ThredUp: Online Thrift Store

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User Reviews for ThredUp: Online Thrift Store

4.74 out of 5
293.3K Ratings
3 years ago, BanosMom4
My #1 place to shop!
Where do I begin? What isn’t there to love about this app?! I remember one afternoon I went to the mall and ended up spending close to $150 on just a causal outfit and I came home and told myself “wow, really?” I stumbled upon thred up shortly after and I will never pay full price for an outfit like that again! I have purchased everything from new with tags to slightly worn (which slightly worn still came looking brand new!) and never had any issues, if you don’t love it, it doesn’t fit, don’t like the condition or simply changed your mind their hassle free return is on point! So many options for returns and you also get points that save you even more just from shopping! I have found tons of rare Victoria pink items for super cheap! This to me is like my little treasure chest! I can’t wait to see what I’m going to find! *****even though I love you guys I do have a suggestion. I would love to see more photos of the clothing, not even more photos but when it comes to like leggings with designs on the side I would love it if you would add a picture of that or if it’s labeled slight stain, shot a picture of the stain or hole so we can decide if we would still like to purchase it or not because since you don’t add photos like that to a lot of your items I skip over them completely to just not even take the chance, so I think that would be a very helpful update for your shoppers if you could add something like that in the future!
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5 years ago, Champagne taste,beer budget.
I am totally addicted to Thredup! I have been shopping on this app for over a year, and most of my wardrobe now consists of these beautiful high end finds. I am very careful when buying and do my best to inspect, via the photos and descriptions, to buy items that will fit and are in good condition. Occasionally items don’t work out and it’s disappointing. I think there are a few things that Thredup can do to help customers choose well. I know they must be overloaded with items from clean out bags. Mistakes in the listings are unavoidable. When they occur, wrong size or a hole in an item listed as “like new” Thredup should waive the restocking fee since you can note these problems in your return. I also wish they would say in the description what size mannequin the item is shown on. I really think it would help since different manufacturers size differently. If I could see if the fit is loose or tight on the mannequin I could make more successful choices. I’ve noticed a size stamped into the back of some of the pant mannequins and it helps. It would also help to state the American size equivalent for foreign sizes. On the subject of clean out... beware! We all love free shipping, but you do risk someone in inspection not recognizing the value of an item, especially jewelry. I sent in a sterling silver designer ring that had the name stamped into the band, and got a good payout. I sent in the matching necklace and earrings in my next clean out bag and they donated it:(
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9 months ago, denmomof3
My favorite shopping place
I love shopping on this website and I also enjoy this app. This is my favorite place for finding great deals! After losing weight I have had to shop and ThredUP has been my go to place for purchasing a new wardrobe at less of a price. I don’t know about selling and I see many complaints about that. I had to get rid of tons of clothing and chose to donate them instead. That has always been my preference whenever getting rid of clothing. Anyhow, I haven’t been disappointed by my purchases. There were a couple of items that were supposed to be in excellent condition but I found some seams that had to be repaired since they were coming apart. Heck that has even happened to me with brand new purchases at department stores. After making those small repairs myself, the items are now in excellent condition. I love the coupons/discounts and rewards which I fully take advantage of. People also complain about smells when receiving clothing and yes I have also experienced that. I always wash mine whether from ThredUP or any store immediately right after unpacking and I use laundry sanitizer just to be on the safe side. After washing I no longer notice any strange smells. I also like that you can search for your favorite brands and you can choose the condition of the item you are purchasing. I have been using ThredUP for many years (since 2016) and absolutely enjoy it.
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2 years ago, BongRips4Jesus
Replace your Social Media Scrolling..
The only better thrift store is your local store that supports a good cause. ThredUp has anything you might want at a fair price. I’ve purchased the majority of my wardrobe from ThredUp since I discovered it in 2018, and my style is all over the place. Some days I want to be full on goth, some days vintage prairie cute, some days jeans and a tshirt. To be able to support that kind of wardrobe I needed a decent price alternative to regular store and a more ethical and sustainable solution than SHEIN. It’s so nice to be able to get quality clothing and know exactly what to expect in terms of sizing and quality. I spend a lot of time on the app, I’m more of a thrifter than regular shopper, I want to be inspired by my clothes so I never know what I’m looking for.. Here’s some thing I do, if your not familiar with a brand check out their site for an additional size reference. If you’re looking to save extra money, scour that outlet section and favorite items until you get 20+, then you get 40% the already low prices! I have been actively avoiding social media, so I’ve replaced the daily mindless FB scroll with something similar on this app. I’m never in hurry to get items, sometimes the sell before I buy but those must not be meant to be! I have a much more relaxed and well thought out approach to buying because of this app, and it’s carried over to more than just clothes purchases.
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3 years ago, Penny4G
My Favorite Way to Shop
I’ve been shopping on thredUP for over 2-3 years, and I still love it enough that it’s by far the place I do most of my shopping. That said, I am a little disappointed with a couple changes they have made in the last year or so. My biggest problem is that they took away the free shipping bonus after spending a certain amount of money in a limited time. I like the bundle option now, but even that requires the initial shipping deposit on your first purchase. I look at items in my favorites list, and saved searches almost every day, and sometimes find one really great piece or something I can’t let slip by. If you’re purchasing one or two things a week it helped to earn that free shipping after hitting the goal so that everything after that for a month didn’t cost $5.99 every single time. I also understand the reason for the return fee, but am still a little disappointed when I receive an item that was listed with the measurements I know will fit, and yet it doesn’t. Or in the case of skirts, jackets, and swimsuits, there aren’t really any given. The bonus points do help with that, but if I use my $10 off, I still end up paying $5.99 shipping since you can’t combine them. As often as I shop on here, it’s a little disappointing to have the rewards change by taking away a better option and limiting the newer rewards.
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5 years ago, Debs316
Like the app
Like the variety. Like the bundle and save option. DON’T LIKE 1) how can I get one of many notifications that 30 or more items were added to a sort and I sort by newest and there aren’t thirty new items. 2) have featured items saying “fall dresses” but there are tank dresses and sundresses and so much crap to scroll past that IS NOT fall. Suggestions 1) I wish that when they mention an item has stains or an issue there would be an additional photos for that item with a focus on what they “saw” as an issue. 2) need an update to notifications to give more choices like as uploaded, or three times a day, once a day, or other, when they are uploading all day getting them constantly all day is annoying 3) would love a sort option where you could say “not this filter option” like not wool or ... 4) would love to have a saved searches on the main menu no buried where it currently is. 5) would be nice if they had suggestions based on style and brand types that I purchase that I could look at that might have similar items but in a brand that I hadn’t purchased or searched before or not. 6) in the searches (small, medium, 6 & 8 as an example) when it filters/Sorts bysizes. Could there be an additional choice to the sort to group them together so using my sort..all smalls display together , then mediums, size 6s, then 8s. Sure there are more if you want them
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2 years ago, bjaynejove
Mostly Awesome!
