Tayasui Sketches

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7 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tayasui Sketches

4.54 out of 5
38.2K Ratings
4 years ago, ThePerfectReviews
Best App you'll use!
Dear readers and future costumers, As a reviewer and rater I rate this five stars. First it's amazing! You can make pretty artwork and honestly it makes you artwork look likes it's about to go in the gallery. Second, there is a sketches community so you can look at others beautiful artwork. You can make folders for your work! It's only my first day and I have made ten beautiful bold drawings! Third, they help you use tools such as watercolor, paint brush, and much more by creating videos for the tutorials. They feature other apps which I think is brilliant. Fourth, there are fun daily activities you can draw! For me I'm not much of a artist but now I look like a masterpiece artist. This is why I named this review the best app you'll ever use! Thanks for your service and stay safe! I love sharing artwork with the nation! Also, they now let you have a stylist pen you can buy and draw with for the app! It's amazing! Buy this! I'm not much of a drawer but this is the best app ever and it makes me look like a pro at art! Love this and five star rating app! Forever yours, BestReviews
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2 months ago, Zgamma
I used to use this app to make most of my art until it updated and got rid of the community. The features are fine mostly, sometimes if there are too many layers it will crash. I don't know about others experiences but its always saved my work when it crashed. Now it doesn't have the community and you have to pay for more things? I had Sketches Pro before it updated so maybe I just didn't have to I guess? Also I noticed Pro is more expensive now, also not cool. And the community thing, I understand it was difficult to moderate but it was a safe community with simple features and not a lot of ways to give negative comments on others work. People mostly just had art contests and complimented each others work if there were any interactions between users at all. It's on instagram now, but most people who used the community aren't on there. Most people who used it weren't even allowed on instagram. So while I appreciate the updates to tools, I miss the simplicity and positivity of the community. If you do manage to improve the features enough to a point where you can put in the effort to bring back the community, please do because I think me and a lot of others would appreciate it.
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4 years ago, Aiden and chilly and snowflake
Things need to be fixed
For when Sketches updates, they are always bug fixes. Nothing is actually fixed. When I got pro, I wanted to check out the community. It wasn’t there, then I went to the section that said daily activities. Found the community, with a blue background instead of white. Also, none of the pictures would load. I am typing this a day after I got pro, so I tried several times. Before I got pro, I liked to visit the community. Some people complained about their drawings being randomly deleted. All of these things need to be fixed. Edit: I have fixed my problem, I simply deleted, reinstalled and restored my purchase. I can now see the community! People complaining about their art being deleted is due to being reported, yet almost everyone’s art, I see no reason to report it. I did all this without contacting developers, as I knew I could figure out the solution. Thanks, Tayasui(?) Sketches for being my favorite drawing app:) Edit 2: Tayasui is my favorite art app, but guess what? I went to eat, then no community. I don’t really care about pro, but at least I experienced it. You can already get gradients, more layers, and more without pro. Still, Tayasui is my favorite app, even though it has problems.
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3 years ago, CuriousNetEntity
Great drawing app until recently
This is a really good app for making art, it has many tools and still is easy to use. Unfortunately, it has recently become really annoying to use. The app lets you know that too many layers can make the app crash, but sometimes the app crashes even when I'm only using a few layers. Also they removed two features that were really helpful to me. The tool that lets you cut and move around something you draw used to also let you duplicate drawings easily. If you cut a drawing and then pressed undo, you could then put a duplicate of the drawing elsewhere. It may have originally been a bug, but it was really helpful to duplicate drawings without creating tons of layers. Another thing they removed is easy organization. When you created a folder, you used to be able to manually organize where drawings were placed in the folder, but now they made it so you could only organize the drawings by when they were created or when they were last modified. This is still an amazing app, but i wish they fixed the bugs and brought back the features i enjoyed.
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3 years ago, TwoSidedGemini
Love it but some issues
Recently I got this app (Including the pro version) since I’ve been looking for a drawing app that I could easily sketch on without it feeling all slippery. This is probably one of the best apps for it and I’ve instantly fallen for it. However, there are a few things that sort of break that for me. First, the brush sizes. The brush sizes don’t go that far up or that far down for some. I love the blending brush, but the minimum size is just way too big for me to blend anything with since I tend to draw small. It ends up smudging the whole drawing when I attempt to do so, which bums me out since I love blending. Second, exporting to other apps. I’ve tried multiple times to export my drawings to procreate but it won’t work no matter what I do. When I go to procreate after exporting, it will say that it’s exported but it never appears. Even if I try saving it to my files and just grabbing it from there, it still refuses to show up, whether it’s a psd or anything else. The only way I can export it is by saving it as a png, which unfortunately means I would have to flatten the drawing. I was really looking forward to using this app, I’m hoping it can be improved.
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3 years ago, pokèmon lover😍😘😎
This is a Must Read Before Using!
