ago, beautybrainiac
Cheap flights for students
Always saves me a few dollars and is so easy and quick to use! Also pretty user interface! I also like the flexible dates feature.
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4 years ago, captainrice99
Worst travel experience
Flight through china was supposed to be a 20 hour flight but due to poor planning made it into 50 hours where half the time the airline didn’t know if I would get a flight in the next two days. So I spent two full days in china then flying back and forth in the regions so the visa they gave me would work. This was the most messed up flight path I’ve ever had due to the poor course of travel
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6 years ago, Katnip17
Shows flights that are not available
When I select a flight to book it, it says that it is not available. This keeps happening. Why is a flight listed on the app as available if I can’t actually book it? This keeps happening with the cheaper flights but never happens when I select an expensive one; I think there’s a pattern there.
Show more
3 years ago, Leiza-Chan~
My Trips information will not load
I have booked multiple flights through the app already, loved it every time, though my trip and flight details just would not load on the app whenever I click on it.
Show more
3 years ago, Sgill29
Student Universe
This app is absolutely amazing! I have booked several trips through Student Universe, and it has saved me so much money. I highly recommend using them, when you are traveling!
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