The North Face

4.2 (8.5K)
86.9 MB
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Current version
The North Face, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for The North Face

4.19 out of 5
8.5K Ratings
3 years ago, ABr87
Improvements needed.
The App works ok but I think it needs more improvements. For example, the ho back button takes you back to the main menu instead of the page you were in. It also needs to keep you signed in instead of logging you out every time. It also needs an improvement as to how to get to your rewards faster.
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4 years ago, Cogsmith
Decent App
This app is fairly well constructed and beautifully designed, however there are some minor flaws that the developer should take into consideration. Customers don’t like logging in every time they re-open the app especially if they only temporarily closed it to go to a text and come back finding they have to login again. One payment is accepted, VIP points should be automatically added and reflect the current balance. Lastly I enjoy the store locator and the apparel and the idea behind the brand. Never Stop Exploring, it should be something the company follows as well. Ideally the customer wants more than the nice clothes, they want to achieve their dream destinations and explore. If there is any chance that could happen, I think the app would be significantly improved. Thanks again for providing a wonderful product.
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7 years ago, 225 Baton Rouge
Great app
I have always loved the north face and the app is just another reason. I absolutely love the quality of the tent I just bought. I wish I would have known about the points and checking in could have gotten me s bunch of points but the cashier never said s word about it. U think u guys could just hook me up with half of the points at least? I bought a talus 2 tent and s rain protector for my bag and I also could have checked in I spend well over $250 plus I could have checked in at the galleria in Houston but didn't have a clue. I live in Alexandria, La so it's not real easy to just go to that store. Please help u guys I deserve these points as much as I buy from u guys. Keep up the good work.
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7 years ago, Jeff Armstrong
Nice App, May Need Some Work
Update: I had some difficulty in getting the reward points for downloading the app, but it turns out the issue was more on my end with more than one profile. The developer emailed me very quickly and was able to resolve the issue just as fast. Great service, even better products! Overall I like the App, but I've never received my 500 bonus points for downloading it and signing in. Every time I open it up, I get a message that it can't reward me the 500 points and to try again later. That's been 2 weeks or more. Easy to use, holds my data and has all the content you'd want. Just please fix the rewards points.
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7 months ago, Xavi Ba
Very buggy and hard to use
Just use any computer if you have one. You can get the basics done but it’s disappointing that such a big brand can’t have a functional app. The app will constantly shift as you load things or scroll, making you lose where you are. The functions barely work and are very buggy. Most of the time the app would not recognize me as signed in, even if I signed in multiple time. Somehow certain parts of the app would recognize me as signed in, but as soon as I need to do something important I, wasn’t signed in. The screen kept bugging out so I wasn’t able to go to multiple pages or sign in pages at all. Just decided to stop trying to redeem my rewards points at all. Interesting that the only thing that worked was the checkout.
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3 years ago, Xxlitforce1xX
This needs work
This app needs work for sure, I literally add stuff to my cart and the icon on the bottom doesn’t even work, only the one that does work is the one at the top right of the screen that lingers for like 2.5 seconds, and not only that, why am I able to add favorites if I can’t even view them? I always add favorites so next time I want to buy clothes from a certain store I already know what I’m gonna buy, and not only that, but why doesn’t It save my profile when I sign in, every time I re-open the app, It always says sign in even though I already signed in last time, and when I do it doesn’t work and it’s so frustrating, there is just a lot of features here that need to be fixed/worked on.
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8 months ago, timsweet21
1. The Xplorer pass should be INSTANTLY entered the minute your points register. Why are there periods to where after the rewards kick in, you still have to wait THREE MONTHS after the period that you already have to wait for to kick in. Spent a lot of money and I’m supposed to have a lot more points but I have only $20 to spend right now until a certain time period kicks in to get the rest to spend?? Doesn’t make sense to me. 2. I COULDN'T EVEN SPEND THE $20 I did have towards my purchase because I COULDN’T EVEN SIGN IN TO THE XPLORER PASS UPON CHECKOUT!!! When I clicked to sign in to the Xplorer pass on the checkout page, it went to a completely white screen so I couldn’t even spend the little $20 bucks to go towards a product that I have to pay FULL PRICE for THE ONLY JACKET I WANTED that NEVER goes on sale and I can’t even spend my Xplorer pass money because it’s not working properly. Wondering if it was designed that way. As a customer of over 30 years, it’s disappointing to have to go through this at a time where technology is great in making purchases easier. Disappointed, but still loyal.
