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SuperShuttle, Inc.
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12 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for SuperShuttle

4.69 out of 5
8.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Snaggletoothy
The best way to come and go!
I have been taking SuperShuttle to and from airports since I was 17 years old, so it has been over 30 years. I traveled a lot because I was on active duty in the military. SuperShuttle has only gotten better and better over the years because of the ability to schedule online or through the app. It only takes a minute! And you can cancel even more easily, and almost up to the last minute. Where else can you schedule or cancel any sort of service so easily- and without penalty? Even when I fly to where I have family I use SuperShuttle because it saves my family the hassle of going to and from the airport. Does SuperShuttle sometimes take a long time to get me somewhere? Sure it does, because of traffic, but I would have had the same traffic to deal with in a personal vehicle. Much better to let the traffic professionals do the driving. It is the easiest part of any trip. Thanks SuperShuttle for your constantly great service.
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2 years ago, jules2022!
Super Shuttle was purchased by Prime Time Shuttle last year
We had to make a change to our pick up time and the process was extremely difficult. We kept getting transferred to different phone numbers and discovered that super shuttle closed during the pandemic and was recently purchased by primetime shuttle last year. Primetime shuttle chose to keep the super shuttle website/app as it was so popular, but when you make a reservation through super shuttle it is transferred to primetime shuttle. Their two systems do not sync up correctly, which is why we kept getting transferred back-and-forth between people. When we finally got to a person to update our pick up time, the next day we received a notification email confirming the old time. We spent another hour on hold again trying to get to a person and when we finally did we were told that our change had been confirmed and that because we had originally booked through super shuttle that is why we received the incorrect confirmation email. In addition, the app does not work correctly, you are not able to easily track your drivers location or contact them . I used super shuttle for years and absolutely loved the company so it is a shame to see what it has become. The only wonderful thing about the experience was our driver. We got the same one for pick up and drop off and she was delightful. I would be very hesitant to use super shuttle/primetime shuttle after this experience because I do not trust that their system works.
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5 years ago, #NSDA2019
Dallas trip
My super shuttle never arrived for our 6:00 a.m. pick up to go to the Dallas Love Field airport. I was told early in my trip planning to reserve a ride with Super Shuttle instead of depending on the unreliability of Uber availability. This was far from truth. A group at our hotel also booked with this company. They received a call that same morning that their shuttle had a breakdown and they would NOT be getting their scheduled ride. Thus they grabbed an Uber in 3 minutes. I had a separate reservation and I did not get the same courtesy call. I assumed we were ok for our reservation since it was a separate reservation and I did not get a call. After 30 minutes of waiting and pacing, I called and spoke to a very rude dispatcher. He could not find my reservation details and told me he had no other available drivers. He was rude to me and gave no explanation of what the problem was and why I didn’t receive notice. No apology either just rude remarks! I had several emails reminding me of my upcoming reservation throughout my trip so there was NO mistake on my end. Very frustrating, especially when you are the only adult responsible for transporting students safely on a school trip . One positive is that this problem saved me money. The price difference was huge ... super shuttle was 50 dollars , Uber ride 14 . I initially chose to spend more for the reliability factor but it definitely was a mistake. Never again!
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6 years ago, shacopian
Supper shuttle reservation
Two days before my arrival day at LAX I reserved supper shuttle for 6 people with 6 luggage and few carry on for August 29 at 6 pm, when we arrived at 6 first of all our shuttle was not there, when I approached the employee at outside of LAX after checking our reservation he told me we have to wait 20-40 minutes so we did. 20 minutes passed, 40 minutes passed we did not see any shuttle coming for us, but everyone else arriving after us got shuttle and left . Later I got text that cab van will pick us up , ok, again we waited until over an hour I asked the employee he said they are sending cab van for us we have to wait, after waiting an hour and 15 min van came, did not have room for all our luggages so we had to carry part of our luggage with us inside the van next to our seat and In our laps. There was a reason for me ordering supper shuttle in advance , we needed big car for 6 people and 6 luggages plus carry on otherwise we could of called an UBER. Company should of been responsible reserving and sending our car on time. When they send you confirmation number you would think everything is ok and will be ready Next time I will think twice before ordering a SuperShuttle
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5 years ago, BayEnt
Lost Customer
I’ve booked thru SuperShuttle for more than a decade and now have to stop using them because of their app and mobile site. The mobile site thru Safari does not work at all on my iPad, which I use extensively while traveling. The app will not let me enter my home address manually, it either changes the address to make it the entrance of my apt community automatically, which is a 5 minute walk from my building, or drops the number of my address (3155) and only lists the street name, resulting in a text in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping telling me I must call them with my address or my reservation will be cancelled. When I call, I’m told to either enter the address manually, which the neither the app nor mobile site allows, or I have to be routed by phone to the local company who then has to contact the driver in the middle of the night for an early pickup. My address is a legal address recognized by the post office and Google maps but the app will not recognize it. After this happening four times, I now am changing transportation companies for both Execucar and SuperShuttle, all due to the app and mobile site. Horrible technology. You’ve lost a longtime customer. Seriously, a mobile site not working on an iPad either!? It’s not 1995.
