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The TJX Companies, Inc.
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User Reviews for T.J.Maxx

2.38 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
1 year ago, kristysmom01
Still horrible and frustrating
UPDATE Every time they update the app, I immediately update mine, too, hoping that the problem I have reported now six times will be corrected. Alas, even today’s update did not yet fix the problem. If I do not log into my account, I can shop to my hearts content in the app and build a beautiful cart. I can even check out as a guest. But as soon as I sign in, everything in my cart disappears and I have to start from scratch. I have also tried signing in as soon as I open the app but then I am not showing any shopping screens at all. I am so tired of reporting this. I have even called and spoken to reps about this. I think this goes back at least two years now. Come on TJ Maxx! ORIGINAL I love TJ Maxx. And I hate the lack of functionality in the app. I have tried six times over the past year to link my rewards card to the app. When it successfully links, it does not allow me to use any of the other functions, such as shop, or cart. When I unlink, I can use all the functionality, but of course I can’t use my rewards to pay for anything. I was very helpful about the update. They did a month ago. I have the latest version, I deleted an on linked everything and I started from scratch again. Absolutely no improvement whatsoever. When my rewards show, my cart is empty and the shop function does not work. and if I shop and fill a cart, then my rewards are in accessible.
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1 year ago, NewsView
Needs an Overhaul
I have had this app all of 20 minutes and already I hate it. First of all, it does not scale for tablet viewing. It is for a phone and a small one at that. Second, if you search their store and view an item in the search results you have a back arrow or a “return to search results” to choose from. The back arrow mostly works to return to where one was in the search but “return to search results” dumps you back at the first page. Unlike shopping the website on a desktop browser, there is no drop down menu to jump to the last viewed page from among the search results. (It’s necessary to repeat all the page views to get back to where one left off.) On the website using a computer (not a tablet browser or this app) it is possible to enlarge product photos but on the app it is too small even when zoomed. I downloaded this app because of the problems zooming in on product photos on a tablet browser but this is even worse because it is scaled for phone use. I will return to shopping the website via desktop browser for the best experience. Finally, I think for app purposes there should not be a separate Home Goods and Marshall’s app. Make it one app to serve all with a selection at the header to choose which retailer one wishes to shop.
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1 year ago, Jesus+is+here+for+you
I think it’s great.
Saw all the negative reviews and was wary to download or give it a try; but I see a new version was update a month ago so I’m sure a lot has been improved and the previous reviews were outdated. From my humble experience I can say so far it was quick and easy to register my account, but I appreciated they had security methods. I like that I can make payments to the card etc, that I was able to also register that separately and manually ok the same app; as it gave me reassurance of security. I also like they link the accounts easily and you can see the rewards. I also think it’s great they offer a digital card once you sign in, except I would feel safer if they had a digital dummy for those cases that we could approve, not the card number itself, but I still like it in case I miss it the actual card and don’t have it at hand. I have not tried shopping on the app yet because I enjoy going in their stores so much more, but I am sure with my busy life I will inevitably do that as well; when I do this I’ll update this review. I did check it out briefly however, It was very fast and simple to navigate. Nice useable front. I enjoyed looking through their new arrivals and the discovery tab.
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5 years ago, tk3p
Back button tedium
I miss the WAP/desktop site feature of being able to tap the “quick look” button. It drives me crazy to keep going back and forth from individual product pages to shopping in a category. When you click on an item to see the details, it takes you to the item’s product page, and then when you click the back button to go back to scrolling through the other items, it just takes you to the top of whatever page you were on instead of taking you back to your place on the page where you last clicked an item. I end up scrolling through several times trying to remember what I’ve already seen. This issue, while probably just a design oversight and not a bug, still seems like it should be an easy iOS fix. Hint hint
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3 years ago, TGSXxxxxxxxc
The apps associated with TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods are truly the worst retail apps in the entire world. I literally have dozens and dozens of retail apps on my devices and all of them are far superior. I didn’t have any difficulty linking my TJ Maxx credit card account with the TJ Maxx app. However the app shows I have zero dollars in TJ Maxx reward certificate but in actuality I have $70 in reward certificates. I can log into my account on my laptop and see the reward certificates but I cannot see them in the app. The app says I have zero. Furthermore sinceMy TJ Maxx card account is linked to the app it will not allow me to manually print my certificates and manually upload them to the app which I should not even have to do anyway because the app should allow me to have an use digital certificates but for some reason it says I have zero dollars and certificates. I called the TJ Maxx credit card company and they said it was not their issue and then I called the app customer service number and they said it was not their issue. I even submitted a help ticket on the issue and the person that replied literally said I needed to change the font that I was using. I’m sorry but if the app states zero in certificates then zero is still zero regardless of the font that you use. What an idiot!!
