The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury

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TheRealReal Inc.
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User Reviews for The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury

4.64 out of 5
20.3K Ratings
1 year ago, kpetreatsu
World class customer service
Ok so I’ve been shopping with TRR for several years now. I never have issues with quality or description of purchases. Recently however, I purchased a belt and a handbag (both of which are items that typically are not returnable.) the belt was far too large (yes I checked the measurements, it was listed as an extra small, which by standard measurements it was but, it being a waist belt, rather hip belt complicated the issue.) I digress, the handbag, I simply did not care for once I saw it. Two short (POLITE) conversations with customer service later, I was able to return both items for a full refund, not just site credit. The title of this review says it all. World class customer service. They had every opportunity to tell me, sorry nothing we can do, after all, I am familiar with the return policies, but they chose to go the extra mile and offer me not one but two exceptions. I cannot stress this enough, being polite will get you much further with them than being an entitled, demanding jerk. This company will forever have my business. I may not be the biggest spender but I am consistent. And I will also send referrals simply because of the exceptional customer service, not to mention the amazing product.
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2 years ago, andrestm
Excellent app and model
This is an excellent app serving a great concept. I think the concept is self-explanatory, so on that I’ll just say that, in my experience, it’s worked out really well for the most part. The app is great. It’s intuitive, stable, useful, and very professionally done. If PM would allow me, I have some ideas to make it even better: (1) a width filter for neckties would be fantastic. For example, I don’t really like ties that are over 3.5 inches in width; I’d love to be able to filter out the wider ties. (2) you NEED a help/feedback button by item. Sometimes, items are wildly mis-categorized, or their pictures don’t match the description. With a Help button, users could ask questions about an item or alert TRR to mistakes. (3) the “recently in bag” section really should filter out items that have been sold. There is no point in creating a shortcut to put stuff in your bag that is no longer available. (4) under My TRR, user should be able to sort searches. E.g., I’d like to see my search for pristine dress shirts at the top, always. I have no way or arranging my saved searches as is. Finally, it’d be great if you could bookmark/favorite brands, so when you’re creating a new search, you can select your favorite brands faster.
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3 years ago, GreetingsEarthlings
Never pay retail!
I love this app! I used to purchase my designer goods on resale apps, but I’ve received numerous counterfeit items. TRR is amazing. You get items for substantially lower than retail, Afterpay is available, checkout is simple and shipping/returns are a breeze. I can purchase designer items at a fraction of the cost. The only issue I have with their app is the carting process. Anytime I click on my Cart, there’s a delay of numerous seconds while it loads. I’ve tried WiFi, cellular, different networks, but it doesn’t matter. It takes a long time to process anytime you go to your cart. And sometimes those seconds matter. Speaking of, I’m not a huge fan of the timer. They give you 20 mins to checkout, but it goes quickly. An item is held for You after it’s added to cart, but since you pay for shipping, you want to get your money’s worth. But alas, the cart likes to freeze and then I lose my cart. I try to add items back quickly, but it’ll still show they’re being held (by me) and then I have to close, reopen and try to recart. Anyways, that’s the only issue really. Otherwise I live TRR!
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1 year ago, worms22
terrible customer service, great clothes
Most of my wardrobe is from this site. I love all my finds, but the ui and the customer service is not all there. I bought my literal dream dress— a black lace dress with a beautifully tailored black silk slip underneath. It was pictured with the slip and priced as though the slip was included. However, I received no slip. The dress is lace and completely see-through; I was unable to wear it when I got it. When I contacted customer service, they said they would check with the warehouse. They said this three times over the course of two weeks and didn’t follow up all three times. They said that they could take the dress back (which costs money to send), but I did not want that. This was an important dress to me, and I couldn’t just buy a new one because it is vintage. I wanted the slip or some kind of credit to buy a new one. I paid for a VERY expensive dress that I received HALF of. Customer service never even acknowledged that they never sent me an integral part of the dress that I paid for. I had to purchase a new slip for an expensive dress that should have already had one. Extremely disappointed since I spend so much money on this site and they don’t seem to care about their customers.
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2 years ago, Scientificthiri
Pictures blurry and save searches glitch
Previously these were not issues, but with some update the app got worse. I can’t see high quality detailed images easily and every time I try to access my save searches it glitches to only show me half of my searches until I reopen the tab. I actually stopped shopping at therealreal due to my frustration of the app making shopping more difficult than the competitors. If an item is selected from the favorites tab, the images are insanely blurry as if it just zoomed in on the display icon instead of opening the higher resolution images. Even adding to cart and opening from there displays blurry images. Only opening the same item in the saved searches or from a search shows the normal higher resolution images. The saved searches won’t let me scroll to see all my searches anymore in one scroll. Once I reach the bottom of the page I can only see the bottom 3; it stops displaying the ones I just saw and misses any searches between it and the bottom 3. Additionally, when I click a saved search then go back, it start me back at the top and I have to go find where ever I was at before. This is really really annoying because I would check this regularly to see if any item I wanted to purchase was added but this is now useless
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3 years ago, phillydefenseatty
Buyer AND consigner
I’ve never consigned before and I’m lazy-ish, so while I guess I’m not completely maximizing value at TRR I really like that they pick up your consignments from your doorstep and I’ve unloaded a ton of old stuff for store credit (probably the best option) that I otherwise would have just held onto or donated. And I’ve gotten a TON of store credit for stuff I bought years ago on consignment!! Also, eBay is kind of a pain to sell on (like I said, I’m lazy and I hate shipping stuff on a deadline and having the condition ultra scrutinized and argued over). Now, as far as my purchases, holy heck!! I have completely overhauled my wardrobe and pretty much upgraded everything to designer. I’ve gotten GORGEOUS things and if you search less popular brands you can get steals (beautiful Italian trousers for $15 and flats for $40, umm yes please). Just make sure you are diligent about returning stuff you can’t fit into (I find sizing a little risky since you might not know the brands that well—like since when have I even tried on a Balmain skirt ever in my life?).
