Sweetwater Music & Audio Gear

4.9 (2.3K)
12.6 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sweetwater Music & Audio Gear

4.89 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
2 months ago, Stumpy McShredder
Drew Foster and Sweetwater Rule!!!
After spending $thousands with Guitar Center over a period of decades, I left GC altogether in 2020. I had dabbled with a few purchases from Sweetwater prior to this decision but after a few dealings with Drew, I made the decision to never spend my money anywhere besides Sweetwater. You have always over-delivered. I have always received exactly what I needed, and have always been properly guided by Drew’s input. He is knowledgeable and passionate about all things musical. I trust him to a fault. I have also recommended family as well as friends that also enjoy playing music to Sweetwater (and told them to seek out Drew). Y’all are an asset to the music community. Great job!
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2 months ago, The Original Thorjesus
I have ordered twice from Sweetwater, huge fan
The app format is cool, where you get an option to select your preference of 4 different models of guitars. On a previous Dyad humbucker order, my sales rep Evan followed up with me and even helped me dial in a better tone on my amp and pedal! It's really the simple things that matter, the customer-based details, that make Sweetwater stand out to me. I have a GC close to me, but they don't have the catalog or customer service that Sweetwater provided.
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8 months ago, LJ777777777777
This App Is Garbage
I have absolutely no idea where all the five star ratings for this app came from. It is literally the most glitchy app on both my iPhone 14 Pro & my Samsung Galaxy S21. It doesn’t save any of my settings. I have to click on link’s multiple times to get it to navigate to a different page/view. It often times won’t add the product I want to my cart or save a product for later. I either have to unload it on iPhone or force stop it on Samsung in order to see the CORRECT cart and/or Saved Later items. This is a developer issue. Sweetwater has excellent customer service and warranty, but their apps and website all have the same glitches I described. I think a lot of their customers overlook it because of the other attributes, but it’s 2023 what and WAY past time for Sweetwater to do a complete overhaul of their developers and GARBAGE software!
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2 months ago, ethos4444
I have literally never had a bad experience with Sweetwater. I’ve had the same sales rep from the beginning and he stays in touch and makes sure I’m happy and that has been well over a decade. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a high end purchase or a new set of strings these people will make sure you have what you want and follow up to make sure you’re happy with it.
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2 weeks ago, SparksS12
Best service you can ask for
Just started learning how to play guitar. Came across Sweetwater on google. Ordered a amp and within 5 minutes Sweetwater called. Thanked me for choosing their service. We spoke for about 5 minutes. The people there and the support they have is nothing I’ve experienced before. They genuinely care about what they do and make you feel like family.
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3 weeks ago, MegatonPrime
Great experience
I’ve had nothing but positive experiences ever since using Sweetwater for my music needs. I’ve purchased DAWs, percussion, guitar, and live gear from here. My sales engineer Ashton has been excellent with all sorts of support. He checks in every time I make a purchase and has been key in to the equipment I choose. I recommend using Sweetwater and forming a solid relationship with your sales engineer!!
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3 months ago, User Uruz
The Sweetwater Dev Team is Awesome!
I let Sweetwater know about a few problems I was having with the app that made it next to impossible to use on my iPad, and they actually listened and fixed it! Thank you! I love Sweetwater so much! I really appreciate your attentiveness to your customers’ needs and your impeccable professionalism. I’ll never buy my gear from anywhere else.
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7 months ago, Corykb83
Necessity features missing.
I love sweetwater as a company and place to gather info and compare products, but this app is garbage. It’s slow as molasses and can be very glitchy at times, but I could get over that…what I can’t get over is not having a back button or swipe for back feature anymore. You have all these great filters to search products with, but once you click on a product you can’t go back. You have to start your search all over again, which I gotta tell ya totally makes me not use your app anymore. Sweetwat stands for quality but this app is garbage.
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1 month ago, revlon64
Always ready to serve!
It doesn’t matter whatever you’re looking for whatever you decide to purchase whatever or any questions you have Sweetwater and my professional sales assistance ,who always ensures the best customer service hands down, and these days you don’t see customer service anywhere like Sweetwater!
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6 months ago, Rexomus47
Lots of Bugs
App worked a few days ago, but now it will not open and says “unable to update privacy settings.” I have removed the app, restarted my phone and re-installed and it keeps doing the same thing. Before the app began failing it was a bit slow, but it did work.
