The Fresh Grocer

3.3 (329)
68.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wakefern Food Corp
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Fresh Grocer

3.28 out of 5
329 Ratings
3 years ago, pedogies
Your grocer card!
It is very difficult after having a ShopRite card! Have missed savings because of this. Unfortunate because u have great meats, bakery and a very helpful staff.
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3 years ago, GrandmaRita88
I like Fresh Grocer, but here’s why I’m not happy
I like Fresh Grocer for a number of reasons. I like the prices and I especially like the deli. Everyone is friendly. But—-and I must say, I dislike the “digital coupons”. It is very unfair, especially, for people in my age bracket. I am 88 years old and was not raised with computers. I am not good with electronic gadgets so as a result unless someone does it for me, I end up paying more for my purchases. Not fair in my opinion. I know most supermarkets are using the “digital” which means that some people are paying more than others. My suggestion— in addition to the digital, offer paper coupons for the same “digital” items. I don’t mind clipping coupons. That’s all. R Shopper at Fresh Grocer in Washington Township
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6 years ago, ClearlyAnnoyd
Highly frustrated
This app has been inoperable for more than a month now (to my knowledge). I use this app every two to three weeks spending nearly $200 everytime (I dont have a problem with that at all because it is so convenient for me as I dont have a vehicle right now)or at least it used to be. It will start to malfunction at the “pay method” option. After calling, you are told to use the desktop version. Its annoying and highly inconvenient. Can’t use the desktop version because for some reason my number is linked to someone else. PLEASE FIX THIS APP. I love it and I’m sure I am not the only one with this problem. Edit 8/4/18 At what point are you going to fix this app? As i stated its highly inconvenient and you are about to lose a customer.
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2 years ago, Nyce9
Every time I open the app I have to sign in
Every time I go to use the app I have to login. It’s annoying that it times out so quickly. Each time I’ve logged in I have checked off the “keep me signed in” box and still when I close out and open it back up I am required to log back in. This is not convenient when I’m getting ready to check out and I need to show my barcode. This has also prevents me from choosing to shop at Fresh Grocer regularly as it is annoying to re-login when I was to clip coupons. The app should make my shopping experience easier not more stressful and time consuming.
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4 years ago, Top Hat 100
Very poor app
The ap to place a pickup order is terrible and not a credit to a fine establishment. I hav3 been trying to place an order for 6 weeks and can’t secure a pick up time. Ap only shows a window for 5 days out when all appointments are sold out. Calls to store indicate your 4 to 6 weeks out for pick ups. Calls to your tech line are never answered. Why don’t you just take the program down instead of having people waste their time trying to get a delivery. Guess you’re overwhelmed but what about trying to relieve your customer’s frustrations trying to do business with you. Very Very disappointing!
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3 years ago, farwagfs
This app is horrific. Almost nothing works. The digital coupons are very difficult to work with; you need to trick it into scrolling properly, there’s no easy way to see which ones you’ve already clipped, and most incredible there is NO search function! The price check feature has never worked (at least not for my default supermarket). When your contact with the current developer runs out you should throw this thing in the trash and clone ShopRite’s app—it’s not perfect but it’s a hundred times better than this one.
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3 years ago, GGA75
What is going on?
Since the whole account update and reset I have been unable to see my past orders on the app or website. I can’t even put in an online order because the people at the store say they can’t pull up my order or there was an issue with the payment not on my end though. Since the last mishaps I have been shopping elsewhere with zero issues with online orders. This has been going on for 6 months and still is happening. If it doesn’t get resolved soon I will stop shopping with Fresh Grocer!
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2 months ago, Ggbggp
Digital Coupons!
I find that the use of digital coupons is very time consuming and definitely not a convenience for elderly! Why have a “Fresh Grocer” card if you still have to use your phone or the ONE kiosk before checking out. Self checkouts should ALL be less than 10 items, and digital coupons should be covered under the shopping card. I realize I am one individual, but I have seen several who were struggling while trying to checkout!
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6 years ago, Abbylogic
No ability to add Price Plus to Wallet???
I cannot find any way to add the price plus card to the wallet, there is no prompt near the virtual card. Fresh Grocer appears to be owned or at least affiliated with Shoprite and the apps are roughly the same and they both do price plus, so I would expect since I’m able to add my shop rite price plus to the wallet that I could add the FG one...Also, clicking on app support leads to “page not found”.
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3 years ago, jplandel
Price Plus Card no longer available in App
Just upgraded to this new version & it no longer has an option to display the Price Plus card for scanning? The prior version provided this option & I found it was extremely useful as I do not like to carry around every loyalty card in creation. Please bring this feature back as soon as possible. Thanks!
