The Monster at the End...

4.5 (129)
906.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sesame Street
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Monster at the End...

4.52 out of 5
129 Ratings
1 year ago, Izzyb66
Completely adore this
This book has been around forever and should be on every child’s bookshelf. To have it in an app it’s just wonderful and I don’t even have kids and I’m 57 years old and love this thing. So glad someone had the sense to just let it be read by Grover so you get a full experience and he can interact with all of the challenges he has along the way :-) excellent book for helping a child face their fears. I won’t take a star away for this because it’s just so wonderful but I do wish that the developers would do something to make it possible for children who are visually impaired to have access to this and make it compatible for voiceover technology. Even if they can’t see the pictures, they would understand the side effects and all the expressiveness. This is coming from someone his best friend is legally blind in love this book as a child, and is very disheartened that it can’t be enjoyed. Please consider exploring how that might change.
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5 years ago, istuart45
One of the absolute best
A total classic, and the app ran with the magic of the book and is a classic itself! So many hidden gems. Any time I visit my nieces and nephews kids are climbing over me to play/read, and my infant absolutely loves it! For the person who said it needs more interaction, it doesn’t. Like the book, the story is well done it doesn’t need “bells and whistles.” It stands so strong on its own. Please don’t try to “improve” it and ruin it like “Elmo’s potty time” was ruined recently! Just update for compatibility and let perfection be!
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9 months ago, Kifffan326
This game is so nostalgic!
I remember playing this game when I was 2 or something, and I rediscovered it while I was looking at my previously purchased items, I could still redownload it, so that’s what it did! And it’s just as fun as back then! So if your a parent who wants a fun app for your children, download this app now! Or if you really love Sesame Street!
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7 years ago, Violisa
Classic book is now animated and interactive
When I was a kid, I loved this book. Now the child in my life is captivated by the story as well, only his experience is enhanced with animation and sound effects! Thank you so much for updating this app to work with iOS 11. I'm glad we can continue to enjoy it together.
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1 year ago, Busy lady bug
I wish it worked with voiceover.
I loved this story as a child. And have shared it with other children in my family. However, the only reason I rated it for stars is because it does not work with voiceover on the iPhone, so that blind children can’t interact with it. If possible, Sesame Street, please fix this. All children should have access to this wonderful app.
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6 years ago, Hermunstr
The monster at the end of this book
These apps are not updated and don’t work. Was a five now should have no stars. Updated and working again. Looking forward to sharing this with my students again.
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6 years ago, Lorraine Ella Martos
Good app because it’s free
Hey I had this app before and it helps you to be brave so please do download this game and it will really be a great app for your kids and friends.
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3 years ago, Tomschofield2019
Monster at the End of this Book starring Grover
Great primary book and enjoyable. I remember this book when I was a little boy.
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4 years ago, ChiFrontierKing
Very Well Done!
Grover knocks it out of the park with this one. The animations and voices are true to the original story, and my toddler can’t get enough of it!
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5 years ago, a guy that love cheese
Very Funny book
A very funny book with 4th wall Breaks in every Page. And the minigames are cool.
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3 years ago, daddytoe10
Grovers Face
So when I had the real book Grover scared me but this one is good
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6 years ago, jb rides
Awful ads
At some point this app got updated to include ads, which have been placed directly over the corner to turn the page. Used to be my toddlers favorite app. Now he can’t play it because all he does it touch the ad.
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5 years ago, mrswiggy19
the 3rd monster at the end of this book is upcoming
rate acepted!
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13 years ago, SnortyBoar
Classic story gets brilliant multimedia treatment
2.0 Update: I am very happy to finally award a full 5 stars to this app now that Callaway has substantially reduced load times between pages and made it possible to interrupt the long introduction at the beginning. Thank you for listening to customers and improving an already delightful app. Like many other reviewers, I loved this book as a child, loved sharing it with my kids when they were young, and am delighted to see come to life as an interactive app. It really helps to start with terrific content! The production values are top-notch: believable Grover voicing, great sound effects and engaging interactive animations. Callaway has really improved on the original with these additions. The only reason I can't give it an enthusiastic 5 stars right now is that it has some annoying behaviors as an app. Most important are the crashes: even after rebooting my iPad I've had it crash when tickling Grover's tummy and when turning page after untying the ropes. For a kid's app, crashing bugs are unacceptable. Others also rightfully complain about the lag time between pages that mar the immersive experience. And the home buttons should be active always, even during Grover's (long) preamble to a page. Address these concerns and I'll be happy to give it a full five stars.
