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Current version
Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for SWISS

4.36 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
6 months ago, Love Swiss Air
Amazing airline
Clean, timely, modern, amazing food offers on all classes. Love its destinations as a connecting in Zurich One request is to consider changing seats within the same class, or offering upgrades after a reservations is made and confirmed. It seems impossible to check other seats if like prices once one is chosen. Also the passport reverification seems to be superfluous and oftentimes frequent travelers are not used to that kind of double check. Why not at the gate itself and have the gate agents remind passengers of it, or even have it available at the business and senator lounges?
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7 years ago, Scott19267
An embarrassment to airline mobile apps.
I’ve used several apps from different airlines around the world and this is by far the worst I’ve used. Two of us were traveling together. After several attempts, my friend successfully checked us in via the app. No data regarding that success showed in the app, so we confirmed online via a laptop and saw we were set. An hour later the boarding passes showed up in my app but never did on his. Reviewing my own data I realized very little of my personal data had been saved in the app, including phone number and passport number. I entered the passport number at least 3 times prior to it remaining. For our return trip, he successfully checked us in. We received e-mails showing this, bit the boarding passes never showed up in the app for either of us this time. As a computer programmer I know that none of these functions are rocket-science, so I whole-heartedly think Swiss Air, which has an amazing airplane and outstanding in-flight service, should be ashamed of this app, and could hire a college intern to fix things.
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6 years ago, Hippo Green
Poor user experience, doesn’t do what you need
This app is disappointing from start to finish. Cumbersome check in process. You have to enter your *G card so many times, it never remembers you. You’re like a stranger to Swiss every time you fly. Whoever thought it was a good idea on your “my bookings” page just to list a bunch of destinations (at least half of them are ZRH or GVA)? Completely unhelpful. You have to go through the check in process twice every time, to get your choice of seat, because the first time your *G status isn’t considered. Your boarding pass then doesn’t come into the app. There’s no true live departure or arrival information. Booking a flight is just a reduced functionality version of the website. Swiss needs to get some designers to do some proper design thinking on the user journey - and look at apps from airlines like Delta, easyJet, BA, etc. that are so far ahead of the Swiss app it’s a joke.
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6 years ago, KenPort
Swiss Air App
Is nothing like the experience of flying on Swiss Air itself — which is absolutely marvelous. In a word, the App is useless, and about the worst airline app I have ever used. It will not allow one to print out tickets or to print out a luggage label. It will not send mobile boarding passes to an iPhone, but will, after ten tries, will send a boarding pass — that cannot be printed — to ones email address, but the app will NOT send one’s wife’s tickets to HER email. Calling Swiss Air customer service is just as useless because instead of answering a question they will ask you to phone an airport directly — on a customer service line that is permanently busy. My suggested solution? Kill the app and get to the airport early where their great staff will solve all problems in person! If Swiss Air wants to see a great airline app, go to American Airlines
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8 months ago, Ovinovi
Very poor user experience, nearly useless app
This app should be redesigned from the ground up by an experienced UX team who has the user in mind, not the airline. Please look at some of the other airline apps, all of which are far better than this Swiss app. Your app does not give any real time relevant details such as gate, boarding, flight time, airplane type, seating chart, possibility to change seats or add baggage. The app is sadly useless: it only alerted me that my departure gate had changed after we had taken off, and told me that an online boarding pass was available after we had landed (I had to ask for a paper boarding pass at check in). On another flight I did manage to get an online boarding pass, which was sent via email! Why bother with an app if it has to go via email or text message? It is very disappointing that an airline, who hopes to be considered as a “premier” carrier, delivers such a poor user experience. And this after users have complained about the same issues 5 years ago already! The first step to a better airline rating would be to hurry and make the app useful.
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6 years ago, RobiPago
A good app, but it lacks a feature
The app is good in my view: light and easy to navigate. However, as most online check in systems of other airlines, the provisions for early check in of passengers residing in the US with a visa, rather than with the green card, are absent. I tried with Swiss as well, but in options available, you are either a citizen or green card holder, or have to check in at the airport.
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10 months ago, FTLSUX
I'm absolutely furious with the SWISS Air App! My recent experience with them was a total nightmare. First, my flight was delayed, causing major stress. Then, when they rescheduled my connecting flight, they gave me a mere 40 minutes to make it, knowing I had check-in bags – that's absurd! I ended up having to book a motel for the night, and I had to pay for multiple Ubers. But the infuriating part? SWISS Air claimed they weren't responsible for compensation because the delayed flight was operated by Edelweiss, which is THEIR partner! It's a ridiculous blame game. And don't even get me started on trying to reach their customer service number – it's practically impossible! SWISS Air, you need to step up your game and take responsibility for your passengers' experiences.
