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User Reviews for The Parking Spot®

4.4 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
4 years ago, thebittenapple
Awesome app; almost perfect
This is a great app overall; the only thing that would keep me from giving it 5 stars is the inability to choose between multiple payment methods at check out. I have to continually switch the default between my personal and business cards, setting reminders to do so, so that I don’t inadvertently pay on the wrong card. The ability to choose between even two cards (or personal/business profiles, like Uber/Lyft) would be the final addition needed to make the entire process seamless in my view.
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3 years ago, FMCTtaveler
Late Night Issues
I arrived back home to DIA at 10pm and a large crowd of us sat outside freezing our butts off for a long time waiting for the shuttle. It was 10 degrees outside after a major snow storm. Not fun to wait in. Two males waiting beside me were cursing a lot and very unhappy which made for an awkward ride back to our cars. We watched every other shuttle company come 3-4 times in the time it took the Parking Spot driver to come by once. So perhaps all the other companies staff better for the night shift. I got to my car and it was completely snowed in and had a solid 4-6 inches of snow that had frozen solid into ice and it took me about 45 min to get my car scraped and dug out since I had no shovel handy to dig out the back end. The driver didn’t help. I didn’t tip because I was just really frustrated with the whole situation. I had been traveling for 13 hours that day and it would’ve been nice to not come home without that mess my car was in. Row A at the back of the lot where I was told to park was the least plowed/shoveled row. Nome of the other customers we dropped off had to dig out their car. My experience going to the airport at the beginning of my trip however was excellent so I averaged the good and bad and gave 3 stars. I will be traveling for business once a month now, so perhaps I will give them another chance before looking for another company to use.
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1 year ago, Frequent flyer 26
It’s ok for business hours
The drivers, they are super friendly and help you with your bags. They also get you to the airport and back fast and safely. They are located just outside the airport it takes about 7-10 mins from the time you park to the time you get to the airport. (If you don’t hit any red lights) The price is reasonable in comparison to other competitors and parking at the airport. They also offer covered parking for a little more. Getting picked up late at night has not been pleasant, I normally arrive after midnight and have usually have to wait a long time 20-30 mins just to get picked up. A few weeks ago when I got to the airport at 3am the phones weren’t working so it took 30 mins for someone to pick up the phone. The app works great, giving you an estimate on how long it will take to get to the airport but it doesn’t show if it’s heading to departures (drop off) or the transportation (pick up) area. So, it might drop someone off then head back to the parking facility leaving you waiting till the next shuttle comes. I’m hoping that they can add something letting you know where the bus is heading to, I wouldn’t mind walking to the other side to get picked up if I can time it right. Then I wouldn’t have to wait as long. The last thing I want to say is that ALL the drivers have been nothing but great and that my car has been safe here and it’s usually here for a few days at a time.
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4 months ago, RichYaws
Good App / It would be better if…
I regularly use The Parking Spot / app. Overall they are both quality. It would better if… 1. Add app functionality to create a calendar entry for iPhone/Android/etc. to create a calendar appointment for Parking Spot reservations to include your address for GPS mapping. Most airlines, vehicle rental outlets and hotels already have this option. 2. Save customer parking space location data within the app in case i lose my ticket. I always take a picture of mine as a back up. App feature? 3. Option for customer to communicate with pick up or a countdown showing how many stops away they are from you at the airport. Over the years I have had the bus drive past without stopping (in the designated pick up area with an empty bus) only to have to call the local phone number to send them back. DoorDash and other similar services include this feature. 4. Most of your busses do not have the poster to scan so as to provide the driver with a tip. Maybe get the ID number from the driver and enter it into the app as an option. Also provides a receipt. Like I said, good app and overall a good service. Thanks for your time!!!
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4 years ago, ShellyBelly322
Great prices and excellent customer service
I just used Parking Spot for the first time at BWI. It was easy to reserve a spot online. I checked into the lot by scanning the barcode on my phone. The rates were the best compared to other off-site airport lots. The drivers were nice. I’m very happy with the customer service. I needed to extend my stay and prepaid for several days. I sent a message and the person who responded kindly let me know it was no issue that I would just pay for the extra days when I exit. Due to COVID shuttles were on an on-call basis. I called and a shuttle came right away. The day I left, the attendant was extremely kind. I wish I got his name. I will definitely be using Parking Spot and their app from now on!