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6 months ago, Shame on The RaalReal
How the great has fallen
I used to be an avid RealReal consignor and shopper. I am a VIP seller. I no longer sell on the site. The greedy change in the commission, the constant mistakes in undervaluing my consignments and the “experts” listing and photographing women’s items and men’s and men’s items as women's. It doesn’t take a degree in fashion to see a men’s Dolce & GABBANA tuxedo isn’t not a women’s “pantsuit” and should not be photographed on a female mannequin. The size label, fly and rise in the pants and where the buttons are place. The same is true for three of my Loro Piana women’s sweaters that are listed and photographed as men’s. It’s been two weeks since I spoke yo my rep and it’s are still not corrected. The same issues hold true as a shopper. Prices have gone too far up, promotions to shop are less often. When I have made a purchase, 80% of the time the item had a problem such as wrong, wrong measurements as incorrect description. I always take the time to point out the problems do the next buyer doesn’t have ye same issue and the consigners item isn’t constantly being purchased and retuned thus selling for less. The piece always get immediately re listed. Speed wins over attention to detail. Shame on the people running the RealReal. Your reputation as luxury consignment shop is no longer accurate.
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8 months ago, bonniejean13
Amazing customer service from the top to the bottom very happy
The customer service from the acc manager Jessica to the drive wish I remember there names they were so kind and helpful and Trent at customer service was so helpful Thanks again Jessica T not gonna say ur last name privacy. I want to thank you for making this so easy. Your are going to want to empty your closets and buy from the real real it’s has be beautiful cloths and great pictures. So great job. I am also icustomer service in high demand all the time emails phone. Don’t blow them up she will always get back to you . Just remember these i teams are being shipped being checked in at each way to make sure they get there and then looked over so be patient they are gonna get it done. Thanks you it is a very stressless time you don’t have to waste your time selling i teams answering answering people every detail and not get a sale this dose it for you
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12 months ago, thejordanbergeron
You will be penalized for trying to use your store credit
So my experience with TRR has been extremely frustrating to say the least. I had $75 worth of store credit on my account and I was very excited to make my first purchase, that would’ve hopefully been the first of many. However my order was cancelled just minutes after placing it, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES after trying to buy the same shirt. After the third cancellation with zero explanation as to why the order kept getting cancelled, I saw that my store credit was not returned to me. I reached out to TRR customer service and was told that my account was flagged for fraud and was under investigation. If I was given some sort of explanation as to why the order couldn’t have been completed, I could’ve corrected the issue on my end. After trying to resolve the same issue for the third time, I was given $25 of store credit back onto my account. I have no respect for a company who provides credit to their customers, and has no intention of reinstating that credit when an error is made on their end. Thank you for making my first time on this platform one of the most infuriating shopping experiences I’ve had.
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3 years ago, RobertCal83
This place is pure trash we had a bunch of hi brand expensive items many of them even had tags being brand new it was 15 different name brands all of which were on their list of designers that they except I checked each one one by one and it was on there the lady told me to pack it all up and get it ready to ship to them then after I spent all day going through it and packing it up nice and neat then she messaged out of nowhere and said for me to send her the list of all the designers so I did some of which were Michael Kors Calvin Klein Salvatore Ferragamo Hugo boss Balmain BugatchiRalph Lauren banana republicPerry Ellis Kenneth ColeTom Ford Thomas pink Bloomingdale’sSaks fifth Avenue and and bogosse and after I sent her that list she just messages back and says sorry we don’t take any of those are you freaking kidding me! Every one of those designers is on their list I even told her that and then she said sorry we don’t take them and she was even kind of rude when we were on the phone with her but that is completely ridiculous 15 designs and telling me you don’t take not one of them not only am I going to find another consignor I’m gonna make sure everyone I knowKnows about this
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5 years ago, Anom226
Love this site so much!
