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User Reviews for THE OUTNET: UP TO 70% OFF

4.85 out of 5
25.9K Ratings
5 years ago, sbaker81
The app x the after sales
The app is easy to manage and purchase but think well as if the product comes damaged you will be frustrated like me. There was no other pair 40 and suddenly after i got 40.5 , a 40 is available but none can advise if its damaged. I got without tags, without travel pouch and authencity card # which the first returned pair had all. The after sales is so poor , its very stressful to get an answer . There are shops with apps which are a way better to deal with the staff. Exchange or return is easy to do but when you actually inquire something about a product none bother to take the inquired answered they refer to a quality check team who they dont communicate with. At a real shop is another treatment ! No comparasion
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6 years ago, Helena Mikhaylov
New app is awful!
The Outnet has just gone through website and app update and it is absolutely horrible! You can’t see your past order details. Recent orders disappeared entirely. Old wish list did not save. Items that were in my shopping bag vanished and no longer exist under the designer name. Poor item descriptions and sizes are all mixed up and you cannot tell if you are looking at French or Italian sizing! The address got mixed up and I now have an address in there that I have not used in over a year. The app is really buggy. This is a massive FAIL!
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6 years ago, Jenna003133
Buggy App
Site is good, app is horrible. Multiple errors when trying to add items to wishlist. Once - a couple of times is okay, but this happens fairly often. Also, the inventory does this weird “loop” after filtering. It shows 900 items available but will cycle through the same 20-30 items. I thought I was losing my mind at first when I scrolled past an item I had scrolled by 3 times before. I also hate retail apps where you have to click on the item, then click a size to add it to your wishlist. It interrupts the flow of your User experience. Just have a little heart icon to the side like with Revolve/ShopBop/Farfetch/Luisaviaroma/Neiman Marcus/Saks/Literally everyone. It’s very annoying. Honestly of all the luxury online retailer apps out there (and I have literally all of them on my phone) this is definitely one of the worst. I don’t understand why everyone can’t just make their app like ShopBop’s, then we could all die happy
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2 years ago, BLERNY
Unreliable service -
While I like their clothes selection, their operations from my experience are completely unreliable. 1. Jan 2022 I received a torn dress for which they had no substitute and they didn’t even offer to arrange the collection, until I insisted. They weren’t at all consumer centric. Had to call multiple time as the first time they didn’t even log the issue, in hopes that I will return the dress without them acknowledging that it is damaged first, making me call to their lines multiple times and adding to the unpleasant experience. 2. Jan 2022- they sent the wrong size shoes from what I ordered. They insisted I should go to UPS myself to return them instead of arranging for a pick up. After I insisted, they arranged for pick up. No substitute available and delayed refund timing. The shoes were returned the next day of receiving them.
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5 months ago, Eoxnenqlzkdb
It’s worth it buying clothes this website
This is my second order on this website, and I'm always satisfied with what I receive. The value for money is great, and there are so many beautiful clothes to choose from. When I receive the clothes I've ordered, they always look even better than I had imagined. I'll definitely continue to be a loyal customer in the future
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1 year ago, Valnikki55
Unhappy customer
I am a customer of outnet for couple years already. I was in love this items and customer service before. My last order was from November 4, until today I didn’t receive my package. I was calling during two weeks every another day. I asked to transfer my call to supervisor three days ago, I never received any calls back. I am totally not happy with service this time. Customer service always puts me on hold, doesn’t provide any information to me. I call to talk about the refund today, Rosalia informs me that she needs to do investigation firs. In the end, I don’t have my package and I don’t even know when I will receive my refund.
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3 years ago, Will be back
My go-to shopping anywhere
No matter which country I relocate to, I can always find what I want to where that can work with local style here at the OUTNET. Easy to shop w reliable shipping&return anywhere in the world. Love it! With the freshly updated 2021 website, it is much more shopper-friendly. The functions within „my order“ and „wishlist“ work so much more efficiently. The update is nicely done. Congratulations!
