Thorntons Refreshing Rewards

2.6 (258)
33.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Thorntons Incorporated
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Thorntons Refreshing Rewards

2.64 out of 5
258 Ratings
2 years ago, quietguy47
Could be better
It’s mostly okay, but my biggest complaint is the notification that won’t go away. I’ve logged out and back in multiple times, deleted and reinstalled the app and the notification came back as soon as I installed the app before I logged in. I turned off notifications just so that number goes away.
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7 years ago, Derryls
Keeps needing to be downloaded
I have downloaded the update 6 times in 2 hours on my iPhone and it says is open. If I then open the app, exit and immediately return to the App Store it shows the app needs to be downloaded. The same situation occurs in iTunes. I click to download, download finishes, but the icon remains. Perhaps the new download has the wrong version number in it so phone and mac thinks it is an older version. Five stars is one until this is fixed! It took another app to be downloaded on the phone this morning for the download to finally hold. Back to 5 stars.
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7 years ago, T Housman
It’s good, but not great...
I have been using the rewards program for almost three years now, and I really like it. I decided to download the app, and I like pretty much everything about it, EXCEPT that I have to individually delete 95 messages for some reason! I am not going to waste my time individually deleting 95 messages. I kindly ask the developers to make a shortcut to select all AND delete all. These messages are no longer relevant, AND they are taking up storage space in my phone,(which makes me want to delete the app). If I don’t hear something from someone in a reasonable amount of time I will delete the app and give this a worse review. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Luvsaran
Not sure
I had a lot of rewards and points and with the new update I was locked out of my account. Started a new account with the app. Got a message, read it and now the notification won't go away. I know I have more than one frequency reward but only one shows. Not sure if this extra step is worth a free drink, whateva
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7 years ago, Cree Nation
It's getting better but needs done updates
Every time I get a message in the app I can never get the notification to go away after I've checked it. The only way I can make the notification go away is to completely log out of the app and re-log back in. Can you fix this bag please?
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6 years ago, MetalHeadDave
Favorite location STILL CANT BE SET !!
Come on guys !! I think most people are like me and go to the same Thorntons station repeatedly and to not be able to change the default station is just ridiculous. I’ve tried through the app, through the web, even emailed support and there is no way to set it or change it. Not even sure how the location that is set as my default became the default. Please fix this !!
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7 years ago, jeelli05
FREEquency reward inaccessible
Just downloaded latest app version 3.3 on iOS 10.3.2, and logged into my account. The VIP fuel tab is fine but the FREEquency Rewards tab will only let me view reward 1 of 9. It appears I'm intended to swipe through to each reward, but a swipe function does nothing. Neither can I tap reward 1 of 9 in order to view and swipe from a new screen. Impossible to see rewards to work toward = less money spent inside the store
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7 years ago, Jwaldron8254
When I get a notification of a flash sale it shows a number 1 on the app. I load the flash sale promotion and it still shows a number one. I check messages and have none. I uninstalled and reinstalled- same thing. I contacted customer support and they said log out and log back in. Now it doesn't recognize the password. Go to reset the password and get an email that says follow to reset which starts a cycle of requesting reset and following the link.
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6 years ago, Bri-dasher
Bad update
I love they store and go there almost every day for drinks and snacks. Also, love the deals I get by being a refreshing rewards member and using the app. My main issue is that ever since the update today, it crashes every time I try to open the app. It said they were trying to fix a bug but I think they just added one. Please fix or go back to the last version.
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2 years ago, ken from the ville
Can’t click anything
I am reading the details for the Silverado sweepstakes to win the truck. I can’t click anything inside my information, I’m not even able to click on any of my discounts. Is this just a malfunction on the app? Or is it always like this??? I’m not sure, but it’s been a couple days and I cannot get the app to work for me
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6 years ago, jsdunham
The update causes it to crash. Even restarted phone and tried it before anything else and crashed. Even with new update as of today (Jan 16th) it still is crashing. Was great before these 2 updates for me.
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6 years ago, Upszilla
Needs more updates!