I found this website after I went on an all things “Schitts Creek” binge... I found out that this is where they bought most of the clothing for the show, because it needed to be upscale and authentic without breaking their budget. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. Part of my order was delivered in just 1 day and the clothes far exceeded my expectations! They don’t look used, they look like I bought them at the store today! I’m sure to do my research every time I’m ready to purchase, making sure the quality is up to my standard (if it says moderate pilling or a stain, I usually skip) and I exam the pictures very closely to make sure it looks the same as described. So far, I have not been disappointed. My favorite thing is sifting through the ridiculously low-priced items. I got myself a few great $400 sweaters for what I’d pay for a sweater at H&M! I now plan on redoing my entire wardrobe with pieces from designers I thought I’d only ever dream of owning!
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2 years ago, FSgot ripped off
Hit or miss.
I’ve ordered from here several times. Typically things are as described. One Prada purse came with broken zipper, it was less of a hassle to buy it again than go through repair process. I continued to buy from TRR, thinking TRR must not have seen zipper was broken. Hit or miss. Then I bought a purse for a little over 400 dollars that was described as “ in good condition “ the purse arrived and it was in unusable condition. There is no possible way anybody would use it. The purse was severely cracked and handle was cracked and shredding. TRR had said the pictures showed cracking. There is no way I would have purchased a purse in that condition especially with the handle cracked and shredded. After long discussion I was told that I can return purse for store credit. I was not told that TRR would deduct approximately half of what I paid over $200 in fees for return which is exactly what they did. Most items I buy on site have been non returnable and they are not inexpensive. I can’t risk my money and just hope I get lucky and item is in good condition and have no true recourse. So I will not be spending my money here anymore.
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12 months ago, pgp916
Pleasure to shop in here
The experience I have had so far shopping with TRR has been great, no complaints. Recently however, I purchased two different items for which the size listed on the website wasn’t the same with the items. Although I was able to return both items after talking with customer service, very friendly and helpful by the way, it doesn’t take a way that a lot of time and energy was waisted. I decided to take a look at the returned items on the website to see if the size was corrected; however, it is still say the same thing… I love shopping with TRR because I get items that are not usually everywhere on the market, but now I’ll be wondering everytime I make a purchase if the size would be true to what it is posted on the website… is there anywhere to make sure the individual seller post the right size Thank you
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5 years ago, dominiquev89
Awesome for buyers ONLY, do not consign!!
Consigning with The Real Real is NOT WORTH IT. Buyers are happy with this site at the consignors expense. As soon as I even inquired about consigning, I was bombarded with phone calls and emails daily. When I did send in my items, I was still getting daily calls and emails asking me to send in more items. To give credit where it’s due, any of my questions were quickly answered, and I was removed from the contact list when I asked to be. My items took over 6 months to sell (yes they were good quality, trending items), and only did so after the items went on sale for 50% off without my consent or being informed, on top of which, apparently coupons can be used. I’ve received $13 for 3 separate items that I’m confident I could have sold on Poshmark or eBay for ~$50 in a couple months time. I’ve had an incredibly long, annoying, disappointing experience as a consignor. I used to love buying from TheRealReal, but now that I know it’s at the sellers expense, I can’t shop in good conscience anymore either. Never using this site again.
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5 years ago, LarissaMeg
I get to dress and feel really nice! Thanks TRR
I have spent years selling my clothing, shoes and handbags, all designer, on several sites. I never thought I would BUY resale until TRR changed my mind. I’m reading about them selling non authentic goods or poor customer service and I don’t understand where this is coming from. I am very astute at recognizing the real from fakes and everything I’ve ever purchased has been clean, authentic and in excellent condition. This is the only place I buy 2nd time around designer goods because I trust them. I visit the store frequently in LA and it’s a beautiful boutique with some amazing pieces. I can easily find anything I’m looking for from the easy to navigate website and I trust their authenticity. Their staff is very knowledgeable and they love what they do and are very good at their job. The descriptions are accurate and I feel I can buy with confidence. I’m so happy you’re here TRR. You’ve made wearing really nice things very accessible.
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1 year ago, Jemo6982
The Real Real is addicting.
I recently started shopping online using my safari mobile and on my laptop. However, I downloaded the app and I love it. It alerts you automatically when a price has been discounted or if your following a certain item from waitlist. I am always checking it everyday for items I am on the hunt for and I love that they always have a sale constantly. If you new to downloading the app or using this shopping platform, I highly recommend it. Easy to roam through and access your profile. In addition, customer service has been extremely kind. Especially when I encounter an item I received as not as described even though it was a final sale. Customer service still helped me return the item and properly refunded me. Give it a try! You might become addicted. 💖💜💙
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4 years ago, Jess-123454321
The buggiest app, never improves
I have emailed support a couple of times over the last year about app issues. Never got them resolved. This app is just SO buggy that using it is insanely frustrating. Combine that with the high cost of shipping and returns...and basically I don’t have much incentive to shop TRR. The bugs are always related to my feed. Saved searches disappear WHILE I am scrolling down my feed, and they will reappear if I force-close the app and re-open but then they disappear again. Random ones. I just searched for a designer and there’s one item available and a lot of items sold, I saved it to my feed and it says, “Nothing available.” A search for a different designer - only sold items show up - I save the feed and it shows up as normal (showing me all the sold items). It’s just a super unpredictable and buggy app. I’ve also emailed support with suggestions (1. Filter loved items by “sold”, 2. Return from a loved item “detail” view to the same spot in your loved items page instead of back to the top). I’ve waited more than a year for those features... This app is just a hot mess and is increasingly frustrating to use.