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13 years ago, William Joseph
Best Kids Book App I've Seen
The title sums it all up nicely. The best part of this app, in my mind, is the fact that my kids recite it with Grover word for word. I have twins, both of which have speech delays (my daughter only slightly, my son much more so) and hearing them try to work out the words with Grover to being able to recite it if I read them their hard copy of the book is just amazing to me. Even when we read the real book my kids will try to tickle Grover or try to interact with the book in all the ways you can with the app. I wish more app books were like this. I've tried the Disney ones and found them lacking by comparison. Last comment I'll make; I remember this book from when I was a child and being able to share that link to it with my kids is wonderful.
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13 years ago, Snapperlicious
cute book poor coding
The book is really cute, and my girls love it. So far they have laughed every time we play it. I wish there was more interaction in the book. For instance, I think the Mickey Mouse Halloween book has more interaction with finding the ghosts on every page and the multiple puzzles that have to be solved. Aside from the page flipping, I think this book only has 3 pages with interaction and the interaction is pretty simple and not very thought provoking even for my 3 year old. My biggest complaint is with the delays between each page. It takes a fair amount of time between pages, and it really ruins the flow and narration of the book. I have seen other books with just as much animation that have a much more seamless transition from page to page. It is worth the introductory price of $1, but I am not sure I would pay anymore than that in its current state.
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13 years ago, KBeat
Perfect iPad Book for Children
I've downloaded a number of iPad books for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She enjoys them, but they drive me nuts because all she wants to do is endlessly click on all the interactive nonsense. Over and over and over with the little things that make noise, pop up, shake, etc. all the while ignoring the story. This book is different. It has my daughter riveted every time we read it, and the few interactive sections are actually related to the story and truly enhance the story it rather than distracting from it. She was scared and nervous with Grover the first time about getting to the monster at the end. I can't recommend this enough and hope future developers of children's books for the iPad will follow this lead.
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13 years ago, D.P. Stein
Fantastic App/Book
When evaluating if I wanted to get an iPad instead of a laptop, I borrowed my coworkers 1st Gen iPad to get a feel for the OS and available apps. He has a son a little older than mine, and when I found his kids app folder, this Grover app was in there. Playing with it for just a minute, this (and a couple of other apps) sealed the deal for me. I just bought and watched the whole thing with my son, and I have to say this is the best children's app that I've seen to date. I will check out the Thomas apps pointed out by a different reviewer, but I pray that more Sesame Street books are released in this format. Fun presentation, funny jokes even for adults, will be coming back to this app again over and over again.
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12 years ago, KitsunePlays
Everybodeee Loves This Monster
Oh how I loved this book as a kid. It always made me giggle. But this super, delicious interactive version?! I laughed so hard I cried. I untied knots, pulled out nails and broke through a brick wall. The helpful hints were very well done. I don't have children but really appreciated the effort put in to giving advice and tips for helping children deal with their fears. Buy, claim as your own by putting your name on the bookplate and get ready to greet the lovable, furry, interactive Grover. Listen, laugh and don't be too quick to turn those pages. Tap on Grover for a few extra grovels. I've went through it over and over, shared with multiple adults and yes, this nearly 40 year-old giggles every time.
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13 years ago, Mar del Sud
I was expecting a lot more to this app. There is absolutely no story to the book. Each page is just another variation on the same, "Don't turn the page, there's a monster at the end of this book". That's not a story. It's the start of a story. Graphically, the app could have used more colors & visuals. Obviously a lot of work did go into this app, but the storytelling needs further work. Also, technically, each turn of the page on an iPad 1 was slow, causing a wait indicator to appear before the next page appeared. The pop-up notes to parents with suggestions is pointless. As parents we can figure out those things out ourselves. Make the pop-ups for the child, not the parent. I do like the character of Grover & would like to see more engaging apps for a child. The developer has much better apps. I would suggest getting some of the other Callaway apps for children before purchasing this one.
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13 years ago, Chief Keith
Awesome rendition of beloved book from my childhood
When I was 6, I was hit by a car and had my jaw wired shut. My mother bought the book for me and laughed the whole way through, encouraging me NOT to laugh because of my jaw. This book has been read to all of my children and my granddaughter. I was curious how they would work the app version and was very impressed. The audio sounds like Grover and the interaction and animation throughout the book is incredibly done. Only once did I think, "I wouldn't have said it that way" to the Grover voice's reading of the text. This is a must have for anyone with children, or wanting to remember their childhood - I fit both categories.
