Text Art: Typography & Word

Graphics & Design
4.8 (61.9K)
96.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Appostrophe AB
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Text Art: Typography & Word

4.77 out of 5
61.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Karen The super mom!🤩
Flabbergasting!! But a few flaws…
Hi my is Karen, And me and my girlfriends love to use this app! We make flyers for our bake sales, yoga classes, birthday party’s and etc. This app is worth my storage. It is also easy to share my pictures and ideas to my Facebook and share it with my girlfriends. But There are a few details that could be added to make this my every day use. First I wish that there were more font choices. The other reason is it keeps kicking me out some times. But that’s nothing much! I love this app and I hope these things get fixed!!🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😘🤩❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😃😃😆😆🙂🙂🙂☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊😉😉😙😙
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3 years ago, Irisherin95
So far so good
I’ve only used it a few times, but I find it’s very handy. I have a clothing boutique, so I use a lot of pics for Instagram & Facebook. I’m able to make a pretty cute description or put the name of the piece on it, to add a little flare. I wish that there were a few more choices for fonts & I wish that there was a way to touch a color that is on the picture, to make a match for the font. But for basic things it’s pretty nice. I still have yet to get the Logo maker to work, but that’s a separate app that they want you to add to this one. I’m going to have to email support, because it doesn’t work at all & it’s a little pricey. This app is an OK price. I’m still trying to see if I will use it that much to pay monthly or for an annual subscription. If you don’t need a lot of tech, or not as tech savvy, this app is really easy to use.
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1 year ago, Old lady user friendly!
So easy to use!
A few times a year I need signage for my Farmers Market Booth. I am not that savvy with computers, apps, ect. But I can easily whip up a great For Sale sign using Text Art. It has stock photos and color and you can use you own images as well. It automatically downloads to my pictures and I can print copies from there. It couldn’t be easier! I usually panic when it is time to do something besides data entry or billing from the computer. But this is a breeze and literally took me 5 minutes to design, copy to pictures , print, and laminate. I love it!
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3 years ago, Testing21
App stopped working
I tried to troubleshoot with the send feedback platform and DM to their Instagram page, but no replies at all. I also find it very strange that their last Instagram post is from March 2021? Are we being scammed here? Their is no technical support and we are paying the membership to boost our Instagram page for our business. I cannot edit the text by double tapping, it’s been 2 days now. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I lost all my previous projects and the app reverted me to the free version instead of the pro version. I don’t know what is going on. I’m afraid I’m being charged every time I revert back to the pro version to restore purchases. Please help me to resolve this.
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3 years ago, Em/win
App doesn’t work
I have been using this app for months and I loved it. Last night when I tried to use it I couldn’t get the stock photos to load. When I click one the whole app just shuts down. In addition I paid for a year subscription and now it says I’m using the free version. My phone still shows I have the pro version under “subscriptions”. I emailed them last night. No response. I tried using again tonight and it’s still not working. I sent a message on their Instagram account tonight to see if I could get help that way.
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7 months ago, BrendaSue14u
Lovely Options
This app has a nice selection of text styles, colors, gradients, materials, etc….. and I got a great discount at less than $1.00 a month! I just purchased it so I will be playing with it more in the future. As of now, I love almost everything about it, however I would love an option where you could drop a shadow behind the text! I’m delighted and I give it 5 stars. (it should be noted I don’t write reviews on 99%of the apps I have, so hopefully this will go towards my taking time to write one)
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3 months ago, Doggymama237
First off, when I got into the app, it was so easy to get to where I wanted to be. I wanted to create a new wallpaper for my iPhone and the app acted like I was a pro. However, I do think that the app needs to have more features maybe like stickers? Some girls like me, like to have the day of the week rotating each day. That could become a rotation sticker. But other than that, the app is perfect. So if you’re looking to make a flyer, business sheet, bake sale flyers, or even a new wallpaper, then you absolutely should get this app. I think it’s just what I was looking for.
