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The Points Guy
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User Reviews for The Points Guy: Travel Rewards

4.47 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Indian American
Gonna be great!
Great work TPG Team. A few suggestions: 1. The Alaska Miles on the Award Explorer are showing half the real price (you’re pulling the data from their website as a roundtrip price but really they are shown in one-ways) 2. In “Cards,” it would be cool if there was a button for “what are you buying” and then a card recommendation - you could also monetize that pretty easily. Users could select “gas” or “clothes” or you could even break it down by vendor (#ads). Rakuten or Honey would also probably love to get involved in that. 3. I have two cards from the same bank, but it will only list the “current points” for one of the cards on the Points tab even though both are in the Cards tab. Just a minor thing, and I read in your FAQs you can’t fix it yet. 4. Lots of options for the Award Explorer tab. This was a fantastic idea. I would love to be able to put in my home airport and it would give me a list of all the places I could go at various rates. 5. There really needs to be a simple video made about how to turn transferable currencies into flights. I remember getting AMEX points and then realizing how difficult it was to see it through. Transferring to Air Canada - I had to figure it out on my own. If you can make a video called “turn your points into flights” or something it would go along why on the learning curve. Once I figured it out, my world was mine for the traveling. 6. I’ll work with you anytime if you’d like a new team member.
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3 years ago, austinreuter
Truly the travel app of my dreams (so far!)
I was so lucky to come off the waiting list for TPG app today and have been waiting for so long since Brian at TPG announced his app. I’ve been in the “credit card rewards” life for a few years now and the biggest problem I have had is keeping track of which card and/or loyalty program is offering the best bang-for-my-buck at any given time in the year. And this app does that. After entering in my credit cards (all Chase mind you) and loyalty programs, the app not only gives me a current value for all my points, it also intelligently tells me where I missed more earning potential for each category of purchase. Additionally, it has an amazing “award explorer” that will give you the best estimate point redemption for any air travel given the loyalty program you’re enrolled in. As of this moment it does not search actual award charts as it only bases it off published and estimated redemption values, however it is a great starting place when it comes to award travel. It still needs a little help with some bugs, most notably that my app seems to log me out every other time I launch the app, but given its still in the “invite only” phase I expect that to be patched up before the full release. I am truly excited to see where TPG continues to go with this app!
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3 years ago, Dougeee
Has the potential to be the greatest!
Great app! I had a few technical problems early on but I understand that this is a bet version and they have since been resolved. I would suggest that the feature allowing you to check which card is best to use for a certain store or category should be more prominent. It is only located with a single button on the “Cards” tab and when I test it from home I only get a popup suggesting one business that is a mile away from my current location. I think there should be drop down list of locations nearby to choose from. This feature should also have its own tab in the app since I believe it would be heavily used. I would also suggest adding the ability to automatically add or sign up for different card offers like the quarterly bonus categories for the Freedom Flex or the different vendor offers for AMEX and Chase. I still like the easier access to the TPG articles and calculation of points accrued and missed but I suggest adding all of the aforementioned features to make this app the best in the “points and miles” business. I hope you strongly consider my suggestions. Thanks!
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2 years ago, joemccar
Broken connections
I like TPG but this app doesn’t work well. Every time I opened it there was at least one of my linked rewards accounts and/or credit cards that the app had failed to connect with. I’ve had a similar experience with finance apps that try to connect with all your banks - one of them will always not be working. The whole point of this for me was to see all my point balances in one place, so if one or more are broken, it’s not useful. Also, the connections with my accounts take a very long time to go through, and so do updates of point balances. The whole thing feels unstable and 1st-gen. Also, it’s not able to see my AmEx membership rewards balance at all. I’ll stick with checking my points balances in the Delta, Hilton, AmEx, etc. apps themselves, where I know the information is correct and up to date. I can see this TPG app being useful to people who don’t pay much attention to their credit card point earn rates, as it summarizes what each card earns on certain category transactions. In my case I have an old-school Google Sheet that I put that info into. I appreciate the intention and effort here and hope it improves over time. I’ll check back with it after it’s had a few updates.
