Tapas – Comics and Novels

4.6 (41K)
67.7 MB
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Current version
Radish Media
Last update
2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tapas – Comics and Novels

4.57 out of 5
41K Ratings
10 months ago, Yujimory
Updated but not updated???
Ah ok, it was updated, although now it looks like one of many comic reading apps, the categories and genres and contents on the day are easier to find and look better. Still that was all they did. They improved the app startup but everything else stayed exactly the same. The community is still the same. It's hard to find content there, everything looks sparse and poorly organized. Little diffusion, and that's the reason why it's easier for authors to grow on other platforms than on Tapas. The platform has its pros and cons for publishing indie content and I personally like it. But I still can't believe they updated the app and completely forgot about the community! People very little browse the community because most of the time they don't even know it's there. The same goes for the Spanish content. Tapas doesn't seem to give much relevance to Spanish headlines. And few consumers are aware that such content is translated. That is, it is not like other platforms in terms of different languages where it is given the same treatment. Here it seems that they only do it as a hobby. When the announcement of an update came out, I expected a better look for the community and not that everything, except the home page, will remain the same.
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12 months ago, Twosing
Like it, but sometimes issues..
Like the app, got annoyed with many changes, but I’ve adapted to them and found some were nice later.. However, lately I’ve done their earn ink events. Like recently I opened over 300 episodes of the series they chose, to try and earn 25k and I didn’t get anything, and I opened way beyond 300 episodes. Bit upset there, since I set alarms to open episodes too. Plus today I also did a smaller event of opening an episode of a series, and nothing. Usually those give them after maybe a couple hours at most after completion, but nothing this time. I suppose I can give it 24hrs, but I’m also seeing a glitch of them not updating the new episodes and dates not being right on new ones too. So I don’t think I’ll be holding my breath. Either they’ve changed how you do those offers, such as what/how they consider “unlocking” episodes, or there’s a big glitch with it. Regardless, it doesn’t make me want to even try and read the series that are put up. Which is a shame, because quite a few series I’ve decided “Well I’ve had my eye on this for awhile, so why not try and read what I opened for the event?“ or “It’s been awhile since I’ve read this, I remember liking it, so I’ll binge while I earn ink!”, such examples. If this continues, I’ll probably only stick to what I’m already reading, or just look at things that catch my eye and not bother with anything that doesn’t seem interesting in the events.
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3 months ago, SEMak7
Great for reading, Change the payment system?
Hello creators, I really love selection and the webcomics and webnovels on this app; however, the app will randomly freeze semi-regularly. ~Likes~ Some of the novels and comics are free or you can wait for to unlock chapters for free. The second is that the stories have minimal grammar errors unlike other platforms. I love the selection of LGBTQ romance which is the main reason I read digitally now. I definitely want to support the creators. ~Changes~ the ink system— I did some calculations and realized even though I use a lot of ink the ink to $ support conversion is not good :(. A few alternatives to this ink system: the option to unlock by chapter *and* the option to pay $20-35 (or a little more) for the whole story. Another alternative would be to offer a greater variety of price points for ink or be able to enter the amount of ink you need and pay for that much ink. Thank you for giving me a platform with so many wonderful comics and novels to read💜☺️! be able to enter a specific amount of ink and pay for that amount. The current system has ink bundles. The problem is if the amount of ink you need to unlock the remainder doesn’t fit into the preset brackets you have to buy multiple from the preset bundles if you don’t want to move to the next price bracket. IThank you for giving me a platform with so many wonderful comics and novels to read💜☺️!
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2 years ago, GuardianAtNight
It’s ok
I’m a WEBTOON user so it definitely took some time to get used to this platform. I for one like the books on this app. I think the books on this app suits my taste a lot more than WEBTOONs. I always thought I could not get used to and refused to read books on a daily pass or on here WUF books. But I guess when you are really interested in a book you make do and accept the fact bc I refuse to spend money on ink in this app. Now what I don’t like is how much ink you need to purchase a chapter. Most chapters with tap on are 300 ink and when you use your once a week fortune cookie there’s a chance you get 250 which for most do not open a chapter you want to read. Other than that there’s no real way to earn free ink on this app besides the survey which are pretty much useless for earnings. I don’t mind the WUF episodes bc obviously I like the stories I am reading and I can wait but I honestly think a regular weekly update is a lot better than the WUF episodes only bc once you reach the minimum chapter limit you cannot access them until they become available. I am also not a fan of the WUF episodes going out of commission bc a story is on Hiatus. I think ppl should still be able to get a weekly or WUF episodes until the last episode airs. I find it unfair that ppl need to wait for the book to come out of hiatus for them to finish a season. I would rather wait for the chapters to build up so I can receive weekly updates for the chapters.
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3 years ago, Raybundo
Great stories, mediocre functionality
OKAY SO I friggin love the stories I find on Tapas compared to webtoons, and the audience is smaller so there’s more commentary that’s actually relevant to the story, which makes it easier to be seen and have conversation. Tapas really has great content. But WOW this app does not care about the functionality. To be honest, I find the app a little difficult to navigate at first, especially since the “messages” tab has nothing to do with comments you leave or receive. You have to tab over to “activity” to see notifications like that. But MY GOD the app just BREAKS all the time! On the regular! It crashes very often, especially when I want to leave a comment. Sometimes it’s fine and I have no problems. But more often than not, especially compared to Webtoons, it freezes up and you have to close it and reopen it to do anything. I never have this problem on the desktop, but this is an app made for mobile consumption. I also have spotty wifi, but again, I DON’T have the same problem with any other app (besides Amino). I don’t know if it’s a budget issue or a quality control issue, or whatever. But I’m (and I’m sure others are too) BEGGING tapas to fix their mobile app to functions better!! Sometimes the entire app just stops working and nothing will load from the get go. I’ll stop now, but I desperately wish my experience on Tapas was better. Especially since the stories and comment section are better than other webcomic apps.
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3 years ago, Savannah_Bambi
So much money - Ink System is botched.
