The Dyrt: Tent & RV Camping

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The Dyrt
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User Reviews for The Dyrt: Tent & RV Camping

4.78 out of 5
91.1K Ratings
3 years ago, JeepnWadeWK2
My Favorite Camping App
Update: The Dyrt’s customer service team has been phenomenal! They reached out to me right away and seem eager to work on the issues I brought up in my review. This new update makes me so sad. The Dyrt used to be my favorite camping app by far but this redesign has really taken away a lot of it’s user friendliness. The initial view when you open the app seems very zoomed in and the top and bottom button panels seem far larger than they need to be reducing the amount of the map you can see. The pictures seem to take longer to load and the fact that I can’t view the pictures in full screen is extremely annoying. I don’t need a caption bar that takes up half the screen. The search function does seem faster even though you have to refresh the search by hitting a button each time you move the map. Please fix these design flaws, especially for the pictures, and hopefully this can return to my top camping app!
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3 years ago, Insta_xoxo
What are you guys actually trying to do here?
I downloaded The Dyrt a year ago, and bought the PRO version after reading reviews and thinking it would be helpful on our big camping trip. Honestly, the app is glitchy and I really didn’t use it AT ALL in the year I had it. Still kept the app since I had the subscription just in case. I turned off auto-renewal awhile back when I knew I wouldn’t be repurchasing. But of course a couple days ago I was charged with the subscription, and reached out to Apple since that’s what The Dyrt recommends for a refund on their website. Apple told me if it’s not billed through Apple or with Apple in the name of the billing statement they can not issue me a refund. In my billing statement it just reads “THE DYRT” so I reached out to support for the app, and they told me they didn’t have any of my card information and that I need to contact Apple… but the subscription is not even in my Apple subscriptions….. sooo??? Just a dead end with a company who really can’t just issue me a refund? You can find all of this information on this app other places FOR FREE, and with WAY more helpful reviews and information. Don’t waste your time or money. An app that is supposed to help with enjoying the outdoors shouldn’t be this suspect.
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5 years ago, Alexandra Runyan
Best camping app!! #forthecampers
I have to say, I’ve been skeptical of camping apps becoming a thing, bc we all really want to get away from people when camping, not let everyone know where we’re hiding. But here we are, the digital age- no escaping!!! At least I can successfully find which campsites are hard to get to, less populated and require hiking. I’ve been waiting for an app that gives me all these goodies. If you’re as tired as I am of scouring the web for multiple answers about a campsite- No more!!! This app gives phone #’s, websites, *amenity details* (dogs, toilets) and focuses on the campers reviews! The dynamic map is STELLAR, I can SAVE tent sites I love and reference later, and even find out whether a campsite is paid only or offers first-come. I also just discovered reviewers gain points and can win gear!!! Amazing. Thank you the Dyrt!!
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1 year ago, Steph S. in AK
EDIT- This company runs a scam. You sign up for the free version then they automatically upgrade your account to “Pro” then charge you for this, even if you canceled your account. Then once I reach out to the company about this charge, they reply the first time, then claim they don’t get my emails after that. You can see this from their unprofessional and childish response below. Funny, they did receive my email informing them that my credit card company was disputing the charge. As you can see, other users have had the same issue. This app was worthless anyway. It took us to strange campgrounds and some that weren’t even open anymore. Don’t waste your time. I used the free version of this app a few times in December of 2021 then cancelled. I just ended up with a $35 charge on my account. When I reached out to let them know, I received shady responses from their employ “Suzy B” claiming I was not responding to email. This was absolutely not true. I sent them multiple emails and screen shots of the charge. I finally had to contest the charge through my credit cards company and The Dyrt is still saying I never responded to them. COMPLETE SCAM!!! DO NOT use this app!
