The Children's Place

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The Children's Place
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for The Children's Place

4.85 out of 5
158.2K Ratings
3 years ago, MamabearLou
Fav store, sometimes glitchy app
This is my favorite place to shop for my son’s clothes, especially since it’s two stores in one now. Super cute stuff and usually the prices are very reasonable, and the quality is always good. The app is sometimes glitchy but it doesn’t usually last long. So 4 stars for the app, but 5 stars for the store and definitely 5 stars for free shipping! I buy SO MUCH through this app because of the free shipping. I’ll go on the app to buy something my son needs, like jeans, and then see a million adorable things he all of a sudden “needs” too. I usually buy the item I came for and a couple other things, but then I’ve seen what else is on there and end up back for more, often several times in the same week, because it’s so easy to talk myself into it when the prices are so good AND there is free shipping! It’s almost always fast shipping too. PLUS they have slim sizes for my string bean kid, and sizes go through the big kid range. I’m dreading the day my son outgrows their biggest size. Would love to see a pre-teen range, even if it’s just basics. The price for the quality can’t be beat these days. I’ve only once had a problem with quality (a small hole in some new PJs), and they took care of it right over the phone with no hassle.
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3 years ago, Momof4Gmaof2
Best Children’s Store!
I use to ALWAYS shop at The Children’s Place when my 3 older Children were younger. They grew out of the sizes of course as they grew older, so unfortunately we had to retire from our FAVORITE STORE!! But hey now I AM BACK!! To make a long story short, I started all over again & have my new little guy who will grow to love The Children’s Place just like his big Sister’s & Brother did. I just made my first purchase online & so excited that I can once again enjoy shopping for my little guy here. I followed the sizing guide on the site & I’m really hoping everything fits him well. My baby will be a year old next month & he is in a size 12-18 months based off the store sizing guide. I buy him 18 months at other stores & they fit him well. He weighs 20 pounds, 11 ounces & he is 32 inches long. So I decided to go with size 12-18 months, I did get 1 of his jackets in 18-24 months only because the reviews said it ran small. I hesitated a little & wanted to get him 18-24 months, but he is tall & thin & any bigger I think the pants will fall off of his waist. Fingers are crossed over here!! 🤞 I will update this post once we receive our 1 order of many more to come in the future!!
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5 years ago, chae105
Annoyed And Frustrated!
Recently decided to download the app after falling in love with the deals that they offer. I quickly found out this download would be a big regret! First issue downloaded the app after making my first purchase via the regular safari/ web. After login for the first time i could not view my order it just kept saying no orders. I logged out to try again only to realize that even after I selected remember me and to use Face ID to login it would not work causing me to have to log in manually. Second I tried making another purchase through the app because I have since gained $15 in rewards I wanted to use but the codes wouldn’t transfer over it kept telling me the codes were invalid. Tried this for about 20-30 minutes before actually getting it to work. I thought the purpose of this app was to make lives easier, I could’ve gone to the store and spent less time making this purchase than I did doing it on this app. Third after waiting for my items t come in the mail, I received an email the day they’re supposed to come saying the items never made it to the the first stop and my items were delayed another 3 days. Highly disappointed with the quality of this app and lack of concern there seems to be to fix these issues. I’ve read multiple reviews with very similar issues to mine. Get it together guys!! Your product is worth buying the experience however, will make me change my mind when it comes to shopping here!!!
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2 years ago, fraconda
This became my go to store for my children wardrobes about 10yrs ago. My oldest was to be in a program for school and needed a solid white dress! Called numerous stores around prices ranging from $50+ for a one time use dress. Somehow came across the children a place, which was in the mall and by my own assumption thought it was a pricey place to which I had never shopped at! Unbelievably I called and they had what I needed for $20 drove straight there realized one of there amazing often sales was going on and got the dress for about $12 while there looked around and seen how amazing there stuff was and low prices. After that I was hooked! Was sooo disappointed when my 2 older children grew to big to shop there but a few years after we were blessed with 2 more children so now I get to shop again for several more years! I recommend this store to EVERY single person I know or meet that has children! Don’t ever change you guys provide amazing clothing for an amazing price and have a very loyal customer in myself!
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2 years ago, Ai Charl
A Couple Major Gripes about the App
Love the store but app needs improvement. The user interface needs to show payment and product availability messages as a permanent pop up in the center of the Checkout screen, instead of a message that flashes temporarily at the top of the screen. This way the customer can immediately see why the payment may not be going though. While trying to checkout, I encountered multiple failed attempts at placing the order. Multiple attempts with ApplePay seemed to go well, initially, but ended with no order confirmation. I had to call customer service and my bank to see if the transaction had gone through without duplicates. It had not. I, then, tried completing the order through the app’s Checkout page, but got the same result. It wasn’t until I scrolled to the top of the checkout page to see a message flash about product availability that I realized this was the problem. Not sure what the issue was with the ApplePay because it seemed to go through fine. I was prompted to “update” the items in the cart to complete the order. However, the app did not specify which item(s) were no longer available, so I had to check each item one by one. Very tedious and inefficient. PLEASE FIX
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4 years ago, Marisa3136142
Highly satisfied with this app and store.