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10 months ago, fish_charlie
Long way to go
Continuously asks me to enable notifications when going to the points screen every time, stop asking, I don’t want notifications. The news tab is super unintuitive. You click on “read more from latest” only to find articles from the past few hours are missing. Then to fix you have to go back out, pull to refresh, then go back in. Why not just like automatically refresh? Then when manually modifying the amount of points you have, you have to hit both “Done” then “Save”. There is ZERO reason to have it be a two tap function to save. Feature suggestions. In the points tab, you should be able to customize the value per point for total estimated value reporting purposes. The app is also missing a lot of functionality and tools that the web version has (Points vs Cash Calculator), list of points valuations, etc. Finally, this app absolutely needs dark mode. No idea how new apps are still being released without it. Could go on. Just not a very enjoyable app. The little details simply aren’t there. EDIT: Sadly I’m having to reduce my rating from 2 stars to 1 star. The app will no longer open and just is stuck at the splash screen. Feels like this app can’t even get the small things right anymore. Next step is gonna be to delete it. Just awful user experience on every level.
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3 years ago, Aflogger
Not ready for prime time
This has been glitchy for day one several weeks ago. Initial issues with installation and then after a successful installation and adding accounts, some accounts would not sync. Deleted and re-added some several times before getting them to work. Then after app updates, when forced to re-enter my password, it would not be accepted. This happened with two separate app updates. After successfully logging in through other options listed, all seemed OK. Yesterday, I noticed my AA account wouldn’t sync and after a couple of hours waiting I deleted and re-added; did this at least 3 times with no success on a sync. Also noted after these attempts that my Marriott account was not syncing either. 24 hours later still no sync for either. Deleted the Marriott account and re-added; no luck. On the two previous update issues I sent support a message from within the app and no response. Yesterday I sent a ticket about the sync issue and no response. My tickets on the app update don’t show in the support section and the ticket from yesterday which was showing earlier this morning now has disappeared as well. To me it seems as if this app needs much more debugging before it is ready
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2 months ago, cherrygirly
Great app, minor issues
In addition to all the great content, I love being able to see all of my points/miles in one location! I especially love the feature that calculates the value of all of my points/miles. The Quick Tools & Guides section is top notch and super super helpful. The reports tab is also helpful in knowing if I’m effectively using my cards...when it’s accurate. The point rates in the app don’t always match the actual rate for the card. For instance, my Sapphire Preferred gets 3x points on ESPN+ but my report says it only receives 1x point, so it says my best card is my Freedom Unlimited. It’s the same issue for hotel cards. I used my hotel card for hotel stays/events (6x points) but it only tracks it as 2x points in the app as regular travel transactions.
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3 years ago, EmmaMichaels
Early-access user: Rewards Explorer is mind-blowing
You have to have signed up for early access to use the app. My invite finally arrived in my inbox. I knew TPG app would make all my dreams come true with the Rewards Explorer feature. No more spreadsheets! After syncing all your credit card and rewards programs, the Rewards Explorer will allow you to explore flight routes in different booking classes based on your combined credit card and rewards program points. It knows which cards allow you to transfer points to which rewards programs and what the transfer ratio is. For example, I now know I have enough points to fly one-way in business from LHR to SEA because it took into account my Amex points and my BA avois. I can transfer my Amex to BA and book the trip. Not only that, but it also includes routes that you can book on airlines that you aren’t signed up for yet. Amazing!
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2 years ago, WVC
I would like to use most of the features, but I can’t bring myself to
The content portion of the app is fine, although I can get this through the website and RSS feeds. The features that allow me to optimize my credit card spending and my miles and points would be very useful, but I can’t bring myself provide my banking and loyalty program credentials. They say “bank-level security,” but just saying that is insufficient reason to trust it. It’s too bad, because a lot of this functionality could be provided without having to provide credentials. If I could simply tell the app the *kinds* of credit cards I have, that would be enough to help me optimize spending, since they should know the various bonuses and multipliers that apply. In addition, if I could simply tell the app the loyalty programs I’m a member of, and what elite level I am, that would go a long way to helping me optimize my miles and points for awards. But to supply credentials — that’s a step too far.
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1 year ago, Usylesses
How to book section of this app is awful.
I got this app in the hopes of making it easier for me to use my credit card points to book flights. It didn’t work out that way. after a relatively easy to understand section on partnership points and which would be best to book my ticket I clicked on the link for booking instructions. It was an extremely long article that was not at all helpful. It started with: “It all starts with a dream. Walt Disney may have started his empire with a cartoon mouse but your future of traveling on miles and points starts with a dream: a travel dream.” I have a dream of the credit card points app that tells me how to book my flight in simple easy steps rather than bombarding me with meaningless filler prose that’s meant to inspire me to… what? Travel? I’m already buying the ticket! Addition: There is nothing in that article, nothing, that connects the information that I can use krisflyer points to buy the ticket I want to how use my cc points to get krisflyer points or how to use krisflyer points to buy a ticket.