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2 years ago, Egg farm
As a seller & buyer
As a buyer, the real real prices are okay, they do tend to be on point with their product descriptions providing confidence on what you’re buying. The shipping is also fast & secure. I will definitely continue to purchase items from them. As a seller, I don’t recommend at all. I started off with 20 designer pieces to sell, everything went good first two weeks until someone made a return which I had no issue but the refund was taken twice. When I tried reaching out to support to understand why the refund was taken out twice they couldn’t provide me with any answers leaving me with the only option but to take all my items back from them. For example if my payout for the month was $700 after the legit return it should’ve been $600 but it was taken twice so it came out to $500. They couldn’t explain this in any ways possible to me. Huge red flag for me & I didn’t want to leave my items with me if they would play with my money & then not be able to do the math to understand they messed up.
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5 years ago, Max370088
I have purchased a few items through them and consigned one. Every time I have bought online, the items have never come in the condition listed on the site, resulting in me asking myself: “okay, can I live with this?” Most often, I just don’t go through the hassle of returning. Now, if I ever see something I like online, it has to be in the SoHo store where I can look at it. Still, I have found pristine items with tags at the store are often not pristine when I arrive to look at the items, though they may still have the tags. Excellent items, which they deem to have no wear, are often not the case either, just by zooming in on each of the photographs or using the store method. Be very, very careful of this when purchasing online. If you want a bargain, end of season sales with the designers and the department stores are often your best bet. You have to have the patience of going through the racks virtually or physically. They often get the price to cheaper than TheRealReal during the sales, sometimes even when TRR has received that same item themself.
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2 years ago, sm_2013
Good service, slow app
I love TRR’s offering (am a First Look member), and overall the app works well, but some of the APIs are painfully slow. Specifically everything in the checkout flow, from loading your cart to initiating the checkout process to actually completing payment. I’ve lost items because I started checking out with 2-3 minutes left before my cart expires, and the checkout process took so long (loading screens for ages) that by the time things loaded my cart had expired. Sometimes I’ll add items on mobile and then complete checkout on web because it’s faster. Mobile could be a superior experience to web because it’s faster to add items to your cart, but they’ve completely neglected some of these core parts of the experience. Loading the Items section of the My Sales page also takes forever, but this is less important than the time-sensitive checkout flow. Please fix this!
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1 year ago, ejeffers22
Iphone app keeps getting worse
I have been using the RealReal app for 9 years and it has only gotten worse. It started off being a fast, user friendly interface and now there is always a glitch. The glitches have only become larger and more disruptive to the user experience. On a few occasions the technology hasn’t been useable at all, nothing loads and you get a pop up message “Not Authorized”. One example, I haven’t been able to view “my sales” in the app for about two months. The screen stays stuck on the loading circle and nothing happens. Also, the quality of photography and presentation has gone way down hill. I’ve seen clothes put on the mannequins backwards or upside down. I’ve seen mislabeled designers numerous times, as well as mislabeling which article of clothing it is - calling a romper a dress. Each example above only hurts the Seller’s chances of it selling quickly at a higher price. I’m giving two stars because more times than not I am very pleased with their customer service.
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4 years ago, naturelover97
Good site, bad app
I love theRealReal, but the app itself has a ridiculous and unforgivable flaw: when you hit the back button, it doesn’t take you back to the last page you viewed (like every other website/app ever) but all the way back to the home page. Which means if you search something, click on an item, and then click on the brand/designer to see what else is available, you can’t go back to your search results. The back button will take you back to the home page. What? This is especially annoying if you’ve narrowed your search down with various filters because you have to re-enter it all in a new search. I am in the habit of quelling my curiosity and not clicking on brands when browsing bc I won’t be able to get back to my search results without doing extra work. The only justification I can imagine for UI this bad is that it encourages you to save your searches (which ostensibly encourages you to repeat those searches). It’s dumb, and it hate it. That being said, my buying experiences with the app have been great.
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4 years ago, Z2b3
OBSESSED - Wedding Season Must
I’m obsessed with so many items on this site and have spent hours sitting through items and creating a dream closet. I love the real real for 3 main reasons: 1) I can make money on clothes that I normally would have given to friends or donated. 2) I can afford items that I was always to cheap to buy full price, but tried on over and over again at Nordstrom’s. 3) This is sustainable!! After going through the site, I realized that you can buy gorgeous high quality engagement rings and designer weddings gowns. This is where I will be going for my wedding needs. When you’re shopping on a budget, but appreciate quality and trendy items, this is where to go. Additionally, I’ve been buying high end dresses to wear to weddings and re-consigning them afterwards. I get so many compliments and only need to wear the dress once.
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7 years ago, The real real chick
I love this site and app!!
