The Coupons App

4.3 (1.7K)
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The Coupons App, LLC
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1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Coupons App

4.33 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
6 years ago, dev.jsm91
Seems okay so far
Mostly commenting for the contest entry, but the app is pretty decent in terms of what it offers. I haven’t had he chance to use any coupons yet, so I cannot attest to the quality of this app unfortunately. However, many others have left positive reviews...? I do wish the app wasn’t as cluttered or as difficult to sort the results. I had to manually go and click each offer that I wanted hidden... very time consuming.
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2 months ago, MarcoReene
I was reading another review on here
I have not been able to use any of these coupons just like the girl before me has said you can’t take a snapshot of it and coupons are not redeemable at most of the stores, I don’t know who wrote this app who made this app if it’s the same person talking about winning $100 the girl that I just spoke to has not won anything for her review so I don’t see anybody winning anything at all so far anyway. Maybe I will be that person though so I cannot condemn them because I don’t know yet but I will write a rating when I find out what they really are. Thank you for listening.
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7 years ago, Stitch245
Wast of my time
I am only rating this highly so people can see it. Idk if I have the wrong app or just that the hype is bogus. Honestly I am seriously considering the possibility that all the reviews for this app praising it are just multiple accounts made by one person who most likely works with or is the person who made the app. This was a great wast of my time. All the coupons, if I could find any, expired today or supper soon and I would not be able to use them in time. I also was not able to screen shot any coupons which is why I downloaded the freaking coupon app hoping I could have them on my device.
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6 months ago, Ch@^^¥
"Coupon Heaven: A Must-Have App for Savvy Shoppers!"
I absolutely love the Coupons app! It has become my go-to for saving money effortlessly. The user-friendly interface makes finding and applying discounts a breeze. The variety of available coupons ensures that I can always find deals on my favorite products. It's like having a personal savings assistant in my pocket. Highly recommend for anyone looking to make their shopping experience more budget-friendly!
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3 years ago, Kplan23
Glitches all solved
A new problem on top of old problems probably means deleted off my phone. It crashes instantly on opening so all the other problems that existed within the app are now moot. That’s one way of solving all the glitches. ******************************************* There are several problems. Incessant ads that fill the fields while scrolling. You lose your spot. Some adds a full page and don’t have an X to get ride of them. You have to close the app and restart it. If the is an X it is so small there’s a good chance you’re going to return to the previous app because the X is right on top of the return to previous link. Another major issue is having to leave Location Services set to Always 24/7. I simply turn it on to use the app and turn it to Never when I’m through I don’t need to or want to be tracked 24/7. There no option for Location Services to be in While using the app. We should had to pay to remove ads when the app is for vowing ads. There’s a multitude of similar apps that carry the same offers without the hassle. Why bother with this app?
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6 months ago, dmanclark420
A great way to save and see all the deals
I like that you can choose all your coupons and if they are in store ones you can take save them and use them when you get to the store it’s like the smart coupons store apps but for a wider variety places instead of just one. I enjoy having the convenience of having all the deals/coupons for my shopping right at my fingertips all in one app. A+!
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8 months ago, PatriotDeniseKC
Great little money 💰 saving app!
I have personally just started this a short while ago but it hasn’t taken long to find some great deals! I don’t think y’all can go wrong but instead finally put some money back into your pockets too! We need all the help we can get during the ridiculous “Bidenomics” Democrat way of life! Well, I won’t live like that when I can save money on coupons and apps like this!
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4 months ago, briyitiful
i use it for the free samples mostly
yeah i love the how once a week ill get a notification for free samples. always works. theres times when im scrolling on the app and see a really good deal. for example a free Kobalt headlamp from Lowe's one time, that was cool. would've never known if it weren't for the app. or foodie deals. good app to keep. when my iphone storage was running low, and i had to delete some apps, i simply couldn't let go of this one. lol
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5 months ago, WOWE!
This app is now my go-to for coupons and deals in my area as the alternative options aren't very user-friendly and harder to navigate. Many websites get deals and coupons wrong but this app is usually pretty accurate. I don't immediately doubt 80% of their coupons like I do with every other coupon or deal website. Recommend!