This app has a lot of potential, and I do enjoy using it, except some big things that make it a lesser experience. One is the brush selection. The brush selection is limited to just over ten brushes I think, which is great if you’re looking for a simple interface for basic sketches. But if you’re like me, and looking for a customizable interface with tons of selections for more advanced art, this app isn’t for you. Another thing I wanted to acknowledge was the layers. If you’re looking to get the pro version, this won’t affect you; but in the free version, you have two layers, and you’re not allowed to add more unless you get the pro version. Overall, this app is good, but I would like more options, especially for free users. It’s basic, which can be good or bad, depending on what you’re using it for. This app has all the artistic essentials, meaning if you’re looking for an app where you can quickly and easily put down ideas or make sketches, this is the right app for you. But if you’re like me, and looking for tons of options, to make more advanced art, a couple apps I’d recommend are Autodesk Sketchbook, IbisPaint X and Medibang. Thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, 🍪CookieV💜
My Sketches Experience
Personally, I give this app a three out of 5 stars because of two things. First, the community doesn’t work at all for me, but I don’t know at all about other people’s experiences. Whenever I try to post something on the community, after WAITING 24 HOURS, it doesn’t end up on the new section of the community. My friend and I have been trying to look for my pictures, but we haven’t found any of them. I’ve seen multiple of hers, so I’m not sure what the problem is. It frustrates me soooo much because all these other amazing artists can post what they have made but I can’t it’s just unfair to me. For me at least, the sketches community is broken and will always be broken. Second, I think that the blending tool isn’t really helpful, and why do you have to buy the sketches pro?! I think that if it’s free, then it should come free all the way. The blending tool doesn’t really blend well if your trying to blend certain things. It’s really only good for backgrounds in a picture. Other than those problems I face, the rest is pretty good. I enjoy the wide variety of tools. Just to remind y’all, this is my opinion and if you don’t respect it that’s fine by me. 😂♥️ Thank you 😊
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3 years ago, PapayaMelon
The “glitch”
Let me start by saying that this app as a social media app is wonderful. It lets you post your art on a community page for people to see, and there’s no commenting so my mom actually lets me use it ;) Sadly, the community page has been affected by something the artists on there (including myself: she’s so coconut,) call “the glitch”. As well as having the reputation of some sort of demonic shadow, (lol), the glitch deletes all of an artist’s posts and likes. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but we haven’t figured out what the criteria is. Anyway, it’s happened twice. The first time is as described, but the second time the likes and posts are reduced to “...”, essentially making it impossible to have more than one post at a time. So, if you’re going to buy this app and use the community, bear in mind that there are a few major flaws, at least right now. (Tayasui, if you’re reading this, PLEASE work on fixing the glitch, because the most recent update made it worse.) You have been warned. Also, if anyone on tayasui dev team reads this, please add a search feature to the community page. The new tab isn't enough. Ty
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1 week ago, RichardJacobson
My Go-To Drawing App
I have multiple drawing apps but this is definitely the one I find myself going back to the most. Yes, I know Procreate (which I also own and love) has a lot more functionality and, if you need those extra features, go for it. But Sketches has everything I need most often, without the clutter of a bunch of additional options I’m probably never going to use anyway. The interface is straightforward and friendly. The app is rock steady and unbuggy. And it’s just damned fun to use. I even like the sounds. In fact, I almost always keep the sounds turned on with the volume up just loud enough to hear, without disturbing others. It’s heartbreaking whenever you find a favorite creative app that eventually gets discontinued. Sadly, that’s happened to me more than once. But it seems the developers of this app are really committed to it, which is just one more reason I’m glad I fell in love with this one. I plan to use Sketches for a long, long time. And I can’t endorse it highly enough.
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5 months ago, Cappo335
5 Stars All The Way!
I’ve been using Sketches for a quite a while now…and WOW! I absolutely love it! There’s so much fantastic things to say about Sketches, but I will say my favorites. First off, The app automatically saves your artwork when you go back to your gallery! Amazing!! Second, Sketches really makes this app like a online sketchbook!! Plus there is so much tools you can use for you to create your very own art work! Third, I absolutely adore how it’s not just your Art Gallery you can use! You are able to go out of your sketchbook and see different things! Drawings you can do with each tool, you can see how to access, use, and draw with the art tools, and activities you can do if you don't know what to draw, or are just bored, and want to have fun! (And more of course!) And lastly… Fourth, the app itself is just beautiful, one of my all time favorite drawing apps, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT! This app really is a Sketchbook! I hope you find this app well, and thanks for reading!
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1 year ago, Loq1
Too Simple for the Cost
After buying this software I ended up requesting a refund because for what you get it’s not worth what they charged and you won’t know this until buying it since until then it’s crippleware. You can’t fully test it prior which should have been a warning from the start because the dev must realize that if they allow a more robust testing of their software nobody would buy it. There’s potential here but that is about all and in the time I’ve had it installed, I don’t see this changing or improving as they are still BETA testing it at the user’s expense. So far all I have seen are bug fixes and they moved their art community to an entirely different platform which is weak and shows they are essentially abandoning it. I stuck around to see if they were actively developing this software or not and so far there is no evidence that they are. I cannot in good conscience recommend this art app to anyone and I’ve purchased them all to support Art app development. This is the first one I had to permanently throw back for being too small and underdeveloped. My advise to the dev is to try harder to earn it before taking our hard earned money.