Overall I love this site and spend hours searching for the perfect item. You can get great deals on designer goods for the fraction of the cost. I have ordered several items, at least 15, and have found most of them to be accurately described and sometimes even better quality then described. However, a few times I received items that were not as described. For example a pair of shoes I purchased were labeled on the site as size 8 and they were actually a size 7. I returned them, stated the reason, and saw them re-appear on the site listing the same wrong size! I've also purchased and returned a sweater that had pulls in it when it was described as in excellent condition. Overall this site is awesome and you can score great deals. I see my friends eyeing my clothes and wondering how the hell I'm affording it all. Shhh it's my little secret!! I would definitely recommend.
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9 months ago, jeremydanté
The best - and that’s real!
TRR has redefined sustainability through luxury consigning. In-store they extend that approach to customer service in brick-and-mortar form. I love utilizing all of the services as a consignor, and learning of both the policies for products, and the history of each item. TRR is a place where you can invest, save, make return on past investments, and learn. Other competitors just don’t make the grade. It’s all about sustainability, and in that, we’re able to move even closer to a zero waste model. Shout out to my SA in Marin, CA at the Larkspur location, Michelle and to all those on the virtual Consignor Relations team at TRR HQ, as well as the handbag specialists. Learn the process to know how to make it work for you. Buy, sell, save, invest- come into the cycle for the future of sustainability. All vintage everything.
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1 year ago, markymarc92$
I’ve tried every app like this and this is number one!!!!
Every purchase I have had has been really easy and I was very comfortable with my very first purchase now that says a lot Imo because nowadays you’ve got company’s scamming people and taking off with everyone’s money but this app is the exact opposite they have the same mottos as I do! What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong!!! I want both parties to walk away happy with the deal! I walked away happy with every deal and I’ve been scammed/robbed alot so I have a hard time trusting anything! You can one hundred percent trust this app/website great service, fast shipping and on point descriptions! Can’t really say anything bad about this app don’t know how it’s not higher on the list!!!!??????!!! Should be top 10 for sure!!!!
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2 years ago, BNBHHJN
Used to be great, quality & customer service has gone hill drastically
I love the concept of the RealReal. Occasionally you get a score. However as of lately I have had numerous issues with them. Items have been consistently misrepresented on the site. Items are described in great condition but upon arrival have considerable flaws. Customer service is not consistent and severely lacking. Example, I received a coat that’s condition was misrepresented. I contacted them and requested a repair. I was informed over the phone that they would not repair it but after contacting their chat three different times was given three different answers. Finally an agent agreed that a repair would be covered then after I had the repair and sent the invoice they claimed that was not possible. Only after calling and making a fuss did they make an “exception”. This was after two separate representatives promised that this would be honored and gave me a fake case number. Another example is recently I placed a large order, two items were missing, one item I did not order was included in the package and another dress arrived in a disturbingly soiled condition. This was a $500 Valentino dress. I was appalled. They offered to remedy this by not charging for a return label. However these mistakes and oversights have been a consistent trend as of late. They really need to invest in their warehouse protocol and customer service and put less money/energy into their branding.
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2 years ago, Rickey86
Don’t bother
I brought boots into a Manhattan location. They took them and explained the whole process. They were so polite and I felt really good about my choice using The RealReal. That’s where the niceties ended. The size was listed incorrectly. Twice. I couldn’t get in touch with anyone. I felt ignored. I finally reach someone to get the merchandise back and now I have to wait a month for it. A month. It will most likely be too late to sell them anywhere else because of the changing seasons. The person who finally got a return going was rude btw. I can’t recommend doing any business with them. This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had. Pay retail. At least you know what you’re getting and it’s a nice experience. Also when you sell if they offer a discount that comes off your end. You’re lucky to get 5% of the original price back. I did receive my boots back much sooner than expected. And there’s a damaged spot that didn’t exist when I attempted to consign with them. Even more disappointed now
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5 years ago, apps to love and buy
I personally love this app for buying designer items. Since so many people use this app you may be able to see a few of the same items. So if one item already sold, there may be another one waiting for you. The only complaint I have is that you can’t talk to the seller to negotiate the price. In the app each item has a starting price, and as long as that starting price stays the same you can get a 20% discount, but if the seller drops the price, that 20% discount goes away. Sometimes it can be really frustrating when the seller drops the price by only a small amount, because you would’ve gotten a better deal if they hadn’t dropped it. Other than that, the app is great, you never have to worry about buying something fake.
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4 months ago, An actual designer
Slow loading times and questionable UX decisions
The load times for certain screens is pretty bad, particularly the cart and Obsessions. Not as glacially slow as before, but still often 4-5 seconds or more. For times when one has to be quick on the draw, I’ve learned to never EVER tap on the cart icon unless I wanted to stare at the gray spinning icon for ages. Yesterday I noticed that the app no longer shows sizes on search pages or in your saved searches. I don’t know if this is a bug or some dumb misguided scheme to increase clicks/engagement but it absolutely ruins the browsing experience, because there’s no way to tell if an item is in your size from looking at the photo. It’s extremely frustrating. Fix your mess, TRR developers. I hope somebody reads this review, as it’s actual feedback about the app that needs fixing, not complaining about commissions or fakes. People can’t seem to separate the service from the app on here.