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2 years ago, Chichi Goldberg
Filters Are Useless
There should be a button to report these people if their campground is being listed under the “free” filter if in fact it is not free. If you do not offer WiFi, you should not be advertising your campground as having WiFi. Basically the filters are useless and you end up having to contact each and every campground by phone in order to make sure they are true to what they advertise, and 90% of the time, they are not. I blame the app because again, they should add a Report Button so that when someone is falsely advertising, the consumer can bring that to their attention and the person doing the false advertisement should be hit with a warning that their advertisement could be suspended if they do not correct the issue. It is not fair that people have to find out the hard way that the campground is not what they expected and it defeats the purpose of the app if I have to manually call a bunch of campgrounds myself to get to the bottom of what their all about. The app needs some damage control.
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4 years ago, Lesky87
Needs Work
So, I paid for this app to have info about campgrounds and to find free campgrounds and since I’m a VanLifer to upload info as well. But the app is very primitive when it comes to give and take info. How do I know if the campgrounds are free? When I uploaded my first review, there is no option to give prices info so I’m guessing that’s why it’s impossible to know if campgrounds are free or not. When I search for them as “free” or as “any price” there is not actual indication or color coding that tells me if it is free. And no one wants to drive for hours to realize that the prices are wrong or is private land. And if I’m paying for the Dyrt app it should not be necessary for me to keep researching online about the specific spot! I I wanted to do that I would just keep doing what I always do! Research Research Research, I pay the app to save time!!! So please wonderful people.... I’m not the only one that thinks like this, I’ve seen many reviews and comments on it, the app has potential as long as you guys try it yourselves and fix it. Tank You! ✌️ Peace ☮️!!
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3 years ago, Kelsey509
Helpful, but glitchy
I’ve used this app for about a year and a half now and it has helped me plan a number of camping trips. I like being able to see others reviews and pictures when I’m visiting an area I’ve never been before. That being said, lately the app has been so glitchy it’s practically unusable. When I try to search for sites in a specific area on the map and then I click on a specific site to see more details, it zoom all the way in on the map. Which is not helpful at all. All I see is green. When I try to zoom back out to see other sites in that area it usually pops me into a completely different area of the map, a few times it’s dropped me a couple states over from where I want to be. I just paid for Pro because it was on sale for Black Friday and I’m kind of regretting it now. Looking at other reviews, one from back in April, it looks like this problem may have been going on for a while without being fixed.
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2 years ago, OliviaSatan
EDIT: RESOLVED Ripped off- cannot restore purchase, no response from “support”
EDIT: I missed the email that their tech support had sent me following up with my complaint. The bug has been fixed and their customer support was excellent after all. Five stars, very useful app Previous review: Purchased the yearly subscription. When I reopened the app a month later it suggested a week long free trial of the Pro version… but I have already purchased the pro version. When I tried to “restore purchase” on the app I press the button, it goes grey reflecting that it has been pressed and.. nothing happens. I restart the app and try to restore purchase again. Same thing occurs. So I sent an email to their customer support expressing the issue I have been experiencing. No response in over a month. I have tried restoring my purchase multiple times. I attached a receipt of my purchase to my customer support email proving I paid $35 for the yearly subscription. No reply. No app. Nothing. Ripped off. No customer support. Nothing but crickets. Flushed $35 down the toilet.
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4 years ago, C_REMINGTON
My wife and I were pumped to finally get an app that would show us new primitive camping spots only to be let down by the dyrt app. I downloaded the app after seeing their instagram account which looks great and portrays primitive and outlander camping. However, after my wife and I downloaded the app we soon found that the only camp grounds that it provided were KOAs and other campgrounds that are not primitive at all and can easily be found on a google search. We have lived in Utah for a very long time and have found many great primitive spots to camp and we were hoping to find more by using the “number 1 camping app” as they claim. It was disappointing to see that they didn’t even have the primitive camping areas that are popular here in Utah on the app, let alone anything new for us to try. Their Instagram is very misleading and not what you get, at least here in Utah. I would happily re-download the app if I found out that they changed their app to provide primitive spot and not just campgrounds that I can find on google. Don’t waste your time!