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2 years ago, Specail 3D
Horrible APP don’t waste your time
I travel a lot and have used the AA, United, and Delta APPs for check in boarding passes and other items. The Swiss APP would not let check in. Regards of what I did. Customer service kept me on hold for 55 minutes and then told me the app was down. It was down for for several days…….. never to come again within my 14 days of travel. I also paid for premium economy. Unfortunately, although they advertise early boarding, and check in there was none. I was loaded with the rest of the “cattle”. The seat didn’t recline at all. I am permanent Platinum on American. I will never fly Swiss again.
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5 years ago, jennhaus
I’m actually trying to use this app to add luggage to my economy overseas ticket which does not include checked luggage (as issue for a different review) and you can’t add luggage from the app!! What can you add from the app, you ask? Apparently a rental car! How ridiculous is that? I can rent a car from a completely different company through the Swiss Air app, but not purchase their checked luggage at the discount rate. This would not be a big deal if their website interfaced with safari, chrome or TripIt on iPhone or iPad nicely, but it does not. Better luck next time I guess.
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4 years ago, weekly SWISS traveler
Very basic app - almost not worth having it as an app
I'm not sure what the point of this app is. It is almost easier to use the website to check in and manage bookings. Doesn't remember your travel details so requires you to input passport details every time you travel (even is you are a frequent traveler and fly every week) Automated check in checks you in last so you get bad seats (at the back of the plane) unless you remember to check in earlier than the system does it for you.
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5 years ago, L_meggett
Inflight WiFi
Today was my first time flying with Swiss (which was excellent by the way) but I was not able to connect to WiFi because I thought I expected to connect through the app. There is no reference to inflight WiFi on the app unless I’m missing something.
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2 years ago, t8robot
Completely broken
As with everything SWISS does in computers, this is completely broken. It can’t even download a boarding pass - come on! Why is this airline so incompetent at everything related to IT? After 10 years of this crap, why haven’t they fired whoever is in charge of this mess yet and hired someone competent? How many more years of completely broken website and app are needed? Update years later: still a complete pile of garbage. How are they this incompetent? Everyone involved with this should be fired.
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6 years ago, Stejimenez
Worst Airline App Ever!!!!
This is by far the worst airline app ever. Don’t get me wrong Swiss Air usually have great on board service, but this app is crap. You don’t even get up to the minute flight information. Good Luck with the check in if you are a Citizen of One country but you reside in another country. This app is basically useless. I also got the unpleasant experience of talking by phone with customer service just to get the answer to contact my travel agency so they can fix something about their app. I just hope someone at Swiss Air management read this reviews!!!
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2 years ago, Jayzzzll
Worst airline app for one of the worst airlines
You can’t even change your seat in the app, nor can you chat to a human. It also has my personal info locked and won’t let me add a ff# to my reservation. To choose a seat or add a ff# it requires me to call the airline. I get connected to an agent who barely speaks English and before I can proceed requires me to give my credit card details, when I refuse he tells me he needs that to move forward because the call requires $5 service fee. Trash app, service from a trash airline.
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6 years ago, Brent M
Basic, Limited & Inefficient
Don't look to to much on the app. It is confusing if you have multiple records you want to work with. It doesn't allow seat selection when checking in - you have to go to change the seat, but only by going thru the whole checkin process again. And has been noted - doesn't produce the passes in the app - but does do that annoying thing to max screen brightness anytime you do. An embarrassment, particularly considering how Lufthansa owns them.
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5 years ago, edvinasbartkus
Badly programmed, slow and barely usable app
I have used quite many airline apps and this one comes by far the worst. It is barely usable. The app is constantly showing you a loading indicator without any action by the user. While it's loading your actions are blocked and you can’t do anything but just wait. Waiting time is also terrible even on a high-speed WIFI internet. I am constantly seeing errors such as unable to find a city when trying to book a flight. It is just constant frustration using the app.
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5 months ago, AzuraSkye
Customer Service? Non-Existent…
I’m rating on my latest flight at the beginning of this month which I’ve reached out to their customer service and guess what? NO RESPONSE. I’ve reached out previously regarding another matter and that was taken care of in a prompt manner but this time around? NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. Really, are you kidding me? Three attempts with NO response. This is actually embarrassing for an airline. You can’t simply tell me you are so short on staff that it’s been over three weeks and still no response?
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2 months ago, iLIKEqrCODES
App getting buggy
Won’t issue boarding passes sometimes or gets errors, fails to load seat map so you can’t change seats. Also had it automatically apply a Miles and More reward without telling me which was extremely disappointing. App has really gotten worse over the past 6 months for some reason.
