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User Reviews for Sweet Home 3D

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9 months ago, phkn
My go-to for floor planning new apartments
When looking for a new place we want to quickly understand how the layout will work with our stuff and how it feels to get inside the space. In this situation I want something fast which still has a lot of options for how to move and place things. SH3D hits that sweet spot for me. You wouldn't use this for professional interior design, but it's very useful for the price... I've done a complete condo renovation and a round of (successful) house hunting on room plans in SH3D. For the renovation, it helped to communicate the ideas to the designer intuitively, and then they went to town with actual measurements and CAD. It also made us understand what would fit in each room in a new or existing space. For house hunting, you need to know if a layout actually works before you move. With this I can get a floor plan and start drawing walls, copy-paste my furniture, add some basic details and in 20 minutes I know whether the place works or not. And from there can add details and go nuts if you want. Anyway, I can't give it 5 stars because the UI feels a little dated, and some of the models are a bit cartoonish, but you really can get a useful house plan in a short amount of time. And that is worth it for me.
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6 years ago, DP Lew
Very capable program
I’m remodling a house and love several things about this program. It’s much easier to work in the metric system, so I do all dimensions in metric, but in the USA lumber and some other things are still sized in inches. This program allows you to quickly change back and forth. Very handy to avoid mistakes. Also works as a converter. What I don’t like is I’d like to be able to draw my own furniture, windows, etc. that aren’t in the library. Pretty much all I can use this software for is the walls, which is very helpful, but I have to use similar objects sized to my sizes. Sure would be nice to be able to draw simething with lines and curves then convert it to an object. Overall, excellent value for the money. Being able to turn layers off is very handy because you can include all sorts of mostly irrelevant dimensions that you need to build but can make vanish for the larger overview. The 3D and rotation is useless to me, I only use plan view, but I’m sure some folks use it.
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5 years ago, OnlineInsite
Easy to Use but also very accurate and powerful
My wife and were looking for an app in order to be able to precisely create a new design for our condo (creating and moving walls etc…) and also being to decorate it to get a really good idea of what would work. We had the blueprint and simple scanned that as the background, and then easily drew the exisitng walls over that. Once we knew the measurements were on target we could easily add and move walls, as well as furniture and fixtures to get a really nice looking AND accurate 3D rendering of what we could do. We completely came up with a new floorplan and design in a weekend! The learning curve is small, so once you spend a little time working you’ll get the hang of all the tools. To me, this was huge, as I didn’t to have to learn some complex new app. Also, what I love about this app is that it is totally accurate to measurements (and proved measurements). So, for example, it won’t let you place a wall or piece of furniture that’s too large in too small an area. So, your renderings are our-to-life and accurate. Can’t think of much else amateur home designers would want/need! Love this app!
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5 years ago, MyTwoCents
Nice Program—Decent Price
I looked at several Mac compatible programs, both in the app store and directly from company web sites. Of all the programs I looked at, this one had the user interface that was cleanest and intimidated me the least. After a few hours of playing around with this program, I discovered that it is pretty easy to use. The pros: The program is inexpensive. If you don't like it, you haven't dropped a bundle of money on it. The program has all the basic features covered...laying out rooms or a whole house, placing furniture, built-in cabinets, appliances, etc. The 3D rendering is decent and instantaneous. The cons: The object library needs to be expanded... Needs to add kitchen refrigerator cabinets. Needs to add French door refrigerators. Needs to add side-by-side refrigerators. Needs to add below-counter ovens. Needs to add more typical kitchen objects like countertop convection ovens, food processors, Keurig coffee makers, etc. I am pleased with this purchase and in no way sorry that I made it. I look forward to future revisions where I hope the object libraries will be expanded. I should mention that the program allows object libraries to be imported, but I have no idea where I would acquire libraries to import.
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3 years ago, Mike-UAE
Very Intutive and Easy
I downloaded other programs all of which had a very steep learning curve. This app is very intutive and works just as one would expect it to work. Therefore, one can learn it very quickly and be productive within a very very short time. Also, there are many value add in this program which I found very useful....for eg: adding dimensions is very useful and easy. Likewise, the video walk thru is also very easy once you figure out how to work the camera. To be honest, it took me a little while to figure this out (you have to manipulate the camera in the drawing screen! A video tutorial would be nice). Also, there are many appliances and other items available to add (tosters etc) but not enough furnitures and kitchen cabinets etc. One thing I could not figure out is how to change the floor...add tiles and hardword floor etc. If this option is not available, this should be added.
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3 years ago, PlayItAgainSam42
Very useful for us
We're planning some work. This program has been very useful for us to sketch out what we have and the changes we think we want to make. It's fairly easy to drop furniture into a room, make it the right size, and drag it around. It saves my back. We haven't scratched the surface of what this software can do.