Okay, so I may have a problem. I’m a serial thred-up thrifter now. Despite all its hype, i never enjoyed thrifting because it always felt overwhelming with the endless amount of clothes to sift through. I was inspired to give thred-up a try and am so glad I did. I’ve made it a habit that anytime I want to buy a specific type of clothing I will check thred-up first. I am really only into Madewell right now and I find a lot of gems for affordable prices. I like that you can save your searches (favorite brands) so that you can stay up-to-date with what is being added to the collection. Here are my only complaints: Make no mistake, ThredUp doesn’t have true thrift-store prices, but it’s really great for discounted designer & mid-tier brands. If you sell your clothes on consignment, they do take a large portion of the sale. They auto-set prices so they up-charge pieces often more than they’re worth, but you can go in and edit the price to what you want. It also takes SO LONG for them to sort through your items, get them listed, and to actually see the credit on your account—like months and months. I sent in some items in February 2022. I didn’t see my items posted until July 2022. Some of my items have sold and the larger payouts have yet to be distributed into my account, but I’ve received payouts for smaller sales. All in all, I do love shopping on the app and definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to be a more conscious consumer!
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4 years ago, Alyth86
Overall very happy!
I’ve been buying and selling clothes for months and have had overall a very positive experience!! The vast majority of the items I’ve bought online have fit me as expected. The app for a long time had a glitch that didn’t save items to favorites but that has been fixed so now I think the app is great. It takes a really long time to process a bag once they’ve received it (I have two bags they received over a month ago and haven’t processed yet). However, I know they’re only human and can only work so fast! The photos are good quality and I appreciate the details included with each listing. My ONLY tip for improvement would be for them to include item measurements for EVERY item, not just some of them. Guaranteed if the item doesn’t have measurements listed and I can’t find a reliable manufacturer sizing chart, I’m not going to take the gamble and make a purchase. Especially since they do charge a small but present re-stocking fee. Most items do have measurements listed, but I think every one of them should so I am confident in what I buy. Anyway this company has been an amazing experience for me! I love shopping second-hand clothes and there isn’t a thrift store near me, so this is a game changer! I log in almost every day just to see what else is new. The treasure hunt is so much fun and I’ve discovered several new favorite brands too!
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4 years ago, seabeekay
Love ThredUp!
I have been using ThredUp to buy and sell for a few years now. I absolutely love it for both. As a buyer, I have gotten basically a brand new workout wardrobe for a fraction of the retail (Alo, Lululemon, and Nike leggings all for about 1/3 of retail in like new condition). I will also say that since the app has started, they are generally a lot more picky with condition than they used to be so if you had a bad experience due to quality in the past, I would give them another try. They do still make the occasional mistake on listed items due to their high volume. I ordered a pair of SPANX leggings that was a different pair than what was pictured. It was a final sale item, but they returned it easily for me. This is the only issue I have had with purchases. They also have become VERY picky with shoes and really only sell shoes that are like new. As a seller, it’s important to manage your expectations and be familiar with their payout structure before you send your items in. I have been using the Luxe program for the past year and am overall very happy with it. There are issues that arise, but CS deals with them fairly in my opinion. It may take a couple of days to get an answer, but that doesn’t bother me as long as there is a fair solution (which there usually is). I have been overall really happy with ThredUp. I urge people to give them a try and be a sustainable shopper!
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3 years ago, charityp29
Pretty good, all-in-all
I use thredUP a lot. I started using it in 2017 and it has definitely changed since then. There are more options and ways to filter your shopping now which is great, but some things annoy me. For instance, with the reward points, after spending so much money on this app, you can eventually “earn” $10 off. If you order over $79 worth of stuff you get free shipping. But if you want to use that $10 when you are ordering over $79, you are actually saving a measly $4 because they will tack that $6 shipping back on if the discount pulls you back under $79. So if you want to reward your customers for spending money with you and want them to keep coming back and using that discount, don’t rip them off of what they “earned.” If the amount before a coupon qualifies for free shipping, that shouldn’t be removed. The other thing that gets on my nerves is just how certain things are overpriced. Most of the time when I shop on this app I also have google pulled up to check actual retail prices. Saving $2 on something that has been worn isn’t really worth it if I could just go out and get a new one for almost the same cost. I get that they need to make a profit, but with how many people use this app I’m sure they still are. All-in-all, I do like thredUP. I don’t foresee me not using it anymore, I just hope they listen to their customers since I’ve seen a lot of reviews say the same things.
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4 years ago, MsJeeter
Order was wrong 😒
I ordered a purse from them witch is a no return policy on handbags witch is fine if you sent me the item I chose and paid for . Instead I got a hiking bag for a water bottle that I will NEVER ever use . I am extremely disappointed I have ordered from them quit a few times and have spent some money on this place ... and this is the second time I have received something that was wrong or the disciption was incorrect . I was beyond excited to receive this purse and once o open the box and seen what I had received it totally ruined everything.. and made me just not want to buy another item from them at all . I have three more orders from them that are on their way. But now I just wanna cancel everything & get my money back ! 😡 I use to love this website . But they have just ruined it for me . Now I can’t get in touch with nobody about my order . I can’t return it because it’s a no return policy . I almost feel scammed . 😕 they will not receive anymore of my hard working money. This is crazy and as a mother of 5 I don’t have much money to spend on myself and then the little money I do I don’t get what I ordered for myself . I’m just letting you know if you order from them Just know your taking that risk of getting something other then what you originally picked or paid for . Good luck !
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4 years ago, Wickidskillz
Great for if you’re in your twenties
I’ve been trying to build a larger wardrobe now that I’m in my twenties and ThredUp has been a great help! Like you can genuinely get an entirely new wardrobe for under 500$ and all of my items are brand names with tags or in like new condition. I definitely don’t recommend getting shoes or bags off of here though. My only issue is that often times they’ll describe items as in “Like new” condition but they’ll have scuffs on shoes or scratches on the hardware of purses. Still useable but definitely not “Like new”. I had that issue with a jacket recently too, that was all frayed and looked like something you pull out of a donation bin but it was described as “Like new”. I would definitely appreciate a more thorough evaluation of items, as well as if instead of listing items as the sizes marked on the clothing, you took actual measurements of it like mens clothing. There’s been a lot of times I buy things in size 4 and I receive them and they look more like a size 9 and I’ve had to just give them away. Actual measurements would be way more helpful. Overall it’s still extremely worth it and I’m not dissatisfied and will continue ordering off them. I still highly recommend this site but I do think they stand room for improvement. On a final note, I wish they carried mens clothes so I could buy clothes for my boyfriend too. I think you’re missing a huge demographic by not selling to them.
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3 years ago, California teacher mom
Used to be so much fun!