I have been shopping at this store since my son was 6 months old (he is currently 3). I have never had any bad experiences, I found out about the app a year ago and I am so happy I downloaded the app. I ALWAYS use this store when I need baby or toddler clothes. The app is very helpful there’s always a good selection to chose from, in store and online, prices are AMAZING, shipping is great as well as the deals. When I order online items are shipped fairly quickly, even during the pandemic - I have ordered a good amount during the COVID-19 pandemic , there was a notice upfront when opening the app that shipping might be longer than expected , seeing that I honestly thought it would be a long ridiculous set back, but it was not long at all but a couple days up to just one week. Overall in my opinion this is the best store for baby and toddler clothing, I think more people need to know about this store. I have recommend this store and app to many people - those who tried it out also have had good things to say.
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3 years ago, LittleBensMommy
I’ve ordered from the children’s place before, last year to be exact, just not from the app. I used safari to place the order. It was great and was pleased with everything. This year though. Nope. Will never be using the app after this again. I did I big order for my son, around $650. This was on a Wednesday afternoon at 1. It said the items would be delivered by Saturday. They didn’t ship at all until Friday! Aside from that, some of the items I ordered got cancelled, why? Probably because they were out of stock but didn’t update when I placed the order. Fine whatever. It was two shirts. They said I wouldn’t be charged for them, and they were clearance so I expected to see the $3.98 back in my bank account, but when I went to check they took $593 out of my bank account on top of the $650 they had already taken out for the original order. I am furious, to say the least. My son has picture day on the 24th, and now his new clothes won’t be here until the 29th. And they double charged me, as well as cancelled even more items. I expect my refunded money by tomorrow morning, if not I will be calling to cancel the full order and will never bother with this app again. Next time I’ll just be shopping from the physical store itself. Faster and better experience, I’m sure.
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3 years ago, No loss for words...
Better and Better
Updated April 2021 - still 5 stars I will be so sad when my youngest grows out of TCP’s sizes. The options of kid appropriate clothes, shoes, and accessories combined with how super easy the shopping experience is on the app, has been what keeps me coming back. The filter option combined with “complete the look” never fail me. Checking out and tracking my deliveries has continuously been an improving feature since I first began using the app well 18 months ago. I do buy clothes on other apps and websites for kids’ clothes - definitely not the same customer experience. Highly recommend! Most of our family shopping is on line. I’ve been using this app to shop and often did store pick up to get the extra discount. With COVID-19 and malls closed, no sweat! The recent upgrades to the CP app makes it so much faster and easier to zip through. My favorite feature continues to be “complete the look” when you’re trying to mix and match pieces. Thanks for making it an easy customer experience.
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2 years ago, briannexo
Store is great, app is a pain
This is my third time ordering from this app. I love the quality of the clothes and prices they have. I’m becoming addicted to ordering from the Childrens place at this point. The only thing I don’t like about the childrens place is the app and possibly whoever is in charge of packing my child’s clothes getting it ready to send out. The app is the worst since it freezes so much, especially at checkout. I just spent about 10mins at checkout because it takes forever and loads so so sooooo slow. Whoever is in charge of the app needs to fix it immediately because it makes the shopping experience not so enjoyable since it glitches. Now about the manufacturer or person who gets my packages ready to send out, needs to do better! I’ve received a couple items in my first order damaged (stained). I’m praying this order I just place has no issues and gets here soon since I spent over $200 on it. Getting some of my sons Christmas items early so I won’t have to worry too much about it later. I don’t need no issues with this order for that reason so if there is they definitely will be hearing from me. I paid too much money now and in the past to keep having mess ups on my order
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3 years ago, ewimes
Must improve app but reasonable prices:
It took me three days to complete my order. The website or the app is horrible. It was constantly freezing up or moving very slow when I click to the next item. Or just slow period or would bounce me off the sight completely. When I had items in my cart and wanted to change something or delete it, It would not allow you to do that. The delete pic was so far to the right, you could not click on it. So I had to click on “save later” to remove it from the cart. I became so frustrated I would just shut down in hopes that the sight would improve the next day. But it never did. So on the 3rd day trying with the same issues I just ordered a few school uniforms for my granddaughter just to get her started for the first grade. But on a good note “The Children Place” is a great store for kids and the prices are reasonable. I use to order from you in the past and never had a problem with the website or in this case the app. So please update or make major changes with the app. Your children clothing and prices are wonderful.
