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FL Dept. of Transportation/SunPass
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2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for SunPass

1.59 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 years ago, sovereign orazia
What good is a rep if all they tell you is I can’t help you.
I went to the visitors center by Florida Alabama line off I-10. I went to the kiosk and bought a pass from the machine. Easy right? I was expecting the representative there would help me get it going. Set up the pass right there. No such luck. So why is she there with her laptop? My tag was right outside, my credit card in hand (I bought the pass with it) my phone in hand so I could load the app. So why are we paying for the rep to be there again?
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3 years ago, Acousti-head
Terrible to Unusable!
I have yet to have a successful session on this app and have given up! This app is a Grade A piece of garbage! It’s slower than ANY of my apps, buggy and crashes, does not allow for copy and paste. I’ve NEVER completed a task, I’ve ALWAYS force quit it out of frustration. At this writing, the last update was two months ago, and it was over branding and how it looks. Ridiculous!!! State of Florida: you are obviously collecting massive amounts of money with the SunPass system; why don’t you hire a real company to build this app instead of the yahoo’s that are building it now! Every other app I have gets updates at least once a month, and 9 times out of 10, they read, “bug fixes”, “maintenance”, “speed issues”, in other words, they are up to date and constantly improving! Good designers are watching everyone else, to be the best they can be - don’t leave this to a couple of guys in your computer department, get real people who can improve this! It’s TERRIBLE and UNUSABLE!…
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2 years ago, FStoev
Not working - Ku*cu ne valja
If you are new and wish to create an account, there is only an option to buy a transponder, you can’t say “I already have one” and that part comes after you se EVERYTHING. You have to start over and create an account through “Activate Transponder”. You go through the same process again, set up payment options, everything and in the end it keeps loading forever and the app freezes. I came from Eastern Europe and there are no such bad apps there, believe it or not! The interface and all is made like a high school project, not some serious developer - may appear pretty but is made in a way that the fields and the buttons are very basic, off center… just rushed, like a first working version at the time and they were “that will do” and it was left as is. Just ignore the app and do what you have via the website or whatever else, you’ll save your nerves and time.
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3 years ago, SuchValue
Holy Trash
I can’t remember the last time I’ve been able to use the app. I can log into the mobile website and make updates to transponders or reload my balance. However, logging into the app using the same credentials that I use to log into the mobile website, gives me an error. To be clear, I use a password manager to avoid manually typing it all in and dealing with trash like this. So you know it’s not a matter of correct spelling. Now the app has locked out my account, so I can’t even access the mobile website. What type of trash outsourcing is this. If you’re going to hire a developer for this, hire a decent one. No state taxes to help pay for it? Contact Disney, maybe they’ll lend you a developer seeing how FL relies on tourism to pay for stuff like this. Why even put out an app if the mobile site works better. Use webview of the current site you monsters!!!
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3 years ago, TicketNEVER!
Terrible App!
So many things wrong with this app. First, cannot manually enter transponder number as it does not all the last digit, so, you must scan it. This can be difficult if you have purchased it, place money on it and stuck it to your window. Which leads to the second problem. Can’t create an account with a new transponder if money was added to the account at the point of purchase. You have to call SunPass to get this account added/created. It takes 20-30 minutes to get through to someone at SunPass. The app isn’t program to pull data from your devise. You have to manually enter all your information, name, address, email, etc. Normally this isn’t a major problem, but when you don’t know why you can’t register a transponder you try to do it 3-4 times, entering your info each time. The app needs good programs who know how to build apps.
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3 years ago, Honcho501
Best ever!!
I received a pay by plate invoice in the mail for a tool of $1 with a $ 2.50 admin fee. However by downloading and creating a new account on this app, I received a $4.99 credit for creating an account on the app plus a $2.50 credit of the admin fee from my pay by plate invoice. I used the credit to pay for a transponder . If you buy the card transponder it’s free with your credit or pay the difference of $10 for a mobile unit that can be used in multiple cars you own. The app works great and processed all transactions without a hitch ! Well done Sunpass !
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10 months ago, pqsk
Crappy html5 app
It works and then it doesn’t work. On iPad it forces you to stay in the wrong orientation. Clearly these pigs just want you’re $ with such a horrible app. It’s so obvious it’s an html 5 app wrapped in an app. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so clunky. I mean with all that $ they collect, they could allocate a good percentage to make a native iPhone and iPad app. I mean no need to have 2 types, a universal app will work. Literally so easy to do. I could do it in my sleep with my worst work and still it would be better than this. The worst part is that the html5 specific functions on the text fields don’t even work. 😹😹😹 pretty sure they don’t have a dedicated SQA to verify anything. You can’t even export a pdf that obviously the web view generates. Come on, make a little effort and stop being in a sofa king. Wee Todd.