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3 years ago, Adkins kids
Best app ever I highly recommend this app💖
This is an amazing app I read the reviews on this app most of them were amazing. So I was like ok I will try this game and it was amazing! You make wallpapers and you can put them in your picture and then go into settings and find wallpaper and then you pick that one!(That method works for iPhones only.)I can’t even put how much I love this game init into words! If you play this game you won’t regret it you need to download this game you will love it! Love this game soooooooooooo much!!!!💖💕❤️💖💕❤️💖💕❤️💖💕❤️💖💕❤️💖💕❤️
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3 years ago, VLopezkw
New Update?
I’ve been using for months- I love this app. I have it on my cell and iPad- both store my work separately, which is a pain? Is there a way to merge or have a login? Then, as I’m trying to work, after I type my text, it froze, it happened on iPad and iPhone? So, I deleted app, and reloaded- and Jesus! I lost all my work! Ugh! I sent emails, I hope it’s a quick fix. No response as of yet. Get it together TextArt! I have a paid subscription. (Possibly 2 for 2 devices?) please fix! Love this app!
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4 years ago, Ms.Lisa2007
The holidays is all about self-expression and this app gives you a variety of ways to do it. Some of the ways that you can express your can involve importing your own photos or using the already available templates that are apart of the app. The fonts are creative, bold and simple. The font colors allow for gradient variety with colors that can make anybody’s flyer pop with color. The only thing that this app is lacking is the ability to import other photos into the photo that you are working on. It doesn’t allows you to make a collage of sorts using your personal photos.
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4 years ago, thestarchild__
Best app
Every single picture editing app, or any app for social media use, always scams and has outrages prices. This app is so great and easy to use, you can duplicate slides so it’s easy to edit and make a bunch quickly. At this point I’d pay cause it’s that great. I never leave reviews but had for this one cause I’ve legit been using this to post content for my ig and it’s been so easy and I’ve realized that added stress of trying to use an app to get your ideas out makes me quit half the time! Def recommend downloading it!
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1 year ago, jebskatiemads
I gave you 5 stars because I like how there is soooooo many fonts and pictures to use. You can pick from so many pictures like if I searched up softball it would come up with a million and any other. There is two things I don’t like about it is that you can’t search up quotes on the app you have to go on to safari and the other thing is that you have to pay to do some stuff when I searched up free wallpaper apps!!!
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2 years ago, Dina Gribbins
All text styles are not Available
I purchased this text art app well over a year ago. My most recent phone was stolen and now that I’ve logged in to my app on this phone it’s wanting to charge me for the text styles that are found in the pro addition. I believe I paid close to $50 for this app when I purchased it and now I’m being asked to pay either monthly or an additional 2999 for some thing I’m already paying $50 for.
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4 years ago, coach stricky
Text Art
Text Art is awesome I love it!It is so fun to make your own meme and quotes and I highly suggest downloading it I used to look on Pinterest but now I can make my own!And you only have to pay if you get a pack or something like that so press download right now and you will NOT regret it and it has some quotes you can use if you do not have any you can think of!It is just a GREAT app in my opinion and you can use your own quotes for your wallpaper on your phone I love this app I hope you will too!!!!!
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4 years ago, Showgirl Kim71
Text Art
Nice Avenue. It’s easy to use, but the only problem with me is it would be nice if it was integrated with the rest of my app so that I didn’t have to go back-and-forth between this and my ownNice out. The only problem that I have is happened to switch back-and-forth between this app and my keyboard. It would be nice if they were both together as one so that there was just one key that would be back-and-forth. Other than that I’m having a good time playing with it.
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3 years ago, squiree
It’s amazing
Text art is probably one of my favorite apps it helps me put text on my Instagram photos and you can color the text to it’s really amazing and I love it it a really easy app to do and it saves to your camera role where u can find it easily I always found that other apps like this are complicated to use but not text art so if your like me and think apps like this are complicated you’ll like this one!! Thanks text art
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4 years ago, Veruskiss
Mixed emotions
This app offers tons of stock pictures as well as beautiful fonts. However it’s challenging to use. I have struggled so much with this app since day one. I selected a background and then add text and when I try to change the color of the text it changes my background instead, also frustrating that there is no Help button to solve FAQ. I was so excited when I purchased the pro app, but now I’m regretting my purchase 😩
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4 years ago, Ladies & Gems Boutique
Love this app!
