The Real Yellow Pages - YP

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User Reviews for The Real Yellow Pages - YP

4.63 out of 5
43.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Esteralle75
Yellow page’s help me!
I downloaded Yellow Page’s a long time ago. I can’t tell you how many times I have used it to find doctor’s and other places I had an appointment for and needed to find the address! It also has helped me find places to eat and what time they open and close. Many also have a web site for me to see if the product is available I happen to be searching for. This is one app. that has been used over and over, you can find anything and also compare price’s for the best one. One app. I don’t want to be without!
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6 years ago, outby Brad
It’s alright
I use YP regularly and probably would have a rough time without it. It has everything I need to get me through my trips and even while at home to find phone numbers, addresses and directions. There are a few quirks that is aggravating but nothing major. The main one is trying to keep your location while looking for different names of places and so forth. I can’t explain it but use it a few times for multiple businesses and you will see what I mean. It’s nothing major but gets annoying. The other pain in the anus is every time you go back to get another listing from looking at one you have to start over. If you look up Walmart in say Lexington KY and you click on one Walmart and realize it’s on the wrong side of town, when you go back to get another listing you have to start over by typing name of business and location. Kinda goes along with the first thorn in my side but it is a different beast in itself. Even with these aggravating issues YP is still an invaluable app that can be very beneficial for home, work or vacation.
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3 months ago, Triple_O_G
Worse and worse
Update: March 2024 - worse than ever. Now says it can’t find my business. I’m not even searchable. We have been in business since 1972 and only close 1 day a year. Tons of customers. And yet, yellow pages says we don’t exist. What a pile of absolute rubbish this app is. Update March 2021 - still no response from YP. It continues to list the wrong info and the wrong hours of operation. I wish this company would disappear, rather than continue to post bad business info. YP? More like F.U. Update Sept 2020 - still no response from YP. IT CONTINUES TO SAY MY BUSINESS IS CLOSED ON WEEKENDS. Hot garbage if an app. “Changes will be reviewed in a few days”. lol. This company is a total joke. —- 2 years. That’s how long I’ve been trying to update the hours to my business. No “contact us” feature provided by YP. It consistently says my business is closed when I’m open. It’s costs me customers. I can edit the hours and submit “for review” but nobody ever makes changes and it’s the same old story. FOR TWO YEARS! What else can I do YP?
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5 years ago, BrianKann16
If only I could give them ZERO stars
It used to be simple to locate my brother, my mother, and if necessary, a friend or two who might not be on “The World’s Directory”. You know: Facebook! NOW ever since Dex “became” YP they’re good for finding a pizza or someone to plunge the toilet and fix the piping after that pizza. But don’t try finding family! And on THEIR OWN MAIN PAGE is a direct link asking you and me (grammatically correct) to “Please Write a Review. That’s How We Improve, blah, blah, blah”. That link to give them a review doesn’t lead ANYWHERE!! Hmmmm.... convenient? I sure would like to gather some addresses this (late) time of year before Christmas, so I can spend loads of money getting my late presents to the correct addresses (plural). I’ll NOW have to visit the App Store and shop for a REPLACEMENT Directory App to replace ‘this old worn out one that seems to have given all it can give in this life and just needs to be retired with AOL, Blackberry, and Prodigy’.
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5 years ago, D. Hill
The Real Yellow Pages
The RYP application is a solid resource for those looking up establishments that may be near them whether they are restaurants, theaters, medical care, transportation, etc. The app has a clean design interface that is easy to navigate. The app allows you to share info with others as well as make personal notes on businesses you may be interested in. The app also makes it easy to shop or get what you need with an integration of popular services such as Uber, GrubHub and Fandango. Another neat addition is of coupons and deals you can view and use from nearby local businesses. The Real Yellow Pages is a step up from past Yellow Page applications.
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4 years ago, IMUURME
Great when it works
The new version is a problem on iOS 13 with no place to report a problem. Will not show what is being typed on the screen. I’ve tried reinstalling the app but it didn’t work. The developer apparently is not watching for problems but then again with no place to report a problem everything looks great. I’d give this a five star review but with no place to report a problem that’s not going to happen until they get a fix and a report page . Sorry !
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4 years ago, tfr122
Wagon needs new paint
I love the app, & the quick info I came to trust enohI could find a public number quickly. hkHowever, eed upw/ more people than ever at home, now is taNOT the time to rest on work well done. ESPECIALLY there are other apps vying for the tsame eh "crowd". Last week, I needed to call an area , hospital about out-patient testing. At 10am, I ,called the number I got from my trusty YP app. The phone rang for ever, but no answer the number every 1/2 hour until 2'oclock pm. This can't be the right number, I thought. I figured as I put the number in my phone, I ilikely transposed 2 numbers I looked at the olisting, as I checked the number I entered. I'd a xno mistake. YP had the WRONG NUMBER thLISTED! I chose to check the website for a different listing. A sense of familiarity came to mind when I saw the number & recalled how many times I dialed the number with such an odd prefix. I then pressed to see what , I thoughtthe listing on the website was, & numberthere, as a sense of familiarity cAme to mind, I recalled how many times over the years I dialed that pre fix. I dialed again, & my call was promptly answered.