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1 year ago, Lizalu3
I’m happy with this app
Man so many bad reviews LOL. I agree that this app is not great in many areas. Yes it’s hard in some areas. But I’ve been using this app right when it first came out and nothing new has happen LOL. So the reason I enjoy or like this app, are that I can add money into my account very easily. I can check my balance and from anywhere I’m at like Disney I can simply login and add funds. back in the beging it was some dumb coupons. we now have five vehicles from motorcycles to trucks and only one transponder. No need to buy another transponder just add the tag of each of the vehicles, is that simple. You can only add up to five vehicles any more requires a new account. Oh it’s like pay by tag but at the sunpass price not the pay by tag price. As far as I know the pay by tag without a sunpass account will pay more per tolls. Nevertheless this app could be better in many areas. Yet it’s simple in the areas I care about. So I would give it four to five stars but I think 3 is fair for now.
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2 weeks ago, an1158
Hangs up & crashes registering transponder, in iOS
First time users in iOS will find it impossible to get beyond step 2 in trying to set up an account and register a new transponder purchased offline. The app will hang up and crash after trying to submit the step 2 information. The entire app design is poorly executed, with a bunch of hard stops that do not allow you to proceed. The website has its issues as well. I was forced to register my transponder through the toll free support number (which the app can’t seem to dial when clicking the call link). I do seem to be able to check toll activity, but have yet to try anything different on the app like adding funds or switching the transponder to a new vehicle.
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1 year ago, I am big rob g
Horrible App
Like many other reviews state. -not user friendly -can’t type transponder number in the app because it won’t allow you to type that many digits -scanned transponder number in using camera, gives error message -creating account you have to buy a new transponder or it won’t let you continue -totally ineffective app. Please just fire the developer and start from scratch! DO NOT DOWNLOAD, just use the web version to register. BTW not sure why those that are giving 5 stars are saying “Not sure why there are so many 1 star reviews”. If you read just a few of the 1 star reviews; you should understand. We are clearly stating the issues we are experiencing.
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1 year ago, jfhbkurukggogfgffgg
Trying for 2 days no luck
First bought SunPass Pro close by where Florida said I could. App doesn’t work however I ‘attack’ it couldn’t be set up. My info systems degree got me nowhere in hours of work. Web site took all my information fine but refused to give me an account unless I bought another shipped after I needed what I already bought. Phone number robots insisted I divulge my existing account and sent me to web site. Finally after repeated phone calls and yelling help I had “survey after call” a human who took credit card and activated transponder! Now app says account locked so after 2 days who knows what is going on? App still completely useless.
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2 years ago, Aquarianrivers
Not user friendly!
The app is slow to respond. It’s not user friendly because it is hard to navigate, the account information is seems to conflict with real time information regarding account balances. Menu items are not clear so getting to where you want to be within the app is hard. It’s just a terrible app. Developers, if you review the post of comments and care enough for those of us who would like to use it in a good effort to make life easier and less cumbersome - please outsource the development of this app for greater good of servicing us so that we may have a better opportunity to enter acting with FL SunPass.
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10 months ago, Mike Benton
I’m assuming that they reached out to someone that is a first-year student and asked them to develop an app for free. This is by far the most basic app I have. They have taken every activity and made it 20x more difficult than it needs to be. I’m sure there are best practices on most things, and they have gone the complete opposite direction. Honestly, this is exactly what happens when you give the work to the lowest bidder. I’m sure you pay for it as your customer service lines are full….because the app is unusable. Try a simple use case - update your payment method. Let me know how that works out for you.
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2 years ago, QuantumDan1119
Don’t read to much into it…
Idk why/how there are so many 1 star reviews to this app. It’s literally used for checking your balance, adding funds, viewing transactions, filing disputes, paying tolls, and getting the transponder itself. It works, there’s little to no lead time, and I can see if my transponder is working lol. Get the app if you want or give in to the peer pressure. Up to you 🤷‍♂️👋
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3 years ago, reverendlinux
Need A Lot Of Work
Caveat: This is a review of version 4.2.0 on an iPhone X. Given that this is app has had four major versions one expects it to be fairly mature. Actually it seems to be still a noticeable work in progress. The app functions well for me (none of the errors others have seen) but it’s lacking in features and polish. Some examples: - The map of Florida toll roads cannot be zoomed. I’m sure it looks great on a tablet, but it’s basically unusable on a phone. - The social media tool bar at the bottom of the main screen partially covers two of the buttons such that you can read them and have to be very accurate when trying to use them. - You can’t add or edit vehicles for your account. Summary: While usable this app needs a bit more work to really get it polished.