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4 years ago, denniG 369
I have been using this APP less than a week but have already completed basic plans for a 1,200 SQ FT home less things like curtains, blinds, and other furnishings. When I was investigating plan makers and trying their functionality my frustration level very high and almost gave up hope until I came across Sweet Home. It is exceptional and the learning curve is short. Looking forward to adding signifcant minor detail (drapes, blinds, etc.) to my first project. I am a senior with a drafting background (not AutoCad) so my expectations were significant. This was a wonderful APP purchase - significant functionality for a very low investment. Highly recommended - you will not be sorry. Party on respnsibily! dennis
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3 years ago, alexenman
Easy and Fast
This program was the best 10 bucks I've spent. I had my home office designed and furnature in within an hour of messing around - after 2 hours, I'd finally figured out a layout that works for the space. One that I wouldn't have come up with without a floorplan view. The lighting and renderings are actually surprisingly powerful and give youa. great sense of the space. I'd previosuly done projects liek this in sketchup or even blender - but this saved me such an immense amount of time and effort. I'm reccomending to all of my friends and family.
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6 years ago, The Legendary Rick Roll
Great App for the Weekend Project Warrior
I have used this app successfully to remodel a kitchen, and bathroom. Now I am working on modeling the whole home. Originally i used the free version, but decided that this is WELL WORTH the money spent. I find the app intuitive and easy to use. I quickly start making progress from the minute that I turn it on. Is this as good as a commercial CAD program? Probably not, but I also don;t have the $1200 to pay for it and the 6+ months to learn it. I highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, 47daycoal
Imported objects never work
This program looks great and is easy to use. It has a lot of the same features as sketchup for a fraction of the price. If you want elements from outside their gallery good luck. I have tried importing all of the formats that the program suposedlly takes. It always says invalid format. Even when you link to their own site, (which looks like it was made in the 90s -which is just weird) their own additional galleries, only 2 of 6 of them worked. Perhaps this is a problem with the M1 chip. Unfortuately, I have a half completed project and a big headace.
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3 weeks ago, Fauxist
Renderings too pixelated
I've used Sweethome 3D for years knowing full well it did an adequate job for the average user who wasn't trained in Revvit, CAD or other archtiectural software. But the pixelation that happens in rendering when opting for the highest quality is really bad. It doesn't hit the mark for anyone using this app for a profesional purpose. I know this is essentially a low cost, and in some cases free download, but honestly, it's just too limiting to use in 2024. o many other apps and software programs have gone way beyong what Sweethome 3d can provide.
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6 years ago, Holy Shamole
I’m lovin’ this...
...and haven’t even gotten around to the video tours of the rooms we’re moving to. Any move, can be nerve racking. Especially when it is forced due to the current building’s boiler dying and too expensive to replace. This has been a snap to learn. The 3-D visual views allows many different configurations to see how the new space will work. Big, big time saver…. Some may be concerned about wrong sized furniture, etc. This is no big deal,as dimensions of all furniture can be changed to what you have. full disclosure… I have no idea who the developers of this app are.. and I’m not getting paid for this at all.) So, the only thing I now have against this program is that after about 15 different tries for a Nickname, I’m tired that all the nicknames have bceen taken!
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4 years ago, Raeldor
Easy to Use and Export for VR
I was looking for an app that was easy to create floor plans and place furniture and then export into Unity so I can walk around in VR. This app fit the bill very nicely and is a great piece of work, kudos to the developer. Being able to import your own furniture too is awesome, as there is some gym equipment I also needed to place to get an idea of size. Very happy with this purchase and the fact it works on Mac AND PC is a major bonus. Thank you!
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3 years ago, ccmehil
Simple and Powerful!
I've been using the program since way back in 2010 and have rebuilt every apartment/house that I have had (5 of them) within the tool and have been able to do amazing renders and walk throughs to show family and friends in another country where I live! The current project has expanded beyond just the house to the neighbors and the street! Has to be my favorite desktop app of all time!
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5 years ago, TulareGuy559
Quick to Learn App
This app is great to pick up quickly. In an hour and a half of learning, I was able to create the first floor of the house quickly. Obviously thi is not going to replace a professional app, nor is it intended to. This is great for someone trying to decote or map out their home floor plan and contemplate renovations. Only thing I'd love to see is ability to put carpet or tile down in an easy way.
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1 year ago, 303Bryan
Great Program, Easy to Learn - But, buggy on newer Macs
I've been using Sweet Home for years to preplan various home projects. It is a very capable program that is easy to learn. However, the app has become increasingly buggy on newer Apple hardware. I'm currently using an M2 Macbook Air, and the app is constantly freezing/crashing when interacting with the 3D view and other simple tasks like printing. I would love to see these stability issues addressed.