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6 years ago, Geowik
Serious issues with app (and website)
Tried to use this app on iPhone7. Worked OK for a week, now This is the issue I have been recieving: We apologise for the interruption. We detected unusual behaviour from your browser, which resembles that of a bot. The reasons could be the following: You have a browser plugin installed that blocks JavaScript, you are using a VPN or privacy software often used by bots, or you are navigating through the website at an unusually high speed. SWISS International Air Lines thanks you for your understanding 1) I am NOT in the browser, in your own ios app! 2)Through 4G network on an iPhone (11.2.5 iOS): no VPN, no privacy software Also saw similar issues through the opera/chrome browser on a MacOS. Literally cannot buy/book tickets through this app, can even look at flight schedule. Total failure
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3 weeks ago, BookWormHR
Technical Difficulties
I successfully checked into the flight the day before departure using the app, but the app experienced “technical difficulties” trying to provide digital boarding passes, despite numerous attempts, so we ended up standing in line at the departure desk for more than 1.5 hours to get paper boarding passes … there was this huge line because nobody was able to get digital boarding passes from the app.
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6 months ago, Born2Fly74
Poor design and low quality for data entry
Unexpectedly poor quality for the airline app. Web experience and app experience are dramatically different and lacking uniformity. App does not have an option to select resident of the destination country (USA). Web was useless completely for the international travel experience.
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5 years ago, SDHMD
Very frustrating
I tried to check my wife and me on a flight. I failed for her. It would not acknowledge that a boarding pass had been sent to her email. Also, whenever I had to scroll through choices of dates, countries, etc— the real estate for my finger was so small that I closed the app multiple times before I finally got to my choice. I gave up and went to web site in my computer
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2 years ago, cwtravels
Terrible App
I receive an email that my seat has changed. In the app, I cannot view multiple bookings without logging in. I attempt to create an account, it says I already have one. I attempt to reset my password, and I never receive the email to do so. Once I manually change the booking I am viewing, it cannot load the seat map for me to verify my new seat. One of many annoying things about flying with Swiss.
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5 years ago, WRD787
Absolutely useless app. Completed “check in”, paid for additional bag through the application. App couldn’t issue mobile boarding pass but processed a payment for my bag. Waited 1.5 hours in checkin line at MXP. Check in people could not figure out if a payment had been made for my bag through the app. They sent me to an alternative ticket counter to pay a 2nd time for my bag. Using this application cost me at least an extra 1hr during the check in process.
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4 months ago, svandijck
Special assistance
We needed special assistance with a wheel chair. At the airport and on the plane were extremely friendly and helpful. The Swiss air app kept us up to date all the time. Super service. Thank you.
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7 months ago, DanielKoren
Swiss Air got is what we needed
We ended up flying through United Air, but by booking through Swiss Air, we avoided the layovers the other flights included. The Swiss app doesn’t have the detailed options like the United app
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4 years ago, AlwaysLostAmy
If I could give minus stars I would
This is without a doubt the worst travel app. It starts off in English then switches to German when you need to understand what’s on the screen. It doesn’t show the boarding documents. I was flying mostly united but because my itinerary started off on Swiss air everything had to be handle with this awful app. Who would have thought that United was so much better. Very surprised by the Swiss for not producing a better product.u
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9 months ago, Rockyfop
Unexpectedly poor performance
Considering the origin of this app, Switzerland, the functionality of the program is surprisingly cumbersome. I had to type manually most of the information that I had already provided when I booked the ticket. I was not able to simple information like WIFI availability. I am disappointed.
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5 years ago, Peej914
Pretty good—first time user
My first European trip. Worked well. As a US citizen it allowed me to check in early within 24 hours. Swiss sends you the email. Many US carriers allow up to 72 hours preflight check in for domestic flights. I have no Complaints.
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6 months ago, maxlechtman
Embarrassing App & Customer Service
Terrible UI and customer experience. Tried to change my seat and lost the original seat despite a technical error. Apparently Swiss hands control of seats over to airport 52 hours before flight but leaves option to select seats online, the result: if you try to change your seat you can’t and will lose your original seat.
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6 years ago, Current Account
App is always not working
How is it that you have an option to check in and retrieve boarding passes, but it never works. One of the better airlines in the industry, and yet can’t afford a proper developer?
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5 years ago, andrel42
Slow and cumbersome
The app is still extremely slow and cumbersome to use. Would be great if you could update it once in a while ? Last update was over 3mo ago. Also you should really read the comments on the App Store and try to improve it ... Not really worthy of Swiss quality !
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6 years ago, cynic + 2
I agree with the writer of the previous review. Admittedly most of airline programming is pretty bad. But this is among the worst. When my boarding passes appeared automatically I was encouraged. But they also disappeared automatically. Getting them back was another adventure. I have experienced a lot of other mishaps but I don’t have the time to enumerate them . You really need another program. Spend the money it would be well spent .