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3 years ago, Karaoke_Instigator
Good app!
I use the app and enjoy browsing through, finding deals and being able to forward them to friends and family. The new integration with promo codes and one-click application to your purchase sounds cool and I’ll be trying it out soon. I appreciate apps that try to continuously add value by upgrading content and features and this one certainly does.
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2 years ago, Hcwilson7
App is sort of hard to use. Just doing this to see if it will actually do something I just got a call to say that you are going on the back porch for a little while I am going on the back of my truck I love it LOL thank goodness for the boys wrestling I hope you have the good luck with the boys being a little buddy and you are going on the same LOL love love mama mama love mama bye mommy mama mama mommy mama daddy mama mommy mommy love you mama mommy mommy love mommy mama mommy mommy love you mama love you too
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3 years ago, shelbanne1618
Great coupons that actually work!
This is the only coupon app that I use. It always works and has legitimate coupons with no “fine print”! I am always excited to see what coupons are available. the last coupon I used from this app I was able to save $26 on a purchase from one of my favorite stores! Can’t beat that:)
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6 years ago, MABLYF
A saving $$$ Father
I recently started couponing and decided to download this app after a good friend had told me about it. So far it’s very awesome, I love to cook for my family and don’t mind shopping. So it feels great when I go to some of my favorite retailers to shop. That I can use the Coupons app to save on some of my favorite products. Thanks guys and please continue to partner with other brands so we can save on their amazing products also.
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11 months ago, ThumbCrazyGamer
I’m not one to write reviews but I saw where it said to click and respond so I am. I’ve had the app for a while and really haven’t used because from what I’ve seen most discounts and coupons are for places not near me! Maybe work a little harder to get some discounts with a more familiar face. If the places were more common to my area they would be great to use.
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2 months ago, Mainemomma3
Love it
Love this app did much they have lots of things to do and plenty of stuff to earn from will recommend it to my family. I have only just started using the app but so far it’s amazing for me and my They have any type of product you can think of and lots of different companies.
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5 years ago, Milez42
Adds and location demands aplenty!
If you enjoy being consistently harassed for your location to be set on always AND you take joy from having to close annoying apps consistently then boy out boy is this useless coupons app the one for you! It’s got it all! It’s the bees knees of persistently harassing it’s users to the point of deleting it! It was a solid app! But now, it’s worse than Rebecca blacks Friday song stuck on repeat whilst making love to baby from Justin beiber. And if that’s what you’re looking’re a monster and I hope to never meet you, no offense.
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2 years ago, ellisaryder
This app is really fun and actually a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be when initially downloaded has a little bit of everything from surveys to receive points and free $$ to coupons and free downloads or free food…you can even locate local discounts on gas and restaurants around your area…i like it!!..😘🙏
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3 years ago, Mexico from avocados
I don’t even know what to say. 😒
I thought this app would help me save some money but ehh. The app is really slow. These random things keep popping up and o can’t even find the stores to click on. I also can’t locate the actual coupons or promo codes or whatever. The app also looks like it hasn’t been updated in a few years. Don’t download this app unless you call customer service or something I don’t know. Bye ✨
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7 years ago, Theoneandonlytinytinamarie
I really like this app, I have used it before but I do forget sometimes to pull it up before I go somewhere and then the app will tell me once I have already left the place like oh there's coupons for this place and then I'll just be like well okay I've already left paid and can't use it anymore, I try to remind myself but I forget
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7 years ago, Ahjdjakeodnsjej
So Glad I found this App
Worth using helped me finder a cheap gas station for gas so that was a major +++ saving helps out a lot also scoring on coupons to help lower the cost when buying something is definitely something I enjoy because I’m able to get what I want and save money at the same time major deal both ways Thank-you
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2 years ago, Terry F58
Phenomenal app
This is a amazing app. You save money and time and it’s a positive experience! I know I’ve read some of the reviews and people are harsh and that’s just because they’re looking for a get rich scheme but this is a money saving opportunity and app and if you’re rich enough to not need coupons or save money, then good luck to you!