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3 years ago, HrtDstl
Was impressed with the reviews this app received. We are new to traveling with our new class c RV. The first attempt at planning with this app was most disappointing. We entered size fuel type and travel preferences. We proceeded to enter info on destination. When the route appeared the first step entailed use of a ferry, which we had specifically entered as something to avoid. The ferry the route chose does not accept any vehicle or combination of trailer/vehicle over 18 feet. Our RV is 24 ft, which was entered as part of our travel information. I tried different search engines with the app re-entering our preferences i.e. RV size, things to avoid…kept getting the same route using the ferry. Fortunately all happened within the 7 day trial period.
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4 years ago, SteveOFresno
Useful App, Could be Improved
This app (and the associated website) is a great way to scout out camp sites that you may otherwise never know about. It’s easy to navigate and has a pleasant interface. My complaints are more about content. First, many people post pictures of things they have seen or done in the area, but not of the campground or camp sites. While this is not the developer’s fault per se, it may be helpful if they recommended posting picture of the camp site itself. Also, there is often not a lot of information that is helpful to people with RVs or travel trailers. My truck and trailer, combined, is 54 feet long. Many campsites list little to no information about maximum trailer length or about the whether or not it may be a horrible idea to even try pulling a trailer to them. Overall, still useful, but there are other apps with more detailed info.
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6 years ago, BunnyPlaysHere
Travel made easy!!
As a travel blogger I find so often one of the toughest things to do is not planning activities in an area but instead planning on where I will be camping. A lot of resources online but with all those resources it can get a little overwhelming and sometimes still you can be deceived. I stumbled upon this app and their website as a part of one of those attempts to find camping in an area I was not familiar with. I liked what I saw on the website in regard to real people giving real feedback and decided it was worth the download. The app changed my perspective on finding campsites for myself as a tent camper and allowed me a more concise way to browse areas as campers just like me were giving feedback, providing helpful tips for those areas and sharing their experiences. It felt like a community designed for campers instead of RVers and that was amazing! I liked the bold use of larger aesthetics on each page to display amenities, encouragement of photos from campers not just of their campsite but what they did in the area and even some of the gear they used was highlighted! This is now in my travel staple apps!!
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9 months ago, Emankcinymtnsisiht
Annoying app
Every time I’d leave the app for another app (like google to check out the campground area), when I would return to the app, it would say I was offline and then I would lose where I was. For instance, I was about to reserve a site through the app, but checked on the campgrounds website to see if there were any specific check in rules, and when I went back to the app I lost all the progress. I had already entered my name, address, all my info besides cc information. I found it incredibly irritating because I cross referenced many of the campgrounds on google to make sure it fit what I was looking for, and this was a problem every time. Ultimately deleted the app cause it was easier to just use google. I did give it 2 stars because it did do its purpose of showing campgrounds in the area I was looking for, but was way too annoying to be useful.
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3 years ago, Ifonar
Poor photo features and user experience
Simply put, the ability to view photos is terrible. I’m trying to love this app as it has potential but the user experience is tortuous. Why can’t we view photos in landscape mode? More importantly, why can’t we zoom in on photos where users are posting photos with campsite information booths/boards? Additionally, I HATE that the app clears out my last active session. Every time I’m conducting a search or researching an area, then for whatever reason I get pulled away (phone call, responding to a text, knock at the door), this app basically reboots when I reopen and have to start over. Lastly the MOST ANNOYING THING, when searching in a specific area on the map and clicking on a campsite icon, why does it randomly zoom into the map?! It doesn’t even zoom into where I clicked but some other random nearby area on the map?!?! I keep having to zoom out to continue to browse other campsites in the search area. Simple features would greatly improve user experience but instead, I find using the app utterly infuriating. I’m not exactly sure why this app is rated so highly. I often use other apps such as Campendium, iOverlander, free campsites dot net, Hipcamp, etc. because of simple usability issues plaguing this app.