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4 years ago, Lindseyloooooooooo
❤️ Love this shop
I’m a mother of 4. One girl and three boys. I absolutely love the children’s place for the prices and the promo sales they run. It’s really great to buy nice shirts for under $5 a piece when you have as many growing boys as I do! They run through clothes like crazy! In the last week I have purchased 3 different times. The first order I had about 22 items in my cart and my total was $98. Last night I purchased two times 18 items for $72, and $56 for 16 items. Including shipping costs. I love how I get rewards every time I shop which is great when they have sales. Because the rewards work ON TOP of the discounted prices. Most stores don’t allow that. I am constantly shopping here. Sometimes they have a lot of stuff out of stock that I want, but even then I’m able to still walk away with a great deal of items I liked for my children! However Gymboree, I don’t much care for their prices. TCP all day every day over here! — and the credit card rewards, yeah big fan! 😊
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4 years ago, PregnantPeggy
Mixed Signals?
I placed an order for ONE ITEM (the item showed “in stock-online only” at the time of my purchase AND at the time of my call). I used a $15 my place reward, so my total was $2 and some change. The order was cancelled after sitting in limbo for at least one week. Interestingly, my rewards were gone as well. I checked the item page just to verify that it was not out of stock, and then I finally called in (this call was placed 2 weeks later). The Rep I spoke with was struggling to understand my need, but I finally got through to him. He advised that the app was messed up, and that quite often, items will be out of stock and still show IN STOCK for hours.. maybe even days! Ok, that’s great, but this is 2 weeks later. Then he told me it was in stock in the size I needed, then he told me he only had a 12m. When I asked WHICH 12m (9-12 or 12-18), he said it was out of stock altogether. I just placed another order for the SAME ITEM in the SAME SIZE, because it STILL SHOWS that it is an in stock item. Let’s see if it shows up this time... If not, I just won’t shop at any of the children’s place branded locations again.
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4 years ago, Mrs.TakenCareOfBuisness
Customer Service Complaint
The app or the website should tell you when you apply for a card and your approved, a card will be sent in the mail and you cannot use your card to purchase what’s in your basket at the time you request the card. I applied for a card and received no approval notification. The only way I knew I was approved was when I tried to apply again and it said I already applied. It should at least say congrats or approved or something once you finish the application. Also they have no online ordering customer service available so you get your card then you get transferred to online ordering services but no on answers and it hangs up on you. There are so many women wanting to start a law suit and contacting the better business bureau but I am just hoping they will find a better means of communicating to their thousands of loyal customers what is going on. Great clothes at reasonable price but customer service currently is horrible.
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3 years ago, IAmCandiiB
18 years and counting!
We’ve been shopping at The Children's Place since our oldest was a baby. We shop there for our two middle kids and now with another baby on the way this is our go to spot for all their essentials. The quality of the clothes is impeccable, my son has hand me downs, which you would never know because they aren’t faded or stretched they last! The graphic tees are always wonderful, the jeans are the best! Clothes are always in style and my kids always look great with their Place gear on. Every holiday we get them matching pajamas and since they’ve added parent sizes we all get them for family photos which are priceless! Every season you can believe that I will have a cart full of not two or three. The savings I get with my place card and the points will have me shopping here for years to come, and the app is so convenient its just the icing on the cake.
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6 years ago, lalany254
The worst shopping experience ever
I've been a Children's Place shopper for over 10 years. Within the past few years , the online shopping experience has been a nightmare. It has become so bad at this point ,that I don't even want to shop at the Children's Place anymore. Tonight I go to make a purchase and I start with the app. The app won't let me see any details on the items I want to see. So I decide to try the app on my IPad. That was even worse. The app was slow and froze the whole time. I start up my laptop. Finally , I get everything in my cart and I go to sign in. Well, I can't log in. The message pops up telling me to wait a few seconds before logging in again. First of all, I've never logged in prior to that login. I repeat the whole shopping process again ,only to be shown the same message at login. I have restarted my laptop, cleaned all my files out ,and still I get this message. So the app and the website are both terrible. I have lost promos and rewards I've earned because I will try again in a few days until eventually my codes expire. This situation needs to be fixed. The Children's Place merchandise is great, but the shopping experience makes it not worth it.
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5 years ago, loved mama
App is frustrating!!