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7 months ago, as6141
Doesn’t work
The Yellow Pages app hasn’t worked on my Apple devices for awhile now. When you get to the listing you are looking for and press whichever information you want to look at( ie, phone number or website, you either can’t open it or you get an error message. I had to get a real yellow pages book to use because this app is TRASH!
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8 months ago, SoulMan!
Your app not allowing login on iPad
I wasn’t able to find customer service or contact information in your app or on your website. I guess the Apple review is where you want people to ask for assistance. I’m able to login on my iPhone and your website but the login process is not working on my iPad. I deleted and reinstalled the app but it still not working. I reduced my four star rating to just one star but will return it as soon as you can help me figure out how can I fix this problem. I also suggest you make it easier to contact your company for customer service. It’s ironic because your product is a business directory. Maybe you should list yourself. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Blackbery-12
I’ve been using the app for a whole one minute yet it has repeatedly nagged me to review the app four times. This is my first time using the app I don’t know if I like the app yet. And I certainly don’t like being attacked with a request for my opinion before I actually use it. I can tell you right off every time you search and then click on one of the search results and go back there is a page turning animation that’s completely unnecessary and just slows down the usage of the app. So the only think I can say is that the app is annoying so far. I wasn’t planning on writing a negative review but you did ask four times so you received my honest opinion.
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3 years ago, Blinkgamer
Hello. I’m disappointed with this app. I am blind, and cannot read a phone book. I thought this app would be helpful, and it would be, except that in order to complete creating an account, using the mobile app, with VoiceOver, and an iPhone 13, you have to verify your identity by confirming that you visually see a picture on the screen. This is not possible for blind people using screen readers, that can not read pictures. This app is inaccessible, and I’m annoyed. Please fix this so everyone can use this app. Thank you. Rating of 1.
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5 years ago, Racing cajun bear
Ridiculously bad. Useless
Completely unreliable. Refuses to work with anything less than a full-strength wifi signal. A hint to developers — lots of people want to find businesses when they’re away from home and only have a cellular data connection available. And the search is messed up. I actually spelled out what I was looking for and had numerous matches pop up. Since the location I was looking for wasn’t displayed, I hit ‘return’, and was greeted with a “No matches” error message. Tried to search for a different named business, and it kept going back to searching for the first item I’d searched for — even though I’d previously deleted it.
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4 years ago, holli2wolli
Better than Yelp
I’ve been steered wrong with Yelp a lot and I use Yellow Pages all the time now. They are usually pretty good. There are some businesses that are not updated however I think they’re more reliable than Yelp. I recommend calling the business before you go there, just to be sure they where Yellow Pages has them.
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1 year ago, Blutrk
It’s nice 👍 having an app that actually works without making you jump through hoops. It doesn’t want my 1st. born, and a ton of information just to look 👀something up occasionally. Apps that do I delete because they really don’t want me to use it as much as collecting personal information! Bravo YP for not being a looser like sooo many others!! 👏
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3 years ago, Deltasigmatheta
Convenience at your fingertips
This app is great. I’ve used it for a few years now. No more fumbling and searching thru a big paper book. I can look up information any time I want using my cell phone. It’s up to date and current on the business, homes, anything I need. Thank you for making my life a little easier and accessible! Keep up the good work!!
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5 years ago, noteree public
Keep Us in the Know how & Thank You for it..
I often times think that without YP yellow pages we other simpler people like myself would have absolutely no foothold, and could no perceivable function without a company as YP does to mediate between the public as they do Awesomely have been for many years and many more to come. -from Note Brokerage Limited Liability Company.
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5 years ago, tell no lie
Always helps me out, where ever I may be, From SoCal to Denver, and anywhere in between, like Rock Springs Wyoming, my truck breaks down, then suddenly I’m looking for a place for the weekend instead of being at home. Like the old saying went “ let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages. Today our fingers are doing the walking on this keyboard. Thanks, one of my tools, to handle the job. Best download so far out of many. Tool
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5 years ago, Musk29
I like the app and the design layout. Search appears to work fine. My problem and the reason I gave it only 3 stars was my inability to verify my e-mail address. I have requested it to be sent multiple times and it never shows in my mail. I’ve checked the spam folder etc. but nothing shows. Due to this my review’s are not being published. I’ve used YELP for years and never had an issue like this. Unless I can get some assistance I will be deleted and going back to YELP.
