4.9 (10.2K)
75.9 MB
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Current version
Tanger Outlets
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tanger

4.87 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
2 years ago, JimAV100
The App is great
first off let me say I really enjoy shopping at Tangler Outlets with my family. They have lots of variety to choose from, lots of areas to sit with shade and relax after a long day, also a section for your kids to play, many restaurants to eat and always kept clean. I Joined Tanger Outlets members club and it’s definitely worth it saves us time and money, I can stretch my buying power more further. The app makes the experience process so fast and easy to see your discounts and rewards, you can also upload your recipes to get points.
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8 months ago, kiokiiiibvgyygnf
Fails to give as good a value as its predecessor and Premium Outlets
I’m a long time Tanger member and used to enjoy picking up my coupons or finding them online. Before the new annually paid membership, the now defunct “lifetime” membership had many more usable coupons, some which could be stacked with sales, surprise rewards, and even discounts to local venues outside the outlets. When they canceled the old program and started the new one, I was offered one free year of platinum status to compensate for my lost lifetime membership. Now that I have been using the new system for 4 months, I see less participating stores, and every time I try to use a coupon, they don’t work with any sale items. No more discounts at H&M, the Gap or Old Navy. Tanger is full of outlet stores- nearly everything is on sale, so these coupons that you pay a premium for are usually not honored. I am still shopping there so I’ve accumulated many points that don’t really earn anything except the honor to buy more unusable coupons. The old system used to give you store credit and gifts - things that motivated me to shop more. Moreover, the competitor Premium Outlets now has their old coupon books on the Simon website by signing up for a free membership. Charging people to use these coupons that premium outlets gives for free is not a smart move from Tanger. Unless Tanger increases the benefits of staying with its new program, it’s provably not worth renewing.
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2 years ago, Selenay2k
Love it
This makes it very convenient to shop and get rewarded. My only issue is that I went to can some receipts this morning, and it says the ScanDisk license has expired and to contact the app manufacturer, so I am unable to use the phone camera to take the pictures. Hopefully, that gets fixed soon.
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6 months ago, Sarrie J
I am not appreciating the changes in this program.
Before this program was changed it was actually fun to see what the coupons would bring. Now there are too many stores that will not accept them and some are picky and choosy about WHICH ones they WILL ACCEPT. it’s really quite embarrassing, you know. Having to ask and getting turned down. This leaves the same stores time and time again that are happy to take the coupons, but for the customer, this program is not worth it any more. We even had one store where the employees actually told us that “The system is down”. 😡
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9 months ago, TravelerH
Went downhill
The new program charge annual subscription for tier which was suppose to last for lifetime in the old program. The coupons are not even that great and you have to manually capture the receipt. Before I don’t mind doing it before the membership is life time. Now that you have to pay yearly, seems silly to have to work for them capturing receipts. The program provides little to no value. Shopping online probably give you a better deal.
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1 year ago, Denhof8
Great Deals
I went shopping with my family on vacation at Tanger outlets in Myrtle beach and whenever we are there, I always find great deals for quality clothes and items
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11 months ago, djhmac13
The app seems to be decent to get a discount. Need to upgrade $20/year for more coupons. Good if you are shopping often. However, this app used to have maps, so you knew where you were and where to go. OK, so they provide addresses for the stores and you click the address to get a map. I selected 3 stores addresses with store location set to Hwy 17 Myrtle Beach. 2 took me to Hamilton, Ontario and 1 to Tanger 501. Can’t even link to the stores to get a better idea of what type of store it is. Some are obvious, some are not. App is useless for me.
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12 months ago, mecmmcjpcclc
do not waste $
I am just learning that if you bought a lifetime membership before this latest update your being thanked with a year gold membership for free? & then asked to pay $20 a year for lifetime for that gold membership. What a joke. people beware there’s nothing they offer in app thats even worth paying for. i only bought the lifetime membership because Tanger outlet is the closest shopping mail near me and have never been able to use any of the coupons there in store.
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10 months ago, Rehoboth Beach De
Upgrade is horrible
Never received any information regarding the changes to Tanger Outlet. Was nice to stop by and chat with reps in the office, now they are gone. Send 2 emails and never received a response. So much for stating emails would be responded to. Also in the past was able to upload receipts without a restriction to time. Again only found that out when receipt was declined. Very disappointing! New site is not very useful. Now they want you pay.