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5 years ago, Yessirimsofat
Slow App
I have had the app for a good 9 months now. I have been very disappointed on how much persistent lag I get while on amazing internet connection and or full LTE service. I just want to even switch to view a different color of the same hoody and it takes minutes for it to transition to the next color and even then it comes up on my phone piece by piece only allowing me to see a little portion of the hoody. And I am on the most updated iPhone to date with all the proper software updates!!! I have even tried re-downloading the app and nothing changes for the better. I would rather waste gas driving to a North Face store than fight the app every time I open it... I have faith that The North Face team will fix it in time, but for now 2 stars!!!
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4 years ago, Jeanelle S.
Too many bugs, app needs major QA overhaul
Finding so many bugs in this app. It’s pretty ridiculous. Can’t stand the fact that I keep getting booted and have to constantly log back in. Facial recognition is enabled yet doesn’t work. Uploading photos to your reviews doesn’t work - you get stuck in your device’s albums with no way out. Super slow to load when using the search functionality. This app is annoying the hell out of me. Deleting it and just going to use the website from now on. I’ve given this app way too many chances. Update - the website is just as bad as the stupid app lol starting to think things are just iframed from the website - try viewing women’s jackets on the app versus website it’s the same annoying buggy experience. Gonna shop at patagonia now. Lol.
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5 years ago, mhendryx1
Not recognizing my profile in stores
I have purchased 2 north face coats in the past week. I purchased one online and the other I purchased in the store. When I went to the store they said I wasn’t in the system to use my VIPeak membership?? I have the app on my phone and I used the app to purchase my coat on line. So how could I not be in the system. So today I called customer support to have them add my purchase to the VIPeak membership and her reason was it was probably giving the cashier a error message. He never said anything about an error message. In fact he had to take all of my information again and enter it into the computer. So now I possibly have 2 accounts? I am so upset about this...why have an app if it doesn’t work well or link up with the entire system properly.
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4 years ago, harp4914
Love North Face just not the app!
I love shopping at North Face but the app has had issues for some time now! Anytime I click on an item and when I want to go back to the previous page it takes me back to the main page every single time just a little frustrating. A lot of lag time when clicking on any item... and no it’s not my internet. Another thing is that I was just on the app and I wanted to purchase a hat and it said next to the price it was 30 percent off and it would calculate that in the cart check out, of course it didn’t and I tried several different times, oh well guess it wasn’t meant to be to buy that hat!!!
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6 years ago, hannahbc07
Horrible - Should be in beta!
I’m used to the ease of use on such apps as REI and Backcountry but this app leaves much to be desired. When searching for a group of items such as “steep series” it allows me to select an item to view but absolutely no way to return to my previous search. This is extremely frustrating when multiple filters are applied then subsequently lost due to the inability to return to the search. An addition, I removed two items from my cart and “saved for later” and the tax DID NOT automatically recalculate for the one item left in my cart. I had to manually go into that item and “update” to have the tax calculated correctly. This is a major oversight to the checkout function. There’s much more to improve here.
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6 years ago, reader134567
Where do I begin? Many to list
The sign in doesn’t work so you can’t log into your account. You start browsing items but if you click one for details, there is no going back so you have to start browsing from the beginning. The North Face in general has one of the bad customer service brands out there so e mailing to customer service with issues won’t do much. The North Face should be glad that the weather is cold here and there are not many stores that make snow jackets. It is like dealing with Abercrombie & Fitch (in the past). The brand has cool image so every young ppl want to wear it but it’s got this bad customer service with attitude just like employees at Abercrombie & Fitch. You think of snow jacket and it’s this brand that is “Cool”. It’s a shame this good brand has such an attitude.