The app continually freezes up so I have to keep closing it and it is so slow when shopping. Favorites will never load which is so frustrating because I like to order items from my favorites list. I have to go out of the app to the website to pull them up & put them in my bag then switch back to the app. If I have an item in my bag that I want to double check before purchasing, you can’t tap on the item to view the product and full details, you have to go back to “shop” then go back to the bag. I don’t have time to keep going back and forth or to deal with the app scrolling so slowly. Also, with the favorites list being unable to load, I forgot to order a few items...too frustrated to go back and order now...oh well money lost for them. This app is so disappointing because I really love The Children’s Place and they have really great specials. They state that you can earn reward points for downloading the app but I didn’t see those points appear. Also, would be nice to have a Save for Later option; especially since favorites list won’t work with the app. Hoping they will get these issues fixed soon or I’ll probably delete the app.
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12 months ago, Makai719
Love Children’s Place
I have been shopping at this place since 2014 when my son was born and I absolutely love children’s place. I have three kids now 8 years old (son), 2 years old (daughter), and 1 years old (youngest daughter). Anytime I purchase clothes from anywhere else and my kids keep them badly stained I can never salvage the clothes but I had never had that problem with children’s place. There options are big and most times you can purchase clothes for the same price you pay at Walmart or Target. The quality is better here and if they don’t have what your looking for in store you can have it delivered. I recommend children’s place to all my friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers. Not because I get something out of it but because I know it’s hard to keep up with the growth of your children when everything is so expensive.
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6 years ago, Jenpipes
Slow and clunky, at least on iPhone 7
I had to do my shopping over several sessions over three days because it was so difficult to do what I needed to do. I’ve always liked TCP clothing designs, quality and prices. The navigation is organized well and it’s a pretty intuitive and attractive interface, but the buttons and scrolling would often not respond or would take a long time. I loaded the app because I had similar issues with the website on both my phone and my laptop. As I imagine most TCP customers are parents of little kids, it’s not easy for us to find long, solid blocks of time to shop online or in store. I’m glad I managed to complete my order while the sale was still going on. I may have given up altogether if not for two things: (1) the sock prices can’t be beat; and (2) my 3-year-old had already helped pick out some shirts and shorts he liked and I didn’t want to disappoint him for no better reason than a frustrating user experience. TCP, please invest in your online and mobile user experience. I would bet you’re losing millions in revenue because of it.
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5 years ago, hraul1997
I love this store and this app!
I can say that I absolutely LOVE the children’s place! It has the best quality clothes with cute designs and they also fit true to size! The app however is a bit slow when you have to scroll to see everything on a certain page though, and (I have an iPhone) every time I go to look at my rewards or go to shop I’m always logged out and I have to log back in but that’s not a huge problem since I can just log in with my Touch ID but other than that I love it, it looks just like the website and everything is easy to find and the search engine works like a charm with the keywords I input and always shows exactly what I’m looking for! I also have to mention the free shipping!! The closest CP store to me is an hour away but with the free shipping I get my sons orders in 3 business days! Also, tracking the order is super easy to do, I’m happy to be a CP customer!
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3 years ago, BriBlaiseRafeAria
Great products
I have fallen in love with Children’s Place and always use the app for orders and love the rewards. I religiously shop for school uniforms, shoes, socks, underwear, you name it, it’s mostly Children’s Place for my kiddos. I’m just sad that it doesn’t go up to Teen’s Place, lol! The only slight issue I’ve had was with the navy blue uniform shirts and navy sweater, they slightly faded into pink at the end of last school year. I bought a gray one instead, and problem solved. Their express shipping is great! They just delivered a package at 6pm for the rest of my childrens uniform needs for school. I always HIGHLY recommend Children’s Place to all my friends and family members, but seriously though, could you make a Teen’s Place next? :) I will continue to purchase from Children’s Place until my kids outgrow their sizes! Oh, I dread the day I can no longer shop there.
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3 years ago, baby jabber
Best place for cute affordable kids clothes
I’ve been shopping at this store for three years since my first child was born. I enjoy the easy access online and great environment in store, also there’s always nice clothes on sale year round so it’s fun shopping especially around holidays. Shipping for me has always been no longer then 7 days it usually arrives for me within 3-4 days and that’s just the regular free shipping. I am a little upset that Afterpay wasn’t working for me online for some reason. 😐 It was my first time trying it too because I didn’t know what it was at first and I became excited about it after discovering it! To only find out that I wasn’t working even though it’s advertised on the website to work in store and online so yeah not really true to my experience. 😕
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5 years ago, Jamie Carlo
Worst App Ever
I am extremely disappointed with children’s place app and website functionality. The app is way to slow, there’s a huge disconnect with apples Face ID to login (don’t even bother enabling it) and NO it’s not an apple issue as I login in to multiple apps with apple’s face recognition. I dislike the fact the captcha appears after you try to login instead of it showing up when you’re logging in (this requires you to reenter your login information all over again). Needless to say Children’s Place app was poorly designed and needs a major overhaul. I would suggest the design team create a separate login (not a test account) and use the app like a consumer, I guarantee you will find numerous bugs (I’ve found 10 so far) me if you like me to identify them. Needless to say I won’t be shopping at children’s place any time soon. Consumers use apps for the connivence of not having to shop in a store. At this point I would rather go into a children’s place store than to use their app and I hate going into a store to shop. I guess this will be my last purchase with Children’s Place.