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5 years ago, This Nickname Is Taken # 374
A decent drawing app
I have been to using this app for as long as it has been out. I have learned new techniques and developed an art style for myself. But over time the app became more difficult to do more detailed drawings on. Whenever I try to do any detailed drawings something always goes wrong. Recently, I had been working on a drawing for the past three days and my app started crashing every so often. I knew the reason why was because I had too many layers so I went and merged a few layers together. Usually this fixes the problem at least somewhat but the app still crashed, and eventually it got to the point where I couldn't even open the drawing without it crashing. On top of that there are various bugs for example, your smallest size for the pen is increased from 1.4 to 2.6 as soon as you select the eraser. The only way to fix this problem is to restart the app and so it becomes very difficult to do rough sketches or do fine details in drawings. This app is great to do simple and quick drawings on, but if you plan on doing anything more than that you are going to be met with frustration and disappointment.
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6 months ago, Alim Kinte
New Feature for the Update
Peace, long time user and lover of the app. Had a revelation about a functionality that I don't believe is on the app yet, or if it is someone please tell me how to do it. But wouldn't it be cool and less work, if you could assign brushes and the color they have on them to specific slides? Like you have your base slide, that's usually where I do my page filling with one solid color, but the slides above that are sometimes dedicated to outlines in various colors and then further up more concrete details. But I have to change my tool each time I go to do a different task. This may sound like laziness and it is to some degree, but I just thought that it would be cool if when I jump back to my base slide, the tool would switch automatically to my paint can filler and the color I filled it with the last time I used it, and then when I want to jump to draft it would be my pen and the ink color I use to draft with. That would be awesome
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4 years ago, Ann3564
Wonderful versatility and ease of use
I’m an amateur self-taught artist, and I have used this program to make digital art for the last 3 years spanning from simple cartoon style art to semi-realism. I finally upgraded to the Pro Version a few days ago, and it exponentially increased my love for this app. The free version itself offers a wide variety of tools, and you can certainly finesse them to get really good results, but the Pro is a game changer with the addition of better shading ability, tool shapes/sizes, more patterns, etc. I find a lot of other professional-use digital art programs to be daunting and confusing, especially to the average artist/young and aspiring one, but this app is so easy to figure out. It presents itself in a beautiful, colorful and modern fashion, and whether you’re a professional artist on an iPad Pro or a teenager who happened to download this on their iPhone 6, Sketches enables you to make stunning pieces at very little cost. Overall a fantastic app all things considered.
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3 years ago, Humdingher
An amazing drawing app
This app is amazing for drawing. Let me explain, first, the tools are useful. Some apps will give you 3 or 4 tools, or some wold give you way to many. This app gives you just a right amount to create good drawings. Another thing is the layers. So some will not include layers at all, and yes this one does only give you 2, but it gives you a reason to get pro. Plus you can create some pretty stellar things with 2 layers. And while the good features are saved for pro, it’s doesn’t do what other apps will do that make it so you need pro. I really only have one issue with this app. When you make custom colors sometimes they just get deleted in certain drawings for no reason. I think that’s quite a major issue, because custom colors are fairly important, but that’s the only issue I can really think of with this app. Everything else I don’t like is just because I can’t get pro. But as an app it’s really good. Would definitely recommend.
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4 years ago, JudgementalBacon
Very versatile and easy to use
I think this app is amazing! Obviously there are certain limits, but all the things you can do are very impressive. This was my first digital drawing app and I think it did such a good job introducing me to the world of digital art. Not only was it very easy to figure out what everything did (both by experimenting and reading their guide), it also had all/most of the things I would consider important like layers, resizing, cutting and pasting, importing pictures, exporting pictures, etc. I also use it for like simple photoshop because you can erase around certain things in pictures and move them around to your liking. Also, I would not recommend doing this, but I don’t have a stylus and draw with my finger and can still make good artwork. So overall, if you are looking for something that is easy to use and maybe something to introduce you to digital art, go for sketches!
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1 year ago, Jalahime
Good, but there’s that ONE glitch (and the community update)
This is a really great drawing app, and I do enjoy all of the different styles and tools you can use (even if I don‘t use them all). I like almost everything about this app, minus the community being moved and the glitch I‘ll get to. It is just a good drawing app. But there is also a glitch, a glitch so horrible it can cause even the calmest of people to lose their minds. When you use the fit to screen button after zooming in on your art, there is a chance that it will crash Sketches, closing the app, and causing you to lose ALL of your progress on what you have done. It happened just before writing this review, and it prompted me to make this. This glitch is so infuriating and can cause you to lose a ton of work if you aren‘t constantly closing out and saving. Please, find a way to fix this glitch. Other than the two cons I mentioned, it is a good app, but I will knock two points off of the rating for the awful community update and the work deleting glitch.
