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Impala Studios
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Flight Tracker +

4.72 out of 5
248.1K Ratings
3 years ago, JasonFlyBoi
Love it, but now super slow
I work for a major airline and have been using this app for almost 5 years. Have the Pro version. I been off work the past year, but going back at the end of the month and opened the app to input my work schedule, but I’m finding that the responsiveness of the app SUPER slow. I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max, so doubt it’s a phone issue. Help me get back up to flying speed! Update: 8/27 Support reached out to me and I submitted a video of the performance of the app. Update: 8/30. Support reached out to me again after I shared a screen shot/video of what was going on. They pointed out that the version I had (Pro) version is no longer supported and advised me to download the newest version. A little disappointed that I lost ALL of my prior flight information and have not heard back if there is a way to import the data from the Pro version, but LOVE the app. There could be a few tweaks, which I will recommend later.
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4 years ago, yapishkahilt
Hard to use, missing and incorrect info
EDIT: I just learned that the connecting leg of my flight that was marked on this app as delayed is in fact on time. When it comes to travel, it’s actually better to have no info at all rather than the wrong info. For this reason, I’m removing the extra star I gave the app for finding the flights (which should kind of be a given for a flight-tracking app anyway). ——— Tried giving this app another try after it failed to find my flight the last time I tried it. I gave it a star for finding both the initial and connecting flights this time. Among the issues with the app are a truly non-intuitive interface that requires digging around to find critical options and info while fairly useless info (eg carrier corporate profiles) are accessed by clicking where you’d expect to find the important info. There also doesn’t appear to be any way to see how long your flight is delayed, only the fact that it is delayed, so you don’t know whether you need to make alternative arrangements either for air or ground transportation. Ultimately I only had this installed for 10 minutes; if I can’t get critical flight info in that amount of time (either because it’s not available in the app or because locating it in the app takes so long due to the interface), then the app isn’t serving its intended purpose.
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5 years ago, Grant Fudge
Best Flight Tracker on the Market
No other flight tracker app comes close to Flight Tracker. You can save and view any flight you want to the ‘My Flights’ tab, organize your flights according to trips you’re going to take in the ‘Trips’ tab, see interactive maps of any flight you choose, get all the information you need about any airport in the world (delays, terminal maps, etc.), get airplane info and seat maps for the flights you’re tracking or have saved, and so much more. You can also customize notifications to remind you of departures and arrivals. I haven’t even scraped the surface yet but I don’t know how many people are going to read a novel in the AppStore reviews. I will say that the app little tricky to navigate at first but that’s only because it has so many features. You just have to take a little bit of time to sit down and figure out everything the app has to offer!
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3 years ago, Ronelh
Nice interface, poor tracking
I like the interface, and I like that it gives terminal maps for the larger airports, and shows a map of the route, and even gives information on the airlines. But I don’t like that it doesn’t track changes to the flight itinerary - even though it’s called “flight tracker”. For example, if I book a flight that leaves at 10:00am and the airline subsequently changes the departure time to 9:45, the app doesn’t update it. I currently have three upcoming flights, and the departure time is wrong for two of them. I have double-checked and triple-checked the flight numbers and dates - problem is not on my end. Surely they could do better! Maybe they need to find another server or something. So, I use this app for the interface and airport information, but FlightView for the flight information. FlightView has an ugly interface, and less detailed information, but it keeps current with the itinerary changes - and currently shows the correct departure and arrival times for all three of my flights!
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5 years ago, SKYW0LF
Tired of Ads... With subscription
Without the constant ads to purchase the weather maps, I'd rate it a four. But with a valid subscription (12 mo good through November) it's still a constant barrage of "buy our weather map" ad. Not cool. Although they say the maps after included in the premium, I don't even care that I don't have them.. I paid to get rid of that ad. So... Remove the ads or refund the subscriber fees. Update: although I was initially contacted and told the problem would be addressed, it still pops up adds selling weather map and alerts. I'm giving it 10 days and if it's not fixed, I request my subscription (which is still valid through November) be fully refunded and I'll seek another app for travel. Alerts and weather DO work, but it still constantly advertises to purchase.
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7 months ago, 3yeCandii
This one is the only flight tracker that doesn’t glitch or is behind in anyway. My favorite thing is the map of each airport! Such a useful tool. If I could make a recommendation for a better app then I would have to say that if they included the map of where the baggage will be, how to get there from the arrival location and a map of where the terminal is or where the location is after baggage claim, then I will have to pay for the premium account definitely. Otherwise, the price for premium doesn’t seem worth it since the free version has everything I needed. Also, I rated 4 stars instead of 5 because the app kills my battery if I forget to close it so they should probably make it force close upon exit to fix that, the flight will still be in the recent section for easy access.