I love the tapas stories but there is barely any stories available where you can wait to read. You either have to spend hours doing surveys to get the ink to unlock chapters or buy ink. I’ve spent, no lie, around $300 on ink, if not more, so I could read these flipping stores. Each chapter to unlock costs 300 ink. I just feel like I should be getting more out of my buck if I’m going to be spending my money. Also, the surveys you can do to get free ink are bogus. It’ll say the survey will take 3-5 minuets but actually take upwards of 20-25 minutes just to get like 200 ink MAYBE. And asks the same question 10 times. There’s no guarantee that you’ll even get what was promised either since it goes on length of survey. The app will give you some randomly but I mean it’s enough for one chapter then you’re out of luck. Also app developers can y’all please for the love of everything fix the surveys? Like make them more user friendly on phones? Why do I have to enter the same information a million different times? Also put in a keyboard in the app that gives auto generated answers and don’t have surveys that ask the same question a million times on the same survey. Like seriously, I dont mind filling out surveys I just don’t like when I spending 25minuets on a survey for 168 ink that said was only suppose to be 5mins and when it’s finally completed I only get like half of the promised ink.
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2 years ago, Seabreze27 (the real one!)
Swiper no Swiping!!
I love this app and recommend it to all of my friends. However, I have 2 major complaints that makes my enjoyment and time on the app lacking. 1- I usually use this app while lying in bed (usually laying on my tummy) with my phone at an angle so it’s still connected to my charger. Well more often than I’d like, my thumb will swipe not up and down to scroll through comics/novels but will be slanted or will accidentally swipe left or right. This can unlock new episodes if you have your settings set a specific way or take you back to a chapter you have already read. This is not the issue I’m upset about, just context to my problem. When you try to go back to the chapter you just left YOU END UP BACK AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE!!! It’s so frustrating to have accidentally swiped to a different chapter and than try to find where you left off. I would love for the Tapas Team to hopefully fix this issue so that I can continue to read in peace!! 2- It’s frustrating when a series goes on Hiatus and readers have no idea when to expect new chapters. Some authors and artists are good about informing their audiences on when they will be back but others don’t. Having a more definitive timeline on when an author/artist will return or more transparency with the audience would be nice. Especially if the reader has bought 40+ episodes.
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2 years ago, BunBop789
New Update?
Tapas is a great app, there’s tons of comics you can read for free or you can earn coins if you’re not willing to spend money. The comics are great and there’s a huge variety of genres to pick from. don’t get me wrong I the app but the new update changed so now episodes you wait to unlock are only readable for 3 days after you unlock them. I’m not really a fan of that because some of the series you need to wait a whole week to get the free episode, and because i read a lot i need a refresher so i usually look at the past episode just so i’m not lost. But now that they changed it you’ve just got to deal with it. I know other apps also do the same thing but that’s why i preferred tapas over them because i could have all the past episodes i’ve read in case i need to look back at a part i’ve forgotten. Hopefully this will change in the future and go back to the way it was. I’m not even sure why it’s a thing, it’s not like the company will gain more money just because they do it, and if you want to re read the series you have to wait again unless you want to buy it if you haven’t before. I get that you didn’t buy the chapter so why would you get to keep it, but there isn’t a benefit to having that time frame. the people who use the WUF will continue and the people who don’t, won’t so i just don’t get it.
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2 years ago, Zel a fat warlock
technical difficulties
I love this app and have been able to use it with little to no problems in the past, but lately it seems to just not be able to accomplish basic tasks on my phone. for example, i paid $10 for more ink and received it but am unable to use it to unlock episodes. When I go to spend ink on an episode it says it’s loading but it doesn’t stop loading no matter how long I spend waiting. If I have the patience to wait long enough, my phone will turn off and when I turn it back on it will still be loading. I don’t care about the money as much as I’m upset I haven't been able to unlock episodes with the ink I have. It also doesn’t load in rewards, let me subscribe to comics, let me edit my account or change my password. When I go to save changes or reset my password it either tells me an email with a link has been sent (and never sends me an email) or that they “couldn’t find anything I’m looking for” I’m able to read free episodes just fine but the technical difficulties have been frustrating. I’ve updated the app and my phone completely, tried running the app with cellular data turned off on every app but this one(which sometimes works even on wifi for some reason), and nothing has changed. I would love to figure out what’s going wrong and how to fix it moving forward because I enjoy this app a lot when I’m able to use it.
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2 years ago, waffles and saphire
Love this app soooooo much
I have had this app for I don’t know maybe a month I download it on my tablet and I’ve had it for like a little less than a year but before I download it on my tablet I used to use their website I mean I like the website a lot but since I didn’t have the app on any device I t get ink to read certain stories but I have the app I have the ink and I can get the story’s and I love this app so much it’s got so many stories I love it I mean my personal favorite genre isBLAnd it’s like got a whole lot and I love it so much and like some of the best ways to get ink is to just download apps and play games to earn ink and you can also watch ads and you get fortune cookie said I’ll give you anywhere from like I want to see 100 to 1000 ink I think the prices are for ink are a little bit pricey if you want to buy with money I also think that the stories are just the teensiest bit pricey to feel like they could be a little bit cheaper and you can find so many comics for free so overall it’s a great app I totally recommend football comic lovers for a while I use web tune but I like this so much better I can find so much more for you but if you’re looking for a good comic app to download this will be it!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Cgengddfb
Great app but...
