TAP Air Portugal

2.5 (53)
178.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Transportes Aereos Portugueses S.A.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for TAP Air Portugal

2.53 out of 5
53 Ratings
9 months ago, Mike in Louisville
The worst airline app yet
Very poorly designed app for booking and managing air travel. Links don’t always work, makes you restart your search for reason.
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6 months ago, Dave1kpd
Horrific - endlessly frustrating
This app is full of bugs. Rarely can you actually add a flight to the app. The confirmation system via text message doesn’t work. No texts ever send. If you use the email option, it repeats and bugs out and won’t accept any inquiries. You can’t actually book anything through the app, it redirects to another booking process, which is also slow, not user friendly, constantly has errors and bugs where you have to start over, and rarely ever works. Requires passport info every time even if you’ve entered before, and even when it’s not required (domestic flights). Don’t waste your time with this app. You’ll just find yourself endlessly frustrated. Typical Portuguese-level support and development, which is basically bare minimum functionality, if you are lucky. Avoid!
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4 weeks ago, Wcmnt
Do not fly this airline
1. The flight crew took out extra leg room seats and slept the flight from Boston to Lisbon - fully reclined snd on our Laps. 2. No water or fluid provided but, one small Dixie cup with meal (which was sub standard), 3. Cancelled our flight from Lisbon to Seville leaving us on our own but, we did hey a lunch voucher. 4. On return, flight to Lisbon was later snd it left late causing us to miss our flight to Boston (again, paid for extra room). 5. Rescheduled to a later flight (10 hrs) but, seats changed and what we paid for again we did not receive - extra leg room, 6. In sum, the crew is rude, the airline is poorly managed with a complete disregard for its customers, 7. Do not fly with TAP. Pay extra to avoid this airline, you will have a far greater vacation with much less stress.
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11 months ago, HTaylor327
TAP prices but Ryanair rules
I expected more from TAP. I recently traveled to Portugal via JFK-LIS. Flight was good, no issues, etc. on the return flight @ LIS I’m charged $185 for my carry on/backpack because both items weighed a total of 12.8 KG. I understand my bag had to be 10 KG, which it was. But my personal item had to be weighed ? I had a laptop on there. Beyond ridiculous TAP. It was the first time in years flying TAP. I will choose another airline my next time were I don’t have to worry that my personal item is going to be overweight. Do better.
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9 months ago, LennyS
Usually useless
TAP’s customer-facing technology is, to be blunt, garbage. Both the website and the app are incredibly slow … if they work at all. Constant login issues, searches that send you back to the homepage, completely different prices once you get past the date pickers, it goes on. And that’s all to say nothing of the prices (at least from PRG). My actual flights with TAP have always been lovely and they have such friendly onboard staff, but getting there and managing any bookings is always a nightmare. It can’t be so difficult in 2023 to have a half-decent website and app.
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12 months ago, Hjhhhhhhhjjjjjjjjjj
Terrible App
This is without a doubt the worst travel app I have used. I thought it was British Airways, but it’s this one. It doesn’t let you do much on the app, just constantly redirecting you to web pages, but then the check in process makes no sense, takes forever, asks for information you have already given, and then on top of that, when it asks about “bidding” for better seats, the auctions are absurdly expensive and go through another site. It’s a joke and actually makes me trust the airline less. I will literally pay extra to not have to use them.
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1 year ago, snarton
Beware- don’t count on this app while traveling
I made the mistake of counting on this app for checking into and getting information about my flights while traveling without a computer. Here are the problems I encountered: It kept logging me off only hours after I had last used it. Often, I couldn't log on. I kept getting credential verification errors, even though the information I entered was correct and worked on the website. I couldn't check in for a flight for an hour after I should have been able to. (On the website I could check in 24 hours before a flight. On this app, check in wasn’t available until 23 hours before the flight.) I couldn’t find gate info for the flight. I needed to use a display in the airport. The app deletes the current flight before it's complete. I hope TAP is better at maintaining and flying their planes than they are at making apps.
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1 month ago, Pocket Threes
Air Portugal Booking Stinks
First time attempting to book with Air Portugal and couldn’t be more frustrated. I got all the way through the booking process online, including entering everyone’s passport information and all of my payment information. I hit the button to complete my purchase and it proceeded to take me right back to the Fly Tap homepage for some reason. Not only did it not book my tickets, but I immediately tried to book again and it’s now showing me prices hundreds of dollars more for one of the legs. Are you kidding me?!!! Forget it… We’ll just go somewhere else instead.
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10 months ago, W Chandler
No feature work.
Please delete this app from the App Store. You aren’t capable of making a working app. Not a single work flow works. Not even social sign in. A competent high schooler can do a better job with less bugs than this app. I have not managed to sign in (even with an account made online), change a flight or buy extra luggage. Things an airline app should. Armature developers. Best course of action, delete the app and head to the website. TAP is an average airline compared to the others so not a slight on the entrie experience. More the frustration of the app experience
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11 months ago, _avi8or
Tell me what actually does work in your app…?