I have been shopping with thredUP for several years. They have gone through many growing pains as any new company does. Unfortunately I have encountered several unacceptable issues over the last few months. The latest? They simply cancelled an order that I placed for no reason. When I asked to speak with a manager so that I could understand what happened, I was told there wasn’t one available and that someone would email me. That never happened. Because of this order cancel, my bundle (which requires a certain amount for free shipping) was also messed up. The employees on the chat are sweet and really do try to be helpful however it doesn’t get anywhere. As some of you may know, thrifting is work! Finding a style you like in your size and then getting it into your cart is not easy. So when you finally do “win” an item that you totally love, it’s a major disappointment for them to say “oops, order cancelled”. For this particular item, I am embarrassed to admit that I refreshed my browser over and over for a period of about three hours to get it into my cart. I liked that top THAT much. Lol. And after my celebration, it was simply taken away. I have reached the point where I don’t think it’s worth my time to shop with them any longer and am slowly unwinding from my store credits. I would rather shop at other online retailers that care more about their clients. If you are thinking about starting a relationship with thredUP I would recommend elsewhere.
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6 years ago, alyssafaye816
No negative thoughts!
I have used thredUP for the past six months and have explored every facet of the website/app. The clean out bags are shipped directly to your house in an envelope and they hold a surprising amount of items. I have sent four bags of women’s clothing, maternity clothing, shoes, swimsuits, handbags, a little bit of everything. Each bag I’ve sent in has taken approximately three weeks to process once it arrived at their facility. The payout for the items accepted is reasonable and fair. I’ve used the store credit as well as discount codes to purchase items for my daughter (toddler) and myself. I’ve returned items (which is free) and received my refund in a timely manner each time. All of the items I’ve purchased have been in great condition and I’ve worn multiple times. I tell everyone looking for great deals to check out this app before stepping out to go shopping, because most items in this site look brand new and you only pay a fraction of the cost. The only thing this organization is missing is a men’s section. My fiancé is definitely jealous when my polka dot box comes in because he knows I spent much less than he typically would at another store and I receive more items for the money that I do spend. I am a firm believer in secondhand clothing after my experience with thredUP. I’ll definitely continue to be a loyal customer!
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2 weeks ago, Emma Jo2102
Please fix these two things
I love thredUP so much, on any given day at least half of my outfit is from thredUP, if not all. The return process is super easy, I really enjoy the rewards system, and all the options to filter products makes it incredibly easy to find just what you’re looking for. However, there are a couple things I think can be improved upon. 1. I wish you would offer men’s clothes as well. I recommend thredUP to so many people, but you guys are missing out on a huge portion of people by not offering men’s clothing. & 2. If there’s a way to have multiple wishlists, I haven’t found it. I know it can be done because I have multiple saved searches, but all of the items that I actually favorite, are compiled into one giant list that’s hard to navigate. Update: I am still waiting for both of these changes. Specifically the one that would allow multiple wishlists. When I save things, I like to be able to sort them into categories that way I’m actually able to tell how many of a certain type of item in interested in. If we can have multiple saved searches, there’s no reason as to why we don’t have the option to create multiple wishlists. It’s really overwhelming trying to navigate one big list as opposed to several smaller lists that are customized to your wants and needs. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.
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4 years ago, Flutter1111
Suggestions from a loyal customer.
I love ThredUP! For many reasons. First it is a way I can stop contributing to the real environmental problems fast fashion causes but also because I have always believed one persons trash is another persons treasure. I honestly would never be able to own some of the beautiful things I do because of the designer prices. You really do get what you pay for in clothing. Most big labels are big because their quality truly is better and the clothing is innovative. It lasts longer holds up better and feels nicer. My only suggestions are to send coupons to loyal customer into their email so it reminds us what a great place it is to shop. 20% off will get me to buy. Also why not let people who have spent a great deal of money with you hold that one or two items for a week until pay day. One last thing and it is my only complaint. The restocking fee of 2$ per item is just greedy. Having a return policy in necessary for online buying. The getting to try it on a home without being forced to keep it or loose money is a main reason I have shopped so long with this company. I would like to see the restocking fee negated at least on exchanges. Thanks ThredUP you have made me feel a little bit wealthier, a little bit prettier, sexier, more put together and most importantly luckier many times. I love you for it.
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7 years ago, ashley014278
Great Overall Experience!
I have been shopping on ThredUp's desktop website and the ThredUp app for over a year now. Shopping experiences on both platforms have been great. The process each time has been fun, easy, and seamless, and each item has arrived exactly as described. There has been a time or two I needed help from customer service (including a time where I made a mistake, not ThredUp) and customer service was very friendly and helpful both times, even helping me fix things after MY mistake...which they wouldn't have had to do. I would highly recommend shopping with ThredUp. Sometimes I see negative reviews online about selling to ThredUp based on low payout amount, however, I like that ThredUp is very transparent and gives you an estimate of what you'll receive based on brand name and condition. I would advise to check this before sending items in, and if you don't find it satisfactory, then don't sell to ThredUp. Keep in mind they do have costs associated with sending the clean out kit, assessing the items, listing the items, packaging/shipping the items, etc. Also, while you may not make a fortune, I like that the process is easy and you're able to keep these items out of landfills and de clutter. Overall, I've had a great experience with every aspect of ThredUp and would highly recommend them to a friend. Thanks, ThredUp!
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2 years ago, pettychic
What happened to thredup!
I used to love this app, it WAS literally the best online thrifting app. It's went downhill from when I first started purchasing 6yrs ago, I would easily spend over $1000 in a year on amazing thrift finds! Which makes the new rewards program great for me because better perks to using the app! However, I spent over $1000 last year & didn't even recieve the right rewards tier! Contacting customer service is literally nonexistent, the chat is down & it's been almost a week now & I still haven't gotten a response through email! The estimated wait time through email is 8days to get your inquiry resolved...which is insane to me! I used to brag all the time about thredups customer service, but now its like they're under staffed. Then there's the issue with shipping, I've had so many issues FedEx, it's ridiculous! At this point I wish thredup would just switch to a new shipping provider, sometimes Fedex delivers or they send to usps & my shipment gets lost!! This is an ongoing issue that really needs to be looked at, I feel like a lot of the people who were really committed to thredup don't use the app as much anymore either. I really hope thredup improves the areas they are really failing because I'll have to stop purchasing from them if things don't improve.