I absolutely love/recommend this app for logo/wallpaper font creating. I was searching for a long time for an easy app that would help me create my own logo for an at home business I’m running. I was so relieved when I found this app because not only is it convenient, easy to use, but there was a 7 day free trial! The fonts, colors, wallpapers on the app are ALL FREE with the 7 day trial and I definitely recommend taking advantage of that. Whoever created this app, thank you so much, you’re a godsend! ✌🏼
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3 years ago, bella🫐🍒🍉🍍🍋🍊🍐
This is a Great 😊 app!!!
I have had this app for a couple of weeks i love it so much i use it for wallpaper and i send pictures to people so they can have it for something anyways this app you can use for many things I absolutely love it has Beautiful pictures and wonderful ideas for what your personalities want i think if you are looking for a god app this is the thanks so much for this app absolutely don’t have any complaints
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3 years ago, Mamajenga
Love it!
Awesome, easy, fun, creative! My IG feed looks 👌🏻💯❤️. Used the free version for a while but upgraded to paid when I got serious about starting an online business. Totally worth the $$. I use Canva, too, but Text Art is way simpler and streamlined and I can get the work done faster. Love their stick photos and beautiful fonts. If you’re experienced with graphics, you’ll appreciate the artistry. If you’re a newbie, you’ll love the simplicity. Can’t say enough!! Just get it already. 😉
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3 years ago, DivaRealtor
Great App!
I’m lovin’ this little app! So far so good...I like that it is easy to use I like the options it gives you for colors, pictures, motivational quotes. I only wish I could figure out how to make the text font smaller in specific sentences but that’s probably just an error on my part and I have to learn how to use it more. But I definitely would recommend this app and I don’t do reviews very often!
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1 year ago, sexton2021
Are you creative?
I do like this app although I’ve not figured out how to get more backgrounds other than my photos. Do I need to take pic of what I want the background to be?? The best part is you can write out whatever you want to say. All in all this is a great app, it’s like u can release what u want to get off your chest, if u can write it you got it!! I do recommend and did give it a 5 star.
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3 years ago, Shannon and Mike
Great features and easy to use
This app is perfect for adding words to a picture. There are a lot of fonts to choose from as well as colors. You can also add pictures with a transparent background. This allows for further layers and depth to what your creating. You can crate any size also…for a phone, fb post, square, etc. Everyone should have this app, it’s worth the money.
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2 years ago, theOrganelle11
I love this app! It’s so easy to customize wallpapers and text boards. I love the different fonts and don’t feel like there are too few for it being free. The app also offers a number of different positions for each font so the text looks unique in each picture. Additionally, you can use multiple fonts per project, which I really enjoyed. Overall great app!
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2 years ago, Factteller
Text Art suggestions
It is not exact with the spacing. Also, doesn’t allow the words to be placed where, and how exactly you like. In addition, it could increase fonts, use more font choices. Last but not least, When using the manual break button the lettering is so small, and the words can barely be read. At one point it actually worked, you were able to space the lines apart, but that feature appears to no longer be accessible.
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4 years ago, Footsteps 🦶
Grab on to life and embrace the moments 🦶
Courage to be who you want to be, feel your inner self become more, better, laugh, breathe deep, feel blessed that you are alive, let go of what you were promised, the lessons you learned were part of your journey now it is time for you follow your path🧘‍♂️ Thank you for an amazing image. It reached out to me gave me the strength, and motivation to be on top of that space going forward.
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2 years ago, TEBrownlv
I really love this
I’ve only been using this app for two days, but I really love it. The only thing I wish I could change is the color of the text. There isn’t really good instructions on the app, that I can figure out if there was a way to change the font color. But I’m still playing with it and have made some really cool graphics with the stock photos. I went and paid for the subscription to add all the fonts.