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2 years ago, ncjekfnzmms
App Does NOT work
I downloaded the app a month ago and deleted it out of frustration. I got it again and it has not changed. I made an account multiple times changed my password multiple times yet it still does not let me sign in. I even emailed them multiple time and didn’t get a reply back. I tried 3 different emails- it lets me make an account but when its time to log in it says my password is incorrect. Even when I save the password I use the face ID, so theres no way I’m getting the password wrong. It still WILL NOT let me sign in, making it difficult to order anything. Also the app is slow and does freeze. Overall the app needs many fixes. An email back would be great
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3 years ago, jaju
Remarkably Bad
The North Face is great, but the app is super annoying. The navigation is painful it’s hard to explain. You click into a product image then you can’t return to the product you have to go find it and click through everything again. Over and over again as you look through products. You have to click through links trying to get you to sign into their rewards program (which is actually useless), and it doesn’t remember who you are when you come back. Glitchy in lots of ways. I would recommend just using your browser instead. This app just shows a web page anyway, but slower and somehow way worse than using a browser.
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7 years ago, HardMode89
Everything I Need, Right Here
This app has everything I need, right at my fingertips. Manage everything on your TNF account form points to upcoming events, all in one place. Love everything by The North Face, my favorite brand. Okay, so I'm a little partial to them. But it's still a benchmark application in the world of rewards programs. Unlike the other guys, using The North Face's reward program seems like a reward in itself. These developers get it: people don't like red tape, so they Gold plated everything! Not enough good things to say, beautiful app!
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5 years ago, Meegz17
App problems
I absolutely love TNF & their products. But, the app could use some work for a couple reasons. Logging in: After entering my password correctly multiple times & being told either my email or password were incorrect, I changed my pw. Only to encounter the same exact problem the next time I tried logging in. After closing out the app multiple times & reopening it I was finally able to log in. Navigation: I had multiple problems with navigation & adding things to my cart. Things not showing up between sessions & then after adding an item again, the previous things were all the sudden there again plus what I’d added for a second time. Also, choosing a product to look at & trouble going back to the previous page I was looking at (having to start over from page 1 & figure out where I left off). This will absolutely not stop me from buying, wearing or ordering TNF products; I just wanted to provide some feedback on what could make the app experience better :)
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5 years ago, Aordan1
Good app but very buggy
I gave 5 stars just because I love north face so much but the app has been quite frustrating for me. It logs me out every single time i open/close it which is it that big of a deal to login it is just annoying. More seriously it crashes frequently when trying to switch pages within the app. Or they simply do not load. In the end this won’t stop me from being a hardcore fan but it may others. just a note on things to fix. love you guys
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7 years ago, Lyst247
Great all-inclusive app
Everything I could need in one place. The check-in feature looks really cool, but I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. The only problem I've found when shopping is you can't look at an item and then go back to your search results; you have to start all over every time which is annoying. I had some trouble in the beginning with getting my points correct in my app but I called customer service and they were great!
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3 years ago, rymy98
App isn’t built for mobile use
I’ve tried to access the north face app myriad times via my iPhone 12 Max Pro and I struggle with getting it to load, as well as, having to sign in every time I want to use my account to get points. Also, the pages won’t let me load the next products once I get to the bottom sometimes. On another note, the frequency of the releases and restock is not available enough to be charging such absorbent prices. If I’m paying extra, not only should the quality of the product be up to par, but the services and price points should be reasonable.
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5 years ago, ZaraC1
Skip the app and just use the mobile site
The app and loyalty experience is frankly awful. The app is synced with my loyalty points but shows 0 points no matter how many I have. Despite being logged in the app recognizes almost nothing about me. When it comes time to order I always have to re-enter my information. Claiming loyalty points doesn’t work. Site recommendations are for women’s clothing despite me exclusively purchasing men’s apparel. I spend a few hundred dollars with TNF eve year because the products are great. The app and loyalty program are so bad I would consider going to a competitor bc it makes you question the entire organizations competence. Sounds dramatic but it really is that bad.
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2 years ago, 2ru.....,
Focus on your products and not social agendas please
North face seems to be more focused on pushing their social agendas rather than putting that effort on launching quality products that people want. As both a customer and an company investor I expect more focus on the actual products as that is what the consumer wants and what drives the company’s engine. The divisive social agendas alienates a large portion of your targeted audience whether it was intended or not. Please don’t forget the majority of your consumers as we are starting to notice and will be voting with our wallets on what brands we are willing to support and support us. Thanks for listening. I doubt I am alone in these thoughts.