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7 years ago, Ginbit2
Great app, but a few kinks to work out
I use this app on a regular basis for drawing cartoons. Overall, it's a wonderful app and worth using. While yes, opening the app and having to wait a few minutes for it to finish "Rebuilding Database" can be a bit annoying, it's worth the wait to use the app. However, even after waiting until it finishes loading and opening a drawing to work on, I have started having a small gray box appear in the middle of my screen (once again reading "Rebuilding Database"). Unlike the one that appears when the app is starting up, this box doesn't seem to make any sort of progress along the lines of loading-- meaning it just sits there in the middle of my screen (and drawing), which is more than a bit bothersome. I do admit that I am very cautious when I am drawing, and I tend to make a copy of my drawing every time I make a significant edit as to not lose too much progress should the app force quit out of nowhere. This results in having many, many drawings, which may cause problems with the app being slow sometimes or taking a while to make copies of drawings. I don't know if this has anything to do with my "Rebuilding Database" problems, but I assume that, like any problem, I'm not the only person dealing with it. Aside from my own personal issues, this app is one of the best I've ever used, and I know I will continue using it for a long time. Thank you for your time in reading this, and have a nice rest of your day.
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4 years ago, Hanako'sCatGirl
Hi so I was wondering about the blending tool I have not upgraded to pro yet but the blending tool is kinda weird like I made a gacha edit for myself and I wanted to blend some shading together for a cleaner look but it like warped everything near where I tried to blend and it pulled bits and pieces of the art into the middle of everything so I gave up on that idea after fifteen million tries and instead made my OC glitching away as I like to call it but it's not the same cause her pose and facial expression do not go with the whole glitching away thing can you fix this please?? This problem is really bugging me out but it also sparked new ideas thank you devs!!!!!!! Edit: so I am working on a chibi piece and I had to color in all of the parts with my finger because I did not want to use the fill since it always leaves a sad white ring around the lines can you please fix this issue developers???? I really do not want to use fill and then use a different tool to fill the white ring idk why but it my preference
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2 years ago, SASSY SPARKLE💖
The update ruined it 😤😤😤
I love this game really I couldn’t ask for anything more in a art app you get to make art with a HUGE selection of tools to use in your drawings and you get to post it to an even BIGGER Community of artists and you can’t chat or personally get to know them so it’s completely safe there’s no limit (I think) to how much art you can make I’ve made about 258 (yes I counted) the only thing I maybe would change is the app gets REALLY glitchy and sometimes it even undid my art 😕but other than that that I LOVE THIS APP ITS AMAZING I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!!!! GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍ok so this is an edit the new update ruined this app I am a kid and there for my parents won’t let me have Instagram and every time I try and go to the Sketches community it won’t let me because it says that sketches has moved to Instagram now I can’t post my art this is horrible please change it 😩😩😩😩
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2 years ago, JAL100000000
Fantastic drawing tools, but crashes and more
This is the best set of drawing tools I have used. This includes procreate, concept, trace, and fresco. However, it crashes about once an hour..while in most cases there are only a few things to fix when restarting. Several of the tools are hard to understand how to use, for instance the only way to do a gradient is to use the gradient tool which must be selected from 4 colors that the app selectes and it fills the entire canvas since there is no way to fill a selected area when using the tool. The color picker is summoned and exchanged for active tools , sometimes in the middle of an operatIon, and the color picker changes the color to another color without notice. The app could use a way to select either a color, or selection boundary and fill that area with the drawing tools. The spline tool is fantastic, but is limited to two points only and you can’t make fills in closed shapes..
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3 months ago, Hamer1952
It's good but it needs some improvements.
Sometimes the app will freezes up. Every time I try to delete a color in the color palette the app shuts down. The eyedropper needs to be improved particularly when you touch the screen it will show up when you don't want it to, when you touch the screen and hold it there and don't move it there should be at least one second delay before the eyedropper appears on the screen. When you're in the main menu and you want to open up a painting you have to touch it about four or five times for it to open up. One more thing this is with the watercolor brushes, when you're painting a medium to large size areas you get these cauliflower and other similar patterns and it depends on the color and the opacity level, I usually set my opacity level at 50% and I still get those patterns and it can be a lot, it would nice if those patterns were toned down quite a bit. I'm using a iPad Pro 12.9 inch and it's got the latest update.
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2 years ago, Zelda Bywater
So Far So Fun!
I haven't used many drawing apps, so I don't have much to compare to - but so far I'm diggin this app a lot! It hasn't crashed on me as I've read on other reviews, and it works with a variety of social media apps. There are several basic drawing tools to use and you can adjust the tip/brush size easily. You can also adjust the opacity of color, as well as use pre-designed patterns as fill. Text is also a feature I've used, limited font choices but varied enough for a digital sketch pad. My favorite feature is the ability to import images and then work on layered surfaces, with the option of deleting the base image. Complaints: some of the tools have glitches and you just need to work around them. Watercolor brush doesn't work on the medium tip and the fine tipped marker only draws with a non opaque color.