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2 years ago, yazbih
Basically a scam
This app does not update your balance in real time. Sometimes it takes days to update so you might think you’ve got money on your account to take a toll but really you don’t and will end up in the negative and get a ticket. Then you’ll end up paying for the toll twice. Once when you pay the ticket and again when you update your balance. Not to mention updating your balance through this app only works 30% of the time. This app is a complete rip off. Might as well switch over to epass or just use cash for now on.
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2 years ago, bullie dad
Horrible experience
Setting up this account, transponders and online experience is an absolute mess and a complete failure from a user experience perspective. SunPass really needs to evaluate this. There are too many solutions out there to make this experience easy and streamlined. Their customers should not have to deal with this broken experience.
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2 years ago, HDCVO
Supposed unpaid tolls
I just received an invoice for unpaid tolls. I use the turnpike every day, same entry point & exit point. I use the same transponder. I, for the life of me cannot understand how I haven’t paid the tolls. I can’t even get an explanation. I wish that the entry & exit points still had the the “paid or unpaid” signal. Any suggestions?
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3 years ago, 1 Realman
Toll Money Belongs to Florida!
Started to write about how this app is broken and not even working, to spite the few odd raving reviews! Then I realized what was really broken was that none of this toll money we all pay through the nose doesn’t benefit Florida. It’s true, look it up! Some Spanish company came to Florida and bought our toll road system. Imagine if all Floridians- Locals with residency (6mos) pooled their resources to buy this money maker Toll system for Florida’s benefit!? Alaska pays every resident a chunk of the oil money they make. Florida should do the same with all that tourist money!
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3 years ago, Maestro3780
Believe The Other Reviews
At first I was skeptical that this app could be as bad as the reviews were saying. But it is legitimately unusable. After attempting to download it once, and canceling the download, I finally got it added to my phone. Then it took several attempts just to open it, saying it couldn’t connect. And now I can’t even get past the online user agreement. As others have said, with as much money as toll roads generate in FL, there is no excuse for this. Pony up the money and get some devs who can make this app function properly.
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3 years ago, alex1b983
Defective SunPass - non existent customer service
I purchased the SunPass from local Publix, downloaded the app, registered, and activated my account. However, whenever I try to add a license plate I am getting an error. Just drove through the toll and the device did not register. It is clearly visible on my windshield. Tried to contact the support, impossible. Why are you selling defective devices to out of state customers and then threat people with $100 violations? I have an active account, I have my bank account linked to it, and the funds are available.
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2 years ago, MiniMii550
Absolutely useless
I've been getting charged $10 a week when I barely ever get on the highway so I went to the app to see what is going on and my account is locked so I can't check. I call and I can't find an option to speak with someone, and the automated voice service is terrible. This whole platform from SunPass is completely useless l, unnecessarily complicated, and broken, but obviously that's to be expected from public services in this country that moves at a snail's pace to bother fixing anything.
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10 months ago, Wizard11341134
Go with E-Pass instead
This app is so bad. Make sure you have all the information in front of you before try to set up an account including license plate # and CC info. The app will time out for no reason quickly. Also be extremely careful to enter the license plate correctly. I was off one letter and essentially the system switched someone’s vehicle over to my account W/O any warning about the license plate already being in the system. They wouldn’t refund my account even though I contacted them the next day.
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3 years ago, Supremacy28
Error error error and now lock my account out
Error error error error everything I tried after update and now it lock me out. No luck contact with SunPass. Impossible to get help from SunPass. Now look like I’m going see pile of mail invoice from SunPass ask me to pay because my SunPass device need add funds is about to run out of funds. Tolls is full of joke rip us off even though bridge is paid off 15 years ago and still raise price, charge us $4 per toll. Now app update don’t work anymore, lock me out, and want me pay tolls. Screw you!
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6 months ago, Estephon_Valdez
They updated the app
I just moved back to Florida and this was easier to set up and get the sticker mailed to me. Way faster than sitting in the phone for 45 mins or trying to work the web site that never works. I recommend using the app.
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2 years ago, cmbravo123
Unusable - would have gotten an ePass had I seen this first
The app really is terrible—it’s slow, half the buttons just act as redirectors to your browser anyway, and it rarely does what you want it to do. Ended up using my computer to activate my transponder (and that’s a whole other story). Seriously, what another reviewer suggested: this app desperately needs a facelift—and by that I mean a redesign from the ground up. Praying I don’t need to use this app often once I get my account actually working.