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4 years ago, Wolfgang2145669
App Functions
When I scroll through the men’s section and I go to the bottom to try to click the button “see more results” I cannot click it because the app navigation tools at the bottom cover up the button to click. So anyone trying to browse a certain section cannot pass the first page of listings. Also, I have 5060 points in my account, but the VIPeaks bar is only loaded to a little past 4000. Just those little issues could be fixed, but other than that the app is fairly easy to work with.
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2 years ago, Shawn Bataju
Auto log out!! + bugs
1. Please fix the issue where we are automatically logged out everytime we minimize the app. It is very frustrating to have to log in every single time even after a short time away from the app. 2. Additionally, once you open a product from the cart, I can’t find a way to go back to the cart without completely closing the app and opening it back again. 3. Search feature shows duplicates and is not smart enough to recognize minor spelling errors or different order of words in a product name. 4. App is extremely slow! 5. North face has amazing products and today many people who prefer to shop from their phones. Please make this a PRIORITY and give some time and effort to fixing these issues. I’m sure if this is actually made a priority it can be fixed as it has been an issue for a long time according to other people’s comments.
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6 years ago, rita1010101
Fix the app
The product that TNF sells is amazing. But your app is subpar. Make the app equal to your product. When I try and add something to the cart to save for later it will make me log back into my VIP peak rewards account. But I was already logged into it so it crashes the application. Than I try and reopen the application and the items that I put into my bag are gone. Make the application the same quality as your products please. P.S. YOU MAKE THE GREATEST JACKETS EVER!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, coalcanyon
Love the product not the app
I purchase a lot of items from this manufacturer. Some at their store, some online, and some at other retailers. I really like their clothes and shoes. I do not like the app! When I click on an item to read the description and look at the photos and then hit the back button it doesn’t take me back to where I left off. Instead I’m taken back to the menu list. This makes it very time consuming and inconvenient to use the app. I don’t have this problem when I do my shopping online. So I only use the app when I can’t get to my laptop. This should be fixed.
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4 years ago, iReviewWhenNecessary
Needs Improvement
App constantly lags, glitches and signs me out which gets frustrating after a while and the VIPeak doesn’t work...? I’ve deleted the app twice and it still gives me issues. Nothing ever saves in my cart after really searching for items I want to buy which, in the end, I don’t end up buying because of how annoying it is. Not to mention the number of times I’ve had to change my password because it doesn’t recognize my account. Points never add up. What’s the point?! Probably won’t order from NorthFace online because of the issues and the nearest not near so there goes that.
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5 years ago, Colbert-54
One of the worst shopping apps
I love North face clothes, and the vast majority of my wardrobe is north face. However, I CANNOT stand using this app. I’ll list some of the terrible shortcomings of this disappointment. 1. This app takes forever to load even when you have a solid, good connection. You’ll wait upwards of 30 seconds to a minute just for the page of an item to load. 2. The app makes you log into your account every single time you close the app 3. The app doesn’t have a back button when you’re going through a sale. For example, if you’re looking at 10 shirts for the summer sale. If you click on one, then click back to look at the other shirts again, you’ll end up at the home screen. It’s absolutely infuriating. This app has 100% lost sales from me because of its problems. It’s very sad because It has a solid outline of a good app, but the technicalities absolute ruin it.
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5 years ago, Suunaabas
Disregard for user feedback
Reading through the reviews it se ms after a year of complaints, they still haven’t fixed the “back” button. It still resets everything the user was doing before viewing a selction. On top of that, it is by far the slowest app on my ipad. Most selections made leave the user staring at a “loading” icon in excess of 30 sconds (and I say 30 because after that I hit ‘back’ and have to start all over again). With the ludicrous pricing, I’d have hoped they could afford to put out a shopping app that performed well so people could waste cash easier. Oh well, their loss.
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9 months ago, Diskord
Buggy: Use a browser and not this app.
Please fix this buggy app. Checking out is difficult because it is always trying to sign in. Accessing past orders keeps trying to sign in and it loops continuously: signing in and then loading and signing in again. The same goes trying to access XPLR Pass: it keeps signing in, loads and cycles the same over and over by signing in—when I am already signed in. I have to log out and log back in a lot to update shopping cart or check past orders. I order and browse TNF on a browser, leaving this app unusable.