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4 years ago, Saul 1st Earl of Crazy Town
The OUTNET provides a great resource
Shopping at the OUTNET provides a fun opportunity and a great resource to snap up a treasure that might have gotten lost in the shuffle of so many wonderful fashions on many other sites. That is why I make it one of my first go to places to thoroughly browse and fill my cart with fashions that will withstand the test of time . I have never been disappointed and I don't think any wise shopper will be either. RH Epstein
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5 years ago, Mouche520
Crazy App
I, like the other reviewer, thought I was going bananas. Seeing the same items over and over again while scrolling. I even called them to find out what happened to the size measurements. Who wants to purchase something, especially when it’s final sale only to find out a size Large, for example, is really is a size XS fit wise? They assured me they were “working on it”. That was over a year ago. Even handbags don’t indicate the size. Even called there once for size measurements on one item. Forget that. By the time they get back to you, about a week, the item is sold out.
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3 years ago, Farasha313
Very bad experience
Have very bad experience the OUTNET not refund my money ! I paid cash on delivery ! Already 20 days no response! I order jacket size 8 it cost 1017 dh exchange to size 10 but that size was to big I ask them to exchange again to size 8 . Customer service advice me to return item and ask for refund and reorder again ! I do return and since then no one contact me ! Very disappointed
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6 years ago, Khgvvffgv
Armchair fashionista
For those of you not in the know already This is THE place to be for THE best items each season to update your wardrobe or simply when you are ready to take the next step and choose a few new things to set yourself free for a total lift. This season it’s a shorter cut, slimmer skirt, long sleeve dress, with shoes and a bag to make your friends ask .”how does she look so Ab Fab ?” Sign on & click away, spring is just round the corner! Enjoy the new YOU! 💃💃🏻💃🏽
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6 years ago, Blackcat0830
What happened to the latest update?
With the most recent forced update, they lost all of my favorited brands, all of my wish list items. The order of the sizing is random, and where is the sizing and fitting information that used to be there?! This is one of the most information for online shopping! The app is smooth, but the ux is not on par with the old version. Please fix!
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1 year ago, Garegin Maria
Poor customer care and Inattentive item supervision
I have ordered several items and got them in terrible condition. The sweater was in spools like an old worn out one, and the boots were with blue spots on it and theleather color was faded jn some areas. The customer care responded to this issue stating that the problem is that just the order was not exactly what i was looking for and I get no refund. The return from my country is very expensive, I cannot do that. And the money that I spent was completely a waste. For such high prices I expected checked condition and good quality products, and good customer care service. So disappointing.
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6 years ago, Rice_Belly
The APP is not good
The website is great, prices are great, selection is great but the app itself is just not good. If you forget your password you will be locked out of the app. Password change does not work on mobile so use your allotted guesses carefully. It’s extremely annoying to be locked out. Stock doesn’t seem to update in real-time either so you may think something is available when it’s actually sold out. I love The Outnet but not the app. I’ve deleted it because it’s just not good but ended up re-downloading because the sales are that good. You decide if it’s a fair trade. \(._.)/
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3 years ago, melindawhh
Simple & Easy
Love the new and refreshed look of the OUTNET app. One main concern is that my previously favorited designers has just vanished. Also, you aren’t able to add or save any of the designers you’re interested in in your list as well. Not sure if it’s a bug… but other than that, app is efficient, clean and straightforward.
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1 year ago, chair women
Needs work. It is not user friendly or shopper intelligent. U are directing the user to very specific brands u are promoting. User wants more freedom to start with a home page. We want to direct our own experience. U are pushing the user too much. While looking at an item, I can not zoom in easily to look @ fabric. Model sizing is not a realistic or helpful guideline. There should be several body types OR measurements for item. ( remember the old days). Simple meter of sizing helps but more info to purchase more accurate sizing.
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5 years ago, Hm................
not bad
I really like this app, it's pretty fast and the favorite designers list is pretty useful. The only thing that bothers me the most is that it doesn't allow me to add anything to the bag. It says error or something. So I add items to my wish list in the app and go to web to put them to my bag and then I pay on the web. So it is kind of useless when I actually try to buy but it is way faster to browse to see what's new.
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7 years ago, ahababa
First time !