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1 month ago, DMRnDC
New Version Is Useless
The new version of the app has no favoriting of stores, no store descriptions, no maps, no sorting stores by type, no sorting of stores by section if your location is made up of multiple locations like ours (Rehoboth, which has three). The new rewards system is too new for the primary shopping demographic, and the shopping model is too old for the shoppers they are trying to target with this system.
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2 weeks ago, Caddeo
no longer works
App no longer works. Must use website to access anything
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1 year ago, craftyinmemphis
Updated review
I was having issues with the app uploading my receipts. I emailed the support staff and was answered almost immediately! Got the issue resolved. Impressive👏🏾
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1 year ago, Awful..
No heads up for receipt capture change?
Previously you could upload receipts before the end of the year. I save all mine and upload before the end of the year. I now have a receipt from the beginning of June but it says it’s too old?! Give me a break. It’s been that way as long as Tanger has been doing this. It would have been nice to have a heads up. How annoying
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2 years ago, kimyaka
When I downloaded this app I thought it would give me digital coupons to use either in-store or online. Wrong!!!! You can only download coupons and your wallet. You can not shop online at the stores on this site which to me is a waste. Some of the logos are hard to read or even see due to them being so small.
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2 years ago, Hebs_11
Super unreliable
I am very surprised that anyone has rated this app more than one star. The app is not taking my password although I’ve verified and changed multiple times. Also the app turns off constantly by itself rendering my phone into a black screen. It’s too bad because they advertise it to make it convenient and it is very frustrating.
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3 years ago, CJenkPerry
Worth it!!!
Why not get rewarded for every buck you spend at Tanger Outlets. I joined for free and for a free bag and always stop by the desk to chat with the ladies or get help uploading my receipts. It’s just an awesome rewards program.
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2 years ago, mass lines
App problem
Unable to scan receipts. It says that scandisk license has expired. What do I do? I’ve e-mailed for support. Waiting for a response.
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12 months ago, bwallacemo3
Horrible redesign
So many missing features! Can’t favorite stores or save coupons you plan to use. Can only activate coupons 5 minutes before going to register so basically this is to prevent you from using coupons!! And no map. Seriously just put the old one back, this was a huge fail.
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10 months ago, Gary 271
Disappointing member rewards changes
First Tanger charges you for membership perks and then limits the frequency and number of stores/times you can access member benefits. Worst of all, eliminating availability and use of plastic membership cards slows down and worsens the shopping checkout experience as lines lengthen while customers struggle with cellular smart phones and info retrieval.
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1 year ago, Llcoolclay79
Not helpful
Signing in before you can use the app is excessive. The process to sign in is worse than my banking app to protect their coupons. Once in the app, there was nothing useful. I found a list of stores, but no map or anything to the giant shopping center. Obtuse app. Difficult to access. Information not helpful.
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4 months ago, Mab1952
Impossible to access website
Recently I have been to two Tanger outlet, one in Palm Beach and one in Hilton Head. On both occasions, I have been unable to access the Tanger App. I’m at a Plantium level and have been notified of several reward opportunities. However, they are fruitless because there is no wi-fi access even when on the Tanger Guest.
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2 years ago, BerryCoolGrl
Infinite loading and slows down my phone
I was able to upload my receipts right after downloading the app. However, whenever I go to the app, it just keeps loading and it starts to slow down my phone
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2 years ago, CableConvert
Completely freezes up and full of glitches
Freezes in the middle of using it so I have to shut it down, then it forgets my location. Also clicked Find on map and it takes me out of the app and can’t find the store I just clicked find on map from. Buggy.
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2 years ago, Juhipatel
ScanbotSDK License Failure
I love using this app. But today when I tried to upload receipts it say above mentioned error and does not let me upload receipts. Otherwise it’s a great app.
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2 years ago, Mofongoycarnefrita
Unable to change location
Title is self explanatory, many attempts to change location unsuccessful. Very frustrating
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2 years ago, wththeyrealltaken
Great Deals
Great deals and easy accessible coupons and savings !!!
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1 year ago, Muneer Alsaidi
Recent update is horrible
My receipts are all being declined. Coupons are not as organized as they were. New layout of everything is just not it! Please fix it and return the old version. It was better and less complicated.