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6 years ago, FreeBirdSoaring
Super Shuttle App is So Easy to Use!
This was my first time using the app and it was so easy to use! If you are using a smart phone and you allow the app to access your location, it will populate the pick-up address for where you currently are. But you can also input the address yourself or do a search for your hotel, etc. Then you input the drop-off location. If you are being dropped off at an airport, you input your flight details and it will suggest a pick-up time, but you have the option of modifying the pick-up time. There’s a 15 minute window for pick-up, so if you select 11am, the pick up time will be 11am-11:15am. My driver actually arrived a few minutes earlier than the scheduled pick-up time. Then you pick your ride type, and then it gives you the option of including the driver’s tip in the total so that you don’t have to fumble with finding cash to tip the driver (I love this feature!) Input your credit card info and your confirmation is sent via e-mail. Easy!!
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6 years ago, ParrisConnection
Not a Dull Experience from Dulles Airport
My family and I arrived earlier than the scheduled time at Dulles Airport on Thursday. Our assigned luggage claim area connected us into the International arrival area although we were traveling domestically. However, the Super Shuttle App prompted me through every step of the way and the Airport Super Shuttle workers were so gracious to help me and my family every step of the way. Our driver was extremely gracious and wonderful and he even acted as our tour guide when another passenger asked questions about area locations, he happily just let us know the different areas we were passing through as we traveled to our individual drop-off locations. Super Shuttle services gets an EXCELLENT overall rating for customer service, accountability, and professionalism from me and my family. I look forward to riding with you again whenever I travel domestically. Continual blessings... Willie
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6 years ago, The flashlight is amazing!
Expectation Management - Unreliable
This review has nothing to do with the App itself which is as easy as Uber and Lyft to set up and navigate. This pertains to the expectation of the app giving you a confirmation for a ExecuCar the night before you need it then reviving a message an hour before pickup advising that a car could not be reserved. At least I was reimbursed. When I receive a confirmation (with a confirmation number), like a flight or a dinner reservation, I’m lead to believe that what I have requested and paid for is locked in. However, that is not the case for super shuttle. For the future, I recommend the app does not provide a confirmation number for a reservation until a vehicle is confirmed to be available. I also recommend the app indicate you need to make a reservation an X number of hours in advance (I set mine about 9 hours in advance), if that was the reason for the app canceling my reservation at the last minute. I had one hour to get ready and find another means of transportation to the airport. Thank-goodness for Uber. Very disappointed for this was my first experience using the app. I’m deleting it and sticking with Uber and Lyft. At least they are reliable.
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5 years ago, pl0323
Choose another service
A different numbered van showed up to pick us up to take us to the airport (van number was not the same as the app indicated). Once we got on the road the van started to shake terribly and continue to shake all the weight on the 20 mile ride to the airport. Most of the warning lights on the dashboard were lit and the driver said he just picked this one up because the van he was supposed to pick us up and broke down. This vehicle should have not been on the road nor pick up passengers. On the return trip after picking up our bags I checked in on the app and after 20 minutes it kept indicating waiting for a van driver so I tried to call SuperShuttle three or four times and nobody answered so after waiting 45 minutes I got a call from SuperShuttle saying someone would pick us up however we had to share a ride even though we paid for a private ride. I believe the dispatcher said I would be credit however I really couldn’t understand because he had a very thick accent. So it took us a little over two hours from the time we got our bags to the time we got home which normally takes 15 minutes.