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3 years ago, OMGFIXIT1234321
So many issues
I’m logged in on fresh grocer app yet every time I go to view the digital coupons I have to login AGAIN even though I’m already logged in. Too many times when I go to login to download the coupons I get a “400 bad request” and then I’m out of luck and can’t use coupons for that weeks groceries. This atrocious app is costing me $$$$$ because I can’t download coupons! Ridiculous
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3 years ago, Pattimod
Can’t log in
Signed up and couldn’t log in bc my password wasn’t valid. Tried using the forgot password tab and it says there isn’t an account under that email. Tried to open an account again, thinking it never registered and it says there’s already an account under that email. App support is a dead end, and you can’t use the app without an account. So basically this is useless.
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2 years ago, sharonpaolo
Doesn’t keep you signed in
I keep clicking to keep myself signed in. It never works. Every time I want to add coupons, I have to have the password resent. It takes a very long time (at least an hour) for the update email to be sent.
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1 week ago, Maierdalt
Customer Service
Lisa in Customer Service at the Clark’s Summit store was extremely friendly & patient helping me with my online order. Was grateful for her hep!
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6 years ago, Philly4Hilly
Horrible Update
New Update is almost unshoppable. Seeing the circular is great, but the search is awful. Basic things just don’t show up, and you have to go through the departments to search which still doesn’t work most of the time. The old search was more thorough and I always found what I needed quickly. This update has almost doubled the time it takes me to place an order.
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3 years ago, K.D.59
Since Update won’t work
Before the new update and password change this app was fine never had an issue. Since having to change my password and update the app all I get is from problems. I can’t see my old or new orders get an error message. It’s like this one the website too. Please fix this problem.
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7 years ago, Rusty oooo
Can't register
How come I can't register my fresh grocer card on line keep saying unable to register you at this time so what is going on please get back to me
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3 years ago, Kent u
Too many bugs and poor UI
Very poorly designed app. Looks nice but many functions doesn’t work and no pop up error explanation when user made (very important UI perspective to have stress free engagement!!). The map function doesn’t work, digital coupons doesn’t work, etc etc. The App designer needs a major version up! Good luck.
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3 years ago, Who care!!!
Not working
The app is not up to date. The last time they update the software was 2017. Can add my price club into the app.
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3 years ago, Evish 1
Who thought this was a good app to switch to?
Just went to load weekly coupons and ONCE AGAIN got “404 error” message. Delete app. Go to App Store. Reload app. Repeat every 4th or 5th time you use this awful app. Remember to go to the ShopRite if making a list longer than ten items as their app won’t make your head spin with its stupidity.
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3 years ago, horriblllll
No good
Horrible is all I can say store looks great can never load coupons
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6 years ago, K:TNB
Digital coupons
Please fix the digital coupon section: not able to see all coupons that are available scrolling is limited when clearly there are more coupons at the bottom of the page.
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4 years ago, bbycainmommy
I hate this app
I be been using this app for almost a year now it like every time it’s gets Worse and Worse it’s so hard to find anything and if you find it it don’t allow you to pout it in your cart I still can’t put my Price plus card on so I don’t get any savings and now my food is getting delivered hours later and I don’t even get a courtesy call
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6 years ago, JRO215
The least you could do is get the weekly ad right
The least you could do is get the weekly ad right , wasted 20 minutes of my lunch while employees tried to figure out why the sales weren’t coming off. They ended up not giving me the discount advertised just because it didn’t ring up that way so I left everything at counter.
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3 years ago, Elaine&Mike
Can’t download app.
Had the app downloaded. Then I had to change password. Did so. When I signed in kept saying error message. Tried several times. Giving up but annoyed because I could be saving money. Don’t get it. Something that should be so simple turns out to be so complicated.
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11 months ago, Fbad000001
Can’t clip coupons 7/2/23
App is saying coupons not active to clip - I don’t know why…
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4 years ago, Lumdyea
The Freshgrocer
This app is horrible for grocery shopping very hard to get the digital coupons and when you do it is not available in this even if is in the weekly flyer. If you click on a item a different item comes or it is frozen . Time consuming Out of all the groceries app yours is the worst for shopping
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5 years ago, DayonnaG
Just never know when it will work
This app is very temperamental.. I have not been able to submit an order in months.. just not worth the hassle of loading your cart and then getting a slot to deliver then BOOM “we are having difficulties at this time, please try again later” ... hmmm OK I'll try again next month!