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3 years ago, DPHooper
New to The Dyrt
I use several apps for planning and just started using The Dyrt recently. So far, I like it. Bit of a learning curve working in it as opposed to other apps I’m more familiar with. I wish there was a way to print your trip directly from the app, neither of the methods given to me work well, from iPad or iPhone. Google maps export is limited to 11 stops, so not of use for cross country. We are fulltime retired RVers so travel is our life. Other issue I found current campground information. Took a few phone calls, comparing on Campendium or RV Parky to verify some information. Probably always will be an issue with places selling, closing, etc. what I really like is the trip planning and the easy way it locates campgrounds and plugs them into trip plan.
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6 years ago, Ranger Annie
Great Campsite Locator and travel planner
I’ve been using The Dyrt since shortly after it came out and it is my go to app when camping. I love that I can run a search for “camping near me” when traveling and I can almost always find a campground for the night, anywhere I am. I also like that new sites are added all the time by users like me. They have added some great new options like the ability to make lists for trip planning. I tell everyone I meet, including campground hosts about the app! The campground reviews are mostly very helpful and include useful intel about campgrounds so I know white places I want to pitch my tent and which places I might want to avoid (because negative reviews are just as helpful as positive reviews).
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9 months ago, Vcrtsawerhkigfrwsdgjiff
Of course. Paywalls.
If you’re like me, you may find yourself asking “can I possibly be any more disgusted by capitalism than I already am?” on a daily basis. And thanks to apps like this, the answer is always, unfortunately, yes. You cannot view free campsites near you without paying for the “pro” version of the app. Yes, you heard correctly. You cannot view FREE CAMPSITES without paying this app. Are developers ever going to realize that the market is beyond saturated with money grubbers begging you to “premium subscription this” and “pro version that” all for BASIC FEATURES that I’m sure NO ONE had to pay for only a few short years ago. If you want to put premium features behind a paywall, that’s one thing. Trying to make a quick buck by putting the most basic fundamentals of your app behind one? Yeah, no thanks. I’m not buying what you’re selling and other people should really do without as well. ENOUGH OF THIS ALREADY!
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5 years ago, olBullet
The most comprehensive and informative app of its kind. Useful, accurate, and user-friendly. It is my go-to that quickly provides enough of the right information to make decisions about campgrounds and even the best sites are often embedded into the reviews. I just a received a what-if survey from them today. They’re apparently exploring a pro version that includes the campground maps of 40,000 campgrounds. Currently there’s a link to the campground website but that can often be clumsy and frustrating. Looks like they are integrating the ability to search for availability and book within the. Hopeful speculation. I have no knowledge but that’s not a bad what-if. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, BjornAcampada
Welcoming, Clear, Colorful - The Best Place for Campground Reviews
It’s so fun to enter your own reviews, pics and videos, and see what others have contributed. Becoming more all-in-one everyday, including opinions about gear and the growing ability to book right from the Dyrt site/app. The new ease at finding dispersed camping is a great touch. And it’s at the point where there are so many good suggestions and reviews, you can often find a reviewer or location whose personality you kind of match, making the search even better and more accurate. Up-to-date weather reports too. All the fun contests and prizes for submitting reviews are icing on the cake.
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3 years ago, Locknload7
Missing too much info in Colorado
I really wanted this app to be good. I purchased a year subscription. But, when looking for dispersed sites in Colorado I found this map is missing too much data. It underperforms. Friends keep sending me links from Campendium or others, and when I check the Dyrt there is nothing to be found. The information that can be found is often wrong. I submit corrections, but nothing changes. This app has been hard to use as well. Some bugs have been fixed. Still, I searched for a specific campground, Rainbow Lakes. It takes me to a detail view, but then I can’t get directions or locate it on the map from that view. Where is it at? I’m sorry, but this isn’t worth the money and improvements need to happen fast to become competitive with others.