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2 years ago, ejsam2000
Mostly great
I’ve been a ThredUP user since 2016. It’s the first place I go for nearly every article of clothing I want, wear, or need. I also go there first for shoes and handbags. It’s best feature is huge inventory and second best is pricing. I can wear clothes I never would have bought retail, even on sale. I think my best purchase is a lovely Kate Spade satchel for nearly 75% off its retail price…I mean this thing is immaculate! I have also had my share of duds though. Items that are not in the condition as described, measurements that don’t match, even a pair of boots where the left was a different size than the right and the sole was detached. This latter item was described as having minor wear. OH, AND WHEN SHOPPING FOR BELTS, IT WOULD BE SUPER HELPFUL TO KNOW THE WIDTH OF THE BELT! LIKE MAYBE PHOTOGRAPH THE BELT WITH A RULER?!? Now I know they are doing the best that can be done considering the volume of clothing items dealt with on a daily basis. But I think the process used to evaluate/grade/measure items could be a little tighter. I would to have the ability to review/grade/evaluate each order I receive. Something like an A+ to D- would do it for me. It’s been a while since I’ve sold anything - primarily because it takes several months for a clean out kit to process. So I’ve been selling on Poshmark or at a local consignment shop. I do like the ability to donate clean out kits to charity - that process is easy.
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6 years ago, shay_bean16
Great marketplace for quality secondhand items
I’ve been using thred up fo over a year now, and I would definitely rate it at 5 stars. I use the app mostly for business casual and exercise clothing, and I’ve had no complaints about the quality of the items I’ve received. I usually stick to items listed as “like new,” and they really do come looking like new. There was even one situation where I had ordered and paid for an item listed as like new, but it turns out there was a small hole that their initial inspection had missed. Well they caught this mistake before the item made it to me, refunded me my payment, and I still received the item as a “flawed freebie”. I didn’t have to do a thing! This kind of quality control puts my mind at ease when shopping with this company. As for selling, they are clear not to expect much for your items. I sent in a bag of items I was going to donate anyway, with low expectations, and received a modest amount for them that I was satisfied with. If you want to receive top dollar for your used items, then you can go to the trouble of setting up an eBay store, creating listings, and shipping to buyers yourself. As for me, I was happy to let thred up do the work for me for a small payout. Overall, I would definitely recommend thred up.
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6 years ago, cool lady 19
lacks customer support and efficient service
the concept of the app is good but they really need to work on aspects of the website itself. first of all, communication. it's not so much about how long it takes to respond (usually 2-3 days, sometimes a week), but the responses from the team. i sent in an item that i wanted to sell and two people told me i would be paid out this day because someone purchased it. on the day of my supposed payout, i'm sitting here confused because the item is still up for sale but i haven't gotten my payout. two days later someone finally tells me that it was cancelled and put up for sale again, but only after i contacted them. why didn't i get any notification if the item was cancelled? why don't i get any notification at all regarding the item? not to mention that your customer service team seriously needs to be worked on. i talked to somebody about my experience and they didn't offer any consolation at all. just straight to the point "your item got cancelled." i don't mind that it's cancelled, i just wish there was empathic communication regarding that. Karly didn't even say anything like "Hey! We're sorry for the confusion and we understand how you feel. This and that happened blah blah." That is such trash customer service. If it was any other item I wouldn't have been so upset, but i did send in a $1,000 bag so excuse me if i feel like a little decent customer service is warranted.
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9 months ago, Ysa Farias
Seller’s Beware
This app is a great place to shop but it has gotten really shady for sellers. I have consigned for a number of years and lately their payment practices have become really shady. For example, They will tell you your item will sell for say $500 and you’ll get close to 80% of that. But, then if it’s sold as a sale item the sale price may be half of that, say $250 and somehow you end up with far less than 80%, probably closer to 20%. I’m a CPA so I get numbers and I’ve emailed customer service repeatedly to get clarification on the pricing formulas. A class action suit or some sort of investigation seems imminent given their lack of transparency and unwillingness to explain. Perhaps there are cash flow issues. This is their latest response: Thank you for cleaning out with us. I am sorry to hear this cleanout did not live UP to your expectations. It’s important to remember that using our Clean Out service means that you may not earn as much as you would if you sold your items peer to peer. But what you may miss in earnings, you earn back in overall convenience. Our goal is to help make our customers’ lives easier by helping them get rid of unwanted items from their closets from the convenience of their own home. While you might be able to earn slightly more by selling elsewhere, thredUP does all of the hard work for you: no driving, no negotiating with buyers, no dealing with rejected items.
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4 years ago, ScruffyDemolishedEveryone
Tons of Room for Improvement
I have purchased from the app a handful of times for various items. One common theme is that the measurements are always off. If it looks like it’ll fit or the measurements look compatible with your body, odds are if you’re petite (as i am) it’ll come to your door and be bigger or bulkier than you bargained for. They will often pin the skirts or dresses to look like they fit the mannequin which they don’t disclose in the description of the item, so i’ve gotten them and they’ve been too big cuz i’ll discover they’ve had to have been pinned to fit that mannequin. Its misleading when you first start shopping on there. Instead of paying $7+ to have it returned, i know someone who alters them for me. It is expensive to do it often, though. This is a problem with dresses and skirts. I have a coat that I wear often and love it. There’s just a huge size distortion and it needs to be disclosed the mannequins size, if the garment was pinned for the photo, and more accurate measurements need to be taken. I will only purchase from brands that i know fit me from now on, if at all. It’s just so frustrating to come to a deficit of approximately $16 for every returned purchase ($5.99 shipping to and from if returned, $1.99 restock fee, and give or take $3 in taxes). Store credit enables you to have free shipping for the return but it’s a loss if you aren’t on often. Purchase with caution is the lesson here.
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3 years ago, SprwHwk92750
Used to love- Extremely poor service changed mind
I ordered over $250 of items at the end of April. They shipped in multiple boxes, and the largest item never arrived. I reached out to the company, and specifically asked that if the package turns up back at the warehouse, could it be resent so I didn’t lose out on the items. A few days later, I received an email stating that the package was back at the warehouse, I had been issued a refund (that I never asked for) for all the items, and that they’d be reposted with new links within 48 hours and I’d have to repurchase all of the items. I was told that the package was at the warehouse. I was also told via email that I should contact ThredUP via chat. The chat rep said the package was NOT at the warehouse and was still en route to be delivered to me. This was a full week past the 10 day delivery mark, coming from a warehouse that is only a 2 hour drive from my delivery address. ThredUP assured me that I would be emailed with links for all of the items again so I could repurchase everything. It’s been over a month and they’ve been silent. There is no excuse for the lack of communication, it seems like no one has any idea of what the processes are or where these items ended up. It’s deeply damaged my trust in the company and I’m hesitant to use them again. I don’t want to get excited over ordering a bunch of clothes that will never arrive and then be lied to and blown off by the company.