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3 years ago, Lori Vann
The Parking Spot
I love The Parking Spot. Everyone has been so very kind and helpful. I tip the drivers when I return to pickup my car! I think a tip should be given because these men and women work extra hard to assist us passengers. I’m sure they would be grateful if they only received a couple dollars. I love the app. It makes things so very simple. I paid the day before I was scheduled to fly out. I was away for almost a month and the price was okay. I had my barcode on my phone so I scanned my barcode. I didn’t owe any additional money. So to check out of The Parking Spot, I only had to scan my barcode and drive away. I love love love The Parking Spot and will continue to use them!
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5 years ago, Foxgirl_gina
App’s okay but customer service is terrible!!!!!!
Recently used parking spot and got in late from my flight, when I went to pay there was only self-service available (I understand companies want to take the human aspect out of all things so they don’t have to pay people), and it didn’t take all of the discounts that it was supposed to. There was no one there to dispute the charge with in person, and it was very late. When I sent a complaint through the app I had an initial response the next morning, and was told they would get an adjustment. It is now three days later, and they have fallen off the face of the earth. I have sent multiple emails asking about a follow up and have received no responses, if you’re going to quote someone a price, stick to it.
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1 year ago, Hi( from dustin)
Great experience
We do not travel often so I was not very familiar with parking at the airport. I asked a couple of people who referred me to the parking spot. I checked on line and found a couple of cheaper spots but the The parking Spot had better reviews. We decided to book with The Parking Spot and they did not disappoint! Did everything thru their app, which was very easy. Followed the directions they gave for my arrival and that went very smooth. When we returned home from our trip we walked out of the airport, opened their app and my ride was there! It was perfect. Staff was very helpful and pleasant. Will definitely use again!
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5 years ago, Olbbj5
User friendly App
This app is very user friendly. You can easily set up reservations and use the app when you arrive at the parking. You pay when you check out after your visit and make sure to scan the membership card to get points. All in all, a very good app that I have had no issues with so far. As for the parking facilities themselves, the ones that I have used in the Houston area are well lit, clean and to my knowledge very safe. The shuttle drops you from your car to the airport doors. You won’t have to wait more than 10 minutes for a shuttle either since they are closely located to the airport.
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2 years ago, Ozarkium
App is unsupported
While the app works very well as a customer loyalty tool you should be aware it is completely unsupported by the company. There is no chat, no email, and no one to speak with on the phone if you have a problem with the app or your loyalty plan. I’ve worked with Parking Spot for a number of years but my app has stopped working and so now has my loyalty club membership. Since I can no longer get loyalty plant points I will be switching my parking provider in the near future. It’s really a shame because it is solid app with really good locations but it’s shocking that it’s impossible to speak with or even email anyone for support. It’s funny what companies have decided to save money on…
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9 months ago, RozalaS
Easy and convenient
I have used the Kansas City Airport Parking Spot several times this year. Booking online is quick and easy. We pre-pay to get the best deal. It’s an easy in and out process. Drivers have all been very helpful and polite. They drop you right to your car and will even put your cases in the trunk. Only thing I would say is that it’s not signposted so is very easy to miss the turnoff to the lot. Maybe a sign on the main road would be a very good investment.
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4 years ago, BRD19xx
Pretty good
The app is easy to use for making bookings and changing them. Check-in at the lot is easy on the self-service machine scanning the barcode from the app or the pass in Wallet if you add it to the wallet. Checkout is easy too. One enhancement that would be awesome to the app - let me update or add the specific parking spot to the app instead of me keeping up with the little card the drivers gives me when I park. Find a way to make it paperless from end to end and it would be 5+ stars in my opinion.
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1 year ago, mrkeiser
Poor service / huge delay
I landed after 11PM. The parking spot only runs a single van after 11PM. I had to wait for 2 shuttles as there were so many people waiting, almost 30 minutes! Worse, the driver that picked me up apparently gave me the wrong ticket so they could not find my car. They thought I had valleyed my car when I had paid for a detail. I therefore had to wait for the bus to drop all 14 people before they returned to the front gate and figured out where my car was parked… when I asked at the gate if they would provide a discount given my situation I was told to call back tomorrow to waste more of my time. I will be parking at Diamond next time I drive to the airport!
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5 years ago, Uhura@theSunnySide
This is now MY SPOT!