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3 years ago, Rev. WL
Great Deals
I always enjoy my shopping experience @ TangerOutlets!
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12 months ago, Waste of time and awful
Awful app
Tried uploading a receipt in the app. Declined every time because of quality. Scanned it, brightened the text, everything to get it clear to send and nothing worked. If you just using it for coupons maybe ok.
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2 years ago, m_b_79
Hi. I’m so disappointed with this app. Yesterday I couldn’t use my member rewards because they are disappeared. And it doesn’t happen just once. It happens a lot. It looks like you make people foolish especially when stores start selling stuff.
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1 year ago, littlebitofall
Every time this app updates, I have to enter my password. It never remembers my password, and I always have to reset it. It takes too long for them to send an email and I’m usually done shopping by the time I can reset my password.
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1 year ago, Sparky44827174
No map or general directory?!?!
Would it be so hard to have a map by location? In Rehoboth there are three separate centers. Why can’t I browse by the specific center? Also, forcing me to create a login just to open the app is terribly intrusive.
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2 years ago, IronG40
Won’t let me take pics of receipts
Love this app. Was trying to take pics of receipts today and it said ScanbotSDK License Failure. Please contact app manufacturer. Please fix so I can upload. Thank you!
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2 years ago, AnotherShopperAh
Great idea, needs better implementation
It is a good idea, but the app is not easy to use. It is hard to find coupons sometimes
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12 months ago, Tut721
Horrible app
If I could give a zero I would. The new app declines most receipts. There is no way to take a total clear picture of the longer receipts. I am loosing points now. Also why is there a timer on the coupon? This is the worse receipt app yet!!!
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2 years ago, itstaylorrr
Photo’s don’t work.
Won’t let me put my receipts in the app. I have loved it other then this experience.
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12 months ago, janeypooh827
Non working app
When I clicked on the “deals” button and anything in it, the app keeps crashing. What’s the point of launching a non working app? We also bought a lifetime membership, now we have to pay every year?
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1 year ago, BearDogk9
Does open
This app has failed to open the last two times I have tried to use it at the outlets. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice without any luck. I missed out on several discounts due to this.
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3 months ago, Uberdriver8
Has a great start but latest version doesn't list store names
Store specific coupons don't have names, just a photo of their goods like a pair of crocs or a hand bag which is excessively vague, add back the names, good lord.
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12 months ago, MPL348
New App
I do not like the new app. There is no map of the mall and I feel like all of the “sales” are now under lock to get you to upgrade to a new level. Very disappointing.
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8 months ago, AdrianNaranjoP
Gold subscription
I downloaded and payed for the gold subscription but the app didn’t upgrade the deals and kept me at the free tier. FYI I used apple pay at the check out, asked for support help but no one answered. I rather prefer the paper coupons.
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11 months ago, MB17Shop
Worst Update Ever
The previous app was way more user friendly. This new update is absolutely terrible now when uploading receipts. Some of the receipts are way to long to include all the info so must are always under review.
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1 year ago, bonnie_onpaper
skip the app, use the website
A wholelotta security for such a redundant app. Better to use the website and blow past the “exclusive” app benefits amounting to ads anyway.
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1 year ago, Justncais
Cannot load receipts
It is VERY disappointing to see that there was an issue loading receipts over a year ago and the feature still does NOT work today.
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1 year ago, phreddie.b
Must Create Account to Browse
Very disappointing that you must create an account to just browse. This stopped the whole process for me. Not giving away my data unless I find the app useful.
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2 weeks ago, Ptisdell
Updated and app is frozen
Updated the app today and it has completely quit working, just freezes on the main/ Home Screen
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1 week ago, blfox
App crashing
For some reason app freezes as soon as opened. I’ve reinstalled twice and still freezes not allowing to upload my receipts
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2 years ago, clhuis
App needs to update their information
The information on the app is not correct. Someone needs to update the stores and the hours so people don’t waste their time.
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6 days ago, Kiking334
Following the last update!
App is disabled and unable to get contents. Once letting it update, my app is now unusable. All of the offices and service centers have been closed. Nowhere to get any type of live help.
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8 months ago, Mpwvzx
This is the worst thing you've done OTHER than Not giving holidays off to the workers/stores You are so greedy Took years to get Thanksgiving off with families $$$&& no respect for life and family
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