I don’t even know where to start, but it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise seeing how many negative reviews there are about your app. I’ve been waiting for an email confirmation for more than 15 minutes. I tried the text message option nothing. I entered the PNR for my flight, and my last name still nothing your app has serious issues. I strongly suggest you guys fix them soon because it’s kind of embarrassing of an international airline, such as TAP.
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7 days ago, TownLake
I fly other airlines to avoid using this app
I rarely take the time to review an app. Most apps are just fine. TAP’s manages to be truly unique in its awfulness. How did they manage to build something this bad? Aren’t airline apps essentially a commodity at this point? Couldn’t they just pay any other airline to lease their app? Check in never works. It never remembers anything. Getting the boarding pass to Apple wallet fails every time. I would love to fly any other airline simply because their app works.
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3 months ago, bklein25
The app is buggy and does not work. I have a flight booked and was trying to get information and the system does not let me sign in. Even the website is buggy I have had to contact customer service and sit on hold for hours to get information correct on my booking. I expect better from this airline I hope the flight is way better than the site and app.
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2 months ago, Oliviervan
Back to 1990
In one word…terrible. Can someone please buy this airline and fix this. Both the App and the Website are full of bugs, do not send confirmations, kick you out of a reservation or booking while you do it, don’t save your passport info, don’t save “trusted” travelers like wife and/or kids, etc. As a result the bookings take very long to make if they work at all. Avoid until this gets fixed or upgraded.
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6 months ago, ryan187
Still many broken parts in this app
Broken login, broke. airline miles program entry, difficult & slow 2 step authentication, impossible passport info entry, and silly payment checkout (had to go thru payment process for a zero bill). And all this on my first day of use. I have little confidence that this will get better when it comes time to actually fly. Shame on TAP.
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7 months ago, agkinmd
Cancelled reservation 24 hrs before my flight!
My reservation was cancelled since the payment did not complete. Why didn’tTAP contact me via email or phone since I have an account and have been flying with them for a few years. The APP rarely works as it is presented. They have improved their phone service in the last 2 years but have major work to do with app and on line service.
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11 months ago, OttoParts
Horrible App
I’m actually reconsidering using the airline, based on how terrible this app is. I’m ready to purchase tickets, but I get an error when trying to create an account. The website isn’t much better. I’m still waiting to receive a confirmation email with a link to finalize my account. Who does business like this? Their app and website developers need to be fired.
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10 months ago, popreview
Bait and switch. Impossible to book
They advertise a certain fare and when you get to the payment info part, they say the fare is no longer available. Even if you start a new search, this happens over and over. You call them on the phone and then they tell you the new fare is higher. It’s happened to me a couple of times.
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11 months ago, fgibk
Most likely one of the worse airline apps out there…
I only travel with TAP out of necessity. There are always issues, the app is non-functional, and everytime you need to do something like payments on the app they reroute you to ask you to log again on the website. Waste of time save yourself time and forget about them…
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1 month ago, Freido8
Poor user interface/multiple errors
I tried signing up after downloading the app multiple times. Would get to the last step from the terms and conditions. Consistently get it here. We tried nearly 10 times. Maybe they should take a hint from Iberia and use their interface designer. Much higher rating.
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3 days ago, Aifonu'
Worst Airline app out there
It has to be the worst app out there among all airlines I’ve seen! Login issues, stuck on loading things up, nonsensical errors, slow as molasses - it’s also not a real app, but a front end for the website mostly. Since the website is BAD too, there’s not much to expect here. For the nickel and dime approach by TAP, nothing out of the ordinary.
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2 weeks ago, Bond6857
This app is a nightmare!
Totally inefficient. It is a difficult app to use and does not allow you to verify all the information necessary for the customer. Making a reservation requires great skill. It is often necessary to start a booking from scratch several times. Not all booked flights can be traced. It's a real nightmare! It's difficult to even send feedback!!!
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1 month ago, ViaRaquel
I need assistance to change my meal to a Diabetic Meal
TAP is the best airlines! One thing: I need to change my meal to a Diabetic meal. I could not find the location to select my meal restrictions. Please help.
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2 months ago, Zipi5555
Bad app won’t be able to register.
Couldn’t finish registration process. Try many times, but it indicated error. No where to get help. Customer can’t give satisfactory answer, just ask me to send email to recover my password. I told them I have not set up an account. He told me I already had an account. All messed up.
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11 months ago, Waldooooo0oo
Worst airline ever
This is the worst app and worst airline I have ever used (including spirit, frontier, easyjet, ryanair). They charged us 165euro for each bag even though they were within posted guidance. The space on an overseas flight is less than 29in (less than easyjet or frontier). The employees are nasty. The app does not work for checking in. Never again
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5 months ago, HVYFBeagle
Bad app
First of all, if you want the passenger follow your instructions, please fix your app. Some people wants easy technology. Take a look at your app. I keep adding correct info. Your app keeps adding wrong info. Sounds interesting. Security info needed with secure airline app? Thank you for your attention.