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3 years ago, Gaming Fan35
Hoping I found a true gem
Text Art seems to have the features that I want as a newbie in photography and my thoughts for projecting through my photos. I love the ease of using the app, and I will continue to try it out. As of right now I am liking it very much, however, this review is being written within the first 45 minutes of using the Text Art app. So I will give it four stars now, and we will see what the future will bring.
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1 year ago, ddffgghhjkkkllmvs
Super fun 🤩
FaceTime my cousin Gisele I got this I thought it was super fun so I went to go buy it myself and when I open it, I put like a really cute background because there is so much cute backgrounds and like you can make like your own sentences sort of funny or motivation and I just think it’s really cool and I made this one and it said I need six months of vacation twice a year
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3 years ago, johnscreekphotos
Error when try to save to my Photos
I am on paid subscription and I am happy with the app overall. One thing, however, is that it sometimes give me an error when I try to save my final work to my Photos, saying “Save Unsuccessful - the project couldnt be saved to the Photo Library. Make sure the Photos permission is turned on in Settings.” I do have permission turned on for all the pictures.. How do I fix this error??
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3 years ago, gabrielsmommy23
Font Not Working
I absolutely love this app, it’s better than any others that I have. I used to subscribe to the monthly subscription for a few months because I used it a lot until the app wouldn’t let me change fonts when I added text. So I uninstalled it for a couple months and just reinstalled it and it’s still doing the same thing. Are other people having the same issues?
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2 years ago, hkdigksf
Finding this app
I love this app! It is amazing all the hard work they put into the app and how great it turned out. I wish all apps were like this one. Most are just rip offs this one though is not. I tried 12 other games they were all terrible! This one I recommend. It was my favorite out of all of them. Do I recommend this app for you!
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3 years ago, PoopCOVID-19
Amazing app totally recommend
Hello! This app is amazing! It gives neat things to help you make anything you want. I am in love! This app I look at every morning and see the quotes or memes I did and they make me laugh or make me feel like today is going to be amazing. This app is everything you need. Download it now and see your life change. My personality changed a lot because it made me feel more positive!!
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2 years ago, Kairaca
Awesome app!
I rarely leave reviews for apps, so you know when I do I am serious! This is a really great app. I use it my social media posts. I love that they have all these photos you can use to create your post, Color changes, Tex changes, etc. There is a pay up if you want to use extra fonts and so forth but the basic person is pretty darn good too.
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4 years ago, legit_all_nicknames_taken
Free Version is Actually Good!
I was expecting this to be like all the other apps where in order to make it decent-looking, you need to pay for the premium version. I’m glad to report that that’s not the case here! You can rly do a lot with the free version and it comes out rly good. I almost never write reviews but I felt I had to because this is the first decent app I’ve come across in a while.
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3 years ago, @geneagraphy
I love the HUGE variety of free stock photos to choose from!! From the mountain to the sea, from antique aesthetics to modern, to LGBT?! LOVE. My go to for social media posts. Lots of different fonts and colors. Cool ones on the upgraded version as well. There’s a water mark that can’t be removed unless you upgrade, but to me seems like a small thing when they offer so much stuff for free.
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2 years ago, Dacina146
4 star app
I love the app I could write about my feelings and use it as my wallpaper but I wish there were more black and white pictures because I don’t like to use random peoples faces and if I would like to give it to someone else I don’t think they would like a random person on their wallpaper either so it would be 5 stars but I just wish it had more black and white pictures
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4 years ago, Ioana Rodica
Best photoeditor
It’s been a long time since I’ve downloaded an app I’m so pleased with! I’ve tried lots of photo editing apps, but none of them was just right except this one! As I especially like making mottoes of Bible verses and Christian quotes, this was the perfect thing. I like the way you can access stock photos so easily and search for whatever you want. Definitely recommend!