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6 years ago, Alex Trasacco
Great App
I use this app for my Architecture Design classes and the students love this. It is very easy to design with and the “Modify” feature is a plus for my students to customize sizes of the various components. We have used this for the last 5 years and have only run into a few problems. This service from Emmanuel at eTeks is incredible. Great job guys! Alex Trasacco, Arch Design 1 & 2 Instructor Danbury High School, Danbury, CT
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2 years ago, Audiobook Listener 2019
Great value and fully functional
I am a regular professional user of Solidworks but needed an architectural software to plan some home projects without hopping on the work VPN. Once you figure out how to build rooms, it is an easy software to slide walls, doors, and windows around to get quick visual spaces before ever touching a hammer. Nice job developers!
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4 years ago, dmar2365
I like it a lot but.......
This program is very user friendly and the options are endless. However its limited in some reguards. I I cant seem to figure out how to add in ceilings recessed lights and add multiple stories. I would give it five stars if you could install a celing that you could see in viritual visit and have the multi level possibilities. One other less important note some of the click and drag product items could use some updating....
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5 years ago, Imuser364
Easy to figure out, wish importing models was easier
I've had zero experience doing 3D models and ever since I started using this program everyone has asked me to do mock ups of rooms. The only thing I'm lacking is the easy import of 3D furniture models from more modern sites. There's all kinds of 3D software out there, but this one is a quick learn and doesn't break the bank.
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5 years ago, Jim_Laurent
Great app with a few bugs
I've used this app over the years when I move to a new house to layout furniture and make wall modifications. Easy to use and provides good 3D view. Occasionally goes into hard run (rainbow wheel) when printing causing me to force quit and restart. Using version 6.0.1
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6 years ago, trevorbyrne
Powerful and easy!
I wanted an easy to use app that wouldn’t take hours (or days) to learn how to use. This was it! Within about an hour, I had created a virtual room and had fully furnished it. The library of stock furniture and items is pretty good. I was able to reasonably create the furniture I needed. Love this app! Worth every penny and more.
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2 months ago, Holly Nell
Changed how I approach design
This has changed how I approach interior design and remodelling. It's easy to use and easy to tweak in real time. Also as one hint, taking screenshots of paint colors and importing them as textures works well at creating realistic images - and Trimble 3D warehouse is great for importing furniture. Well worth the money!
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2 years ago, pdrpol
I had been using for my home remodeling with good results. Something I wish you change is the size of the mark use to tongle from 2d to 3d. It's so tiny. And for some reason when passing the mouse (magic mouse) over the drawing, its jerk. How can I control it?. I'm using it in an mac mini m1. Thanks.
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1 year ago, Roamerz
Easy to use
Great program. Easy to use for someone that's not a draftsman. I downloaded the free version and it did everything I needed and let me test it out before buying. Keep up the good work and thanks for making this affordable for the average Joe.
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6 years ago, wakkoroti
Quick to Start / easy to customize
For quick and dirty this really worked well. I was able to quickly import pictures of tile I wanted to try out in a bathroom and apply it to the walls. Really told me quick if things were going to work!
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5 years ago, only live shots
Buggy would be a generous description - Inoperable would be better...
Pretty simply, program cannot open, save, creating a photo doesn’t work, and any attempt to print will hang the program forcing you to quit - losing all your work - which you weren’t able to save anyway, so no loss there. I used to use this program ALL the time - I found it intuitive and very useful - but without the ability to create new projects or print , its just a waste of time now.
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5 years ago, NeilJvv
Great program
I like this program. I have used it for years to help layout furniture in a new apartment or home. I do wish it had a more vibrant 3D model library. However, you can usually get things to look close with a little work.
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6 years ago, mollee729
Kind of regret buying this app
By kind of regret I mean I completely regret it. I was completely optimistic when downloading this app to start laying out a floor plan for my new house. Not only was it difficult but when I would go to look at it in the 3D mode the furniture I had placed would be in completely different rooms. There would be double fireplaces and couch under the cabinets in the kitchen, just nonsense. Save your money and cut and paste to foam board or something else.
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3 years ago, KashmirMyst
Updated review
Updates are usually welcome, but I was disappointed to lost all the custom furniture I'd added to the menu. Thanks to the developer for his suggestion! I'll try it. This is really nice software, and I appreciate the developer's responsiveness.
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3 years ago, DonnaB1967
Rookie Home Remodeler
This program is very helpful to visualize your desired changes to your exsiting floor plan.. This app, along with detialed home building books, has helped me (The Rookie) a number of times over the years. Great app for the cost..
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4 years ago, defense1234
slight learning curve
Think Differently. Just installed.. It does come with sample houses to play with. A room is not the same as a floor space surrounded by walls. (You'll see). putting good text help file, but I haven't come across any video tutorials.