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6 years ago, Hailey2375567
Good, but could use some things
While the app overall is well-working, practical, etc., there are a few things it could use. For example, it would be much more practical for layers to have more settings, such as locking them, different types of layers, and changing the colors of certain layers. Things like these would make the app more useful for full-fledged drawings. Say you are a person who uploads comics on a daily basis. You would like the tablet you use to connect to your computer and draw simultaneously so it's easier for you to upload said comics. But with this app, I can't figure out how to connect the tablet and computer so they work at the same time. (For the app.) I've visited the help and support site multiple times, but there is no way to connect the tablet and the computer for drawing. It would make the app more functional for those who post their drawings on social medias. Now, this part isn't a complaint of any sort, just an idea I had. What if on the folders, you could put one of your drawings up for the cover? As I said, no complaint, but it would be a nice detail to add. This is the basic summary of my review: 1. Add more layer settings (lock, color change, types, etc.). 2. Try to make it so you can connect your tablet to your computer so you can draw simultaneously and post it up easier. 3. Make it so we can put our drawings up as the folder's cover. --- T h a n k Y o u ---
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6 years ago, Plush stuff
Awesome!!! Just a few things though
One thing that I love to do is draw. When I have no paper around me, I always draw with this. I just have a few things I would like you too add. Firstly, I’d like you too add customize your materials. You could customize the size of the brush or pen, maybe give each pen a specific color to have so when you use it it shows up that color. Another thing is that you could have pallets. You could make as many as you want, and chose colors to be in them. With the pallet, you could make a specific drawing for that pallet, With only being allowed to use that pallet. Last, maybe you could add lessons to help people start off with using the app. You could purchase each lesson for the same price. Also with these lessons, it could also give you a special color, only available to have with that lesson. P.S. I honestly don’t know if all of these exist already, but if they do, Then please tell me.
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6 months ago, Walkiria2000
Nice App
I found difficult to identify with tools did what and reading and understanding. The shortcuts to anything . Tiny grey icons and text on white doesn’t help to navigate it. Also. With the Pro version icon and the free icon. Why are we given a choice to select the icon on the settings??? Other that that, I wish the size and opacity icons and colors palette. We’re more accessible to people over 60’s vision. We are still in play and buy software,, Im getting used to it, but shares many functions with other apps (like undo) which other apps don’t use. In a similar way so moving from INE app tp another to complement this is perfect when the functions are becoming like a standard for this type of app. I will give it a n 8 out of 10 and moving to a 9 as I practice it. Recovered from my discarded apps I had stopped using.
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5 years ago, BowTiesAreCool22
Best drawing app ever!
Okay, so! I’ve gotten this app a few months ago, like 3 or something, and I JUST LOVE IT!!!! I have my own style, and it’s just really fun and easy to use as far as my experiences have gone. I’ve tried a bunch of other drawing apps, but this is by far the best so far. And the IAP makes it much better, too. I just have two issues. One is that whenever I want to upload to the community, (love that feature, by the way) it doesn’t. I wait 24 hours, and it’s not there. I’ve only gotten about seven artworks out when I’ve supposedly uploaded more. It’s super annoying. Also, whenever I use the fill tool on big spaces, it has a weird white ring that’s annoying to deal with. It’s not a big thing, just a minor nuisance, but I still wanted to point it out, as a few others have done. Thank you for reading, this app is great!
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3 years ago, RailwayShade
Ok but...
Like whenever I start to draw a few minutes from when I started it kicks me out i mean I love to draw more than anyone but this app has to give me clearance when ever I post to sketches whenever I try to post something with a picture it says it won’t post it because it doesn’t accept photos without drawings well when I draw on it and then post it it says I already posted and I can’t post until tomorrow AND other people have this thing called the lace pattern I already bought pro but I don’t have it. I love this app but I have needs and you’re not meeting them. Why isn’t there unlimited posting after I’ve posted I have to wait a day until I can post again when I get up the next morning and I try to post but my post hasn’t even been posted yet! And it won’t even let me see the community unless I’m connected to the internet I now that’s fair but I hold my point! This app is glitchy, controlling, and overall very hectic!
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3 years ago, johnfromberkeley
Really great simple drawing app!
This is a very great app! I really like all of the tools, the connecting/smoothing tool is very nice, and helps things look better if you have to fill in a hole in your watercolor. One thing I would recommend is remembering to zoom out, or swiping the tools panel to the left when drawing on the left side of the page, as my first drawing ended up not going all the way to the left because I didn't know there was more canvas behind the tools panel. This app is very easy to understand, simple yet quite clever. If you want to make really professional drawings, I would recommend procreate, but procreate is just so hard to understand, much too complicated if you ask me. This app has the perfect mix of simplicity and productivity, and lets you be creative!