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3 years ago, Phoenician-xyzzy
Very Reliable
I was pleasantly surprised to find this app. Unfortunately the airline I use isn’t great for getting timely updates out when there are delays and changes. This app is fantastic for getting me updated much faster than the airline. The one recommendation I have is to give the option for alerts and updates to be in 12 hour time and not 24 hour time which can be annoying. If you’re looking for an app to see where a specific flight is on the map, this isn’t it. This is for alerts that give you status updates for flights that you or family/friends might be on or plan to take.
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2 years ago, livew4l
Flightus interruptus
I chose this app over competitors because its tracking practices looked less invasive. Welp. Deceptive setup/onboarding funnels you into a monthly or annual subscription (big buttons at bottom, like all previous navigation to that point, so easy to just click continue) unless you notice the tiny X at the top left to actually close the ad. And you'll need to remember the location of that X *several times per minute* as the map disappears completely behind the same ad OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN. I allowed the app to use my location (Florida) "while the app is in use", but I still got defaulted to New York. TWO ads interrupted before I could drag the map down the coast to my location. I could hear something small flying nearby, but all it showed me was a large jet miles away. After swatting the full-page subscription ad away a few more times, I gave up and deleted.
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2 years ago, DreamBurn
Basically works but ads are ridiculous
Fortunately I was able to get flight information very quickly. The drawback is they pop ads up in front of you all the time, and these are ads that are purposely hard to close and hard to figure out how to get off the screen, and they’re relentlessly pushing their ridiculously expensive subscription service. More drawbacks are that the flight tracking just draws a line from the origin to the destination and does not even live update the plane on the map on its way, nor does it show the actual flight path. If I could figure out how to do the same thing in the increasingly and impossibly cluttered and hard to use KAYAK I would because that program actually live updates and gives you the plane’s actual path and position way better than this does.
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3 years ago, Puzzle fan in CA
Older version was much better
I’ve been using this since 2018 and used to love it. Interface was easy and responsive. However that has changed. During COVID travel downtime app was upgraded. It is prettier now but doesn’t function as well. When I try to add a flight to a trip, if it accepts the “add” instruction then it takes up to 30 seconds to complete the process. It used to be instantaneous. More frustrating is when it just won’t accept the add instruction. I have to hit “add” multiple times snd the button never grays out. After about 15 attempts it will finally report that the flight was added. After multiple flights are added, the display for the first flight now shows the beginning snd ending cities for the entire trip. Somewhat confusing. Finally, I have a premium subscription but it no longer shares batween my phone and iPad. Very disappointing
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5 years ago, MrBear33
Started off great... became more combursome
I’m going to see if I can find a similar, more simple app... I got this years ago to find flights of any airlines between cities. It was very useful! Then “updates” were made. Southwest flights through 3-4 layovers showed up, instead of just direct flights, crowding the screen. Not that big of an issue (I did have to take multiple screen shots to capture the flights)... until more updates and the partner airlines scroll with the US airline. When I go to an airport, I look for Delta, for example... not one of its 5 partners. Now the screen shots have to be timed to capture United, American and Delta. Ok, workable, I guess. But now each partner airline shows up separately, IN ADDITION to the US airline... which still scrolls through all the partner names. This makes departures for one city to ONE other city exceed 50 listings and the app will not show all flights anymore (despite actual departures being 10-15). This needs to have an area to choose specific airline(s), quickly, with a search typing the first few characters. NOT a scroll selection where, for example, United Airlines appears at the bottom of hundreds. 1-6 airlines in selection boxes.
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6 years ago, minnicka42
On time | Just in Time | All the time.
I used FlightTracker for almost 3 years when I was commuting across the U.S. The software never let me down. I always knew what time to ask for a pickup or in turn to pick up a loved one, friend, or acquaintance who needed the assistance. FlightTracker is very easy to use on either a desktop computer, a mobile smart phone or another web-enabled device. The app only takes a minute to load without asking for all kinds of identification or money. I truly appreciate the service. Statistics on the desktop version is interesting. I’ve also used those stats to determine route patterns and times. Once you take a deep dive you to will be convinced of its features and utility...there’s my plane, gotta go. Get FlightTracker so you know when to come and go.