My daughter clued me in to The OUTNET. I saw a line for sleep wear that I love called Skin. I ordered a white cotton sleep shirt on sale that was exactly my style? In arrived beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with the round stick on logo closing. You may have this presentation from a Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue, but with most on-line purchases the item comes in a plastic bag. This is a first class company. Will order from The OUTNET again.
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4 years ago, Bledsoe4president
I have shopped this site forever because it offers so much ‘more’ to my closet. I feel like it just gets me and my style. With that said, the site is easy to access, the selection of photos are terrific and the sales are really amazing. Thank you for this gift! Kelly Reep Camano Island WA
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5 years ago, B C Shopper
B C Shopper
I’ve been shopping on this site for years. I truly enjoy the format and all the customer service representatives that I have interacted with. The prices and quality are superb, especially when an added percentage is applied. Thank you and keep up the great job...
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6 years ago, Pghtraveler
Latest update is terrible (version 5.0.0)
All my wishlist items and “my designers” lists disappeared after the update. App is slower to load pages. Items I had in my shopping cart have also disappeared. Overall just very buggy! Can’t even view my order history anymore. The worst part is that it was a forced update in order to keep using the app. Should have made my purchases before updating! Outnet just lost a sale here...
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10 months ago, Tabby12 meow
Add to cart bug.
Add to cart function is broken. It says every single item is out of stock after you scroll, select what you want, and attempt to add to your cart. The item is indeed in stock. CS told me to reinstall the app — I did — and then they told me to use my browser. That’s not a solution, I’ve used this app successfully for years, and this issue is new with whatever buggy update was recently released. Disappointed, please fix this bug —
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4 weeks ago, Jenx Fam
Love site and assortment
While I love the site and the products some of the important product information is not provided. Like heel height, some sizing details and fabric information. This is not on every item but these are details that are important when completing my order.
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5 years ago, Hdhsjdjjfjdjsjdj
Sketchy Pricing
Going through a few different brands on this app, I can definitely tell that items are marked up somewhat significantly (from MSRP) before they’re marked down, to make it look like you’re getting a better deal than you actually are. I still gave it 3 stars because overall, the items are all still sold at a discounted rate.
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2 years ago, Lamgoz
The best online store
Truly one of the best online store's. They have amazing products, reasonable prices and fast shipping! I received my order within two days of purchase. I am so pleased with my experience.
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3 years ago, unmckay
Too easy to use
Love this app. Best feature is the consistency of the product pages. Love getting to see the item on a model. Helps every time. And super good functionality to pay as well.
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3 years ago, bellabytheseajbm1
The best Secret
Are used to buy clothes other places that only buy from out net on a few boutiques... very very very fair prices designer clothes and pack a bowl for a fraction of the price always happy with the outcome that they’ve been very good to me! Jeannine
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3 years ago, wendy i.
Always Easy
Been shopping on Outnet for quite a number of years now. Usually can relax in bed, shop on OUTNET and find what I need. And if for whatever reason, the item isn’t suitable, returns are VERY easy.
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6 years ago, I want my things
Bad update
Was about to go back to the site to buy some of the clothes from my wishlist, but there is no list! Somehow the update deleted all my items from the cart and wishlist, and nowhere to be found even when searching for it. Also, as someone else has mentioned, the size and fit info isn’t as optimal as the previous version of the site. The search bar won’t work either with this app; works fine on the web.
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6 years ago, ECzink
Great Company, Buggy App
There have been a lot of bugs in the app lately. The company is great, but I would recommend buying on the website and avoiding the app until they’ve worked out the bugs from the last month or so. Of note, the filters are difficult to use and the search logic seems to be set to ‘or’ instead of ‘and’ so you get too many results.
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3 years ago, D Adewole
Items always bring a smile to my face
Rarely do items from OUTNET doesn’t bring a smile to my face. Always happy to receive my packages from them. Unique items.
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2 years ago, berganwhite
Quality for less
Love this website, can always find something interesting wish there was more 14/16 items. Great just the same
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4 years ago, ScubaGT
Best app
Apart from the amazing prices in the sale the app has great search capabilities and is so quick and efficient to use one can search by designer size item of clothing color and more it’s a pleasure to use
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3 years ago, ChloHudC
Wish list does not work anymore
I’ve tried repeatedly to save things, either by adding them directly or by moving them from the shopping bag, and absolutely nothing gets saved to my wish list. This is new to the last update- it worked fine before. Pls fix.