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3 years ago, diamondebs
Loved Loved CP Son aged out!
Since my son was born, I have shopped at the Children’s Place. I found the clothing to be of exceptional quality for the price. In fact, the clothing that he out grew, I boxed all ten years and his little brother has begun to wear the smaller garments. I know that Walmart may seem like a great bargain, but the clothing they sell is inferior, substandard clothing which shrinks in a couple of washes. Children Place’s clothing can be passed down to several siblings. I would like to thank this company from the bottom of my heart. I struggled as a single mother, on a limited budget, but the prices of the CP clothing was fairly priced and the clearances were fantastic! My son always looked wealthy and classic , no urban junk or corporate logos. Thank you once again for giving our family the class and distinction we desired in our lives.
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3 years ago, Zinat Moyeen
Not satisfied with the App but love Children’s Place
Hi Don’t get me wrong about the review. I simply love Children’s Place and Gymboree. I always loved to go there and shop physically but due to all the situation, I started online shopping. As for that I started preferring to use apps than in the browser, but in that case the Children’s Place App is not up to the mark. It hangs now and than with no reason. At first I thought it was my internet connection but than I saw all other apps , browsers works fine, just only this app is giving me hard time. Due to being so slow and unnecessary buffering, I had to miss a lot of deals, which made me really upset. And those deals and the items were only online. Those are not available in my near stores.😔 Long Story Short: I am very much in love with Children’s place and their collections, especially the deals. But with this over slow app its making me little upset. Have a wonderful Summer and stay safe .
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3 years ago, b5itos
Amazing Stuff but the App glitches
Love! Love! Love! to shop here for my two girls. They sure deliver on time. The sizes, quality, styles are always on point. I wish they had more one piece ((footless)) PJ’s for babies through toodlers. Overall I am a happy happy customer. I love how I can rank up my reward points quickly. Always ready to browse for new items although the App tend to glitch a lot. It takes a long time to update my modifications when I have to change a size or so or when I’m opening a new page onto another and inout a word search loading. I have lost my list a couple of times at some point. It would really help to save time to patch those glitches and make it work a bit more effectively other than that I love shopping at TCP! Thank you! Happy holidays! I would rate it 5 if the App glitches get fixed.
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3 years ago, Online CP Shopper
Much better with update!
I have had the app for awhile, but it had so many glitches and took forever to load that I stopped using it. I love the clothes and deals, so that was a bummer. I recently opened it back up for school shopping and was pleasantly surprised that it is much more easy to navigate and loads quickly. Makes it much easier to spend my money though! :) I would have given more stars but, I had an issue when you get to your shopping cart (my bag). I wanted to delete an item, but it wouldn’t let me get to the delete. You have to swipe left, but it won’t go far enough to hit delete. Wasted a bit of time trying to update the cart. Only issue I had though. Thanks for the update!
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4 years ago, Chella F
Love the store, App is just okay
The store is fantastic, the app could use a little work. The clothes are great quality and affordable; our family loves The Children’s Place! My daughter is slim and it is so hard to find bottoms that fit her properly, but thankfully this store has a special ‘slim’ fit that fits her just right. Shipping is 10 business days, which is very slow in the online world but your savings is in the cost of the clothes, a happy trade off here. As for the app - it is VERY slow to load and lagging behind competitors, and is often frustrating to use. It’s is especially apparent when working in the cart (whether it is editing items in the cart or switching back and forth from the cart to shopping). I do like that it posts the closest store as well as their hours at the top, and I appreciate that everything is very organized well - both clothes as well as account info.
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3 years ago, DanDan561
Great store, App needs work
Love The Children’s Place. Highly, highly recommend. Period. My review and lower rating will NOT deter me from shopping at this store. THIS IS SOLELY A REVIEW OF THE APP. As someone who is not an expert but pretty proficient in tech enough to utilize any and all online ordering/app shopping accommodations, I must say this one needs a few more tweaks before I can rate it higher and recommend. Lots of lag and latency issues. And it’s not my internet connection because I just shopped another app and had no issues at all. I had 2 giftcards, neither of which would load so I guess I’ll save those for when I pick up in store and shop some more🤷🏽‍♀️. It would be nice if the option to “pick up in store” was actually selectable versus putting the item in the bag and having to change each individual item from “ship to home” which also takes forever to load. All in all? It was an “eh” experience. The app served its purpose and I’m grateful for that.