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3 years ago, Nuluk
Your info
I didn’t search for a place to camp using this app. I foolishly downloaded it without thinking of the consequences. I was in a hurry to find an app that listed camping sites to make our travels easier without the need to stop early during the day and search for sites. I downloaded the app before reading the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘The Privacy Policy’. There is no logical reason that I can think of which allows a business to have access and Rights to Share my: Financial, Personal, Contact List, Photos, Search History, etc. My business is My Business. It’s not anyone else’s business. I’m sure that the people in my Contact List feel the same, and I don’t willingly share their names with anyone because I Respect Their Privacy. I un-installed The Dyrt app as soon as I realized that they do not Respect People’s Privacy in their business practices.
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4 years ago, Basaci
Offline options failed
This was a useful app for planning but when it came time to using the pro options it failed. The offline map was really glitchy and can not be depended upon. I had worked on a list to find the next day it had reverted to an older version of the list and everything I had put together was not pulling up. Instead, it would show the same campground info for every different place I clicked. Grateful we had taken notes and screenshots of google maps as backup because this app would not have been able to get us through a multi-destination camping trip in an area that was without service. Hoping to see improvements in future versions considering we paid for PRO. Also it would be helpful to have a way of searching an area with campgrounds you’ve saved showing up as a different color than the green tent box.
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5 years ago, Qltgqueen
Wish it listed prices
We just got off a monthlong RV camping trip through the Southwest states. We used another app which worked beautifully but it never hurts to try another, right? Although I love the feature that allows you to filter for those amenities specific to your needs, it does not give any indication of prices. We have found that costs can vary greatly depending on the location. We do a lot of boondocking and look for inexpensive camping along the way so I don’t want to go through individual listing websites to determine fees. After all, you’re likely searching at the end of a day of traveling. At least we are. Much better when there is an indication of cost on the listing so I don’t waste my time on looking at high-priced RV campgrounds.
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3 years ago, Bahstun
While I like the app I’m questioning their affiliation with campgrounds. Why???? We’ll I madeA week and reservation through The Dyrt app to a local large and often sold out campground in Myrtle Beach…. Right on the beach! Upon driving into the campground to check in we were told that this campground is not affiliated with third-party apps and that our reservation was null/void. I had a confirmation number and paid the fee through The Dyrt app. We ended up scoring a really great site and paying the campground directly but due to that issue I am hesitant on using this app to make any type of reservation. I will use it as a resource to locate campgrounds but will contact the campground directly to make reservations.
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1 year ago, Av2121
Good but needs some improvements
I love the app. Its campsite database is quite extensive. I’ve had the pleasure to test it in over 30 states across the country. But I believe that some improvements would be nice. Campsite photos take too long to load. Sometimes I’m looking at black rectangles for minutes. I’ve had tested while connected to several networks that are pretty fast otherwise. Also, it logged me out of my pro account and then doesn’t let me log back in. Every time this happens, I have to delete the app an download it again from the app store.
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4 years ago, Kyeasports-In the game
1st Timers
My partner and I have talked about traveling across America to explore what’s out here. We’ve done the traditional vacation thing. Yet there’s a free spirit in our blood that says live off the land and travel like nomads. After COVID-19 hit we truly noticed how people’s lives our lives have changed over night. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone so we said lets not waist anymore time. This app made doing some of our research a breeze. It’s simple to use. I love the filters! Now we can map out our destinations and expected amenities as well as cost. 😍
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3 years ago, Jataro
Barely Functional
This app doesn’t seem to work. Like at all. When I clicked on a campsite it showed me “Diamond Valley RV Site”. Ah, gotcha. Not looking for RV hookups. Let me try the one nearby. “Diamond Valley RV Site” uhh... ok lemme try a couple miles away.... “Diamond Valley RV Site”. Literally every campground was showing up as that. I reset the app and this time it showed an actual campground, and another one after, but when I went back to the first campground it gave me a totally different hit than the first. Cycling through campground, it seemed to show me pins at complete random, no where near where actual campsite were.... This app is total garbage, unless you pay whatever nonsensically inflated monthly price they're charging. Kinda lame for people who are casual campers. Why not just support the app with ads like literally every other developer?
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4 years ago, Apples snow
Forced Pro Sign up??