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6 years ago, Gertrudejeckylloldenglish
Very pleased with shared ride service
The only type service I’ve used is shared ride. I take it from East Bay to SFO. The drivers I’ve had have always been courteous and safe drivers. The vans have always been clean. I only had one experience out of many where my van had a mechanical problem (broke down) before it could pick me up and it didnt arrive at my home. They called me on the phone to tell me and because I was dependent on them to get to the airport that day, they sent a cab for me and they paid for it. They had notified me in adequate time for me to call my airline and tell them I was in danger of missing my flight. The airline then decided to rebook me for a flight 2 hours later, and I made it smoothly to my destination after that. I was very impressed with how Super shuttle was right on the problem in a timely manner which saved me any problem. I highly recommend them.
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5 years ago, jason ravel
Total scam
Let me explain how this company and its other company execucar work. You will use their apps to pre-pay for your ride. They usually get you to the airport no problem. But good luck getting back home. They know that you do not have to make a flight when you get back. So they have no problem making you wait and wait and wait as last minute clients need rides. Because you have already paid and because you don’t have to make a plane when you come back from your trip they will put you on the back burner again and again and again and keep taking new fares until they have an opening and then they will come get you. this has happened to me twice now. Just the other day I arrived at LAX and received a message from them saying that they will be about 45 minutes behind. OK fine… Even in legitimate cases this happens sometimes. But Three hours pass and nothing from them! I had to Uber home. $150 Uber! After I paid these idiots $250 for round-trip including tip! it has been two days now… They have not contacted me in any way. Completely abandoned me… Why not they’ve got my money.
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7 years ago, USAF 03E
SuperShuttle Tampa
I am stationed at MacDill AFB, FL as an Air Force Reservist, but live in CA. So I fly back and forth every month. Rather than keep paying $600 plus for a rental each month, I bought a car and keep it on Base. Now I get a ride to and from the airport with Super Shuttle. They drop me off at the visitors center at the front gate, and someone from the unit leaves my car there before I arrive. That way I can just grab my car and drive to my hotel. Then I just use the app to arrange a pick up when I’m ready to fly home. I get dropped off at the front gate and my shuttle is waiting. A lot cheaper than the rental and actually more convenient for me. The app is easy to use and I can take care of my emails etc on my way to the airport while I ride.
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6 years ago, pkhutch63
Wish I could give it ZERO stars!
Downloaded the app b/c they advertise that your ride is cheaper if booked there. Typed in the name of the hotel I was headed to from the airport for a round trip ticket. Driver (who was GREAT!) confirmed the address before leaving the airport—- I told him I didn’t know the address, just the name of the hotel. He said that wasn’t what the computer had— instead it was done residential street address much further away (& consequently more expensive than the app said the trip would be) but he kindly took me to the hotel. He asked if I made a RT reservation b/c he was concerned that the driver would go to the incorrect address. I hadn’t even thought of that so I called, waited forever on hold, of course, only to have a customer service person tell me that he couldn’t change the address— I would have to use the app that screwed it ip in the first place!— and that he couldn’t refund the extra $$ already charged to me. I had to apply for that on the website! 🤬 TERRIBLE app with obvious bugs... even worse customer service. Won’t do business with them again!
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6 years ago, htfuugrrduuhddzcggfrszju;455;
Customer Service
I suggest an 800 for customers to call when driver missed window... keeping customers informed as to why alleviates stress if they’re going to be picked up. Or a simple text or call informing customer just a few minutes behind... most folks would understand... At least I would. I experienced the driver reversed the route for good reasons once he picked myself up... I spent almost 10 minutes attempting to inquire filling out unnecessary fields about my account and email to notify me. I then submitted an Uber request as a contingency. I, as the customer, was left in the dark... in the end... I made it to the airport on time... but was not confident or at ease if I was being picked up.... a simple text or call would have alleviated that issue... please do not misunderstand me... I like the Super Shuttle service and business model... very efficient and knowledgeable regarding flights, Terminals, Airlines, Etc.
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5 years ago, TeddyTX
If you want people to use your app to check in have Wi-Fi available
Finally got to the hotel. The first shuttle driver, never came in - he just drove away. The wait for the SuperShuttle was too long. Especially, When the first driver drove away with none of us. We were inside because it’s very hot in Tampa, and we were told that the driver would come in to find us. It was very frustrating because the Tampa airport does not have Internet in the lower level where the baggage pick up and the shuttle pick up service is. Perhaps a text message system might work a little better if people find themselves not being able to use the Internet. I did get a text to rate the driver, but if there was any way to set up my communication to be by text to check in, it was not obvious to me. Your staff was like “Yeah, we don’t have Internet here on the lower level.” If this is a long term problem, your staff should be a bit more courteous. I prefer text message communication.
