TAP Air Portugal

2.5 (53)
178.5 MB
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Current version
Transportes Aereos Portugueses S.A.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for TAP Air Portugal

2.53 out of 5
53 Ratings
3 weeks ago, Mike in Louisville
The worst airline app yet
Very poorly designed app for booking and managing air travel. Links don’t always work, makes you restart your search for reason.
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2 months ago, HTaylor327
TAP prices but Ryanair rules
I expected more from TAP. I recently traveled to Portugal via JFK-LIS. Flight was good, no issues, etc. on the return flight @ LIS I’m charged $185 for my carry on/backpack because both items weighed a total of 12.8 KG. I understand my bag had to be 10 KG, which it was. But my personal item had to be weighed ? I had a laptop on there. Beyond ridiculous TAP. It was the first time in years flying TAP. I will choose another airline my next time were I don’t have to worry that my personal item is going to be overweight. Do better.
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2 weeks ago, LennyS
Usually useless
TAP’s customer-facing technology is, to be blunt, garbage. Both the website and the app are incredibly slow … if they work at all. Constant login issues, searches that send you back to the homepage, completely different prices once you get past the date pickers, it goes on. And that’s all to say nothing of the prices (at least from PRG). My actual flights with TAP have always been lovely and they have such friendly onboard staff, but getting there and managing any bookings is always a nightmare. It can’t be so difficult in 2023 to have a half-decent website and app.
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4 months ago, snarton
Beware- don’t count on this app while traveling
I made the mistake of counting on this app for checking into and getting information about my flights while traveling without a computer. Here are the problems I encountered: It kept logging me off only hours after I had last used it. Often, I couldn't log on. I kept getting credential verification errors, even though the information I entered was correct and worked on the website. I couldn't check in for a flight for an hour after I should have been able to. (On the website I could check in 24 hours before a flight. On this app, check in wasn’t available until 23 hours before the flight.) I couldn’t find gate info for the flight. I needed to use a display in the airport. The app deletes the current flight before it's complete. I hope TAP is better at maintaining and flying their planes than they are at making apps.
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3 months ago, Hjhhhhhhhjjjjjjjjjj
Terrible App
This is without a doubt the worst travel app I have used. I thought it was British Airways, but it’s this one. It doesn’t let you do much on the app, just constantly redirecting you to web pages, but then the check in process makes no sense, takes forever, asks for information you have already given, and then on top of that, when it asks about “bidding” for better seats, the auctions are absurdly expensive and go through another site. It’s a joke and actually makes me trust the airline less. I will literally pay extra to not have to use them.
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2 months ago, W Chandler
No feature work.
Please delete this app from the App Store. You aren’t capable of making a working app. Not a single work flow works. Not even social sign in. A competent high schooler can do a better job with less bugs than this app. I have not managed to sign in (even with an account made online), change a flight or buy extra luggage. Things an airline app should. Armature developers. Best course of action, delete the app and head to the website. TAP is an average airline compared to the others so not a slight on the entrie experience. More the frustration of the app experience
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3 months ago, _avi8or
Tell me what actually does work in your app…?
I don’t even know where to start, but it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise seeing how many negative reviews there are about your app. I’ve been waiting for an email confirmation for more than 15 minutes. I tried the text message option nothing. I entered the PNR for my flight, and my last name still nothing your app has serious issues. I strongly suggest you guys fix them soon because it’s kind of embarrassing of an international airline, such as TAP.
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2 months ago, OttoParts
Horrible App
I’m actually reconsidering using the airline, based on how terrible this app is. I’m ready to purchase tickets, but I get an error when trying to create an account. The website isn’t much better. I’m still waiting to receive a confirmation email with a link to finalize my account. Who does business like this? Their app and website developers need to be fired.
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1 month ago, popreview
Bait and switch. Impossible to book
They advertise a certain fare and when you get to the payment info part, they say the fare is no longer available. Even if you start a new search, this happens over and over. You call them on the phone and then they tell you the new fare is higher. It’s happened to me a couple of times.