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11 months ago, Lightly Salted
Still very buggy and inaccurate
Update: Well I have tried very hard to love this app because it has a lot of promise. On the positive side syncing to Amex seems to work now. On the negative side the app makes a lot of mistakes. It shows the wrong earnings categories for one of my cards, despite identifying the card correctly. And it has made several major mistakes in merchant codes (e.g., thinking a gym and wine store are both restaurants). The advice on which cards to use is just wrong very frequently. It also has garbled my Chase points balance and is double counting points on one card with no obvious way to fix it. I was also hoping the news filter would allow me to filter out the cruise and Disney posts that have overtaken the blog of late, but I can’t get it to stop feeding me those posts. (Admittedly if you took out cruises and Disney from the TPG blog there wouldn’t be much left.) I am staying with one star because the main functions, tracking points, just isn’t accurate enough to be useable and could lead to costly mistakes.
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2 years ago, Matteo30
Am I missing something?
I had such high hopes for this app! I have a lot of credit card points (Chase) built up from the pandemic and I was hoping this app would tell me the best way to use them. But after linking my bank details, I can’t even see the credit card points I have. The app only show points you have built up with airlines. How can I transfer my credit card points to the airlines? Which airlines can I transfer to? Is doing that a better value than booking travel through Chase’s travel portal? I was hoping to get answers to these questions. Also, the award travel search gives me very confusing results. I searched for a trip to go from NYC to Italy and it showed me results for Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines. But no carriers like United or Lufthansa. You’re telling me that Singapore Airlines flys from NYC to Italy? I hope there are some big revisions coming soon because right now, the app seems like the Points Guy blog articles wrapped in a native app 😔
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2 years ago, Ada04
Still not there after a year
I downloaded the app when it first released. Loved the idea and thought it would be a great upgrade from their previous app. User interface is much better and it intends to offer a lot more features. It was very glitchy a year ago and I thought it’d get better given some time. Recently started using it again as my travels are picking up again. I added the cards manually as the most important thing to me is to quickly identify the best card for the purchase. Immediately noticed the Chase Freedom rotating category was wrong. It was still stuck in the 2Q22 category when we are well into 4Q. Not a confidence boost, and now I am doubting the accuracy of the test. The old app has a feature to look up location/vendor for the best card suggestion. Still haven’t seen that on this app. Still got lots to improve. Guess I’ll check back in another year.
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7 months ago, Hailstorm324
So close to being great
In theory, this is the app of my dreams: an integrated place to track all of my points with the most trusted brand in the points game standing behind it. In practice, it has too many bugs to be usable. At first, I tried alerting the devs to a few issues, especially with the transaction categorization and syncing. They brushed it off saying they had already fixed the issues (when they obviously hadn’t). As more accounts had syncing issues and the missed points feature became completely unusable, I slowly gave up on it. The final straw came when the app completely locked me out saying I’m on an “untrusted network” both on my home WiFi and on data. Utter garbage. It’s even more disappointing coming from a brand I really trust and value. With a little more investment, and time, this could be the all in one solution we all deserve but for now, it’s not worth my time.
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2 years ago, ew40604
A must have for keeping track of points
I just downloaded and already LOVE this app. Really great design and works well so far. Would highly recommend to anyone with multiple travel credit cards. I do have two requests that would make it even better: 1. Please add the ability to add Amtrak Guest Rewards account 2. In the Cards section, the app recommends how to earn the most points for each type of purchase. I don’t believe it takes into account the value of points though (for instance, 1 Delta Skymile is worth more than 2 Hilton Honors points). Would be great if it included the value of each type of point to recommend how to earn the most value per purchase instead of just the most points.