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3 years ago, k_yann_lee
Honest review
So initially after downloading this app I really enjoyed using it, I love the vibrant colors, tools and even the sound when using a brush etc. and I really like it all the same, I even recommended it to my friends however, they’ve searched and it does not appear in play store, so that’s that... (not the root of my complaints btw). However, I cannot rate it a 5 star as I have been having problems with with viewing the community sketches for maybe a week or more now. I have posted my sketches too and it told me I would be able to view after 24 hours and the last one was over 5 days ago, that is very unsatisfactory. I really love using this app above all others I’ve tried and will continue to use it. However, I am asking you to please fix this issue and in that time I will be able to rate a solid 5 star. Excellent job with everything else though.
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7 months ago, akmay12
Great app
This is a great app to draw on and I have fun all the time it helps me to pass the time. There is so much to do on it I’ve gotten so used to it that by now it’s easy. There are some glitches from time to time but nothing major. I don’t have the pro pack and I still love the app there are so many tools to choose from and they all have the right texture. Recently I’ve been drawing pictures of animals and they come out beautifully. Really I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I saw it and downloaded it. If you like to draw on an electronic device then you’ll love this app as much as I do. Tell you’re friends about this app and you can work on drawings together. Trust me you will love this app and if you don’t have it you’re missing out.
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6 years ago, Player zero-
Eh. Didn’t have to remove all the basic functions.
Got this for free about two to three years back. Made incredible digital pieces (at the time) on a tiny iPod screen. Came back to it when I got a new iPhone only to find out most of the very useful features have been stripped to Pro version (5$??? Come on man). Look. I’m not going to pretend I know everything about value in premium apps and such. But I do feel slighted. Devs could’ve at least left some basic functions like the razor tool, the pattern fill, the multiple layers, etc, or had people who already downloaded it keep the older version and get the newer functions in premium for less. It’s just kind of lame. I mean hell. The fill tool even leaves a crappy white ring around the filled space. It’s like they purposefully made the existing features bootleggy to strong arm ya into buying the “full” thing. But that’s enough ranting. The app served me well for the time I used it.
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4 years ago, A.B + R.B
This app is awesome, but I have one suggestion.
Okay, so I think this app is awesome and I love to draw all sorts of different things on it. I especially like the community section, however it only lets you post once a day for some reason? I think you should be able to post as many times as you want. You don't have to make it so that you can post several times a day, I am just wondering why it is the way it is, so please tell me. I love all of the different tools, and I like doing community things, I just think there should be no limit to how many you can share. Maybe that’s just because I am addicted to drawing, but I hope you read this and maybe consider opening the amount, maybe not even completely, but a little more that one. Like, 2, 3, or 4. Thanks for listening
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3 years ago, Speeding Dewy
Great! But...
This is a great drawing app, but I fell like a few things should be fixed/added. 1. Wet watercolor for everyone There was a little glitch or something that allowed everyone wet watercolor if you were fast enough. It was amazing. I made a lot of great pictures (in my opinion). It should really be added for everyone 2. The community is too toxic I know it’s hard to monitor, and I can just leave, but there are a lot of great artists sharing their work out there. Then, a bunch of dirty “artists” take work that isn’t there and trace it. It has caused a LOT of arguments and great people leaving or not posting as often 3. There should be official friends and contests There are a lot of users talking between posts. There should be another tab, or even another app where you can talk to your friends. You could have a friends list, share art with just them, and talk to them. There should also be an official contest tab, where you can post contests and submit entries. 4. You should be able to post more Some people can post only one time a day, while others can post four times in a row. Either make it one post per day (please don’t) or make it so everyone can post 2-3 times per day, with a little forced time gap between them.
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2 years ago, #Hedgehog1000000
Worrying Glitch—All my art is gone
Today, I opened sketches to look at some of my drawings. I don’t generally use it as much anymore, and have moved to medibang, but I still had some drawings on there I wanted to see. When I opened the app, the color of the icon changed to the current purple one, which I didn’t really take notice of, but when I looked, all of my folders were gone, along with my art. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I have tayasui pro, so icloud should have saved them, but they’re nowhere to be found. This is really upsetting because this is years worth of drawings that all miraculously disappeared (Ive had pro for about 4 or 5 years) . I just hope that this is reversable, or it hasn’t happened to other pro users. I am very disappointed with this, and I don’t think I’ll be using sketches unless there is a major update to fix this issue.
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1 year ago, peachesgalore48
It was good until…
I loved this app. It’s a great drawing app so easy and fun to use. But that’s not the reason I downloaded it. I downloaded it for the community. Everyday I would go onto the app see what’s new in community like a million things and then put something of mine on the community. Then one day I opened the app and saw a cute cat with a countdown under it saying 30 more days until new sketches update. I was so excited. I would see things on the community saying things like “15 more days until the countdown, so excited” everyday a new cat drawing would show up and the countdown would be down a day. Until one day… the day the new update arrived. I quickly downloaded and saw the new update for the first time I went to community only to see a note that said” community has been moved to instagram” I was so upset, I wasn’t allowed to have any social media so I could never see the community. Please reconsider adding a new community.
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5 years ago, Big heart book worm
The best free drawing app ever!!!