I often travel alone and have to get to my car in isolated and not well-lit parking facilities. Once, due to construction, there was a thick coat of dust on my car after only a few days parked in a satellite pkg. This time I was pleased to try The Parking Spot. What a difference! No wondering to dark corners of lots after crowded and not too frequent shuttles drop you and disappear. Nicest and most attentive drivers, no waits, fabulously lit facilities, car-to-shuttle dropoff! The app is user friendly in checking in and out. Yep, this is now MY SPOT!
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1 year ago, RestlessAmericanCitizen
Prices and policies are anti-consumer
Parking spot just bought our long-term parking company amd immediately raise prices dramatically. Same company, same buses, same people and added new policies where you can "save" money but you have to gamble ahead of time that your flight plan's won't change. It's just more unchecked monopolistic practices by a company (probably backed by venture capitalists/banks) to take advantage of our completely corrupted federal government. Monopolies exist throughout American life now and of course they're taking over airport parking. We are going to shop around and even the airport parking is cheaper than these guys but we'll see how long that lasts.
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12 months ago, ScottyTheSquirrel
Apple Wallet Pass
Super useful app with one annoying issue on the Apple Wallet pass. Please extend the expiration of the pass to the check out date so the pass remains visible in the wallet and you can pull it up quickly to scan out. Right now the wallet expires the pass after the check in date so when you leave the parking facility you have to search expired passes to pull up your valid ticket.
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5 months ago, Mato M
Wallet cards are hidden before the reservation ends
Decent app with just enough practical features to be usable. Please fix this issue: cards in wallet for reservations become hidden after the reservation begins and have to be unhidden in order to check out from parking. The card in wallet should not be hidden automatically until after the return date, not after the start date. The current method makes it hard for app users to check out when exiting parking.
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12 months ago, Stevetard
To The Islands and Back
Recently traveled to the 50 state and once again used the parking spot for my car. Well lit, appropriately sized parking, and fast and efficient availability of shuttles. Used to use the Century location and last year switched to the Sepulveda location which is next door to LAX. Will be using this one for all future travel plans. Good rates and excellent service are the reasons I chose this facility.
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1 year ago, chtraveller
The system to get picked up is broken
Now customers first have to walk all the way to a pickup spot, then wait for the app to notice, then wait until a shuttle is finally dispatched from the parking spot. If this is the new way to call a shuttle (instead of a quick phone call) then this was the last time we’ve used this service. Today, shuttles did not move for 10m after being ready for pickup and then both went to the same (wrong) terminal. Seeing shuttles on a map is a fun feature but only creates frustration if you have no handle on operations. Instead give an ETA. On top of it, staff is incredibly rude.
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5 years ago, BL Thompson
Great experience
My daughter and I used ‘The Parking Spot’ services and had a very enjoyable experience. We utilized the car wash service, covered parking and liked their reasonable rates. I want to acknowledge one of their drivers, RD Davis. He was very helpful, engaging and created an all around great experience during our ride. I was especially impressed when he wished any fathers onboard a ‘Happy Father’s Day.’ Will be using ‘The Parking Spot’ again for future Parking needs.
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3 years ago, Caseyyyy1111
Missed Our Flight
We truly had a great experience when we first used The Parking Spot services in ATL. Unfortunately, they no longer transit customers to the International Gates, which was not clear through the terminology used in the mobile application. We were dropped off at the domestics gate and went through the general boarding security. Nonetheless, we arrived to our terminal at the exact departure time and missed our flight. We will no longer recommend or use The Parking Lot services in the future. Shout out to Delta Airlines for getting us another flight tomorrow morning free of charge.
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1 month ago, moller452
Go to parking spot
I regularly use the app and have not had any issues. In fact I’ve gotten most of my fellow workers to use this site/app when they travel, since it so easy to use. Love they pick you up and drop you off at your car. There’s a fridge with bottle water at the exit. You just scan the app to pay/leave.
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2 years ago, Drummond2
Don’t worry about your car. The parking spot got you! Just leave it at the parking lot, a shuttle will pick you up right after you parked your car and it will take you to you airline in no later than 5 min! As soon as you come back of your trip the shuttle will pick you up and drop you back off at the parking lot! Very cheap!!!!
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9 months ago, HR Lady 2
Only parking place I will use
I will use this parking place every time I fly! So easy to use and did not worry about my vehicle at all. I felt safe even though It was late at night when they picked me up and dropped me off. The driver loaded my luggage in my car so all I had to do is get in my car and drive off. The app was super easy to use.