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4 years ago, Saraitasis
Waste of time
Update: It was only less than 1/2 hour before my account updated. So thankful for the last customer service agent. The issue was my phone number. She removed my phone number from old closed credit card account. She didn’t need a long explanation. She knew exactly was going on. :) I recently started using this app because I wanted be more efficient. Well, this app has done the opposite. When I was in the store ready to pay, it showed the correct reward balance but within a few seconds it decreased by $50! This is before I gave her my rewards. Then it corrected by the time I got home. Today I called because I wanted to pay by bill using my app. Cool, right? No way. They have my old closed credit card on there and there’s no way it lets me update. I felt like a ping pong ball with customer service. Finally after the 4th person, supposedly it’s fixed but I wont know if it really is until 24-48 hrs. These employees need proper training and two I can tell was outsourced and let me tell you...the one guy I ended up hanging up on. Couldn’t understand a thing and he didn’t seem to care or explain what was happening. I hardly ever give bad reviews and I’m not even pmsing-lol- but after too much wasted time, I felt this app deserved it.
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8 months ago, ElisabethCannon
Works fine for me
I’ve personally had no huge issues with the app and have been using it for 2 years now. The only suggestion I would make is surrounding their search features. One would be regarding clicking on an item and when you want to go back the arrow is not always there so you just have to go to the beginning or it takes you back to the beginning on its own. The other is regarding sizing for shoes. I have some wide hobbit feet and there is no filter for wide shoes though they always have a lot of them. The app for Sierra does have this so you’d assume it could be rolled out to the other apps. The changes I have noticed are clean up issues that can happen with an update and don’t really effect my experience that much though the changes would enhance the overall functionality. The app has gotten better each year so hopefully they can get them up to the level of the Sierra app. Overall, not even close to the worst retail app I’ve used and I use it literally almost daily.
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5 years ago, A Random Rick
Worst App Ever
This is the worst app I’ve ever used! Get a new developer!!! I actually cancelled a TJX Card several years ago because it was so difficult to use and manage my account from this app. I was completely frustrated after spending several hours over several months with the customer service and technical support departments trying to resolve the issue. I gave up and cancelled my card. The last time in the store my purchase was large and I was offered a significant discount on purchase if I signed up for the card. The cashier told me that a lot of improvements had been made to the app and website of the past few years making it much easier to navigate and manage...I just received my new card and attempted to register to make the payment. The website and app are still AWFUL! For some illogical reason you have to have 2 separate ID’s and Passwords for the Credit Card and the Rewards Card...Come ON! Make it simple! Hire the developer that developed the Fry’s Grocery App and Rewards Card...so easy to use and points automatically added to card. I’ve spent too much time already on this and will be cancelling this new card as well.
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2 years ago, metadf
I wasted waaaay too much time trying to link my TJX rewards with my TJX credit card. After jumping through far too many of the hoops they send you through, all I get is an “Oops!” message, telling me that something went wrong on their end and I should try again later. As if. I contacted TJ Maxx, and they told me that linking rewards is handled by Synchrony, the issuer of the credit card. (Um, I already knew that!) Every time I try to contact Synchrony online, they direct me through a mind-numbing series of prompts asking for passwords and such. After I comply with everything, I receive the chirpy “oops!” message that something has gone wrong on their end & I should try again later to link my TJX rewards to this card. I have lost track of how many times I have tried to do that; and I am not interested in wasting any more of my time by calling and sitting on hold with a customer service rep. I will just wait to receive a rewards certificate in the mail, and bring it with me to shop in stores. TJ Maxx needs to find a competent credit card issuer that will stand behind their promises.