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3 months ago, fgibk
Most likely one of the worse airline apps out there…
I only travel with TAP out of necessity. There are always issues, the app is non-functional, and everytime you need to do something like payments on the app they reroute you to ask you to log again on the website. Waste of time save yourself time and forget about them…
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3 months ago, Waldooooo0oo
Worst airline ever
This is the worst app and worst airline I have ever used (including spirit, frontier, easyjet, ryanair). They charged us 165euro for each bag even though they were within posted guidance. The space on an overseas flight is less than 29in (less than easyjet or frontier). The employees are nasty. The app does not work for checking in. Never again
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4 months ago, labynoemd
This app is useless, but so is their webpage
I couldn’t get my boarding pass without checking bags, kept getting an error whenever I tried to pay for the bags. Same thing happened on the webpage. These folks need serious IT help.
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1 year ago, Ykurzweil
This is basically a web app with a couple pretty non-web pages
For our trip to Portugal, I downloaded this app in order to use with my TAP flight. From the beginning this all interface is just not helpful. And when you do finally find what you’re looking for, the app just redirects to a webpage on the website—which would be fine if that redirection worked. Half the time it doesn’t work and gives you a fake “offline” error as if everything else isn’t working fine and it’s your fault. In addition, have the payment options don’t work. The cart will cycle through pages when you actually try and check out and to be honest I don’t even see the point of the app. I might as well just navigate to the webpage and suffer through desktop version than have to click through this app that only works 50% of the time.
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4 months ago, ACOregon
Awful App
Completely useless to see or modify any information. Opens a web browser that constantly asks for email or sms verification. Horrible design and impossible to use.
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4 weeks ago, 789014658
Broken app
Wish I would have read the reviews before trying to use this less than useless app.
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3 months ago, cjwates
Awful app
Log in via web browser instead… the app is useless
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2 months ago, jake6838
Awful airline disrespectful staff
Airline has rude and threatening staff. They do not allow carryons even if they meet weight requirements. Lost our luggage and got it soaked. Awful
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10 months ago, snowbdr440
Should be better
This app is awful. It’s slow, buggy and very inconsistent. It’s hard to figure out how to make the check-in process work and even harder to add an existing reservation to your account. The app has no tolerance for text errors, takes too long to load and is basically a distraction, rather than being a travelers helper. We all use mobile apps now for travel - this app feels like it was designed five years ago. For such a big air carrier with reasonably good planes, this app is an embarrassment. TAP you can do better.
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8 months ago, Jamchemist
Massive improvement over the last few versions. About 5-6 months ago both the website and app were very buggy. Ease of use on the app has significantly improved. I hardly use the website but when I did about a month ago the website had the earlier issues. In the app there is smooth integration and maneuverability between the pages. The information and links are very relevant and I’m happy I don’t have to work too hard to see next flight info. Looking forward to my first TAP flight in the summer. In Executive (Business) Class :)
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2 years ago, Travel with Me!
Frustrating , Freezes & nothing happens
The app is pretty much useless. I want to do things through the App instead of having to call. Price given in Euros even though you put English as a language & United States but no indication of US dollars etc. Sometimes you get lucky & your request comes up only to have it freeze up when making the purchase. Make a request then want to try other dates good luck with that, the only thing I see is no back button & original dates is all that keeps coming up. It has potential but far from complete or working. In these times it’s so important more then ever to be able to find info online directly with the airline you want to travel with instead of having to book through some other App or third party. Very disappointing!
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8 months ago, GreyGooseLTS
Worst Airline App Ever
This is by far the worst airline app I’ve ever used. It incorrectly has my last name as both my first AND last name, which (of course) doesn’t match my booking or travel documents. It’s impossible to correct/edit using the app OR the website. I had to call TAP’s customer service line. After being on hold and transferred multiple times, I was asked to verify my identity, which I did. I was then told that in order to correct my NAME on my account, I have to email them and include a copy of documentation verifying who I am, like my passport! That’s not only absurd it’s dangerous from a privacy perspective. Nobody should be asked to email a copy of sensitive documentation like that. Stunning request coming from a business based in the EU.