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6 months ago, Mully74
Excellent service! Thank you!
I was across the country in Arizona doing a gig, and needed an accessory in a hurry. Sweetwater was not only able to ensure the fast delivery, but Sweetwater representative Payton personally took care of the delivery as well as following up to make sure it was received in time. This was hands down the best service I have ever received! Thank-you!
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9 months ago, RockyCreeky
Good app, but still a little rough around the edges
The last update was great, no longer need to log back in every time the app is opened. It’s still extremely slow when adding filters to searches or hitting the back button when viewing items. A great tool for looking up products. Apple Pay support is also a nice feature.
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2 weeks ago, agmvcc
Consistently fantastic!
Every penny I spend matters because music is my day job. Sweetwater has earned my business in every way imaginable. When I’ve needed it they’ve gone above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed on big ticket investments in my craft. Simply the best customer service, products and prices.
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2 months ago, wenoi2011
Worth it
You pay a little more but worth it as the seem to always have in stock quality instruments and accessories.
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4 months ago, Grecoart
Great company terrible app
I buy a lot from Sweetwater. Even drove 9 hours to shop in person. The people and service are great but the app has had its challenges. The newest update in Feb. of 2024 seems to fix a lot of the problems I have had with it. I appreciated the response I got and the attention the paid to the app to get it working correctly.
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7 months ago, Homeless and screwwd
Hey fix your application
I had wish lists and my freaking login information is gone get your act together look I’m looking to buy more equipment it was easier now you made it twice completely complicated complicity this is straight stupid. I did it manually it was much better now I feel I’m getting jacked around
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4 months ago, GrapeLotionShelf
Yawning labyrinth of frustration. Product search is broken. Manual searching is a one-way trip down a tree that possibly contains the product category you are hunting for. There’s no back button or nav progress links to easily back up to an earlier fork in the road. I experienced frequent freezes, iPad becomes nonresponsive, app crashes. I just shop on the website if I want to browse or purchase. Last time I tried the app was a couple days ago and it’s the end of February 2024.
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2 months ago, Hrtzgod
Great service, stable app
The app works pretty well, links to browser when needed (gear exchange) and has very few hiccups. Would rather have a chunky app interface that works, than a smooth one that doesn't. All I need is a button that says "I'm going to let my Sweetwater sales tech go to voicemail again, sorry"
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5 months ago, Hallmark
Not Reflective of the Company
I like doing business with Sweetwater. Helpful. Friendly. GREAT return policies. But the both the app AND the website are buggy as heck. I’m sorry to be one-of-those, but I tend to write reviews when I’m tired of headaches! I just opened the recently-updated app, and I looked at a blank white screen until enough was enough. It was just STUCK. Still is.
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5 months ago, Raisin Nuts
Search Bar
Please fix/turn off the auto correct in the search field of the app. It’s very annoying that it tries to auto correct and makes it way less accurate for finding products, as many of the products or manufacturers don’t have traditional spellings of things.
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8 months ago, bluemeanieface
A wrap
Irrespective of what I think of sweetwater as a company they’re not bright when it comes to this app. They obviously spend a lot on online branding so it’s puzzling they would ask you to download an app that is just a front for their website. Especially when they’re pushing their seller’s market. Would love to sell me gear but the website isn’t great and this app is a joke. What a waste of bandwidth. Get it together guys even Guitar Center has a real app.
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4 months ago, piano-man fan
The search function no longer works
After the last two updates, I’d i try to search using the search bar, nothing comes up. This is completely unacceptable. I run a professional business and need to be able to look up equipment quickly. Sweetwater, you need to get on your developers.
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4 months ago, Horus513
Add a feature, add a bug
Each time the app takes a good / necessary step forward, something else seems to immediately break. Currently - product searches don’t work at all. I appreciate adding a better login screen, but I can’t search your catalog now. The app testing sequence needs to be way more thorough between releases.
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4 weeks ago, guitman^*
Happy customer for over 20 years
As a working musician for over 50 years I really on Sweetwater for my music needs. From pedals and cables to guitars they’ve got you covered!
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3 weeks ago, grantast
Love the expert and friendly customer support
Sweetwater is my go-to place for audio equipment. I am an instructional designer and voiceover talent, and the people there make sound recommendations for me every time.
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2 months ago, KFRJR58
I’ve purchased keyboards & audio equipment from Sweetwater. I am completely satisfied. Nick Huskies has been great in assisting me with all my past, present & future purchases.