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2 years ago, NYC99999
Worst app in all of history
They clearly cheaped out and tried to get a deal making the app, but it’s costing them 50x in revenue. The app doesn’t work. It will randomly clear my cart of items I’ve added. I tried to order $2k worth of stuff for our new home 3x now. It keeps getting cancelled without explanation. I called my bank and they said the charge was never even attempted. I just called customer service and spoke to sherry, who basically had no info to give. She just said sorry I’ll forward it to another department which will take 3-5 for them to figure anything out (without calling me back). Half the order is already sold out, so that isn’t very helpful. I asked to speak to a manager, was put on hold, then told her manager was busy and couldn’t accept any more calls. It’s like they don’t want to get paid. I just don’t get it. Ended the call without any resolution and company obviously lost that order and an otherwise great customer. You guys need to invest in this app and retrain your customer service team. I would not recommend this app to anyone.
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4 years ago, TaraNay
Get it togetherp
Why in the world would you be able to “browse” online but not be able to actually buy anything? Especially with stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx where inventory is constantly changing. —-despite the message from the CEO on the websites and app, you can’t even actually browse. Get it together. If all the stores are closed and you’re not doing online orders it shouldn’t be too difficult to at least have the correct info on your page. Now this is just ridiculous.... limiting online orders is probably the most ridiculous excuse for this covid that I’ve seen. You must have the most ignorant CEO ever if they seriously think that will somehow prevent anyone from spreading the virus. Nearly every other company has opened back up.... its absolutely stupid that you can’t shop online or in store still at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Once I use the stupid gift certificate I have I will never shop at another one of your stores. The simple fact that you can’t even update your website shows how absolutely incompetent your company is.
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3 years ago, Scakmk
As all other users say, this is the worst app. The reason I downloaded it is to be able to access my rewards points and use them in stores since they don’t mail them anymore. Well, my balance says 0 (zero) even though I have plenty. I can see them on a desktop but they don’t upload on the app! Worse is their customer service, they have no idea whatsoever when you call, and they keep telling you to call the store and the bank back and forth saying it’s not their fault. After ten phone calls I asked to talk to a higher person and they told me to “just” print them from the desktop and bring them to the store?? It’s a well known issue and they don’t fix it. They just don’t want customers to use the rewards, many people don’t even realize they have them as they show as zero in the app, and not every one owns a printer and a desktop. This is called robbing.
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3 months ago, UNI_23
Have to Keep Creating New Account or Guest to Check out
I have had a consistent account for years but the last year or two there have been issues with my cart. There will be items I can’t remove, or now I can’t even see what is in my cart or on my saved list. It wouldn’t even let me checkout. I had to order some of the items from the Marshalls app, which never gives me any issues and has quicker shipping. I called about the issue and it was never resolved. So, I just created a new account. It worked well for months and now it is doing the same thing, and I just had to create a new one to check out the items. Also, it seems the delivery time from here is a bit longer than Marshalls. I love T.J.Maxx! It is one of my favorite stores, but this is very frustrating. I lost everything I had saved, and wasted too much time.
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6 years ago, wgeisha1968
App Doesnt Deliver
The app had a feature that said I could enter a PIN and it would display my card number. I thought this meant I wouldnt need to carry my card and could scan the card for in store purchases via the app, or I could at least see my card number on the app and pay online. This feature has never worked and never has displayed my card number. I have attempted several times to log on the app to view my credit card account (after the app updated and booted me out and I had no idea what the log in info was as I had used my fingerprint to sign in) and then it told me incorrect information even after I redid my email/password combo. This app is very frustrating and only used to pay my bill, and now it wont even let me log in. Tempted to pay off the card and just stop using it as I have other cards with apps that work easier than this.
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3 years ago, Kirsti N
Linking cc and rewards doesn’t work!