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5 years ago, kpdesign
I’m not a shopper, ThredUP changed that
A little over a year ago my washing machine destroyed about 80-90% of my cloths. I was also unemployed, so no clothing budget. Not too long after I found myself with a new job (yeah!) but the first week was a struggle of mixing and matching cloths to get through. So I went shopping, I probably went to malls, outlets, shopping centers, even looked online in the traditional places. It took several days and in the end, I ended up with only 2 blouses that I didn’t even really like but would work both $50 each. $100 had only got me 2 things and I didn’t even like them that much! And I had so much to replace! Then someone at my new place of work mentioned ThredUP. I had never heard of it but she swore by it. So I checked it out. It was a life changer. I loved the sustainability of it, I loved the options for it, I loved the prices, the styles, I love everything about it! I had shopped at consignment stores before but they rarely had my sizes and it is really hit and miss depending on where you go. Here it’s all at my fingertips - which can be dangerous for my budget. In a few months time I have been able to replenish my closet, get rid of the “will do for now” cloths all with little frustration. Thank you thredUP, your existence is very much appreciated!
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10 months ago, Donna, A Loyal Customer
Customer Service
Customer Service appears to be non-existent. There was a problem with shipping of two items I paid for. I have successfully purchased many items from Thredup over the past three or four years. My shipping address for this specific order was not only correct, but Thredup has shipped to this address many, many times in the past. I attempted to contact Thredup to try to salvage my order by writing (messaging) Customer Service twice. No response from Customer Service. In desperation, I searched for a telephone number for Customer Service and couldn’t find one. The result is the two items that I needed were returned to Thredup: one, a cream colored silk jacket (size 4p) apparently was purchased by another customer as it no longer appears on the site. I was able to reorder and pay for the second item: a brown coat. Currently, I am waiting for it to ship, although I received a notification that Thredup was waiting to ship, due to a “bundle?” issue. Dear Thredup, I have been very happy to shop for family members on your site. Thus us my first complaint. Please strengthen your customer service so that your customers can continue being happy, not frustrated, shoppers. Thank you, sincerely. Donna, A loyal Customer
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1 year ago, Martinablue
The only way to shop!
I have been shopping on ThredUp for 9 years and now my wardrobe is 95% from their warehouses. I started buying stuff for my kids too. Since I bought so much from their website, I have gotten a handful items that were not as described, but the situation was quickly solved when I chatted with customer service, which is very convenient on the browser and I have always been satisfied with how they solved the mistake. I always take advantage of the rewards I get, the sales… this is my go-to website to find special occasion dresses and outfits. I love that no one will wear the same thing I will wear. People ask me all the time where I found my clothes and I always get compliments on my outfits. I am super happy and I a, never going back to buying new. Note: Now when you bundle your purchases it takes a little longer to arrive after you close the bundle, so plan ahead if you have a special event. The only thing I don’t like from the app is that I can’t pinch the screen to make the words bigger. I usually check it out at night, when I’m in bed and NOT wearing my glasses. Other than that, it is a great experience, you help the environment and look great in the process. I seriously love this company.
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10 months ago, brittoni24
Never Again ✌🏼.
I was a serious supporter for years and used to love sending my clothes in for up cycling/selling. However, over time I noticed it got worse and worse with payouts and items conveniently going “missing” from the kits I had sent in. I had more and more items that I sent in that were never posted or returned to me (even though I know I sent them in and have always paid the extra fees for any items of mine that didn’t sell to be returned to me). The straw that broke the camels back for me with this company was back when they still accepted jewelry and accessories. I sent in a brand new ring I never had worn (in the original box with the tags still attached to the ring) and when my unsold items from the kit I mailed it in with were returned to me, the ring box came with someone else’s used, tarnished, and bent up clearly well loved ring in my rings box! DISGUSTING! It’s so shady and petty. From what I would guess, the staff member that had sorted my items when my kit arrived must have took my ring and put one they were wearing at that time in the box in it’s place and sent it with the rest of my kit back to me thinking I wouldn’t notice. GROSS and absolutely shameful. If I have to video record what I send in a kit just to prove what is stolen from me, it’s clearly a company I shouldn’t be trusting to sell my items. I’ll stick to Mercari from now on, they are expensive, but at least no one can steal from me, while also making money off of my items.
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4 years ago, Janasews
LOVE it! My go-to wardrobe builder
I absolutely love ThredUP and the app. The app’s filter options make it super easy to find what you’re looking for in sizes you need. An almost endless inventory at your convenience in a mobile app means you can browse away time otherwise spent in waiting situations or have more fun in your down time. Fair return policies give you buying confidence and the buy and bundle feature is a game changer, letting you take a week to keep adding to an existing order to reach free shipping status. There are a few things I wish we could see differently in the app and management of listings. When you have a ton of search results, I wish there were a way to skip to page 50 for instance. The way it is now you either go thru to the end or you have to start over next session. I also wish posting info were more descriptive. There are times I zoom in and in and in trying to see if something is corduroy or velour or if that’s a side zipper. More photos and just a little more description would be incredibly helpful and probably cut down on returns. With all this said, since I started shopping ThredUP several years ago, my wardrobe has improved greatly and at least 75% (prob more!) comes from here!
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2 years ago, Teresa 2019
Absolutely the MOST amazing site ever!!!
I few items of theirs and a really cute top from Old Navy. I used to buy some Eileen Fisher though it’s a little out of my price range at the moment but there are really good deals on her stuff. Basically any brand/designer you could wish for and it’s all so user friendly. Colour, size, item, style. Amazing! I also love the fact that it reduces my “footprint”. Last but certainly not least is the absolutely fun, delightful and professional way it arrives. I was so wonderfully surprised at the packaging! I’m not going to spoil it for those that haven’t purchased anything yet! My only regret is that they don’t have this in South Africa! When I was immigrating to the States I had mountains of clothes and shoes that I had to get rid of. It was so time consuming and tedious trying to catalogue them individually and try upload them to sites. Even taking pictures that showed the garments was difficult! The clothes were such good quality that I didn’t want to just give them to Goodwill and I had already donated a lot of clothes. The thought of being able to box them up, send them off, and get some money without any of the hassle would have been a blessing! Well done and thank you SO much!!
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9 months ago, Lara1006
First time buyer...
First let me start off by saying I'm absolutely happy with the clothes I received! And I also got my order several days early which I was so excited about. I got it yesterday morning and the expected arrival date was oct30-Nov2, so that was a big plus! I was so scared that what I ordered was not going to fit me and I didn't exactly know how each of them would look. I did make sure I chose each one that showed the measurements for the chest and length and I chose gently used and like new. I bought all Victoria pink shirts. And every single one them were my right size! So I was so happy that I got measurements correct. There was one shirt that came in with a stain on the front neckline and it was not mentioned in the description. I was really upset about this because I really loved and was excited about this sweater and plus it was a nonreturnable item but I spoke with a agent and she gave me a refund, Which was super cool! Anyways I just wanted to share my experience of shopping with thredUP! I highly recommend, I seriously just got my order in, and since I now know that I was correct with my sizing and that the clothes are nice I'm ready to go through my hearted items and shop again!