Ok, so I have been looking for a decent drawing app for awhile now. And when I saw this in the App Store I thought it was too good to be true, but it really is amazing. Of course, there are extra features you can buy, but this is the first drawing app where you actually get most of the tools and colors for free. It’s a simple, easy to use design. I can now work on developing my comics, and with the super helpful undo button and pinch and zoom, my art turns out good. Well, for my standards at least. XD if you want a great app with helpful tools and pens and brushes that you can even change the opaqueness of, this is the app for you. Super simple, yet effective. Thanks for making this app creators. I can now not rip a hole through my paper with my eraser. It’s totally worth it to get this app.
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4 years ago, nicknamegraysay
Good, but often annoying
So I purchased the pro version a couple years ago when I first got into digital art and wanted to practice without going out and buying a drawing tablet. It works well for the most part, but there have been a few little slips lately that really irk me. I have set this app so that it automatically saves my drawings every 3 minutes, which is great - when it actually works. So many times I’ve seen the app tell me that my work is saved, but when I close out and open it back up later, several of my latest layers are missing. Not just hidden, completely gone. That’s usually around an hour or so of my work erased and never to be returned. Kind of annoying the first time it happened, but I figured it would be a one time thing. Nope! Usually happens at least once for each piece I work on, which is kind of infuriating ngl. Other little blips I’ve had include: the undo button and two finger swipe not working (have to use the eraser for previous strokes or manually delete unwanted layers which is fine occasionally, but really irritating when it’s constant), the app sometimes closes out and erases my most recent work so that it reverts to the previous version, and several minor details. Overall a cool idea, but NEEDS to fix some pretty major bugs before I’d recommend to anyone.
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6 years ago, Apploverreview
Absolutely everything! Perfect!!
I never write reviews for anything but after using this app, I stopped watercoloring physically because I tend to make a mess and waiting for everything to dry is a pain sometimes. There is so much control when you are drawing. You can water color, paint, change the opacity, color, cut and paste, blend smudge , dry or wet to blend. The most important thing is, there is a multi layer system so you can control each layer you paint on. It is absolutely amazing. There is just one complaint I have. I don't like how the text option is very fixed. After you apply the text, you can't move it, make it bigger or anything. You have to delete and retype and remove it until it is perfect. Beside that I'm obsessed with this app and I am in love!
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5 years ago, gamergirljess1001🎮
I loved this app however I have a few complaints about the new changes that were made.
When I first got this app I instantly fell in love with it. As a young artist, I had found it very difficult to find good apps to do art on until I got this one. I loved the fact that I could have a larger range of tools and color choices at my fingertips, something other art apps seemed to lack. My favorite tool was the duplicate layers tool, as it allowed me to create extra layers that were necessary to improving the overall quality of my work. I would normally have given such a perfect app 5 stars, however the fact that the duplicate layer tool has been deleted, lowers my satisfaction. I still plan to use the app, however I do hope that they re-add the ability to duplicate layers, as that is one of the things that made this app so special. Thanks.
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2 months ago, xlander53
User Friendly??
Right off the bat I noticed that upon choosing ‘patterns’, there is no way or explanation or anything in the tutorial which explains profoundly and readily how to apply the pattern to the entire canvas or even a portion of the canvas, which is extremely annoying, because they have such a broad and well defined selection of designs and colors and paper choices. After that it’s not too bad but when clients run into something as oblique or abstract as this very simple instruction (for programmers to have installed at the get-go), it becomes so frustrating to know that such fine items are there but that you cannot work with them that in the end the app really is not worth buying. Fix that and make ‘patterns’ selections SIMPLE, and many of us who complain about this will go to 5 stars.
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9 months ago, drat the dragoncat
Absolutely splendid app but…
I want to start off with saying this is an incredible app. It is so much fun and I love to use it because of how many features it has. However, some thing I find quite annoying is every single time my device is low on storage. Well, not every time but if it’s too low on storage, all of my drawings are completely wiped it just happened. And I’m super sad because I had a lot of sketches that I really liked. I understand that I should have a device that has more storage but I really think it would be best if it was made so that it didn’t delete every single sketch I’ve ever done it’s happened to me twice now and I’m pretty sad so if you could change this that would be great. However, if you don’t that’s fine since it is a pretty rare occurrence.
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3 years ago, Reignny Joseph
I love this app!! The tools are cool, and I like the eraser!
Gonna keep experimenting with this app and see all the cool things that possible to overcome. I wanted to mention one of my favorite apps, Adobe Draw is gonna be discontinued on July 19th, 2021 and won’t be on the App Store if it’s not installed by then. I have it installed. Though, the app won’t be updated anymore. the last time we could use it will be until Early January 2022, next year. Though, I have been looking for other apps so that. Don’t get stuck with having limited apps for creating and art, and I have downloaded sketch tree, and I have this app: though, I didn’t purchase the pro version. I should because It’ll be better than ever. I really do love the interface and I’ve been thankful to work with these digital apps because everyone now is working on computer and mouse and it is hard and graphic tablets are expensive, LOL. Though I rather do art on my phone, than computer. Uploading is GR8 to, LOL! Though, please keep up with the updates for this app, and don’t stop with this app. We need more ART, more now than ever. Thank you and god bless you! KEEP UP THE GR8 WORK!