I enjoy the variety that tapas provides however the new update has caused me some frustration, I understand that they need to display their sponsored comics however it’s overly difficult to find comic that you can read if you are unable to read the featured ones. Even then it takes even longer to find comics you already haven’t seen. While at first this didn’t bother me so much I’ve become increasingly frustrated because, while not always, sometimes when I leave a comic I was quickly looking at from the genre category in the community comics, I go all the way back to the sponsored ones. I also have issue with the discover tab, while I really like the idea in theory the first thing you see when you open it is a featured comic suggested not at all based on your tastes. Even when you scroll down to the community comics, you only see comics recently updated. Rather than this I would display comics with a good amount of hearts(?) for the amount of subscribers(?) that doesn’t already have a huge fan base. Preferably these comics would also be updates rather recently as well. However this is most likely hard to implement so if now this then simply display comics that the user has not read in the genres the user prefers to avoid someone who doesn’t enjoy romance comics getting suggested “chief seduction officer”. Even easier just turn it into the community comics/novels tab
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2 years ago, im bored1000000
It is malfunctioning
So…I’m new to tapas. I’ve been a fan of Webtoon for awhile. But I wanted more comics bc I’ve basically seen all the ones of Webtoon. Tapas is amazing!! It has so many comics and they’re so cool, but the problem is you have to download the app in order to earn free ink and have one touch or whatever. And it’s really hard to use. The notifications do not consistently work. It was really hard to navigate, and I could not for the life of me figure out how to claim my new to the app pack. Occasionally I would get notifications that say “claim your new pack” and I would click on the notification. It would bring me to the app and then say “sorry we find what your looking for” 🤷‍♀️. And I scoured the app looking for a way to find it myself, but no luck. It would log me out of the app multiple time a day. The ads (for free ink) malfunction a lot (sorta, to be fair I was watching a lot of ads lol). But I can deal with all of that annoying stuff. What was really frustrating is when the app shuts down. I’ll be watching a comic and the screen will freeze and turn black. And when I try to go back in the same thing happens again. I was so concerned that I decided to delete the app, and maybe try to redownload it later. The whole day I’ve been thinking of the comic I was reading earlier 😓. I dont know what to do at this point. I hope, if I decide to redownload, that I have a better experience.
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5 years ago, Janay_iz_dead
The app keeps shutting down
(I actually mentioned this issue on you’re guys Instagram and it said to contact you guys so I hope this is good enough i do not know if I have to email you guys but if it doesn’t fix I will try to do that) I love this app I’ve used it for many years (I think since I 10 or so I’m 15 now) and never had a problem as I use it on my iPhone but recently since a few months ago I can’t remember exactly when it started (sorry for that) the app has started shutting its self down countless times upon me using it for ex I was reading SE;ki and I could maybe get trough two more newly updated comics before in the middle of me reading it would just down and from that moment it will happen 2-3 more times out of no where until I just give up and stop using it for some time and when I choose to use it again it just shuts down again at first I thought it was just my phone but than I gotta new one and it is still happening I’m guessing this is just on mobile device because I use it on my laptop though it’s slow as heck so I don’t prefer it but on that it does not shut down only on my iPhone so please fix this I love this app so very much and I don’t want to have to go back to reading webtoon T~T it isn’t as good!
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2 years ago, Li'l Monkey
Not bad, but not the best
I love reading so many different stories. The authors work hard putting forth their ideas and the art is so lovely. I have no issues with the content, but the app itself irritates me to no end. The wait for free episodes are pretty much the only way I can read most of the titles, but now they have made them so they only unlock for 72 hours. I have wasted so many free episodes because I scroll to the next in line that’s locked only to find it’s the one I previously read. I don’t trust the “continue to #” option as I have had it unlock episodes way ahead of where I actually am, now I can’t even trust I’m unlocking the next episode anymore. The cost of ink is too much to bear purchasing regularly and although you do get free ink every Monday, and there are events that can get you some free ink as well, it’s all to easy to scroll down the page and accidentally swipe to the next episode and spend ink. It’s very frustrating.. if you’re looking for a better deal that allows you to read these web comics, you’re better off using WEBTOON or Manta.
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8 months ago, Cats and Dogs Cafe
Tapas - Ink & Ads
First, generally Tapas is a super great comic with a lot of great variety and content. They also provide many helped up ways to read and get ink (I.e. through reading challenges and wait for free). However, with the most recent update the watch ads for ink feature was taken off and replaced with unlock 3 episodes a day by watching 1 ad each. While, I do appreciate this was at least replaced with another method, it is in my opinion is not as accessibly and supportive to readers and authors than the watch ads for ink. Prior to this change you would need to watch 30 ads (sometimes even a bit more) to get enough ink to read an episode, BUT the 30 ad limit would refresh every hour which meant you could, if you wanted, watch more ads to unlock MORE chapters. Additionally, after completing a reading challenge, if you did not have enough (most comics don’t usually cost exactly 300) than you could watch ads to get enough ink. Furthermore, the ink you’d get could be used for chapters to support the creators and/or donated (willingly) to support creators. Also, despite updating the app (automatically then manually) I have not received the option to watch ads to unlock a chapter but also do not have the watch ads for ink option either.
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5 months ago, Ziozna
Some issues but overall okay
Took some time for me to get used to the way tapas works coming from a webtoon user, it was way different like you have to either purchase or wait for it to be time to unlock the episode. I liked it at first but the wait was annoying for some I had to wait like 7 days but others it was just 24 hours, but it was worth it bc I was able to keep the episode unlocked forever, without having to use the ink, but eventually they took that down so now whenever we unlock the episode we only keep that episode for a certain amount of time, but at least the wait wasn’t for long it was only like 3 hours, I hated that bc I read so many stories I need to refresh my memory of what happened the previous episode so I would use the ink on the same episode again but eventually got used to that too, but what I didn’t like was how it didn’t show what episode I left off on so I lost track but they fixed that too so now it shows. Since I prefer the stories that have a 3 hour wait or a wait time, I don’t usually, unless it’s from an event, I use ink but I noticed how they took down the watch videos for ink, kind of disappointed by that, and now we can only invite friends for ink, or complete offers for ink
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6 years ago, the.vandy
great idea
This app is a great way to support artists at a relatively affordable price which I’m grateful for (other apps like LezhinComics charge $30 for just one series). I wish there were more ways to get coins other than watching ads and referring friends. I know some other apps have more intricate ad rewards (like if you download x app and reach a certain level you get, say, 800 coins to buy comics with etc) and I’m hoping one day they might do that for us one day :) The comics I’ve read are high quality and they have a wide variety to choose from, and actually there’s a LOT of free ones, or ones that have the first few episodes for free so you can decide whether you want to jump into purchasing it or not. Anyways, the app works great functionally BUT I had one huge problem... The app keeps crashing :( Sometimes I’ll have the app opened for five minutes or less and it will crash, sometimes it won’t crash for 30 minutes straight but inevitably every time I have used the app it has crashed ;_; if not for that I would’ve given more stars but unfortunately it’s really damaging my enjoyment of the app because of its frequency....Hopefully this is something that can be fixed so I can change my review sooner rather than later and more people can properly enjoy everything tapas has to offer!!