This app is fine if all you want to do is shop or look at your credit card balance, assuming the credit card is linked to your rewards account. However, my reward certificates do not automatically upload. This is why technology exists, yet the app does not use said technology. When I go to the instructions on how to get my rewards to upload, the first step states, “go to rewards tab and choose ‘upload rewards’.” Well the upload rewards part does not exist! I can’t even manually type it on because of this. I have to hold on to the rewards email notification, then find that email when I’m at checkout in the store. aVery frustrating
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6 years ago, events guy
You must be joking
So let me understand the mobile / promotional strategy undertaken by TJX, the owners of T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post and Homesense (?). If I want to register on the T.J. Maxx website, that is one set of credential. If I want to register for TJXRewards, that is a second set of credentials. AND if I want to use the smartphone (iPhone) App, I need a 3rd set of credentials. That is why you get one star. I did not even use the App, but -1 star for making me register for a separate mobile login. -1 star for not letting me use my TJX Rewards login as my T.J. Maxx website login, or if I had registered in the other order, then for not letting me use my T.J. Maxx website login for TJX Rewards. This all means that while I may occasinally shop at the T.J. Maxx near my house, I am surely not going to be using any of the websites or Apps to tie me closer to the company. Someone needs to give this strategy a serious reconsideration.
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1 year ago, tiredpopups
App does not work
App might open up to the website, but generally goes to a blank screen when you try to sign in, type in a search term, or find customer service info. It does not function any better than just going to the website out side of the app; you have the same problems navigating the site no matter how you enter. It generally takes many attempts to complete an order, so it is likely issues with the tjmaxx website itself, not just the app. And if you need help to place the order, good luck in finding contact info, because you can’t navigate to that screen either. I love shopping at tjmaxx in person, but hate trying to do anything with them online. I would give zero stars to their online shopping platforms if I could.
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3 years ago, 1988luvpink
Never had this much difficulty setting up an account in an app in my entire life. With all of my other accounts I was ready to go within a few minutes. Entered my info correctly; still saying it didn’t recognize my password! Also tried to sign up; each time I entered my first name, got error message stating it needed to be alpha-numeric? Since when does a person have a number in their first name? OMG It’s Saturday. Called TJX account customer service; only to be told the app support is closed today. Will be available at 8 am EST on Monday. Hopefully I won’t have to request to be transferred to the US again! 😡This app is a major turnoff for me right now. I can understand why it got only a 2-star rating. NOTHING CONVENIENT ABOUT THIS AT ALL! JUST BEYOND BELIEF!!!! NOT TOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! 😡😡😡
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11 months ago, Babs245
What happened to this app?
Update: I am able to shop, see my rewards, load my gift cards and access my credit card information in this app! This is a great app! The issues I was having are now completely resolved and it is working perfectly!! I used to be able to see my rewards in this app or shop but now all I can see is my credit card information. I used this app to show the cashier my rewards. Now I will have to print them out to redeem them. Now it’s useless except for paying your bill.
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6 years ago, Sysssabear
Ridiculous issues.
A) the login doesn’t work half of the time. I log in with the Touch ID, it loads for about a minute and a half then closes the app. B) when I do get in I cannot link my card digitally because there is no way to hit the “next” button when following the problems. And finally C) why is nothing being done about these issues?! I’ve only been on this app for a day and have had nothing but issues. I go to check the reviews and see that the same problems are being repeated over and over on the reviews because no one is doing anything about it! Own up to your ridiculous app and fix the issues if you would like to keep customers. I know I will not be continuing to use it personally with this amount of unprofessionalism from a large company.
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9 months ago, MariposaSays
App is garbage!!!
I wish I could rate this zero stars. The app NEVER works no matter if you update it or not. You can open the app, but once you click on any item to look at it, the screen is blank. Try going to the menu options to select the category you want to browse…same thing. Blank screen. Half the time if you actually manage to add an item to your cart, once you try to check out, you won’t be able to complete the purchase. If you want to purchase online, just go directly to the website. Also, just to be clear, I’ve had the app for several years and the problem always persists. I’ve updated, uninstalled and reinstalled and it doesn’t help. Once out of 100 times when I open it, it MIGHT work.