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4 years ago, Apple Since 1984
No Exterior Design
OK to use, but NO EXTERIOR DESIGN. I couldn't even put a roof on my house with this. I want to make sure the house looks correct with the roofline also, but that is not possible. Just wanted to warn people who wanted to work on the exterior of their house.
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3 years ago, Luna Rius
Useful, but badly in need of a dark mode!
Title says it all; this is a simple program with an easy learning curve. I'd like a way to export pieces laid out for model construction purposes, but that's just extra.
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4 months ago, JeffHUser
Was working fine but not locks up when trying to print
My machine (15" M2 macbook air, 16gb) is up to date, 14.2.1, and I have the latest version of SweetHome but it crashes every time I try to print. I've rebooted, un-installed and re-down loaded and re-installed SweetHome, still locks up. Help!
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6 years ago, Ria1964
Almost every time I am trying to save a project the SAVE or SAVE AS crashes. It closes and the my last work it gone. IDK why, I've had this program for a while. Just recently it started doing the crashing. And Yes it running the latest version. Please help and correct the issue. Thanks
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5 years ago, Alex from the North
This app could use a little fine tuning. You can zoom out by hitting command-minus, but you can't zoom in by hitting command-plus. That just drives me crazy. I'm using it, it's useful and I don't really want to learn the ins and outs of more sophisticated modeling software. But it just needs some QC, you know?
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5 years ago, Dagger969
Works well
Although it is free on the developers website, its still worth $13. Its easy to use and does a great job to help someone visualize remodels. Thanks.
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3 years ago, DJOOIV
App could be a bit more intuitive and alot easier to navigate, My biggest proble is the app keeps freezing and losing data. Far too many glitches!!
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2 years ago, Gram Rene'
My catagories column disappeared on the left side. How do I get them back on my house design?
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4 years ago, Hasan&Laura
Seems ok, but missing some needed features.
When I type "Roof" into help, there are no entries. "Splt Level" shows nothing about how to make a four foot wall. I wanted to put a deck on my second level and did not see any way to do that. On the plus side editing walls was a breeze, as was adding doors and windows. Might be great for some folks, completely useless for my need.
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7 years ago, Davidtorr
Could not remove watermark like stamps on my finished work..
All was good until I reopend the saved file. Saved file opend with green trees imbeded all over, like watermarks.. I could not send file to my engineer do to the distraction of the watermark like.
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3 years ago, LaSalle Guy
Difficult to Use
Don't waste your time with this one. It is way too difficult to learn and frustrating. Certainly not worth the cost albeit not expensive to buy.
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2 years ago, CruToys
No Rooflinles?
Search Roof in help files nothing found. Ok for interior layout, not what I wanted. I just want to draw a green house shed and show the exterior view so my wife knows what I want to build for her.
Show more
5 years ago, Codematic
This is unacceptable. The app will not save work. When clicking “save as” the options grey out and no dialog appears. If i hit quit and select “save’ nothing happens… WHY EVEN PUT THE APP UP FOR DISTRIBUTION WITHOUT THIS BASIC FUNCTIONALITY ??
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6 years ago, Two Circles
Difficult to use and odd sized fixtures and appliances.
And after a recent update, it has gotten very buggy. Save As.. crashes about half the time and I cannot get Print to work at all, so maybe one star is more appropriate.
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6 years ago, Alonso Reyes
Really great App and very easy to use - Get results in minutes
This is a great App, no question. Is it perfect? probably not, but let’s be fair, this is value for your money. I’m a former industrial designer, and I used in the past all the known powerfull Cad design softwares like AutoCad, SolidWorks, 3D Max, etc… and know all the hours and days it take so you can get descent results (Incredible ones btw, but again it takes long for you to get there). This Sweet Home 3D is a bless!, one single night and I was able to se you the Improvement of my house would look like, really, bulding the frame an all walls of my house took me 20 mins max! so intuitive, yeah I know, having experience in other softwares gave me an advantage but it would have taken me a few good hours to do it in Autocad or similar, modifications are so easy to do, amazing! puttong windows doors, furniture, colors, with a very descent result was such a joy!. Doors, windows, entrances, furniture might not exact what you have or full standard but you can customize to get close enough… have to say some things can be improved, layer management and slection of objects that are overlayed can be tricky, but for the money these are minimal glitches. This software has been created to take you a 80-90% close to the real thing, in a few hours you’ll see the full result, for me it makes it a Excellent app! fully recommend it, worth the money and more, My wife is in Interior designing and she loves it already, few minutes she can sketch things. Congratulations to the developers!
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1 year ago, Aaron87m
issues with Mac
I am havinng issues and lags that I never had on Windows
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5 years ago, Bousal
Great App
Excellent but mone level up or down is not working
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6 months ago, Early LongTime User
Love this App,but now Printer issue,
Printer issue, just spinning. Mac Mini M1 OS 14.0 Epspn ET4760 Printer v3.0 Any help I can get ????
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