This app on my iPhone 8 Plus needs to be improved. The main dashboard hardly ever updates the price. It has not updated in 58 days! You have to go to locations to get the updated prices for the Thorntons in my area. I have brought this to their attention but they seem not to really care about their app working properly.
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3 years ago, chardun20
Can’t log in
I’ve used the app for years. For whatever reasons it logged me out, when I try to log back in, it says unexpected error. I’ve tried a new card same thing. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help either. I have to put in my phone number every time now, most times the cashier doesn’t wait for that to happen.
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3 years ago, Fhfjfjdjdkdj
This app is trifling
like I don’t understand the point of this app it won’t even let you create a password to sign up like you have to already have an account before hand otherwise you’re not gonna be able to make an account. they should just go back to how things were before making it all digital
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6 years ago, Edo2602
Won’t work
I am not sure what happened after updated a couple of days ago, but I can’t open the app at all. It will open the app and immediately I will be taken to my phone on the main screen. Today’s update state that it is going to fix this problem but it doesn't - at least not for me. Great app and I enjoyed it but now since it is not working - one ⭐️
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1 year ago, Godsonn75
Super buggy lately thought it needed a update but it’s up to date and still takes forever to load up and show anything but rather it say unable to load.. I’ve used it for years with no problems.. why now?
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5 years ago, Sad in her soup coffee
Birthday Year????
I just got this app and was excited to set it up, unfortunately as I was trying to put in my birth year I noticed it did "1 Rewia" and a bunch of other words with really low numbers. This caused the app not to save any of my info and now I can't set up my profile . Please get this fixed so I can use you brand new apps!!!!!
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6 years ago, HBZ 79
Worst app
I think they don’t even care about it as it has so many issues if need to out source your app issues to get solved do contact me
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3 years ago, Malia2475
Serious problems
I can’t get past the opening page because it tells me I need to reload it, but when I press the reload button nothing happens. I even took the app off my phone and downloaded it again with the same results. Whoever is listening, fix this issue!
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6 years ago, kaymarnyc
App slowly downgrading
I use to love this app but now it won’t give me the 6 cents anymore, it freezes on me and tell me it can’t find a location when my data is on. So I deleted it and redownload the app and now it keeps saying error of Jc something.
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6 years ago, aubieky
Wrong wrong wrong!!
The app continuously tells me that I’m in a different state but when I click on locations it tells me exactly where I’m sitting. It also gives me prices for my “local location” that are 140 days old and recently every time I open the app it gives me “unexpected error” multiple times before will boot. Whoever developed this app should be fired!
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3 years ago, brianabrand
App won’t open
I’ve had the app for a while now and it has always worked great but now it won’t even open when I try to click on it
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6 years ago, Deimos, the White Clown
Can’t Login
For some reason, I can’t login. I’ve downloaded the app for the first time about a month ago, and I entered in my rewards card number and email, and it said it couldn’t find my account. I get emails from them, I can update my profile on my laptop, but I can’t log into the app. I tried it again today, but no luck. It’s such a shame.
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6 years ago, Kczehnder
I cannot log into my account, I have tried using forgot password and it will not send email or anything. Is anyone else having problems logging in or just using their app?
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4 years ago, Crag65
Contagion Danger
I usually use a different gas station but I thought I would try this one due to a generous gas discount. I was very disappointed to see that to get the discount I would need to go into the store which was quite crowded and seemed to not be encouraging Social Distancing. Not interested in risking my health for .10 a gallon savings. No Apple Pay option at pumps either.
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5 years ago, ParkerBry
App not working properly
I have tried repeatedly to register my card on different days and times. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded but it still does not work. It always says, “An unexpected error occurred” when trying to register my card. I have a brand new iPhone 10. If I could give 0 stars I would.
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3 years ago, Rick Shepard 03131957
Won’t open
The app worked fine when I first got it, now it won’t open.
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3 years ago, StuDaw
App no longer working
After the latest update, iOS app stopped working - just get an error that it needs to be reloaded. Tried that, and also deleted the app/downloaded again - same result. Running the latest iOS on 12 Pro Max.