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2 years ago, eh ggh Tree F h
Please don’t waste your time downloading this app
I never even got to use it. It wouldn’t even take my login info to sign in and pay on my card. I tried several times, and finally I found a link to pay online and did it that way instead. I keep seeing responses to all the bad reviews from the developer trying to act like there isn’t a major problem here with their app. And telling US to call THEM with our concerns. No thanks, I already wasted a lot of my time just trying to log in to your terrible app, don’t waste more of our time asking us to call a 1-800 # with our concerns - we’ve already told you what the problems are on here. If you’re going to respond, admit there’s a problem and that you’re working on it.
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5 months ago, Handyrae
The definition of frustration
This is one of the worst apps I’ve used. It was a nightmare getting the app linked to my TJX credit card so the app could access my rewards certificates. I kept getting an error messages saying to call customer service. However, when I did that the CSR had no idea how to fix the problem. After a lot of frustration, I was finally able to link the app to my card. That is until the next time I was in the store and tried to use the app and it had forgotten my password, so I had to reset it. Not a huge problem, except once I had done that I saw my TJX credit card had been unlinked and I was back to the beginning with the error messages. I’ve deleted the app and printed the certificates.
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6 years ago, Carbybear
E-gift card a no go
The only reason I downloaded his app to begin with was so that I could upload the e-gift cards that I sometimes receive. The function to upload an e-gift card has been down for over a week and shows no evidence that it will be fixed. When I tried calling customer support to inquire if something was wrong with the app they had no clue about e-gift cards and there was no one in the department who could answer my question. Are you kidding me? What kind of customer support doesn’t have someone who can answer a simple question? I only saw that the adding of gift cards was not “available at this time” when I downloaded the HomeGoods app to see if I could put it on there. At least that app actually gives you that bit of information.
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5 years ago, JenniferLewis
I’m not sure if this is a review of the app or TJ Maxx online arrives in general. There is no customer service for the app or website IT. They do provide a phone number to call for customer service, maybe they have IT assistance there but I don’t want to call and use time to address that issue, I have more important things to do. My main problem is that the app and website say that I have the wrong password when I login. I write my password down so I don’t forget. I have to reset my password EVERYTIME I login on the first try, EVERY SINGLE TIME, no matter what method I use: phone, computer, app. I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that this is the way I have to access my account. I don’t know what this company is doing with everyone’s fees but it’s not paying for IT.
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3 years ago, jtong1194
The most unresponsive app
The app will be working fine and suddenly all buttons will stop working. You can still scroll up and down a page but cannot click on a product, cannot go to a different page. This always happens when I’m about 4-5 pages into a category. I have literally chosen to *not* purchase something because this app has been such a pain. No, it’s not worth it most of the time to go dig out my laptop and hunt down whatever page or product I was looking for (because you can’t search by brand name). If you want to take advantage of relatively thoughtless spending (and if you’re honest with yourself, that’s what TJ Maxx mostly is) fix your app.
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5 years ago, goldennanna
Call customer service
This is the first review I have ever written. The first 3 customer service agents that I spoke to were completely RUDE and not at all helpful! I called because I tried ALL suggestions to resolve my problem and nothing worked. Believe me, I would not ever call your customer service unless absolutely necessary. I finally spoke with Jenna on my 4th try and although she wasn’t able to resolve my issue she gave me an option to try and a case number so that I could follow up and hopefully the technical support department will be able to help me. All I was trying to do is PAY YOU! Just a travesty that people that work for you aren’t trained to be kind to your customers and we are made to feel like we are a bother and a problem to talk to.
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2 years ago, FanOfKERA
An Annoyingly Nonfunctional App
Same problem as other reviewers - suddenly stops linking to rewards, logging in, etc. If I have to use the desktop site to pay my credit card and get rewards info, why create an app at all? After not being able to login, I was advised to change my password (again — this is the third time). Changed pswd on the website and in the mobile app (which is a process completed done outside the app). Now I can’t even login to the app, and it continually says the pswd isn’t correct. Went through the process four times in an hour. No success. Whoever is responsible for this app needs to make an effort and TJX should be embarrassed about how poorly it works.