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9 months ago, soul_moon 12
Great app
Honestly, everything on the app is straightforward and easy to understand. And not to mention, a lot of the manga are very inclusive on sexuality, gender and many more. There’s also a lot of variety, so finding a story you like isn’t that big of an issue. Then there’s the ink. There are wait until free manga that you can read, where every 3 hours they are free to read again and you don’t have to pay anything. Then on Monday’s you get free ink via a fortune cookie, which you can use to unlock episodes that aren’t part of the WUF thing. And if you don’t have enough ink, there are ads you can watch that give you five ink for every ad that you watch. I believe the max ads are 30 for 2 hours, but I could be wrong about that. Anyway, even the ink earning system for the manga’s are great! Love the app, and 100% recommend. However I have had recurring issues with the app, where every time I try to open it my phone automatically logs me out. It’s happened every few months, and is really frustrating to deal with. Be aware of that when downloading the app. There is also the freezing issue where tapas will freeze randomly, so beware of that as well.
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2 years ago, anics16
Great until service update
I have been using tapas for less than a year and was subscribed to ~100 series. I’d log on and read as many as I could in my free time pretty much daily until the most recent service update came out. There used to be a wait until free function that allowed you to unlock an episode every day until you reached the x most recent episodes - x varied from series to series. I would spend money to get ink to read finished seasons, finished series, stay up to date on my very favorites, and series on hiatus. However, now it is nearly impossible to to keep track of where I was in each series because wuf episodes only stay unlocked for 72 hours and the continue button does not pick up from where you were, it seems to pick up from the last unlocked episode. I was ecstatic to find Tapas because of the high quality stories and art and variety compared to any of the other apps, but the newest update has totally ruined my experience and I will be deleting my account as soon as I get home, since you can’t do it on the app. I’m sad to not get to finish the stories I was reading, but it’s way too difficult to try and continue where I left off. Very sad about this business decision. Seems like just another money grab rather than promoting a good experience for artists and readers.
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5 months ago, Mizrolyns
Annoyances are Pushing Readers Away
Similar to other reviewers, I’m here to echo the sentiments of the overall user experience of Tapas going downhill. I have enjoyed a handful of really great stories, but since they’ve walked back a lot of the perks we once had, especially watching adds to earn ink, I’ve been reading elsewhere where possible. However I am so behind on some series I’m considering abandoning them completely. Watching an ad to open an episode has never been an option for anything I read, and Monday’s gift is great, but only allows me to read once a week (if I even get enough ink to unlock one episode of the several pay-only series I read, making for sloooow progress). To top it off, they’re pushing so many similar stories down readers throats with first-person I/My titles involving things like villainess/final boss/divorce or “I married”/ etc - which pop up every time I open the app and make me lose interest even faster. TLDR; It’s hard to read what I enjoy on Tapas due to the lack of accessibility, and for the comics I truly enjoy, Tapas has irritated me enough I’d rather read off app elsewhere & support the authors directly at this point. Two stars because there’s a handful of stories that make me stick around, but they’re really it.
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8 months ago, The kid that is standing up😌
:( listen to us we didn't want or ask for this
I used to really love this app and how it was unique from the other apps I use to read comics on, as not only was there a way to support creators but it was so easy to do so, if you yourself didn’t have money that you could easily spend on their ink bundles the app used to provide a second and third option for users to receive ink without having to pay money which was watching short formed ads and and taking surveys, when I was bored would use the options to watch ads and take the surveys for ink, but unfortunately with the new update that is no longer possible it has made me Very disappointed and it has discouraged me from wanting to use this app anymore as there is no longer anyway for me to, 1) Get ink easily without having to spend money(which a lot of us can’t easily do). 2) Without anyway to receive ink easily a lot of users can no longer easily support their favorite creators(which is really unfortunate considering inksgiving is this month). In conclusion, the new update is a horrible decision that the developers of this app has done, as no one asked for this and with them not listening to what we readers want it looks they will soon be losing a lot of readers.
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3 years ago, LissaLemons
Great comics and affordable! Deathly slow rendering
I love all the series available to read, but the rendering time when opening the app reaches unholy amounts of wait time. I think whatever is processing/running leading up to the daily recommended reading/news/event pop-up is getting stuck in something, like a recursive loop or the like. It’s often I find that the app won’t start working as expected until that pop-up comes up and can be cleared. Until then, the app won’t refresh when you swipe down, you can’t read any chapters, and no other user data can be called. It could be a coincidence that that’s what has to happen before I can do any reading, but it seems to be the trend. I think using the carousel at the top of the app to hold announcements would work best until the wait time issue is fixed. Sometimes I’ve just closed the app and reopened it until I can get that pop up. It’s very annoying but might have to use desktop until the issue is fixed. Waiting for more than 5 minutes for data to be called should be illegal /s
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1 year ago, Adekki Noel
Transphobic, during Pride no less
Update: as you can see from the canned developer response, they’re not even reading this. It’s not a bug or a mistake. The tapas survey asks “are you male or female” and you can’t take surveys until you pick one. It’s designed specifically to exclude and discriminate against us. Screw you, tapas. Original: Despite having a massive queer audience, the company still others it’s queer customers. They’re currently queer baiting with their “Pride Collection”, while at the same time non-binary people aren’t even allowed to take surveys. I’ve sent so so so many messages to support about them partnering with transphobic or just ignorant companies in the past for their surveys, but usually just end up skipping through them until I find one that’s correct. Like, LEGALLY I am non-binary. It’s on my freaking driver’s license and birth certificate. Has been for YEARS. How in 2023 can you pretend that we don’t even EXIST???? How am I still having to defend my EXISTENCE to people??!? It’s exhausting! Now I find that ALL other surveys are locked behind tapas’ own binary-enforcing survey, meaning you can’t take ANY survey if you can’t answer it. I heavily regret all the cash and time I’ve spent getting ink. They want to take our money and then belittle us as people. Disgusting. Just go read on Webtoons. Happy Pride, y’all.