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13 years ago, AmyUXD
Perfect Medium for the Perfect Children's Book
Now this is exactly what I've been looking for! The iPad is a perfect platform for creating a rich, engaging experience with one of the all time best kids' books. And Sesame Street comes through with flying colors. Once I was able to pry it away from my husband, our children completely enjoyed interacting with this book. Before the last update it was a little glitchy, but now it performs perfectly. And at the current 99 cents, it's a steal. I purchased one of the Bert and Ernie books for $3.99 and was completely disappointed with it. But The Monster at the End of this Book is a gem. Nicely done, Sesame Workshop!
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10 years ago, Bklynlorider
Faithful to a classic!
Ad? What ad? There's no ad. I thought maybe they'd updated the app but I just checked & no ad. I know some kids apps need the $ but I'm glad this one is staying pure. It's a favorite of our niece and our family. This app didn't try to rewrite what has always been a favorite on our bookshelf. It's a really faithful version that feels true to the intentions of the writer. Just a really sweet and funny interplay with Grover, with only enough bells and whistles to keep her focused on the story. It makes her laugh every time, a giggle that I can't get enough of. A good segue for us from play and TV watching (Frozen for the 1000th time) to our bedtime book. A ritual that's still paper, by the way.
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12 years ago, haydesigner
Amazingly great!!!
A rare, rare instance of an app not only being better than the original book, but bringing it to a new level of excellence and interaction. (And as a young child many years ago, I *really* liked the book!) Honestly, this application is perhaps the pinnacle, a shining example of how to improve something by utilizing the basics of the iPad. It brings out a whole new dimension that the book hints at, but could obviously never achieve. Genuine kudos to the developers and Sesame Street for bringing such a great product and setting new standards for our children. My 2-year-old toddler loves this book app, and is easily the one he opens the most.
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13 years ago, cmdavis3rd
App okay, here's fix for sound issues
The app was okay. I loved this book as a kid so when I saw it, I had to get it. The transitions between pages seems slow compared to the other interactive books i've bought. The delay is so long that my daughter kept asking if we were at the end. There was also a sound issue that I have seen others have a problem with. **Here is how to fix the No Sound Issue (at least it fixed it for me)** Make sure that the Side Switch is set to Mute and NOT Rotation Lock as found in Settings - > General. I had mine set for orientation lock and would not get any sound. As soon as I did that, I was able to get sound. Hopefully in future versions they will fix that oversight and speed up the transitions.
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13 years ago, MsMoochick
A kid again!!
Aside from being absolutely ADORABLE, this app literally brought me back in time. This was one of my favorite books as a child, and to see Grover come to life - and to be able interact with him - is completely amazing. It pleases me to no end that children of this generation (and future!) will know and love this story as I have. The app itself is beautifully designed and constructed - and very clever. It's easy to use, and I didn't encounter any technical issues. I'm excited to find the MONSTER at the end of the app with the children (and adults!) in my family during the holiday!
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13 years ago, Ron from Oswego
An e-Book done right!!!
This is a perfect example of a book that was meant to be on the iPad. The original book is very cute, but it becomes so much more when you hear Grover actually pleading with you to not turn the pages and when you actually interact with the book to overcome Grover's obstacles. My daughters (4 and 6) love this book and even after reading it 10 times, they still giggle as they read it. My only issue with these types of books is that they become less of a "reading" experience and more like watching a TV show.
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13 years ago, Lifelong Sesame Street Fan
Love it! Please Make More!
I loved this book growing up, and this interactive version definitely pulled at my heartstrings. My husband and I hope that when we have kids in the not-too-distant future that we will be able to share our hard copy, and now this interactive version, of this book with them. Grover is my favorite character, and I also loved his "Would You Like To Play Hide & Seek In This Book With Lovable, Furry Old Grover." I think this interactive style would be PERFECT for it. Please make this book in the same style! I hope to see it out in the future! :)
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13 years ago, LoungerKC
Great idea, fun animation, but way to slow and laggy.
My kids love this app, except for all the waiting for pages to load, and inconsistent interactivity. This could easily be a homerun if they did some usability testing. I mean come on, blank pages load, you wait for five seconds before anything happens. Buttons show interactivity, then pause it, for several seconds before you can click on them. Then, after several pages of you clicking to make things happen, they just give up on that idea and the book does it without your input. This could easily be a homerun, and my kids did smile throughout, but it is a poor example of useability.
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12 years ago, Sylvercz
Kids love it!