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10 months ago, einnaSD
Great for buyers BUT can improve seller experience
Love the concept, vision and marketing (easy to navigate app, pretty straight forward and as a buyer there are pretty good deals and the packaging is very nice, aside from great shipping prices). The team is great at getting back quickly if there are questions but they can play do so much. BUT, as a SELLER now I use Mercari to increase my chances of selling (and to make more selling). ThredUP says that on average 40% of sent in items sell but this hasn’t been my case with the 4 clean outs sent in (or you get cents for a sell, I got $0.36 for a Hannah Anderson tshirt ). It would be awesome to have more clarity on what happens with items that aren’t selected to be sold (items that are new, desired brands and that ThredUP doesn’t show available on their site), especially if we send in items following the guidelines of what to send ThredUP. Who keeps these item, are they sold on other platforms, donated in the US or other countries, do employees keep these new items? It would be great for the “return my items if they aren’t selected/ sold” option to be available after ThredUP reviews the clean out box. I know I would use ThredUP again if this becomes available. Hope this is helpful, I can imagine how hard it must be to keep everyone happy and thanks for taking care of the planet ThredUP!
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5 years ago, Xoxosash56
ThredUP is NOT what it once was.
I have been shopping with thredUP for YEARS, initially absolutely loved it. I could thrift conveniently through an app? I’ve been all for it! The prices were reasonable (on most items) & they always have what I’m looking for. BUT recently so much has changed, it’s seems like they just don’t value their customers anymore, and don’t make the effort to make sure things are accurately listed & FAIRLY listed.. I know my prices, I know what things go for.. so when I see something like a lularoe top (used) saying it’s retail it twice of what it actually is, then the item selling for more than what it goes brand new at retail? That’s unacceptable. Who is running behind the scenes? & more so, how is this being allowed to happen with so many items? I’m seeing this way too often, those who aren’t as aware are being totally ripped off! ThredUP is suppose to be a place to “save” & get a good deal. I was a victim of this with my past couple of orders, the last completely putting me off to ever buying again.. I paid for a “new with tags” top, only to get it & see there was a GOODWILL tag on it, it was USED & I paid double of what the tagged price even was. How horrifying is that? Ugh. It’s been real thredUP, but no more. You guys are not being fair nor caring for your long time customer as you should be! Oh, and customer service now takes forever to respond! You’ll get a bot instead, and be told someone will contact you back by email.. eventually, if ever.
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8 months ago, Antarctic a
I almost exclusively shop here now
I’ve been shopping at ThredUp for about 5 years now and the only complaint I have with how things have changed over time is the return policies. I totally understand that shipping items back and forth doesn’t help our carbon footprint, but it now puts the responsibility on the buyer to rehome items they don’t want, or to choose to take a loss. I have a stack of perfectly good clothes that I now need to try to sell somewhere else or donate, which is an additional step I didn’t have before. If the measurements on items were more accurate, I would have half as many items to rehome, so there’s also that. And it can take a LONG time for them to send you a donation bag and then to process it. However, I still recommend ThredUp to everyone I know who buys women’s or kids clothing (including a description of the above caveats), but my husband wishes they’d sell men’s clothes. I still constantly get compliments on my clothes and nothing beats the warm feeling of knowing you saved a TON of money while also helping reduce fashion waste! I say that I “almost exclusively shop here” only because there are still a few things (mostly shoes) that I buy new.
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3 years ago, Wwugbj
How I shop now
90% of clothes that I buy are from this app now. It’s SO EASY to search for the clothes that u want via color, size, textile, type, brand, etc. The amount that I save in money is INCREDIBLE. I have much better quality clothes now for a fraction of the price. I love that these clothes are getting another chance and I feel that’s good sustainable practice as a consumer. I love the experience as I browse for clothes in this app. Very good and stable too. Several gripes: size selections are not for top or bottom separately. Come on! You know that we’re not all the same on top and bottom!! Another thing is when I scroll to the bottom of an item description, I see other items from the same seller. This could be changed to items that are “like” the item I’m looking at. You could get AI to understand what a similar item means (same brand, style, look, etc.). Another point is for dresses/tops, the sleeves should be added as a filter: long, 3/4, sleeveless, spaghetti strap, halter, strapless, etc. u have neck silhouettes but not sleeve length? I’m typically doing seasonal shopping and having a mix of sleeve lengths is annoying. Love the app and look forward to it becoming even better!!
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4 years ago, jgwhaley
Worst Customer Service Department EVER!!!
I, along with numerous other thread-up customers will be filing complaints with the BBB regarding the endless list of complaints There are endless complaints about missing items, unresponsive customer service, ridiculous payouts and above all, theft. I suggest reading all reviews but would be willing to bet that 90% of the positive reviews were submitted by the company or they paid folks to write them. Anyone I speak to that has tried to sell with thread up has nothing positive to say about their selling experience. I sent the pre labeled bags to sell my items and four of them arrived and were processing however, one of the seems to have disappeared into thin air. Today was my fourth email sent in the past 3 weeks because the three previous emails have not gotten a response. It seems email and chat ( pre-programmed answers) are your only chance of talking to anyone. Thread-up does not want to speak to their customers directly because there is no number posted anywhere on their site and they simply refuse to respond to emails. I am beyond frustrated to the point I will not continue doing business with them once these bags “expire”. A company that does not make communication available for those who keep their business afloat or care to promptly respond to issues or concerns, is not a company I care to support or allow them to profit from me any longer.
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1 year ago, shoppingxtina
Stick with it and you’ll come to LOVE it!
I have been using Thredup now for about 6 months and have purchased about 15 pieces. It is a new way of shopping that took some getting used to for me. I am short and curvy so it’s not always obvious what size I should order. At first, I thought thredup wasn’t for me after I placed a few orders and nothing worked (returns are easy!). I decided to stick with it because the prices are great and I truly believe in second hand as a step to a more sustainable world. After a few tries I started getting a better idea of what sizes and styles work best for me. Now, I love it!! I buy pretty much all my clothes from Thredup now. Not only is the second hand aspect great but it’s also an amazing e-commerce experience. I love that I can buy any style or brand of clothes through one app and get rewards and free shipping. Nice work!! Now - please add men’s clothes because my husband wants in! :) I wish there was an annual subscription fee to avoid all the fees (restocking, consignment fee, shipping). I think in the long run the fees are worth it because you save so much on high quality clothes but it does feel a bit like you are being nickel and dimed. I’d love the option to pay a flat price once a year and be done with it.