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5 years ago, keisha99
Fix the freaking app
I’m trying to complete my shopping order, but every time I go to check out I get an error message saying ‘connection issues’. This is a waste of time. Ya’ll gotta get it together. I guess Giants will get my money. Update: still terrible. Can’t complete orders on the app and I guess the developers don’t care. Stopped shopping here.
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5 years ago, AK,Glenside,PA
Home Shopper
Fresh Grocer, Wyncote,Pa. employees that always assist me with customer service, shopping & delivery are extremely courteous , helpful, patient, attentive and kind .👍🏽👍🏽
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2 years ago, shelly 300
Price plus card
The card is jot in the app. The store is related to ShopRite and they have it should make card available on app
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4 years ago, DerZel
Not useable
What incompetent wrote this thing. If there is any mismatch between the information you have on file with them and the info you enter to register your account, you are stuck. There is no help, and no way to find out what the discrepancy is. What a great way to lose customers! Guys, it’s a supermarket, not the keys to the Federal Bank!!!
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3 years ago, Lovinggrandma::::
Where’s my card?
One thing I always used - my Fresh Grocer card on the app. Now I have to enter my phone number on the grimy key pad. Also, I know what products the store has but when I search they don’t come up.
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3 years ago, colonia reaifent
Very difficult to access
I have not been able to load the digital coupons dispute numerous attempts including the kiosk at the store. I use this store more than before but am getting frustrated with my inability to take advantage of sales.
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4 years ago, 450 Nedro
Review of app
Worst app ever attempted to use. Unable to use. Can’t register. Says not able to recognize email. Then attempted to register said number used was incorrect. Used the number on the key card, which is the SAME NUMBER ON MY RECEIPT when I shop. Also emailed my problem to customer service NO RESPONSE. Am considering returning to Acme, app works.
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7 years ago, Cosmin Campean
The Fresh Grocer app
Much much better than the previous app.
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7 years ago, Hottigger225
Worst app ever
This is the worst app ever because nothing ever works. Always some kind of internet connection problem and you can never download the coupons. Been having problems ever since I got this app and have tried to uninstall and reinstall and still nothing. Fix this
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2 years ago, BGIRLL
This app is horrible! All it does is glitch! Constantly searches and tries to buffer, and then still posts messages about not being able to find addresses. I haven’t had successful use if this app in months!
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5 years ago, TeeBee36
doesn’t seem to accept the shoprite price plus card
i don’t really understand why this is still an issue. they don’t seem to find this issue serious enough to want to fix it. i’d imagine they’re losing a lot of money behind this. i’ve taken my business to Giant Peapod!
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3 years ago, SJVD20
Error with digital coupons
This new app is a step back from the old app. I keep getting an error when trying to access the digital coupon section.
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5 years ago, SwimRodger
Great concept. Terrible app.
The app freezes regularly and when it doesn’t, you get all the way to the pay method only to get an error...EVERY TIME! I have had the app for 5 months and have NEVER been able to checkout completely whether I use pickup or delivery.
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7 years ago, philly couponer
Digital coupon issue
Issues with digital coupons, it keeps saying I'm not connected to the internet when I am connected, please fix this issue
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3 years ago, 111Holly
Fresh Grocer Card
Just downloaded the new updated Fresh Grocer app. Where did the digital Fresh Grocer member card go?
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4 years ago, Phillyphan56
So horrible
You’d think MyGrocer, developer would have developed a process to register that takes 5 minutes max and autofills all you vital information right from your phone. Nope. Won’t be doing any weekly shopping from Fresh Grocer.
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1 month ago, Tehun
Ergonomically unsound
Same freezing and nonsense I had with the ShopRite app. Can’t choose a preferred store, freezes when I try to load the circular.
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4 years ago, Cooofnj
Would give zero stars
Worthless. I can’t register my Fresh Grocer card using my ShopRite info. I called and held on forever with no response. Emailed with no response. Asked at the desk and was told to start a new registration. I CAN’T REGISTER IT BECAUSE I AM TOLD MY DATA DOESN’T MAYCH!!!! Are you people even trying?!
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5 years ago, Pink lady77
Digital coupon does not load
I’ve had this app for a long time now every time I try to load a coupon it says loading fail can y’all please fix that problem
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5 years ago, Keith Cashmere
This might be the worst app In the history of apps! You spend a ton of time adding items to your cart but can’t pay at the end? I mean who designs an app like this? It doesn’t even deserve the 1 star that I gave.
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5 years ago, Missblaque
Can’t load Coupons
Why am I unable to load the coupons to the card on the app...this is basically useless...
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3 years ago, Robb0012
Used to work
App was clunky but used to work most of the time. New app doesn’t work at all. Trying to download coupons and it just locks up. Terrible
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