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7 years ago, PinkGirl💖
Well, I just downloaded it and it seems like the last person on the review did not like it much; but of course everyone has their own thoughts & their own opinions. I want to believe that everything happens for a reason & that there is still good people in this world. Hahaha none of this has to do with the app, I am so so sorry!!! But so far the app is great!
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4 months ago, Lovlylayla32
So far so good get coupons in the area and save a ton thank u coupon!!!! Really cool idea to start it grabs coupons that are in the area ur in so if I go to the other side of town and a McDonald’s has a half off it alerts me to the coupon so I can get it even if I wasn’t going or thinking I would definitely grab then
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1 year ago, bby*gyrl
The app looks awesome with lots of savings, I’m very new to this app and I cannot wait to use it in a store . I know I will not be disappointed signing up with your app, it’s all good genuine vibes I got while getting familiar with the apps set up and the getting started process 🙏🤩❤️🤙 Let’s get it, let’s go!¡! $ave M💰ney , think smarter, NOT harder 💸💵💴💰‼️#COUPONS ✅🆓🆕💲
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6 years ago, Relapse3
Love the new update report
I’m giving this a 5-Star because I’ve used it for quite a while now and it’s not an all star, but it’s like a solid 4. It does crash and it doesn’t always load certain stores. However, I think the current description written in the update is hilarious, so thank you for making my partner and I LOL. True that.
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3 years ago, BbsFunkyFinger
Not worth my time
I downloaded it looking for Wienerschnitzel coupons. No luck. During install it asked me for my favorite stores and restaurants, ok no prob, but once you get in all the time you spent selecting your favorites did nothing. It did not customize any list or menu I was just feeding the marketing machine. To top it off out off all three fast food restaurants and 2 dine in restaurants there was 1 coupon for a handful of chicken nuggets at Jack in the crack. They even still had Toys-r-us and babies-r-us on their menu ::smh:: what a waste.
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3 years ago, demeraskibrittney
What a great app. It’s easy to use and perfect. It’s exactly what I wanted! Way to go! It’s actually fun couponing now! I definitely recommend this app to everyone you won’t find any others better than this one right here! It’s not difficult to search around the app either.
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5 years ago, Sweetness988
Freaking annoying pop ups
Every time I open the app is ask me about the location. I click on it to only display my location while using the app but the pop up keep coming on the screen and isn’t allow me to use the app at all. Once I finally accept to have my location on always. There comes this to get a month free ad pop up and it’s not allowing me to move no where. I DO NOT WANT TO GET A MONTH FREE OF THE AD... I just want to use the app. Stop having the pop ups not allowing to discontinue the use the of the entire app
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2 months ago, Joey8745
I find it very useful
I love this app so far it’s very helpful in many different aspects as in helping find where your car is in huge parking lots and finding the cheapest gas around you and not to mention saying so much money in the long run with all its offers!!!!
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4 weeks ago, Jackpotblondie
Best coupon app!!!
This app is a shopping and gas must go before you leave the house! I have been using this app for years and it never disappoints. I have saved more than 100 easily on regular items needed for the home. I recommend this app to everyone ! Stacylou
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2 years ago, kimmiestrawberry84
This App is Analyzing Awesome
I thought I would give my input on this app it has done we WONDERS every year saving on Cigarettes it’s saved me a million times with being a few pennies off or EVEN DOLLARS!!!! It’s completely convenient and reliable and I wouldn’t choose a better app!!! Enjoy as I have!!!
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3 years ago, vabe has got back
I really like this app.
However, it’s not so easy to scroll down in time to find anything that I can use besides the gas that’s pinned on the top. Basically you will need extra time to hunt for anything that sparks your purchase. I’ve tried the search bar and my language/slang isn’t found !
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3 months ago, Sweetdaisyduke
A youngin loving her coupons app
I just would like to say how much this app brings me joy and does me in so much good for the day that I atleast know there’s something in a decent coupons or two here or there with this app and I thank this community around this app for it so much!!