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3 years ago, Mircrc5
Go to the store
Downloaded the app and wasn’t expecting much because of the bad reviews and it’s worse than what they claim. The app constantly crashes while I’m searching which makes you start again from zero over and over again, but I was like well at least I’m getting the deals I’ll work through it. Well my friend, get ready to spend 89 bucks minimum for free shipping (10-15 days) and on top of it it’s been days and nothing has been shipped yet and I just got notified today that some of the items are not available anymore and obviously still nothing has shipped. Not worth the headache, I’ll just go to the store, this is ridiculous.
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2 years ago, B00tYLiCi0S
App is one of the worst I’ve ever used
It says I now have $0 in rewards. But for the past year I’ve had between $40-$70. I just logged into the website and it says I have $70 in rewards. Checked the app again and it says $0. I tried to used my rewards in the store yesterday and they didn’t show up. Also had to pay a stupid late fee of $40 or so because I had a balance of like $5 that was like a day overdue. I have autopay set up on all my cards monthly that pay the entire statement balance but this one doesn’t offer it, so I have to constantly check this app and I hate doing that because it’s not user friendly at all :( I’ve been debating on canceling my tj maxx card because of this app
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2 years ago, janekleinberger
Not only is it the worst retail app I have ever used, truth is I can’t use it. I can easily log onto my account from my computer via the web and I have confirmed repeatedly that my email and password are correct. However the app continues to insist that I’ve got it wrong and even upon asking it to send me an email to reset it, I get nothing. So, unless you remember to print out your rewards and take them with you, they are going to die on the vine and expire. I’m so disgusted that I feel like boycotting the TJX family of store (especially HomeGoods where I must shop twice a week ) which would be sad. But there is a nice At Home store nearby. I think I’m going to start switching!!! Ughhhhhh
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2 years ago, Chai Doll
So Bad 😭
This app annoys me to all ends!! I can never see my rewards certificates. And then recently when I tried to link my card, it made me create a whole new account. And after all that I still can’t link my card. I tap “link card” and it just takes me to the rewards section of the app, which is blank. 🤣 so now I have 2 accounts and got nothing out of it. And when I call customer support they don’t give any helpful info or advice. I love the TJX card and the store, but this app needs to be reevaluated, and redesigned. Due to these issues, I’m forced to use the desktop version to check my rewards, which is not the worst but can be inconvenient. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 🎤
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2 years ago, Bauick 87
Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t work!
Reading these reviews I see I’m not the only one. The funny thing is I see allll these bad reviews and the customer service just has a stock message that says call us if you have any issues or questions but it’s like why? You see the issues and questions right in front of you, do soemthing about it and fix it. I’m a Business owner mylsef, if I saw multiple customers saying they have an issue I wouldn’t tell them to leave me a voicemail if they have any questions or issues. Not sure where the fault lies here but the problems are right in front of them. Fix it. It’s 2022 it shouldn’t be this difficult to give people my money.
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5 years ago, Jillbillbill
Unable to sign up/in
I had this app with a previous account/card with no problem, and when said card was replaced in the mail and never received, I had to get a new one. Since then, I am unable to sign into my old account, and unable to create a new account. I was previously able to make all my payments through the app to my credit card, but now it’s more difficult and I can not access it nearly as quickly. This app is now essentially useless to me. I requested a new password link to be sent and it never arrived to my inbox, even after countless requests. This app is being deleted AGAIN immediately.
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2 months ago, KDFitt0325
Terrible!! Fraud!
Can’t seem to make this app work nor the website it has suspicious activity when trying to login or reset a password or unload the app and reload the app it never fails. I get the same message every time it looks like a programming issue as it has tiny letters saying maintenance login page access denied. I’m not a maintenance page. Can’t get customer service. Can’t get help, some emails have sent text have any phone calls? It’s useless. It’s unfortunate. I love to shop these stores when you can’t get a good fill that your account is secure. It’s hard to want to still shop there. Maybe need to go back to American Express and just use it when I shop there.