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2 years ago, Feliz HodgePodge
Was my favorite :(
Of the various apps, Tapas had the best features for me. I enjoyed the comment section and the selection of stories. I also loved how they weren’t stingy with the wait until frees, until the new update that is. I was even willing to turn a blind eye when to the app glitching (freezing up, not loading, showing blank screens, being to sensitive when you use the ‘auto unlock’ feature when causes you to spend more than you originally anticipate). Now with ‘72 hr availability’, it’s no better than the rest of them! I’ve put money into this one and one other so I can support the creators and the app, which I appreciated. It *was* my #1. I prefer Webtoon’s model over this and I hate their daily unlock stories (as in, typically avoid like the plague). Good gravy. Now with Tapas using 72 hr availability, I like it a lot less. I’m even more irritated they rolled it out by changing the terms of service in a seemingly vague way first. I have a few stories I’ve been unlocking for ink, but I’m going to be less motivated to do so moving forward and will be spending a lot less time in the app. Will be spending less with Tapas moving forward and try to support other apps now.
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5 years ago, I am a anime lover uwu
Now here me out I’ve LOVE reading comics/ manga and I use lots of different apps right. They are all good but let me tell ya tapas has more adult content. I’ve been reading from smack Jeeves because it’s free and more mature. But it’s hard to keep up with it. But tapas has all the comics I’ve been reading on smack Jeeves. You don’t have to pay to read good comics like LezhinComics or webcomic and it’s simple to get ink. It’s not like webtoon that you have to find your updated comics it’s simple and straight forward. Although sometimes when I wanna read something it tells me to go to the website, kinda a hassle but just go to website and read it from there and it will directly transfer to the app. I just love tapas cause it’s more mature and has a variety of different story’s to read. (Did I mention it has novels) Now I am not the type of person to read novels but it is a great tool to use when your parents ask you what your doing. Just pull up and novel and BAM your reading. Awesome would recommend. But do wish it showed which comics/novels you viewed and gave us more options for the genre like GL fan fic ect. Cheers 🥂 😉
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2 years ago, Cuteathena999
better than WEBTOON
i haven't been using tapas too long, but i definitely prefer it over webtoon or other apps (haven't tried manta but heard good things) tapas has a clan interface, plenty of popular manhwa, and it's user friendly!! it's very easy to get ink, the currency that you use, because they not only have offers (which have a nice amount of rewards that is actually useful), but every monday you get free ink, completing missions gives you ink, and for your first week u just get free ink every day. lots of their manhwa are WUF (wait until free), where you can get a free episode after a certain amount of time (1-3 days), certain collections or events give you free episode unlocks for any series you choose, and every saturday they give u free episodes for a selection of stories. the only things that really bother me are that you can't delete the episodes you download if you download them on accident, you just have to wait the 30 days, and that sometimes i have to close the chapter and reload for images after i have bad internet for a minute
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3 years ago, Shrvjxxyh
Logging in and account recovery
So I have been using tapas for more than a year now- I’ve always used the same password and email for it, but the app logged me out and wouldn’t let me load any comics so I went to the App Store and it needed updating and I did update but the app still wouldn’t load so I deleted and app then reloaded it but it wouldn’t let me log into the app- so I waited a while then it finally let me log in but once I did all of the coins I spent money buying as well as the comics I I was reading were gone, they weren’t in the library anymore, I tried logging out and logging in again and again but nothing shows up, no history of purchases and no comics saved or bought. I spent money buying those coins and saving them abs now they are gone- I would like to know where they went/ just to be sure, I have used my google account to register on the app and I tried logging in with that same account and it didn’t work and when it finally did I showed that I had nothing in the account- no coins no nothing- I just used the app yesterday so I don’t understand what happened. I spent good money on those coins as well As buying the comics so it’s not fair that it’s all gone like that all of a sudden
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5 years ago, Akuji L.
Absolutely love the app, but there’s a glitch
It’s a great app and I love the comics on it.....but there’s a pretty annoying problem that I keep coming across. When I want to reread a comic it can freeze, like I’ll get to page 10 and it will show a grey screen and it will freeze, and I have to close the app and open it again. I have to do that quite a couple of times if I want to get through the rest of the comic which is really bothersome. Sometimes it doesn’t even happen when I’m rereading a comic it happens when I click on story/comic that updated and it won’t show the page it just shows a grey screen, then I have to exit and reopen the app. Other than that I love everything else about the app the comics are great and the creators are amazing, I’m a little irritated with the way the ink works where you basically have to buy the ink (which is pretty expensive) if you want to read a certain comic and yeah there’s ones with timers but when the comic gets to a certain point you have to start paying for it....and a lot of comics you have to pay for or use ink. I just wish this glitch or whatever it is can be fixed and that ink is easier to get.
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4 years ago, Lyiendarian
I’ve been with Tapas for over five years. Let me tell you it was great seeing them grow from just a community of rising artists to now offering high quality premium stuff to read. I love the diverse novels and comics offered. They have free comics, ones that are unlocked after time is passed and ones that require ink. Ink is super easy to earn now compared to the past when it was just coins. They have partnered with much more sponsors. The best thing that sets them apart is the fact that we are able to support the artists and writers by donating these ink! I love that! What compelled me to write a review for the first time ever is that recently I was hacked. 50,000 worth of ink was gone. I contact the Tapas team and they resolved this problem on a timely and professional manner that allowed me to gain access to my account again and recover my stolen ink. I am so grateful to them and they have definitely earned my loyalty. I hope this app continues to prosper as it has. And once again. Thank you Tapas team. I hope others will enjoy this app as much as I do.