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2 years ago, tsmith12
Horrible functionality
The app is unreliable at the worst times. Could not locate my flight via my bookings and had to manually search for it in order to check in. Check in process is frustrating as nothing happens upon clicking on the “next” buttons. Unable to load boarding pass to get into the airport because the app crashes every time you click on your flight. Often couldn’t log in. Sometimes screen turns blank when trying to navigate through check in. E-Boarding pass says “boarding closing time” instead of “boarding begins at” causing you to think you will miss your flight. The backend of this app needs an overhaul.
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6 months ago, CarGuy123456789
It’s Y2K all over again
Laughably buggy and immature online experience, both web browser and app were apparently coded by 5 year olds. Example: Enter your DOB information and the app *automatically* changes the digits to incorrect numbers. Both browser and app ask for DD expecting a two digit entry. But if your birthday is a single digit day of the month — like April 3 — it won’t take it. The drop down provides “3” as an option but the field expects 2 digits. So instead it just randomly changes your “3” to a “30.” Fellas, that’s not how web apps should behave. Act like you actually care about the traveler’s business and provide a minimally acceptable UX.
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8 months ago, Newsq
Worst airline app worldwide
Bookings hardly ever load. When they do and you finally show your booking and you check in, it displays boarding closed 50 minutes before departure on the Apple Wallet boarding pass. This is simply most true. Boarding never even started on any TAP flight I have taken - 50 minutes before departure. Much less closed 50 minutes before. TAP should start from scratch hiring an experienced app developer team and providing as good of an experience as the in-flight experience. This app is pitiful and if there was an award for the worlds worst airline app - there is no question this would be the app!
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2 years ago, CGunell
Horrible user interface and user experience. It doesn’t appear to save any information, you cannot enter your passport information with entering your frequent flyer program. In my case it didn’t accept Eurobonus. Took a while to figure that out because you only get a general error message: ‘Error’. Not what, where, or why. So you have to test each line, scroll down endlessly to try to save. ‘Error’ try again. Now imagine that the app crashes so you have to delete it reinstall it. Don’t download this app. It will ruin your vacation and marriage. Please remove this high school coding project from the App Store.
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4 years ago, tbrigittet
The app is not hard to use but it is glitching at some times. My only problem with the app is that if you click on round trip, it will charge you for the first flight and second flight, meaning that you may think that you’re getting a good deal but then have to pay for the flight back. That was a bit naive for them to do considering on most websites, it will give you the set price for both. It just didn’t seem worth it after that.
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5 years ago, Veriga
This is the most useless app I ever used. The information is never up to date. The gate information on arrival/departure info never available even after the plane landed and pulled up to the gate. Now I’m watching a delayed flight, flight that’s already in the air. No updated departure time no clue on arrival time. All it shows is the original schedule. Utterly useless. Not to mention trying to use the app to pay for luggage they scammed you with. Whoever designed this needs to go out and look at any other airlines app. Or is it the carelessness of the airline who doesn’t care enough about the user experience to inform their customer? Awful
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2 years ago, Daner Ann
Poorly working app
I had a really horrible experience trying to book flights with your company. Neither your website or mobile app work correctly. It won’t let you select a “to” destination when the “from” destination was JFK on the mobile app. Then when I tried to book with miles on your website it was not allowing me to search for a destination. Your poor website design led to me picking out the wrong day home. So then I spent over three hours trying to get in touch with a customer service representative. I’m very upset about all of this.
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1 year ago, sheistheki
By far the worse airline app I have encountered
This app is a joke. I guess you get what you pay for. It doesn’t allow me to update mt phone always defaults to Canada when I select United States. Continually says I am not connected to internet when in fact mt iPhone 12 pro is connected to my home network and I do not have my vpn running when I use the app. All in all a disgrace as they love to nickel and dime you for everything. I usually fly emirates and Qatar and this airline is third world compared to them. Even all the US carriers have excellent apps and web sites.
