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User Reviews for Tedooo

4.02 out of 5
228 Ratings
2 months ago, Neesha ^_^
Needs option for variations and search option in group files
I’ve only been on this app for a couple weeks and it’s been alright. I mostly get notifications from the groups I’m in. I’m not seeing many buyers so much as the sellers, so I’m not expecting to make many, if any, sales. However, I’m still going to try. I did realize that there’s no option for variations when making a listing. That is a pivotal aspect to my craft. I make items of different colors and sizes, so it would be nice for potential buyers to be able to choose such things. So until that is incorporated, I’ll just have simple listings up. I really like the daily projects/patterns! However, I noticed that in one of the groups I’m in, they post a lot of files. And there’s no option within the “media and files” section to search for a specific item, so I’m often scrolling through thousands of files (many of them not titled), so it would be great if there was a search option incorporated. Also, the “search chat” function in groups doesn’t work. I’ll type in a word and it’ll just take me to the bottom of the chat, so that needs to be fixed. But other than that, the app has been cool.
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1 year ago, murrdoes
Nicely laid out
As a shopper, the items in shops seem nicely laid out with readily clear images of the items that you can see without having to select it. I like that it’s more useable than say IG shop because the layout is better for selling. I’m still new to the app but so far I find it easy to use.
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1 year ago, jesgsedmgh
It’s a good community, wonderful crafters, and all that jazz. BUT, you can’t really make a sale unless you pay for the premium. I’ve been on this app for a while now and only got as far as accepting someone asking for an item, putting in how much the shipping would be, and then the screen stays on “waiting for buyer to send payment”. Been waiting for payment from two buyers for over a month now. Any time you see someone say they made a sale you see that they are a premium. I tried to advertise on the site and every single one of me advertising on a post were removed. The only posts that were left up were the ones I made praising the app or saying I’m in the making of some new products. I gave about two weeks notice to my followers that I would be leaving the app. But when I try to go to my account settings to delete my account , an error pops up. I sent two letters to the Tedooo app within the app and I haven’t received no email or letter back. And because of all the negative that’s happened I decided to give this app two stars. I sell more and quicker on my Mercari app.
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7 months ago, KayTee71
Fishy Marketing Practices
I was on the app for 8 months. I have a hard time believing the reviews from before that time that say it is great an easy to navigate. It was super clunky when I joined. That has improved some in recent months. I only received one sale shortly after joining, and it was from the CEO. I think they make small purchases to get you to stay longer. I tried the trial version of their Pro subscription, but nothing changed. I was removed from groups asking questions or making comments that weren’t bad at all. I was trying to figure out was was going on. Lately I’ve been seeing lots of Facebook posts by employees or others associated with the company saying they just found out about the app and how great it is, or wish they knew about it sooner. Sometimes even copying a post they found on the app and using it as their own on Facebook. Definitely not the place for me. Feels scammy.
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11 months ago, Jande_27
Give opinion in social media and it gets erased (fake videos for promo)
I was on the app for almost 5 months and no sales. I did promote in every social media and posted regularly in Tedooo and nothing. But I noticed how resin art daily on instagram, posted video of resin artist promoting tedooo with an AI voice repeating the same thing in each video of different resin artist promoting Tedooo. When you visit the resin artist Instagram page, they do not promote Tedooo. They are not in Tedooo because I searched some of them. I guess the resin artist sell their video to Tedooo and they just use it for promotion. I just think is shady to post a video saying that you made a sell or have an order when it’s a complete lie. Someone questioned and I gave my experience and they erased my comment.
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1 year ago, KaraDeanne
Beware. Teedoo is buying out FB groups to promote and blocking members that question their actions
There is a lack of transparency with this company and how they are doing business which would make me question whether or not people should be providing them with their personal information. Teedoo is buying out crafting Facebook groups that have high membership numbers, renaming them, and heavily promoting Teedoo within the groups. However, whenever a member of those groups asks a question regarding Teedoo itself or why the group is now run by Teedoo, that member is blocked and removed from the group. If you look at the positive reviews left for this app, so many of them say the same thing, just worded differently. Also seems fishy. Please do your research before providing them with personal data.
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1 year ago, meg louise
Questionable practices, bad design
I downloaded Tedooo at the recommendation of an embroiderer I follow, but I wasn’t impressed by the UI. Nothing felt intuitive. I ended up deleting it the next day. Fast forward a couple months, and suddenly Tedooo has bought out larger craft groups on other social media sites, banning members who ask questions about motive. There are posts from fake accounts sharing other people’s work, things that toe the line of AI-generated art—generally shady business practices that don’t reflect well on the company. Definitely doesn’t want to make me go back to the app, share my pieces there, or attempt to set up e-commerce through them. Just another “new social platform for artists” that’s poorly designed and shady.