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9 months ago, Nhtrdswryuibdsetuikbvcd
The flight tracking is great. Use it all the time to track updates to my own flights in the hours leading up to boarding as well as the status of friends or family coming into town and it does that part great. What's supremely annoying, though, is the fact that, every time I open the app, it has to take several seconds to load a map showing planes near me. I don't care about that! I get that it looks nice and maybe someone thought it would be cool to play with a map visualization, but I just want to see a list of flights I'm tracking and a search bar to look for any others. The map is useless and seems to take a long time to load, especially when I'm on limited data in another country! Fix that and it's a 5 star app.
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1 year ago, InspiredFitness
Updated Review
Loved this Flight Tracker for a long time, BUT recently was unable to access the free version. Developer contacted me to say the app does still have free access. I downloaded the app again to try it. The problem was that the white “X” to close out the premium subscription part was barely visible against the background, so I kept clicking on “Continue” to access the free part of the app. Once I found the “X” at the top left and closed it, I was able to access the tracking. It would be helpful to make that “X” more visible, rather than have it fade into the background. Otherwise, it’s a great app!
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7 years ago, Aet18
Not as good as the old version
This app is so much worse than it used to be before the major overhaul they did on the structure/UI. I don't think I it has improved in any way since then, but here is what has gotten worse: (1) it freezes and crashes more often (2) it separates flights into buckets - upcoming and past. The old UI just had one long list which was super easy to navigate. And now it's actually harder to find you old flights to reference (3) I have completed flights from weeks ago that it still shows as "in progress" (4) I used to love the list of flights because I could always go back and look at all of my flights for the year - now that is harder to do with the awkward layout and it is inaccurate because of the issues I've mentioned already (5) it's no longer intuitive functionality. Please bring back the old format of the app! It hasn't happened in the new app but this app used to tell me my flight was delayed or changed well before the airline' site did which is a good feature. Not sure if I've just had flights with fewer changes or if that is no longer the case, but it has always been a major pro for this app.
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5 years ago, here's2u
Love it for real-time updates.
I’ve tried other flight trackers that need babysitting (constant refreshing) or are flat out unintuitive. I love how I can add “my flights” for arrivals to my local airport and then get real-time updates throughout the day. This makes it extremely efficient for pickups from the airport. I mean how often is a flight actually on time?! They’re either early or oftentimes really delayed. The best thing about the app is the little airplane “cabin ding” alert sound any time there is a status change. It makes me smile every time. To the developers of this app... well done and thank you!
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1 year ago, Escape914
Better than Airline Apps
I’d pay for the subscription if I flew more frequently. The app give me more updates than the airline and sooner. I also enjoy being able to share with gamy and friends, especially when traveling alone and/or late. I also love the real time updates, bc I do not have to constantly check the app. Being able to track multiple flights in one space is also great, bc I was able to know where my cousin, who was traveling from a different state, was and get updates
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6 years ago, Djinngin
Keeping us aware
When I first heard about this, I down loaded that same day. The bad about it is when I was out in the wilderness is when I was told about your system. I forgot that the WiFi did not work well out in the country and tried to download their and by the time I got and, heehee, I had to download again. This took most of the day and part of the night to fin the download. Well, I got it and am still trying to figure out the system. That I don’t mind. Just being aware is what truly matters. Thanks to you all who started the program.
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5 years ago, JMDXray
Good flight tracking. Bad trapping of premium subscribers
This is a great program. Have used it for years. I paid a one time fee to in the past until they changed it to a subscription service. I don’t fly that much anymore, but I was flying for a month this year so wanted to use it again. I signed up for a month of premium upgrade, but there is no easy way to unsubscribe. Seems rather crafty and not user-friendly. I would be more apt to buy the one year upgrade if I was going to use it routinely. This traps users into buying at least one extra month which I find distasteful. Other apps make it much easier to opt out of the subscription costs. It should be right there in general settings. But I can't find it.
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3 years ago, Eric .E
Flight tracker
This App was 5 stars until recently when they changed it. It now is filled with interrupting ads and does not show the position of the flight real time unless you exit the map and come back to it. It used to show you plane location in real time without exiting. In addition, the App used to let you track two different flights more easily than it does now. I wish they would go back to the older version which was a really good App!
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6 years ago, HaileyJoiner
No longer a valuable tool
I used to be able to fully rely on this app, but no longer. I keep trying to search for a flight but come up with “flight not found”. This happens well in advance of the date, close to the date, and I have even been sitting at the airport waiting for that flight. I used to get notifications on gate changes that showed up prior to the announcement , so I knew I could relax and be confident to have updated information. That function has been unreliable lately, which means I don’t get to relax until i have actually boarded. I checked to make sure I have the IOS updates and update the app when there are updates, so I am confident the problem is not at my end.