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3 years ago, Nourandas
Super Late Delivery
I have placed my order 10 days ago and still not dispatched. I have paid 20$ for shipping. They don’t response at all under the customer care email, I had to wait 5 days to hear back from them and after multiple follow ups. They’re are using Influncers and saying the orders arrives in 5-6 days but this is not true. They need to fix their delivery and logistics.
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6 months ago, Cjycjy322
Great value
I have been a customer for years and have never been disappointed
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6 years ago, babethebluebox
Quality and product turn around
They constantly have the highest quality pool of pieces to choose from, and at prices that anyone can absolutely justify.
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1 year ago, Plutodisnesy
CEO loves The OUTNET
As a CEO my life is super busy. So when I shop with The OUTNET it maintains my luxury style and The OUTNET keeps me looking gorgeous, fabulous and impeccable. My clients and podcast audience love my wardrobe and I am always asked where did you buy that outfit❤️
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6 years ago, jordyjord55
Not a good app anymore
I used to love this app however recently is has become much harder to use, items from my wish list randomly get deleted, when I search under some of my favourite designers not all the clothes show up, I have to do a wide all category search to see everything. Very annoying and time consuming.
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1 year ago, HelenTW
My Favorite Shopping Experience
I absolutely love the quality of every item I have purchased! Thank you!
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6 years ago, AJNIKAJ
New Version Crashing ~ AGAIN!
New update on October 30th keeps crashing again! What's going on with the app? It's crashing upon opening. This happened back in April and now again in October. What's the ETA to resolve?
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6 years ago, sylwia.d
Not working properly
Unable to remove items from “cart”
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5 years ago, stephfunny50
Money Is a high quality store with t
Having to provide a credit card number to search for and possible purchase
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5 years ago, hhhhhhhassssc
Worse than useless
Don’t load this app if you have an order pending. Fights with internet and crashes.
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6 years ago, LanaWood
New update huge step backwards
New update is super frustrating- wishlist blown away, order history not functioning, my favorites don't load most of the time and plenty of other bugs make me more likely to turn to competitors apps. The update was not well executed and a step backwards in functionality.
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6 years ago, Goldfaden
Love the Outnet
Love the ease and deals on the Outnet. I was on the elevator last week with a delivery bag and a neighbor asked me how I like Shopping on the Outnet. She said she had never shipped on here but wanted to buy a bag. I raved about it of course!
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4 years ago, Hind Alshehry
ALL FAKE كله تقليد
شريت من اكثر من براند عندهم واغلب البراندز عندي منهم من قبل اشكال ثانية. مجرد مقارنة بسيطة مع لوفرز تودز الشهير ، من ثالث لبسه الجلد تشقق!!!! هذي ماصارت لي من عرفت ان بالدنيا فيه براند اسمه تودز. هذا غير اختلاف الوان البوكسات وغير المقاسات الغريبة اللي تنكتب تحت الشوز مثل 3c ! نصبحة لا تبعزقون فلوسكم على هالتطبيق الفيك. After 3 purchasing I'm here to tell you this App has all fake ! I ordered different brands of shoes and compared with similar shoes I have and there is no doubt ITS FAKE! Tods my favorite brand, I order one pair and after 3 uses the leather cracked ! This never ever happened to me with Tods. Not to mention the size differentiations and wired color of the shoes boxes Please don’t waste your money even though they have sale but still high price and not worth it.
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3 years ago, zawadi2020
I am so happy I found this website... I smile every time I go to my closet because I finally see clothes that I actually want to wear and I didn’t rob a bank!
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4 years ago, FarahW.
Shop with confidence
I love the outnet and have been a customer for over 5 years now. The service is perfect with helpful assistance and speedy delivery.
Show more
4 years ago, DJeanDiggs
Quality well spent! And I love the packaging. So far I have been extremely satisfied with my purchases
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