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3 years ago, ASarcasticOmar
[Review in Spanish]
Ive been doing digital art on this app since 2016 and all ill say is that its quite possible my favorite app I've ever used since then, i sticked with it this long and i got no plan on switching to any other app, But please give us the users an option to continue to use old brushes that have been updated, I loved the acrylic brush for the longest time but ever since the new look of the brush, its big change isn’t a good one for me, I just want the option to keep both the old and new brush so everyone can be happy, and so hopefully other people who also lost their favorite brush just have to move to another app because they couldn’t get their old option of the brush back. This app is wonderful but just changing the brushes can be very devastating for long term artists like others such as me.
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4 years ago, skjdhnegf
One little issue!!
Whenever I go to the sketches community recently, it just shows the loading circle with a black background, and the only thing that it recognizable about this to be the sketches community is the ‘new’, ‘popular’, and ‘featured’ sections (which all have the same screen of black whenever you may click it.) I thought it was maybe my WiFi when this started happening, so I waited. But I was waiting for a significant amount of time; my WiFi bar(s) barely dropping. I was annoyed with this and wanted to see the works of other people as well as mine to see if it made it in there safely. Please fix this if you can!!! I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this problem, but it is something that I felt was important to share. Thank you for reading this review! Have a nice day 💖
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4 years ago, Blue mango kitten
Could be better still good
As a artist I love to draw digitally but I left this app for quit a long time because it was being buggy and deleted my art and likes in Community but I still have a lot of art in the app the folders say they save to iCloud I am not sure if that means they save to photos I want to make a new profile in community while keeping my profile already if possible unfortunately I can’t find a way to make a new profile at all. I thought about deleting the app and getting agin but I can’t find out if I should save all my art before because I have so much I really would like the app to just let me put a second profile is possible also please add search bar so I can I search certain profiles like my friends and my friends can find me Please dev team I would like to be able to add more than one profile and hopefully add search bar ? Thank you
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4 years ago, AxolotlLover620
A problem...
I’ve been using this app for a long time, and I trust it with all of my digital art. I felt the need to write a review now because it’s the only I know how to reach the developers of the app about a recent problem I’ve been having. For about three days now the app has been refusing to open. I start it up, and it almost immediately crashes. Like I said before, I’ve been using this for a long time. I have so many pictures I’ve drawn from the past, and things I was still working on. Despite that, I deleted the app and reinstalled it. It was fine the first time I opened it, but the second time I went to use it it crashed just like before. It was stupid of me to delete the app but I thought I could fix the problem myself. I’m pretty mad that it’s still not working.
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5 years ago, Qaweaewawrzetxyrfuybounlkmo
Review, tips, and suggestions.
This is such an amazing app! I can’t get enough of it. The tools are realistic, you can adjust lots of things to your liking, and it saves your work every three minutes! Even without the Pro feature, it is still great. Once you play around with it, you get really used to it and it becomes fun. I do find it a bit annoying that each action has a sound. I’m sitting there working on art while listening to some tranquil music, when all of the sudden you hear a KRRTCH KRRTCH from my iPad. It’s rather annoying. Lately, after the iOS update, the app won’t open. I’m unsure if this is because the makers of the app hasn’t created a new update or if it’s just my iPad, but I want to work on my art and I ask that the developers see to this and fix it. Thank you!
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1 year ago, alx144
If it looks promising, DON’T buy
I purchased this app about 2 years ago. At the first glance it seems like a doodling app, just something for you to jot ideas down, do sketches and just mess around when you have free time. DO NOT use this app while working on something important. This app has so many bugs and glitches that only appear when you almost done with your work. It is not just a fluke, I have had 3 different projects that vanish, and the app supposedly saves then into the cloud or the iPad, but no. Imagine working on something that you can potentially turn into to be proud of it, and the platform you are working on just falls away. This is how I felt when working on my last project. All that I have left now is the draft of the work i was supposed to turn in 2 hours ago. Now what do I do? Tayasui support, please work the major issues out, I am getting tired of creating and the app not saving the progress.
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2 years ago, MikiMilano
Latest iPhone version “forgot” my sketches!
I am a professional artist and Tayasui Sketches is my preferred app for the iPhone and iPad. I haven’t had any significant issues until today when I opened my iPhone app and noticed it forgot all my backed-up sketch folders. It says “synced” with iCloud, but the folders and my artwork is all gone from the iPhone. Thanks Goodness they are still on my iPad Pro. I tried restarting, I deleted the iPhone app and reinstalling… I did all the usual steps that a professional user would do to try to get the iPhone app to reload my work from iCloud. Nothing! So scary. So now I have to scramble to try to explore all my work to a PC because I cannot trust anymore the cloud. And it’s sad because you guys have been consistently an amazing app and interface. Took some effort to transition to your latest UX after the “undo” command change, but it’s still good and I wish you didn’t have such scary bugs!!!
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