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9 months ago, Tkokkeler
Seller Beware!
This app is designed to accommodate the buyers. As a seller you have little to no say on your items. Photographs condition etc are completely up to TRR. Be prepared that if your item sells the buyer can return it and the window to do so is 14 days. If your item happens to sell without complication you will have to wait till the 15th of the next month to receive payment. Also, be prepared to have your items deeply discounted on a waterfall sale. They start out with automatically dropping the price within a week of your listing going live. (Which it can take them as long as a month to photograph and get onto the website). You will watch as your expensive designer items go from 20%off-80%off. For a buyer its amazing to snag a designer item for a 10th of what its worth. Their commission rate is tiered depending on the listing price so that is a whole other layer. Overall if you sell to TRR keep your expectations low on the whole process and be prepared to basically give your items away!
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3 years ago, PilotLady90
Unhappy Consignor
Consignors BEWARE! I was initially really happy with this site as a buyer but after using as a way to consign my designer items, I am hugely dissatisfied. They have “lost” 3 of my expensive designer items. The first item was “found” and returned to me finally after 3 months, but looked like it had been worn and had makeup stains on it (I originally sent it in clean and freshly drycleaned). Two other items are still “missing”. When I call and email, TRR responds with vague responses saying they will look into it, but it has been months now that my items have been missing and they are no longer responding to my emails or offering to compensate me for the hundreds of dollars my items are worth. THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT OF THEFT! The items that have sold are often discounted very quickly on the site to prices very low and that I did not approve. TRR has made a lot of money off of my items but has mistreated my trust in them. There are other ways to sell your designer items. Don’t use this site!
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2 years ago, sandylane1114
Terrible management
I have put a lot of jewelry at TRR and each time I put a lot in there, there is less and less rhyme or reason to how they do anything and price. Makenna who handles my account in Arizona told me I would get 75% when she collected my last two batches of jewelry. I should be at a minimum of 70% and TRR is all over the board with my percentages. Makenna doesn’t text back or return calls as this is my fourth time contacting her. When I called in, the people that are answering the phone have no knowledge of anything and then they tell me all management is not in? I know this is a public company and should be a concern for all stockholders. I had hoped management would have changed by now, but do not see that is the case.I would consider me a great consignor and the customer service has been anything but poor. I am frustrated and tired of sitting on hold to get no answers by the people that work there and have no training.
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6 months ago, KIM000019
Some functionality quirks.
I have been shopping on The Realreal for a couple years and overall have enjoyed my experience. There are a couple quirks with how the app works( at least on iPhone) that I wish the team would address. Essentially, the Back button does not function like a true back button. For example: - if I tap Obsessions, tap one of my saved items, tap the designer name and then tap Back, it will return me to the app home page rather than the Obsessions page. -if I execute a search, tap a search item, tap the designer of that item and then tap back, it returns me to the home page rather than to my search results. This especially stinks because I have to re-conduct my search and scroll through the search results to find where I left off.
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1 year ago, 969320420
Wish I could give it zero stars.
It’s the worst app and it keeps getting worse. I’ve been a TRR customer for years, and I am hardly ever on my computer so I rely on the app to do my shopping. Once you put an item in your cart, you only have 15 minutes to purchase. No problem. EXCEPT, if you want to buy multiple items from your favorites, the app keeps refreshing so that you lose your place, taking up precious time trying to find where you left off. It’s especially frustrating when you are trying to put a whole outfit together and every time you click on an item and then want to go back to all your favorites, the app takes you back up to the top of your favorites, not where you left off. 2. If you’re just looking at all your favorites and let’s say you’re 15 items down and you click in and out of a photo and the app refreshes, you can have to start all over again to figure out where you left off. 3. Even worse, if you filter least expensive to most expensive, or vice versa, when the app refreshes, your items are no longer in the sorting order you chose. It is absolutely frustrating. 4. I just updated the app and now when I try to filter my items by color, the app has whited out all the colors. It’s a shame that such a great website has an absolutely horrible app when so many people use their phone rather than their computer for shopping.
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7 months ago, Champagne134
Unbearably intrusive sales attempts
I requested to sell on the app but had to discontinue halfway through. I intended to come back until I fully prepared with all the items. However, since then, I've been bombarded with more than 40 texts and voice messages from 5 different sales representatives within just 7 days. They’ve been consistently inquiring about pickup services. Some disregard my time zone and call during the early morning. Maybe their primary app user demographics are those who prefer human interactions. But personally I found that approach being way too intrusive. The mere fact that I initiated the process on the app should have indicated that I was comfortable proceeding without those assistance. And I highly doubt that this level of customer engagement will persist once they determine I'm not a high-value customer. The company needs to take steps to understand and respect the mentality and behaviors of Gen Z?