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1 month ago, kitty472
I love it but there’s a problem
Hello everyone, I know the creators will never read many don’t because there to lazy and as long as they get there money they don’t care, but before you get it just know that they have amazing stories but two problems, there are these type of coins called “ink”that you can earn and unlock stories you can buy them or read stories to get some, but my problem is that every time I earn them, I lose them the next day for no reason I don’t spend them on anything and there just gone and I guess it’s because there corrupted they don’t like it if you earn them in stories because it doesn’t benefit them at all so they take them away so you will buy them instead but once you buy them they disappear again so you keep buying and buying till they have all your money, ah, yes the next problem is that every time I do a event for like 25k ink I don’t get the ink that I earned and was told I would get for reading 300 pages of a story and I still do get anything it makes me upset that these amazing stories are being used by such a corrupted company, that’s all for my review thanks for staying till the end.
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3 years ago, Asanders0108
It’s slow and freezes as well as just shut down
I f*#%$ing loooove this app but of the variety it offer, the artist are so freaking talented. Each webtoon holds your tightly in its grips and you can’t help but love being captivated by each story development. But for the love of god can this app work like a functional software!!!!! It’s so fristrating with your about to climax at an important scene and the app crashes because tapas decided on a promotional toon and it wants to show the users. Smh and when you try to go back freezes for so long. Not to mention it’s a tease with the app decides to upload slowly so your looking at the cover of your favorite subscribed money spent comic and the chapter won’t load at all for thirty minutes. It’s enough to give you a heart attack!!!! But because I love the effort and communication from the artist and developers it gives me hope they’ll get better. I love you guys just concentrate on the software as much as your focus on the creation of each webtoon! Thanks you
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6 years ago, Raediation
unadvertised micro transactions (expensive)
you’ll begin reading a webcomic you think is free, but there are no ads on the app, so you wonder if it’s all patron based. then you get a couple chapters in, you’re still not sure if you love it, not much of the plot has happened yet, just character intros and suddenly it wants you to pay to read the rest of the series. it says you can watch ads to get free coins but the ads are all 30seconds long and you only get 10 coins from it while most chapters are worth over 300 coins and whole series are over 20,000. you could just buy coins but THEY ARE EXPENSIVE! $20 for a webcomic I’m only mildly interested in? no thank you. I’ll spend my money on things I know i like. But now i’m afraid to use the app because, I don’t know if every webcomic I read and begin to like will eventually charge me and force me to commit or quit. I understand the need to pay the artists, I support my favorite creators on patreon when I can and I don’t use ad blocker. But I felt tricked, like it wasn’t advertised as being pay to read and now I’ve deleted the whole app because I’m too poor to support all of its artists on a whim. If you can afford to buy things just to see if you like it or not, please enjoy this app.
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2 years ago, FarmGRLUSA
No longer wait until free to keep
I’m not a fan of the new update. The one thing that elevated Tapas over other comic providers like TappyToons, Webcomics, PocketComics and WEBTOON was the fact that if you were patient enough certain comics you could earn for free up until the last 10-15 episodes which I was always happy to spend for once I was sure the comic was completed then I could sit and read the comic start to finish with no wait times. Now though it appears you can only unlock wait comics for 72 hrs which for a lot of these comics which still have 24hr to 7 day wait time for their next episode I’ll never be able to read those comics from start to finish without shelling out $30-$60 bucks depending on long they wind up being. I understand that you want to pay you creators but maybe introduce a publishing arm to publish hard copies of these comics and novels there is a market for them and if you pull in $10 per season per comic you still will come out on top especially for readers like myself who would enjoy having a hard copy in their homes and a digital copy for when they travel.
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2 weeks ago, Tacos noches 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
overpriced and not really worth it
I think it has some good comics in here’s but honestly it’s not anything really unique. A lot of it’s just rip offs of another. And, when you finally do find a really good comic they make it so hard to read for free (apart from the community section but almost all of those are on other apps too) Unlike WEBTOON, all of the comics on Tapas are either a daily pass show or you have to buy all of the episodes. And, the worst part is that when there is a daily pass comic, only some of it is actually daily pass. The rest of it you have to buy? And they’ve gotten rid of their easiest way to get free ink (watching ads), which is just stupid cus the other way of signing up for things and going on to websites for ink is so sketchy and almost never works. All of the websites are so sketchy and definitely not the safest place to be. Also, everything is so expensive omg. They did this like 3 free episodes if you watch 3 ads kind of thing, which is great, but it literally only works on a handful of stories??? I just feel like compared to WEBTOON, this app isn’t really worth it. There are some good stories on there every now and then though.
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3 years ago, Airin >.<
Page Scrolling Buggy
Using the iPad version of app. Just forced me to update and I already hate it. It was near perfect before the update, but afterwards, if I scroll through the chapter, the top and bottom menu/next chapter banner and footer keep popping up. I think it’s too sensitive? I scroll/flick up and then occasionally sort of long tap on the screen to “catch” or slow down/stop my scroll, but apparently they see that as me tapping to open up the menu so that pops up. Constantly. I’m at my wits end because I have to be so careful about scrolling now just to read one single chapter… Please…PLEASE undo what you did to the tapping sensitivity for the update. 🥺 It used to be perfect. Otherwise, I really like the app. Like I said, it was perfect before update and I constantly bought ink to support artists and Tapas. The story selection is very nice and I appreciate you guys adding so much new content. I see a lot of people complain about crashing, but I have not had this problem. I wonder if it’s because I’m using the iOS iPad version.
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6 years ago, BlakeK173
Wonderful comics
Don’t get me wrong, I think the Tapas app runs really well, especially on my kind of old phone. It’s very easy for me to find and read all the comics in my library and there are a lot of great comics to enjoy. All the comics I have in my library are spectacular. Honestly I don’t really feel as if Tapas is the place for books as it’s been a comic site for so long but you do you. The main issue is that it seems to be getting harder to get to the regular creator-made comics rather than the “Tapas Exclusive” pay-to-read ones. You were really doing well with the new tab you had that featured comics and then you’ve replaced that with another page for your pay to read comics and books. I love your app and the comics on it, but please try to stay true to your original base and focus at least a little more on your everyday creators rather than your sponsored ones. Besides this, your app runs really well. I rarely have issues with it and everything works smoothly. I can appreciate the work all the developers have put into it and the coin system works well. Nice job.
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6 years ago, Sticksara
Great app, but there’s a problem...