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2 years ago, tried to find name
Where is “APP” support?? There is definitely a problem with this APP! Never could get digital rewards to work. Even when the store app was working. Then poof! Open app and nothing! Pages were empty. I even signed out, deleted the app, then downloaded again. The header was at the top of an empty page. I could tap account, the menu would appear but that was it! You can’t get “APP SUPPORT”!! This isn’t an order or store problem, or a rewards card problem! It’s an APP PROBLEM. NO APP SUPPORT!! DOES ANYONE READ THE REVIEWS??? I thought maybe I’d been hacked — until I attempted to get help (spending 30 minutes searching everywhere!) then began to read reviews. Is corporate aware of the issues with the app? Do investors know the issues with the app?!! You can get the names of board members, but you can’t contact them. You would think, that with all the different boards and committees, there would be someone following up on APP issues, ensuring proper working order, ease of use, etc. Anyway, I guess this saves me money. BAD FOR BUSINESS
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5 years ago, emsright
Okay app - but not worth it
The app itself is okay; it’s not the most streamlined but it’s not difficult to navigate. You can find good stuff and it’s cool that they have the runway on here too. BUT shopping online with TJs is not worth it! It takes forever to ship!! Even for it to be “ready to ship” takes at least one week. So in total it’s about 2 weeks - not even free unless you spend the $89. Also when you return at the store, the associates always seem to be caught of guard about an online purchase. It’s too bad because if it were better\more convenient shopping I would buy so much!
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3 years ago, rulu0402
Most horrific app
This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever had to use. Keeps telling me my information is incorrect after I reset 3 times. Called customer support, after telling the rep I had already done everything she was asking I could hear her flipping pages in her little book because she was out of answers for me. Now I have to wait about “3 or 4” days for you guys to respond to the ticket she submitted. I’ve had nothing but trouble with this app from the beginning and I’ve always been able to work it out on my own. The fact your app has had me reset my passwords at least a dozen times is ridiculous. I’m not a tech stupid idiot either, your app just didn’t hit the mark, sorry.
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5 years ago, lukayeri
Cannot track an order
Unlike other stores’ app this one is clunky - have to enlarge each image separately rather than scroll the item’s enlarged images on one screen. Filters do not work well. Cannot filter by brand or type of item- can only filter by large categories and end up with 1000’s of items. Cannot search by brand either. After you place an order cannot track the shipment like you can with other stores apps - like Nordstrom or BR. The part of the app that states “track an order” only shows the items and costs - no shipment info.
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5 years ago, CharlyBryant
I was really excited when I heard TJMaxx was going to start selling stuff online/through an app, however this app is pretty much useless bc the search button doesn’t work. It rarely brings up anything you search for, so you’re left to scroll through all the items and hope you find what you’re looking for. Might as well just go to store and look at everything. I get merchandise changes, so it’s no so much you can’t filter through things as it is the app’s search function being useless. I’ve experienced typing in a certain brand name and getting no results, but when I scroll through the items, it shows items under that brand.
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5 years ago, Mec1026
Nearly impossible to use rewards certificates
I love the idea of being able to access rewards certificates through the app vs carrying around a number of paper certificates, but PLEASE make it more user friendly! I can never figure out which ones have been used and which ones I haven't. It's not easy to know how to delete a used certificate and then it takes forever at a register to go through to find ones that I can use. I want to delete them right then and there but it takes up time at the register making people in line behind me impatient. Please please PLEASE allow the app to auto delete a used certificate!!!!!!! That alone would make this a 5 star app for me!
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5 years ago, TXGrits2
Charged twice and no order on record
I used the app for what I thought was a purchase on Monday. I saw that my credit card was charged, but I never received an email and had done guest checkout. Then Thursday morning at 1am I am charged for something else, not even sure because the amount was different. When I called customer service they have no record of my order and suggest denying both charges with my credit card company. Really? That’s the best you can do? Supposedly I will receive a call from a manager within 48 hours, but my guess is this happens way too often and I’ll never get a call. Glad I had my credit card alerts on. Not cool TJX. Hire a decent IT department.