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4 years ago, hzink
Avoid subscription!!
Another software developer that destroyed good software with the pursuit of subscriptions - stupid! I was going to buy the premium / pro version to remove the ads, but the ONLY options are idiotically dumb subscriptions - idiotic for an app that would only be used sporadically. My policy is to not support cash grabs and economically dumb decisions by developers, and subsequently not only do I not purchase any subscription, but I am also removing the app from my iPhone to further deprive the developer of any ancillary revenue. Had there been a simple flat fee as an option, I would have purchased it without a second thought - ideally there’d be two separate flat fee options: $4.99 to remove the ads, $9.99 for Premium features activation. You’d have my $15 by now if you weren’t stupidly greedy with your subscription cash grab!
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2 years ago, Searchpoobah
This app is ruined
I have been using this app for years. It seemed to have lost my premium membership so I started receiving full page Google ads. Very annoying! So I thought perhaps my premium subscription had expired so I paid for it and again it defaulted to advertisements and stopped adding my flights to the calendar. I tried to cancel my subscription to receive my money back it stated that after cancellation it would continue working for the rest of the subscription. In order words, no refund, cumbersome advertisements and no calendar entries. Forget it. I’m done. If you click and hold on the flight number in your text messages, you now obtain the same information anyway.
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6 years ago, Baintman
Not as informative
This may not be the typical use case, but I’m tracking my wife’s trip to and from JFK. I input the flight number and it shows a simplified cartoon-like icon of the plane headed for NYC. The arrival data seems accurate. On her return trip, it’s the same flight number, but the map view now shows two planes, one going one way and the other going the opposite direction in the same path. The “gauges” at the airport are devoid of information. Strange. I switched to FlightAware and that app showed there was a storm system in the way and it accurately tracked the aircraft as it changed course and speed to avoid it. I used Accuweather to confirm the storm and it appears spot on. I like the near-realtime data and tracking of FlightAware and will switch to that for now.
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5 years ago, de-daw
I downloaded this app after reading the reviews and I wish I hadn't- it's terrible!!! It's extremely inaccurate and hard to use. Gave very little information as to the flight status and when it did it was hard to understand. First it said landed, then it was back in the air, then landed, then back in the air again, then I had no clue what happened to it! I'm going back to Flight Aware. Had that one on at the same time and it gave me all the information I needed!
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2 years ago, Praetor7
Terrible ad experience
I have used the app for years, only to download a new version where an ad pops up after almost every action. The ads themselves aren’t really the problem, you can skip them quickly, but the frequency is insane, especially since there are only two ads showing. It seems the goal is just to annoy people into paying ~$50 for the ad-free version. I don’t even know if the functionality of the ap is appropriate, since every time I open the app, check a flight, add a flight, etc., the same ad pops up, sometimes even in the middle of typing during a flight search.
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6 years ago, DancinJason
Ads are intrusive and the subscription program doesn’t honor previous purchase
I purchased this app years ago and now they switched to a subscription and my purchase is invalid. So I’m required to pay for a subscription for an app I previously purchased. I’m disappointed. The ads are intrusive. They appear in your flight list between flights making it hard to quickly discern which item is your flight and which is an ad.
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5 years ago, Shas96
Great app, always accurate
Love the app and it’s accuracy. UI and notifications are clear and easy to understand. I just wish it would have more realistic flight maps instead of a straight line between the departing and arriving airports. Also with it could pick up on 4 different aircraft times (gate push back, takeoff, landing, and arrival at destination gate) and send alerts for each one in notifications. That would make this an EXCELLENT app!
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3 years ago, Holmesfan
What happened!?
The new update is terrible, the interface is much worse, and what happened to trips? I used to be able to bundle flights under a trip and now they just list a bunch of flights. Please bring back the old version! Update: I was contacted by the developer which I appreciate. Looks like you actually can use trips and bundle flights which is very helpful. I’m still not a huge fan of the new interface as it is not as intuitive, but the app seems to work well. I’d update my star rating to 3 stars.
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5 years ago, Pauls mini
Ok, not great
Very annoying that they force advertisements into every search even though I’ve paid for the app. Not a great user experience as it’s not always intuitive on how to navigate within the app and the flights you’ve save. It also brings up banner adds over the airport/flight codes so more scrolling on the screen is necessary than could be The real time map tracking of the flight is cool. Good real time departure/arrival info.