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2 months ago, MartiMcFlyFlies Media
Sweetwater>Guitar Center
All day everyday, twice on Sunday. Better gear, better service, better prices, better everything. Best decision I’ve ever made was switching from GC to SW!
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3 weeks ago, Itiagtq
Order screen
Why do I have to hit the place order button three times to place an order. I hit it once and walk away and then realize days later that my order was never placed. ugh!
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5 months ago, MarshalSerna
No longer works…
This was a go to app for researching, browsing, and shopping. I’ve spent thousands at Sweetwater, and the app has been part of the process. I’ve been experiencing the “unable to update privacy settings” bug ever since I started looking into my next gear purchase. It completely disables the app.
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5 months ago, Hyperfold
Unable to update privacy settings.
Even after the supposed update on an internal system reported by the developers, the app on iOS and iPadOS still fails to load with this message. Is a new app update needed to address and fix this issue? Was working decently before the latest update and now is totally unusable. Please provide a working fix.
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5 months ago, Ericadia
Cheaply made app
This app is basically just a web view for the website, and as such is very slow. It caches nothing, and poorly indicates when it’s doing something. Just a bad design and implementation all around. They paid bottom dollar to make this app and it shows.
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4 months ago, tdlnx
Way to go
The new updates are fantastic, thanks for putting extra effort into this.
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1 month ago, ppppierre
Best customer support and service.
This is the best place to order musical instruments from great customer support and service. Thank you Bob
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2 months ago, DYK-2112
Excellent service
JE-@dyk_music, Sweetwater always on time, great deals and excellent service, equipment always come without any damages, high five for you guys
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6 months ago, Affaultcher
Currently Broken
App has recently been getting better and better, but now when it opens it displays “Unable to update privacy settings.” The retry button does nothing but repeat the behavior. Please fix.
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6 months ago, Funkdefino
They’re Back!
Glad the “privacy policy” issue got sorted. Hope nobody got fired for leaving the app unusable during a holiday… 👍🏽
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2 months ago, thunderbolt 1003
Best music store in the world
They treat me good items packed well would recommend again
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2 months ago, Josué m Nunez
Good service
Sweetwater makes it sweet and easy for you to shop for any kind of music accessories
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6 months ago, DuNuNuBatman
Doesn’t Work
Unable to update privacy settings. Edit: Fixed
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2 months ago, Bezerker CR
My Favorite Instrument Store
Excellent support, information, pricing and customer service. Stephen Gray is an excellent customer represenative, also. Thanks, Charlie Rentschler
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7 months ago, zm13
Where is the BACK button?
Easier to use the web while shopping...there isn’t a back button on iPad version of app Yes app is current iPad Pro 4
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4 months ago, hodgesd03
Great redesign!
The older reviews are no longer representative of this app. Kudos to the Sweetwater team on their recent redesign! Well done 🙌🏼
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2 months ago, Guitarathon
My favorite place
I am a gear nut. I’ve built awesome guitar boards, PA systems, and studios with this place. My man Nathan always hooks it up.
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2 months ago, bdbnksihxb
Idk if was me
But I tried to fill out my address and stuff and was very buggy. Can’t wait for my new stick though.
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6 months ago, ACicero
App not working
When I open the app, I get an error message saying it can’t update privacy settings. It gives me no options to rectify this issue or to exit the error screen, so I’m unable to use the app.
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2 months ago, Not your typical car sales guy
Clint rocks!
Sweetwater is always my go-to for gear and accessories. Clint Bransteter has been my guy since 2015. He’s the best!
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5 months ago, bufatty
App on iPad has no back button
I reported this to sweetwater and was told that the iPad app backs up by swiping left to right. This does not work. I see multiple reviews that echo this problem. Phone app works, it has a back button.
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1 month ago, lukecifer
Personal SoundSales Engineers make the difference
Jared stays on top of promotions; Sweetwater Bucks; gear for future builds; and status of orders.
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2 months ago, Master debator2848393984383
App will kick you off login and block you
App kicked me off it twice a day claiming i was doing something suspicious. I don’t run a vpn or anything. I tried to work with their IT to get it resolved but there was no change.
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7 months ago, Kaiser777
Great Store, Horrible App
The app was slow to begin with but with this last update it doesn’t work at all. I deleted it and re-download it but no luck. Just a white screen when I launch it. Useless.
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