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1 year ago, $elo$$$$
Worst customer service - they don’t care about their clients
I’ve been a VIP seller for years with The Real Real - I am extremely unhappy with their customer service and I wonder if they treat their supposed VIPs this way - what about other people. They discount my items without my authority and undersell things even though I have consistently made it clear I don’t want my items prices further reduced. My account rep never texts me back - he could care less - I’ve called several times to resolve issues with my consignments and no one ever gets back to me. I really don’t suggest anyone’s consigns with The Real Real - they are a nightmare to deal with and no one will ever get back to you if you have an issue - even if you are a VIP client like myself. I think the company has the worst customer service and they just don’t make an effort to help their clients at all. Stay clear!!! They are horrible. I’m so frustrated and unhappy with the way they have handled my large account.
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1 year ago, LingLawliet
Lost all consigned items and no answers after six months
I only consigned with them once and all the items are lost. No answers so far I consigned nine high-end items last August. They came to my place to pick them up. Ever since these items have been shown as “in transit” on my account. Four months later still not hearing about anything, so I reached out. It’s been two months, their investigation has not gone anywhere. Instead, they have been asking questions about the details of these items and even asked for pictures. How could I have pictures for items that I already consigned… the concierge took a bunch of photos when they picked up but I’m not sure why they don’t have them. Now it just seems like they continue to delay an answer. It is truly heartbreaking- although I don’t need these items but I had emotional attachment once and hope they end up somewhere nice. Not knowing where they are is just like the worst feeling
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3 months ago, Marcysan
Once upon a time TRR was a reliable way to shop
Now they get so much clothing categorize, describe and price that they barely pay attention to the item in front of them: Cardigans described as plunge necklines, Double breasted jackets or coats described as pea coats, butterscotch described as yellow and even navy described as black, Incorrect measurements and sizes that do not correspond and condition of garments inaccurately described such as fading and pilling where there is none. It is now impossible to buy a garment without wondering the size and condition, and with the shipping charge increased, it’s not a pleasure anymore to try, and it is impossible to consign without wondering just how inaccurate the item will be described. Everything has its moment and TRR’s has passed. Updated review: Your response that my above poor review will be “sent to management” is further proof that I will receive no response from “management” because there is no true concern that my poor review will make a dent in the TRR machine that it has become.
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3 years ago, _tinydancer_
What the point of this app if you can’t buy anything
I’ve never had to work so hard to buy something. I placed an order and the next morning I got an email saying the order had been cancelled. I have no idea why. I did not cancel it. I tried reordering and got a few different error messages, including card decline, which I knew was not the case. My partner tried order under a new account and card, same error message. I emailed customer support, but they take a day to respond to every email, so unless your question can be answered in one email, don’t even bother. I then called, but they told me it was too late in the day for them to help me and that they would call me back. They never did. So after going back and forth with customer service for almost a week via email, I called again. I was on the phone for almost an hour, and nothing was resolved. They did tell me that I should place the order only through chrome, not through the app or another browser. What is the point of an app you can’t purchase through?? Finally I made a new account under a new email, and ordered the item in a different color (with the same card that was being declined on the other order). That finally worked (for now). Who knows, I could get a message tomorrow saying that the order has been cancelled. For a company that touts themselves on luxury and concierge service, this is just embarrassing.
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6 years ago, Jon1177117
I don’t write review but this is a stand-out app
I have made numerous purchases with The Real Real and have continued to be impressed. I’ve had maybe one piece that smelled a bit like mothballs (it was worryingly low-priced anyway), but nothing has arrived anything short of authentic and as-described. I recently placed an order that didn’t ship out when it was supposed to. I called, was on the phone with a real person within a minute or two, and he offered to expedite the shipping free of charge so I could have the pieces for an event. Some of the most exceptional pieces in my closet have come from here, and I wear them often while other pieces I’ve paid thousands more for stay in the closet next to them. Can’t speak for consigning experience, but have heard good things.
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2 years ago, Mdjdiohs
Sellers Beware
This review is for sellers- use Poshmark or literally any other consignment site. I have sold about $25,000 worth of designer goods on TRR. The last 3 items, they’ve listed at prices substantially lower than what the exact item had sold for the week prior. Hundreds or thousands of dollars difference. I sent an email. No response. Emailed my “account luxury manager” who first ignored me, and then sent me a number to call instead of helping herself. The number of course didn’t help. I emailed again- nothing. The same “account luxury manager” had the audacity to call and ask me to make an appointment to sell my Rolex. As if I would ever sell with this “company” again. Don’t trust them. They will take your things, ignore you when you have an issue with their listing price, and sell the item so quickly that you don’t even have time to get it fixed (because they’re underpriced it so severely). Horribly disappointed in ever having sold anything with them.
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5 years ago, Catlin19
Buy from here, but Don’t Sell here!!
Items I’ve purchased have almost all been really great. Shipping has been quick, most of the time, and I’ve only ever been truly disappointed with one item. That said, I have consigned a number of items with them, all of which I sent at the same time. I was not given an option or an opinion, on what my items would be listed for; not to mention whether they would be used in a sale, and then 20% off on top for some things... really disappointing. I consigned a nearly new (I wore them 2 times) pair of YSL gladiator sandals, and my consignment check was for $80 for a pair of $650 shoes. A designer monogram tote, was sold in a specific brand sale, and my consignment check was just over $100 for an $800 bag. So, if you’re looking for a good deal, it’s great, but if you’re planning to sell your items, you’re literally only going to get pennies on the dollar for what you spent. Sell it somewhere else!!!