When I was a kid, I loved this book. Then in college, I was a pre-school teacher, and those kids loved it too. Now, I'm an ESL teacher overseas, and when I saw there was a digital book, I had to have it! Since I bought this book, some of my young students have read it dozens of times. I let them choose one or two books at the end of the lesson and this one is always at the top of the list. I have just bought the sequel, and look forward to sharing it with my kids. I hope there will be many more to come!
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13 years ago, Bratkat78
Monster at the end of the book
Def 5 stars. This is by the far the most interactive and entertaining book/app for children I have come across thus far. My 4 year son never seems to tire of it even 6 months later. Keeps children involved and they feel like part of the story. From tickling Grover to make him let go of the ropes or knocking down a brick wall to c grover's reaction about the mess created. I wish there were more books out there as good as this one. Some are close but none quite measure up.
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12 years ago, VTMom24
Favorite book app for kids
This the best book app I've seen for kids. The interaction and animation are top notch. Given a choice, my 20 month old twins and 4 year old almost always choose this book from my iPad. Parent tips are helpful and the interaction is mostly optional (they can just flip the pages and hear the story without having to complete any interactive steps). I think this one is FAR superior to the second one (Another Monster at the End of This Book).
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13 years ago, the sleeper has awakened
I'm a big fan of the original book, and i think someone could make an awesome application of it for the ipad. this is NOT that application! this app is SLOW and BUGGY (crashes all the time!), but it's also so poorly designed that even if it ran as intended you wouldn't want to use it. the app works nothing like an ibook. feels like a clunky old cd-rom. you're stuck on every page until animations complete, there's no easy way to go backwards, and the pages load so slowly you're stuck looking at a blank page for ever! absolutely NOT KID-FRIENDLY. but if you're a fan of the original at all, the book is NOT ADULT-FRIENDLY either. what a disappointment. even at $0.99 it's NOT WORTH IT. i'm trying to figure out a way to get my money back. AVOID!
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13 years ago, Greer41
Enough Already! Good Stuff!
I never write reviews, but after reading some for this book and "Don't let the Pigeon..." I had to. I had enough of people complaining about the price and what you get. Apparently to some, developers should give their products away. This book and "Pigeon" are the two best books in the App Store, hands down. A paper book of either is just as much, if not more. Between my 4 year old and the elementary classes I teach, not one kid did not enjoy them.
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13 years ago, NVegas
Grover Audio didn't work initially after install.
Audio for Grover didn't play correctly on our iPAD 2 (iOS5) initially after install from the App store. Background noise played, but Grover's voice couldn't be heard after page 2. Noticed in the reviews that lots of other's are having problems with Grover's audio too. Problem fixed itself after I powered down my iPad and powered it back up. Now the audio plays great and my kids are really enjoying the book. If you experience audio problems trying the power down/power trick to see if it helps.
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13 years ago, JasCa12345
Happy Dad
Only Sesame Street could create an app that is completely accurate to the book (been reading or having this book read to me for 28 years now-as a child and now to my daughter) and still educational! My three year old really got into it! She knows the book and this is an AMAZING compliment! Totally impressed! Will buy similar apps from same maker and Sesame Street in the future. Careful, more material like this and children will want to read the rest of their lives!!!
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13 years ago, Am static
Definite favorite!
We have several other animated books and Disney puzzle books. This is by far my 3 year old boy's favorite! It was a favorite story of mine when I was a child, and I love that he loves it, too. He's lucky to have Grover himself reading the book. Although he loves to watch Dora and Diego, my son does not usually interact with that type of show. with this book, he's answering Grover as well as calling to him when he's not on the screen. It's so fun for me to see him enjoy anything this much!
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13 years ago, SmeeIsMe
Love it
I read this book to my son when he was 2 going on 3. We read it so much that he had it memorized quite early on. It truly is one of his favorite books still to this day and he is 5. We love this app because it is interactive and it takes our favorite story to a whole new dimension. Thank you for making this story into an app. We also enjoy "Another Monster at the End of this Book" book and app. I wish more classics to be interactive apps for his inquisitive mind.
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7 years ago, Bu113t
If I could have 1 wish...
It would be nice if there was an option to read through the book without the animation/audio as well. This would help children learn to read from the book (as it was originally intended). This was my favorite book growing up, and I'm very happy that it is now available on the iPad. Please tell me you will be updating this app to 64-bit soon. It will be terribly sad to see it no longer work after iOS 11 is released.
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10 years ago, smallwisdom
Loved it as a kid and my son loves it now!