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2 years ago, TheRealShire23
Will Not Use Again
Super Shuttle in Kansas City, MO advertises these rides as “direct”. When I arrived in KC, there was a mix up on their end. Their dispatch assigned a driver to me and that driver said they’d didn’t receive my trip, so I ended up sharing a ride with another person and we dropped them off first. That’s not a direct ride. On my return trip back to MCI, there ended up being 4 of us from 4 different hotels in the van. When I have to stop at 3 other hotels on my way to the airport, that’s not a direct ride. When I made my travel arrangements based on this being a direct ride to/from the airport, I didn’t have 3 other stops factored into those plans because it said it was direct. The only reason I used them for my return ride to the airport was because I paid for both rides at one time in advance. Please stop advertising it as a direct ride if it’s not. I won’t be using Super Shuttle anymore.
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5 years ago, lisa66ill
New customer
I love this service and am new user who tried it due to a friend who business travels recommending it. BUT LOST CUSTOMER’s review from December is still accurate. There are big problems getting the address to some places to be accepted properly. I had to make and cancel reservations due to surprise drops or changes to parts of pick up or drop off addresses not loading properly. I was going to same pick up and drop off addresses as a friend. The destination loaded properly for them and not for me-we both have iPhones and used the app. We tried in real time to de what the problem was and couldn’t figure it out. I could only use the service for my return trip because I had changed my departure location. I’m trying to get away from using Uber and Lyft but don’t like that addresses are more difficult and I never can see if my driver is actually on the way. Won’t give up yet but this needs work.
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6 years ago, moma Lele
Scared mother
My daughter was just coming back to school from Dallas. She didn’t have cellular service but was using the airport WiFi. Her ride back to campus had stood her up. I downloaded the app and paid for her ride from here. She went were I told her and the lady at the counter directed her to the shuttle. Unfortunately she still couldn’t find it. I got the info from the app about the driver what he was driving and even a phone number. I used a WiFi phone service to call him and he let me know he had her and she was safe. He even let me talk to her! Thank you so much. I got a notification from the app that she was at her destination before she could even text me. Again thank you so much we are using you guys from now on.
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5 years ago, Sunnyiak
Great App!
I use Super Shuttle a lot and the app is very easy to use. Drivers have always been friendly, some keep water for Phoenix travelers. I fly standby and can’t book until the last minute and I’ve only had one time I had a long wait, but that is my fault not yours. I’m retired from a career in Customer Service and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. People get sick, cars break down, traffic jams and unexpected accidents cause delays or cancellations. No business is perfect, and neither are the riders. My only criticism is that people need to stop being nasty and rude when things aren’t perfect. Plan ahead so that if the Shuttle is late, a driver gets sick, or a ride breaks down, you have time to get an alternate ride.
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5 years ago, 08/17/2018
Pick up not scheduled
I liked the app but I did not like that fact that the company did not disclose that our ride was not going to be available once arrive at the airport. Called dispatch who stated that we needed to wait 1.5 hours for our van considering that I scheduled a the return ride home weeks before. Going to airport was not an issue in fact our driver was on time but once we returned at the airport the representative was not aware on how long our van was going to take and after talking to dispatch we were so disappointed and extremely upset. We understand that van was not going to be right on time and we would of not mind waiting but 1.5 hours is not acceptable to let customers know. We end up waiting about 45 minutes but company needs to be more organized when a customer has pre-scheduled a pick up.
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6 years ago, Angel857
As far as getting picked up to go to the airport, Super Shuttle was a wonderful choice. They were prompt with ample time to get there. However, getting picked up at the airport for the return trip home was unacceptable. When I book, reserve, and pay for transportation, I expect my ride to be there at the time specified waiting for me! The two times I booked a round trip fare, I waited over an hour the first time and an hour the second time to be picked up at the airport. When I land, I am anxious to get home. I don’t appreciate sitting on a bench outside the airport waiting for a ride. Especially when I am the only person in the van. From now on, I will choose SuperShuttle to get to the airport and get Uber to come home! However, all the drivers I had were polite, well dressed, and friendly!!