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3 years ago, Alexgdb
Big disappointment
Well, I understand that corona has been tough for airlines but TAP just lied and played dumb ripping me off with $700. I had a voucher due to a long delay and awful experience. When I tried using the voucher, representatives said they couldn’t book at that moment due to issues and would contact me later to confirm my bookings. Now it’s been almost a month and several calls and emails and they just say they can’t find anything, while I still have a voucher which by now has expired (how convenient). Way to mess up. Bravo TAP
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1 year ago, NicknameHERE987
Trash 🚮
Compare and contrast this app with the apps of United, Delta, and others. TAP Portugal app is trash for several opinionated reasons: it will not easily allow you check in, error messages after correct information inputed, and you do not actually do it through the app, but rather the website because the app redirects you to the website. Your boarding pass will not be available on the app, but rather texted or emailed (I suggest choosing both). It does not make first time international travel less stressful.
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2 years ago, Moogleii
Such a beautiful app, but…
It’s beautiful and you wonder why the reviews are so low. And then you use it. Certain things just don’t load. “Passenger details”. Nothing happens. A blank white screen appears. No loading indicator. Doing simple things like selecting your seat seem impossible. Where do I go to do that? Telling me the weather in Portugal is useless if I cannot accomplish the primary purpose of the app, which is to manage my flight.
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1 year ago, Bill w.
App is so bad I’m scared to fly this airline
The reviews do not lie. This app is worthless. I have tried over two days, five times, to sign up and get all the way to the end and get a big X saying “error.” If you are unfortunate enough to have to fly TAP so not reply on the app: go to a kiosk, get a printed boarding pass, all that. I can’t believe a legitimate airline has such an awful app. (The website is similarly bad; it’s making our honeymoon so stressful! I just want to get through these flights and NEVER think about TAP again!)
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2 years ago, nicky rod bij 123
Worst airline app I’ve ever used
Sitting in an airport in Barcelona furious that I couldn’t check in on the app and then I go to print my boarding pass and this horrible airline doesn’t have its desk open more than an hour before the flight. There was a giant COVID line in front of the airport but I was still within the time I needed to be there. On top of that I’ve been calling their customer service line for the last hour to no avail at all and get my call auto dropped after 30min. Never flying tap again
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2 years ago, kconrad88
Nice UI, but the app is insanely buggy
I have been on the phone for multiple hours with TAP with my wife because our flights just straight up got deleted--after booking them in the app and website. They literally just disappeared. And this is after paying. TAP, please, we really want to support you guys. Long time, loyal customers here. But you need to get your apps and website fixed because its unusable and completely broken. And we can't be the only people this is happening to.
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6 months ago, zilliz16512
Really strange
My profile went through but every time I tried to put in the date for my passport expiration on the website , the numbers would change after i put them in. My husbands worked fine. My son’s profile the numbers changed , and also it won’t even go through- I keep getting an error. So weird .
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1 year ago, Los__Los
App doesn’t work
TAP app used to work fine for me for years. Unfortunately, starting a week ago or so the app stopped working. When opening the app it looks like it’s loading content but it never passes the white background showing the changing symbols of of an airplane, suitcase and a globe. Re-installing the didn’t do anything on my end. Therefore, 1 star. I know it’s challenging times for most airlines but please fix the app. Once the issue is fixed I’ll update my rating. Thanks in advance.
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2 years ago, Noteleader
The idea of this app is very good, but the actual operation of it is disappointing. Some of the features work but most go to a blank screen or don’t finish loading. Forget about trying to change your flight on the app or even checking your flight information. It would almost be better not to have the app and then you wouldn’t be disappointed. TAP could serve their customers much better if they took the time to fix it.
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1 year ago, mayatron
Worst airline ever
This airline has a terrible app, terrible web site, and terrible customer service. I’ve never had so many problems trying to book a flight… they cancelled my flight multiple times without ever telling me, resulting in me needing to spent around 1-2 hours per day over about a week trying to resolve the issue. I ultimately had to call American Express to dispute the charge for a flight they had CANCELED on me but NOT REFUNDED. Recommend any alternative option.