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4 years ago, x3Lisaaa
This app is unsatisfactory
It’s cool that it shows local coupons like for your mom and pop shops but it DOES NOT have any in store coupons. It mostly is a compilation of ads from vendors that have promos or coupons (e.g. ulta 3.50 off $15 and PINK free perfume with $85 purchase) Other than that the interface of this app needs a LOT of work. It looks like it’s full of viruses. It does have weekly ads though, which are sorted alphabetically and counterintuitive.
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3 years ago, ashtabu
I love this app it has great deals that you don’t find a lot. I definitely recommend this app for anyone that loves them a good deal, will definitely be having my family download this app and use. Thanks for creating such and awesome app to save money
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2 years ago, lovangel11
4stars best waste of my time app so far
Coupons are only good for now. Most of the pop ups and texts are ads. I feel like I won the top prize for being stupid enough to have wasted time and my phones memory. Wooohooo uninstall here I come
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7 years ago, Mercy1231
Gotta get those deals!
Already this app had helped me save $100’s of dollars! Current coupons for the stores I shop at right to my phone! I couldn’t ask for much else. Even got my mom to download it and join in on the coupon clipping frenzy. A must for the savvy saver!
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3 years ago, xolovebug
Been able to find coupons or savings that I could not find out another app or a print out coupon!!Still new to the app still exploring it but so far so good, I’ve been liking this app
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7 years ago, Nijaminglish
This app is just great, been searching for something like this for sometime, haven’t stopped sharing it with family and friends on Facebook. Especially love the fact that it directs you to the cheapest gas nearby. Great job! Keep on keeping it up one level.
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1 year ago, Pmiddl3ton
Awesome app
Absolutely Love de discounts they have available! With the economy the way it is it is important to be able to save a few bucks here and there, and I always find that they are great deals advertised in the codes always work. I love this app!
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6 years ago, karmishh
Compleatly always amazed!!
I have been using this app for years & never once have I ever been disappointed with the lack of savings and coupons on here!! I have reccemonded it to other and they loved it as well. I will be forever a dedicated user of the coupon app!!
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2 years ago, Gåb
Wouldn’t let me use it without tracking, location, etc.
Every five seconds- it pop up with tracking permission, location tracking, AND they want permission to share it with Google and others. Only gives you the option to “continue.” So I would exit out of the app and then get back on it- only for it to pop up again. I deleted it because there are so many better options out there like Flipp
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9 months ago, Nlww97
Well I downloaded the app and it has already lied to me it said that I would get $5 just for signing in and I didn’t so I’m not expecting much more than a delete truthfully. Only scored high so y’all could see the review
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1 year ago, Jabon250
One of the best places for optimal customer service, very pleased! This app has allowed me to visit various establishments that I wouldn't have otherwise, great variety of businesses in which to utilize their product for a fraction of the cost! Love this app!
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7 years ago, Adrianna Collins
Love this App!
I just recently moved in with my girlfriend and we are trying to save as much money as possible & this app is truly helping! i've gotten so much stuff for almost free and when i'm near a store with coupons it notifies me! i highly recommend this app!
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7 years ago, lutybell
I use this app to find the cheapest gas around. I use this app to find coupons for hobby lobby. I basically use this app everyday and i can say that this app has gotten me discounts on art supplies and a free taco. Definitely can’t get any better than that. I mean am i right or am i right.
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5 months ago, Em6007
Not really sure about the hype of this app. Sure it gives you amazing coupons but you look on Facebook and find the same ones you can use
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2 years ago, taytaycoconuts
Being busy day to day, I hardly have time to make it shopping and I work so much with little reward. I am able to save money for a better future for my family and I appreciate it
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7 years ago, Berrymeth
So easy
This app makes my life so much easier, I've been in the habit of looking for coupons online before I go to the store, and now I can do it super quick and conveniently, plus there are always things in how to score free samples in the mail!
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2 years ago, classyhand
Quality coupon app
I have previously started using this app more and more. I especially like the option for gas prices and the other extras that come a long with the app.
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