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2 years ago, rashed.hossain
This app is not production ready
I am a loyal TPG fan for many years. Follow blogs, reviews, ideas, and articles regularly. I was very excited to try this product but it’s not usable and not useful at this point in time. This is after 30 minutes test drive the app Pros Decent interface Unique features not observed in other trackers Award explorer can be a great tool Quick links to card benefits, transfer partner details are very helpful Cons 1 Big issue - This is not production ready given most of the key features don’t work or incorrect in many cases. Many Technical issues 2 Big issue - This is designed for only individual usage. I can not maintain more than one bank account from the same bank not can I maintain multiple award account from the same program ! Great for single users but family people will likely want to manage their spouse’s and children’s accounts to keep track of everything in one place. This is a fundamental design flaw. For example, I can not add 2 Hilton or Marriott accounts unlike award wallet where same program can be added multiple times with various family members and tag them under different names. I can see the data privacy issue but makes memes it useless for family tracking. I need to know when my kids points expired or take ownership of my spouses points etc.
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3 years ago, AlexMarques92
Great app & great potential
Long time reader & Really love that the app is usable now and I love how I can add on all my royalty programs and cards here! Although, not a fan of the layout for booking a trip. Would prefer to see how much the flight would cost after points are factored in (unless we have enough points), and it looks like the results just kick you to the airline to book on your own without maintaining destination details or anything. But overall, I like the app, just wish the trip section was more powerful, but I understand it’s largely in beta so there’s hope! Haha Love you folks!
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3 years ago, _CLL_
Nice idea if it worked...
Hopefully this app will improve. So far, I haven't seen fixes for big issues, and I've seen several things stop working that used to work. The app had never connected successfully with Chase (that's a pretty huge problem), it no longer connects to Marriott, United requires a fresh sign-in and two-factor authentication every single time, and Hilton points totals report but are never accurate and up to date. AMEX and Delta are the only programs I use that currently report properly. I would say it would be much better if there were a way for couples to track their points together, but until the current app features actually function, there isn't much point in talking about new features. At this point, ignoring the app for a few months, then deleting it if it is no better seems the best strategy.
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2 years ago, Wfhendrix11
Great app in theory, but not there yet
The idea of this app is great, I have multiple travel credit cards and rewards accounts so this app is helpful, when it works. The problem is it just doesn’t work well. I’m constantly having to sign in again, it doesn’t sync your accounts for very long before making you sign into the bank/reward program again, and I have never actually seen it catch a transaction on a card that should have been on another card. Recently we paid $150 to Delta to upgrade our seats on a flight, but forgot to put in on our Delta credit card. I went to check if TPG app flagged this transaction and it didn’t. As an mobile developer myself, I know creating an app like this is challenging, and I’m excited to see it in a few months once they get it working better.
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3 years ago, Elle1411
Could be awesome
I was super excited when this app came out and I think it could be amazing if they worked out some issues. I have two Chase cards and it never syncs them. The bonus tracker doesn’t work and nothing about any of my accounts or loyalty programs is updated. It tells me that my accounts are synced, but nothing ever gets updated. I’m still looking at points and balances from 2.5 months ago. I like the home page with articles and deals and the Award Explorer is pretty good but that’s about all that works for me. I feel like this could be an app I use almost every day, but for now I just read the articles on it. Hoping things get resolved soon because I think this app could be really useful and cool.
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2 years ago, itaexpat
So much potential, not there yet
I previously gave four stars and flagged glaring issues with credit card syncing, which are so consistent that I’m forced to lower to three. I have four Chase credit cards and the transactions report is just not accurate. Some transactions are missing, others are miscategorized (thus messing up the points calculation, rendering it useless). I went back and forth with support for a few days but their response time is long, and they didn’t seem to figure out what exactly needed fixing. Three stars because the potential for this product is so great, but I can’t rely on it because it doesn’t work as intended yet. I’m sure with more iteration there can be excellent improvements!
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2 years ago, Stephuck
Hotel Card Rewards
Overall I do really enjoy this app and the articles that I read from it. I really appreciate the "Bonus Tracker" that helps keep tabs on your current standing with introductory point thresholds. I feel like it's app could be so great, just needs some fine tuning. Is there a was to differentiate between for example the "Holton Honors" points and the "American Express" points if you have a Hilton AMEX card? On mine it's showing my "total points" being double what they truly are because it thinks my Hilton and AMEX cards are different values.
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3 years ago, ahtigers10
Great design, but key features don’t work
This app looks and feels great and will be a really great app if they can iron out the bugs. Unfortunately right now it doesn’t work as intended. Some credit card and airline accounts simply won’t connect. Still can’t get Southwest synced and Barclays only imports one of my 3 cards with them and it’s the wrong version of the card (I have the Aviator Red card but it shows up in the app as the Aviator which is very different.) My synced accounts won’t update… Chase is showing the wrong number of Points for a week now. And the expense analysis is showing completely wrong information. These features will be awesome when they work but right now the app is not usable.