I’ve only ever needed the free version, and I’ve found it to be very useful. Now suddenly the app opens immediately to the Pro Version sign up splash screen with no way to get out of it. It is suddenly useless unless I sign up for Pro. UPDATE BASED ON DEVELOPER RESPONSE: There is no visible “SKIP” to click to bypass the Pro splash screen, but I am able to dismiss it by tapping randomly at the far upper right corner. I’ve tried both vertical and horizontal orientation and adjusted screen brightness both directions, but still see no skip option. Maybe make the “SKIP” option next to the sign up option to thoroughly clear up the problem and avoid confusion as well(?).
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4 months ago, Silverlifter
Not for me
Dyrt It might be good for finding a camp ground near you but I cant recommend it for planing a trip. After much frustration trying to use the program to plan a trip I contacted support. According to support: What it does is allows you to plot out the trip in advance, not navigate to the locations. “It's a plotting and planning tool. Hence the name "Trip Planner". “ Waypoints can be "stops". Some folks want to stop at a location, but not stay there, so it's a waypoint for the program. A way to go (and some users use it for directional details to - to take them on the roads they want to go, but not stop there). “We are not a navigation tool so that's why we offer (on web and app) the option to Export to Google for that purpose” Navigation with google in an RV is not the best choice for me. YMMV
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1 year ago, Car talk fan
Almost useless unless you have a self contained rv
The filters just do t work if you feed in van or tent. So many of the places listed are rv parks that don’t even have places for tents/vans. The route search looks much better than it is. For three trips now I’ve started with the dyrt app and not found one place after much back and forth. It’s aloo awkward because you kep having to redo the search. I was gifted a year of pro so I kept trying it but now I’m done. Maybe it’ll improve but so far, not for me. The only thing I appreciate was the way you can look at your route and set the distances or number of stops you want to make. Great idea but not enough good filters
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2 years ago, Jen_Levin
Update: Can’t access pro even though I’ve paid for subscription
I’ve used the free features of the Dyrt for a couple years. I like the app. I signed up for the pro subscription via my ipad and Apple ID to try it out. However, the app won’t recognize that I’ve paid or let me into the pro features. Won’t let me sign in period. Support hasn’t responded. So I’m being charged for something I can’t use. Get the app sorted out! A developer reached out and was able to resolve the issue. Enjoying planning our upcoming trip to Colorado with the Pro features!
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8 months ago, Cherokee girl🧢
Just downloaded the app and purchased the pro version, so excited for the quality of the app and pictures, being a bit of adventurer and new to the area, gave me a lot of ideas and opportunities of being out in nature and hikes and views, great descriptions of locations, how to get there and what to look out for! I thought it was great! Very user friendly and I can’t wait to have my next adventure be guided by this app. Will come back for a review after the first trip!
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1 year ago, matt enser
Great for road trips.
I’ve done two cross country road trips one before I knew about this app and then another one with this app. This app made it significantly easier to find campgrounds and has good search features to help you find campgrounds along your route. Definitely recommend it for all those looking for campgrounds nearby or across the country. If you’d like to hear about the road trip I went on check out The Godventure podcast.
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4 years ago, Cryan76
Too close for comfort
While traveling for a work project, I decided to check out a few campsites in the area for my next work travel dates. Researched the sites via the app, checked out those of interest, and saved them. Two days later, I received an email from Head of Audience Development, The Dyrt. The email noted my search and my alleged travel dates as well as the trip may have ended. I am sorry but you are too close for comfort. I have Yelp. I have TripAdvisor! Every hotel app where I am Diamond, Spire, Titanium status. None respond to my searches or conclude that my travel ended and inquire on details based on a search. I am an Apple user for many reasons one being it is not Google. I bought into your Pro and for that I am regretful. This never happened before that.
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3 years ago, Rpotterak
Frustrating and Glitchy
Takes forever to plat my stops on this app. None of the Truck stop gas stations I plan for are even listed in your app. Every time I log a stop, the app will not stay on the main road between destinations..instead it plats crazy side road loops. About half of the campsites I found on other apps are not here either. I’ve spent several hours trying to plan a trip from Atwater CA to Phoenix AZ and the map will not let me edit the apps side trips. A 12 hour trip has turned into an 18 hour trip! I bought the Pro too!