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7 years ago, DTMy
Great Way to Reserve Parking at Multiple Airports
I like using the app and parking at the SPOT. I travel frequently and fly out of several airports. There is always a Parking Spot where ever I go. My only complaint is that the reception staff are sometimes clueless about my SPOT card reservations. And occasionally, the office staff take my keys inside and I have to go get them instead of using the SPOT lane to exit.
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6 years ago, NashvilleKAD
Ultimate Car Detail
Love The Parking Spot and your staff. Appreciate the great service in being picked up from the airport and carried back to my car. Haven’t used you in quite awhile but was very impressed with the service. However I had signed up and paid for the Ultimate car detail and my car was only washed and barely cleaned out inside. Your staff kindly refunded me the $105 but I came away not getting what I had expected. Now I have to go out and get my car detailed by someone who will actually do a good job. Hopefully you guys can find detailers who will not try to cheat us. I have photos if you wish to see them.
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2 years ago, Huda83
My best parking spot whenever I want to travel
I live in Houston and I use the parking spot always and I didn’t even check other parking companies. So easy to use and very well-ordered and the drivers are very nice and when you arrive back it shows you exactly where to wait the shuttles. I highly recommend it
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6 years ago, tstill2000
Love the app, but I wish....
I love the ease of using this app, but I really wish that it would allow you to choose to pay for your detail car wash separate from your parking. My company will pay for the parking, however, they will not pay for the car wash. Therefore I am not able to use that service when I would really love to.
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1 year ago, MGTRNJ
It’s great but…
The app is great for making reservations and quick access to your confirmation but every time I check in after my flight lands the app says the location has been informed and my car will be ready at valet but it never is I always have to provide my ticket and wait for them to retrieve it. There’s definitely a disconnect between the app and the location for valet services.
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3 weeks ago, Pacergirl1966
One of the easiest travel apps
I have had the best luck with this app entering the parking location exiting the parking location. Easy to use, has everything you need for ease of travel. Pretty accurate with following where the shuttle is. Very easy to book my next reservation.
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5 years ago, Tylonious
Shuttle finder needs work and some airports are unsupported
Shuttle finder has yellow areas on a map where a shuttle should pick up at, however, they clearly do not at the LGA airport. LGA parking is also not supported in app but allows you to make a reservation and gives you the false sense of security that you have a spot until you arrive and the staff has no idea about the app. Additionally, the shuttle was about to leave seconds after arriving and picking up one person instantly. Others seem to have good service but I’m not going to let my experience go unheard. Here is your one star review!
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1 month ago, Djw0913
Seems buggy right now
Cannot get notice alert-(the number 2 to go away)-have loaded and reloaded app several times. Also cannot enter state for vehicle reg. to update my car. OK for making reservations and using to get in and out of the lot. Use the app a couple of times a month. Wish there was a way to reg my parking spot without having to keep track of little piece of paper. I usually take a pic, but would be nice if app just “knew”.
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2 years ago, Sojourning Traveler
Does not allow me to find shuttle
Great to use in/out of facilities, but while on airport grounds I always try to check for the nearest shuttle and it always tells me to check again… I can keep checking but doesn’t show where the nearest shuttles are on airport grounds. I have updated the app often to be sure it isn’t me, but after updates I am still getting the same error.
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4 weeks ago, Daniel L63
Neat Feature
I like the app and it works well with iPhone and wallet. Neat feature I discovered, if your shuttle is not at the pickup location at the airport just open to see where’s my shuttle. When you do this it alerts the team to dispatch a shuttle to your pickup location. This works well at MCO Orlando.
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3 months ago, Pkteison
Prepay does not work
I used the app to prepay for parking. When I went to scan at the exit, it just gave me an error and a “go back” button. Neither the app nor the kiosk has any way to call for help or get more information, and the exit is unstaffed, so you have to yell to get an employee from somewhere else to come check you out. Overall it was a significantly worse experience than not having an app at all - I wish I had just paid by credit card like a normal parking lot.
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5 years ago, jwithersnc
This app is slow to load and checking out is even slower. I park there just about every day and have express check out. I have to sit and wait for the app to load then have to sit and wAit for there checkout to process there is something very wrong with there computers. Only one gate to checkout because the other 2 have been unable to let you check out since they opened.
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3 years ago, theworstappeverihateit
Loved it
Had such a great experience with them. Quickly picked me up after i parked my car in the lot and picked me up at the terminal when i landed within 10 minutes. Would definitely recommend and will be using them again!