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2 years ago, francekitkat
Great idea in concept, but issues keep from flying high
I love this concept so much. I track things manually, so this would be wonderful. I especially love the award search (would be amazing if it showed live availability!). But, United never connected (3 - 4 days later) and Chase connected but my points never loaded. I keep getting errors with my Amex account (it will work for awhile and then stop). I messaged support a few days ago but never got a response. Also, bummed I can’t add multiple accounts from the same bank. The concept is great but execution falls short right now. Fingers crossed for continued iteration. I’ll keep it for the award search but will continue to track points manually for now.
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1 year ago, Smithjb26
Programs won't update
Generally I like TPG and what they offer and the features the app has, but I've noticed my points aren't adding up/staying synced. I just had a few fits with the app trying to either update the sync or at the minimum, update the points manually, to no avail. I even took steps to unlink and also delete the program and then re-add it (after force closing the app) only to find the program still shows as connected and synced. This has happened mostly with Amex MR and Chase programs but also had trouble with AAdvantage trying to get it to sync or at least reflect correct point balance. Extremely surprised when deleting the account and closing the app and restarting only to find the program still connected and synced...all with the incorrect point balances, forgot to add that part. The whole point of syncing is to have current data and Chase showed 20,000 EXTRA points while MR reflected 8,000 FEWER than Amex app shows, nor were these accrued (for Amex) or redeemed (for Chase) any time in the last several weeks. So I want to remove these programs but it's just not letting me. SMH
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1 month ago, nate-the-sometimes-great
Can’t add loyalty accounts
I’d love to rate this something else but the app is effectively unusable for me. When I try and add a loyalty account, the UI of the app doesn’t give me the option to paste info from a password manager. iOS seems to think I’m creating a new account and offers me the option to Hide My Email or Generate a Password. It gives no option to access my password manager to input my loyalty accounts. If I try to add my credit cards, everything works as expected and iOS gives me the option to populate the fields from my password manager. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this level of inaccessibility. Usually I can still PASTE but for some reason not even that option is a resent in TPG app for loyalty accounts.
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3 months ago, KylieBoyCA
Points expiration feature gone?
One of the best features of this app was that it would display which programs had points expiring, even color coding them by priority/urgency of where points where expiring first e.g. red = imminently expiring points, orange = less imminently, green future expiring points. This was a terrific feature and allowed one to visually see and prioritize where to spend or make purchases to extend points expiration first. The new app “redesign” doesn’t appear to display the points expiration, unless I’m missing it? This is a very disappointing loss of prior functionality. It also keeps saying for weeks that accounts are syncing….and nothing happens. This app was better a year ago. It’s lost its best functions, I’m looking for an alternative.
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4 months ago, d_merch
Latest update deleted all of my data
I had been enjoying this app and using it regularly, even though I found it frustrating that at least once a week it would lose its connection to one of my cards and I would have to resync. Today however when I opened it it was like, who are you? Do you want to set up a new account? And I’m like no, dude, you know who I am. And I logged in, and it was all like welcome back! You need to set up your account! And it had forgotten everything. Now I have to decide whether it’s worth my time to relink every freaking card and loyalty program to this bloody app when it might just gack them all out tomorrow and make me start over again. Not inspiring confidence.
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3 years ago, AlexxBranam
LOVE the app! Couple tweaks
For a brand new app, the interface is amazing. I love that you can connect several accounts without having to wait for each one to load. My only suggestions so far are that I don’t see the option to add rental car rewards and that I would like the ability to add more than one account from a bank. Ex. Personal credit card account and a separate business credit card account with different logins. Other than that, I’m super impressed and love seeing all of my points balances in one place!!
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3 years ago, movie king
Great app
I love the tpg app, and I even had the old app that was discontinued. A few possible additions to the app could be a place where you can submit questions about CCs or points or flights. Also, I love the option to view the flight award chart, but it would be more helpful if it contained a date range to include peak vacation times where flights are definitely more expensive. For example, during thanksgiving weekend the range of points you can expect to pay is higher.
