1.5 (227)
78.6 MB
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Current version
Ziff Davis, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for TechBargains

1.48 out of 5
227 Ratings
7 years ago, mcps95
No longer works: Says “No Internet Connection”
Your APP, not my internet connection, is broken! Latest update just changes messaging but doesn’t fix the fact that my internet connection is fine and it’s the app can’t connect. App won’t load the deals list and only shows “No Internet Connection” despite other apps working fine. Seems like the apps’ endpoint may no longer be available/working. Tried on multiple iOS devices and with WiFi and cellular. Earlier Reviews: New UI comes with the removal of key features like sharing and tagging favorites. Additionally, scrolling to top (by tapping the top of the screen) is broken, requiring lots of swipes to get back to the top to refresh. As you scroll down, images load for the wrong item but eventually correct with the right replacement. No indicator showing when list or images are actually updating (except the app becomes unresponsive). Ziff-Davis, it's clear that you've taken the time to do a refresh of this app that was long overdue. Just be sure to get the basics right. — Clicking favorite button/flag just results in spinner most of the time. When it does save, it doesn't show the time ago accurately. Something I saved weeks ago shows it was tagged < 24 hours ago. Ziff Davis, please fix your app. These basic features have been broken for far too long.
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2 years ago, snukb
No pictures
The app developers obviously don’t care about the users!!! I’ve had a problem with not seeing product pictures which were very helpful when scanning, and sure enough when I revisit the app there have been multiple complaints about this, to no avail. I am a software developer myself and I don’t think this is rocket science problem to fix. Get your act together and listen to the users… NOW!!!
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2 years ago, Bikerbill7
Can’t see product pictures anymore
I’m not sure when this issue started, but I can’t see the product pictures anymore. So that means I need to read each description, which takes way too much time. Someone suggested turning off Cellular Data in the iOS settings, but that didn’t change anything. The other option, which I started using just now, is to load the Safari page for TechBargains to my home screen. This option isn’t as clean as how the TechBargains app used to be, but it’s better than how the app is working now.
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6 years ago, Benchot
Used it for YEARS
Always a go-to before purchasing tech. Multiple weeks of “no internet connection” and plenty of time and reviews notifying developer of the issue. I’ll be deleting the app if it isn’t updated within a couple days. Someone has seriously dropped the ball. UPDATE: Works now. Upped my stars from 1 to 4. Happy to see the app back and working.
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6 years ago, Patry Thach
Got it to work! If you are having internet error..
If you are having the no internet connection error, go to the app setting and turn off cellular data. Go to Settings > TechBargains > Cellular Data (off). Close the app and then relaunch. It should start loading. Now, when you’re not using WiFi and you’re on the cellular data, this might change and you would have to do the opposite. For now, this seems to be the workaround. Hope that helps.
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4 years ago, SourDMB
Promoting Price Gouging during COVID
What a horrible company. When you call NY or SF, the choices to leave messages either the voicemail is full or per their directory options when you press Zero even though they give you that option, says Zero isn’t a valid selection. They are taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis by promoting price gouging on their website and apps by displaying markups of 1000% for personal protective equipment. Boycott any and all Ziff Davis products!
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6 years ago, Bayarnd
Stopped working. “No internet connection”
The app worked fine until two weeks ago, since then I see only a blank window and the error message “no internet connection”. Needless to say, my Internet connection is fine. According to the app reviews, other users have had the same problem already 5 months ago.. it looks like TechBargains abandoned the app. But their website is still up, for those who are interested..
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7 years ago, LJaxzon
No Internet Connection
This used to be an app I checked throughout the day. Now it consistently tells me that I have no internet connection even with full bars. I’m able to access the website fine but the app doesn’t seem to recognize my cellular connection. Works great over WiFi. Releasing an app update that just updates the error message doesn’t help when the error is with your app and not our internet connection.