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1 year ago, Jesswolfe50
App is ok but I prefer to use the website
The website is much easier to use. The app has become almost unusable. The maps are not helpful. I don’t know what you did to break them. Downloading maps causes gaps between maps no matter how I choose them. I now can’t get the camps to show up while I’m searching for places to go. Even when I know there’s camps there. And now you have hamstrung the website so it’s not usable on an iPad, trying to force people to use the app. Do you actually want people to use this or not? Because it looks like you don’t. It’s great I have some camps saved but I can’t see them on a map. I’m ready to create my own database to actually use the info in a friendlier way.
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3 years ago, DJ'er
Can’t switch apps
The app is great until you try to multitask and switch apps into Google maps or a web browser in order to research a location a bit more. When I come back into The Dyrt app, it says I’m offline and to upgrade to Pro. Then it starts from the starting splash screen, completely restarting my session and making me begin my search from scratch. This completely kills the progress searching for a camp site. I can’t find anywhere in the description about the free version having a session time limit, but that sure is it what it seems like. It’s like very 5 minutes the session ends and I have to restart.
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3 years ago, brassmouth
Almost perfect
The app design, both desktop web and iOS, is functional and easy to use…but minor ask to please make the images on your web app load faster, like when scrolling through full size images of xyz campground. It’s at least half a second of the loading wheel between every image, but other sites like Zillow have the same function (scrolling through full size pics of a house) and there’s no loading between images. Like they are cached or something idk
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3 years ago, Luke0628
Brain dead road trip planning
I was planning a road trip across the west coast for next summer and input the list of destinations in a reasonable order to travel them. When this app created the road trip plan, it suggested that I ping-pong from Los Angeles (my starting point) all the way up to North Cascades National Park all the way back down to Sequoia National Park and then all the way back up to Mt. Rainier before turning south again to go to Yosemite. Over. And over. And over. This is ridiculous, fix it or remove the road trip function altogether. I will say though that the maps themselves are very accurate and useful.
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3 years ago, MsOpinion
Loved it … but not liking the new version
Used the app, loved the app but I came home for a couple of weeks and now that I’m getting ready to hit the road I don’t recognize the app and my profile has disappeared. Granted, I’d not paid for the Pro membership, but I’d been a happy free user. I had considered upgrading to Pro because it was a great app. Now The Dyrt is a pay or lose app. I understand the desire to make money and/or at least pay for your costs and time but with the new look (it seems clunky and the information is buried. I don’t find it more user friendly) I will not be investing.
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6 months ago, Dr_Rob_TN
Meh. Very limited campground listings.
I live in Tennessee and got this app hoping to find new options for finding campsites. Unfortunately, this app has almost nothing listed. Even long-established campgrounds and dispersed camping areas in national forest areas are missing. No state parks are listed either. I also looked in parts of Kentucky (zero listings anywhere in eastern Kentucky including around Red River Gorge) and only two in Montana (as I am considering a move there). Unfortunately, I paid for an annual membership that will basically go unused. The app has a lot of very good reviews, so I’m assuming it must be useful for a particular niche camping community, but for me, it’s not beneficial at all.
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7 months ago, rose642!
Beware of free trial
I was charged for an annual subscription after forgetting to cancel my trial. I was on vacation in remote areas and dealing with a lot personally. I totally forgot I had signed up for the Dyrt on 11/16 to play around with it. 11/16 was the only day I used it. 10 or so days later I tried to cancel and couldn’t get a refund because I was beyond the 48-hour grace period. I was expecting the Dyrt to be more understanding since this was over the long weekend of Thanksgiving. I would understand paying for a month but am bummed to pay over $30 for this mistake. And they won’t help over the phone, just email, where I seem to be getting the same canned responses from different people.