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2 years ago, sh pet
Rewards not visible in app
I have numerous Rewards certificates that I’ve earned and are visible through the website in my computer, but they NEVER show up in the app, which I can use while shopping in the store. I called TJ Maxx who told me it wasn’t their problem and to contact the app company. I did, and they said it wasn’t an issue on their end. This has gone on for years! How can there not be a functional app in this tech era we live in? It seems to me, they just don’t want people to be able to access their rewards. Very unprofessional for any company, especially a chain as large as TJMaxx to not resolve this issue quickly.
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3 years ago, brauny15
What a freaking joke
Tried to link my credit card account to access my rewards certificates since they stopped mailing them to me for some reason. It tells me to active my account by clicking on the link sent to “____” email address. It’s blank. So I noticed that my email isn’t listed in the account info on the app (even though it is on the desktop), but when I try to add it, it prompts me for my password which then tells me is incorrect. I know that it’s not incorrect because I’ve logged in and out on my desktop several times successfully. Called both TJ Maxx customer service and my credit card customer service and both were zero help.
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3 years ago, Noelle The Reader
Does Not Sync Rewards
They updated from their mailed paper rewards that you had to bring into the store, and I was so pleased they were stepping into the 21st century. Except the app does not update with the rewards you earn — it says I have $30 rewards on the app, and none of the codes work, they all produce an error at the register. But my actual TJX Rewards account connected to my credit card says I have $80 of rewards — where are they?? And since they aren’t mailed anymore, I now have to print these all myself and carry them around to use. They have taken a step BACKWARDS in terms of usability. We are now in the dinosaur age.
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6 years ago, KaylaMil8
1 star because I had to
For 4 years now I have been highly disappointed in the tjx app. I LOVE TJMaxx and use my credit card with them religiously, but I have NEVER been able to access my account through the app. I have changed my passwords on my PC, waited 24-48 hours and then tried to re download the app after deleting it completely off of my phone and still it tells me my password is incorrect. I can turn right around and pull it up on my PC or google search the website on my phone using the exact same information to log in and it works effortlessly. This app is messed up and is very disappointing that I cannot use it.
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5 years ago, HeyMonWV
Manage your account — with ANOTHER login?
A store employee suggested I try the app to keep track of my rewards certificates, account, etc. I downloaded the app, but for the life of me I cannot understand the logic! On the account page you literally have to login with three separate accounts to manage your TJ Maxx lifestyle (website account, credit card account, and a new app account). If I’ve already logged in with my card account, why do I need to create an app account to view my certificates?! I can view them from the card website with the card login, why am I forced to create a THIRD account? I’m done with this app before I even started. Not worth the hassle.
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2 years ago, 123life
This App Cannot be Resuscitated!
If there were a -0 I will give it to this app! THE worst app ever! Does not respond to any command and is seriously lacking basic feature functioning. I do not know who developed this app but whoever did lacks basic knowledge how to make this app work. This app is NON working app. You just cannot do anything on this app. It fails to log you in. It fails to Face ID log in. It fails to show your rewards. It fails to show your account. So question is what on earth is this app’s purpose?! Get rid of it altogether and do not push people to download a broken bulb that has no switch on it!
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3 years ago, Parisnutt
App is terrible - don’t get their CC either
You have to link their CC to the shopping app for the rewards certificates to populate and then they don’t show up anyway. Useless. Easier to print them and bring them in. I also had a phone number show up (not mine) during a 2-step authentication process and when I called to report it, 2 different people kept insisting I could manage the phone numbers through the web. They didn’t seem to grasp I was trying to report potential fraud. I regret getting this card. The low return certificates aren’t worth the hassle of this CC and app system.
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5 years ago, gen.yvonne
Can’t access my account
Tried multiple times to log into my rewards account without any luck. I also sent in for a password reset request twice, despite being certain I had the correct password. When I never received an email to change my password I just tried logging on to the mobile site on my phone (yes I was on the rewards site, not to the credit card payment site) and had no problems logging in and using the password I’d been trying to use all along. No idea how the app and the Rewards website are not linked. This was all I was planning to use the app for so it’s of no use to me.
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