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1 year ago, BestServedCode
Broken for Years
I’m a long-time TechBargains user. A couple of years ago, I deleted the app because the product images wouldn’t load. Today I thought I’d give it another shot. Surely they works have fixed it by now. Not a chance. If you want a better experience use the website. If you want an even better experience, look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, NaturalRush
Handy access to deals
Like most newsfeed type apps, this gives slightly more convenient access than the website. Now it’s connecting! I’m curious what that issue was all about.
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7 years ago, dhdjshd
Used to check app 2-3 times a day for good deals. Lately I notified there connection issue saying that I have no internet connection when I am in my own home with WiFi. It’s just frustrating to use and though they claimed it’s been fixed, it’s not....still doing that same annoying thing
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6 years ago, Mongolian miller
Latest version FINALLY fixes network connectivity.
I no longer (so far) get an error regarding network issues. Thank you for finally fixing this, I’m sure it was a beast.
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6 years ago, Tobytyler2
Working great now
Update. Must have fixed in last month cause working good now Way toooo ofter says no internet connection Been a user for long time and getn worse
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6 years ago, GroveMain
Working again
After months it’s finally working again. Been a TechBargains fan for years!
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7 years ago, A bodhanwala
No internet connection- wrong!
Issues with app saying no internet connection. Issue is with the app, not the internet connection. When it does connect, UX is not the best and sharing, favoriting features are inconsistent. Used to be my go to app, but it’s been a few years since it has been.
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7 years ago, ATHE1ST
Please fix the stuttering while scrolling
I really like the app but why is scrolling through the listings not smooth? On both my iPhone 7 and latest iPad Pro, the screen stutters badly even when scrolling slowly. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, Tyraelos
Irresponsible app and website
Website recommends app in mobile but the app is no longer updated and recommends to use the website so there’s this ridiculous and unnecessary vicious cycle. Dev needs to remove the app from the App Store and update the website to not point to downloading the app.
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2 years ago, raschekol
Unable to see product pictures!
Can’t see pictures anymore on iOS app; iPhone and iPads. Resetting the device, uninstalling and installing the app hasn’t worked either! What was a decent app is now impossible to use on iOS devices using app!
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7 years ago, Travis Lehman
No internet connection
I’m getting a no internet connection message on app. Deleted app, re installed, same thing. I’m giving 3 stars because I love this app and use it all the time, but I see I’m not the only one experiencing this. Please fix!
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3 years ago, Aaraport
Does not connect thru WiFi most of the times
It’s been a while since this app was functioning properly on iPhone. Now it appears that who ever is in charge of it has no ability or desire to resolve the major flaw. Hard to imagine Ziff Davis being so ignorant. It’s a total joke.
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7 years ago, Lasch
Basically worthless
This used to be a great app that I checked all the time. However, lately it's always 'No internet connection', especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What's the point then when it can't help you locate deals on the two biggest online shopping days of the year. Don't bother.
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6 years ago, double charged for order
Internet connection still broken
I’ve tried turning off the cellular data, and connecting to multiple WiFi networks, but I get the “no internet connection” error 90% of the time. This has been going on for months. I’m deleting the app - I’ll use the website and save some frustration.
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2 years ago, nismos14us
God awful
This may be the worst app I’ve ever used besides ones that completely don’t work at all. Where do I begin? 1) As many have said pictures don’t work. 2) When you click a link, and the return to the app it redirects you back to the webpage again and you have to kill the app and start all over again. These issues have been happening for YEARS. They clearly don’t care about the feedback/customers. Probably still getting all their affiliate money.
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7 years ago, jasongleonard
Great app. Needs an update to work now.
Wonderful app but recently it just says “no internet connection.” Can’t use anymore. Latest iOS on iPhone 7.
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7 years ago, tattooed_pastor
No Internet Connection
Used to be a great app...but no longer. Every time I open it, it tells me that there is no Internet connection, even though the signal is very strong. Pulling down to refresh does no good. Pretty much a useless app until this is fixed.
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7 years ago, EJBarone
Please fix
Please fix this app. I use it all the time. It is the best. Why has the connectivity issue not been fixed for iOS 11?
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6 years ago, DipakBarott
Add Webpage to home-screen than Downloading this app!