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6 years ago, Highland Fox
Difficult to use and full of intrusive ads
I thought I’d give this app a try since I was having trouble locating a flight using “Flight Aware”. The flight was added at the last minute to accommodate several pax booted off United the day before due to “weight restrictions”. But, it only showed up on United’s website. This app doesn’t show precise flight info for ANY flight I tried to find and seems overly burdened with intrusive ads. DELETED.
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6 years ago, Ddenai
Annoying and Confusing at best!
I’m not willing to pay for the subscription so I’m rating the free version: The adds are very annoying. I added two flights to My Flights and I tried to figure out heads or tails of the list and wanted to see details. I see a time and City, but no specifics, flight number or much else. I could not find a way to open the flight. I was looking for departure time and it looks like I have arrival time? It did not make any sense. It seems like it’s more important for me to figure out future flight plans than the ones I currently have!!! Big ads and small ones attached to each flight. This is no good if you’re in a hurry and I know we all are!!!
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2 years ago, AMM227
Good App, Bad Paid Subscription
The app is great. The paid subscription isn’t worth it. I paid to remove ads, but the ads come back constantly. I have to hit “Restore Purchase” every time I open the app. I’ll keep using the app, but I won’t renew paid subscription. UPDATE Still have the paid subscription, but restoring purchase does nothing, even temporarily. Ads are always there, ironically trying to sell me the subscription that I already have. Good luck with that. No point paying for premium, since it does NOTHING.
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6 years ago, Lauren's iTunes
Flight Tracker is reliable
I have found flight tracker to be a good way to keep a list of my and my family’s flights. It is easy to use. It is helpful to see all flight codes for a flight. Two suggestions-Show the progress of the plane in terms of a real time icon. Improve the flight maps - these are confusing. Overall Flight Tacker is the best app of its kind.
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6 years ago, snickosnicko
Used to be decent. Now clogged with ads
Used to be good get hit with an ad after searching for a flight. Now it’s after every action. Want to see a flight’s details? Full screen ad. Open the app up to your saved flights? Full screen ad. Even the list of saved flights has half the screen’s real estate covered by ads leaving enough room for just 3 flights to be displayed on each page.
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4 months ago, KO4rock
Flight Tracker is a wonderful app and I use it all the time for business and personal travel. However, before the app will ADD a flight to my calendar, it wants full access to my calendar. A flight app should be able to add a flight to a calendar without full access to my private, daily schedule. I should be able to select the option, “add events only” without impacting my privacy. Thank you.
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2 years ago, AndreaIndel
Why Did They Change?
This “new look” for FlightTracker is terrible. The other version was so much better and more descriptive. Showed me only flight information which I already have. No more maps showing where the flight is or other descriptive information associated with the flight. Unless you pay of course. No thanks.
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2 years ago, Brwngrl
Perfect for Tracking Flights
Okay - this app is awesome! I use it to find flight schedules to determine which flight I may take. I also use it to see where a plane is that is running behind. As well as check on family flight statuses so I know when to expect them or to assure they landed safely. The best flight tracking app I have used. Thank you!
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5 years ago, JKurecki
Doesn’t do what it’s primary purpose is??
I downloaded this app and really liked the interface. Very easy to use. However, the first two flights it tracked never worked. Constantly said, for unknown reasons the flight is delayed and vendor is not updating data. For this to happen with two different flights several weeks apart means they have real issues. Not a vendor problem as I jumped to another flight tracker and the flight was halfway there and tracking fine. Definitely won’t pay for the upgrade when the free version doesn’t work. Garbage.
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6 years ago, Text search
Absolutely the best app
The best App for tracking visitors and knowing about flight issues to resolve enroute - much better than all the different Apps, one from each airline - we also track our own flights with this App to know what gate we land at and to make plans with airport terminal maps to run to our next gate and since using this app I’ve rarely missed a connection!
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5 years ago, ulflei
Flight tracker pro
I have an airport transportation service and rely on up to the minute exact information Unfortunately compared to the old flight tracker that can not hold up Several times I noticed that future flight are gone from " my flights",often it shows me a delay and then it ends up in a 10 Minutes early or it shows me in the air when in reality it was landed 10 minutes ago I hope the developer will improve the App on the other hand others are worst
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3 years ago, SendingOutAnSOS
Buyer beware, this is a scam!