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3 years ago, Happymomma281
Love The Children’s Place
My daughter and I both LOVE the clothes you have! I can get her cute and quality clothes for school, dressier clothes for church or other occasions plus shoes to match and NOT completely deplete my bank account!!! I have never had a problem with the quality of anything I have purchased online or in store and I have purchased a small fortune from you guys. I love that I can get clothes that do not have a cartoon characters on them and my daughter still loves them! She got super excited when I showed her the clothes lineup for her 1st year of school!! I truly enjoy shopping for her at the Children’s Place. I have been shopping here since my daughter was born and I do not plan on stopping any time soon!
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3 years ago, Alex '89
A lost package gets you subpar service
The clothes selection got us excited for our kids back to school wear. A package was lost though tracking say it was delivered. We called The Children’s Place about the lost package and they said for us to call the courier, OnTrac. We would have to put in a claim and if the package is lost and we don’t get our money back from OnTrac, we would have to call our bank regarding the transaction. All this came from a call center manager. Wait, what? 1) We don’t get to choose the courier so why would we put in a claim? 2) if we put in a claim, how is the value of the package validated? 3) what does our bank have anything to do with a refund on a lost package? It’s not their fault! TCP, you are a retail business and customer service is key to your success. You need to make this right by either issuing a refund and YOU put a claim with OnTrac OR resend our order and put a claim with OnTrac.
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2 years ago, mommyautism
Perfect place for childrens clothes
I am on a tight budget and have a growing 7. We have been buying clothes from childrens place since he was 1. The prices can’t be beat. We use to shop Walmart and carters. But the deal at childrens place are so much better. I recommend this place to all my friends. I am able to buy summer clothes and some school clothes for him for less the $200. He loves the clothes too. That’s important for an autistic child. And you can’t beat free shipping on anything from one item for $2.99 to a whole wardrobe change for the season. Other places will charge you a shipping fee higher then the price of the item you want to purchase. I do like the online app better then going to the store.
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6 years ago, MyvisionC
New look, faster checkout, better layout!!!
It took a while but finally someone listened. The new layout of the website is easier to navigate through. The clothes look way better. Before I hesitated from the boring site. Now I am more willing to shop online. I love the new Children’s Place card. The better rewards. The fact I can pick up in store instead of waiting to get it ship. The site is faster when loading or reloading. The pictures of real families is great. The selections for size is more available than before. This review is needed. People are complaining but not understanding this is a huge steps from where this app and the online site was. I like the new styles as well.
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3 years ago, Drumsallday
Used to be my favorite store!
I used to love to shop at Children’s Place for my grands! My issue is not with the store itself. In fact, I’m sorry that our closest location has closed, or at least I was! I do not feel comfortable shopping online at all! I have recently discovered their offices for their customer service and for their credit card are located in Asia. No one there wants to help with any situation. They are rude and I felt as if my frustration in dealing with them was a joke for them! Good luck if you ever have any issues with them or Commenity Bank! When you ask to speak to someone in the USA they refuse to put you through! When you ask to speak to their supervisor they give you the run around! They waste so much of your valuable time making you their laughing stock of the office! With that kind of customer service I can see why many of their stores are closing! Oh and they don’t even deserve that one star!
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5 years ago, SuperMom Nikki
Too many problems with the app!!!
I love the Children’s Place. I love the clothes, the prices, the sales, and my kids love it but the Children’s Place app is junk! It definitely needs a major tune up. For one I shouldn’t have to log in TWICE to “manage” my credit card. I am on MY phone and should be able to stay logged in if I want to. I shouldn’t have to keep exiting the app and reloading it because it freezes and won’t do anything but say it’s loading. It shouldn’t start back at the top while I’m scrolling through hundreds of clothing items (I have 5 kids and 1 on the way) so I buy a lot of clothes and I don’t have all day to keep trying to view items. I haven’t been able to “favorite” anything in months for some reason. There have been several times that I was in the process of placing an order and said forget it because I was having so many problems and was tired of being frustrated. Definitely need to get the app together ASAP!
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5 years ago, MizJulia
The Children’s Place App
So frustrated with this app. Third time logging in. I’m using an IPad mini on super speed WiFi. It doesn’t remember my login and password so I have to rekey it. So slow I’m hitting buttons and waiting. I selected menu option and tried to filter. Nothing happened, no drop down on filter options. So then I tried to scroll through the numerous selections and the screen was either non responsive or slow. Then it timed out and returned to the main page. On the few occasions where it allowed me to select an item, every time a box would pop up saying go to cart or check out and this was annoying. I finally did go to cart just to get this painful shopping experience over with only to discover it didn’t remember my paypal information either. Im not sure if I will ever use this app again. I will say, however, the menus are easy to follow, the pictures are clear and the selection is good. If only it worked.