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3 years ago, Magickack
Very useful app
I have found this YP app to be very useful for finding businesses and then linking to my maps app for accurate directions. The only downside is that many businesses have closed shop recently and are still listed on this app, but that is understandable considering the present volatility and vulnerability of brick and mortar businesses due to the effects of fear of covid 19.
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3 years ago, imbjhoff2
YP app
Love this app it’s a God send. Since almost everything is mobile as far as phones are concern, I can at least I can find numbers for doctors or businesses I need. Use it MANY TIMES a day to look up numbers, check store or doctors hours, even what’s playing at the movies, or the menu of s certain restaurant. Great app!!!!
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5 years ago, Cuong195609
The classical Yellow page
The Yellow gage did bring their best known on business advertising and made it up to date with the mixed of the e-commerce and the old days of Yellow pages listing. I love the Yellow pages when I first stayed in America and it was the most popular small local business to large corporations. They did migrate the information to the internet revolution
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4 years ago, Marcadimius
The Good
The YP is very good and I give it the 5 star since I can look anything up all over the Country , But a few times the information is wrong and B/c of COVID the information has change ,and sometimes I look up information and cannot find the places I am looking for, but all in all it’s a great App.
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3 years ago, Wez12
Love Yellow Pages
Very convenient and easy to use. Easy to pull up a business and get contact information, phone number, and address with link to maps for directions. Only downside is many of the businesses listed on the yellow pages app are outdated!!
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4 years ago, Pigs3DifferentOnes
Almost ok
Can’t see text in the app on iPhone XS Max. Kind of totally useless. If you put your iPhone in dark mode you can’t see the text. Can you fix this please? That should have been an easy fix long ago. I’ll switch to a different app if I can find one that works in dark mode.
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9 months ago, Bassdyno
Love the Yellow Pages app!
Call me old-school, but I know to go to the Yellow Pages when looking up a number and I use it all the time to know if a place is open or closed. It is sad, though that many younger generations will never know the fun of flipping through old-school thick, yellow phone books! :)
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5 years ago, Ceetfart
Thank you
I absolutely love this app. No more trying to find the phone book or not having #’s for the right city. I always have my phone so even when I’m out I can still find what I need, plus with the additional option to gps somewhere is extremely useful when I’m away from home. Thanks, Briana
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4 years ago, b_s_l
Just Another Wannabe App
I installed the app based on it star rating & the need to do a reverse lookup on a phone number. The app leans heavily in the direction of my creating a personal account (something never needed with actual Yellow Pages or the old web-based Superpages service), has no information on residential numbers, and only seems to include those businesses that have made arrangements to advertise in the app. Upon closer reading , the only other review has nothing to do with this app. I just deleted it, the thing is a total waste of my time and my phone’s storage.
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4 years ago, F-150 Gunslinger
Great App!
Very helpful App! Great App! BUT..., since I’ve purchased an iPhone 11 Pro Max, this app will not show me what I am typing in the Search and location windows. And, all the listed businesses are not highlighted so that I can see them. Very aggravating. Nearly makes the app useless at this time. I’ve had this app for years. Never had any problems until now. - Lew, OKC
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6 years ago, Big G 873
Very Relieable
Very reliable information and directions to reference and add to my contacts. The only issue I have with YP is when I want to pull up the same restaurant with two locations in the same city. YP will keep referring me to the first address that I accessed, when trying to pull up the second location.
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3 years ago, WestTexanCowboy
Cannot get the App to work correctly!
This App doesn’t want to pull up doctors listed under sports medicine, internal medicine or even find Hendrick hospital!?!?! Even though the app has the correct category of medicine. It sends me to Lubbock Texas, Oklahoma, Florida but never Abilene Texas until I have to outsmart the program. It’s quite irritating.
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3 years ago, Kimmy11kay
Awesome App!
I find the YELLOW PAGES app very fast and easy to use. This is a fast-paced version to locate places, addresses and telephone numbers, compared to the traditional phone books. This app is like having the Greater Cleveland area right at my fingertips! I plan to keep and refer to this useful app for many years to come. Awesome!
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3 years ago, Balfour60
Affordable Dentures
I have been trying for a week to get ahold of a local dental (Affordable Dentures) office, but with the pandemic, no local dentists are taking new patients, and the local office is not answering their phones. Finally, through your app, I was able to contact their national office and secure the next available local appointment, which is a great relief. Thank you!
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3 years ago, watawga
I entered a search for lawyers in Scranton PA. I click on one of their websites for their contact info. Then I go back to YP to continue looking at the Scranton lawyer list. What happens every time is the page reloads with my own town, which is a very rural town with no lawyers. So I enter Scranton again and have to scroll down to where I left off in the list of lawyers. Each and every time! That’s why I’m frustrated!