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1 month ago, jeffruth
Who designed this?? Ridiculous.
You can’t retrieve your account information without knowing your account number (don’t have) or your transponder (don’t have one, I’m not from the state, just a tourist). No way to get the information because nobody works on weekends. Somehow my plate is linked to a mystery account that I have no access to and can’t get into. Developers. Link to a phone number or email. This is known information that can be verified! So simple!!! Terrible app. Good luck.
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1 year ago, Hunter137651
It works
Just know it’s a poorly funded app but it works. Don’t try to do anything more then activating your transponder and adding cash to your account. It bugs out if I try to see anything else other then those 2 pages but all I really care about is being able to easily add money to my account and it does that fine
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3 years ago, MoMaLa88
Works Great! No Complaints.
I’ve been having no trouble with this app at all. I can’t believe how many people are. I guess I was just lucky... I found it very convenient to be able to prepay this and get notifications before I run out. I love this thing!
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6 days ago, willster947
App doesn’t work properly, JUST AWFUL!
I don’t know who programmed this app but it’s truly unusable and constantly fails on the basic of tasks. I tried to register for an account, I had around 8 errors and crashes and still not registered. I tried to bypass it so yeah great. But then on the payment screen, it kept coming up with errors…30 minutes later I get to the final screen and then it’s the dreaded checking system, which of course failed despite all of my details being correct. I used it on hundreds of other sites, so I know it’s their error! Just so so poor and they are obviously not listening as you can see that from all of the other feedback. The toll should be free for residents anyway which just adds to this next suckerpunch…
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2 years ago, Adam47374
You need to FIRE whoever made this.
App and website are complete trash. Click the link to register a transporter that you already have, and the link sends you to a lists of places that sell them.. I ALREADY OWN ONE. Click links and they go to pages that don’t exist. Phone number on website isn’t clickable to call.. I hired a guy from India to make my website for $75, and it works better than this trash.. do you not even test your work? Complete fail, your fired.
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3 weeks ago, Caillou Burr
So far I’ve been unable to get my account created on three different devices due to failure of pop-ups in the app. It is incredibly frustrating having to retype everything this many times just to create an account that only exists so that I can get charged for driving on certain roads. Also, the screen doesn’t rotate on the iPad, so if you prefer typing rather than touch screens, have fun craning your neck to do so. This is an easy fix.
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5 months ago, Gold String
Is this still even a valid app?
I have a transponder that I purchased, but cannot register because every time I open this up it pops up with an error message. Please either fix your application or remove it from the store. Or if you replace an application is out there update this one with a messagethat says please use the other application. Alternatively, please give me my $25 back for the hardware that I cannot register anymore.
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3 years ago, Mbolack
Absolute worst experience with an app and service ever! Trying to add a new transponder for our newer vehicle and it is impossible. Log in and then go to activate and directs you to another page that says account type is not authorized for web access. Log in there, then redirects back to original page asking to log in. Every time we are about to head out in a trip it always seems like SunPass is the absolute worst to deal with.
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2 years ago, Albertacho
Very satisfied
I've had it for three years and the truth has worked wonders for me, I haven't had any kind of problem and when I say no kind of problem it's none, very happy and satisfied Thank you I love it
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1 year ago, jrvjt
2023 still garbage
No improvements, same problems, not able to talk with anyone at SunPass just AI which is no help. Sent email, got receipt response with “we are busy busy and will get to you when we are able”. Ready to file complaint with Florida Commissioner the product is so useless and request all toll payments back from inability to set up or use. Had to give at least 1 star to submit or it would be 0
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2 years ago, big boy man 232
Works fine!
I’ve seen a lot of people give negative reviews and I’m not too sure why? I was able to create my account. Add funds. And login! All just fine without a problem?
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3 years ago, GreatLakesSaltFree
Abysmal and that’s being nice
Purchased the transponder at Publix and downloaded the app. Spent 5 minutes typing in my data and hit submit…..nothing. The screen never changed. Restarted from the beginning loading in all my data…..nothing. Went directly to the website to try to create an account and the same thing happened. Called the 800 number to set it up….70 minute wait time. Government efficiency at it’s finest.
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1 year ago, tywayne53
Slow, money grab
The app is very slow like others have said and it would not let me create an account unless I bought a sunpass through their site. I already bought one but you can’t make an account and then register the pass I bought, you have to buy through them to create an account. Another government run crap site…they’d be out of business if they were a private company
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3 years ago, Yessir!!