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6 years ago, RWoods74
App issues
I have updated the app but it still won’t open 😡
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6 years ago, CameronH1403
It's broken now
The app used to be worth something, but recently it's gone downhill. I got a message and could never clear out there notification that kept showing. I can get in through the web site so got rid of the app. Pretty sure the app has been abandoned by the developers
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6 years ago, Debbiekb
Crap app
I used to love this app but something happened a couple of weeks ago and now it is useless. I used to be able to add my “refreshing reward” in the app but I keep getting an error. I rebooted my iPhone- no luck. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it- still no luck. Seriously, what is the point of your app??
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5 years ago, grrrl852
Really annoyed!
I usually love Thornton’s but not recently. I can not log on to my app or on the website there’s always an error pop up and it’s not related to my login information. I get emails with great deals and money off for gas but I can’t log in to my account to load the rewards. It’s stupid!
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6 years ago, Joni.S
Issue after recent update
I downloaded the recent update on my iPone and the no longer works. It closes immediately after opening, shows it is open when I swipe up for my apps, but when click on it again it disappears.
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5 years ago, Nameingolf
Great app, easy to use!
Awesome features, really easy to find locations and redeem rewards! Love this app.
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6 months ago, Sndee of Illinois
No Marlboro coupons
Jan 29-Marlboro coupons are not appearing in any Thornton Illinois locations. All was good in 2023 for cigarette purchases. Please fix 2024’s offers inThornton gas station locations via link in your app. Other than that I love your app and Thornton.
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7 years ago, your mom 19
1 notification
Nagging 1 notification on app symbol that won’t go away, have been through every page to try and dismiss uninstalled and reinstalled still the same, if it doesn’t go away soon will uninstall and go to other gas rewards
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6 years ago, chud77
Worked great until last two updates
Was working fine until it updated the last two times. Won’t even open. Crashes as soon as I try to open the app. Please fix this on iPhone 6
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6 years ago, TraderSince1986
It’s a freaking rewards card
Why do they require so much personal information to sign up or reset a password? You should be able to reset everything or signup with just a card number and a phone number. It is pathetic.
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6 years ago, Mr4XL
App Update 3.7.1
The latest update fails to fix the app crashing issues. Every time I attempt to open the app it fails to open and immediately shuts down. Have rebooted the phone but plus deleted and reinstalled the app to no avail. Please fix.
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1 year ago, leswoyer
Great app. Love the rewards. But….
….wish it had the ability to provide fuel receipt.
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6 years ago, TieMD
New update
App keeps automatically closing, used to work fine before update.
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6 years ago, Jeter#1fan
Can’t open my app
I have used this app since it came out without any issues. Today I can’t get it to open. Please fix ASAP. I need this app!!
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6 years ago, Dupa Jas
No updates
This app is not updating and can’t sync rewards from email. You have to delete it and reinstall to update.
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6 years ago, KrisVolo
Sweepstakes don’t work
The entries for the sweepstakes do not work. The website states to launch the app and just click the icon. Unless I do not know what I’m clicking on (doubtful) the app does not respond to the clicks! What’s the point of having the sweepstakes if it doesn’t work. Sad
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7 years ago, CWake20
Don’t waste your time
Have downloaded the app three different times and signed up each time. The app when clicking sign up takes me to the home screen and does nothing. I give up. Useless!
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3 years ago, Josee27
Doesn’t work
After using this app twice without any problem, now all I get when logging in is “we’re sorry an unexpected error occurred”.
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6 years ago, TrentSawy
Won’t even open
Since this update I haven’t been able to even open the app I off loaded it off my phone and back on still doesn’t work. Not liking this new update.
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2 years ago, lauren.exe
Crashes every time you open it
Cannot load my fuel rewards because I can’t open the app, frustrating
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6 months ago, Kimbokimkimkim
Was decent
Not sure what’s going on with your app lately but every time I upload a coupon for $.25 off gas it’s not reflecting on the app so therefore I’m not getting the $.25 OR the $.15 that you’re offering me off a gallon…. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE PLEASE FIX IT
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1 year ago, viderr
It logged me out, and now I can’t get back in. Every time I try I get an error. Also tried to make a new account, won’t let me because of phone number!
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