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4 years ago, Deziraeme
Great quality clothes & great deals always!
I just recently starting ordering clothes off the Childrens Place App for my 5 year old son the beginning of 2020. I absolutely am in love with the style of their clothing and the quality and durability in which they are made! My son always looks stylish, but is comfortable as well. Plus as a bonus you earn rewards and My Place Bucks which is discounts like $10 off when you spend $20 as long as you use it within a certain time frame. I would recommend this App to any mother or father with children. They also have matching outfits that are adorable for photo’s on Xmas morning or profession photo shoots! I would rate more than 5 stars if avail! ~ Mother from Maine ~
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6 years ago, gomezwk_13
Best shopping experience!!!!!
So I’ve been shopping online using the app and let me tell you it has been so great I’ve had no hassles with returns (2 times) it’s pretty good with shipping. The longest it takes it’s like 5-7 days but not much I usually get my stuff fast. I get promo codes when theirs sales and I get to shop within minutes like how awesome is that!! 🤗 my daughters love their clothes ☺️💕 I’ve bought shoes and tights and everything always comes in an individual packaging so everything is always on brand new condition I’ve never had a problem with anything. The 2 times I returned was because something didn’t fit my kid. But overall I’ve had an excellent experience and I’m happy 😊 thank you!
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2 years ago, Melyrz504
Used to be great, not anymore
I don’t know what happened to this app but I’ve ordered hundreds in clothing for my kids since I opened my account and never had an issue. Now that I’ve moved, I can’t even add my new shipping address. As soon as I type everything in, the entire screen goes blank and the address doesn’t update. I also deleted it and redownloaded the app and now I can’t even log in because as soon as I enable Face ID, the screen goes blank there too. With no way to get out of it except force closing. This app appears to not be compatible with iOS 16. There is no store near me so it looks like I’ll be canceling my card since I can no longer place orders via the app. What a shame. This was really convenient and the source of both my youngest daughter’s majority of clothing. Plus I wanted to order infant items for my spouse’s new grandbaby his daughter will have this weekend. Her first.
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3 years ago, Laurennn_lovee
Love The App & the clothes !
I used to be the mom that only shopped at Walmart for my girls clothes. But when COVID hit I tried not going to the stores as much and I love online shopping a friend recommended the children’s place I had never shopped there before but she always had her daughters in these clothes and they are just so cute! So many different styles and comfy clothes and dresses. I always shop here now and the app makes it so easy to count points and use rewards and keep up with my children’s place credit card ! It’s honestly helped me be able to buy for my 3 girls! I can shop for all three and make payments it’s just so much easier for me!
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4 years ago, Cortney365
Honest review
The app itself worked great. From time to time it would freeze up for literally only 2 seconds after I removed/edited an item that was in my cart but other than it the app was great. Real easy to use. However, I got a $10 off a $40 order and a 20% off a whole cart min order of like $50. I had $60 in my cart and neither would work no matter what I did. I did google to try to figure it out, and apparently they send out a bunch of coupons to people THAT DONT WORK just to get you to see a bunch of clothes you like for your child/children while thinking you have a coupon and then when you enter it and it doesn’t work, you already fell in love with the clothes so the chances of buying them when your coupon doesn’t work is still high. That’s crap. I still ended up buying the clothes after trying 100s of different coupons that should of worked and wasn’t expired but didn’t work
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4 years ago, ryan catania
App friendliness
The app was overall pretty user-friendly. The only thing that was difficult about it was when you’re clicking on different sub portions I’m going to something but you just want to go back in that sub portion to look at something it can be difficult to use. My example would be if you’re looking at toddler shorts and then whatever specific type of shorts it’s hard to get directly back to that if you click on a particular size that they have so you have to go through the whole clicking process again if you get to one particular item that you likeHowever the set up was very friendly and overall easy to navigate I feel that’s the only area that they really need to improve upon
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4 years ago, BaB's Momma
I hate this app
I always have trouble with this app. It isn’t just one thing, it depends on the day what glitch it decides it’s going to have. I hate that I am not able to checkout because even though I have changed my CP card and hit default, it still defaults to the old card. Today certain items must be out of stock before I finally get to the end to pay and so rather than tell me which item is out of stock at time of checkout it denies my whole order and says it can’t be processed- it doesn’t tell me why, I had to figure it out on my own. I also dislike that it’s very slow. I love CP but I hate this app... at times I have completely disregarding my order because it becomes such a hassle, which makes my husband happy because I’m not spending money but my girls sad because we spent sometimes-hours picking out clothes! Please fix the glitches!