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5 years ago, WONZTAZ
Good but there’s some aren’t perfect...
The app glitches sometimes and kinda buggy , plus some of the items don’t say that there out of stocks when you already place the order for that specific item that’s what me and my wife ran into recently but no big deal for us but for some it’ll probably be irrelevant. Oh and lastly sometime the apps can’t load up the pages.
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4 years ago, ..savs..
Too many bugs
The app is pretty much useless due to bugs. I couldn’t become a VIPeak member in-app (just said “unavailable.”) If you have items in the cart and want to go back to the item detail page, it only lets you change the size or color when you click on the item. The last straw was when I put 6 items in my cart after carefully reviewing for hours, and when I went back to my cart all the items had been removed. I never signed out of my account. I will only be able to buy online through their desktop app, I guess.
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6 years ago, dasilverwelshman
The North Face’s Biggest Fan
Let’s face it, I’m probably The North Face’s biggest fan on the planet. Needless to say, I’m extremely obsessed with their products, and I own quite a few. They simply make the best products with the highest quality, which products you can always rely on, and that’s why I’m giving the brand (not the app) a five-star review. The app itself needs some maintenance and attention- It never saves the items I put in my cart; It takes a long time to load; It never saves my email, so I have to enter it and my password every time. Could do with the Touch ID; Over all, it’s a decent app and I have no major complaints. Thanks for accompanying me on all my adventures, The North Face! Never stop exploring!
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4 years ago, Spoofles
Want to like, Buggy though.
I want to like the app but bugs throughout is discouraging. You click the back arrow to go back one page, it’s a gamble if it will go back one or two pages. I attempted to buy a pair of shorts and got the “you do not have permission to view this page” boof payment error screen. Ended up fulfilling order with computer and it went through without issue. Clean layout and nice aesthetic either way. Hope all is well!
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5 years ago, adnamamaharg
Too buggy
Overall, a pretty terrible app. It’s always buggy with pages that you were just on suddenly now not loading, including your cart. Some pages just don’t work at all ever, such as the women’s tights & leggings pants page, where it just takes you to a screen saying “the page you’ve requested was eaten” - and it’s been like this since I downloaded the app months ago. Other times, the app just takes forever to load anything. This app is a fail. Just go to the webpage on safari - it’ll be quicker, which makes zero sense.
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7 years ago, Carmika
Trouble when checking out
I love The North Face brand and everything about it. I also love the app it is very easy to use and it’s super convenient. The only issue I have come across is when I am checking out and I have to enter my card information. It will say there was an error, so I will have to get out of the app completely and renter my information and that usually works. Other than this it is a great app.
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1 year ago, IMHO2017
They tease you with sales for stuff nobody wants
The north face makes good products but they do not truly hav sales. They just send a ton of emails and texts about sales on the color of something nobody actually wants to buy. I had a product fail to be rainproof and called them. They said they would replace the item but instead sent a gift card and I had to pay additional cost as well as shipping and tax to actually replace the item. I would not have sent it in if I had known they would do that. They lie to customers to get them to spend more money.
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4 months ago, AnnoyedinChicago
This app is the worst
I do plenty of online shopping & have apps for my favorite stores. This is by far the worst. Freezes and closes if I move around too much. Doesn’t allow me to log in when needed even though I’m logged into the app. So many purchases are paused because all of the glitches. The amount of times I’ve had something in my cart & have forgotten is annoying. I almost always have to go online through the browser to make purchases. Waste.
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6 years ago, ~Ever~Green~
Looking for a bug fix
I just downloaded the North Face app tonight after I got a “suggested post” on my instagram showing me some really pretty gym tights, and I can’t wait to order those tights, but when I try to navigate to bottoms-leggings and tights, I keep getting a message that “...the page you requested was eaten, goats do crazy things...” LOL, what? I was able to put the tights in my basket by using the “search” but I don’t like having to do that every time I wand to look at tops or tights. Hoping you fix this soon.