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3 years ago, Spunky Effingham
Too many issues & bugs
1. Won’t connect to many programs (Southwest, American, Barclays, Wyndham, etc.) 2. Took 20 tries, literally, to get Chase Consumer connected. 3. Doesn’t work correctly with Chase Business if you have the business/consumer cards combined. Pulled only 3 of my 7 cards. 4. Doesn’t count Ultimate Rewards points. Counts Citi Thank You, and Amex Membership Rwds, but not Chase UR? UR is my points ‘bank’, my points ‘hub’. Not counting those defeats the purpose of the entire app. I have to change my rating one day, as I have spent countless hours trying to use this app and make it relevant. But vs. Award Wallet this is a wannabe app. Good Luck, but my patience and effort is almost nil at this point.
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3 years ago, mabbasi2
Great idea in theory
This app was much needed and has tons of excellent information on the go! The design is solid and it’s aesthetically easy to read. While I was excited about the features to track your wallet of points in one place, I was a bit let down. For some reason the app only shows my Chase points available on one of my cards and still appears to be quite buggy. I’m sure these will get sorted out later with future app releases but it’s just frustrating having to try removing and syncing my cards over and over again trying to get it to work.
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3 years ago, sandman1318
What happened?
The app was working beautifully. I had entered all my loyalty programs and credit cards and all my balances were displayed. But then came the recent disaster of an update. I am no longer able to login as I receive a message saying my login credentials are wrong. When I request a password reset, I’m told instructions were emailed to me though I receive nothing. I tried multiple times and yes, I checked my spam folder but nothing! So I set up a new account using a different login method. But now, several accounts such as Chase will not load my info. And the worst part is that I’m repeatedly prompted to login over and over again. I think you guys have some work to do.
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4 months ago, The Nights Who Say Ni!
Bugs Everywhere
Surprised TPG, with a solid reputation to protect, would launch an app with way too many bugs. One of its primary functions is displaying total points converted to value. To do this the app needs to sync with travel and credit card accounts. As others have said it never synced correctly and there is no way to enter points manually. Support was little help, always requesting more information but providing no guidance. Also, you have to provide user names and passwords of travel and credit cards to use this app function. Think twice about doing that before. Finally, based on my experience it seems some 5 star comments were company encouraged.
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3 years ago, oneillgm
Great app with many benefits but could use some flexibility
I enjoy the app and find it very beneficial. I like that it allows me to manually add, versus link, my airline and hotel points and account status. I wish it would allow the same manual input for credit cards. I appreciate all the efforts to keep linked account data secure, but allowing a choice to manually enter the same info without putting sensitive information at risk would be a plus. I know there are disadvantages with manual feeds as I won’t be informed of special targeted offers, but that should be a choice I bear.
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2 years ago, TruDisappointment
Loving this!
I’ve been a longtime follower of TPG site (and subsequently following on social media). I am SO excited about this app! There are so many great features, and I’m seeing regular improvements. I love being able to punch in a destination and select a class and have the app show me how to combine or use points for it! It’s also nice to have all my award balances in one place, rather than having to look at each app/account individually. Highly recommend!!
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3 years ago, Worst Movie
Essential for understanding your credit card points
Love this app so much already. A couple bugs here and there but great nonetheless. I love being able to quickly see my points and the best way to use them. The feature that tells you what credit card to use based on your location is amazing. I’d love to be able to set this up as a shortcut and quickly access it from the Home Screen. Can’t wait to use this even more!
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4 months ago, higgi1fc
App has some nice features available. Unfortunately it has been VERY buggy since day 1 with its linking of card/loyalty accounts. When I contact support to get an issue fixed, another one pops up. Points are not showing accurately, especially if you have branded credit cards for some of the loyalty accounts. I no longer trust it to “track my points”. All it’s useful for for me now is to use the “which card” feature. Wish it was better because the ideas behind it are awesome. Unfortunately it does not deliver.
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1 year ago, BP in CC
Great app that I hope will become an awesome app
Truly the best app out there for tracking rewards programs. The ability to search travel rewards based on conversion of miles is a huge game changer for me. The convenience of this functionality is a HUGE time saver. Why 4 stars and not 5? I have multiple cards with one bank but can only list one on the app. If and when this feature is fixed it will earn 5+ stars from me!