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3 years ago, My Mookie Man -8 Years Old
I’ve been purchasing clothes from Children’s Place since my son was just months old, now he’s 10 years old and a size 14. I’ve never had any problems at all. In stores the customer service is wonderful, very patient and helpful sales associates. I haven’t had any issues at all with ordering on line either, if an item was too small I would take it to a location and they would assist me with the exchange. I love that all of the items can be mixed and matched. My son is now selecting and deciding what clothes he wants to where and when. He also loves the way they fit loose and comfortably.
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5 years ago, Lulustinson
Over it
I used to be an avid shopper here and endured the app not being the most user friendly. It constantly crashes and always seems so much slower than other apps I use. I recently made a purchase and had the worst experience with customer service that I vow to never purchase from them again. My order shipped out, there was an address issue somehow and I was told they would resend it after they received it. It took a literal month for my order to make its way around USA and get back to them and when I call to check to see when they would resend it they say they refunded me and I can’t have my order anymore and even though these items aren’t sold anymore they can’t give it back to me. FED UP. If you have any issues with you’re order and you call customer service it takes days to get to talk to someone as the line is always busy and tells you to try again later. No thanks!
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6 years ago, Dinker0421
New app?? Hope it’s WAY better that the old one!
I LOVE TCP, but I absolutely hated the old app and all of the issues! I’d be ready to check out and it would tell me that there was nothing in my shopping bag and I’d have to try and remember everything I had added to my shopping cart. Seems like it takes FOREVER for my items to arrive, but if I was to have it shipped to the store, it’s much faster! (The entire reason I shop online, is to have the items delivered to my house so I don’t have to go to the mall, AS WELL AS, some items are only online. I hope the new app is a lot better than the last or I will probably be canceling my credit card. I would be super sad if I had to, but I also don’t want the headache that comes along with it, just for some clothes for my kids. I’d go elsewhere if I had to.
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2 years ago, Sum TeA
I love shopping on the app. But I don’t know if it’s the update or what. But it’s a little confusing when you checkout. Instead of saying that an item isn’t available it just gives you the option of picking up or Opry mall . So since I didn’t understand it it just did save for later. But it doesn’t give you really a choice. Also it’s response is lagging or extremely slow. It takes a few seconds for it to respond to. I feel like the sugar and jade and Gymboree combin with children's place may have something to do with its lagging. I will continue to shop with Children’s Place but I would like for them to fix these issues with the website.
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6 years ago, SMMgrandma
Love The Children’s Place Clothes
I love the Children’s Place clothes and so do my grandchildren. The prices are incredibly great plus the extra rewards make buying these clothes quite a bargain. I especially love the blue tee with the sequinned pink cupcake that says ‘Daddy’s Little Cupcake’. My granddaughter didn’t want to take it off for days. The iPhone application has improved but I still find it difficult to do the navigation. For example, when I put something in the cart but still want to keep shopping, I end up at the main page and have to go back to where I left off and continue to scroll and scroll down the page to get back to where I left off.
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6 years ago, Angel Amara Pink
My App Experience
Although, I was able to sign in EVENTUALLY, it was extremely annoying. My app kept closing out or reloading my sign in even though I am suppose to sign in with my fingerprint. The app also wouldn’t let me load all of the things I wanted and wouldn’t load my favorites list so that I could purchases things from that list. It kept rebooting so it took me a few hours to get everything I wanted to purchases. I would have spent more money if the application actually worked the way it was suppose to. My App Store stated that the application was up to date however so I am not sure why it was behaving in that way. I restarted my phone and the app multiple times to no avail. With the Columbus Day sale, I was looking for to spending a good amount of money since winter is coming. Hopefully the issues will be fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Lisa Marie Marsh
Glitchy app
I used to shop at the Children’s place store, but I stopped going as the overwhelming clothing fixtures, and racks took up too make space in the isles. Many stores aren’t kid/ stroller friendly, so I think that also contributes to why stores aren’t getting as much traffic. I love that I can shop online and get free shipping all year long, and not have to worry about how I’m going to navigate the isles at the store. The down side to this app is that it’s very glitchy. There have been a few times I’ve just given up on making my purchase, because the app randomly terminates, or it won’t load the “view cart” screen. I’ve noticed that it also lags quite a bit, but there’s no perfect app out there. This is still a great business with great customer service.
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5 years ago, Jeanie120
Constant Problems with App
The app always freezes up, more than half of the time I have issues with logging in and have to change my password then still can’t log in! I have problems when I try to change the store to pick up an item in store, it doesn’t let me apply coupons, and one minute an item is there the next gone then the next back again. It’s very frustrating. I have also had problems with the store location closest to my house not honoring the online price when having to go into the store or with items shipped to a store not being available after choosing the no rush pick up or same day pickup and instead of being offered the chance to choose to have it shipped for free or at all was just not given the item and had the money refunded to my card. This is the worst app I have ever had the opportunity to shop with.
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