Love TechBargains but this app is useless!! It’s nothing different or native about app and same as webpage. App is always offline might as well delete and add webpage to home-screen which is always functioning.
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2 years ago, WILL-I-AM07223
Not working
awful everytime you click a link it does weird redirects over and over and doesn't stop. Kill the app and try again, its been doing this for years.
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6 years ago, Jstnelson2006
No Internet Connectiom
It used to randomly say No Internet Connection about 20% of the time. I’d force close and reopen and it usually worked. Now it hasn’t worked in 6 weeks. It just says No Internet Connection 100% of the time. Finally going to delete it.
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7 years ago, JoeV54
I Internet Connection
This APP used to be my go to for bargain shopping. For a little while now they have gone south on feedback and don’t really do their homework on best deals. Couple that with the APP failing and you got an org in decline. Submitted issue and the response was bogus. Surely they can do better.
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2 years ago, roboleto
Lacks & needs improvement
App has NO search box to look up specific item and app needs update individual items don’t display pictures
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2 years ago, snapstupeed
No more pictures in iOS
Pictures stopped working and couldn’t see anything easily
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6 years ago, bulletproofcharm
No Internet Connection error
Experiencing the same error everyone else seems to be experiencing. I used to be able to flip over to mobile connection instead of wireless, but now that doesn’t work. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, Jordanvt
App is not useful
The techbargains web site is useful, the app is not. Click on and offer and it loses your place when you return forcing the iser to scroll through again to continue their browse. Waste of time.
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7 years ago, Pdxnersveen
Used To be a nice app
App no longer works. Seems the back end connections are no longer available. App displays continuous message of “no internet connection” despite both cellular and wi-fi connections being available. Timing is unfortunate with Black Friday approaching.
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6 years ago, Notes2 tom
“No internet connection” error
Just recently stopped working and displaying the no internet connection on my iPhone. All the other apps snd browsers work, but not TechBargains. Tried a delete snd reinstall, no joy.
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6 years ago, Bummed1313
My internet is fine. Your app is broken!
What a great way to kill a product. Break an app so it tells everyone their internet is broken shortly before Black Friday. Then do nothing about the problem for months.
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6 years ago, DaneGH
Finally fixed.
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7 years ago, sfischer1967
App claims no Internet connection - all other apps work fine
App claims there is no Internet connection when all other apps have no trouble. Looks like a bug to me. 1 star. Will re-review when bug is fixed
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7 years ago, Tony4Pres
No internet connection
You'd think an update would fix a few bug issues not make more issues. I've emailed tech support and they were not helpful. Figure this out guys!!!!
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2 years ago, Xylinx
No more images on multiple devices
Looks like the images no longer work. The app was painful before and now it’s unusable!
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7 years ago, Dcaseyb
No internet connection!
App is broken. Will only show no internet connection when all other apps work fine. Typical for anything from Ziff Davis. Their publications are second rate so why not their Apps as well.
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7 years ago, goofyscuba007
App broken
Second time in three months i’m deleting this app. It’s worthless giving you the message of poor internet net connection, when that is not the case. Don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, MyGroupLover
Needs a Search
No search function or saving deal alerts? That Stinks.
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12 months ago, mtngoat168
Developer does not care
Pictures not visible through app. They are visible through url. I like content, just frustrated developer won’t fix app.
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2 years ago, Long Pig Sandwich
Images don’t load
Seems like it’s been many months, maybe a year, but the item images don’t load.
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2 years ago, Old school 989738
Needs update
The app hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. Images no longer show up on the app.
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4 years ago, kukrer
A bug or intentional “feature”?
There is a bug which causes app to bounce back to the site I visited earlier. If they are charging these sites per “click”, they are getting robbed. Please correct this “bug”.
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6 years ago, techannoyances
Guess I should stop telling everyone about it
Used this for so long, but App no longer functions at all. Oh well, I’ll probably save a lot of money not seeing the deals anymore.
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5 years ago, Honu 808
App not working
App says no internet connection on iPhone with latest iOS. Removed app, then reinstall did not work. Site accessible from email link but not on app.
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