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5 years ago, GRANNY GRUNK
Superior Service
I have been using Super Shuttle in CA, TX and OR for a number of years. It is totally a no nonsense industry with efficient, clean and capable accommodations and drivers. I absolutely love the Super Shuttle app which allows me to setup my service on my iPad/phone . For an 82 year old grandma with no tech experience, I must say that I was easily able to set up my ride from the very first attempt. On the app, It is fun to watch, the shuttle coming to my home. I see exactly where the shuttle is and as it approaches my home, I open my door and step out. There it is! It is equally accommodating at the Airport. When my plane lands, there is always an email telling me exactly where to meet my waiting shuttle. Thank you, Super Shuttle!
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4 years ago, Nubiandoll10
Simple as 1, 2, 3!
This was my first time using the Super Shuttle App. At first I was nervous about using this App because I’m so used to calling and talking to someone because I’m not tech savvy as I would like to be. However, this App must have been designed for the folks who are technologically challenged. The only thing I didn’t like is that it forced you to add a Tip. The reason I say that is because when I told my driver that his tip was paid when I booked my reservation through the App, he didn’t seem to happy about that. I really hope the drivers are getting 100% of their tips that are taken out through the App. The driver did the work of driving me to my destination, not this App.
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5 years ago, onephoton
No way to cancel a pickup
I had a delay that was going to cause me to miss my pickup. For an hour before the appointed time I was trying to cancel the ride but there was no visible way to do so. I went through all of the visible menu options but the feature either doesn’t exist or is so deeply hidden that it might as well not be there. Within the app, the only recourse I had was to text the driver to let him know that I was cancelling pickup, but he never responded to my message. The app now reports the pickup as a “no show”. I’m happy with SuperShuttle as a transportation service, but apps which make cancellations or refunds difficult leave the customer with a feeling of having been treated with dishonesty. If I can book a pickup easily with the app, I should be able to cancel it just as easily. This is despite the company’s slogan of “cancellations with no questions asked!”. For this reason, this app received a 1-star rating.
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6 years ago, Gypsyrebel5
Definite Wow Experience
I booked with ease and took the worry out of my travel plans for business. The text was a plus letting me know I could call when I was ready and I was able to text back when I got held up in baggage claim for a while. When I got to curbside I called and they were very helpful to give me directions to find my shuttle. The curbside friendliness was another huge “WOW” factor and the driver was able to give tips for the area and give us a little background. The entire process from booking to pick up and drop off was so easy and made an anxious traveler feel at ease in the experience. Thank you! Big thumbs up for Super Shuttle. Keeping this app for sure.
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5 years ago, Tintin 2011
Overall good
Last time I had used Supershuttle was before smart phones were our way of lives. That is when you had to call and talk to a real person to make your reservation. I decided to give them a try again now even though Uber and Lyft are both good options. I am glad I did. I like a company that is dedicated to transporting people to and from airport on a daily basis and who has been in business for many years and with a 4.7 rating. The app was polished and very easy to use. Driver picked me up on time and was great all around. A couple of suggestions: - I did not receive a confirmation email when I made my reservation in the app. I checked my email address, spam folder and no confirmation. - I got a text that the driver was waiting for me outside ten minutes before he was supposed to be there. I ran outside to ask him to wait a couple of minutes while I was getting ready, and he wasn’t there. Then I got another text that he was 10 minutes out. Not sure where the disconnect was. - The suspension on the shuttle van felt very worn out, and that was especially noticeable going over uneven surfaces.
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6 years ago, Leah R
Highly recommended! (SFO service)
Excellent from start to finish! The app was straightforward and easy to use. Our international flight was delayed 3 hours and by the time we landed I had already received a text from the driver to let me know he was already waiting for us. As soon as we arrived at the limo meeting spot he was there in a few mins. No cash needed to be exchanged, fare and tip was already prepaid through the app. Price was just a small amt higher than a Lyft, but with the added convenience of someone who was monitoring our flight info. The driver was professional and the SUV was luxurious. Highly recommended!! Will definitely use your service again in the future.
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5 years ago, RP3033
One and Done
If I could have given this fraud of a company 0 stars I would have. Booked my ride 2 days in advance and sure enough, 45 minutes pass after my pick up time and there’s no phone call or update on my shuttle. I FINALLY get through to someone on the generic 800 number who claims they called me an hour ago to tell me there was NO DRIVER!!!! I kept probing for details and told them they absolutely did not call as I was NEXT TO MY PHONE STRESSING OUT THE WHOLE TIME! The dispatch kept repeating “there is no driver available” with absolutely no emotion or an ounce of care attached to it. I almost missed my flight and I can confidentially say you will never have my business again. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE everyone who reads this to think twice. There was 0 tracking info because there was never a driver. Negative 5 stars and I sincerely hope your business practices get re-evaluated. Literally any other ride sharing would suffice.