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3 years ago, hgielak19
Good But Crashes
This app is user-friendly and has some great font options. I like it enough to pay for a subscription. Unfortunately, it doesn’t function well with super high-quality photos and repeatedly crashes when I try to save my work, so I have had to find other font sources for multiple projects, which is annoying because it’s kinda dumb to pay for something that I can’t use half the time.
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4 years ago, Bella L..
Great app. Needs more updates though
I understand they just made an update for the people who bought PRO but as for me I didn’t wanna waste money on an app. I really do love this game but I don’t understand why they have to be “rude” or “stupid” to make it for real money. It’s really stupid and in-fair. I would love more updates for people who didn’t buy “PRO” thanks for reading!!
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2 years ago, Chelle727!!!
Text art
Just got this it’s pretty fun to add text to your photos because I like to make my own personalized cards….. but after I did 2 pictures it would no longer save the pictures I edited back yo my camera roll so I can print them off. Not sure I’ll be keeping this app but I’ve got a week to figure it out!
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1 year ago, michelle_1992
Great marketing tool!
I love the color blocks, the free stock photos, the fonts to use to make my marketing content for my business. You can do just as much with the free version than the pro version. This app helps you come up with inspirational quotes and you can shuffle to pick a specific quote that speaks to your liking for your brand.
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4 years ago, Outlier8214
And advantageous, easy, little app filled with possibilities!
I’m just beginning to use and explore Text Art, or at least all things that are free in Text Art, but it has already proven to be an excellent source of a countless amount of graphic art possibilities for creative, artistic-aiming me. I am so pleased that I am beginning to think and believe that this could be a good subscription service for me.
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2 years ago, aryssa_mae
Why this app is awesome!
I really recommend getting this app to make cool designs with letters and pictures, either chose one of there photos or use one of yours! I didn't give it 5 stars only because for the fonts you can only use a little bit of them and the rest is if you have pro and that costs. But others than that it’s a great app to have on your phone!
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4 years ago, Erinc0xfgfgh
Great tool! Im really enjoying using the app. I used PhotoGrid a long time ago. I like TextArt much better. A one time fee to remove the watermark would be helpful for small biz owners on tight budgets, who don’t can’t immediately afford the Pro option and can make do with the non-pro text options, until biz grows and Pro options can be purchased
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3 years ago, BenGenGal
Easy to use
I love the stock photos that come with it, as well as the many word fonts to choose from. And it’s so easy to keep words centered even after moving them. One of my favorite features is that I can keep tapping on a font and it will show different ways of how the words can be displayed.
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3 years ago, Rafih_Mahfooz
Great app but pricy
The stock pile photo has limited selection. However the app is great for generating text art. You have lots of font option which look really professional however it does not support Arabic script languages. The UI is fantastic you can build posters add blur in the background, change opacity of the background. You get a lot done by a few clicks. The only reason I am not using this app is because the price is way too high.
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3 years ago, Treimer1988
Not enough features for me
The app is great it has lots of choices of different fonts, saying, and what not. The part that I don’t like is the fact that I can’t resize the font or rotate it. Maybe I didn’t spend enough time with the app and there is someway that I don’t know. If that’s the case then it isn’t user friendly. I tried for like 30 mins and then uninstalled it, and on to the next app. So there for it gets three stars.
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3 years ago, Absolutextasi
Awesome...but buggy
I am considering purchasing this app, but the problem is text style. Sometimes clicking on a text style works, and sometimes it doesn’t . There is literally no rhyme or reason why you can click on anyone and sift through the various versions of that text style. Also, why not give us options for fonts? Please fix this. I’ll update this to a 5 star when fixed
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2 years ago, Clint Crockpot
Works well enough, but not a lot of features for free…
There weren’t many free options, or honestly any options in general, but that wasn’t what made me give up on this app. I finished my text art image, saved it, and realized you need to pay for HD… Okay… I skipped that because I figured it would be normal quality, but not spectacular, right? NOPE. Any image I saved for free was too blurry and pixelated to even use. Don’t even bother using unless you plan on upgrading to the paid versions.
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