This was one of my favorite books as a kid and I downloaded the first version on my iPad 1 when my son was 1 year old. Three years later, it is still one of his favorite apps and gets played frequently. I will warn though that it is important to "read" it together a few times before letting your child play it on his own. It can be too scary, otherwise. Calloway makes some fantastic apps and this is one of them.
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13 years ago, RDVSLP
WELL worth the money!!
This was one of my favorite stories as a child and now it is even better with this interactive book! I work with preschool children and they are absolutely mesmerized by the interative app and Grover's funny antics. The story is faster paced that many others; only a few sentences on each page keep the kids enthralled. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel with Elmo and Grover: Another Monster at the End of This Book!!! If not that story, then more apps like this one, please!!
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13 years ago, missre523
totally impressed
I am revising my review and giving 5 stars because it is rare today to find a company that truly cares,but these people do. I couldn't get this app to work on my 2nd gen itouch, so I wrote them to ask for help, and they were prompt and courteous in their reply and did all they could to put my satisfaction first. I thank them for the help and wish them every success, because they have earned it.
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12 years ago, DroogieJenny
Well done!
This app has taken a story that was read to me as a child, that I have now read to all of my children and turned it into a beautiful experience for myself as well as my childen, even my 14 year old has fun with it. I brought it to my son's kindergarten class, as the entire class was enthralled. Anyone that has ever read this book would love this app. Now if only they could make an app for Oscar's Book, That would be awesome too!
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12 years ago, Chadchcggcggkujve
Love it!
I got this app for free with Starbucks. I downloaded it while my son was napping, and I read it several times! I found it hysterical and I'm 33 but I'm easily entertained😜 my 21 month old is constantly asking for "Grover" the only thing that could make this better is a lock feature (kids and buttons) to keep them from repeatedly exiting the app and wanting it reopened. That's a little frustrating.
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13 years ago, Murph IA
Excellent! Now give us the sequel!!!!!
This app is exactly why I bought an iPad. Thank you for making this book into an interactive adventure. I loved it as a kid. It's even better on the iPad. NOW PLEASE GIVE US "ANOTHER MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK" The sequel that also has Elmo is my son's favorite. We've worn that book out. I know it would be a huge hit as an App. Thanks again for making a great one and we look forward to the sequel (PLEASE!!!!!!).
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10 years ago, jconradreese
I have a 5 year old daughter with down syndrome. This is her favorite app, and she squeals everytime she sees the iPad: "Mooonster!" We never get tired of this application. As a programmer and web designer, I never get tired of its complete perfection in design. Initially I was annoyed that you had to wait for the page to be read before any further action could be taken, but after thinking about more was glad that my daughter had to wait and couldn't just start poking at everything. It's filled with surprises and little gems that make it interesting on multiple rereads, and is truly just a beautiful application - easy to use, entertaining, and the perfect amount of silliness. Thank you for all the effort and thought that went into making this.
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13 years ago, cranford
We all Love it
This is a family favorite. We have the original book and love it, in fact I've had it since I was a child. My kids 4 and 2 love this app too. They ask for it over and over. They love the interactive parts. The latest update that makes each page load faster is awesome! Thanks and please make more like this one...maybe something with Elmo.
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13 years ago, Metro800
One of the Greatest Books EVER!
THis is a perfect book for all kids - of any age ... about anticipating and assuming too much - a great lesson even for adults! :-) ... Now read by GROVER - What more could you want? Wave furry blue arms about celebration time! Buy it now and treasure it forever! (BTW, if this app or any app is crashing your iPad (or iPhone), be sure to power it down and power it back up - most times it's just a memory issue).
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13 years ago, NashvilleNewman
Callaway Arts also did the Thomas Misty Island Rescue app (how bout Hero Of The Rails? Hint hint) and it's just as great as this classic Grover book I had when I was a child. My 2 year old loves them both. I'm praying that they do more children's apps because they NAIL IT. Great looking, educational and fun. The new update improves upon an app that I already thought was perfect. Major kudos to Callaway. p.s. Avoid the HIT Entertainment Thomas apps out there. They are garbage.
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13 years ago, jclowardtimes3
Better when less expensive :(
I have had this book app for several months now. Don't get me wrong, this is a GREAT app, and I've had no problems. I just noticed that when I came to leave my review, they price had gone way up. I only paid 99 cents. Maybe this was a promotional gimmick to get people to purchase it. Why when there's a great app at a fabulous price does greed have gto set in? All in all, no complaints. Please have more books become apps like this, and KEEP THE PRICE LOW!!!!
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