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4 years ago, Randy Turnquist
Great source for local info
Google something and what do you get?? National advertisers..... anyone who paid the big bucks shows up first or only. With Yellow pages I can get regionally specific providers and products. It’s so much more helpful than the Internet, I couldn’t be without it
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1 year ago, ric the rat
Where are they?
Sometimes, the businesses are no longer there. This, however is to be expected, as many start-ups don’t stay put for very long. Things from your end have improved.
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5 years ago, Rainelda
I use this constant,y!
I use this every day. Perfect for searching and (most helpful) instantly adding to contacts! It’s the absolute best way to do this as opposed to typing everything in. At times the information MAY be outdated so it’s a good idea to double check at website but so seldom that I won’t deduct a star. I love this!
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4 years ago, amonmyous
Rude cashier
We just left big Mike’s (Saturday 2:40). Cashier (Latika) was so rude to us and another couple after us. We went back up to place a to go order and she (surprisingly) was very nice to the couple before us and us! My husband noticed the manager was standing right there!!! She should NOT be interacting with customers unless the manager is overseeing her... We noticed another female employee speaking very rude and disrespectful to a male fry cook out on the front where all of the customers could see and here. Horrible atmosphere today because of these 2 employees!! The food was great, but next time will order to go!!!
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6 years ago, MatthewBrown_567
I like the YP app but there is a problem and needs to be changed
I downloaded the YP app today on my iPhone I like the app overall but the problem is that the locations is not updated some are update but some of them are not update and that needs to be fix & corrected thank you!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, reeds rip off
Scam Artist
If you call Phillip Reeds Sprinkler Repair you will get ripped off. He has a scam where he overcharges, collects money upfront and then never returns to complete the job. He is listed under different names too. Sprinkler Repair Guy, Sprinkler repair, just to name a few. He was kicked off Angie's list because of his horrific reviews. Bad reviews here on yellow pages. He has moved to upland now to start his scam again there. I hope people read this so that he can’t rip off anyone again. Beware! He even asked me if he could borrow money. See text feed in pictures. Do not use!
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4 years ago, JenniferL.V
Exceptional Attorney’s Office
This office is efficient, courteous and navigates you through the legal system in a way that makes you appreciate the fact that you have been heard. I have worked in the legal field and would rate them exceptional in the services they offer and compassionate caring they offer their clients.
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5 years ago, Nancy Saylor Weycker
Arab Stone Works
My sisters & I are delighted we chose Arab Stone Works to make our family headstones. Kenan was very friendly & personable & gave us excellent advice. He helped with every aspect of the stones from creation, design, & sandblasting to delivery. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend Arab Stone Works to anyone who wants excellent, professional results.
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5 years ago, Ironman-
Excellent app!
Love everything about it. Can checkout gas prices near me. Look up a store and get everything you need. The reason for not giving it 5 stars is that some businesses are not updated. Some information on some businesses is inaccurate.
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6 years ago, Brcguy
Needs a lot of work
I use it for the fuel prices. It can tell you about fuel prices sure but when it sends directions to any map app it gets lost. Also- no way to report when the fuel prices are wrong. And the search function is terrible. Don't use this when you're in a hurry or your low fuel light is on because first comes frustration, then you're lost, then you're out of gas somewhere. I'm using something else.
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2 years ago, SBila71
YP is good
I haven’t had any issues with this app so far so hopefully it stays that way. I never rate anything 5 starts because no one is perfect and there’s always room for improvement. And thanks to the people who created this app to make searching for goods and services a little easier.
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5 years ago, katrinazoro
I don’t want to write a review
I don’t want to write a review, but can’t get your pop-up to go away. I gave you a four star, but this is making me lean toward a zero star. And now it requires a nickname to send. But it won’t accept my choice, no matter how many times I try. I am leaning toward hating you, now.
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6 years ago, Sisbow
Yellow Pages
The information you give by others, helps a person to pick a business which gives good service, through their experiences with whatever business you might need. Thank you Yellow Pages!
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7 years ago, Justice510
Love it
This is one App I do not want to be without. It gives you everything you need at your fingertips ( store hrs, phone#, and directions). It has saved me from making a trip to places that weren't open as well. User friendly.
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2 years ago, Mimi Chr Char
This app has been extremely helpful In finding
places. Not just phone numbers but locations and how close or how far away they might be. Love it and use it almost everyday!
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2 years ago, Tara winters
Only one complaint
My only complaint is that the numbers are outdated in several of the businesses or there are businesses that are not listed that need to be updated. Otherwise, I love the app.
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4 years ago, Mads1233567
Thank you yellowpages
this app it has been extremely helpful when it comes to finding restaurants around bored times place is open and close through the pandemic they’ve adjusted everything so that it’s
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