This same developer had a previous version of the same app a couple of years ago that sold the app to customers for $5.99 instead of the rip-off monthly subscription fee. I like many other purchased. Almost immediately updates ceased to the point where the app stopped working. Apple is doing nothing to protect consumers when it comes to trying to force those consumers into a subscription service rather than buying an app. Being a business traveler, I will go anywhere other than this app or developer for my app needs.
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6 years ago, Radar103
Flight database very incomplete. Subscribe at your own risk.
About 1/3 of he flights I enter aren’t in their very incomplete database. I contacted their support and they acknowledged. Their reply “ Unfortunately our system and data supplier for flight information isn’t perfect at the moment, and we’re currently investigating some problems with the flight data. Because of this it might happen that flights, gates or terminals aren’t found, or that the app shows conflicting information, for which we would like to apologise. We have plans to improve our flight data servers, and want to cover as much data as possible with this, but I can’t say when this will be implemented. The adding of new data and improving our current system is a difficult and long process, so it will take some time unfortunately, and we won’t be able to guarantee a 100% coverage of all flights in the world. Our apologies for the inconvenience. With kind regards,
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6 years ago, cygnus-x1
Notifications are broken
Notifications quit working in a recent update, and a flight tracker without notifications is pretty much useless. So, I deleted the app and reinstalled it. When I go to turn notifications on from within the app, it says to turn them on in the iOS settings and offers to transfer me there. The funny thing is there is no notification setting in the app’s settings or in the setting for the Notification Center—the app isn’t even listed! I could tolerate some of the other quirks with this app, but this is the worst.
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4 months ago, Mick Ryder
What was once a useful app-
Is getting less useful all the time. I use this app to track arriving flights for people I’m going to meet at the airport. But needless notifications days in advance are nothing but an annoyance. Ads run each time after a flight is added to be tracked, which is fine and assumed on the free version. The problem comes when the ads are obvious scams. And lately, the ads have been so long that you have to just shut the app down and reopen it if you want to continue.
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1 year ago, starbar5
every new version gets worse and worse
Can’t justify using or paying for this much longer as you go backwards with every update. Fire your layout designers… The layout of My Flights makes no sense, not friendly for quick view of all flights, I can’t see am/pm, I can’t see all 3 flights in one screen shot on iPhone Max The previous layout was 1000x better, this is almost useless. Also the flight search forces you to re-enter flight carrier every time, it should be saved like previous version or offered as recents also the displayed logos and names of the airline are ridiculously big, on My Flights and Search… taking up way too much screen space. I don’t need the logo to know what the airline is. I could just use their app. Also don’t see the option to group flights into a trip. You dropped that two versions ago and was a really cool feature.
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5 years ago, Roginc
Great App, wish I could pay for it
As someone who travels a lot this app has been super valuable in figuring out the maze of flights, transfers and connections, delays, terminal changes, etc. It’s been valuable enough where I’ve felt like I’ve wanted to pay for it to support the team behind it. However every time I try to subscribe a bug prevents me from doing so. I’ll keep trying...
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3 years ago, am19671967
Latest version broken …..still missing features
1) The Live Tracking map showing the plane no longer updates. 2) Still missing “Estimated Arrival Time” 3) I often see long haul flights landing in SFO 20-30 mins early and this App still shows the plane over the Pacific…..completely unaware that the plane is early and has actually landed. 4) Free browser based apps can do all of the above. C’mon guys…..
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6 years ago, Fierce Visual
Just not that good. :(
I wanted to love this. But am about to bury it in a discard folder. The tracking is totally inaccurate. It sends you notices that a flight has already left and gives you a time that is still up to 15 min away. It can see into the future? No, it can’t. Adding insult to injury, it will show a flight as being airborne and 100 miles into the route on the map, when the flight is still on the ground, delayed. Worthless if the info is not more accurate than this. Reprogram this app or pull it off the store. Embarrassing.
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5 years ago, raymi0603
Cannot add flight
With the latest update the developer removed the+ icon that allows you to add a flight. Instead they replaced it with a magnifier to help search for flights. After emailing the developer, two days later, the developer answered and informed me that now you have to click on the magnifier, select the flight and then a pop up opens a sling if you want to add the flight. The old way of directly adding the flight by way of a + icon was much simpler and done in one step instead of the way it is now. For now, I’ll keep both, FLIGHT TRACKER and FLIHHT VIEW on my phone and decide later which one I keep. Bottom line: Flight Tracker was an awesome app and nothing would compare to it. Now, it’s just another app and it just depends on which is more reliable. You can’t change an existing flight. You can only delete it and then make changes. Terrible app. The sad thing is that there is nothing better!
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