Utterly useless
Was this app designed by the people in charge of the unemployment website during the early stages of Covid lockdown? Three times I’ve tried to just get past the user agreement page and after hitting “I agree,” I only get the spinning wheel. Not sure what update it was designed for, but clearly none of them are iOS related. Don’t bother with this trash. I’ll be deleting it nearly as quickly as I downloaded it.
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3 years ago, zdh!odL
I would not even give this app a 1 star. It’s not useable at all error after error. Can’t get on have been trying over a week. Now I’m having to call them to make a change of vehicle of my vehicle. I’ve moved from Maine and now have registered my car here. I bet they be quick to make me Pay for going through with the wrong vehicle. Sick of it. Don’t bother trying to use this worthless app. Not worth the aggravation!
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1 year ago, ThatGuyFroMiami
Fine.. when it works
The app rarely ever works. I can’t even log in most of the time. It just doesn’t connect, on wifi off wifi doesn’t matter. If by some miracle you’re able to log in, the rest of the app is just as buggy and unreliable. Completely useless. You would think after all that we pay they’d use a little bit of that money to fix their app, but I guess not.
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1 year ago, SunPassStinks
Awful awful buggy terrible app
I can’t believe this sort of garbage app is what my tax dollars have gone for. I bought the stupid pass at Publix, then I try to register it online or using the app and I get error message after error message. And then customer care is closed. So I am going to get a ticket or a citation unless I waste a bunch of my time struggling to get this antiquated, buggy system and pass to work. Shame Ron Desantis, shame!
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3 years ago, Merlin 309
Sunpass is stink on ice
The Sunpass transponder app and program is total garbage. I purchased the SunPass Pro and attempted to activate it. Their website kept looping back offering an option to create an account and it looped right back to the homepage I install the application and tried to enter my data and it crashed up five times in a row, never creating an account I tried calling their office and they were closed These people are obviously an underpaid Florida state contractor which is totally incompetent and should be burned to the ground These people are even more incompetent than San Francisco New York and Chicago combined they don’t belong on the face of this planet Sometimes you get what you pay for and in this case I wouldn’t even use it if it was free
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1 year ago, No_patience_for_stupidity
What a waste of time…
I bought a SunPass Pro at CVS and tried to activate it online using their website and the app. It forces me to have to order a transponder no matter that I already have one. No way to activate an already purchased transponder online. Now I will have to waste god knows how much more of my time either in person or on the phone with the dunces who are responsible for this app (and website) to get ithe transponder activated.
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1 month ago, KDLao
Terrible App like the Company
I don’t know why they have an App and website if everything have to be done by phone. I spent 1 week trying to register a new account and the Sunpass Pro device that I bought. Always get the same error saying my plate number was already registered, but the plate is brand new, just issued. On the phone the agent was in a big hurry to finish the registration, and after providing my Account number, I was unable to access it on the website getting error about mismatched answer for the Question Security. I told the agent and she simply told me to try later and hanged up the phone. Now I’m here with a supposedly actived account that I can’t access.
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3 years ago, temeritoelgordo
Anyone can make a better app.
Worst application I have ever used, I’m not even going to get into how bad this app. Is. I’m just done with it. tried to reach out to SunPass over the phone and the wait times are in the hours. I don’t think it’s just the application, the entire branch running these tolls have problems. There is no way the automated system is so garbage on top of the application being such a piece of trash.
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3 months ago, CraigCode1010
Poor data practices in my opinion
I deleted my account a long time ago. I just recently got an email about a change on my account that included payment information. It appears they did not delete the account, and kept all of my information. This to me is a poor data practice as it could leave me, as a user, vulnerable, when I should not be.
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2 years ago, tamibeemichelle
Needs work
This would be a great convenient app to use. However, there must be bugs in the app because for the last four years I’ve been attempting to use this app, it’s hit or miss. Sometimes it works, but for the most part it will not allow me to simply log in, and that’s so frustrating.
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3 years ago, sdave90
Needs to be pulled from the App Store
This app is just completely janky and broken. Twice now I’ve entered my credit card information and my transaction doesn’t seem to go through, but I’m afraid further attempts to try this might go through resulting in double billing. I had to log in on a computer and use their desktop interface. The app doesn’t support form auto fill and doesn’t allow us to copy and paste billing information into it either. Submitted information also doesn’t make it to the backend. I’ve tried to add a card to my account multiple times today. Please pull this from the App Store. People could lose money.
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