I’m enjoying this app. With all the different types of comics available to read, it’s has something for everyone. So I say to keep ‘me coming. HOWEVER, the app tends to bring up a blank page, then shuts off after 30 seconds. Let me explain: Whenever I’m done reading a comic for the night, I’ll shut off the app. The next day, when I open the app and go back to the comic I was reading, it brings up a blank page, then freezes up. I can’t go back or do anything with the app. About 30 seconds later, the app will shut down and I’ll have to reopen the app. But again, it’ll do the same thing and I can’t read the comics. The only way to “fix” the problem is to erase the app from my phone and upload it again. That way I can sign in and go back to the comics I was enjoying. BUT I’ve had to do this three times already. It’s not the end of the world, but it can be annoying. So the app needs to be fixed. Hopefully sooner rather then later.
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3 years ago, PFunk42
Great content but constant glitches
The app freezes a lot, and has constant problems with glitches. Currently there is an issue with chapters loading with repeated frames. Most chapters are loading with the first frame repeated 3 times, and it's getting worse with some chapters having huge sections repeating multiple times, halfway through. Also the app is notorious for not providing the promised ink after reading the required number of episodes for a promotion. Finally, despite the fact that you can select your favorite genres for your profile, 90% of the comics feed is made up of series where the primary genre tag does not match my favorite genres. There is no way to filter OUT the genres you do not care for, so the feed is completely useless. The home page also does not allow you to exclude genres, so again you have to open each series to find out if it's one of the genres you don't like. Overall, I'm giving 3 stars because there is a lot of great content here, but 2 stars deducted for the terrible functionality and lack of user-friendly interface.
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2 weeks ago, MadMath12
Weird ads
The app is overall wonderful. I use it frequently to read and spend quite a bit of time on it. When I’m on the app, I listen to music in the background, but there is one specific ad that comes on at the bottom of novel episodes that pauses my music and cues up a sound that is titled ‘Scanning Your Device’. It freaked me out the first two times it happened, but after hearing it pretty regularly, I started writing it down. Turns out, the McAfee ad is playing an alarm sound effect in the form of a song. It pauses my music around every 20 minutes, no matter where in the episode I am. I could be at the top of a new episode and not even have the ad on screen, and yet, the sound still plays and my music still stops. Very frustrating that an ad plays sound before you interact with it or see it at all. Would love to see this fixed. Other than that, this app is easily one of my favorites to read on. Hope to see this ad removed or the sound playing on its own resolved soon.
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4 years ago, FireflyGrace
Please Read...
I’ve been using this app for a long time and it’s by far one of my favorites. There is a wide variety of comics and novels, some you have to pay for using ink, you can wait to read some for free, or you can read ones that are completely free to read. I love this, however, I have noticed that at least half of the comics that I was waiting to read for free have disappeared. I find this extremely frustrating because they were my favorites, and I have a hard time earning ink. The only way I can earn ink is by watching ads, but (this may just be my phone) I can only watch 10 out of the 30 ads per hour. If there is some sort of cap on how many “wait for free” comics you can read at a time, that was very poorly communicated if communicated at all. Other than those issues, I love this app. I would DEFINITELY recommend this app to anyone that is looking for an online comic app. I have no idea if others are having the same issue, but if there are please please please fix it. If the issue is addressed I will happily come back and give this app 5 stars. Thank you so much for your time!
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3 years ago, Lizalis23
Good Story.... but
The story on Tapas are good so far. I haven't had it for very long, but so far, the animation is beautiful, the stories are fun to read and can easily get you hooked. However, I'm not a fan of the coin system. I understand that the artist worked very hard and deserve a good pay for their work, however, I feel that the episodes are too short for 300 coins (if you decide on 1-tap pay, which already is 20% discounted). The other option is to pay the original coin price without the 20% off. More coins can be bought, however, if 1 episode is 300 coins, then you will easily, and fast, run out of coins and have to buy more. If you find other stories that you find interesting then it's easy to do the math and notice that you'll run out of money quick. Not to mention, it's a comic so the story will have many episodes. There are free episodes, but usually only 3 and another 1 free episode, but you'll have to wait 24 hours to receive a free episode and who wants to wait that long? I would recommend that Tapas have a monthly subscription like Mantra App does (LOVE LOVE that app by the way) instead of the coin base.
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4 years ago, Ruby (The zombie)
Pay To Read - July 11, 2020
I used to love this app. I’d always use it, and I loved reading all i could. Then... coins/ink. Now, I understand that the makers of those comics need to make money somehow, but the prices are... to put it simply... absurd! That’s why i uninstalled the app. I could only ever get into a comic for a few chapters until they forced me to pay. I’ve tried every option but anything that involved paying actual money, and sure, they give you some. But it’s so time consuming! Nobody has the time for that. Nobody. There really needs to be a new system. The Webtoon app is so much better simply because they don’t force you to waste so much time buying crap. They use ads and whatnot. I’d rather have ads pop up but still be able to read without worrying about paying to read more. Seriously. It’s called a “fun” way, but I don’t see it in any sort of amusement. Fix it. That’s all. I’m not willing to pay money, only to get a few episodes. That’s ridiculous. The app used to be alright, but now it’s just... yeah. It’s such a bummer, too, because Tapas is an amazing app with a wide variety of comics to read. But this paying system has gotten out of hand.
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5 years ago, Renn201716
Only One Problem to Fix
The UI is intuitive and visually comprehensive, and the comics I read are absolutely fantastic. However, I have one complaint: it’s really unfriendly to users who don’t make in-app purchases. Some comics are free all the way through, some you have to wait for episodes if you don’t want to pay, and then there are plain old paid comics. There is no indicator on a comic that determines whether or not it is paid (there is a symbol for “wait to read” but no others). For someone like me who can’t afford it, i hate getting 10 episodes in just to learn i’ll never be able to read the rest. I have absolutely nothing against paying for comics (artists need money too) but I do have something against an app that doesn’t allow you to search by free comics, or even see if a comic is free at all without reading it. I understand it’s to encourage users to spend money but that doesn’t mean it’s not a shortsighted design choice. If this were fixed, Tapas would deserve a five-star review without a doubt.