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2 years ago, Ofearth
Already loving it
I just barely downloaded the app but within the last 15 minutes of searching through it I can tell this is going to be a useful tool for the new lifestyle I am embarking on with my family this next year! We only have one more winter season in a cooped up overpriced “low income “ apartment with strict rules regulations no breathing room and a predatory tow company! I will be writing review after review of the different campgrounds we stay at.
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1 year ago, Misteraon
I want to like this app/platform; however, their pop ups pushing the pro version are freaking annoying which I feel is more of a deterrent to upgrade. Free members can contribute to the community also…if you can keep them around. I’ve written reviews. I was trying to write a review this evening. I had the whole thing typed out. I switched to another app for a few seconds to grab some information then switched back…only to be greeted by an offline message then a pop up message to upgrade. Once I cleared these, my pending review was go without a way to continue. What a poorly designed app.
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2 years ago, SoCal Rider
You are not where you think you are.
The app is not intuitive to use and if you are searching for someplace to camp where you are headed to (not currently at), the app doesn’t always (often) put the location of where you are searching in the correct place. Also, when you first open the app and click search “Near You”, it will pick locations across the country. I’m in SoCal and apparently Atlanta Georgia is very close to me. I tried closing and reopening the app and even reinstalling it and I am still near Atlanta. You can get the “Pro” version, but I haven’t really found a reason to do so. Plus, once you have purchased the “Pro” level, you constantly get ads in the app asking if you want to upgrade. When I say constantly, I mean every time you click on something, you are asked if you want to upgrade. I paid the money, now let me use the app! Skip downloading this, it is glitchy at best, the user experience is poor, and there are better apps out there that do the same thing and more. Use them.
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3 years ago, Louie 601
Game they play
They play games with your credit card. Signed up with what I thought was a trial. After a couple hours I saw it was complicated ap an poor out of date info and cancelled. Well later I noticed I was charged. Went to take the charge out through Apple. They did we guess. Well by evening found I was billed the year rate. Called back and checked phone show I was bill several more times. There are plenty of free sites that are excellent to use for RV campsites. This one is not any good. Careful about downloading the ap for a trial as you be charged and will go round and round to try to get rid of it. I’ve still got One charge still there I’m trying to get removed.
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5 years ago, GuiaSurAmerica
The Most Useful Tool for a Roadtrip
I met some of the great people from The Dyrt around two years ago when they were just getting started. I have been using the app for all my explorations around the country as a travel adventure photographer ever since. On a lonely late night right across Utah I was even able to find a camp spot to pull off to when continuing to drive would have been just to dangerous. Huge advocate of this app and all the new features they roll out as it grows. I’m a Dyrt Bag for sure!
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6 years ago, Runningwiththeboys
Getting there
Been with “The Dyrt” since 2016, as with any other small company there are growing pains...including their APP. I’m no computer guru and know that you fix one issue and two more pop up. Any issues I’ve ever had I get immediate response and the founders and their technical team do everything they can to assist when there are issues. These are real people you talk to and that are doing their best to make an AWESOME site for the Camping community to use. Love “The Dyrt” even with the glitches their working on and it just keeps getting better!
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1 year ago, tstc131
Date filter does not work
Downloaded this app excited about the ability to put dates in, like a hotel app, so that I wouldn’t have to keep contacting each individual campsite I found on google maps to see if they had open sites. Well, this is a paid version of google maps because putting in the dates doesn’t do anything, all sites are still shown and you still have to go to each individual one to see if they have availability. Half of these I’ve called already and they don’t, so….what’s the point?
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3 days ago, RioNapo
A come-on to purchase the paid app.
The free app is just a come-on for the paid version with constant marketing pitches to purchase the paid app. I pay for several mapping apps but not because they harrass me. I pay because of the value added with the paid version. I make that decision after using the free version and deciding I’ll try the upgrade. I try to evaluate The Dyrt between marketing nags but haven’t seen enough to pay for the upgrade. It also loves to nag you for a rating. I finally agreed, the app said great, and then nothing happened. I guess it wasn’t really interested in my opinion.
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