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2 months ago, LisaA2013
Personal experience
On this app it’s been most learning. It’s nice to have other crafters that do the same thing as you and they are willing to help you with your issues to become better. Then the app in general is great at helping us crafters become successful because they take what we say and suggest and put it into action for us. It’s been nice. I believe sticking with this app may turn my business into something big one day.
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1 year ago, HeatherReneep
Love this app
I love the tedooo app it is amazing you will find amazing artists on there and find any kind of crafting styles or things you are looking for, and we help each other with 0% drama. I myself make tumblers, puzzles, key chains and ect all personalized with whatever you want on them. Please come check out my catalog on my page. If you are a crafter/artist we would love for you to join us and share with us what you do. Thank you.
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1 year ago, nikkijosh0214
At first I loved this app.
It seems like there’s only crafters on there. The customer service won’t answer my questions and just keep sending texts to me. Not getting any sales and seeing a lot of other girls are is hurtful. Every other post is, “I just got my first order.” It’s all just a bit much. There should also be an age restriction on there. There are kids the age of 11 and under 18 on this platform. It takes a lot to try and run a business at 20 let alone 11. Poorly run app overall. Last couple things, you can’t add videos to your catalog. And the girls in the group chats are toxic.
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2 years ago, Cheergeek25
I LOVE Tedooo!!! All of their different shops enable me to be sure to find that 'perfect' gift whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or 'just because'...the Tedooo sellers are great to work with and I've yet to meet anyone rude or uncaring about any purchase I've made from their shop. Tedooo has quickly become my go-to shopping app, I'm happy. You won't be disappointed!
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6 days ago, AMFM :)
I can’t get back in
I LOVED this app… past tense because the app logged me out and I cannot get logged back in. It’s super frustrating because I know that I linked my Facebook to create my account. What’s worse is that I’ve already set up my shop and everything. I absolutely do not want to start over. I can’t get my app to let me log back in and I feel stuck. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app multiple times. Literally nothing is working for me to regain access to my account 😔
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1 year ago, Yellowgamergirl
Just meh
Downloaded yesterday, deleted today. Tedoo wants to be a replacement for Etsy and Pinterest, but is not doing either function well. As a crafter, I was hoping to find groups and project inspiration, but there is really not much available in that realm. For sellers, Tedoo primarily markets toward people who are already crafting something. Sure, crafters buy gifts, but if the goal is selling, then this app needs to be marketed to a much broader community of art and craft appreciators to be successful.
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2 years ago, HarryPotter rules556
Seems great, but I can’t get past a page
I really like this app, but I keep trying to add my shop and I can’t get past the upload catalogue and cover photo page. I listed many items and put up the descriptions, prices, and cover photo. I can’t find a button to continue and I have looked everywhere and tapped everywhere. Please fix it, I would love to use this
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1 year ago, Kittybaobao21
A place for artists
Tedooo has the potential to replace instagram and Etsy because are becoming infiltrated with junk posts/items. A place just for artists and craftspeople to share and sell their work is nice!!!
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1 year ago, Em76436
My new favorite place for artists
I love having a place where i can follow my favorite artists and learn from and communicate with a creative community. I’m finding new artists whose work I enjoy and learning new tips and tricks from fellow crafters.
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3 days ago, AngryAndHurt
Stolen Photos
Let’s talk about how this app hires people to blatantly steal photos from peoples Etsy shops, and then repost them everywhere saying that they spotted it on this app just to try to get more users. They’ve done it to me, they’ve done it to friends of mine, and it needs to stop. This is the shadiest way to do business out there, and if they are that shady on Facebook, imagine how shady they are when it actually comes to running their platform.
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5 months ago, THX1138-1
Be wary of this app
This app is super shady and they try to silence people who question their marketing strategies. The platform is rampant with fake account leaving fake reviews on other profiles to make it look like more transactions are happening than actually are. I have been personally targeted and tried to be silenced and I will tell everyone I can about this platform. Beware sharing your personal information with them.
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1 year ago, orshaharsf
Just what I was looking for
This app is really a great solution for connecting sellers, building communities and offering users a place to connect and find cool stuff. It works great and am definitely going to keep using it. Love it!
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1 year ago, Rebarn1212
The best of both worlds in one place!
As a big fan of DIY crafts I love how this app seamlessly melds the community and marketplace to create a fun and engaging shopping experiences. The merchants I’ve seen so far are talented and high quality. Much better than ETSY IMO.
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1 year ago, HiddenMickeyFamily
Hostile, bullying and unsupportive!