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2 years ago, JaiyLuv
I love this app but at this point I’m deleting it
Of course this app has amazing content and I loved reading the comics and novels. I’m disappointed to say that I’m deleting the app because of some weird glitch that happened to me this morning. I occasionally would have issues where the comic wouldn’t load when I’d open it and I’d have to close the app just to refresh it. But this morning the app seemed to just not show any of what I was reading. I had only been off of the app for a couple days and when I came back thinking I was going to continue reading my favorite comics nothing popped up on recents or my lists. It just showed a loading icon. And nothing would load. I thought it was due to poor connection till nothing showed up at all and gave me a clean slate. I’m supper disappointed to have to make a whole new account or start over because it decided to erase my data. I was deep into a good amount of comics and to start the process to reread the wait for free comics. Is a whole mood kill. I’m deleting the app due to how much I lost due to this glitch.
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3 years ago, I write reviews for fun
Look, I adore Tapas. I love comics and books and this app has lots of them. The ink system in nice, since there are plenty of ways to earn free ink. Comments can be mean, but that isn’t the apps fault. What is the app’s fault is that it keeps freezing. I have an IPhone 6S, which is slightly older, but I’ve heard complaints from many users. The app freezes if I tap anywhere that isn’t a panel, and novels freeze at seemingly random points. I have to close the app, reload it, and then hope it takes longer than five seconds to freeze. I’ve had to do this both with lesser known comics and with the ones featured in advertisements. Even creators have this problem with their own work! I’ve started reading the comics on WEBTOON that I can, but most of them are tapas exclusive. Sometimes tapas says that I’ve read something, but doesn’t keep my bookmark. For example, I’m on page 32, but tapas freezes so I close the tab. I reload, and then it says I’ve read up to page 32, but when I click “continue” I’m back at page 15. If just the freezing problem was fixed, I would probably rate Taptastic five stars, but it’s just unusable right now.
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4 years ago, Phoenix thunder tsunami
Rip off
They are two series that have one episode free. Let me give you the names so you won’t think I’m exaggerating the first one is called Mr. Brawn or something like that the second one is called 100% perfect go search it up you’ll see that I’m not lying .apples probably going to delete this review but it’s the truth. Also getting free ink is difficult like the prices are high so I would have to watch like 15 ads but I would have to watch them at different times but if I get lucky they will pretend like I dropped some ink and also at different times I can’t watch the ads for free and I don’t want to use real money so please at least lower the prices make the ads a little more available and please you could lock your comics but please don’t protect it too much what I mean by protect is only giving one episode free that’s just basically giving them a scam . Overall they have some pretty great comics and novels but I just think it’s the payment method that they use for free and the prices like I’m just going to read a couple of chapters but I can’t even read two no that’s just a rip off
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2 years ago, Civ_Ipto
Fair Though Not a Likable Recent Change
I’ve been using Tapas for a while such that I’ve used this app before the newest update (where the WUF now allows a temporary unlock on chapters); while I do understand that it’s to maximize profits (as we live in a capitalistic world) - I am one of the many that feel upset by this change (because I feel less motivated to invest into WUF comics). Consequently, I would like to propose that perhaps the permanent unlock feature on WUF should be returned with the compromise that it takes longer to wait until free; I always thought that it was quite a better deal for the users for some of the comics to be unlocked in a day (and how Tapas provided accessible methods along with events to get free ink) so I wouldn’t have mind if the change made the WUF a 1 or 2 week long timer. In this way, people can feel reassured to being invested in a comic while the motive for using ink on a WUF comic is still increased since it would take much more time to unlock.
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3 years ago, Jazajg
My favorite app for paid comics
Tapas is my favorite app for paid comics. The price for ink isn’t bad, especially compared to other apps and cites that are paid for. My only complaint with it comes from a more recent problem, not with the comics, but with the novels. I only recently started reading the novels but I have found this reoccurring problem where the whole chapter won’t show. I would have to go go out of the chapter and back in to read the rest of it, which it doesn’t charge me double for it but it is still a little annoying when I find a new novel and have to exit out after every chapter. That is my only problem with it but also most people don’t read the novels on the app anyways. Which is quite sad because they update more frequently and are cheaper for how many chapters you get. They do have a good and wide selection of stories that are high quality. Overall, would recommend using Tapas over any other app for paid comics.
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2 years ago, Cadence Bagley
stories are amazing, ink is not
the stories on tapas are some of the best of the comic apps, hands down. but the way you have to read these amazing comics is by purchasing ink. and it takes 300 ink to read an episode. now this isn’t awful if there was an easier way to get ink. i get that this is the way to support the amazing artists and writers who put out these stories, but people won’t be able to read these stories if you continue with the system as it is now. you should be able to get more than just ten ink from watching an ad. there could be some sort of subscription plan like manta does. the artists still get support from the readers but it doesn’t become completely inaccessible to people you can’t spend upwards of $100 so they can read multiple comics. i think more accessibility is more important because the whole reason these comics are made is to be read by people who love them, like me, but right now, you’re cutting ur audience severely by continuing to use the ink system as it is. the reason manta is so successful is because the subscription fee isn’t a lot at all and more people feel like the money spent on it is worth it. but i have spent over $500 on this app and at this point i can’t spend anymore. i really wish i could continue reading but it’s not financially feasible. i hope the amazing artists on here continue their amazing work. but tapas would be so much more amazing if it were accessible.
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3 years ago, Sandrasps
Love supporting artists but the app itself...
The comics on here are amazing and you can buy ink to support artists which I’m always here for but the app is really buggy. If i get a notification that theres a new chapter and i open the app THROUGH that notification, nothing ever loads, and when i click the back arrow since the chapter never loads, it suddenly has logged me out and it takes a few attempts to click the log in button for it to work. Then once I’m logged in, it doesn’t show me what has updated i have to go to subscriptions to find the right comic and then I click it and none of the chapters load. It always says 0 chapters, and even though it tells me to continue reading at whatever chapter it bookmarked me at, that also never loads. This happens to me basically every time something updates so at least once a week which is how often I use the app, sometimes I end up not reading for that week cause I’m so frustrated. I hope this can get fixed because I really do love reading these.
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