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6 months ago, Sean white
Bad Tap
I can’t believe this airline is Star Alliance. Worst Star Alliance experience ever. App errors all over the place, you call them and it is so bad. Hard to understand them if they do pick up and likely a wrong answer. Also, they did not let me in the lounge with Star Alliance Gold/United 1K for the flight I booked with Tap.
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4 months ago, MyOp21
App is no better than the airport boards
App only shows basic info on my booking. Unable to access, nor even see, details. Trying to make a change just gets you a long blank screen where you can do nothing
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9 months ago, Stevo1295
Just a portal to the website
This is not a real app but just a window to their website, which is horrible and makes you constantly sign in and reconfirm your info via email or text in order to do or see anything
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6 months ago, Kalantor
You spent so much time here…
Whenever I want to book a flight, no matter how fast I do it, it says “you spent so much time booking the flight” and sends me back to the main page. It’s been like this on their website and app… lost at least an hour!
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7 months ago, Jaime Banjoista
Sorry to say the TAP app is very slow and cumbersome. It just took me 20 minutes to check in, slower by far that other airline apps. Then when finished , I am informed I have to get a printed boarding pass anyway. It’s poorly designed compared to others.
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4 months ago, mehmsy
A buggy, glitchy mess!
This is perhaps the buggiest airline app I’ve ever used. Their two-factor authentication to add booked flights to your account is completely bugged and loops endlessly. Their website was also a mess when I was trying to book my flight.
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1 month ago, pigthatt
None of the things I tried worked, said there was an error both times I tried signing up. I just tried checking in instead and there was another error every time I tried. It's a shame
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1 month ago, Tlagilo’i
Probably the worst airline app
I’ve used airline apps that are only available in languages I don’t speak and they’re more stable and intuitive than this app. The fact that people who aren’t logged in can’t save bookings in the app is unacceptable.
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4 months ago, fpsurgeon
Impossible to add a booking. Buggy as heck.
The worst app of any airline app. Simply doesn’t work. Asks repeatedly for confirmation codes to be sent then doesn’t accept it, just errors out with “An error occurred,” and the option to close. Total garbage app coded by clowns. Useless.
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8 months ago, Lazalaffs
Insurance glitch
I tried to secure travel insurance via the app but the ‘state your age’ entry allowed only 1 number and the advisory says applicants must be older than one numeric year of age
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4 days ago, tmm212
Buggy and difficult to use
Very difficult to use and full of bugs. I like the airline but find the app very frustrating. I have to use the website to book my flights with Tap.
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1 year ago, labynoemd
This app is useless, but so is their webpage
I couldn’t get my boarding pass without checking bags, kept getting an error whenever I tried to pay for the bags. Same thing happened on the webpage. These folks need serious IT help.
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4 months ago, Ferdriver
Terrible Tap App
This app beads a lot of improvements. Always presents some type of problem.
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8 months ago, icehawk26
Most backwards app in the planet. You could get Amelia Earhart to pick you up and fly you around the world before you can book a trip with this app with all its errors. If it froze anymore, we wouldn’t have a climate issue on this planet.
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7 months ago, Davidnyc10024
Possibly the worst airline app around
At every step of the booking or check in process, tap make you want to pull your hair out. It's no wonder the prices are so cheap, nobody can actually find a way to book :-)
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5 months ago, hunter.digital
I cannot register, get a real dev team!!
How do you test your app? I cannot register. I hope you run your airplanes better because I am supposed to fly with you! My advice? Fire your development team they are not good enough.
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1 year ago, ACOregon
Awful App
Completely useless to see or modify any information. Opens a web browser that constantly asks for email or sms verification. Horrible design and impossible to use.
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5 months ago, AllTakeTry8474774
An app that reflects the airline
This app it’s a direct image of the airline. Sometimes works, other times works bad. Claiming miles it’s automatically rejected. Another direct example of customer service
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6 months ago, Charlie Litter
Forget about it
This is one of those apps that take you way down the road and then don’t even let you completely obtain the working app. Come on TAP , get it together.
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8 months ago, Hin a
This app does nothing.
I’ve been trying to add my flight info after updating the app but it still doesn’t work. I’ll just delete this at this point.
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4 months ago, GJCrawford
Terrible Non-Functional App
Surely they have app developers that can produce an app that actually works. Trying to use this dysfunctional app is beyond frustrating and should be removed from the app store.
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3 months ago, Jo18ti
Login broken
Cannot even login to app. Password login says fail. Recovery says try again later. Google login says system error. Apparently their server is down.
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5 months ago, StudyingGabby
Bad just Like the Airline
App doesn’t work to add anything. Web site takes forever. And taking a flight with tap is an Odyssey. One of the worst companies I’ve ever traveled with!
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9 months ago, 789014658
Broken app
Wish I would have read the reviews before trying to use this less than useless app.
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2 months ago, bagChief
Why do I have to enter communication preferences EVERY SINGLE time I open the app?! A “Save” button apparently doesn’t actually save anything.
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