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3 years ago, MKE matt
Too many bugs
It won’t connect to World of Hyatt program to load points. I deleted the app and downloaded again after a couple months - “still connecting” It says it “can’t connect to chase right now” so I can’t add another chase card I’ve gotten recently. Even the “forgot password” button doesn’t send you a password reset link right away. Here’s the thing, I’m no an idiot, these things aren’t user errors. They are buggy-app errors. And of the point of the app is to pool all your points and the app fails to do this, then what is the point of having it? OH! It also won’t load my Capital One miles. It DID load my United miles and my CSP UR’s. So, like half of my rewards.
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2 years ago, Lakdfd
App requires login information for banking and credit cards in order to access the “best card for XXX category” feature. This app does not provide the same utility as the previous version from years ago, where all you input was the cards in your wallet. With the app requiring you to login to banks (and therefore track your financial activity), I cannot recommend this app for anyone. Additionally, app has had issues staying synched with banks and/or points programs on a regular basis. This app *looks* slick, but functionally has major issues that support has been unable to correct.
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10 months ago, KMK0614
Needs some updates
I like the idea of the app and being able to see all my points in one place however, my accounts are constantly unlinked and I am unable to add another Chase card to see those points. When I select add credit card there are only 4 bank options and none of them are Chase. I do like that the transfer information is available right within the app. That’s incredibly helpful but I do think there is work to be done to iron out the other features.
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2 years ago, Firepig#1
This is a great and useful app
This is the best tool yet for keeping up with points and miles. It helps me keep up with the expiration dates too. I would like a way to be able to keep up with my wife’s accounts too. She can’t download her own app because we are on the same apple account. I am just looking for a time when we can use them. FY I American Airlines is now allowing data to be shared.
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3 years ago, CTaylorMJ
Super helpful
Have been waiting on their new app for quite some time! Very pleased with what they have put together. Had no issues connecting multiple banks, cards, and loyalty programs. Favorite feature is being able to see all my cards in one place - quickly knowing which to use in various situations. Excited to explore the award travel features down the road.
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3 years ago, Jmoody1293
So exciting!
I’ve been waiting for an app like this for so long. Just wanted to submit feedback that my capital one miles are showing zero when I actually have a few thousand. I’m also having trouble connecting my Chase account. For a future iteration, it would be so cool if we could see our personalized offers like AmEx has and those were taken into account for our recommendations on which cards to use
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2 years ago, AaronRamseyPMP
Clearly lacking thorough beta testing
I was an original beta tester. I’ve submitted multiple issue reports in the app and it takes weeks to hear back from anyone. When I do, they typically just have me delete or reinstall the app. The app in theory would be great but the points do not calculate correctly. My Chase Rewards has multiplied by four (which would be amazing if it were true). When I reach out for support they say that it looks fine on their end even though I provide screen shots of it incorrect. Today they released an option to manually update loyalty points and this doesn’t work either.
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1 year ago, CGreen0288
Inability to track multiple accounts from same bank
I had high hopes for this as I have been a loyal reader and follower of TPG for years. However, the fundamental flaw of not being able to add multiple accounts with different logins crushes those high hopes almost immediately (Amex charge cards vs Amex Credit Cards) Please provide the ability to add multiple accounts with different logins from the same bank, as such apps as Award Wallet have been able to do for a good while.
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3 years ago, vsarwa
Like where this is going.. but..
Love the concept of having a one stop shop for all my points needs. I understand the app is new so some things will need to be straightened out over time. However basic account connection experiences are not working for me. Unable to connect to multiple accounts like Marriott, Alaska, Virgin, Emirates. Also facing app performance and responsiveness issues. Would like the TPG app team to take a look at these issues and fix them in the upcoming releases. Really want this app to be successful
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8 months ago, Smithjm
Great In Theory
This app is great in theory. I love the idea of having all my cards in 1 app, to see where I’m missing points, and which card will give me the most points. Although, it’s really inaccurate. When you make a return, therefore losing points, the app still tracks it as a purchase and adds points to your balance that aren’t there. Additionally, the points awards it lists under each card is incorrect and there is no way to manually delete them. This also adds points in your TPG app that don’t exist. Great idea, just lacking in execution
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10 months ago, K2Gd
Very Buggy
I really wanted to like this app, but there are just too many bugs for me to use it effectively. When I go to update my transaction categories (which a good 30% of are wrong or “in categorized”), it never works, and there is always at least one account balance that never links correctly. I want to be able to consolidate all of my points balances and rewards in one place and that isn’t possible when the app isn’t functioning correctly. I would use daily if these issues were fixed!
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