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5 years ago, b.risa
Absolutely hate this app and this company
This company basically ripped me off. I sent my items, paid the $11-12 for the send back bag for the items they weren’t going to sell, waited for my items to sell, claimed the ones that didn’t sell to be sent back to me (you also have to pay for an additional send back bag, another $12!)... AND THEY WERE NEVER SENT BACK TO ME. I basically just gave them free items! I contacted customer support and they did not help me at all. “Can’t find your items.. so that’s it, oh well” was the summary of the response I got. I sell on multiple selling apps and because of the inefficient way they do things and lack of competent customer service, I lost money from being able to sell it on other apps. I STILL want my items back and I will continue to tell all people I know (including on posting on social media pages) what a scam of a company this is and how unhelpful the employees are. UPDATE: Still absolutely HATE this app and this company. Someone reached out to me to help resolve the issue and did absolutely nothing to help. I still am upset because I literally just have them practically new items, FOR FREE. I even asked the customer support to cancel my account for me and the lease she could do was save me the trouble from all the trouble I’ve already had, but she just sent me a link and made me do it myself. Complete joke of customer support. I am letting every single person I know how awful this company is for ripping me off.
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6 years ago, Galena124
Lots of Potential but Limited Audience
I like the concept of thredUP a lot, and the UX/UI is seamless. Great customer support, great aesthetics-- all that is there. But the actual selection of clothing they have to offer is..... not really geared toward a demographic that is most likely to be really into thrifting. And that's millennials. I don't know how to put this nicely, but 90% of the clothes look fresh out of the wardrobe of a white suburban mom. There's nothing wrong with that style, but the young generation is more eco-conscious than ever, and these clothes are not what we're looking for! We can honestly be your best consumers if you just gave us trendier, bolder, more recent styles. Everything here looks like it's been sitting in your warehouses since you bought them from a mother back in the mid 2000s. I love the app so much though and have found some good pieces. I whole heartedly believe in thrifting and the good it can do for our economy and environment. So please, recognize our consumer potential. Hire some more young people to help you decide what kinds of clothes to buy from people who send in boxes for a clean-out. I'm desperate for more options. Millennials have the potential to be your greatest customer-- we're more likely to buy secondhand than older generations are! Just give us something that actually suits our age range, and I promise you we will swoop it up
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5 years ago, anne own
Nothing but positive
I have nothing but positive things to say about ThreadUp and their app. I have purchased and sold on this app and each time it has been a positive experience. ThreadUp has a very conscientious business model and is committed to helping reduce the massive amounts of clothing from ending up in our landfills. If you think you are going to make a ton of money selling your clothing here think again. Go somewhere else if you are looking to profit big. You need to remember that ThreadUp is doing almost all of he work to sell your clothing including taking photos, listing your items and paying for shipping for you to send your items in. All of this takes a substantial amount of time and resources. Shopping on ThreadUp is super fun and their packages will make you feel special. I encourage anyone purchasing ThreadUp to double check the photos and the sizes. If it looks really small but the size is listed as a lot larger then chances are the size was listed incorrectly. Use common sense. And lastly, their Goody Boxes are a great way to shop. Chances are you will keep something from your goody box which will offset the cost of the goody box. Thank you ThreadUp for making the world and our closets a more beautiful place. xoxo
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6 years ago, A.G.6
Thrifty Fun!
I really enjoy all of the items available and prices are set to move the items, which basically means if you love an item, buy because it may not be there the next time you look. I like the ability to narrow what I’m looking for through filters and I like that my sizes are automatically filtered. I would suggest that different sizes or measurements be used for tops and bottoms as a large for one may not need a large for the other. Also, when an item shows “sold” there is an option to shop similar items, which is a great idea, however, most of the items that can me up are not in my size. For example, similar boots in a size 10 will not work for my size 7 foot, so it doesn’t serve much purpose. Cloths and shoes are mostly in great condition. I did encounter two moments one where the zipper on a skirt was broken (I may not have purchased the skirt had this been noted) and another where a pair of boots came smelling so bad of cigarette smoke that I had to leave them on the front porch for a week and then Fabreeze them to rid them of the smell. Minor incidents but worth mentioning. I still enjoy shopping on the app and I will continue to buy good quality second hand clothing!
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4 years ago, sosadintexas
Very slow processing
As someone who’s been through both the buyer and seller scenario a few times, I think the buyer side of the equation may be “average” at best, but the seller side is not worth the effort. They are slow to process your submitted items, award you pennies when an item sells, take your items out of circulation while someone who’s taken them “on consignment” mulls them over for a couple of weeks then returns them when they’re out of season and no longer of interest to the general population. It’s really just not worth the effort to get the items to the post office, wait 3+ weeks for the items to be processed, see your items misrepresented (I.e., blue stripes are described as black/gray) and over-priced (I would t even pay that much for my own used clothes no matter how good of a condition), then maybe get $3 credit for a nice item. On the buyer’s side, we can only go by the description and photo. Most of the phots are sub-par and the descriptions aren’t accurate or consistent. Measurements of bust, length and waist should be available for every item...really no excuse not to provide this. The type of fabric or at least a “we think this is ponte knit” would be extremely helpful so a potential buyer knows if there is “give” or not. When you can’t touch the item, the photo on a lifeless mannequin doesn’t do it justice and there are no measurements provided, then I think I’d prefer to shop local consignment. Really need to up their game.
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2 years ago, Irvixen
Stop shipping via Fedex
I have been a customer since 2016. I love your app. I love the way it’s laid out, the prices, and the variety you offer. I love your customer service associates, who are personable, fast, and efficient. I HATE the fact that you ship via FedEx. Fedex is a garbage company. I used to get my packages within a week. Now it’s taking half a month, they never update tracking, and they treat my packages like a piece of crap. Throwing them in the snow filled ditch, where I can’t even see them from my house. I contacted you, and was told I would have my account tagged to use other shipping methods whenever possible. Which was great… Apparently it wasn’t possible, because here I sit again, 10 days after I placed my order- the package hasn’t even left FedEx facility. Rest assured you would have my whole hearted 5 stars if your shipping wasn’t so atrocious. Just wanted to give you a heads up. April 2022: Update: it seems they (FedEx) lost one of my packages. I’m a VIT. I want to spend my money with you. But I’m about done here. Is there a way to change which warehouse my items ship from? The Suwannee, GA one isn’t working out for me. If you have a warehouse that is using usps I would like my items to go out of that one. There has to be some way to resolve this. I know I’m not the only one with this problem, because I’ve scanned your reviews.
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4 years ago, Lipsticklillie
Ok for buying but NOT for selling.
Started selling on the app at the beginning of the year and thought it was great! Customer support was only a chat away and they would honor what they would say. With the new recent changes in payout and pricing adjustments they want you to basically give your stuff away, even high end items. I understand they list, photograph and store our inventory but they take a huge chunk of every sale as it is. They make tons of money off of sellers and don’t really care about them in my opinion. There has been a huge influx of damaged reclaimed items as well, I've gotten items back stained, ripped and without the new tags! Trying to get them to compensate you for your damaged items is also a hassle, they can take up to 3-4 weeks to reply to an email and will have you going back and forth with them for a fair solution. They damaged one of my most expensive pieces, a $1,000 dress and told me it wasn’t bad and it could be fixed by going to the cleaners! What kind of company ruins your items and tells you to go out to get it fixed during a pandemic without a fair payout? Their customer service reps have also become very condescending and rude. One rep will tell you one thing and another will tell you something different. They are so confusing. I never thought my feelings about the platform would change so quickly but it’s just not great anymore.