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1 year ago, nebilaog
I 100% do not recommend using this app, especially as a seller. I made an account here about a month ago to see if I could sell two pairs of designer shoes I had. I saw that the high commission wasn’t for me, and decided to bring my business elsewhere. A few days later I get an email saying “we got your items!” I was so shocked because I had NEVER sent anything in. They had put someone else’s items on my profile, as if I was the seller. If I wasn’t an honest person, I could have made money off of someone else’s clothes!! I immediately messaged them and requested they remove the items. At first they did not do it, but then they finally removed it. Today, I got a package for them with a sweater I NEVER ORDERED. I don’t know where this sweater came from, but to have such deep disorganization in a marketplace that sells luxury goods is baffling. They sent me someone else’s designer sweater! Waiting for them to do something but this is totally unacceptable.
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6 years ago, VetteGyrl
Wish I had found them sooner!
LOVE this app! First, I have not purchased clothing much as designers are notorious for being slightly big or small and I am hard to fit with some pieces. However, every piece I have purchased has been EXACTLY as advertised. Second, had I found them sooner, all those designer items may not have ended up at Good Will after our recent move! Ugh! Third, if you have Hermès taste on a K-Mary budget, I highly recommend this app! You can save things and add them to your wish list if they get sold which helps when you are trying to save up for that next must have. To date I have sold more then I have purchased and will re-consign items when I am ready for the next one!
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5 years ago, REESE AND KELLY
Amazing finds!
I absolutely love TRR. I haven’t consigned with them but as a customer, I find such amazing pieces for a fraction of their retail price. The only reason that I give 4 instead of 5 stars is because shipping should be covered for returnable items: like I would pay the shipping to receive them but they would come with a return label. I think it would help sell more. Customers are more likely to keep the things they buy online than they are to go back for items that they hesitated to purchase. I don’t take as many risks with things I’m not sure will fit because paying the return shipping adds up! Today I purchased two pairs of shoes but really would have gotten 4 if they came with a return shipping label. Especially because I’m in Hawaii and shipping is expensive! Just my two cents ;)
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9 months ago, Wrong commission
Commission payment
I’ve done a good amount of business with The RealReal, both buying and selling. Last month, I’d sold a couple of high-priced items for which I was granted a 65% commission with an extra 5% “loyalty” bonus. That commission remained the same for about 3 weeks until about 5 days before the payment was to be made, when the 5% bonus was reduced to a 1% “influencer” bonus. I’d called to ask why this happened, and did not get a clear answer, and was told to wait for the payment to be made to see if it is correct. The payment was made today for the lesser, incorrect amount. I’m currently waiting to hear back from an agent, but this experience is terrible, as I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to resolve the problem. It shouldn’t be this complicated, and there shouldn’t be changes made to commission payments that benefit The RealReal, rather than the client that is giving them business.
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9 months ago, Nani peeke
Garbage app
So apparently they have a new CEO after Julie was ousted or left? It’s mind-boggling that they say they create new updates on the app however nothing has ever changed. I’ve been a customer now since they started and this app and website have had no significant changes. You can’t toggle back-and-forth between certain searches and resellers use bots to get items (thanks technology). Or people on the inside see which items are listed and they buy them for their selves to resell or tell friends. It’s really obvious at this point as they immediately go in carts and then I see them weeks later on eBay for 4 times the price. So in most searches items are already in carts as soon as I refresh the browser at 7 AM and 4 PM. Also like others say they hound you to sell and then it takes forever to sell items since people can wear and return them and you have to wait until payouts.
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5 years ago, Ptex68
Most have
I love real real, for me is the better consignment side ever, they are very good in check all the merchandise and very trustworthy to let customers know of conditions. I love the side. The only problem I have they don’t have a option on the side of item good and very good condition, so I have to look one by one. Hope they change that soon , sence I only get very good or prestine . I do recommend this side to everyone. If you not sure about your shoe size just go to a store , try a couple on the brand names that you like so you know exactly what to get, some brand name shoes rum very small and narrow. I found wonderful things on real real. I truly can say is my new addiction, I use the side a least 2 times weekly.
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2 years ago, kb736462
Soooo frustrating
I love this company because of their prices and selections, but this app is straight up AWFUL. Anytime I search, sort, refine, then click a product, go back to my search, it refreshes and unsorts,unrefines, and places me back to the top of the site. I lose my place in the search and have to start all ever again (I’m not using any other apps or switching between apps, and I have background app refresh off in case I absolutely have to). It’s so insanely frustrating that sometimes I just give up searching because it’s such a waste of time to redo it all and find my place back down the search. I also have the problem someone else mentioned where when I click a product picture to view it more closely, and the quality is TERRIBLE, even blurry. This deters me from buying stuff because I can’t even see it clearly. Please fix these issues!!!!
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