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8 months ago, Roumen22
Buggy and useless
I received an email to enter “Additional passenger information required”, and I tried to use this app. It was a complete disaster! Not only I couldn’t update the flight information, the app managed to lose the contact information that I already had entered, such as an email and phone number. On top of that, the app (and the Swiss website) do not provide an option to enter again the contact information?! I am a software developer myself and I have never seen so poorly designed and obviously not tested app. It is so bad that it should be removed from the App Store to save people’s time and frustration.
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2 years ago, coneonitsme
Unstable, really disappointing
Terrible quality, really unstable: I tell it to keep me logged in, 2 minutes later it tells me to log in again, does not know about my upcoming bookings most of the time, basically useless. I understand that it needs to connect to some backend server to function and pull the data, so fix it, Swiss folks or take it out of the App Store.
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5 years ago, Striber
The First problem is the app sometimes switches to German language. I do live in French part of Switzerland , so German is abracadabra for me . So I have to use some third party sites to book a tickets , or use Safari to open Swiss website. Second , there is no price until you chose the exact flight. Really inconvenient, so again I use the third party sites to chose right ticket and then book it via App.
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6 years ago, CSW01
It works!
Make sure your internet connection is a working one and then this app delivers what it’s meant to do: seamless flight reservation, check in and boarding pass obtention... even car hire with competitive rates !!! Very happy with it. Recommended
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5 years ago, Reinier Hoogenraad
Worst airline in the world
This airline is the worst in the world!!!!!!’ DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE EVER, they will RIPP YOU OFF!!!! Because in did not have a printer available to me ,and in the e mail format that this form was sent to me was unable to fill out the information and sent the authorization in You Now charged me an extra $300 because of a mistake that you made ,not me . This is the worst airline company in the world, you are horrible in your customer service, the airline is horrible, do not fly with this company Ever When I came to the airport they told me my ticket was booked and they send me confirmation. That’s because I was unable to fill out the form they increased my fees with 50% of the original ticket cost .
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6 years ago, Simonsays1
Do you want to waste hours on an app???
This has to be the worst experience I’ve had with an app. It is so confusing, I don’t where to begin. Miles and More doesn’t seem to sync with the app. It does allow you to view booked flights outside of 4 days. It’s impossible to retrieve a PIN #, and if you to call Swiss Air, you’ll wait on hold for 45 minutes only for them to tell you that they don’t support the app.
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11 months ago, I’m not putting my name here
Amazing app! Intuitive, useful, good quality, little problems! All you could ask for at an airport or before a flight.
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2 years ago, Packerbacker67
No longer allows check in, boarding pass
This used to be a functional app—nothing special, but I got what I needed. Twice now in the last month it refuses to find my flight. I can, though, check in through the webpage. Clearly there is a problem with the app.
Show more
6 years ago, David M SA
Clean, functional app that works like a charm
I fly a lot and have used 10 other airline apps. This app is great - simple, clean interface, multiple ways to see your boarding pass, and a pleasure to use.
Show more
2 months ago, ImagingInsider
No matter how many times the app is updated it is frustrating. It is so buggy and useless. A person cannot successfully register or book. The website is no better. What happened to the company's reputation? Does no one extensively test? How much business is lost over all of this? The app and site deserve a rating of -5.
Show more
6 months ago, jmarco35
Everything but adding documents
5 stars for everything except adding identification
Show more
11 months ago, Dawniecakes
If I Could Give More Stars, I would.
The app is very easy to use and convenient. This app is a more sustainable option for the environment.
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7 years ago, Waitabit35
Works well mostly
Generally efficient and reliable, this has worked well for me. Some unexpected issues occasionally, but nothing serious. Recommended.
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10 months ago, Exlibris MD
Not great for U.S. Costomers
App will only let you register if you use a phone number for two-step authentication. Does not accept U.S. phone numbers and also is this the best idea when a lot of people’s phones don’t work when they travel internationally? Couldn’t turn off two-step auth. and couldn’t get registered. Waste of time.
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5 years ago, dopeyjean
If you are going to have Edelweiss under your umbrella we should be able to get boarding passes etc thru your app since everything says Swiss on it. Very frustrating and spent time trying to do so only to call for an agent to tell us to go to FlyEdelweiss. Com.
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7 years ago, Gobu lives
Needs work
It's very basic and needs to be expanded to offer more functionality. As it is, it does allow you to check in and choose a seat, for a hefty fee, and get boarding passes via text message (why not directly on the app?) so it's ok.
Show more
4 years ago, Valon Mehmeti
Did not allow US Citizen to board their plane.
If I could this would be a 0 star review. Swiss baggage check in service didn't allow me A US citizen to board a flight to a country (prishtina) that US citizens are allowed to travel to without a visa. They are not border control. Do not book with them they have the most horrible customer service ever. Still havent recieved a refund I am getting a lawyer.
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