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5 years ago, Emkin6
Wanted to love it but couldn’t
This app and the idea of thredUP itself is so awesome— a place to buy quality & designer clothes that is gentle on the planet & your wallet. But there are several execution issues that make the experience disappointing. First, the good: excellent selection of items and brands. It’s really fun to browse and explore. The app carries many of my favorite brands and it’s intuitive and easy to use. The prices are low. Items arrive in cute polka dot packaging. All but one item I’ve received met it exceeded my expectations for quality. The not-so-good: hard to tell fit & few item specifics provided. ThredUP doesn’t provide much of the information that you’d typically find on a clothing label, so it’s hard to search for your favorite styles from brands you love. For example, if you’re looking for jeans, you’d find “Levi’s” but not “Levi’s 501.” There are also not many photos per item to help with this. Since each item is one of a kind, there are no customer reviews to tell you how something fits, etc. All this made for a lot of returns, which was a bit of a PITA, because items are shipped from various warehouses and arrive sometimes weeks apart. When thredUP recently started charging a return restocking fee for each item, I decided the inconvenience and hidden charges outweighed the benefits.
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5 years ago, sunsetsandchampagne
Do not consign with them!!!
I ordered a luxe kit with Thred Up and sent them about 10 items, half luxe. All new with tags. Some very expensive items. It took about 3-4 weeks to get them on their site, which is fine. Anyway, selling anything under $100 isn’t worth it because they take so much commission. My biggest problem with them is they allow returns. Out of the 5 items that sold, 4 were returned. And I have no idea what condition my items are now in after they were in the possession of a buyer and shipped two extra times. I feel that if they are not buying items outright, they should not allow returns. Also, they lost one item. I decided to ask for my items back, including the ones that were relisted after being returned, they have not yet been returned to me and I have to pay to have them returned. I hope they aren’t damaged when I get them. Overall, it might be okay to buy from them, but don’t sell to them. Update: I finally had my items that didn’t sell or were returned to Thred Up returned to me and one of them was returned to me damaged and dirty. It was a $445 NWT Dress and now it’s unsellable. I emailed customer service two weeks ago and they will not email me back, so apparently they don’t care that they ruined my item. Also, because I had to pay to have items that were sold and returned sent back to me, I actually lost money consigning with them. Don’t trust this company, they are terrible!!!
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4 years ago, ECSZDS
I used to LOVE ThredUP. As a person who is trying to reduce my footprint, but finds thrift store shopping to be too disorganized and overwhelming, it was great to have an option that made searching for that perfect secondhand clothing item not only easy, but also incredibly convenient. Yes, you paid more than at a normal thrift store (and even some consignment shops), but having the heavy lifting taken care of was worth it- and I was still paying significantly less than retail price. (I think original listing is typically 20% or more off of estimated retail.)Lately, however, when I go on the app to check for clothes, the prices are insane and marked up WAY too high. The estimated retail prices are really inflated (A single Carter’s onesie listed for the price of a 3-pack, a Zara top for girls priced higher than anything currently on their website, etc.) and as a result, the “discounted” thrift store price ends up being roughly the same as (if not more than) what I would pay for a brand new item from the retailer. On top of that, the style is never from the current season or is used. All of this make it so that the only advantage to shopping this site is for the environmental impact. While that is certainly a good incentive to shop secondhand, I don’t think I can justify spending the same (or more) amount of money on a secondhand wardrobe that I would spend if I purchased new.
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7 months ago, Celeste245
I do not understand…..
I normally don’t write reviews but the more I think about it the more I think I should. This is the place for used goods gently or well used. I bought a few things from here mostly work pants. I’m very grateful for that a lot of times it’s hard to find black dress, work pants. Unfortunately, I have started to notice though that the price for these items on here are not at a discounted price a lot of the time. When they have a sale or something like that it’s a bit better but for what I can buy brand new on sale from the actual store versus the prices that are on here it just makes more sense. The shipping cost is outrageous. A lot of times there are things that I want to buy but the price of the things that’ll end up paying is always more than what I think. I know this is about reducing waste and using things that have only been worn 10 or so times but most people want to have brand new things and come to places like this for things that they want but are expensive at the stores. The prices, though are basically the same as the stores. I know some of these are name brands and that they should charge more for them ….but when you’re talking about American Eagle jeans that are the same price as when you get them from American eagle… I just think that is a bit messed up.
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6 years ago, christi1488
Never Again
Ok so I decided to try ThredUP, I have been using other selling apps and was doing just fine but I wanted to give them a try. I requested a bag which it was nice that I didn’t had to pay shipping for sending my items. I sent my items which included 5 brand new items only one didn’t had a tag and the rest of the clothes were used but still in good condition. It took a month! from the time I sent my items to them processing my items it took a whole month. Now once they processed my items I was very upset to see that for 4 of the brand new items they only gave me $2.00!!! Are you kidding me? They are selling these four items for $40 total on their site but I only received 5% of that? And all the other items were placed on consignment and for each item that sell I’m only getting between $0.35 to $1! Not to mention that one of the brand new items I sent with tags was not even listed along with other used items that were also not listed I wish they would tell me what happened to those items if they are donated would like to know where is it going to but have a feeling they are just profiting from donated items from their customers. Anyways lesson learned I’m never selling to ThredUP again nor even buy from them. Just save your time you can make more money by selling your items on websites like Mercari in which you keep 90% of your sales and Poshmark you keep 80%.
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5 years ago, Nani peeke
Faulty app
I’ve noticed a few things that really need developer oversight. I am a very long time and regular customer. 1. Saved items no longer appear in available favorites. I also cannot delet saved items I WANT to delete: I’ve tried to remove by unselecting the heart icon. It does nothing so two months of try to save items as favorites have done nothing. If they drop from my cart they are very hard to locate. 2. Please consider an “add to waitlist” feature for items that are sold. The RealReal has this for items that end up being returned 3. If you use the app to try to purchase an item for bid, it has a major time delay. I have compared it with my desktop computer and lost a few items in the remaining seconds because it’s not an accurate time portrayal 4. Not all items that are listed went through being open for bids. Why is this? I like the early bid option since items are literally listed all day long and SOME of can’t monitor listings all day. I miss out on so many items that are listed at 3 am. Please stop this. Can’t you just do like 2 or 3 drops per day like the RealReal? Listing on the hour for hours at a time has become tedious so I stopped monitoring or caring. 5. Yes, your customer service has become embarrassing. You’ve clearly expanded beyond your capacity to assist people and a bot device with a one week wait time is unacceptable. Who is running the show over there?
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