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6 years ago, JennStreet
Works great
I used The parking spot for the first time for my vacation. It was awesome, the attendants were on time both ways picked up us and dropped us off right at my car, they helped us with our bags both going to the airport and coming home. I will definitely use this again for my next vacation.
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1 year ago, LuckyKana
App Unable to Connect
The app stopped working at some point and I just can’t get it to work. Contacted the customer service and exchanged emails but no luck - and eventually I gave up. If I log in via internet browser, it’s fine. Just the app is not working. I keep getting an error message saying “the app is unable to connect. Please check your settings and try again.” The version is up to date and I also reset my password multiple time. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, KevinDanielChase
Super happy with service
I have used The Parking Spot for two months now and I have been super impressed. The staff are always welcoming and friendly, the buses are very quick to pick up and drop off, and their system is really easy to use. I would highly recommend using their services.
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3 years ago, H0H0H
Great App and Excellent Customer Service
I used The Parking Spot at the Philadelphia airport when I suddenly found out they had closed their economy parking. Easy to schedule and easy to shuttle to and from the airport. It was a great experience all around, and I will be back for my next trip.
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2 years ago, Mommy & her son!!
Incredible Service
I knew that one of my tires had a slow leak. When I returned from a week away the tire was low and needed air. I asked if one if the lot attendants could help me, and in less than 5 minutes my tire was full and I was on my way! A+ service.
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4 years ago, nupe683
Fix it soon or I am gone !!
I like the app when it works. Most of the time, it just does not maintain any connectivity or its down for maintenance.. Nothing should be down for a long time for maintenance. Beginning to wonder if I need another airport parking solution instead of this one.. Fix it soon or I will be gone !
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6 years ago, amizell@bedford
Love the Parking Spot
The Parking Spot facilities and staff are outstanding with consistent t customer service regardless of the locationI’ve used. The app is easy to use to make and review reservations. The only problem I’ve encounters is being able to locate my shuttle; this feature does not work.
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5 years ago, ken1746
Not intuitive
Not clear what mobile checkout does or how it works. Finally found the option to locate the shuttle and ask for my car. But had to be in the Geofence for it to work. App needs to be clearer for checkout. They give you lots of instruction about check-in, but nothing about the checkout process. After a long trip, getting through the arrival process quickly and without hassle is most important to me.
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10 months ago, mad in ESt
South Lot is a train wreck
When we arrived in the lot or took 20 min s for a shuttle to board us. And that was after 2 walks to the entrance-the first shuttle left without coming to our row even though it had only 2 passengers. After returning from our trip, landing after 1am due to flight delays, it took 2 calls to get a shuttle to this lot. The other lot has multiple shuttles running, and those drivers refused to take us since we were in the s S ouch lot.
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2 years ago, DHirschfelt
Modernize your app
New account registration doesn’t support auto fill for anything including secure password creation from iCloud Keychain. App also doesn’t support autofill of credit card info or auto detect the credit card type when I tried to give them money. I ended up registering via the website which was better but this was to the credit of mobile Safari and not the developer. Worse yet, when I initially missed the fact that I needed to tell the app which credit card type I entered, it purged all of the previous info I had previously entered. Very frustrating. These can easily be resolved to make everyone’s experience meet the bare minimum expectation. Then further enhance the experience from there.
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2 years ago, ktoker4979
Reservation moves to expired in Apple Wallet
App works good expect for the return trip when using Apple Wallet. The reservation moves to expired reservations after you depart so you don’t get the pop up notification. It would be nice if the app recognized when you were returning so the banner would appear and make it easier to exit the parking lot.
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7 months ago, bbneo
Terms won’t allow cancel within 1 hour
The terms won’t allow you to cancel a reservation within one hour of the reservation time. I made a reservation for one week and didn’t get around to canceling it until within one hour of the reservation time, and it looks like they are going to charge me for the full weeks Reservation even though their parking lot was only about half full to begin with.
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3 years ago, nowhere to park
Awe full experience
I heard about this from a friend, so I prepay for a week only to follow address to a locked gate and no one in site to help! I had a flight to catch and could not get into parking lot to park. I circled around thinking I might be in front of wrong gate, but all dark. I couldn’t cancel my reservation nor could I use it. I will never ever use or recommend this to anyone. Ended up parking at airport and paying 24$/ night on top of what I already lost here.
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