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5 years ago, Mounshadou
Super shuttle app is awesome!
I have been using Super Shuttle since 2008 and have always been able to depend on the company and drivers to get me to and from the airport with no worries. This app is great because I can track the driver and get messages on the arrival and not have to stand outside and wait or have the driver come into the hotel to find me. Eliminates the worries of wondering where the van is and whether you are going to get to the airport on time. Seems a little silly but I have had shuttle services that didn’t even have me scheduled for pick up even though I had a confirmation number and had paid in advance! Easy to make reservations as well.
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2 years ago, droidicon
Don’t expect a pickup if it is early in the AM
I have no problem with app in and of itself. I have a MAJOR issue with the reliability of the services. A day or two prior to needing a ride, I ordered a pick up for 4 am for myself, my sister and my elderly aunt to take us to the airport for a 6am flight. At 4:10 I called and they were trying to find a driver to pick us up. At 4:20 I called again and they were still trying to find a driver. At 4:30 I called again and told them to forget it that we were making alternate arrangements and to credit my card back. At around 4:35 they called me and asked if I wanted them to credit my card. Incompetent. I didn’t trust them to actually refund my payment so I put a dispute on the charge. I will NEVER use this company again. We were lucky to find alternative transport to the airport and to make our flight.
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6 years ago, BONT13
David Bontempo
Because of my profession I traveled more than I stayed at home and you just dread some of these limo companies and people that you have never met to pick me up in the various cities that I taught Stylist new techniques, shoot, etc.. It was very important to be on time and you rely greatly on these companies that you are basically at their mercy. For me their attitudes were so important to whether or not I was going to have a good day....This company was very professional and reliable and right on the dot! I highly recommend them very personable knew their way around never worried if they were going to be on the other end to pick me up or not...dpbontempo
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6 years ago, Hawkhead978
Stranded me, Blamed me
I scheduled a pickup to go back to the airport from the same hotel I was dropped off 3 weeks earlier. My bags were outside but it was Santa Ana winds so I sat in the lobby. The app works so well that I can track the shuttle to my hotel. I texted the driver and told him I was waiting inside the lobby. I think I even texted him a second time. I watched him stop at a different hotel for awhile and then he headed to the airport. He never came to my hotel to get me. I triple checked. I asked the valet guys, the bell hops—the address and hotel were correct. He just never came. Never worry the panic that I felt as to how would I make my flight now! If Uber wasn’t so ridiculously overpriced, I would have done that in the first place. Took forever to reach a Super Shuttle human being and then she had the nerve to blame me! The driver is never wrong. Never again! I’ll take them from the airport but not to the airport!
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6 years ago, CMYK-RGB
Easy, Fast Ride Reservations
Used this for the first time to arrange to-and-from rides to the airport. Entered my address and confirmed on displayed map and pre-payed. I also prepaid a gratuity to avoid having to hassle with cash when arriving at the airport. I was picked up on time and the driver texted me when he arrived at my home. He was very professional and personable. When I returned, the luggage was running late because the airport stacked several flights at the same carousel. The app allowed me to send a message to the driver. When I exited the terminal he pulled right up. Again, very professional. I highly recommend this app and airport ride service.
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6 years ago, DCSchusters
False advertising
Premium Meet and Greet has a Green bullet with the statement “ride now available” on the app to meet and greet at baggage of whichever airport you are at - I chose Dulles (IAD) multiple times with different drop off locations and each time the app said the Premium SUV was waiting at baggage. This service costs more than super shuttle and more than the normal Execucar. I have used Super Shuttle for years and liked them and believed this statement because super shuttle mini buses are usually available at each airport. Anyways after booking, checking in and watching the vehicle 30 miles a way not getting any closer in 25 minutes, I called and asked more another vehicle - they told me the driver would be there in 30 minutes but it had already been 25 minutes. Do not use this service. It sounds like a refund will it happen, I just burned $120+ - please don’t do the same.
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2 years ago, Gigi Richardson
I called an hour before the scheduled pick up time to confirm and I was told there was a mechanical issue with the car and they wouldn’t be able to pick the person up. They said they had no one to replace the car and they just canceled the reservation. They didn’t even call me to cancel! I was the one who called the check in! HORRIBLE horrible customer service. He didn’t even try to find a solution, just told me it wouldn’t work out. The person who was supposed to be picked up had no phone apps to take an Uber or anything and was older, so it put him in a bad situation. I will NEVER use this company again and will tell everyone I know to never use them. I used SuperShuttle for years and they used to be reliable 10 years ago, not anymore. I hope your company goes out of business.