I really had hoped this app would be great. It’s anything but good! Expect to see the same “PRO ACCOUNT” posts forced down your throats. When you ask how to stop seeing those, you’re censored and removed from “community groups”. If you post about how messed up the app is, you get a bunch of crybaby Karens bullying and harassing you for speaking your truth AND they will censor you for doing so! THIS APP IS GARBAGE!
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1 year ago, Mooswah1
Love this app!
Much easier to navigate than Etsy and Pinterest. I found what I needed quickly and connected with a number of sellers. Keep it up Tedoo!!
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11 months ago, sierramiral24
The people who run this app contacted me to purchase my content. They wanted to give me $50 for 5 photos. I told them no. YET, hours later I find that they have stolen my photos anyways and are using them to promote their app. Don’t support these kinds of people who will steal just to benefit themselves. It’s a violation of intellectual property and is not the correct way to run a business.
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1 year ago, Hairflower
I am absolutely obsessed with this app. It has made it so easy for join buyers and sellers. The app is so easy to navigate, and I love exploring and finding new things that I love and adore!
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1 year ago, Nolongerwithpaypal
In general
So far I’ve seen great support within this app. Everyone has been great. Everyone has been nice and they communicate back.
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1 year ago, WendyMcWendyFace
Great combo of commerce & networking
My hope is this app can take the place of Etsy. And actually take care of its creators. I love that it allows for interaction and conversation and to support artists in their shops.
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10 months ago, daphnivillage
I love Tedooo much more than any other app 🛼🛼🛼
Such a slay! The best place to start a small business, and to buy from other small businesses!🤞💕🛼
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2 years ago, the crafter 987
I am a crafter of paracord. This app have given me the ability to sell my products more then esty ever has. It is easy to use and there is a great support system.
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2 years ago, theLenneth
Not a Etsy replacement
I’ve seen this advertising as a Etsy competitor, but is definitely not. No shopping, just connections. Very confusing description for what it is made for. Still not quite sure what it’s supposed to do.
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2 years ago, southweststucco
Easy to use!
A friend told me about this company, and it is great! The sellers system is very intuitive and seamless. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, Mycalynn
Tedooo is the best app for crafters. I absolutely love it. So much easier than Etsy and no fees! I would recommend to any crafter out there, start your business on Tedooo today! ♥️
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2 years ago, zxcasdfg
Love this app! I have gotten a few sales since I started and best yet I’ve made so many new friends
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2 months ago, ntahb
Seems like another money play
Seems like the only way to get sales is to upgrade been on here for months claim they have no fees I see exactly why because you get no sales seems like they always trying to convince you to upgrade so you can make sales
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12 months ago, iScreamAcrylics
Way better than Etsy!
Just wish more folk knew about it!
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1 year ago, JennH1028
The app is very glitchy and so is the website. They don’t communicate well at all like Etsy does. It seems like you have to input the same information in over and over again.
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1 year ago, Tara328
Great space!!
Fantastic space for crafters and do-ers! Easy to navigate and find support. I’m becoming a big fan of this app!
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1 year ago, AngelDibbs
I love this app! Great space for creatives and those who shop small creative businesses. Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, cstid1
Seems interesting
New to the app but I really like the idea.
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10 months ago, BeadzByKenz
I’ve been trying to sell and buy things and no payment went through!
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10 months ago, Miranda_x333
Great App!
Love this app very easy to use and connects you with other creators!💕
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2 years ago, DiStuduio
Love Tedooo App
Love Tedooo app! Straight forward and easy to use. Sold several items on Tedooo. The new wave for entrepreneurs. Love it!
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2 years ago, dont care even a lityle bit
Can’t get past
I like it but when I go to add my shop I can’t get past number (4) and I don’t like that so
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2 years ago, Lexy_is_back
This is the best app ever
This app is the best! I hadn’t have problems so far but the app is very great!
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10 months ago, I like toes 21
Great website⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Was exactly what I needed to start selling bracelets
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1 year ago, Sara Barham
Neat app
This is a pretty neat and organized app for creators it seems! So far I enjoy using it!
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1 month ago, sushigworllova
I love this! 👌❤️😘
i am obsessed! this app allowed me to create my dream visions using ai! yes, yes, yes, a million times yes!
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10 months ago, birdyMsha
My favorite app to buy handmade!
Love this community!!!
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5 months ago, sweetsynx
Not an Etsy alt
I downloaded this trying to find an alternative to Etsy, this ain't it. The set up of this app is cluttered and confusing. It's more of a social media.
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10 months ago, Nashalie2012
Good app!
I like the app but I’m having issues receiving my payment. I’m not sure why.
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2 months ago, atep113
Not worth the price
Stay on as a free user… I signed on paid the fee and only got one sale despite posting consistently… it’s great if your a buyer but def not for sellers. Waste of money.
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