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2 years ago, batraa
This app is a joke!
I cant understand how a full airlines company like tap have such a very very very bad app!!!! Why are you not fixing this disgrace!!! It is the worst app ever!!!! Starting from confusion because they write the time of trips WRONG!!!! Imagine having a trip at 12:10 pm then you wake up and see the timing on the app 12:10 AM!!!! And cancel and book again then to discover that the app is wrong!!!! Also all other features are a disgrace! Nothing actually works in this very very bad app!!!!
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9 months ago, Frequent Traveller 123
Mobile boarding pass
The mobile boarding pass does not show the tsa pre status for flights departing from US. Had to go back to the check in to get a paper boarding pass.
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1 year ago, newstsrt112
Difficult to use and not friendly at all
This app looks good and the airline has allot to offer. But when you can’t even access your flight and have to go to the website each time why have the app? Also you have to search the Internet for phone number to call as the app has a non working number and hard to navigate to the help center. A two seconds google search yielded more results.
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2 years ago, Cool guy on the couch 9375
Simply does not work
Just doesn’t work. Nice airline, impossible app. The app simply does not function. TAP loses revenue because the app won’t let you pay for seats, or add any extras. For 6 months, I’ve asked for it to be fixed. The feedback is to call the toll free number. When you do, an hour long wait followed by the call being disconnected is common. Lets hope they maintain their planes better than all of their customer contact modes.
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9 months ago, $&@oerebear
No online facility for this airline
It’s been days. Neither the website nor the app work. Utterly unusable no matter the browser or how many times I clear history, delete and reinstall app. The only hope is customer service phone where I have had 1 very helpful person who took care of booking. I’m making paper copies of all records now
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9 months ago, Awesome1910286
App is a rip off
The app is horrible. I tried to add checked baggage to my flight and it charged me double what it said it would cost. Then I waited on hold for an hour to request a refund and the agent wasn’t helpful. She put me on hold and never picked back up. The call finally rang through to another agent who wasn’t helpful either and she hung up on me! I certainly hope the flight is better than their app and customer service!!
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2 years ago, CCinOrlando
So, I have gotten to know TAP through several flights from US to Lisbon and Spain in the last few months. I have appreciated the quality. This app reflects horribly on TAP. Basically, it does not work. Sluggish, certain path to purchase elements are not clear, it sticks regularly and is generally crap. It does not help that the online website is replete with its own issues, at least for mobile. Come on, TAP. Catch up!!!
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2 years ago, sasmon
Informational app only
Contracted Covid and the app says “you are offline” when I try to manage my booking. Have made 8 calls to one of their numbers where the system hangs up on you after 10 minutes. Then I made three hour long calls to their other number and it hangs up after an hour of waiting. I can’t cancel my flight or get a refund for an executive ticket. This should be illegal.
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3 years ago, texasfury93
cancelled flight COVID-19 no refund issued
Would give zero stars if I could. I tried to call their USA support number and was on hold for over thirty minutes without speaking to anyone. It ended up costing me $$$$ on phone bill. Originally had tried to get a refund via their resolution portal. They closed it and said the issue was resolved in early May. It’s been a month and I have yet to receive a refund. FB messenger support and subsequent resolution requests advise that the matter is resolved. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY MONEY BACK
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6 years ago, bewerterreview
Truly outstanding app
I usually only use BA and Lufthansa - Both are really great apps but I have to say this TAP app is even better - very comprehensive, even easier to use. I rarely do this but was really impressed and find it truly outstanding- well done TAP - congratulations !
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6 months ago, Steamboatmate
Worst Travel App Ever
This may be the worst airline app ever written. It never does seems to be able to get you where you want to go and it appears that their reservation system is not even close to being coordinated with this app. It seems to be optimized to promote their club at the expense of providing data and support to the traveler before and during travel. No real reason to use up space owning this app.
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