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1 year ago, RebecahS
Highly satisfied!
Our driver communicated with us throughout pick-up. We flew into LAX and there was a certain shuttle we had to take and her directions were clear and precise. She loaded our luggage and was very sweet and friendly. We were super excited to ride in a Tesla for the first time and she answered some of our questions about it. She started our vacation out in such a positive manner and made us feel welcome. I would definitely recommend this service. It was a little pricey due to it being a holiday but you get what you pay for.
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5 years ago, jinhyunu
Unbelievable Lack Of Professionalism
If I could I would give them a zero. Had scheduled a shuttle almost 2 weeks before. Text the night before confirmed my shuttle to the airport. 1 hour before the designated arrival time of the shuttle they text me saying they CANCELLED. How is this kind of business practice acceptable? I called and asked why it had been cancelled and the curt phone attendant said that due to any number of reasons the SEPARATELY CONTRACTED driving service could cancel “whenever they want[ed].” I don’t know about you, but do you want to rely and give your business to a company that can cancel your airport ride “whenever they want?” I think not. Be careful with this shuttle service. They provided a refund which is still processing, but the last minute inconvenience and stress of finding a new ride far outweigh that amount! I can never trust this company again.
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6 years ago, bdmills
First time using Execucar
I use Super Shuttle for business travel and have not ever had a problem. However, the first time I used Execucar my driver was late picking me up from the airport. My flight arrived earlier so I anticipated that my driver would be there at the scheduled time but when the time came no driver. I called him and it sounded like he said he was tired and someone else would be coming to pick us up. The new driver arrived and informed me that the previous driver had car trouble. Not sure which was true, car trouble or tired. It would have been nice to have been proactively notified that the driver would be late. If I had not called I wonder how long I would have waited. After a 10 hour flight I was just ready to get home.
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6 years ago, JFeiner
Great Airport Service with Execucar
Using the app to get door to door service with Execucar through Super Shuttle makes getting to the airport much easier. It’s less expensive and more reliable than Uber at least from where I live in Orange County. The drivers so far have all been respectful and on time and help with luggage etc. You can make reservations in advance and pay online in advance too. I’ve now used Execucar for about 10 round trips to LAX. When you return, unlike Uber or Lyft you have someone monitoring your flight and they text you the number to notify them when you’ve got your luggage since they’re waiting just outside in the lot to pick you up.
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5 years ago, katwalla
Very efficient app!
Leave it to Super Shuttle to up their game with this app! I tried another airport service in another city and hated how behind the times they are. I came back to Super Shuttle because they remove one less element of stress when traveling. Everything feels streamlined! I like that they give you an option to edit the pick up time to the airport because I just needed to get to there to meet up for a carpool ride out of town and not necessarily have to arrive 2 hours ahead. Also, I like that the Business direct-ride option was almost $50 cheaper than Uber. Win-win!
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6 years ago, DJaquice
Price & Convenience
I travel frequently and never used Super Shuttle. That all changed during my latest trip to Denver. A taxi ride from the airport to hotel was $77 dollars. An Uber ride was $35. Someone suggested I download the Super Shuttle ap and schedule a ride. The price for the trip was $22, and the shuttle was waiting for me when I got my luggage. The driver was professional and courteous and transported me to my location in a timely manner. I later scheduled a return trip from the hotel to Denver airport, and from LAX to my residence. Each experience was as pleasant as the first. Super Shuttle has earned a customer for life!
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5 years ago, 7542312453647584635
Terrific! wheelchair accessible
Terrific service with great wheelchair accessibility Great drivers Only negative is in editing number of bags /changing time because if airline delay/cancellations I could not the figure out how to do on app I called and on hold a very long time and finally rep answers then transfers you to a local rep then the call is dropped. That is frustrating I’m If you are over your 2 hour window of full refund no questions asked to cancel it is a easier to book a new reservation and cancel the old as the edit trip links did not work on the app The edit trip changes need to be fixed and easier to do
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5 years ago, Beautiful Betties
Friendly enough, but you get what you pay for.