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4 years ago, MissNikki72
The app is very hard to navigate. If you climb on an item to view the description and use the back button you can’t return to where you left off, it takes you back to the top of the page. I have been trying for a week to get it my app and it says it’s down for maintenance and to use the website. Also please add the warmth rating to all the hoodies and jackets. I shop using how warm the jackets are. Christmas shopping was a nightmare on this app. I wanted to buy jackets to fit the weather conditions in my state but some listed the warmth ratings and others did not.
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4 years ago, TiggyTheGhostGW
One problem
The app is great. The only problem is when I get to the bottom of a list of items and it says “see ** more” I can’t hit the button because it hides behind the buttons on the bottom (ex: cart, rewards, shop). I also dislike how when I search for “scarf” it brings up everything under the beanies and scarf category. Other than that I love the app.
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8 months ago, Ellerssss
Apple Pay function did not work
Made it very difficult and had to go through secure checkout— Then secure checkout was down and unable to place order. After backing out of the app and starting over 3 times I was finally able to place the order. Apple Pay kept saying payment failed when clearly it had not. Very frustrating. Understand it’s Black Friday but either have the IT to withstand the traffic or pull the site down…
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2 years ago, SlyyGuyy
Website and App
On multiple computers and multiple mobile devices, no matter if I am using the website version or the app version, once signed in, I am unable to view my favorites list. This issue has been going on for weeks. My friends do not have issue accessing their favorites list so I think there is an actual issue on their behalf with my account, there is no one I have been able to talk to when trying to find a resolution.
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4 years ago, dkkbd all
Doesn't load all options...
I've just become a recent fan of TNF. I downloaded the app and it's not a great experience. Nothing against TNF products but the app itself is a major issue. I downloaded the app about a month the ago. Search filters don't work. Purchase history doesn't load. Searching freezes constantly. So I just browse TNF via web browser and had to purchase there. Whenever I want to search something it may load sometimes but then things like filters don't want to work.
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6 years ago, mjb3033
I absolutely love the northface, it’s been a go too for casual gear and outdoor gear for a long time. This rating is strictly based on their app and the performance of the app. The app doesn’t always show you the correct item you are ordering, I have complained about this a few times to TNF app support and never hear anything back! Also, it glitches and won’t have a back button so you have to start all over and get annoying having to scroll all over again.
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6 years ago, anelsonmn87
Poor App but great products
Let me be clear, TNF products are great, but their app functions very poorly. The biggest issue seems to be with sign in and VIPeaks rewards. Even after signing in there are times it behaves as though you’re not signed in. Similar issues occur with the rewards program. You’ll be signed in and you can see your points, but once you click on your VIPeaks rewards, the next page says it doesn’t look like you’re a member. I can’t even get to the rewards catalog at all. The app needs work.
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7 years ago, )28.7:$37best app!
Good app.
Easy to find things when searching for them. You can't filter between men's and women's items though. For example I searched backpacks and it showed all of them but there was no way to filter between men's and women's. I also did not receive my 500 points for downloading the app, which is the main reason for downloading since I shop on my laptop for the majority of things solely to it being easier to see everything.
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6 years ago, Dee7878
Needs some improvement
I LOVE The North Face and I love the idea of the app. However, the app is very inconsistent. There are times when I click on an item to see other color options, but when I click the back arrow, sometimes it goes back to the shirt and sometimes it goes back to the choose ‘tops’ option. Also, I often have to log out and log back in just to check my accumulated VIPeal points. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s definitely a nuisance.
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5 years ago, Nareyaldrich
please fix this app
I've never liked writing anything bad or negative about anything on social networks or anything like that, but this app is so bad that this is necessary, I will start by saying that when you save something in the shopping cart here in the app does not appear also that it is very slow and full of problems and nothing I wanted to get out of it and re-enter and it was worse because I do not let myself in, ??? please north face seriously ??? So many hundreds and thousands of purchases and followers and you can't make the app work well?
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5 years ago, Teamjv
The app is terrible
This app is really buggy. Way to many Load screens that never load, sign in screens that never load and when shopping a particular section if you select an item to view when you try to use the back button it brings you all the way out to the main menu where you have to fight the load screens not loading again. Love the products, been using The North Face products for quite some time but the app needs major work.
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