We went with SuperShuttle because of cost. Normally when we go to the airport we hire a car and that can cost us about $250. We thought we would try SuperShuttle because round-trip for the entire group was under $90. All I can say is you get what you pay for. The service was fine and they were on time, so I can’t complain about that; however, the condition of the van was very poor. The floors were dirty and the ride was really rough. It feels like there’s no shocks in the van. That made for a very uncomfortable ride to and from the airport. If the vans had been kept up better and the ride smoother, then I would give it five stars.
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6 years ago, Coralon
Very good app - 1 major flaw
The app is very easy to use & is very responsive. I was able to book my ride while walking across the airport. The one major flaw - there is no way to tip the driver in the app. I was running critically low in battery & couldn’t find one. The driver said the only way to do that was to go online to the actual website. I ended up just tipping cash.. I do love the automatic presentation of the driver’s picture & the van/bus number. .... I appreciate the response, but when I went to check out, there was no option to add the tip.. I don’t want to add that tip until the end so I can make my own judgement based on the service.
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6 years ago, Wondersinlife
Super app for a Super Shuttle!
I have been using Super Shuttle’s service for well over 15 years now and it has been a delight to watch their technology platform evolve from a standard eCommerce website to a very streamline mobile app that is actually a welcome improvement. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into making it friendly to me, the customer, so that I can book reservations, view my vehicle options, check my profile, monitor my “day off” ride info and many other critical features. Try it out yourself and you’ll see what I mean!
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6 years ago, 
Great ride!
I had used SuperShuttle in the past thru the internet and tried to recently and was directed to the app. I downloaded and it was super easy to use. I had excellent directions sent to me when I arrived st the airport of what door to go out and where to expect the van. I was told what van number to expect and even a picture of the driver. It all went super smoothe and when my ride share feel thru on way out of town, I was able to hop on the app and book a ride back to the airport only 3 hours before I needed the shuttle. All went well!! Thank you SuperShuttle!!
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6 years ago, Frustrated App Queen
App Has a Glitch
When using self-check in, I clicked OK when it said, “I have my luggage and am ready to be picked up”. Then you click a Check In button to let a driver know you need picked up, but it didn’t work. I got an error message that said, “JSON could not be serialized because of error. The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.” So after lugging several bags out to the pick up area, I thought I could just call, but the app includes no information or number or info on where to go. So we had to lug everything back into the airport, and find a Super Shuttle office to check in the old fashioned way. The people were nice and helpful at the desk. Now I have to wait another 45 min to be picked up. The app is worthless and wasted about two hours of my life.
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5 years ago, 3saphires
I’ve used the SuperShuttles many times and I’ve been pleased. This review is for the division of the service known as ‘Execucar’. Last August I was in Florida when my sister informed me my dad had had a major stroke and was in ICU in California. I reserved an execucar to take me from the airport to the hospital, no problem. After a long day flying across the country, distraught, not knowing if I’d get to my dad in time to say goodbye, I landed in Ontario CA confident my ride to the airport would be there. Nope. After 30 minutes on hold I was finally told ‘sorry, you need to make other plans’ So I end up sobbing in the car rental line, waiting for cars to be returned, and hoping I don’t miss my final moments with my beloved dad. Execucar really let me down that day. I hope no one else experiences that kind of pain and utter frustration.
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5 years ago, Luv my choodle
I don’t like the new way to book via the app
Instead of entering airport codes, which are listed on your flight reservations, you have to scroll around the world - literally - when I logged in (so the system knows where I live), the map was on England and said something about Stonehenge. Then you continue to scroll and swipe to get to the right city, and you have to keep going because it auto selected the other airport in the city I was traveling to - two separate trips to two different cities. I would have been halfway done with my reservation the “old” way. Kudos for trying something new, but unless it offers a quick link to “most visited cities”, I’d prefer the homepage include a link to the old format.
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6 years ago, Clayton893647291
Awful experience
Used ExecuCar (SuperShuttle App) for a date night. First ride was great. Ride home was horrible. We booked the driver for two hours and used the app to book him. Put in our pick up and destination. Pre-paid. The driver said we no showed, even though I talked to him. The home office called me and said the driver claimed I no showed. Told them I am looking at the driver. I then talked with the driver and he refused to take me back to our house. Said it was too far and wanted to charge us double what we already paid. We refused as the app claims up front pricing. Said this was temporary for him and did not care if he got kicked off the platform and drove off. Really disappointing service. It appears the apps economics are not aligned with the drivers economics which can leave you stranded. Beware.
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